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The Princess and the Saddle Tramp
Published May 25, 2009


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A well brought up young woman from Kentucky meets a rough, weathered ex-Texas Ranger, a self proclaimed 'saddle tramp'. Can such a miss-matched couple find love, and happiness?

A well brought up young woman from Kentucky meets a rough, weathered ex-Texas Ranger, a self proclaimed 'saddle tramp'. Can such a miss-matched couple find love, and happiness? Justin Drew, gambler, ready for the nights trade at the saloon, walked into the main parlour in the suite of rooms he rented for his younger sister Janelle and himself at the boarding house. He stoked up the fire in the ornate fireplace. They had been in town a few weeks now, and by all accounts, things have been going well monetarily.

Janelle looked over at her handsome older brother and sighed. "Justin, you are leaving me alone again tonight? I hardly see you! I am growing bored!"
Justin looked over at his sister pouting. "Have you been out about the shops? Have you called on the ladies of the town? I told you the sheriff's wife looked forward to you visiting, why haven't you done it yet? You shouldn't sit about in these rooms all day, every day Janelle."

Janelle looked back down at her book. "You mean both shops? And what is the point of making friends? We no sooner make acquaintances and we up and move on! How long are we here for Justin? This is growing tedious!"
Justin shrugged. "I cannot say, depends how long the trade stays brisk, but that is no reason for you to stay cloistered away in here, even if they are the best rooms in town. Truly my dear, get out and socialize. Or why not hold a tea party here? Invite some of the more prominent ladies from the surrounding area. There are probably a couple." Justin chuckled.

Janelle continued to read her book. She sighed softly. It seemed like such a waste of time, she would no sooner make friends and they would be off on the stage some afternoon with no warning.
Justin sat beside her and smiled disarmingly. "Come now, let's see a smile Janelle, you know I am desolate when you are unhappy."

Janelle smiled a little.

"There that was not so hard! I promise we will stay here in town for the next several months, maybe longer. I know all this moving around has been hard on you. Promise me you will make an effort? A tea party perhaps?" Justin coaxed.

Janelle nodded, she could not refuse her beloved brother anything. "All right, I will hold a tea party sometime soon."

He patted her hand affectionately. "That's my dear sister."
Later that night, as the sun set over town, two saddle weary riders rode through the thoroughfare. Gabriel Grayson and his friend Sam Fredericks had taken a detour into Deadwood for a couple of weeks before arriving in this town in the Dakota territory.

Gabriel and Sam were on the hunt for the outlaws that killed Gabriel's parents and sisters back in Texas. Sam and Gabriel were ex-Texas Rangers.

"Should we get a room at the hotel, boss?" Sam questioned.

"No, see if there is a boarding house, we will be here for sometime. I want some comforts and decent rooms." Gabriel declared. "And make sure we have separate rooms, I want a little privacy, seen enough of you on the trail."

Sam chuckled low in his throat.
The streets were near deserted, Gabriel had heard of all the towns that cropped up in this part of the Black Hills, this town was the most stable, mostly due to the iron hand of Jake Thornton, sheriff . The stark contrast to Deadwood was indeed noticeable. This town almost looked respectable.

Gabriel sat patiently on his horse while Sam went to make inquires at the tidy brick boarding house.
Sam Fredericks walked up to the man at the desk.

"I need some rooms." Sam said roughly. "What do you got?"

The man went through the list of what was available, and Sam rented a room for himself and a small suite for Gabriel, paying a month in advance in gold coin.
He had better inspect the rooms first before telling Gabe, as Gabe was most particular in his comforts, even though he spent most of his time sleeping under the stars using his saddle for a pillow.

Sam headed toward the staircase, when he saw a raven haired young woman descending the stairs.
Janelle Drew and her brother Justin had rented the best rooms, the entire top floor practically. She needed a breath of air, she felt so confined. Her brother was at the saloon as usual. He was after her to have that stupid tea party, so she reluctantly agreed to one next month.

