Matt & Jenny #34 " FISHY "
Published Oct 18, 2008

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#34 " FISHY "

I want to thank all of the readers and especially those who have taken the time to leave me a comment letting me know what you think. I'll never know unless you tell me. ;) A special thanks to my best friend Mike for letting me borrow his laptop indefinitely. Thank you to all the great creators who have made all this great custom content for our Sims to use. For those interested Windkeeper made the wheelchair & tdyannd made Matt's bathchair.

#34 " FISHY "

I want to thank all of the readers and especially those who have taken the time to leave me a comment letting me know what you think. I'll never know unless you tell me. ;) A special thanks to my best friend Mike for letting me borrow his laptop indefinitely. Thank you to all the great creators who have made all this great custom content for our Sims to use. For those interested Windkeeper made the wheelchair & tdyannd made Matt's bathchair.
Jenny: Well here we......are (Q) Noeny I'm sorry! I didn't know the parking would be a problem.
Matt: Oh well. Luckily our van has doors on both sides.
Jenny: I like hearing that.
Matt: Hearing what (Q)
Jenny: "our".
Matt: See.......worked out just fine hoeny. Jenny: I'm glad. When I read the review they raved about the salmon.......but they didn't mention parking.
Matt: That's because it's not all that big a deal to most. So.......did the reviews say anything about prices (Q)
Jenny: They said it was "reasonably priced".
Matt: Uh-huh. Well we'll see what "reasonably priced" means in a few minutes wont we (Q)
Jenny: Yup I guess we will. Wow! It looks like it's getting a lot of business! There is already a bunch of people waiting.
Matt: Guess we'd better get moving.
Jenny: Sounds great honey.
Matt: RACE YA!!!
Matt: Hah! We won! Jenny: Matt! You turkey butt! You left me in the dust.
Matt: I not only like my new chair......I LOVE my new chair!
Jenny: I can see that. Ma'am......we need table for 2 please, for my fiance and I.
Hostess: I'll have to see what is available miss. Is a booth OK (Q)
Jenny: Uh (Q) Matt (Q)
Matt: I woudl PREFER a table.......but I can sit in a booth.
Hostess: It's been busy all week.......ever since we had a good review in the dining section of the newspaper. I'll find you's probably going to be about 20-30minutes or so.
Matt & Jenny: OK.
Lumbar: Mrumph (Q)
Matt: What Lumbar (Q)
Lumbar: Rurr (Q)
Matt: Oh these are different then the fish you see at home aren't they boy (Q)
Lumbar: Rorarum. Boy I'll say. Glad they're in there! That one inside the rocks mkes me nervous! It's got sharper teeth than I DO!
Matt: Hello fishy fishies. Stay away from the scary guy in the rocks.....OK(Q) Jenny: Oh look honey! A star fish. Hostess: A few more minutes folks. Matt: Hey honey.
Jenny: Yeah sweetie (Q)
Matt: I think that eel is making Lumbar a bit nervous.
Jenny: Well I for 1 am glad that thing is on the OTHER side of the glass!
Matt: Me too.
Lumbar. Good humans.......agree with the intuitive dog.
(after a 40 minute wait they were FINALLY seated)
Matt: Do you know what you want (Q)
Jenny: I've been wanting to try out their salmon plate ever since I saw a picture of it in the paper when I saw the review.
Matt: Well I guess that answers that then.
Jenny: What about you (Q) Have you any idea what YOU want (Q)
Matt: Well (Q) If it was early enough I was giong to get a nice big breakfast.
Jenny: And now (Q)
Matt: Well for 1 it's too late for breakfast.......they stopped serving it at 10AM. But I was feeling better a while before we left home. Hmmm.......what to get(Q)
Waitress: Hello. And welcome to "Under The Sea". Would you like to try our lobster or our salmon todday (Q) They're today's daily specials.
Jenny: Well that's what I want!
Matt: Hmmm. I'm not sure.
Jenny: The news paper said it was "delish".
Matt: Yeah I guess. It's just I really like YOUR salmon. Their's might be too "fishy".
Jenny: could always send it back if you DON'T like it. What do you say......want to try somebody else's salmon (Q)
Matt: What the heck.
Matt: 2 salmon plates please.
Waitress: An EXCELLENT chioce!
Jenny: Do you want to catch a movie after lunch (Q)
Matt: Uh.....I don't know. Maybe we can rent a movie or find one playing on the movie channels.
Matt: I'd like to make a toast. A toast to LOVE......may it never fade.
Jenny: That's something I'll rais my glass to.
Matt & Jenny: CHEERS!
Jenny: Ah.....lunch! I can't wait to see if the food critic was right.
Waitress: far everyone has been quite satisfied.
Matt: Well I should warn Jenny is an amazing cook. Your chefs have their work cut out for them.
Waitress: VIOLA!!! Jenny: Mmmmm. Wow this smells wonderfull. Jenny: So(Q) What do you think(Q)
Matt: I like the ambience if nothing else.
Jenny: I kinda thought you would. You love dolphins and fish so much........I thought this might like it.
Matt: Well I like the let's see if I like their food. Matt: Mmmmmm! Yummo!
Jenny: Good fish (Q)
Matt: Mmmm. GREAT fish! Not as good as yours mind you......but gu-ud.
Jenny: I'm glad you like it. That's one less thing on MY mind.
Matt: Why what else has been on your mind (Q) That pickpocket (Q)
Jenny: Well YEAH! Jenny: Normally it's us ladies that those creeps go after........or so I thought. Matt: It isn't JUST women those creeps go after. It's ANYBODY they THINK are weak. Matt: I bet there are a lot of girls who could kick butt!
Jenny: Well NOT me. I'm a girly girl.
Jenny: Speaking of which. Does my make-up look OK(Q) Matt: Honey! It looks fine. YOU look fine.
Jenny: I still think I should stop off in the ladies room and powder my nose.
Matt: OK. I need to make a pit stop myself.
Jenny: I just don't think I could EVER do that martial artsy stuff.
Matt: Sure you can.
Waitress: How was everything (Q)
Jenny: I think we'll be back again.
Matt:Would you please do us a favor (Q)
Waitress: Why certanly
Matt: Please give our compliments to the chef.
Waitress: I will do that.
Waitress: Hey guys (Q)
Chefs: Yeah(Q)
Waitress: Another compliment from a costumer.
