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The Marriage of Sir Gawain
Published Mar 17, 2011


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A long, long time ago in Simlandia there was a knight in the court of King Arthur. Sir Gawain, the Maidens' Knight, fiercely loyal to his king, who was also his uncle.

And Sir Gawain... That's me...

**This is a simmified version of this famous Medieval tale, credits go to Wikipedia and especially to my wonderful simming partner in crime, I couldn't have done it without you**

A long, long time ago in Simlandia there was a knight in the court of King Arthur. Sir Gawain, the Maidens' Knight, fiercely loyal to his king, who was also his uncle.

And Sir Gawain... That's me...

**This is a simmified version of this famous Medieval tale, credits go to Wikipedia and especially to my wonderful simming partner in crime, I couldn't have done it without you**
The day started off as any beautiful day in the kingdom of King Arthur but suddenly a beautiful lady in distress barged into the throne hall. This, of course, was nothing new in Arthur's court, as there were several ladies in distress barging in each day, pleading the good king to save their beloveds from evil knights or warlocks or dragons. I looked at the lady, and I could not help feeling sorry for her, as she was crying her eyes out. She had a ring around her slender finger. Married, just my luck. - O good king Arthur, thine help is needed. Mine beloved husband hast been captured by an evil knight and I hast been sent here to ask for thine aid. Only thou art brave and noble enough to face this evil scoundrel who is keeping mine love in his dungeon. Please, I beg thee

I could see my uncle and the queen were touched by this tearful cry for help but I knew this lady in distress was just like all the others. Being melodramatic always works with kings like my uncle, and the queen, well, everyone knows that she is a hopeless romantic, and spending a little too much time with Sir Lancelot...
According to the fair lady in green, this evil knight was the most loathsome creature in the entire world but in reality it was this knight's mistress that was behind everything. An evil witch, even worse than my aunt Morgan, she held this knight spellbound and her evil magic had turned the knight so evil, arrogant and selfish, everything that a knight should not be. To make things worse, this evil knight also had been given a magical axe that gave him powers that no other man possessed. With this axe he was unbeatable but according to the lady in distress, we had hope. The knight had promised to free the poor lord if my king found the right answer to his question. But should my king fail to give an answer, this churlish knight would use to power of the axe to make my uncle the evil witch's slave for an eternity.

And that question was no less than the one thing men have never managed to find out:

What thing it is all women most desire?
- Fear not, o fair lady, I shalt give thee mine aid. Sir Gawain, we shalt find an answer to this question and we shalt bring this poor man back to his dear wife!

Uncle Arthur certainly was impressive when he spoke like that. No wonder why he was the king...
- My dear friend, I think we might be in trouble...
- I share thine point of view, o my king, the answers we hath gathered from the peasant women and the fair ladies of court seem quite useless to me
- Rich husbands, gowns made of silk, plenty of servants, jewels, big castles... But what do they most desire?

I had to admit it, our situation was not looking good.
- Fear not, my king, we shalt find the answer or perish on the quest!

I was not ready to give up. I would anything to save my king, anything!

All the while we were discussing these important matters, the most loathsome creature I had ever seen had reached us. On the second glance I realized this creature was actually a human being, a woman, to be more exact.
- O lady, I am King Arthur of Camelot and I and my companion art on a quest to find the answer to a certain question...
- I know thine name and quest, o King Arthur
- Oh? Well, then thou must be the wise old lady of the forest who hast come for our help!
- Thine guess is not entirely wrong, o brave king, because I indeed know the answer thou art seeking...
- My lady! Would thou be so kind and share thine knowledge with us?
- Nothing in this world comes for free, my king...
- What is thine price then? Fortune, gowns made of silk, jewels? Name it, and I shalt grant it
- Mine price is none of those, o wise king...
- What is it thou desire?
- Before I can give thee thine answer, my king, thou hast to promise me one of thine young, fair knights
- Why? For what purpose, o noble lady?
- Thou hast to promise me their hand in marriage, o King Arthur, and thou shalt get thine answer

What? As if any man would ever agree to marry that ugly woman... Besides, most of the knights in the court already have wives or brides. Only I and Sir Lancelot are unmarried and Sir Lancelot has made the vow of preserving himself for greater causes. That would mean that... Oh no, no way... Just no way...
- My dear nephew, my dearest friend...
- NO!
- Please, please agree to marry her... I do not wish to spend an eternity as a slave to an evil witch, I am a king! Thine king, o my dear Sir Gawain
- But...
- Do thou not desire to save mine life and freedom? I had thought thou art a man of honor, Sir Gawain...

