Matt & Jenny #36 " Smart Choice. "
Published Oct 26, 2008

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Welcome to Matt & Jenny's story. The seasons changeed in what seemed like overnight. (Thank you to all the readers. To those who leave comments thank you VERY much they mean a lot to me. This story would be possible if it weren't for my friend Mike letty me use his laptop indefinitely. Matt uses windkeeper's wheelchair & his bath chair was made by tdyannd. Thanks to ALL the creators for all of the great custom content that makes the story telling possible.

Welcome to Matt & Jenny's story. The seasons changeed in what seemed like overnight. (Thank you to all the readers. To those who leave comments thank you VERY much they mean a lot to me. This story would be possible if it weren't for my friend Mike letty me use his laptop indefinitely. Matt uses windkeeper's wheelchair & his bath chair was made by tdyannd. Thanks to ALL the creators for all of the great custom content that makes the story telling possible. Jenny: I havn't seen her in ages........not since she got married.
Matt: Well I can't wait to meet her.
Jenny: I just know she'll love you and I'm sure you'll like her aswell.
Matt: I'm sure we'll get along great. Say when you went swimming was it(Q)
Jenny: It felt nice. A bit nippy when I 1st got in but once I started swimming around it was fine, and when I got out it was a bit cold but once I got a towl & dried offf & put my robe on it was fine.
Matt: Hmmmm. Maybe you should go see what it's like outside. If it was "nippy" or anything close to it it's going to be WAY TOO COLD for ME.
Jenny: Oh. OK. Well I don't want the world seeing me like this. That would be so emberassing.......if dozens of people saw me in my nightie. I'll just go grab my robe 1st.
Matt: OK.
Jenny: That's better. Don't want anyone elses seeeing me in something like that. Jenny: Hmmm. Gee. For some reason my bed doesn't look like it's been slept in in ages. (she giggled a little to herself) Jenny: Just a nice crisp day.
Matt: Crisp (Q) What do you mean(Q)
Jenny: It's nice out.....there is just a little coolness to the air.
Jenny: Well there are a few leaves starting to fall.
(thinking to herself.......I'll have to rake those up before the wind scatters them all over the place. )
Matt: Well boy. Here we go agoin.
Lumbar: Hmmm Hmmmm Hmmm.
Matt: Yeah I'd liket to whine myself but I don't want to be a wet blanket. Nobody likes a whinner right(Q)
Lumbar: Humph! ( then he licked Matt's face) I don't think you're whinny. I sense how you feel.
Matt: Well better get this meeting with Dianne before the weather gets any worse huh (Q)
(Lumbar waged his tail and barked in agreeement)
Jenny: The house feels nice and taosty.
Matt: Oh yeah(Q)
Jenny: Well I'm going to have some raking to do later to do or tomorrow.
Matt: Sounds like Summer is going goin gone.
Jenny: It's Autumn alright.
Matt: Hey hun......I was thiking, speaking of which; maybe you should go ahead and make dinner arrangemnts with Dianne.
Jenny: Really! (Q) ! (Q) ! Well not that I mind....but why the sudden change(Q)
Matt: Well the way I see it the weather is more likely to get nastier not I should just go ahead and do it now. If we wait the weather may turn sour then we won't have the chance to meet with me AND my brain cells presant and accounted for.
Jenny: If you say so honey.
Matt: Well aside from the ones I already lost.
Jenny: Hey you're still very smart you knoe.
Matt: Well thank you. I just hope your friend thinks you made a smart choice in me.
Jenny: How could she not(Q)
Matt: Well I guess we'll find out tonight won't we(Q)
Jenny: Honey! She'll love you.
Woman: Hurrow(Q)
Jenny: Hello(Q) Is this the Rivers' house(Q)
Woman: Oh yes I talk You before. I go get Miss Dianne.
Dianne: Hello(Q)
Jenny: Hi Dianne.
Dianne: Wow that was quick. So can you do lunch(Q)
Jenny: How about dinner and getting to meet Matt(Q)
Dianne: I can't stay out late.
Jenny: Oh have to get back to the kids(Q)
Dianne: Actually we have a home health nurse staying with Mama Mimi. She's the young lady who answered the phone. Anyhow Kioko has a young son herself and so she can't stay out past 8:30, and I need her to watch my Mother-In-Law.
