Matt & Jenny #37 " Monster Mash "
Published Oct 30, 2008

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Welcome to Matt & Jenny's story. The seasons changeed in what seemed like overnight. (Thank you to all the readers. To those who leave comments thank you VERY much they mean a lot to me. This story would be possible if it weren't for my friend Mike letty me use his laptop indefinitely. Matt uses windkeeper's wheelchair & his bath chair was made by tdyannd. Thanks to ALL the creators for all of the great custom content that makes the story telling possible.

Welcome to Matt & Jenny's story. The seasons changeed in what seemed like overnight. (Thank you to all the readers. To those who leave comments thank you VERY much they mean a lot to me. This story would be possible if it weren't for my friend Mike letty me use his laptop indefinitely. Matt uses windkeeper's wheelchair & his bath chair was made by tdyannd. Thanks to ALL the creators for all of the great custom content that makes the story telling possible. Jenny: Ready to go shopping(Q)
Matt: Yeah. I guess so.
Jenny: Are you OK(Q)
Matt: Yeah. I'm fine. Are you ready(Q)
Jenny: Honey! We're going shopping. I was BORN ready.
Jenny: So I was thinking we could pic up some ghost cutouts and maybe some big spiders.
Matt: You can get what ever you want.
Jenny: Are you sure you're OK(Q)
Matt: Yeah......I'm fine.
Jenny: We can carv the pumpkins when we get back and I'll take the innards and make a pumpkin pie or maybe some pumpkin bread. What do you think(Q)
Matt: Yup.
Jenny: Honey(Q) You don't sound like your normal chipper self. Are you SURE you're OK(Q)
Matt: I'll be fine.
~After a few hours of searching......they found "the perfect costumes".~