Sigh, I had no other choice.
- O wise lady, meet thine husband-to-be, Sir Gawain, who is the bravest and the most noble knight in mine court. He shalt be everything thou desire!
- Very well, my king, but does Sir Gawain agree to this arrangement?
- Naturally, he desires nothing more than to marry thee once I return from the castle of the evil knight!
- Is it so, o fair knight?

I swallowed. I desired nothing less than to marry this grotesque creature but I had pledged to do anything for my king. I just never expected that the anything would turn out to be this unattractive.
- Yes, my lady, it is so, I desire nothing le... MORE than to marry thee...
- Thou art lying but if thou pledge to take mine hand in marriage, I am fine
- I pledge to take thine hand in marriage, o lady
- Perfect! Everything is settled now so the answer to mine question, o fair lady!

If there was ever a time I would like to punch my uncle, this was it.
- I shalt leave you two lovebirds here... Gawain, thou shalt escort thine bride to mine queen, she shalt prepare our wise lady for the wedding!

I have to admit, I did not like King Arthur very much that moment.
While I had to escort my erm.. beloved bride to Queen Guinevere for the wedding preparations, King Arthur, the hero of the day, rode to the castle of the evil knight. He bravely marched to the throne hall to face the evil monster who had captured the poor husband of that day's lady in distress. Arthur surprised both the witch and the knight when he uttered the answer to the knight's question. What thing it is all women most desire? The witch was not very content when my uncle gave the two evil creatures the correct answer.

- No! He hast the right answer!
- Hahah, begone o evil witch!
- Noooooooooo!

King Arthur, being the most noble king ever, could not help feeling sorry for the poor lad who had just lost everything he had. But, a deal was a deal and so my uncle freed the captured lord, whose happiness was beyond words. The sun was going to set soon so my uncle had to gallop back to Camelot to sign the other deal... or to be more exact, to wed me to that ghastly lady.
My uncle and the queen were very content, watching me and my bride exchange those golden wedding bands. What ought to have been the most joyous moment of my life was more like a nightmare. Me, Gawain, the most noble and brave knight of the legendary King Arthur, was getting married to the most ugly lady in the whole world! How did this ever happen, when I could have gotten any of the beautiful ladies in the court? But there was no way to avoid this, because of my dear, dear uncle. - I shalt change to mine nightly attire, o mine dear husband...
- Very well... Thou may take the bed, milady, I shalt sleep on the chair..
- Sigh.. As thou wish, Sir... But bear in mind that a marriage shalt not be considered valid lest it is consummated... It is our wedding night, o mine beloved...
- ...
While sitting on the tiny chair, I was cursing my uncle. Was it not enough that I had to marry this loathly creature? No, I would be force to spend a whole night next to it, for all that it was my wife! This could not be happening, yet I knew it was very true. Too true. - Hey! What happened to mine wife?

The lady appearing behind the screen could hardly be my wife...
- O mine dear husband...
- I am deeply sorry, milady, but I am not thine husband
- O but thou art mine husband... I reckon thou do not recognise me, I look rather different by night.

