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Forum downtime

As you may have noticed, our discussion forums have been down for some time now. We are currently working on fixing the problem, and hope to have them up and running again soon. startet!

Heute startet die deutsche Version von The Sims Resource. ist ein Spiegelbild des englischen Originals und genauso immer auf dem neuesten Stand mit den allerneuesten und großartigsten Downloads für Dein Sims Spiel.

Einige Seiten sind noch nicht vollständig übersetzt, aber wenn die Nachfrage hoch genug ist, dann werden wir hart daran arbeiten, dass die ganze Seite komplett übersetzt wird.

Großer Dank geht an Gabriella und Sophia, die uns sehr geholfen haben, um euere beliebte Sims Seite ins deutsche zu übertragen. Mehr News und Updates auf deutsch kommen bald! Launches!

The Sims Resource is now available in a new flavor! is the first of our new language versions of the site and can be accessed now. The databases, navigation, news, support and most other common features of the site have all been translated to German already with more following during the coming weeks. If demand is high and it’s worth while, the entire site could be translated!

Our thanks to Sophia and Gabriella for all their hard work in helping us translate the site. Sophia will be helping to manage the German content for us in the future.

Next stop.. Swedish.. Spanish.. French... ;-)

Kudos to our members!

Lots of people have already noticed, and been asking about our latest addition. Kudos to them for spotting it!

Kudos can be earned by all of our members at TSR and will reward our regular contributors and users of our Community features. We want to encourage you all to take part, whether it be uploading and submitting new content, or using and commenting on or rating the work of others.

More details can be found on the Kudos Score Table page. Be sure to check out the Rewards as well, of which we will be adding more and the Kudos tables grow. Have fun with it!

Ongoing changes - TSRv6.1

Hello everyone! By now you've probably noticed quite a few ongoing changes taking place across the site. I will list them all here so you know what to look for.

To begin with the frontpage has been restructured and better organized. You can now find the latest story as well as a featured PDF article/tutorial here along with the usual content. Links to Storytelling and PDF Articles has also been added under the Content tab. A link to view all the coming weeks Sims 2 calendar releases has also beed added above the calendar pictures on the left.

Secondly you will notice the top part has been slimmed down a bit, and now only shows icons instead of texts such as Unrated, Basket etc. This is to make place for our latest feature "Kudos", and any future projects we plan to release. "Kudos" will be explained in a seperate news post but its something to get excited about :)

Thirdly, we are introducing a new and improved filtering system in the downloads archive. You are will soon be able to sort downloads by expansion packs (you need to select which you own in your preferences, there's a direct link available) and even show only creations from your bookmarked artists! Also the gallery view has been improved and looks much more organized now.

Enjoy - There's more to come!

New Feature #2 - Storytelling

Our second new feature for Easter is the launch of our Storytelling Database and Upload Wizard. Our community loves to make stories and the forums are used extensively for sharing ideas. We now have the facility for you to upload your stories which you have created in your game, to be published in the Story Database and, of course, appear on your Profile Page. By downloading our natty little upload wizard you can choose which of the stories you have created in your game to upload. The Wizard does the rest! I have started the ball rolling by publishing our test story. Join in the fun and create and share your stories today!

New Feature #1 - Articles Database

Just in time for Easter we are launching 2 new features here at TSR. First up, we have started work on recreating many of our Articles into downloadable .pdf documents which allow you to print off tutorials or save them to your PC, making them easier to follow while working on a new project. With Adobe Reader you can download the article for future use or printing, or choose to open it into your browser window. Check out the Articles Database for a bundle of existing Sims 1 and Sims 2 articles to get started. More will follow, as some of our Featured Artists are already creating more to help you get started in creating your own Custom Content!

Notes about using comments.

Just a friendly reminder. We did not turn on comments for everyone just so you could complain about the items not being free. We will close your account if you abuse this rule and we will make no exceptions. To make this obvious enough we have added this warning on the comments form as well.

Also, please avoid posting about external mesh links. Creators cannot be responsible for other sites changing their pages or moving content around. Also, sites might insist that links only be made to their index page and not directly to items. Sometimes you might need to do a little mouse work of your own to find things!

Thank you for your cooperation, and please stick to commenting on the creations themselves. For Site suggestions or comments, please use the Feedback Page.

