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Take Care: Chapter 2
Published Nov 14, 2011


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Hey guys and welcome back to Take Care! Sorry for not publishing sooner but I got tied up with playing my xbox this week. I just love video games. I know I'm such a nerd lol xD

But anyways read up and enjoy. Not to mention the fact I also changed the dialogue in this story completely because proper grammar is important for some peeps, so I hope you don't mind it at all. I want my stories to be easy to read for everyone. And don't be afraid to comment and sign my guestbook too.

See yah on the other side!

Hey guys and welcome back to Take Care! Sorry for not publishing sooner but I got tied up with playing my xbox this week. I just love video games. I know I'm such a nerd lol xD

But anyways read up and enjoy. Not to mention the fact I also changed the dialogue in this story completely because proper grammar is important for some peeps, so I hope you don't mind it at all. I want my stories to be easy to read for everyone. And don't be afraid to comment and sign my guestbook too.

See yah on the other side!
"Can't read my, can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody).

Mimi's alarm clock struck her deep sleep as she woke from Lady Gaga "Poker Face".
She squinted her eyes from the bright sun beams that hit her in the face as she sat up.

"Boy I wish I had curtains right now...what time is it?" she questioned herself as she looked to check the time on her alarm clock.

It was 10:15 a.m on a Saturday morning and today Mimi had cheerleading practice. Who would've thought cheerleading practice on a weekend. But Taylor Batchet was her school's cheerleading captain by default and if she didn't want to be late, she'd better hurry.
Mimi quickly rolled over her bed to get to her closet that was on the opposite side of her room. She scanned the closet for any gym clothes she could find and threw them on as fast as she could. Then rolled over her bed again to strap on her headband and messenger bag and was quickly out the door. As she ran down the stairs out of her home, she had noticed something.... Her beloved Blue Volkswagen was missing in action and out of all the times she needed it the most, it was missing.

"Where's my car?!" she said, standing in her empty driveway.
No one was home to give her a ride, so she began to walk for it.
She walked all the way down her street and into Downtown and just remembered something, "Why not take the bus?", she crossed the street to bus stop. Mimi stared at the bus routes and where and when they could take her. Luckily for her, there was an upcoming bus just within ten minutes that was suppose to stop by. So she decided to sit down and wait for the bus. After a couple minutes of just waiting, the bus never seemed as if it were going to show on time or even at all.

Mimi began to think to herself, "I should've just walked the five miles at this rate!"

Then a red and black striped mustang pulled up and stopped on the curb right next to her. She was pretty freaked that a random car would just pull up and stop right in front of her like that, but it seemed like someone waved for her to come over to the car.
Mimi walked up slowly and just her luck, it was Kyle Hamon. The guy that tried to hit on her a couple weeks ago at school. She was kind of confused as to why he was here right now, when he should've been at soccer practice right now.

Kyle smiled at her laughing as he said, "What in the world are you doing sitting at a bus stop?"

"It's a long story", she replied and even though she knew it wasn't that long of a story. Her car was missing, it was a pretty short story indeed.

"Well get in, I'll give you a ride to practice since we are pretty much going to the same place", said Kyle.

"Okay...but don't try anything funny though perve!" she shouted as she walked over to get inside Kyle's car.

"I'm not a perve!" Kyle yelled back. "Does she really think I'm a perve?", he thought to himself.
The car ride to the field was pretty quiet and uncomforting for them both.
Mimi didn't know what to say to a guy, she never really talked with many guys and let alone be alone in a car with one before.

Kyle didn't know if he should say anything either since Mimi thought of him as a pervert. Plus, he didn't want to find out if she carried a taser on her.

"Sooo, umm why weren't you at the soccer field yet?" she asked as he concentrated on the road.

"Oh, I forgot something at home", he replied pretty nervously. Was he nervous or was he trying to avoid saying what he forgot at home?

"What did you forget?" she was curious about this something.

Kyle braked the car pretty hard on the concrete.
"Well this is your stop! Have a nice practice", he said smiling unlocking the car doors.
Then he drove off into the parking lot like a car from a need for speed game.

"What the heck is his problem?" Mimi said to herself.
Once Mimi turned around to her cheer squad, and spotted Taylor who was staring her down a cold stare that gave her chills.

"Your late Missy!", Taylor shouted at her crossing her arms.
"And you know what the punishment is for being late is right?" she said questioning Mimi.

"Yah yah, let me warm up your highness", Mimi said walking past her.
Jenny was staring at Mimi too as she leaped out of Kyle's car.

"Why is everyone staring at me, are my underwear showing or something?"

Mimi looked at the girls that stared at her. They seemed pretty surprised that she of all people made it inside Kyle's car other than Taylor.

"Yahhh, um what was that, since when are you and Kyle Hamon close", Jenny said looking at her with googly eyes.

"Oh my gosh Jenny!, it's so not like that!" Mimi shouted at Jenny as she blushed.