Jenny: I thought that butlers did everything(Q) They do just about everything. But the butler was busy with the twins and I was sitting with Mimi and so Kioko answered the phone for me.
Jenny: Oh well then we'll be sure and start off early. I know of a wonderfull place that has the best fride fish.......and every other fish dish you could wish for.
Dianne: I'm not too big on fried anything. DO they have lobster(Q)
Jenny: fact they got their food in the paper for it.
Jenny: Maybe if we're done early enough we can go out for some ice-cream.
Dianne: If you just e-mail me directions I'll try and find the place........I'm still new to this neck of the woods.
Jenny: Well I'm hoping to get some shopping done beforehand.
Dianne: Well how long do you think you'll be(Q)
Jenny: Let me find out where Matt wants to go costume hunting or should I say HAUNTING at.
Matt: Jenny I don't think I'm going to have it in me to do more than one thing today. I think dinner is ALL I'm up for. We can shop another day.
Jenny: Oh. OK. Hey Dianne......I guess we won't be shopping beforehand afterall.
Jenny:5:30(Q) Sound fine with me
Dianne: Ok good. That way I can let Kioko can go home to her own children.
Jenny: Ok great. It's a date then.
Dianne: I can pay for you guys if you need.
Jenny: I told you we've got that covered. His game programming has more than paid him enough to cover dinner. Dianne: Well OK. If you say so. I'm so looking to seeing you again.
Jenny: Me too. I've got butterflies in my stomach I'm so excited.
Dianne: "Sorority Sister's for now"
Jenny: " Sorority Sisters for ever"
Jenny: I don't think any of the others would still think of me as a "sister".
Dianne: Why not(Q)
Jenny: Becuase.....I didn't finish.
Dianne: It isn't your fault that you had to leave was a family emergency. I met your Grammy that spring break I came to see your farm in you Freshman year. Do you remember(Q)
Jenny: I thought you'd seen a ghost the way you screamed.
Dianne: That rooster was chasing me!
(They talked for a bit longer about old times and about the new)
Jenny: I did have fun. I'm glad she's moved closer to me; I just wish it hadn't been because of her Mother-In_law needing to go to Matt's old rehab. Poor lady. Why do such things happen to wonderful people(Q) I remember Dianne telling me that their Thanksgiving supper was always later at night......AFTER the entire family had served the homless down at the shelter. It was a tradition Mimi said would keep them humble amongst their material wealth. Matt: What was that I heard(Q)
Jenny: Oh hi sweetheart. I was just talking aloud I guess.
Matt: What's this about Dianne's Mother-In-Law(Q)
Jenny: Well we always call each other on Holidays and on Thanksgiving if I called at 6:00 instead of getting her or any family I got th butler.
Matt: Where were they(Q) Weren't they eating dinner(Q)
Jenny: Nope. Mimi had every last one of them serving turkey dinners at the shelter.
Matt: She sounds like she was a very nice lady.
Jenny: From everything Dianne has told me about her and from when I met her at their wedding she was.
Matt: Well I'm certainly not well off enough to have a butler. I hope Dianne doesn't think I'm too low class for you.
Jenny: No no no. And besides honey. I'm going to marry you no matter what.
(she placed her hand on his shoulder and he kissed it gently)
Matt: Hey honey(Q)
Jenny: What(Q)
Matt: Honey you don't like scary or even thriller movies.
Jenny: Oh but it's daytime.......I won't be that scared.
Matt: If you say so.
Matt: But's almost Halloween. The movies get a bit spookier. Jenny: See! I didn't scream once.
Matt: You closed your eyes at ever suspensfull part.
Jenny: Well......I peaked at some of thsoe parts. Doesn't that count(Q)
Matt: You're cute. You get scared so easily honey.
Jenny: I don NOT!
Matt: Well I think we should start getting ready's getting to be that time.
Jenny: Well I'm wearing jeans and a sweater. Do you know what you want to wear(Q)
Matt: If you want a sweater I DEFINITELY wear a sweater.
Matt: How do I look(Q)
Jenny: You look hansom why(Q)
Matt: Don't want your friend Dianne thinking you got a bowser of a boyfriend.
