Matt & Jenny #35 "SHOCKED!"
Published Oct 23, 2008

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#35 " SHOCKED"

I want to thank all of the readers and especially those who have taken the time to leave me a comment letting me know what you think. I'll never know unless you tell me. ;) A special thanks to my best friend Mike for letting me borrow his laptop indefinitely. Thank you to all the great creaters who have made all this great custom content for our Sims to use. For those interested Windkeeper made the wheelchair & tdyannd made Matt's bathchair.

#35 " SHOCKED"

I want to thank all of the readers and especially those who have taken the time to leave me a comment letting me know what you think. I'll never know unless you tell me. ;) A special thanks to my best friend Mike for letting me borrow his laptop indefinitely. Thank you to all the great creaters who have made all this great custom content for our Sims to use. For those interested Windkeeper made the wheelchair & tdyannd made Matt's bathchair.
(Jenny had a nice long swim. While Jenny was getting dressed she heard the mail carrier)
Jenny: Hello.
Mail carrier: Oh hiya.
Jenny: So what did you bring us this time.......more medical bills (Q)
Mail carrier: For once not a single doctor, hospital, OR insurance bill.
Jenny: Well that's a pleasant surprise.
Mail carrier: I bet it is. My uncle is a quadraplegic........and my Aunt has asked me more than once if I couldn't "head a few of those bills off at the pass".
Jenny: Oh.......I didn't know your uncle had a spinal cord injury.
Mail carrier: Well what can I say......I'm in my work uniform. The post office didn't approve of my "My uncle's a quad & I love him wads" I had to leave it at home.
Jenny: Oh that's too funny. Sorry.....I don't mean to laugh but that is quite funny.
Mail carrier: Uh-oh. Did you hear that (Q)
Jenny: Hear what(Q)
Jenny: Oh no that must be why poor Matt is hurting.......the darn rain just took a little while to fallow us home.
Jenny: Bye. I hope you can stay at least kinda dry.
Mail carrier: I doubt it.....but thanks anyway.
Jenny: Oh that's one heck of a storm out there. Poor postal lady......AND poor Matt. I think I'll just finish up on my fire safety course. Jenny: I'm only a few chapters from finishing it.......then I can take better control of those kind of situations. (HOURS LATER)
Jenny: Ahhhh. About time. It feels like I've been reading for hours. Oh waite......I was reading for hours. I'll just check some e-mails then go wake Matt up.
Computer: You've got mail.
Jenny: Really (Q) I wonder who it could be from.
Jenny: Oh! It's from my friend from college......Dianne! It's been AGES since I heard from her. Jenny: Am I still going to get married (Q) If SHE thinks it's been does she think I feel (Q) Jenny: Oh no! That's terrible! I can't believe it! But she was such a sweet lady how could something so horrible happen to someone SO NICE (Q) Jenny: Hey! What the heck happened ! (Q) ! (Q) ! What's wrong with this stupid thing (Q) Well......I needed to wake Matt up anyway. Now I'll have to wake him up with a "honey do". Jenny: Maaa-aaatt. Are you still asleep sweetie (Q) Matt: I've been awake for about 5 or 10 minutes now.
Jenny: Oh. Well honey if you wanted to get up all you had to do was call me.
Matt: I know babe. I was just trying to wake up my head enough to move my body that's all.
Jenny: Oh. OK.
Matt: You know how those pills effect me.........a booob adoooby lala ppppprrrrtttthhhhh.
Jenny: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's a colorful way of putting it.
Matt: I figured it was more original than the pills are still making my brain feel like mush. And make it hard to form cohisive sentences.
Jenny: True enough. Hey honey (Q)
Matt: Hey what-y (Q)
Jenny: Uh I kinda have some bad news.
Matt: Oh no! There's no fire is there(Q)
Jenny: No no no no no!
Matt: Cuz I thought I smelled smoke.
Jenny: Yeah........ah......ehym. There is however THAT......smoke.
Matt: Smoke (Q) Where(Q)
Jenny: The's smoking.
Matt: Should we get it a nicotine patch(Q)
Jennh: Har har har har. Very funny. I was on the computer checking my e-mails when it just.......POOF.
Matt: Poof (Q)
Jenny: Poof.
Matt: OK. Just give me another few minutes to let my brain TRY & finish waking up the rest of the way.
Jenny: OK sweetie. I'll see you out there in a couple minutes then.
Matt: OK......"honey" is here for the "honey do".
Jenny: I'm sorry honey.
Matt: Oh it's OK. It's a bit on the older side anyway.
Jenny: Well I'm still sorry for breaking it.
Matt: Oh I know you didn't do it intentionally.
Jenny: Well of course not.
Matt: Yeah......I've seen how upset you get over a broken nail.
Jenny: Well.......a girl has to look her best.
Matt: Sweetie you ALWAYS look great.
Jenny: Well thank you but I think you'd say I looked good in a potato sack.
Matt: Well you are my favorite spud after wonder.....all EYES are on you.
Jenny: Ha ha ha ha. Matt you're SO corny.
Matt: Yeah I know I'm corny. Why is that a bad thing (Q)
Jenny: Well no of course not. Just an observation honey......that's all.
Matt: So. Did you get to read your e-mails before it blew(Q)
Jenny: I only got to read part of it.
Matt: Oh yeah (Q) Who's e-mail was it(Q)
Jenny: Do you remember me mentioning a college friend Dianne Rivers(Q)
Matt: That name does ring a bell.
Jenny: I told you all about her.
Matt: I'm sure you did honey. But you have to keep in mind that a lot of times you'll have to tell me the same thing SEVERAL times before I can truly remember.
Jenny: I just forget sometimes.
Matt: Forget what(Q)
Jenny: That you even have a brain injury.