How tedious!
Sam Fredericks watched the dark haired beauty walk toward him, she was lost in thought, or perhaps ignoring him. He was used to that, he knew he wasn't much to look at; most pretty ladies curled their lips in distaste when looking his way.

And if he was with Gabe, well forget it, Gabriel usually sucked all the air out of the room with his handsome face and form, Sam might as well had been invisible in those instances.
Janelle looked up and stopped in her tracks. A rather huge man was blocking the hallway, and looking at her quite thoroughly and frankly.

She had never seen such a large, imposing man. He was shaped like a block of wood, his grizzled features were rough looking, and his dress was that of an outlaw.

He seemed about to burst out of his shirt he was so muscled, too muscled...Janelle sniffed inwardly.
She tried to walk around him, but he stepped in front of her and blocked her path.

"Excuse me ma'am..." The voice drawled with a slight Texas twang. "Wonder if you would be so kind to tell me where a man might get a meal in this town?"

The impertinence! Janelle thought inwardly, how dare this ruffian, this brute approach her?
"I am sure the desk clerk can answer your inquiry to your satisfaction more so than I." Janelle sniffed in a haughty tone.

The man touched the brim of his hat. "Begging your pardon ma'am. Didn't mean to disturb you none." He went to leave, and Janelle suddenly felt sorry for her snobbish tone.

"Wait...Please, I did not mean to sound so abrupt. You can get a light meal at the saloon, or at the Grand Central, but the kitchen would be closed there at this time." Janelle said, her voice a little more kind.
"Much obliged, Miss...?"

"Miss Drew, Janelle Drew." She whispered.

"Thanks. My name is Sam Fredericks. I am sure I will see you again, I just took a room here. Good night, Miss." He touched the brim of his hat again, turned and walked out of the lobby area.

Janelle shook her head. What a strange man, in looks and countenance.
The next morning, Sam Fredericks hesitated outside Gabe's door. He wondered if Gabriel got a decent night's sleep. If he didn't he did not want to disturb him. Many nights on the trail he witnessed Gabe's restless, tortured sleep.

Sam leaned toward the heavy oak door, he could hear movement inside the room, he knocked. "It's Sam!" he called out.
"Mornin' boss...I was already over to that hotel, looks like they put out a good spread, buckwheat hotcakes and sausage gravy is on the menu for this morning, why don't we mosey over and get us a table. Beats hardtack and corn dodgers!" Sam said brightly.

Dear Sam. If only he knew how much I rely on him, Gabriel thought to himself. "You go ahead, I want to take a turn about town. I will join you directly."
Gabriel didn't waste any time, he made an acquaintance with a young woman in the street. He asked to escort her to breakfast.

A few people looked up, some with raised eyebrows, but they soon returned to the business of eating.

"Tell me, Miss Dunphy. How is the food here?" Gabriel smiled.

"I am staying here at the hotel and take most of my meals here, it is quite adequate by frontier standards." Christianna smiled.

"Not from around here?" Gabriel questioned.

"No Mr. Grayson, I am from back east a little town called Sweetwater, Missouri. How about yourself?"

"I have lived a lot of places, I guess you could say I am from Texas. There is Sam, come and meet him. Do not let his size intimidate you, he really has a gentle soul." Gabriel said softly.
After introductions, they all sat to enjoy breakfast. Sam looked from Gabriel to the school marm; hmmm. Something sparking there.

"How long are you in Thunder Valley?" Christianna asked hopefully.

"It is hard to say. We have been traveling a great deal, perhaps we will stay put for a time, what do you say, Sam?" Gabriel smiled.

Sam was looking down at his food. 'Yeah, sure boss, whatever you say."
"Good Morning, Mr. Fredericks." a decidedly soft and feminine voice trilled.