Jenny: Except that #1 you're anything BUT a "bowser" & 2nd you're my fiance're not my boyfriend anymore.
Matt: Oh yeah. I didn't forget persay......
Jenny: It's OK hun.......let's just get giong OK(Q)
Matt: Ladies 1st.
Matt: You're sure she'll like me(Q)
Jenny: Honey I'm VERY sure. You're too loveable to ......
Matt: OK......I'll take your wrod for it.
Matt: Well since it seems she knows quite a bit about me what about her(Q) What about you guys in college(Q)'d care to share.......hemmm hmmmm hmmmm.
Jenny: Matt! I wasn't THAT kind of girl, and niether was she you lunatic you.
Matt: Darn! I was hoping for something juicey and maybe a bit taudry.
Jenny: No such luck buster.
Lumbar: Hey has anyone bothered to find out if she likes dogs. I hope she likes dogs. Cuz I'm a dog
Jenny: I was what you'd call a "goodie goodie".
Matt: Oh. So no wild weekend parties huh(Q)
Jenny: Nope. All the girls in my sorority were Christian and heavily envolved in church activities.
Matt: That's cool.
Jenny: Actually.......I'd be emberassed if Dianne found out just how far our relationship has gone.
Matt: You mean you haven't told her that we've had Woo Hoo(Q)
Jenny: I think she'd faint.
Matt: Well we're here.......but do you see Dianne(Q)
Jenny: No I don't
Matt: Well this is closer to her house than ours. What gives(Q)
Jenny: I don't know. I e-mailed her instruction on how to get here. Dianne was prone to getting lost though.
Matt: Well we'll just keep waiting for her then.
Matt: It's been almost an hour!
Jenny: I'll call her and see what's taking her.
Matt: It's getting colder.
Jenny: Go inside and warm up honey. I'll come in as soon as I'm done. Do you want your jacket out of the van(Q)
Matt: I should be OK inside.
Jenny: OK I'll be right there honey.
Jenny: (to herself) Come on where in the name of Maxis are you(Q) Jenny: She's on her way now........she got turned around.
Matt: OK. Hey there's that scary looking guy again. He looks like he wants to snack on one of those little fish swimming nearby.
Jenny: She should be here soon.
Matt: OK.
Jenny: My feet are sore from standing........I need to sit down.
Matt: I don't know what your problem is.......I've got a seat. (and he stuck out his toungue at her and she stuck hers out at him)
Jenny: yeah yeah yeah.
Matt: Holy cow! I think I just saw that bug scary one eat the cute little clow fish! Lumbar: I knew he scared me for a reason. I'm glad I'm not in there. Matt: Hey honey you should let the hostess or manager know about HIM!
Lumbar: BARK! GRRRR!!!
Jenny: What's with him(Q)
Matt: He's looking at the door.
Jenny: Maybe it's Dianne.
Matt: Maybe....but be carefull I don't think he'd be barking at your friend.
Jenny: Even though she is a stranger(Q)
Matt: This isn't his house. So no I don't.
Dianne: Hey Jenny! You brat! You're practically matching what I wore.
Dianne: What's going on(Q)
Jenny: That guy is BAD NEWS!
Dianne: Well aren't you going to give me a hug(Q)
Jenny: Of course! I just don't want to stay out here one nanosecond longer than we have too.
Matt: Hey. Are you ladies OK (Q)
Jenny: Yeah we're OK.
Matt: I suggest we step inside ladies.
Jenny: Dianne......this is Matt. Dianne : Well it's a pleasure meeting you.
Matt: The same here. If you ladies don't mind......that guy seems to be inching his way closer and closer. You know what they say about a snake in the grass.
Jenny: I'll tell the hostess about HIM and get us a table.
Matt: I'll have yu ladies lead the way. I want to make sure we don't have anyone fallowing us in.
Jenny: Ma'am(Q) HELLO(Q) Charlaton: Oh it's YOU. The disabled dweeb.
Matt: The disabled dweeb who gave you a butt kicking in the park(Q) Yup that's me.
Charlaton: Oh yes that. You were just lucky......that's all.
Matt: That wasn't luck. That was me being stronger both physically and mentally than you thought.
Charlaton: (Sighed) Well that was sometime ago.
Matt You stay away from me, you stay away from THOSE LADIES! In fact take a night off pal.
Charlaton: And what if I don't want too......what are you going to do about it(Q) Run over my toes(Q)
Matt: Remember how in the park I stuck my finger into your monocle(Q)
Charlaton: Yes that was quite amusing.