Matt: Well I guess I can take that as a compliment.
Jenny: I just sort of assumed that when people have a brain injury that they were somehow........I don't know.........
Matt: Retarted(Q)
Jenny: Well (Q)
Jenny: Yeah. Emberassing as it is to admit. Yeah.....I USED TO think that.
Matt: It's OK. The brain isn't an all or nothing. Just about everything has areas of gray. Wow!
Jenny: What (Q)
Matt: I think the video card blew.
Jenny: Is that fixable (Q)
Matt: Yeah......BUT......I'll have to go to the computer store and by a new one.
Jenny: Shouldn't we just call a repairman(Q) Matt: Hah! Are you kidding(Q) Computer repairs are expen-sive! I'll fix it myself and save a small fortune.
Jenny: Oh please CAREFULL!!!
Matt: I've got it well under control. Besdies what could possibley happen with a little minor computer repair (Q)
Jenny: I've heard that those things have shocked Sims and even killed a few.
Matt: Nonscense.
Matt: See. What'd I tell ya(Q)
Jenny: OK. I was wrong this time.....THANK FULLY.
Matt: There now we don't even have to go shopping.
Jenny: But but but but.........I like to shop.
Matt: I know you do honey. Every girl I've ever met has viewed shopping much like a sport.
Jenny: Are you kidding(Q) Get a really good 50% off sale and you'll see how fast shopping can turn into a contact sport.
Matt: Ha ha ha ha ha. So honey. Tell me about your new friend.
Jenny: No honey......NOT a NEW OLD friend.
Matt: Oh. That's right. So. Tell me......what did she say in her e-mail(Q)
Jenny: Well I only got to read a small portion of it.
Matt: And (Q)
Jenny: Well from what I read she started off with small talk or type.....what ever. Anyway she asked me about when we would be getting married.
Matt: Did you explain to her that we HAVE TO wait until the weather is clear for a few weeks(Q)
Jenny: I didn't get a chance to. The computer went poof before I could even finish reading it.......let alone respond back to it.
Matt: Oh can check it later on and do it then.
Jenny: Yeah. And I REALLY want to finish reading it.
Matt: Oh yeah.....she give you some juicy tid bit of gossip (Q)
Jenny: Well.......not that really. BUT! She started telling me about her mother-in-law.
Matt: Oh about how much she drives her nutts (Q)
Jenny: Actually Dianne LOVES her mother-in-law.
Matt: I thought there was some sort of code that said mother-in-laws always hated the girls their sons were with no matter how nice a girl she is.
Jenny: Well it sure does seem to work out that way a lot doesn't it (Q)
Matt: Kinda sad really. But I guess that's why the saying " a daughter is a daughter for the rest of her life.......a son is a son until he takes a wife".
Jenny: Well speaking of those wifely type duties......I'm famished. How about some leftovers(Q)
Matt: OK. Hey your porkchops were delicious. Maybe we can have them(Q)
Jenny: Of course honey. I'd make you anthing you wanted to know that.
Matt: Yes honey......I do know that.
Jenny: Dinner is served.
Matt: Good. I'm so tired still I don't know if I could have stayed awake long enough for you to cook something up from scratch or not.
Jenny: Wow. You're still tired(Q)
Matt: Yup.
Jenny: But honey(Q) You slept for nearly 6 HOURS (Q)
Matt: I know. You'd think I'd feel less groggy.......but then again they ALL have "may cause drowziness or dizziness" labels.
Jenny: True. I had to take codine when I broke my arm in high school.
Matt: And(Q)
Jenny: I don't know. I can't remeber a darn thing. ha ha ha ha ha Well no wonder why you're always so sleepy then.
Jenny: Hey honey(Q)
Matt: Yeah (Q)
Jenny: I saw a commercial for a cruise. AND they showed a lady in a wheelchair racing down the deck.
Matt: Really (Q)
Jenny: Yup. So I was thinking. What about taking a cruise for our honeymoon (Q)
Matt: I don't now honey. I mean.......what about Lumbar(Q) What are we going to do about his.....BUSINESS(Q) Hold him over the side and tell him to give the ship a rinsing(Q)
Jenny: Ha ha ha ha. No I guess that wouldn't work would it(Q)
Matt: It isn't that I don't think it would be fun. I just don't know how we'd work out certain legistics.
Jenny: I understand. It was just a thought
Matt: So you didn't have your heart SET ON going on a cruize (Q)
Jenny: Nah. I just thought it would be romantic.
Matt: It would be. I'm so sorry ladybug.
Jenny: It's OK. Well do something else then. Besides the real joy will be in becoming your wife.
Jenny: What about flying somewhere for our honeymoon(Q) Matt: That's at least easier to accomplish. Jenny: Or we could even take a nice long drive to somewhere maybe Cancoon Mexico or maybe somewhere in's almost always warm there.
Matt: True enough. We still have some time to decide on where to go. The hardest part is finding that special someone you can't live with out. Jenny......even if I WERE "normal" I couldn't live without you.
Jenny: Oh're the most romantic man I've ever known.
Matt: Well just how many romantic guys HAVE you known(Q) Gotta keep my lady bug RIGHT HERE!
Jenny: Oh honey. You'll never loose me. I did date a couple of guys in high school and in college.......but that was it. Just a few dates and maybe a kiss here and there.
Matt: So you weren't kidding(Q)
Jenny: About you being the ONLY guys I've ever "been with" (Q) No.....I was serious. I suppose now you're going to call me a "goody goody" or something(Q)
Matt: No. Nothing of the sort. It's kinda cool actually.
Jenny: What is(Q)
Matt: I don't know......somehow it seems even MORE like you were meant for ME.
(Jenny couldn't speak.......she just smiled and blushed)
Matt: And speaking of're really going to fatten me up. That was delicious.......even a day later it was scrumptious.