Sam looked up. it was the raven-haired beauty from the previous night. Sam stumbled getting out of his chair, he knocked it to the floor with a crash. Dang it, he fumed to himself, awkward as a bull in a china shop!
"Good mornin' Miss Drew." Sam replied. Damned if she looked as fresh as the morning dew, as pretty as a field of wildflowers, smelled as lovely as wildflowers too.

"How was your room at the boardinghouse, was it to your satisfaction?" Janelle inquired politely. Why was she talking to this brutish, over sized man? Everything about him was abhorrent to the senses. 'Face it, you are lonely.' Janelle thought sadly to herself. She had hardly spoken to anyone since she arrived with her brother a couple of months ago.
"Why don't you join us for breakfast?" Sam smiled. He turned to face Gabe and Christianna. "Hey, I'd like to meet Miss Janelle Drew, Miss Drew, that there is Gabriel Grayson, and next to him is Miss Christianna Dunphy, she's the school marm."

Janelle smiled. She had seen the school teacher about town now and again. "Very pleased to meet you all."
Gabriel raised an eyebrow at Sam, his golden eyes twinkling with amusement. Sam had made the acquaintance of a real lady, the sly fox.

Soon the young people were all talking animatedly about all number of subjects.

"I think we should meet like this every morning for breakfast!" Sam smiled.
Everyone laughed, and it was agreed they would, as often as they could.
Janelle turned to Christianna. "Miss Dunphy, I am having a little get-together in a few weeks, I would be honoured if you attended. A little afternoon tea."

Christianna smiled warmly. "I adore tea! It is my favorite beverage, I look forward to it! Please do let me know the definite date!"

Janelle smiled in return. "I love tea as well! Good, I will let you know."
Finally,A couple of weeks later, Janelle held her tea party. Mrs. Butler sent her regrets, but her newborns were taking up a lot of her time. Also Mrs. Thornton sent regrets, now bedridden in the last week or so of her confinement. But she got a good turn-out nonetheless. Introductions were made to those who did not already know one another. Janelle stepped forward and poured.
She greeted Christianna warmly. They had grown into dear friends, as they have been meeting for breakfast just about every morning for the past two weeks, along with Gabe and Sam. Miss Jensen giggled. "Has anyone seen that brutish, ape-like man walking about town? Dressed in black like he is some kind of outlaw, homely and has the look of a simpleton. Truly, they should not allow such creatures walking the streets, he is over-muscled like a gorilla! Grunts like one, too! However, his friend his quite delicious, a Mr. Grayson I found his name is."
Janelle felt her rage boiling to the surface, how dare that vacuous blond woman speak about Sam so! Why, he was not brutish! Janelle conveniently forgot her first impression of Sam was not entirely gracious or kind.

She looked past Mrs. Thompson toward the giggling Miss Jensen.

You speak of a Mr. Sam Fredericks. He is not a simpleton, nor a gorilla. He is a very kind hearted gentleman!" Janelle said firmly. She could not believe her own ears...but she spoke the truth.

Her thoughts traveled over her defense of Sam, where did that come from?
The ladies all looked at each other, the mood in the room had taken a definite turn.
A few days later, Sam ran into Janelle, coming out of the chapel. He thought it appropriate, as she looked so angelic.

"Good afternoon Miss Janelle." He smiled, touching the brim of his battered black hat.

Janelle looked into the rough, rugged face. She could not deny it any longer, she liked Sam...very much.

It was improbable, they were an unlikely couple to be sure.
Sam smiled warmly. He felt a sorrowful ache of pleasure just looking at her. She was such a fine lady, far too fine for the likes of him.

He knew deep down he did not have a chance with her...not a hope in Hades.

Even if he did, what could he promise her? At the moment he was nothing more than a saddle tramp.
The two began walking and talking down main street. The talked politely on all matters of subjects.