The beautiful lady chuckled softly.
- Please, what hast thou done to mine wife?
- I -am- thine wife, Sir Gawain... The evil witch thine king beat earlier today had not only enchanted mine poor brother...
- Thine BROTHER?
- Yes, Sir, mine brother. The evil witch kept him spellbound but the noble King Arthur hast broken the spell cast upon mine brother... Now only I remain spellbound: during the day I am as ugly as a woman can be, but by night I am in mine true form.
- Oh wow... So thou art not really that ugly?
- No, o mine beloved husband... I am not that ugly, or doest thou find me ugly?
- No, I do not find thee ugly... In fact, I have never in mine life seen anything as beautiful as mine beloved wife standing in front of me
- Very well, love, thou must now make a choice...
- What choice?
- Thou must decide for me whether I shalt be ugly by day, or, by night...
- Why, o mine dear lady?
- Thou hast to, or I shalt perish in an evil fire
- Really?
- No, but please, do make the choice...
- Very well, o mine beautiful wife... Thou shalt be ugly only by day...
- By day? Doest thou want all the beautiful ladies of Camelot to laugh at me every day? Doest thou want every man in this castle to laugh at poor Sir Gawain, whose wife is the ugliest thing in this world?
- Oh... Very well, thou shalt be ugly by night...
- By night? So that mine husband shalt not sleep in our marital bed, next to me? How can thou forbid that joy from me?
- Women! How can a man ever know what they want???? Very well, milady, thou make the choice on thine own! So thou can have thine way!

I know, I know... Yelling at your newly wed wife is not exactly a nice thing to do, but I was very frustrated.
To my surprise, my wife's face lit up and she smiled happily. I had expected her to burst in tears or yell back or anything except this. - O mine dear husband, o mine beloved Sir Gawain! Thou hast broken the spell, I am free!
- Oh? But how? What doest thou mean?
- The evil witch was once in love with mine father, who chose mine mother over the witch. As a revenge, she cursed both me and mine brother. Mine brother became evil and arrogant and everything our father taught him not to be, and also, the witch's lover. I became the ugliest and the most loathsome woman in the world and the spell could only be broken in one way...
- What way, o mine beloved?
- The spell could only be broken if mine husband, on mine wedding night, would let mine have mine own way...
- Oooh... I understand now... So the answer to thine brother's question was...
- The thing women most desire is nothing less but to have their own way.
I kissed my wife properly. She was so sweet and beautiful, everything I had ever hoped my wife to be. Such a beautiful pretty thing, I found myself thinking that I could easily be happy with her, for the rest of my life. I realised that I loved this lady with all my heart! How was that possible? - So, darling, thou art saying that thou shalt remain this beautiful for the rest of our lives?
- The years shalt leave their marks but I shalt never become that ugly again...
- I love thee, o mine precious wife
- O Sir Gawain, mine husband... That is all I ever wished for!
- Say, o beloved, we shalt now consummate this marriage?

And, that, my friends, is what we indeed did. I wish I could say we all lived happily ever after but that is already another story to be told...


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#10fabrizioammolloMar 18, 2011

Great story! And beautiful shots! You made a very good job! Congrats on the featuring. Well deserved!

#11Mar 18, 2011

great story

#12RatRaceRobMar 19, 2011

Besides this being a truly great read-- screens and storytelling both! --this was also... hilarious!  As I read it I was thinking, I have to mention this bit in the comment, I have to mention that bit in the comment, oh wait now here's another bit... in the end, there's just too much that made me grin/lol/snort snapple up my sensitive nose...  so I say:  Huzzah!  Huzzah!  Huzzah! in the legendary style to the whole wonderful thing \:P \:rah\:

#13flody888Mar 19, 2011

Loved this story! \:wub\: Loved the tongue in cheek on every page! (Poor Gawain! Such a good nephew! \;\)) I really loved how you created a smart female lead who 'nudged' Gawain into the 'right' answer! A perfect blending of Arthurian and Sim-ian Legend! \:rah\:

#14Wannabee16Mar 25, 2011

\:D OO, I love it! And it was funny! \:D  

#15MangioMar 26, 2011

Such magic in the air \:rah\: The medieval english was superbly done.. i had a difficult time understanding it though \:P The screenshots were just superb \:wub\: It seemed like Shrek in a way.. i didn't even know the answer to the question \:D Glad the spell was broken and the evil witch is dead! Rejoice! 

#16MangioMar 26, 2011

Congrats on the feature, too \:rah\: EXTREMELY well deserved \;\)

#17EarcatMay 13, 2011

  Love your story, it was wonderful.  That woman was so ugly, she could only be a Townie.

#18dordracioFeb 3, 2012


#19medieval_simmerJul 26, 2012

Great story \:\)

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