(early-ish the next morning)
Jenny: Hello(Q) Yes is Dainne Rivers there please(Q)
Woman's voice: Oh yes......she here. I go get her.
Dianne: Hello(Q)
Jenny: Dianne!
Dianne: Jenny!
Jenny: Who was that that answered your phone (Q)
Dianne: Oh that was our homehealth nurse.
Jenny: Oh. I see.
Jenny: I got your e-mail but only got to read part of it........then the stupid thing blew up on me.
Dianne: Huh (Q) I'm not from Mission's not like a sent you a self-destrucing e-mail.
Jenny: Well no duh. The computer broke.......started smoking and sparking all over the place.
Jenny: So what's going on(Q) You said Mimi had a stroke (Q)
Dianne: Yeah. We heard her screaming one night and she couldn't talk or move ANYTHING! Oh my God was SO SCARY!
Jenny: I bet. Is she OK now(Q)
Dianne: Define "OK".
Jenny: That good huh(Q) Dianne: Well she has made a lot of progress......
Jenny: That's great!
Dianne:'s OK.
What did you do with the kids while all of this was going on(Q)
Dianne: Thankfully we still had our butler and we were able to have him watch the children during the day and we found a nanny to watch them at night so we could both be by Mimi's side.
Jenny: Oh that's terrific.
Dianne: Hey since we've moved to within driving distance.......would you like to get together......just us girls (Q)
Jenny: Well I want to see you. But ONLY if Matt can come and ONLY if he's feeling up to it.
Dianne: (Sighs LOUDLY) Well why not(Q) I'll buy if that's the issue.
Jenny: Oh it's got NOTHING to do with affording lunch.
Jenny: Matt is a game designer.
Dianne: Well that doesn't earn very much money does it(Q)
Jenny: You'd be surprised at how many people buy games $20-$50 a adds up.
Jenny: I'd love to see you again. And I really want you to meet Matt.
Dianne: Well yeah. Turn about fair got to meet my guy before we even got engaged. And here you go.....just leaving your best friend out of the loop.
Jenny: Well I'm sorry. We just live so far away......that's all. If you had been close enough for visits we could have had you meet Matt ages ago.
Jenny: Super! Jenny: I know of a couple of places we could go. There was a really nice place Matt & I went for lunch yeserday. Jenny: It's called "Under The Sea". The service was great and the food was excellent. Jenny: Well we have to go out and get some costumes for a party. Maybe we could make a day of it.
Dianne: OK so what day do you want to go(Q)
Jenny: I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Dianne: Why(Q)
Jenny: I have to make sure that it wont be raining. If it's raining Matt will be hurting & his appetite goes on a vacation when he's in extreme pain.
Dianne: It's just a bit of's not like it'll rain for 40 days and 40 nights.
Jenny: DIANNE! I said I'd CHECK! It wouldn't be fair to him to force him to do something when he isn't feeling well.
Dianne: I suppose not. But I thought you said he was......well you know.
Jenny: Yeah but the rods and pins get cold & then they transfer the cold right into his it hurts.
Dianne: Oh. Now I see. OK......wella......just let me know then I guess.
Jenny: Ok. I will.
(Jenny & Dianne said their good-byes and hung up)
Matt: Hey.
Jenny; Eek! startled me.
Matt: Sorry. Were you thinking I was never going to wake up (Q)
Jenny: Well it has been a while. Do you feel better though(Q)
Matt: Eh.....a little bit.
Matt: So who were you talking to (Q)
Jenny: I was talking with Dianne.
Matt: And(Q)
Jenny: Well she wants to meet you.
Matt: When(Q)
Jenny: Well she wanted to see about having lunch today.
Matt: Today(Q) Uh.....
Jenn: It's OK honey. I didn't think you'd be up for ging out just yet.
Matt: You know me so well.
Jenny:I'm learning. And the longer I'm with you the more I learn about you.......and what you might need.
Matt: Have I told you just what a wonderful girl you are(Q)
Jenny: Oh you may have mentioned it. I don't think I could get tired of hearing it though.
Matt: No(Q)
Jenny: Nope. How could I get tired of anything so sweet(Q)
This will be the last chapter using the pink & blue flowers as a cover. Be looking for something more Halloween-ish for next time.