Janelle glanced over at Sam. He was a huge, imposing man, his arms were corded with large rippling muscles, his chest as big as a barrel, why did she imagine that if she were in his arms, he would be gentle and giving? Why was she even imagining being in his embrace? Her cheeks began to flush from her thoughts.
They both sat at a bench near the end of town, not far from the lake, they continued their polite conversation. There was a slight breeze from the lake that rustled the elm leaves, creating a fan effect on them both.

Sam stared at her beautiful face, he loved the splash of freckles over her nose, he wanted so much to kiss every one of them.
He moved his muscular body closer to her. She did not protest, nor did she move away.
"Janelle..." Sam whispered. "I wonder if I may put my arm around you, would that be alright?"

Janelle looked into his kind, expressive eyes. "Yes...all right." she whispered. She drew in a deep breath as his arm went around her shoulders and he drew her close. She was leaning against his muscular chest, she could feel the beating of his heart, it was pounding as rapidly as her own. He was looking at her with such regard.
"I wondered...I hoped..." Sam cleared his throat. "Janelle, I would like to think of you as my girl. I don't know how long I will be here in town, but for now..." His voice trailed off. He had overstepped the boundaries. Janelle would never think of him that way...ever.

Deep inside, Janelle found she was very pleased with Sam's tenderly spoken words.
"Yes Sam, I would like that very much. I would like you to think of me as 'your girl'. She whispered.

Sam's heart soared. He wanted so much to kiss her, to hold her...but he would wait.
He turned to her and smiled warmly. "Come my girl, I will walk you back to the boarding house..."
A few weeks have passed. One night Sam and Janelle went for their evening walk. They had grown closer these last weeks, Sam's every waking thought was of Janelle, his feelings were deep, if he were prodded, he might even admit to himself he was falling in love with her, but he forced that to the back of his mind.

He had nothing to offer her, he was tied to Gabe, he vowed to see the chase to the bitter end, he gave Gabe his word, and Sam's word was his bond.
They stopped. "I must say I like your haircut Sam, it suits you very well." Janelle said softly.

He wanted to kiss her. He was as besotted as a school boy. Never in his life had he felt this way toward a woman.

That sorrowful ache rolled through his body again, it did every single time he looked into her beautiful, freckled face.
Janelle waited. When was he going to kiss her? She has been waiting for the last few weeks, ever since he asked to think of her as his...he was looking at her with such intensity, what was he waiting for?

Janelle had fallen for the over sized Sam. He was such a kind, gentle bear of a man. So good-natured and upbeat, but it wasn't only that. He appealed to her. She remembered the words of the snob Amelia at the tea party, 'ape-like, brutish, simpleton...'
Janelle did not see that when she looked at Sam.
Sam turned away, it was painful to look at her, to know he would have to leave her, probably sooner than later. How long would he be gone? There was no telling. He could not...would not go back on his word to Gabe, not even for love.

Would Janelle wait? He could not ask that of her, she was an attractive young woman, she should find a good man and get married, not wait for his supposed return.

"What is it, Sam?" Janelle whispered.
She walked over to him. He had such a forlorn look of sadness on his rugged face. "Sam, talk to me. Is anything wrong? Anything I can help you with?" Janelle asked worriedly.

"I...I want to kiss you Janelle, I just don't know if I should." Sam said quietly.

"I want you to kiss me Sam, I have been waiting...weeks." Janelle whispered.
Sam tilted her chin gently, and leaned in to give her a tender featherlight kiss. Janelle closed her eyes, her insides began to flutter. It was sweet, lovely...but not near enough for Janelle Drew. Janelle grabbed Sam and boldly kissed him, she did not know what possessed her, she had never acted this forward before. Sam was shocked, but pleasantly surprised. The kiss deepened, dripping with desire.

Sam leaned Janelle back against the tree trunk. Their mouths were mere inches apart.
Janelle felt as if she had been set aflame. She felt as if she were falling off a cliff. She moved closer, Sam groaned, his voice thick with desire.

