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New Beginings - John Story Part 3
Published May 28, 2009


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Recap of John Smiths Story:
John is a former criminal trying to keep on the straight and narrow. Having met Lilly Do who made his life a misery, He is determind to turn his life and Hampshire Around. Finally getting a job in the Minors for the Llama's (Hampshiers Soccor Team) and Mentoring Local town teen problem Jack Slater.
Jack and his family have been threatened with being kicked out of their home by there mean Landlord. Can John continue with his straight and Narrow life and stop the Slater family from losing their home, As well as making something of the town.

Recap of John Smiths Story:
John is a former criminal trying to keep on the straight and narrow. Having met Lilly Do who made his life a misery, He is determind to turn his life and Hampshire Around. Finally getting a job in the Minors for the Llama's (Hampshiers Soccor Team) and Mentoring Local town teen problem Jack Slater.
Jack and his family have been threatened with being kicked out of their home by there mean Landlord. Can John continue with his straight and Narrow life and stop the Slater family from losing their home, As well as making something of the town.
After spending some time working on my car, I was really tired of the front door, it really did nothing for the house so i did the only thing i could do. I spent my hard earned wages on getting myself a new front door. And after Many hours work i managed to build this beauty, its amazing what following some flat pack instructions can do for you. Sadly the windows of the house just didnt match and i had to also modify them some also. It got a little chilly and so i put on a coat for a little while, And went out onto the decking outside the bedroom and worked on the windows up there too. And after having some lunch the sun came out and i went outside to replace the hole that had been dug into my newly grown lawn. As you can imagine i was not impressed after all the hard work i had already spent doing it. The neighbourhood had a bit of a stray problem and it seemed my home seemed to be the breeding ground, I was determined to at some point find which stray was doing it. After i had finished and had a shower, I called Izzy Slater, I found that my plan had worked, I was so happy that the little voice recorder i had borrowed from work had captures the landlords threats in person. And when Izzy called the local Council about all the problems she was having they fired him! Izzy was estatic that they had already sent around a new Landlady and they got along really well. The Slater family home was safe. It also seamed that the time i had spent with Jack had made in much more popular, Now that he had a job he seemed to be doing really well at school and i admit i missed the kid. But I was happy knowing he was doing well. I started really easy, Our coach wanted us to be more assertive and get used to having to talk to fans, I spent hours in front of the mirror preparing myself and finally i felt a lot more confident. It was then time to spend some time working on my body skills. Not the most easy of things when all i have is a half broken tv, and an old rope. but after a while i was pleased and happy enough that i had finally managed to get a few skills that i needed. I took a shower and a much deserved break by taking a lounge on the "Sofa" if you could actually call it that. I knew then that i had really had enough of living in a dump. I had a bit of cash i had put away for a rainy day and i suddenly realised that today was that rainy day. I pulled out my tools and got to work, dismantling the old pipes in the room that were driving me insane, I knew it was going to be a lot of hard work and i decided to try and figure out what was the most important things i wanted. I straight away got to work on a fireplace! I know that winter was comming really soon, the house had no heating at all the roof still needed fixing yet, So i thought a fireplace would really become a great addition. I also managed to find this sofa and chair at another empty building near by and since i didnt think anybody would miss them, I borrowed them. I cleaned them the best i could and had a little bit of a rest before..... I began working on the kitchen, Sadly my money was running low and i really could not afford new kitchen cupboards, So i went to the local store and brought some paint. I painted them the best i could and sanded down the cupboard doors. Really cleaned the cooker and fridge and with the left over paint, I spent some time painting the walls. In the end.... This became my kitchen, I couldnt tell you how proud i was of the kitchen and i moved the furniture around a bit more. Sadly at this point i was exausted and headed off to bed and hoped that the day would bring something new. I stayed talking to Claire online for hours before i realised it was early and i had to get ready for work, She promised to call me and i quickly showered and headed off to work. And you can imagine how proud i was when i returned later that day with my promotion! I was happy and excited at actually starting for the team, I got a special bonus with my wages and of course my new pay. I couldnt believe it. They had also given me a few days off work before i started as they wanted me to be in the best shape i could. Imagine my surprise when i came across this guy hanging around the place when the car had drove off, In fact the guy had almost hit the poor thing. I headed straight over to him and handed him a piece of the chocolate i had in my pocket and prayed he would come to me. Sadly though a small piece of chocolate was not going to work for the poor guy and the next thing i knew he was going through my bins. Sadly i had to tell him off for doing it, It was the last thing i wanted to do and he lowered his head in shame, I picked out a few of the items out of the trash what were ok enough for him to eat and offered them to him. He ate them quickly. I figured that he must have been the guy that had been digging the holes in my garden and i gave him the name Max. I played with him for a while in the garden and i tried to offer him the comfort of my home to live with me,but sadly he ran off. I sure hoped he would visit again, after all it might be nice to have some company. I spent some time working on that dump of a car of mine, I swear sometimes i feel like im getting nowhere. And often think maybe i should just give up. Nighttime came and i was lonely, after doing some painting in the kitchen and the fireplace i had very little funds, i couldnt even afford to go into town to look around. I spent my time playing some Chess alone. I then got a little cold and stocked up the fire and keep myself warm, after all it was a chilly night. I then remembered that i had forgotton to pay some bills and quickly headed off to pay them slipping on my coat and making sure i left them for the mail man in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night with a start, something had woken me but i wasnt quiet sure what. I grabbed a sweater and headed downstairs And got the shock of my life when i looked out of the window to find...Snow! Its was my first time seeing snow with actually having freedom, It was a beautiful site. I decided to spend sometime on the computer, When suddenly a pop up came on the screen, it was an instant message from a young lady, She asked me how i was and i was wondering who on earth she possibly could be at first, Until she finally told me that i was the barmaid that i had met the other week in the bar when i had been having a lonely day. I remembered her pretty dark brown hair instantly and she told me that her name was Claire Copur.