Matt: Your monocle is over your LEFT time.......I'll jab you in the RIGHT eye!
Charlaton: Well there may be better pickings down at the docks anyway. I'll just be moving along.
Matt: Smart choice.
Jenny: I haven't seen the hostess.
Matt: That's OK. I think that guy is going to go somewhere else.
Dianne: I left my purse in the car. I need to get my credit card.
Matt: No just stay here Dianne: I've got dinner covered. Besides......just because he says he'll go.....doesn't mean that he'll do it. He'd lie to his own Mother I bet.
Hostess: Oh hello. You're back(Q)
Jenny: Hello. Yes we're back AND I brought my friend.....she's new in town.
Hostess: Well thank you for the business. We've had trouble today. This creepy guy keeps scaring away our customers.
Matt: Speaking of creepy. That creepy one ate one of your clown fish.
Hostess: Oh no. That's the 3rd one this week.
Matt: SO(Q) How long have you been here did you say(Q)
Dianne: Only a few weeks. We're still 1\2 way living out of boxes. But the new neighbors seem very friendly.
Matt: So how do you like Blue Water Villiage(Q) That's the neighborhood you picked right(Q)
Dinna: Yeah. It's nice enough. Our house is the biggest one though.
Jenny: Well you've got a big family.
Dianne: Yes what with 5 kids myself my hubby, and his mother......we've got a house full.
Matt: I thought you had 4 kids.
Dianne: No. 3 of them are ours and my husband had 2 from his previous marriage.
Jenny: Now why did I only think it was 1(Q)
Dianne: Cuz at our wedding his son had the chicken pox so he couldn't be there.
Matt: So Dianne.....Jenny tells me you worked for a studio. Must have met some pretty famous musicians huh(Q)
Dianne: Not a music studio. I worked at an art studio. I helped do the coordinating for their larger gallery showings.
Dianne: So Jenny said you were going costume shopping(Q)
Matt: Well tomorrow or the next day but yeah. We got an invite to a Halloween party. It's really cute.
Dianne" What's cute(Q)
Jenny: Well there are these 2 boys Corwin & Alex. Anyway their mother is throwing it but they made hand made cards to give out.
Matt: What are they calling their party again honey(Q)
Jenny: They're calling it "Monster Mash".
Dianne: Well I'm sure it'll be "a graveyard smash"(in a haunting voice)
(the 3 of them laughed)
Matt: Do you know what I want(Q)
Jenny: So long as it's NOT the chillie you cna have what ever you like.
Matt: Ah come on honey.
Jenny: Uh-uh! That was deadly when you had it for lunch early this week.
Matt: Yeah but....
Jenny: And that's what I'm afraid of.
Dianne: (smirked and blushed) I have the same problem at my house.
Matt: OK.....OK. Spoil sport.
Jenny: But a LIVE sport:
Matt: (He raspberried her) Ok. how about lobster all around(Q)
Dianne: Sounds good to me.
(After talking and catching up on old teims and learning about eachother......the food finally came)
Waitress: Your lobster.
Jenny: They've got the best sea food in town. Dianne: It is good. So tell me. Who was that guy and why were you guys in such a rush to get inside(Q)
Jenny: That is one of our luckily FEW criminals.....but he's a crook of the most crooked sort!
Dianne: Oh(Q)
Jenny: We were in the park enjoying our afternoon a while back when that jerk tried to pickpocket Matt!
Dianne: You're kidding(Q)
Jenny: I wish I was kidding.
Dianne: Oh my goodness! How scarey for you!
Matt: I handled him.
Jenny: He sure did. My big strong hero.
Matt: I'm not a hero. I may have to sit here........but it doesn't mean that I have to sit here and take it.
Dianne: I don't know that I'd have been so courageous. There aren't a lot of those types around here are there(Q)
Matt: Oh no. For the most part everyone around here gets along or at worst you may get your newspapet swipped if you don't get up early enough in the morning.
Dianny: So just typical stuff(Q)
Jenny: The crime rate really isn't all that bad.
Dianne: That's a reliefe.
Dianne: Let's talk about something on a lighter note. Like your guys's wedding. I get to be the madi of honor right(Q) I'm sure your mom will be the matron.
Jenny: Actually I don't hink she'll be there at all.
Dianne: Oh(Q)
Jenny: She couldn't except Matt. And so she.......well I haven't heard from her fro months now.