"Kiss me...Kiss me Sam..." Janelle purred.
Sam obliged. He wrapped her in his muscular embrace and kissed her more deeply and passionately than he thought he was capable of. This was no school boy crush, he loved her.

Deeply. Completely.
Sam broke apart from Janelle, his hands still on her slim waist. They were both gasping for air.

Janelle felt a fluttering sensation in her mid-section.

They both smiled at each other, it was better than either of them had hoped.
"You are so beautiful Janelle..."

"Sam...please, kiss me again." Janelle pleaded.
In the privacy of the alley, behind the trunk of the huge tree, they thought in the gathering dusk they had some privacy, but they were mistaken.

Amelia Jensen looked on the couple's passionate kiss with disgust and revulsion. How could Janelle Drew bear to touch that gorilla? She had a thought...Justin will be livid! Wait until I tell him! His precious sister, being manhandled by an ape! Amelia quietly backed away.
Justin delayed his departure for the saloon a few nights later. Amelia Jensen, eager to get closer to Justin, told him of what she observed in the alley between Janelle and the ape-like outlaw.

He called his sister into the parlour, he had to hear her explanation. Janelle would not sully or debase herself in such a manner, surely!
"Janelle, have you been keeping company with that Fredericks dolt? Tell me the truth." Justin said quietly.

Janelle's mouth curled. "Yes Justin, I have, what of it?"

"You have been seen!" Justin snarled. "In the street as bold as brass, kissing that idiot! Have you no shame, Janelle? Have you any care for your reputation?"

Janelle's mouth dropped open in shock.
"You have a nerve lecturing me on 'one's reputation'!" Janelle cried angrily. "You don't think I have heard the stories of your conquests? Tell me, have you managed to lure Amelia Jensen into your web yet? Any blond woman in town is not safe from you and your supposed charms! What about that saloon girl, Catherine Copp? I heard stories about you both!"
"We are not talking about me, but you! A woman's reputation is all she has! You are a lady, Janelle, and should act accordingly! Sam Fredericks is nothing but a drifter, a saddle tramp! He is an oaf!"
Janelle laughed. "A drifter?? Saddle tramp? Justin, you just described yourself! And Sam is NOT an oaf, a dolt or any other name you wish to stamp him with! He is kind, gentle...he is wonderful! I care for him very much! And you will not bad mouth him in my presence again. I will continue to see him socially. How I conduct myself is my own business, just like how you conduct yourself is yours!"
Justin exhaled. What more could he say? His sister was headstrong. She had her own mind, he could not help but admire her for that.

He pulled her into an affectionate embrace. "Janelle, you are all I care about in this miserable world, I do not want to see you hurt, or your reputation destroyed. Please, for both our sakes, be more careful?"
A few weeks later, Gabriel sought out Sam, he got a lead where the Tyrell gang was, the gang that murdered his family.

"So, we are leaving? For California?" Sam said quietly.

Gabriel looked into his friend's face, it was pained. He knew Sam did not want to leave Janelle Drew.

"You do not have to go with me Sam, I can do this alone." Gabriel said gently.

"No...I am coming with you." Sam said firmly.
Sam went directly to the boarding house, he had to talk to Janelle, tonight. Walking down the hall he came across her brother. He had seen him a few times at the saloon but they had never spoken.

"Fredericks, is it? Calling on my sister a little late aren't you?" Justin snapped.

"I am here to say good-bye..." Sam said quietly.
Justin smiled slyly. He could not deny he was happy to hear the news. This man was not for Janelle. His thoughts went to his sister, and his demeanor changed. She cared for this big oaf, she will be heartbroken at his departure. Suddenly, Justin did not feel quite so smug.