"Hey you! You owe me fifteen toe touches now!" Taylor yelled at Mimi, it was time for her punishment.
Mimi lined up in front of Taylor and began the fifteen toe touches. But in her case everything was easy for her, so Mimi didn't care if she had to do fifty of them.

"One, two, three, four..." said Taylor counting as Mimi repetitively touched her toes.

Once Mimi finished, Taylor said, "Give me fifteen more cause I don't like being talked back to, I'm YOUR captain".
And so Jenny got up infuriated once more with Taylor and got in her face. Jenny was disgusted with the way Taylor had become of herself. Before she, Jenny, and Mimi were the best of friends until they became high schoolers. What had happened to this girl they once knew?

"Okay Taylor now you're going to far!" Jenny said shouting in Taylor's face.

"Do you want to join her Jennifer?!" Taylor shouted back placed her hands on her hips.

"Oh don't you make me swing cause I never miss!" Jenny threatened the Queen B.
"Eww, I'm shaking cause you'll just get suspended if you do!" said Taylor.

"We're off campus and nothing is holding me back but the pity I have for you!" said Jenny as their argument carried on and on...once again.

Each cheer practice was almost the same. Sooner or later Taylor would be a witch to someone and Jenny would come along and start standing up fighting with her again.

"Mimi should've been our captain, not Taylor", said Shelly who was sitting next to Kimberly on the ground.

"I know what you mean, she's a way better dancer and actually knows what she's doing. I did vote for her, did you?" asked Kimberly.
Growing up Mimi was placed in ballet classes ever since she was six years old. Her mother loved ballet as a child, so she wanted to share the same passion with her daughter. Mimi's mother was a great ballet dancer, until her plans changed when she had Mimi. Anthony zoned out during the practice, his head was too busy looking at the cheerleaders where Mimi stood.

"Anthony!...Anthony!" Kyle shouted his name and he didn't answer, so he threw the soccer ball at his head.
"Dude!" Anthony yelled as the ball smacked him in the face.

"Pay attention yo! It's your turn", said Kyle as he stood in the goal waiting for Anthony to take a shot at him.

"Just for that I might try and hit you in the face", Anthony said joking around as he toyed with the soccer ball.
In the weight room, the guys wanted to work out before they decided to shower and call it a day.

"I'm starving", said Flint as he stopped to take a breather.

"You are always hungry Flint!" Dylan yelled at his silly friend.

Dylan started to hear a voice and thought he was being paranoid.
"Does anyone hear that?" asked Dylan as he stopped cycling.

"Hear what?" asked Anthony.
A voice was coming from the showers. Was someone singing?

"When your day is through,
And so is your temper,
You know what to do,
I'm gonna always be there", sang someone from the showers.

Dylan was curious as to who it was in the showers singing, but he certainly didn't want to walk in on anyone. Though, all he knew is that whoever was singing, had an amazing voice. So instead, Dylan waited by the door to find out who it was.
"What the, Kyle?!" shouted Dylan as Kyle walked out the door like nothing happened.

Dylan was shocked. His bestfriend had an amazing talent he never knew about.
How did this even get by him? How could it? Him, Anthony, and Flint were in a band called "Karma" and they were searching for a vocalist that Kyle even knew about.

"Kyle what is wrong with you?!" Dylan said yelling at Kyle. Kyle was pretty confused as to what he did wrong.
"What did I do exactly?" Kyle replied clueless.

"You never told us you could sing", said Dylan calmly.

"I don't know what you're talking about", said Kyle as he pretended like he wasn't singing in the showers.

"You exactly what I am talking about, and you know darn straight that you should be our band's vocalist!" said Dylan getting hyped up.

"Okay one, calm down. Two, I don't have time to be in a band. And three, what makes you think that I am that good at singing?" said Kyle seriously.

"Because I know you and you know each time you come to our practice you feel left out", Dylan replied walking into the shower room.
"My name's Taylor Mimi, so bow down like my pet chihuahua Chanel if you want to stay on this squad", Jenny said to Mimi pretending to act like Taylor.

Mimi laughed because Jenny played the part perfectly.

"Jenny if there was a play about Taylor's life, you'd definitively get the part", said Mimi as they both laughed.
Then all of a sudden Dylan walked up with Anthony and Flint trailing behind him.

"Jenny!" shouted Dylan walking up to her.

"Hey, what's up?", said Jenny.

"Do you guys want to come over and watch our band play?" asked Dylan.

"Ugh I guess if we aren't busy..." said Jenny looking at Mimi then back to Dylan.

"I can't I've got dance class", Mimi said.

"Well you should come Jenny, and bring your journal", Dylan said smiling.

"Why my journal?" Jenny was pretty skeptical about sharing her thoughts and poetry with people, especially since she never did it before.

"Just please, please bring it", Dylan said giving her puppy dog eyes.

"Darn it! Okay fine", she truly didn't know if it were a good idea or not.
"Yes!" said Dylan giving her a bear hug.

"Oh my gosh! Okay, okay", Jenny said gasping for air. Dylan continued to squeeze her.