Dianne: I'm so sorry.
Jenny: It's OK. Well I guess the matron of honor position is open.
Dianne: You're not going to have us in soemhting dumb looking are you(Q) I had you in someting nice looking.
Jenny: Oh relax. I won't be having you in anything that makes you look like you belong on a float. It'll be something nice and........
Matt: I'm sure you ladies will find the perfect dresses.
DIanne: I want to help you with plans.......but right now things are a bit up in the air. I'll need to devote my time to Mimi.
Matt: That's really nice that you're so willing to take care of your mother-in-law.
Dianne: She gave me a wonderful man to have and to hold. She raised him to have respect for others and to not forget about those who are less fortunate tham himself. She raised a good man. This is the least I can do.
Matt: That's sweet.
Dianne: It's true. You know what they say about what goes around comes around.
Jenny: Well when it comes time for shopping.......are you in(Q)
Dianne: Are you kidding(Q) I can't say no to a good shopping spree. And we have to et new shoes.
Jenny: Well duh.
(the ladies giggled)
Matt: Oh boy. I can hear the "cha ching" of the registars now.
Jenny: Oh don't worry sweetie. I wont make you go broke.
Matt: Oh I was just kidding honey. Say I know you ladies always like getting all gussied up......
would you like to get a makeover proffesionally done(Q)
Jenny: Hmmmm. I don' tknow.....maybe.
Dianne: You have to be carefull. They can really botch it up sometimes.
Jenny: Really(Q)
Dianne: One of the ladies who helps serve orderves.....she got one.......her cheeks were BLUE!!!
Matt: Say there ya go honey. You LOVE blue.
Jenny: Not enough to have my cheeks or lips blue though.
Matt: Well. Just a thought.
Dianne: That was a wonderfull meal. I should really be getting back home to let Kioko go home.
Matt: I'm pretty beat myself.
Dianne: Hey Matt(Q)
Matt: Yeah(Q)
Dianne: Maybe it's not my place to ask.......but(Q)
Matt: But what(Q)
Dianne: I could have sworn I saw you MOVE your leg. Not that I'm callin' you a fibber but........
Matt: I am a paraplegic. I have SOME feeling and SOME function.......key word being SOME.
Dianne: I thought if you broke your back that you had NOTHING.
Matt: Your spinal cord works like the wires of your headphones, And anyone who's ahd a pair for long enough knows what happens when you have a short in the wires.
Dianne: Well sure.
Matt: That's why I can move my legs and I have SOME sensation......but I still need a wheelchair. I still have some other issues from the spinal cord injury. But in a nutshell that's why I'm able to move them.
Dianne: Well I guess that makes sense.
Charlaton: Like I'm going to take a hike just because he tells me(Q) As if! The nerve of that guy.
Hostess: Hello.....POLICE(Q) He's back again. I don't care if that's what I said last time and he was gone. If you'd get out here faster you wouldn't miss him.
Matt: See! What'd I tell you ladies(Q)
Jenny: Yeah you were right.
Dianne: It's late.
Matt: My head is starting to hurt.
Jenny: It looks like we need t get home aswell.
Dianne: It was very nice to meet you Matt. If you're not doing anything maybe you can come over to my house sometime.
Matt: That would be very nice thank you.
Dianne: With my Mother-In-Law needing a wheelchair our home is all fully accessible.
Jenny: Oh that'll be handy for us being able come over wont it honey(Q)
Matt: Yes it will. I'm very sorry to have heard about your....
Dianne: Oh just call her Mama Mimi........everone does.
Matt: Well I wish her a speedy recovery.
Dianne: I'll tell her and I'll tell her all about you guys and our dinner.
Jenny: "Sorority Sisters for now"
Dianne: "Sorority Sisters for ever"
Jenny: It's going to be so good to have a grilfriend to talk with and visit again.
Dianne: Yes it will be.
Matt: Hey Lumbar(Q) You don't suppose I've been making it so Jenny is stuck at the house all the time do you(Q)
Lumbar: Humher(Q)
Jenny: Well you see. I told you she'd like you.
Matt: I'm glad she does.
Jenny: She even told me I made a smart choice in you.
Matt: Really(Q)
Jenny: Uh-huh. See. You're just that darn likeable.