"She's at the end of the hall, the door on your left." Justin said in a more friendly tone.
Sam touched the brim of his hat. "Much obliged Drew."
Sam knocked, then entered. Janelle was sitting reading, she gave a squeal of delight when she spotted Sam and ran directly to his muscled arms. She embraced him, nothing felt quite as comforting as being in Sam's strong embrace. "I've...come to say good-bye Janelle. Gabe and I are leaving in the morning. It is time...we knew it was coming." He said mournfully. " We got a lead on the gang."
Janelle gasped aloud. She knew it would be soon, but tomorrow morning?? She was not ready, she had not prepared herself for this departure!

"Sam, come with me to my room..." She whispered.

Sam gulped deeply. " Janelle."
"If you loved me, you would show me Sam. Not cast me aside." Janelle said coldly.

"I do love you Janelle. I will not take advantage of you...I believe a man and woman should wait for marriage. I respect you too much to bed you before we are wed. It's not like I don't want to, I do, more than you could know..." Sam said wistfully.
" want us to marry? Sam, do you mean it? Truly?" Janelle said softly.

"Yes...if you will have me, I know I ain't much to look at. I pray any children we may have look like you and not me...imagine a girl with this mug..." Sam tried to laugh, but he felt too miserable to make jokes.

"Sam...I will marry you, I love you. And to are beautiful." Janelle said.
"I love you too, Janelle, there will never be another woman who means as much." Sam whispered huskily. He pulled her into an embrace and kissed her deeply. "I will come back to you I promise. If you will wait, I will come back to you my love as soon as I can."

Janelle kissed him in return. "I will wait..." The tears were starting to fall from her eyes.
Her heartbreaking sobs tore at Sam's heart. It took all his willpower to walk away. He would return. He could not live without her, by God if he had to crawl back on his hands and knees through barbed wire he would come back to her. The sooner he and Gabe caught up with the Tyrell Gang, the sooner he could return to Janelle's arms. Somewhere on the trail in Wyoming:

Gabriel and Sam had been gone for over a year. They followed the lead to California, where they at last caught up with the Tyrell gang.

Gabriel and Sam tried to arrest them, but the Tyrell gang put up a fight. Sam and Gabriel wound up collecting the outstanding reward on the gang from previous warrants.
The two then ventured back to Dumas, Texas...It was over. Standing over his families graves, Gabriel whispered that vengeance was his.

Sam, though anxious to return to Janelle, was disappointed to arrive in Dumas and not have a letter there from her, in fact, he had not heard from her in months. He was glad to see his parents and younger brother Gideon, but was quite bereft at not having any word from Janelle. He missed her. They were a few weeks away from the Black Hills yet. His parents urged him to settle down, take his place at the farm in Dumas...but Sam could not decide anything until he saw Janelle.

Gabriel looked over at his friend, deep in thought.

Both men had a fair wad of cash in their saddlebags from all the rewards, enough to start a business, a ranch, anything they wanted. They didn't have to go back to being Texas Rangers, though the offer was made.

Sam stood and stirred the cinders, the water began to bubble furiously in the pot.

"So, Sam...are you staying in The Black Hills?" Gabriel questioned.
"Depends on Janelle. My parents want me back in Texas. But she may not want to leave her brother, they are very close. I will do whatever she wants. I love her, Gabe." Sam said softly.
Sam was a year younger than him, when they were kids, Sam always tagged behind Gabriel, did whatever he asked of him. Went every where he went.

How ironic the role now seemed reversed. It was Gabriel tagging along behind Sam.
The logs crackled and the bark sizzled as it peeled back off the logs. Gabriel closed his eyes. Love. A foreign word to him. Would he ever find it? Would he ever want to?

Well, if Sam was going to stay in the Black Hills, then so was he. He was going no where without his Sam. The only constant in his life...his touchstone. His good friend, his brother.
After a few weeks, at last Gabriel and Sam arrived in the Black Hills. They stood outside the rooming house. Sam was shaking like a leaf. He wanted to see Janelle so badly, hold her, kiss her. His nerves were jumping like Mexican beans.

Gabriel could see his hesitation. "I'll sit outside Sam, so you can be alone with her."
Sam smiled. "Thanks Gabe. It's not everyday you ask the woman you love to marry you, I am a bundle of nerves."

