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The choices we make part II
Published Oct 26, 2011


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Thank you to all the TSR and All About Style artist without them my stories would not be possible.

Thank you to all the TSR and All About Style artist without them my stories would not be possible. Nate looked at the shocked woman in front of him and instantly had an overwhelming urge to kiss her. Some things never changed Nate thought humorlessly. Claire McArthur was even more beautiful than he remembered. Just looking at those silvery gray eyes brought back memories of the happiest days of his life. A time where he loved and had been loved. "Nate, what are you doing here? How did you find me?" Claire asked standing by the door.

"I hired a private investigator"-Nate offered of explanation

"Ok, so you are stalking me. I gotta tell you Nate that's just creepy."-Claire said moving back, she didn't want to stand so close to Nate.

"Why did you keep my daughter from me?"-Nate asked angrily.
"Why did you keep my daughter from me?"-Nate

"Excuse me?! I called you Nate, over and over and you didn't answer so I finally wrote to tell you I was pregnant and the answer I got from you was an invitation to your wedding."- Claire, still remembered the pain she felt. She had locked herself in her room and cried for hours.
Then her mother had barged in and demanded to know if the rumors where true if Claire was pregnant. After shamefully admitting to her mother she was pregnant by a man who was getting married to someone else, Moira McArthur slapped her daughter. Moira kicked a young Claire out on the streets with nothing more than the clothes on her back, stating she wanted nothing to do with such an idiotic individual. "I never got your letter, and I defenatly did not send you an ivitation to my wedding"- Nate told her deep in thought.

"I don't really care what happened then Nate. I live in the here and now, please leave."-Claire said, she didn't want him in her house or anywhere near her for that matter.

"Please Claire hear me out, I know its been a long time but we have to talk"-Nate pleaded with her.

"There is nothing to talk about Nate, this is all six years too late."- Claire stated unwilling to budge. She felt butterflies in her stomach and suppressed an overwhelming urge to smooth out the wrinkles on her dirty clothes.
"We have to talk about Katherine, Claire I want to meet her. I want her to know I'm her father." He said the words with such earnest they tugged at Claire's heart strings, she had dreamt of that moment for the first couple of years after Kate was born, but it never came.

"Absolutely not." Claire stated firmly.

"Please Claire, put yourself in my shoes. What if you suddenly find out you have a child out there and aren't allowed to see her, to find out how wonderful she is? To feel her love and to give her your entire heart?" Nate asked desperately. Claire couldn't imagine a world without Kate.

"The problem with you Nate is that you give your heart, and without warning snatch it away. I won't let you or anyone else hurt my daughter."- Claire
"Claire back then...there where circumstances you don't understand..."- Nate

"and you never thought to explain them to me...look I'm not interested in what happened then. I will talk to Kate, if and only if she wants to meet you, you'll get to see her got that?"- Claire had been prepared to deny him again, but remembered her own childhood, lonely and sad. She had never met her father and always wondered why he had abandon her. Claire didn't want Kate to go though life wondering, never knowing fully where she came from.
"That's fair"- Nate answered hope flaring inside of him. Since he found out about his daughter Nate had wanted nothing more than to see her, to talk to her and even though he knew he didn't deserve it Claire was giving him that chance.

"You have to leave now, Kate will be home soon and I don't want to scare her."- Claire said. She put her hands on his chest to push him out the door and she felt the air around them change. It sizzled, charged with things Claire didn't want to acknowledge. She dropped her hands as if burned.

"Here is my card, please call me with your answer."- Nate said finally walking out the door, he could feel he was making her uncomfortable. Plus after being in such close proximity with Claire, Nate needed to step out on to the crisp air.
Ramona Blake sat across from Meredith, calmly sipping tea. But inside she was raving mad. Meredith had turned out to be nothing more than a stupid girl.

"Ramona I'm so sorry, I was just so angry."- Meredith offered nervously, Ramona Blake scared her immensely. The woman was cold and calculated, and Meredith did not want to be on her bad side. Terrible things happened to people who crossed Ramona.
"Yes but did you have to tell him about the brat he bore with that trashy waitress."- The thought of the mousy waitress and her spawn still made Ramona's blood pressure spike.
"After all the troubles I went through to keep that nasty little secret from my son, not to mention I practically had to move mountains to get him to marry you."-Ramona.

"Yes well our marriage has been nothing but a sham. He never loved me, he married me out of duty, believing it was his father's last wish for him to marry me and settle down."- Meredith wined. "He hardly ever touched me and when he did it was obvious he didn't want to."
"Excuses, that's all you ever give me Meredith and I'm growing tire of them. You better pray that after your little blunder he does not go looking for the waitress."-Ramona

"He already has, I called his office yesterday and his secretary said he had left for Barnacle Bay the day before."- fear made Meredith's voice tremble, across from her Ramona sat perfectly still.
"You better fix this, if the truth comes to light I will lose my son and if that's the case I will destroy you."-Ramona said in a conversational tone, as if she where speaking of something as trivial as the weather. Meredith felt the sting of tears and willed herself to calm down.
"Excuse me ma'am, Mr. Blake is on the phone for you."- Andrew

"Thank you Andrew, you may go."-Ramona said taking the phone.
"Hello darling."- Ramona said sweetly.