After spending several hours chatting away to her which was fun, We found we had quiet a lot in common, She had run away from her family when in high school when her parents constantly ignored her. And had been working in the bar ever since, She also told me she lived at the little apartment above the bar.
I was happily talking to her when suddenly the computer went dead, I was not impressed i didnt know the first thing about computers. I decided for the time being to give up. I then got an early morning phone call from the coach telling me that now i was a starter i really had to up the home where i lived because it would not send a good impression to the press. So with the money i had from the promotion that i had saved i called out a contractor that came around almost straight away.... And redid the outside walls and the roof. After they had removed all the chip stuff that covered the walls it produced some gorgeous red bricks that looked beautiful with my newly painted windows. I painted the upstairs doorway to match and wiped off any excess chalk from the bricks. Needless to say i was very proud indeed. This was the finished product, I was very pleased with how it turned out and it was nice to see it actually looking like a home rather than a gas station. I was really happy when later on Jack arrived! He instantly came around and took one look at the place and said wow. He was really liking how the house was comming along, However he mentioned that the car out front really did not fit in with it all. I told him to stop being a cheeky young man with a laugh and asked him how school was going and things at home. He told me everything was going great, and that the kids were currently off for the holidays because of all the snow. I invited in Jack and the two of us sat and admired my fireplace, He honestly couldnt understand why i had gotten rid of the tv set in place of the fire, but i told him it was a work in progress. He then said he had to head off, I gave the kid a hug goodbye and told him that he should come around anytime he needed a good old chat, and i was never to far away if he needed me. He thanked me and told me he would see me soon. Since it was still light outside i decided to spend some more time working on that piece of junk of mine, after all if i didnt continue to do some work on it then i would never get it done, I even wondered if i should save money and just buy a car after the 12th time of the engine blowing out on me. However i knew my hard earned money was needed elsewear and decided that i would continue with my hard work. However it started to snow again outside and so i headed inside to do take a look at that computer of mine. I pulled out a few screwdrivers and tried and tried and finally i think i found the problem, a loose connection. However after fixing it i was shattered and headed off to bed However after sleeping i got up early the next morning, and without a tv in the place i got so bored and decided to put this extra spare time to use before work and began using the left over paint i had used in the kitchen for the living area. The Snow had almost completely gone as i headed off to work, I was determind to show my coach i was serious about the new position he had given me on the team... He even got off the bus when we returned back from practice to check out how i was doing on the place. He told me he was pleased with my progress, especially after such a short time but the neighbourhood was not the best place to live and i should consider moving. I told him no way, that i came here for a fresh start and most of the town had welcomed me without question and i was determind to make this place a better not just for myself but for the whole town.
He said he was proud of me and told me he had left me a special present but i wasnt to open it till after he had left.
And to my delight, that new present after he left was! A punching bag! I was so grateful, i was tired of doing yoga and skipping to keep fit, and now i could actually work out better and hopefully get better for my team. I started working straight away! here is me showing the punching bag who is boss in this place, I seriously enjoyed it. The following day since it was my day off again, I decided to work on some more of that car and wouldnt you believe it! I actually finished the engine. I couldnt believe the look of the shiney new engine and it sprured me on to continue. So i worked on the bodywork of the car, I spent all afternoon sanding and filling that rust bucket of a car.... and after going inside to put on my coat because i was freezing i finished the car. I was hoping for a darker blue, But the shade was much lighter than i thought. However i was both Happy and impressed at my handywork. Feeling inspired after my work with the car, i decided to get to work on my bathroom.
I headed off to one of the abandond houses across the road and yes i know it was wrong but the bathroom had to be better than some leaky pipes. And so i began dismantling them, However i should have remembered to turn the water off before i began unscrewing the pipes. The bathroom was flooded.
And so i began the hard task of cleaning and scrubbing those bathroom walls. I really worked hard i can tell you. And began installing the "New" Shower that i had rescued from the abandond building across the way. I admit i was very proud of the bathroom once i had finished it. I knew that in no way shape or form it was perfect, the mirror over the sink was cracked and yes im sure there are many gorgeous bathrooms around but for me i was just so proud to own a sink and a toilet instead of a few old cans laying about that i had to clean and scrub every morning. As the night was still young, Litrally, summer had just began so the weather was clear and the sky bright considering its evening hours. I decided to go show off my new pride and joy, My car. So i decided to go down to the local and see if Claire was working. Thankfully she was and i was so happy to see her, She still looked as pretty as she was when i first saw her all those weeks ago. I waved to her hoping she still remembered me. She shyly turned and smiled back and waved, i was so glad she remembered me. I waited and had a good drink to calm my nerves, though i had no idea why i was nervous after all i had spoken to this girl many times online... I had no reason to be nervous. Claire came out not long after, she told me she had finished her shift for the evening which made me very happy. We sat and talked for a little bit and i told her all about the car i had been working on. She was really interested in seeing it so i took her outside to where i had parked it to show it off to her. She seemed very impressed. After that we headed upstairs to the bar and had a go on the Karaoke machine. We did a duet and had a really fun time laughing at each others terrible