"I wish every happiness for you Sam, you and Miss Drew both. She's a lucky lady." Gabriel said softly.

Sam went upstairs, there she was, like she had been waiting for him all this time, there was Janelle, as beautiful as ever. They both stood, frozen to the spot.
Janelle could not believe it was Sam, here, finally!
She grabbed her long skirt and began to run down the hall. "Sam! Sam!" she cried.
Janelle threw herself into his arms and held on tight. How many nights did she dream of his safe return. How many nights did she dream of being in his strong, muscular embrace.
Both their hearts were pounding as one.
Sam was never so happy, 'she waited...she waited for me.'
He could not believe it.

He was in love, for the first and last time in his life.
Sam pulled Janelle close, and kissed her deeply. How he longed to hold her close.
Janelle returned the kiss with a good deal of vigor. How she loved his kisses!
"Even more beautiful than I remember..." Sam rasped. "God how I missed you." He cleared his throat. "Janelle, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Right away? Tomorrow if I can arrange it?"

Janelle laughed. "Oh Sam, yes! As soon as we can arrange it! Kiss me again...please Sam..."
Sam obliged. She said yes...he could not believe his good fortune. Never in his wildest dreams did he think a woman like Janelle would love him, agree to marry him. He, a saddle tramp. She, a princess. It was a beautiful day, they could not have asked for a better one. The sun was warm, enveloping everyone in its golden rays. A very slight breeze wafted in off the lake, spreading around the glorious scents from the many flowers gathered around the couple.
Sam looked into that beautiful freckled face, she looked stunning in her gold dress, how did he rate such a splendid, magnificent woman? It was a question he asked himself daily.
The couple exchanged vows in front of Reverend Dominic Wilson.

"Janelle, you are my constant friend, my faithful partner and my love from this day forward. In the presence of God, our family and friends, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish and love you for as long as we both shall live. "
"Sam, take this ring, my partner in life and my one true love. I will cherish our union and love you more each day than I did the day before. I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together. I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live." It was done, they were man and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fredericks.
Not that Sam needed any prodding from the preacher, he gathered Janelle in his muscular embrace and kissed his bride.
"Sure you won't regret it?" Sam teased affectionately.

"Not a chance, cowboy." Janelle smiled. "You are stuck with me for life, better accept it."


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#36TUTULAJun 5, 2009

Oh my God, whay a wonderful  love story\:wub\: I love it very much\:wub\: Great work\:rah\:

#37clairepitts1994Jun 7, 2009

Trully awsum story!! I loved it! It was really easy to love the main characters too!\:D Sam in his own way was good looking too\:\) I'm so extatic that you're continuing to write stories! I just love to read them\:wub\:

#38xtinabobinaVIPJun 13, 2009

hey karen, this was so good. the vows were so sweet \:\). i couldnt come up with my own vows for my weddings in my stories, i have no experience with them. sam was very sweet. i love that janelle gave him a chance at happiness.

#39leifofdelJun 18, 2009

I loved it. Another fantastic story by one of my favorite writers. I am so happy that Sam got the girl. Thanks for writing it!\:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

#40Liz MJun 20, 2009

Great story! Yey that the nice guy got the girl! \:D

#41loveneo7788Jun 24, 2009

Aww, cute! =o

#42iron mumVIPJul 14, 2009

Finally got the chance to cath up on your stories. What a wonderfull story, it made my heart burst \:D

#43Peachybitz1Oct 18, 2009

Yet another fantastic story...I love the way everyone in your stories knows each other and each story shows a little bit more of each of your characters...\:wub\:

#44tristen_love23Sep 1, 2011

i absolulty LOVE your old west stories.. they are absolutly amazing this one was just awesome.. scene 44 was really well photographed love it all!! \:\) \:wub\:

#45lekunzeMar 9, 2019


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