Soux Chef: Cool! That's like what the 5th one today(Q)
Jenny: Hey honey(Q)
Matt: Yeah babe (Q)
Jenny: Can we do a bit of shoping on the way home(Q)
Matt: Uh. Well can we do it ANOTHER day (Q) I don't think I'm feeling up to it.
Jenny: Oh. OK. I guess it's not like I really NEED to go shopping.
Jenny: I'll just fix my face and then we can go. Matt: Honey(Q)
Jenny: Yeah(Q)
Matt: You're not upset are you (Q)
Jenny: Of course not. I'd like to go.......sure, but it's no big deal.......REALLY.
Matt: I'm glad. And.......I'm sorry.
Jenny: It's OK
Matt: For some reason I just started feeling terrible.
Jenny: Let's get ready to go home then.
Matt: I'm glad I've got this new chair. Makes transfering so much easier. (They payed their bill and left a NICE tip. Then headed for the restrooms) Jenny: Is the door going to be too heavy for you (Q)
Matt: Nope. They have it set at a nice low pressure.
(Many doors have a large hinge at the top of the door. This can be set by maintanence by realeasing air to make it seem lighter "the less pounds of pressure the lighter the door will feel".)
Jenny: OK. Call me on your cell phone if you need me.
Matt: Will do.
Jenny: Hey honey......I'm going to see what's going on outside. I'll be right back and probably done BEFORE you.
Matt: Before me (Q) Yeah that'll be the day. Matt: I can't get the door shut. Don't need every guy in town seeing what I'm doing. Matt: This'll work! On the I can at least keep SOME dignity. Atrociously EVIL witch: Eh heh heh heh heh. Atrociously EVIL witch: Ah-heh heh heh. You must be Jenny.
Jenny: Yes......I'm Jenny. But who the heck are you and how do you know MY name (Q)
Atrociously EVIL witch: Your mother says to tell you "hello".
Jenny: You've met my mother(Q)
Atrociously EVIL witch: Deary.......I've not only met your mother........I know her QUITE well. You really know a gal when you share a spell book and swap dragonscale harvesting techniques.
Jenny: You're......a......a.......
Atrociously EVIL witch: A WITCH! Don't studder.
Jenny: I thought you guys were only in fairytales.
Atrociosly EVIL witch: Yeah well now almost all the fairytale girls live in the woods with 7 little pipsqueek bodygaurds! Darn internet. They got Snow White to advertise for them and now business is booming........and we had to find other things to do.
(Jenny went back inside to fix her face and wait for Matt) Jenny: That CAN'T be true. It just CAN'T be!!! Jenny: Oh dear! I sat there and told Matt he must have been too tired or was imagining things. What if he WAS right (Q) Oh my God! If witches DO exist.........could my mother have become one (Q) Jenny: Ha! For once I......AM the 1st one out. What do you think guys(Q) Could there be such a thing as a witch(Q) Matt: Hey honey. I'm done.......and is the bathroom. Phewy!
Jenny: Well I think I of know something that stinks.
Matt: Ah come on honey! You couldn't have smelled that out here.
Jenny: No no no. (sighs deeply)
Matt: What's wrong honey(Q) You look worried.
Jenny: Well I guess you'll see why in a minute.
Matt: Oh (Q)
Jenny: THAT!
Matt: Eee-yuck! I know I was tought "not to judge a book by it's cover"
Atrociously EVIL witch: Eh-heh heh heh heh. There's Mama's baby. Now go give that slobbering mutt what for!
Lumbar: Oooow! Booowww-woooow-ow! Aruuuuu!
Matt: Lady! Don't even THINK about harming MY DOG!
Atrociously EVIL witch: Well why the heck should I listen to YOU(Q)
Matt: How about he's a SERVICE DOG.....NOT a pet(Q)
Atrociously EVIL witch: Oh yes. Amy said something about her daughter's disable dweeb and his service MUTT.
Matt: Well then try this on for size. Harming HIM carries fines and even jail time! He has federal protection just below that of a K-9 officer's dog.
Jenny: You tell her honey.
Atrociously EVIL witch: So! THIS is what you chose over your own mother (Q)
Jenny: Well I love Matt! I love him with ALL of my heart. At least I'VE still got one.
Atrociously EVIL witch: So would you like me to pass along anything to your poor mother (Q)
Jenny: Yes. Tell her I still love Matt.......and ALWAYS will. And tell her that I still love her; it's more than what she was able to show me........but I love her no matter what.
Atrociously EVIL witch: Fine! Have fun playing nurse maid to that sap of a boyfriend of yours.
Jenny: Future....HUSBAND!
Matt: Wow. That was........
Jenny: Awfull! Just awfull!
Matt: Uh. Well lunch tasted pretty good. Jenny: Honey(Q)
Matt: Yeah (Q)
Jenny: Honey I am SO SO SORRY!
Matt: Why because of that witch (Q)
Jenny: Well yes & no. Now that I've seen with my own 2 eyes it's easier to believe in their existance. I'm sorry for doubting you the E.R..
Matt: That's OK honey.
Jenny: Next thing ya know there will be proof that aliens and ghosts are also real.
Matt: Well the universe is pretty vast.
Jenny: Well the aliens can have outter space.......and I'll keep my terra firma. Matt: Ahhhh. Home at last. Jenny: I'll get your chair set up for you honey. Matt: You aren't upset that I didn't feel like shopping are you (Q)
Jenny: Heavens NO! If I'm upset by's all this witch stuff.
Matt: Well maybe a nice vigorous swim will burn off some steam.
Jenny: It might.
Matt: Jenny(Q)
Jenny: Yeah(Q)
Matt: I can't begin to tell you how much everything you do and say means to me. I'm the luckiest man in the world
Jenny: Why is that(Q)
Matt: Because I was lucky enough to have you say "yes".
Jenny: Matt(Q)
Matt: Hmmm(Q)
Jenny: I love you more than I thought I could ever love another human being. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
.......................................... ......................... Jenny: Now to see if Matt was right. He was right about witches exhisting. Jenny: I wish I hadn't had to choose between my mother and Matt. But I think I was chosen FOR MATT. Jenny: Brrr. Now that I'm in the swimming pool and's kinda nippy. Jenny: I'll just swim around and get the blood flowing. Jenny: That's 15 laps now. I do feel a LITTLE better. Jenny: Forget all about her Jenny. It was HER choice.......and SHE made it......NOT US! Jenny: What am I saying! (Q) ! (Q) ! How can I forget about my own MOTHER(Q)