"Hey", said Anthony as he looked at Mimi. She was just about to say hey back just when Kyle decided to ambush him from behind.
"This is for hitting me in the face with the soccer ball! Didn't think I'd remember did you?!" said Kyle as he wrapped his arm around Anthony's head trying to take him down.

"When I get out of this head lock you're dead!" Anthony said struggling to get loose.

Mimi suddenly checked her cellphone for the time.
"Oh! I got to run. Jenny give me a ride pleas?" asked Mimi.

"Yah let's go", Jenny replied as they began to walk off.

"Remember Jenny! My house!" shouted Dylan, as Mimi and Jenny walked off the field.
Jenny didn't know if she really wanted to go to his house...with her journal. And why did he want to look at it? This pondered in her mind as he begged her please to bring it.
And so she decided, she'd go to his house to find out why in the world Dylan Stewart wanted to check out her journal for.
Later on that day, Jenny pulled up in front of the Stewart's driveway. She would've parked exactly in the driveway, but it was currently being occupied by a big piece of rubble. So she planted her Jeep on the curve.

But then her mind twisted in the thought of revealing her journal for the first time with another person, so she quickly made a u-turn toward her Jeep, but a noise stopped her from walking away.
The garage door was opening as Kyle stood behind it as if he were waiting for to appear the entire time.

"Hey the band is in here!" Kyle yelled as Jenny had her back to him.

"Oh, my bad", said Jenny making another u-turn and walking inside the garage when what she really wanted to say was, "I knew that dummy!"

The band was rocking out and they sounded great. Jenny wondered why they never performed anywhere, and while observing them she had realized they were missing a voice, and that totally answered her question.
Then she heard the guitar come to a halt as Dylan put it down to welcome Jenny.

"Hey, you made it", said Dylan pretty surprised that she actually appeared at his place.

"What you didn't think I'd show? I tend to keep my word f.y.i", replied Jenny. "And I notice you don't have a vocalist", Jenny added.

"Yah, I know. We plan to get once we get our own lyrics together first and that's why I asked if I could check out your journal again", said Dylan.

Now Jenny finally knew what of use her journal had to any of this.

"Wait you want to just take my journal and use MY words?" Jenny was pretty serious about the way Dylan wanted to use her journal.

"Whoa whoa whoa, no. I want to see your journal and if you want to be our band's songwriter?", replied Dylan quickly waiting for an answer.

Jenny a songwriter? She certainly wasn't expecting that answer but if putting her own words out there for people to hear would benefit her and others, she'd do it.

"Well then let's get started", she said with a soothing smile.
They coursed through her pages and looked for the right words that matched the band and who they were as a group.

Hours had passed as tried to make music out of some of the pages. And then finally, they produced their first song and just hopefully that song would be good enough for the crowd.

"You know Jenny, you should come back later so we can start another song from scratch together", said Dylan as he played his keyboard.

"Okay, just let me know", she replied sitting in the chair watching as he played their new song.

"And maybe also go out to dinner", Dylan added in. Was he asking her out on a date?

"Yah sure", Jenny said calmly answering Dylan.
After composing they decided to take break and chill on the crappy old furniture that was in the garage.

"Now we need a vocalist", said Dylan glaring at Kyle and then back at the ground. Kyle grunted at him giving him an obvious facial expression "No Way".

"Yah, so how are we going to find this vocalist?" asked Jenny curiously.

"I don't know but I'm starving, you guys want to go out for dinner?" Flint asked.

"Shut up Flint!" everyone shouted at Flint laughing.

"What did I do?!" said Flint, the hungry one.

"Guys, I got an idea!" Anthony said, as if a light bulb went off in his head.

"What?" everyone said at the same time.
"And so this is your idea, have the entire school know we are looking for a vocalist?", Dylan asked Anthony.

"Yup", Anthony said all cheeky as he waited for someone to walk in.

"Let the auditions begin!" Jenny shouted as her voice echoed through the school auditorium.
To Be Continued...

Hope you guys liked the chapter! Because there is more to come, so stay tuned for the next chapter of Take Care. See Yah :)

- Jacky

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#7quiyah93VIPNov 17, 2011

And like I said, I DO NOT KNOW where it is. SO you need to go find it yourself. Sorry.

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I have that hairstyle too, and I believe it's from Cool Sims.

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Well, guess what i downloaded it and guess what it wasnt as long as the one she had on her sim so crap so kids simmers or whatever cause it was nothing like the one i love so yah we shall go search!!!!\:D

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some kids or simmers or whatever go find it*

#11quiyah93VIPNov 18, 2011
Is where I get most of my hairstyles, I never downloaded from coolsims when I did that chapter.

#12starsky524Nov 21, 2011

Cool as usual!\:\)

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Yay i found it from Rosesims! thanks (hint: Selzsims was a hint to finding it YOU ROCK!!!!!\:wub\:

#14urm0mNov 30, 2011

Love this \:D

#15ruby17Nov 30, 2011

great chapter!

#16quiyah93VIPDec 2, 2011

Take Care has a new website with all the chapters after chapter 3 on it here
  just fyi

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