Exclude set items feature back!

The much wanted option to exclude set items in the archives is now back. Just choose whether you want to see all items (including set items) or only items that do not belong to a set. You can do this with the rightmost dropdown in the black frame with the filtering options in.

Changes in comments

We have implemented some changes in the comments on the downloads. The change means that you now can comment on stuff you haven't yet downloaded and tried in the game. However, to rate you still need to actually download the creation - so please check back and rate it, as well as posting new comments, once you have tried it in the game.

TSR Newsletter 10 on its way

The TSR Newsletter #10 is currently being sent out, and many of you should already have received it. To get the newsletter you must have selected that you want the Newsletter in your Preferences (Account tab). Also make sure that your spamfilter ALLOWS e-mails from the address

And remember to click the link in the newsletter to participate in the "Monthly Prize Draw".

TSR welcomes Judyhugsnoopy!

We are pleased to welcome Judyhugsnoopy as our next Featured Artist. She's a great recolorer, so be sure to check out her latest work and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR (re)welcomes Bitzybus!

We are very happy to announce the return of Bitzybus here at TSR. She's been away for some time due to illness but is slowly getting back into the game. Be sure to give her a warm welcome back in her guestbook!

FA Theme Week – May '06

The Poll to choose which Theme the Featured Artists will create in May closes soon. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite option. This month you can choose between Urban Jungle, Nursery Time, Ancient History, Fantasy Realm or Psychedelic 60s. Cast your vote here!

OFB Content Updates.

At last, I found some time today to update the content here at TSR to include more Open For Business info. I've been having so much fun playing the game and generating the screenshots I needed that it took a little longer than planned!

First up are the Strategy Guides which now include some great tips for this exciting new Expansion Pack. I have also updated the ever useful Food Guide and added the much needed University and Nightlife additions as well (Look out for a printable version soon).

Lastly there is an update to the Cheats Page to include the latest offerings that work with OFB only. Have fun with them!

TSR welcomes Shannara_Simfashion!

We are happy to announce Shannara_Simfashion as our next Featured Artist. She's a popular clothing and hair artist so be sure tocheck out her latest creations and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

New features introduced

You can now choose to see either the upcoming releases in any given category, or (by default) the currently released creations. The link to switch between those two is conveniently available above the preview pictures down to the left of the screen. Just click on "Coming soon" to view all upcoming releases or "Latest published" for the default view.

All theme weeks will by default be set to show the upcoming releases up until the week it's scheduled for, after that it will change to latest published by default.

We have also added comments to the minisite blogs now, so feel free to comment on your favourite artist's rants!

TSR welcomes Shannanigan!

We are happy to announce Shannanigan as our next Featured Artist. Be sure to check out her latest creations and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

Submissions are now Open For Business!

After our delay in getting prepared for Open For Business submissions, we are pleased to say we now have everything in place for you to start submitting your OFB creations.

New Categories we have added so far:

Lots>>Business>>Home Business
Lots>>Business>>Community Business
Objects>>Build Mode>>Awnings
Objects>>Build Mode>>Elevators

More will be added if needed. In the meantime, feel free to submit your work and be among the first to have your OFB creations on The Sims Resource. Have fun with it!

TSR welcomes FionaAzreal!

We are happy to announce FionaAzreal as our next Featured Artist. Check out her latest creations and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes NoFrills!

We are happy to welcome NoFrills as our next Featured Artist. She is a talented mesher you will certainly see more of. Be sure to check out her latest and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes Juttaponath

We are pleased to welcome Juttaponath as our next FA. Be sure to check out her latest clothing and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook.

TSR welcomes Frisbud!

We are pleased to welcome Frisbud as our first Sims 1 FA in a long time! Be sure to check out her updates and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes Xandher and Fionn!

Xandher and Fionn are our next Featured Artists. You can all look forward to many high class hairstyles coming from them as well as lots of clothing. Give them a warm welcome in their guestbooks!

Theme Weeks: You Decide!

The Featured Artist Theme Weeks have been a raving success at TSR. Now, the FA's want to get you, the community, more involved. From now on, most of the Theme Weeks will be chosen by you in the form of a simple Poll, so make sure you have your say and cast your vote for the April Theme Week!