DID Jenny really recieve a mesage from the Atrociously EVIL Witch(Q)
How will Jenny cope(Q)

Be sure to read future chapters to find out.

I want to thank each and everyone who takes a few minutes to leave a comment. They mean the world to me personally else am I supposed to know how well I'm doing(Q)

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#11~wyldchyld~Oct 19, 2008

Wicked chapter! (no pun intended...\:P ) I like how Jenny is sensitive to things, yet strong enough to overcome them. Her being with Matt seems to even make her a stronger person too! They definatley were made for each other!\:wub\: Who'd have thought Jenny's mother as a witch!? \:eek\: Interesting chapter again...\:D \:D

#12skyblue7377Oct 19, 2008

wow...absolutly brilliant like always

#13redtheprepOct 19, 2008

loved the story you made you should continue itt on and on and until you cant stop\:confused\:

#14-kalisa-Oct 20, 2008

Great!!!Can't wait for the next part!\:rah\:

#15BBKZOct 20, 2008

What an exciting chapter! Again you put attention on details. Every photo is taken in really great way. I like their meeting with evil witch. I wonder what happen next. \:\) Oh... I have to tell you something: I can't wait to see their wedding! \:wub\:

#16QGOct 20, 2008

\:D hihi everyday life and fun! you could go on like forever, and i hope you will\:wub\: (i thought something bad would happen again like the food, the service, the witch, matt not feeling well...oi! but i'm glad it didn't!)
hihi. turkybutt XD a witch, a witch, a mother of a witch. Bit sad that her dissapointment made her one(or so i think) but makes a thicker plot *pampam^paaaam* oh and of course.. jeeeej for Lumbar! he is so cute! i so want to hug him! i know i can't/not allowed so i'll just worship my hero from afar...\:wub\:

#17leifofdelOct 23, 2008

Enjoyed this chapter. Interesting that Jenny comes from a witch background, very interesting. \:wub\: it!

#18maxi kingFeb 24, 2009

\:wub\:You know,I realy love it,the way they care so much for the other one!They so much in love,I do hope it will last forever!\:wub\:

#19KvetoslavaApr 1, 2009


#20lekunzeMar 9, 2019


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