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#12-kalisa-Oct 27, 2008

\:confused\: I don't know what's up but I can't see any of the pictures, only guestion marks everywhere...My mistake? And it's not with your story only...\:confused\: Strange\:\(

#13shadow66Oct 27, 2008

That's more like it!! \:rah\: Great pics and dialogue as usual - a 'Rocky Horror' fan by any chance?! \;\) \:D Good to see Lumbar sharing his thoughts, and the evil fish is great! \:P So, where's the next one?

#14hiedibear75Oct 28, 2008

Thank you everyone for your comments. \:rah\: I have NO IDEA what's going on with the pictures. \:eek\: \:confused\: It does however seem to be a problem within TSR itself and NOT just MY story.......others' are having the same problems. \:wacko\: Your patience is appreciated. \:cool\:

#15-kalisa-Oct 28, 2008

Just to let you know, today I can see the pictures \:D Hehe...Wonderful! And your story is great!\:rah\:

#16hiedibear75Oct 29, 2008

I was in the middle of the party scene for the next chapter "Monster Mash" when all Hell broke loose. AVG shut my computer OFF and I HAD BEEN in the middle of the party scene......which is now GONE! \:mad\: So I have to start over again on that portion. \:rolleyes: I'm hoping to still have it done BEFORE Halloween.....but am not making any promises. \:\( Thanks for the patience. \:cool\:

#17LillyKPOct 30, 2008

I like this chapter more, now that I've seen all the pictures.

#18b0jkyOct 31, 2008

I love how it ends \:wub\: \:rah\: nice job.. again!\:D \:D

#19maxi kingFeb 25, 2009

\:wub\:loved it!I'm so glad that Dianne likes Matt! Everyone needs friends,doesn't they?\:D

#20KvetoslavaApr 1, 2009


#21lekunzeMar 9, 2019


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