"Hi mother, We have to talk"-Nate announced

"Yes we do, poor Meredith is here in shambles. She wants to fix your marriage and you are no where to be found Nathaniel. I raised you better than this."-Ramona said indignantly.
'Mother, I would really appreciate it if you stayed out of this. What is going on between Meredith and myself is none of your concern"-Nate explained as politely as he could.

"My children's life is none of my concern?"-Ramona managed to sound hurt and not angry which was really what she felt.

"Please Mother I don't to discuss my marriage or my divorce, I want to talk about my wedding"-Nate

"What about your wedding darling."-Ramona
"Did you send an invitation to a Claire McArthur in Riverview?"-Nate asked with no other detail or explanation.

"Nathaniel that was so long ago how can I possibly remember who we send an invitation to. Who is this Claire an old college friend?"-Ramona tried to contain the storm brewing inside of her. That was exactly what she was trying to avoid but Meredith and her big mouth could have possibly ruined everything.

"Fine, can I please have the name of our wedding planner I am sure she will have records of the guest list."-Nate

"What is all this about Nathaniel? What we need to be discussing is your marriage and your unwillingness to mend things."-Ramona

"Mother I already told you to stay out of this, if this is all you want to discuss I will call you at a different time. I'm sure Tracy knows the woman's name. Goodnight Mother'-Nate hug up the phone.
"Go home and pack your bags, you are going to Barnacle Bay to get your husband back"-Ramona order Meredith who wanted nothing more than to sign the divorce papers and be over with all the drama. "Hello"-Tracy Blake

"Hi Tracy"-Nate said genuinely happy to hear his sister's voice on the other line.

"Nate! Hey big bro what's up?"-Tracy asked excitedly

"Tracy are you home in L.A?"-Nate asked, he didn't want to beat around the bushes, not with Tracy.

"No, I'm in Paris. Ramona banished me but I'm flying home this weekend school starts soon."-Tracy explained, after a big argument with her mother about the usual 'you are a disappointment' topics Tracy had decided a week in Paris would give them both time apart to calm down.
"Tracy I just found out I have a six year old daughter."-Nate said bluntly. There was a long pause making Nate wonder if she hung up.

"Are you serious?"-Tracy asked cautiously . Nate went along and explained about Meredith and how their divorce led to the discovery of the long lost child.

"So who do you think send Claire the wedding invitation?" Tracy asked intrigued.

"Mom cleverly avoided answering me and Meredith and I aren't exactly in speaking terms"-Nate admitted.
"Well I'll be home for about two weeks, then I got to fly to Riverview for school. You want me to snoop around while I'm home?"-Tracy asked.

"No, I don't want to give you and mom another reason for you two to fight about."-Nate told his sister, who in turn laughed. Ramona and Tracy where bound to always fight.

"Nate, Ramona and I are always going to fight but I'll respect your wishes. What I will do is as soon as I get there I'm going to talk to that wedding planner for you."-Tracy
"Thanks Trace."-Nate

"Hey, what are sisters for? Nate I got something to tell you."-Tracy said quietly making Nate nervous.

"What is it Tracy?"-Nate

"I'm a lesbian"-Tracy
Nate only sighed at this news. She was always coming up with ways to drive their mother insane.

"You're going to tell mom aren't you?"-Nate

Kate sat in the 'homework room' tracing letters on the paper in front of her, so concentrated that at first she didn't hear Claire calling her.

"Honey its bed time, are you finished with your homework?"-Claire asked her daughter nervously. She couldn't avoid it any longer she had to talk to Kate.

"Yes mommy. Are you going to read me a story?"-Kate asked sweetly.
"No honey, tonight we are going to talk woman to woman."-Claire said walking toward's Kate's room. The little girl followed chin held high imitating her mother. Claire helped Kate get ready for bed then sat across from her controlling the need to fidget. "Kate you know that I love you, very very much right?"-Claire started.

"Right! And I love you very much too mommy."-Kate said practically bouncing on the bed.

"I know baby, Kate have you ever thought about your daddy?"-Claire asked uncertain on how to proceed.

"Some times, Bobby Harper says I'm a freak because I don't have a daddy. So I try not to think about it."-Kate said sadly making Claire tear up.
"Bobby Harper is a mean boy, Kate you are not a freak."-Claire reassured her daughter.