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#4Hunter_13Oct 24, 2008

does Jenny have custom skin?
Great chapter 5.0 \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#5Hunter_13Oct 24, 2008

oops forgot to rate \:o \:o

#6b0jkyOct 24, 2008

just keeps going more and more interesting\:D ..good job\:rah\: can't waight for he next one\:D

#7LillyKPOct 24, 2008

I liked this chapter and I'm looking forward to the lunch outing.

#8skyblue7377Oct 24, 2008

I absolutly love this!! absolutly brilliant

#9QGOct 25, 2008

jeej!( all that baby blue and pink made me think of babies, maybe you can subtlly reïntroduce it when she's pregnant. haha.)
and for the story it was jeej too.\:D but you are kinda evil, with the tittle and matt reparing it himself! and then you made like lots of shots and every shot i was afraid of him getting electrocuted so bad, i almost stopped reading XD XD XD

i'm looking forward to the day they go out and dianne starts telling embarrassing stories of a wild jenny streaking or something *muahahaha* would be funny as hell!

and maybe not cheap cruises(like easycruise, or whatever it's called), but i do think they have arrangements for dogs? no? at least i recall from the movie titanic that there was a special deck just for walking dogs( that or i have a very vivid, animalfriendly imagination, haha)

#10~wyldchyld~Oct 25, 2008

"Jenny: But but but but.........I like to shop." I loved that part! And shopping is considered a womans sport! Haha. I wonder who the new mystery friend is? Cant wait to see. Also, looking forward to seeing them at a Halloween party! That was quite a chapter, you put alot of work into it!

#11lisa9999Oct 25, 2008

5.0!!!!Great as usual\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#12maxi kingFeb 24, 2009

\:wub\:yes,another lovely one!\:wub\:

#13KvetoslavaApr 1, 2009


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