TSR welcomes Shoukeir

We are happy to announce Shoukeir (from Sims2Play) as our next FA addition. I'm sure many of you are already familiar with her work and we are thrilled to have her onboard! Be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook and check out her latest creations!

TSR welcomes Sophel21

We are happy to announce Sophel21 as our next FA addition. She's a fresh talent with an excellent taste. Be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes c_literati

We are pleased to welcome c_literati as our next FA! She's a talented decorator and house artist tht I'm sure many of you are familiar with. In the next few weeks we will welcome a handful of new FA's, so stay tuned for more! In the meantime be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

Awarded creators list updated

After reviewing the awarded creators list we decided to make it so you need to reach a minimum of 30 (updated!) creations and 100 votes before you can earn a spot on the list. This is to ensure creators with very few creations dont sit on the top spots in those lists, and instead those who really put a lot of effort into creating many high quality creations get the attention they deserve. Please note that your status remains intact, this only affects whether you show up on the list or not.

Categories Updated

This weekend we have made a few changes to the download categories.

Creators with existing content may now update them to fit these categories if they wish. We will be working on moving some content into these new homes ourselves too so in time, sorting and searching for specific content will get more and more simple and accurate.

Additions are:

Build mode/Roofs
Build mode/Pools

Build mode/Fences is now 'Fences & Gates'

Have fun with it!

Free rotation on Thursdays

Starting today, the rotation of the free items will be executed on Thursday mornings, "server time" (GMT +1). So well in time for the weekends download frenzy, you (as a free member) should have around 5000 new free Sims 2 downloads, and around 8000 for Sims 1, to choose from.

If you happen to browse the site while this rotation is taking place, you may experience that a free file you are trying to download are not longer free. If you wait a couple of minutes, everything should work fine again though.

Free Downloads Changed

The downloads that are free have changed today for Sims 2, and it was done yesterday for Sims 1. You now have around 5000 fresh Sims 2 items, and over 8000 for Sims 1, to browse. View them all here:
All Free Sims 2 Downloads
All Free Sims 1 Downloads
Use the category navigation in the search area to filter out the type of downloads your are looking for.

Last Poll results and a new Poll.

The last Poll asked, "What did you and your Sims get for Christmas?", with the top 3 results from 1000 votes being as follows: • The Sims Deluxe ~ 35.09% (246 votes) • The Sims Online ~ 30.81% (216 votes) • Vacation ~ 25.82% (181 votes) You can check out the full results, and older Poll results on the Previous Polls Page. With discussions in The Sims community often straying in to the wrongs and rights of pay sites, we thought we would be brave and ask, "Which of these other Sims Sites have you subscribed to in the past?” Vote today! (Members must be logged in to see the Poll)

Visit our Featured Artists Mini-sites

Did you know that our Featured Artists (FA's) have their very own mini-sites here on The Sims Resource? If you have your own personal favorite FA, by going to their mini-site you can browse only their creations. View all our FA's here, and follow the links from that page to come to the mini-site of each FA.

Theme Weeks: You Decide!

The Featured Artist Theme Weeks have been a raving success at TSR. Now, the FA's want to get you, the community, more involved. From now on, most of the Theme Weeks will be chosen by you in the form of a simple Poll, so make sure you have your say and cast your vote for the April Theme Week!

TSR welcomes Shakeshaft!

We are pleased to welcome Shakeshaft into the FA team. She's already well known to many from her many quality lots here at TSR and we can all look forward to many more! Give her a warm welcome in her guestbook.

TSR welcomes Dgandy!

We are happy to announce Dgandy as the latest addition to our FA team! Many of you are already familiar with her fine creations so please give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

SE Nyhetstest

En testnyhet på svenska

Forum upgrades

The forum is currently being upgraded. This is a big upgrade and will be completed tomorrow (swedish time). We are sorry for the inconvenience, but check back tomorrow for the new and improved forums!

New submission system/lack of updates

The new submission system is now ready for use! Be sure to read the instructions and categorize your creations correctly. It is as always available under the submit tab.

This new system has also meant that there has been a lack of updates from our end, which was also one of the reasons we decided to give out 7 free days a week ago since we knew the updates would be sparse.

Our FA's (and other creators) have a lot of updates in store however and we will begin the new year by releasing a handful of new creations from them on monday so stay tuned.

Thank you for your patience in all this.

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