"I know Mrs. Thompson says so too."-Kate

"Sweetie what I'm trying to tell you is that you do have a daddy..."-Claire

"Really!"-Kate said excitedly.

"Yes, his name is Nathaniel and he wants to meet you."-Claire held her breath waiting for Kate's reaction. The last thing she wanted was to upset her child
"Really! I have a daddy? Wow"-Kate, Claire smiled Kate never seized to amaze her.

"Do you want to meet your dad Kate?"-Claire asked.

"Yes! mommy I have a daddy! Lets go meet him now."-Kate suggested.

"No baby not today. It's late but if you like you can meet him tomorrow."-Claire

"But tomorrow is Saturday I have ballet class."-kate complained

"I know baby after."-Claire said, Kate yawned "Ok its time for bed"
"I'm really excited mommy."-Kate said falling asleep. After her conversation with Kate Claire knew she made the right decision, Kate deserved to meet her father. Claire just hopped Nathaniel had grown up in the years since she last saw him, that he would not run away from his daughter after he got to know her. Nate stood outside Claire's dilapidated apartment building, more nervous than he ever been in his life. Nate was used to handling million dollar deals and mergers yet there he stood frozen, terrified his daughter would not like him. He finally muster enough courage to ring the bell.

"Hi Kate"-he said as knot rose in his throat. She was beautiful, his daughter. Instantly he was sadden for all the years of her life he had missed. Kate looked down shyly and smiled.

"She was beside herself all day, now she is shy as a mouse."-Claire informed him.
"That's ok I was scared too."-Nate told his daughter

"Really?"-Kate asked in wonder. She couldn't believe an adult like Nate would be scared.

"Yeah, but now that I've seen you I feel better, now that you've seen me do you feel better?"-Nate asked.

"Yeah; lots"-Kate said visibly relaxing. Once Nate broke the ice Kate tripped over her worlds giving him a play by play of her life.
Once at the restaurant Nate found out Kate's favorite color was pink, but purple is nice too. That Bobby Harper was a mean little boy who said bad things and Janie Owen's father had no hair on the top of his head. Nate was enchanted by the small child in front of him. She was smart and funny and so much like her mother. Nate also couldn't stop sneaking looks at Claire across the table, she was so beautiful so much like the girl he remembered. "Nate, are you going to go away?"-Kate asked with all the sincerity of an adult. Those words brought both Claire and Nate's attention to the small child.

"No, Kate I will never go away. I'm your dad and I want to be in your life if you want me to."-Nate told his little girl.

"I want you to!"-Kate stated simply
After dinner Nate drove Kate and Claire home and after much begging from Kate he waited for her to be ready for bed to say goodnight.

"Goodnight, Kate"-Nate said

"I want a hug, please"-Kate said to Nate who to her looked better than Price Charming. He bent down and hugged his daughter, her warmth almost bringing him to tears.

"Can I call you daddy?"-Kate asked

"I would like that very much"
Meredith sat at the airport cantina drinking while she waited for the airplane. Ramona ordered her to leave that very day with no idea where in Barnacle Bay Nate was staying. She continued to down the strong liquid in an effort the forget her problems, hopefully she would be able to convince Nate they could still fix their marriage.

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#8Nemesis_3050Oct 26, 2011

really a lovely story!!!!!!!!!!!!

#9spladoumOct 27, 2011

Trouble ahead, huh? I hope that Claire doesn't allow her personal anger (and her experience of not having her own father around) to keep Nathan from seeing Kate. Poor girl, she shouldn't be in the middle of her parents' emotional warfare. And geez, that mother! Ugh ...

#10babygirl15526Oct 27, 2011

Awesome. I loved it. Can't wait for the next chapter. Trouble is ahead. And your Characters are gorgeous.

#11urm0mOct 27, 2011

Oh dear- Meredith is in such denial!

#12eviOct 27, 2011

Beautiful chapter\:wub\:

#13BelliotOct 27, 2011

I really like it. But I can't find part one. Have you removed it?

#14martoeleOct 28, 2011

So... that explains why he didn't receive the phone calls and the letter. I have forgiven him! Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#15xhaiiOct 29, 2011

what is wrong with ramona?! lol i totally hate her \:rah\: great story \:D

#16MangioOct 29, 2011

Congrats on the feature \:rah\: Why would Ramona do such a thing.. denying her own son his own privileges.. Kate is such a wonderful daughter \:wub\: I'm glad Nate wanted to be apart of their lives again \;\) Can't wait for more

#17fabrizioammolloOct 29, 2011

It's amazing how many damages a manipulative snob mother can do! I understand he was fooled, but Claire is right, six years ago they were in a relationship, he owed her at least a goodbye before marrying another woman. Even without a child the way he acted wouldn't be fine, considering what Claire had to go through I can't blame her for not welcoming him back. Nice chapter.

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