voices. I couldnt help be realise that the time was flying by i was having so much fun. After our singing, we needed some better music in the place and so i put on one of my fav songs. To my surprise she told me she loved the song too so i did what i thought was right and asked her to dance, Now i have never danced before in my life, which i told her so and she smiled and lead me to the small empty dance floor and showed me some moves. Sadly though i had to leave because i had to be up early for work. But i couldnt keep Claire off my mind as i climbed into bed. The following day after work i decided to give Claire a call and invite her over to my place. She told me she was working that night and would call around later on in the evening after work. When Claire finally arrived late that night, We sat and played some chess on my very bad chess set. She told me about how one day she hoped to have enough money raised to actually own the bar she currently worked at and perhaps make it how it should be. A great place for people to go and enjoy a good evening. She also explained how she hoped perhaps one day to turn it into a restarant.
I was really interested in listening to her story, after all i had a simlar goal myself since i had moved to the town, I wondered if perhaps working on it together would be an excellent idea.
Later on in the evening it got a little chilly and so i lite the fireplace and to my surprise Claire came closer to me for a little cuddle, I really was enjoying our evening, i wasnt even sure if i could call it a date or not. And she confused me even more when she said she had the early shift tomorrow and that she had to leave and we kissed. I was very surprised and shocked after all love had not been on my mind at all, i had been looking for friendship...However her lips were so soft that i melted into a kiss right back, Until she finally left. I left for work the following morning in my gorgeous new car, dont you just love the wheels? Really excited at all the attention the car had gotten from my fellow workmates, but what surprised me the most was the attention from the local cheerleaders. One in particular was Lisa Parker. Total fitness fanatic like myself and she helped me train as i was due for yet another promotion. After a shattering workout, me and Lisa sat there talking. I thanked her for helping me and that if i got a promotion it would all be down to her. She told me she was really glad she could help and that perhaps maybe one day i could repay her by fixing her car, she said with a smile. I told her anytime she needed help with it to just give me a call, it was the least i could do. I couldnt help but notice that why we were talking she kept licking her lips like she was about to eat me for dinner, i wasnt sure what really to do, i think it was her way of flirting with me. She then told me how much she enjoyed traveling, how she had not long ago been to the cheerleading nationals with her team and had really enjoyed it even though they had not come first place. She told me that she was planning for another trip soon and would i be interested in perhaps going with her. I told her that i was sorry but due to my previous criminal behaviour that i couldnt travel or have a passport for a while. Her face quickly changed. She really didnt like that, she was shocked that i had such a criminal past and suddenly the mood in the place changed. I knew right there and then how hard it would be in life for me to find someone to accept me for who i was, it didnt matter how much i tried to change my life. I was releaved when she finally left. I headed out to the car and went to the local DIY place and brought myself a new flat pack bed and some paint and floor items. I knew there was no way i could do it all tonight so i planned to work really hard the following morning painting the living room. However the bed was important And after a long evening of putting it together with chinese instructions, I finished painting the bedroom with the left over white paint and climbed into bed. However even as i slept my dreams were filled with that of Claire as her smiling face and long dark hair constantly filled my mind. And So my hard work paid off. Not only did i paint the walls and sort out the floor. But i treated myself to a new bookcase, and sofas and a rug. I was really starting to love my place. Feeling confident i called Claire who was not working and invited her around. I really needed to know about the kiss we had shared and what it possibly ment. And when she came around we sat down and had a really good chat, I told her how i really liked her as my friend and the kiss we had shared was something special...I dont know if it was how i had worded it or something but she quickly cut me off. She told me that our kiss was great and that she was really glad it had happened....But.... She really thought it would be best that we just stayed best friends.
I admit i was gutted, and sadly i couldnt hide the rejection from my face.
However i nodded and agreed with her, I told her we would be the best of friends and that nothing would ever change that. Sadly Claire had to go, and so i hugged her tightly goodbye, I dont know why but for some reason i had a bad feeling that we might not see each other again. After she had left i sat and had some lunch, things just didnt see the same, i felt completely lonely as if i had just had my heart ripped out. As i sat in front of the fireplace that night i couldnt help be realise just how lonely i had become, I actually longed for the days when life was so simple and i didnt have to worry about things like jobs and women. The following morning i checked my email so often that im surprised the computer didnt break again....Sadly no emails from Claire. And while i was in the shower, i hadnt even noticed that someone was banging on my front door, i got out and dressed quickly hoping that it would be Claire, but it was just Lisa asking me if i fancied going for a jog. I explained to her that i was feeling down, and that i wasnt in the mood, i found myself telling her all about Claire and how crazy i was about her but she had insisted on being just friends.
Lisa told me that if i really liked this girl then i shouldnt take no for an answer and go and tell her exactly how i feel.
I dont know why but it just suddenly made sense, I hugged her quickly and thanked her for being a friend to me after all
And i got into my car and drove to where Claire worked. I locked my car and headed inside where Claire was working behind the bar. I dont know what came over me, i went behind the bar and got down on one knee and began telling her how crazy i was about her, that the kiss had been really special to me and that i had never felt this way about anybody in my life before. I told there that i didnt care where she had come from, all i cared about was how much i was in love with her and i really wanted to give our relationship a go. I stood up and was so scared at what her reation might be, i dont think i could handle another rejection after such an open display of affection in front of everyone. And to my Joy, she told me she felt the same but had been scared, I leaned in closer and ran my hand down her face and moved her hair from her face. And hoped that this was just the begining of a new chapter in my life.

Will Claire and John continue to fall deeper in love or will trouble come around the corner?
Find out in New Beginings: Johns Story Part 4...Comming soon to TSR.

(I really hope you liked this part of the story, More is comming from both the Slaters, John and more families that will soon be moving into my run down neighbourhood. I apologise that the story was very long and that is the reason for it taking some time to upload, Comments as usual are always welcome i love hearing your feedback)

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#1candy820May 29, 2009

Awesome chapter. After i started reading the story seemed to have ended to soon for me. I loved it. 5.0 here\:D \:D Waiting for the next chapter.

#2JillebethVIPMay 29, 2009

Enjoyed this chapter.  Looking forward to more about these families.

#3KDLANG0VIPMay 29, 2009

Well i have been waiting for a long time for this chapter, but it was worth it! I just love your story and can´t wait for the next one and the new ones! \:rah\:

#4tykijonesMay 29, 2009

i loved it. i cant wait for the next part and the new families.

#5Jennifer_RMay 30, 2009

Cool story. \:\)

#6SkylaneRoseMay 30, 2009

awesome \:\)

#7libertyMay 30, 2009

Cool Story. I like the lot aswell is it possible that ít will be avalible for download?

#8jemjamjarMay 30, 2009

The lot is one i have downloaded from TSR when i was a subscriber but never got around to using it. Cyclonesue and is part of the urban reneal set :-).

#9pierreandreply4Oct 8, 2010

Wow great story and great pictures as well looking forward in reading the rest of this story

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