Jenny: I can't wait to see what everybody dresses up as.
Matt: Uh-huh.
Jenny: Are you sure the shoes fit(Q)
Matt: Well no.....not really. Remember that's why you had to feel all around my feet and check by hand.
Jenny: Oh yeah. Duh......silly me.
Cashier: Cash or credit(Q)
Matt: Credit.
Cashier: Do you want a plastic bag OR you can purchase our reusable nylon trick-or-treat bags......
Matt: Plastic will be fine.
Jenny: Yes. Plastic will be fine.
Matt: I just want to get home and lay down. I'm sorry if I was short with you miss.
Matt went in and layed down while Jenny raked the leaves up.
Jenny: (to herself) Matt sure wasn't himself today. He's usually so polite and even tempered. I sure hope a nice nap helps.
Jenny: Well that's done. I wonder if he's awake yet. If not......I guess I'll be carving the pumpkins on my own. Matt wasn't ready to get up and Jenny went ahead and carved them on her own.
Jenny: I hope he likes them. It would have been nicer if he'd have done them WITH ME though.
Matt: Well Lumbar. What do you think(Q)
Lumbar: I think my pet chouch looks nice and cozy.
Matt: I think Jenny was a it upset that I didn't help her with the pumpkin carving. Think getting the lamp working will make up for it(Q)
Matt: Just wag your tail and lick her on the cheek.
Jenny: Well(Q)
Matt: They look great honey.
Jenny: Do you think it's enough(Q)
Matt: Honey......we've got dozen or so. I'm sure we're properly decked out for Halloween.
Jenny: Yeah but I was thinking it needed something mroe than JUST jack-o-lanterns.
Matt: Nah. It's great honey.
Jenny: Well what did you do last year(Q)
Matt: I didn't really do anything.
Jenny: No(Q)
Matt: I had a bowl of candy that was SUPPOSED TO go for the trick-or-treaters.....
Jenny: What do you mean "SUPPOSED TO"(Q)
Matt: Last year the person that was supposed to take care of me...... Well I went to lay down, and when he came into tell me that hardly anyone came by; #1 his breath smelled of chocolate and nougat + he had some peanut stuck in his teeth  I kept getting woken up by the doorbell.......the one that hardly anyone came by.
Jenny: Oh no! How terrible! What about decorations(Q)
Matt: Last year this was just a house.........but with you in it it's become a home.
Lumbar: Hey guys. It's getting late.
Jenny: Honey. It's getting late.
Lumbar: That's what I just said.
Jenny: We should think about getting ready.
Lumbar: Could we think about feeding the dog in the mean time(Q)
Jenny: Are you sure you've got it(Q)
Matt: I don't know. How's my lipstick(Q)
Jenny: Let me see.
Matt: This feels funny. How do you ladies go around with all this goop on your faces(Q)
Jenny: Now listen here you clown! Not all of us literally "paint our faces".
Matt: The eyeliner isn't going on right.
Jenny: Let me do it. Amature!
Matt: Honey(Q)
Jenny: What(Q)
Matt: Wouldn't you wonder about me if I WAS good at putting on make-up(Q)
Jenny: Good point.
Jenny: Well I guess we're ready.
Matt: Yup.
Jenny: Let's just grab Lumbar and go.
Matt: No......I think he needs to stay HERE.
Jenny: Huh(Q) Why(Q)
Matt: Well at the BBQ he got a hold of quite a few scraps.......remember(Q)
Jenny: Do I ever(Q) He had to go out 5 times that night.
Matt: Yeah I think that was the BBQ sauce. Well there is going to be a lot candy and I'm sure it's quite possible that some chocolate might get dropped.
Jenny: Oh. I hadn't thought of that.
Matt: You know him. He's got lightning speed when it comes to something edible on the ground.
Jenny: Yeah faster than a speeding bullet.......Lumbar the ever hungry Labrador.
Matt: Yeah it's a thing with Labs.......they're notorious for being furry vacuum cleaners. But since he could get would be better for HIS safety if we leave him here at home where all the chocolate is always in the refrigerator AWAY from HIM & his kidneys.
Jenny: Well I understand.......but do you think he'll understand(Q)
Matt: I don't know.
Lumbar: Hey guys! Hey! Hey! Hullo! You forgot somebody.......ME!!! Lumbar: No! Don't go! Matt can't go bye bye with out ME! Jenny! Where are you taking him(Q) Lumbar: Why'd the do that(Q) 1st Jenny painted faces on the pumpkins, then she poked them over and over and pulled their stuffing out like an old stuffy. Hey! She painted a face on Matt! Lumbar: Nah. She wouldn't do anything to hurt Matt. She loves Matt. But why didn't they take me(Q) I'm good at listening.....I even ignored the scraps Dianne was trying to give me. I guess she does like dogs. Dr. Peter Beardley: Hey Brian(Q)
Brian PT: What(Q)
Dr. Peter Beardley: You think this is the right place(Q)
Brian PT: Let's see; ramp going over the threash-hold, jack-o-lanterns, black balloons, skeletons, oh yeah......and a grave yard. Yeah I think this is the place. Call it a hunch.
Princess: Thank you for letting Alex ask my Mommy and I to the party.
Rhonda: Who's your Mommy(Q)
Princess: The rock-a-billy lady over there.
Rhonda: Well thank you for coming.
Rhonda: You go have fun now. Alex and Corwin are inside. Jenny: Hey it looks like the party started with out us.
Brian PT: What took you(Q)
Matt: I couldn't get my make-up right. 1st it was my lipstick then it was my eye liner.
Brian PT: If it were any other day OTHER THAN Halloween. That would sound SO wrong.
Matt: Hey last time I put make-up on it was actually grease under my eyes when I played football.
Lee: Wow you can really dance. Areobics instructor: EEEK!!! Fairy: Hey this was really neat.
Rhonda: What was(Q)
Fairy: Getting a voo doo doll just for the party.
Rhonda: Um....yeah! Right. JUST FOR the party. It's not like I would have it for any other reason right(Q)
Dr. Peter Beardley: So who are you going to be cheering on for the World Cup(Q)
Brian PT: I don't know. Hey Rhonda......LOVE your costume.
Rhonda: Costume(Q) Oh costume. Thanks.
Brian PT: So where do you suppose she got that witches costume at(Q)
Dr. Peter Beardley: I don't know. Why(Q)
Brian PT: Oh just looks.......I don't know. TOO REAL(Q)
Dr. Peter Beardley: Huh(Q)
Brian PT: Hey. You don't suppose it's NOT a costume do you(Q)
Diver: Hey baby.........can I take you deep sea fishing(Q)
Mrs. Kate: #1 I'm married & #2.....I'm not even CLOSE to being drunk enough to go anywhere with you.
Diver: Ah come on! I didn't even get to show you my impersonation of an octapus.
Dr. Peter Beardley: Hey Corwin. Thanks for asking me to come to your party pal.
Corwin: Dank-----you-----for------com--ing------to------my------par-dy.
Matt: Hey. I didn't know you knew Corwin.
Dr. Peter Beardley: Well you sure keep me busy but you didn't think you were the only one in town in need of a good Orthopedist did you(Q)
Matt: Well no. I just thought you only saw adults.
Dr. Peter Beardley: Hey what can I say. I'm the best. (with a huge smile) "I sir Peter am here to vanquish joint disease and mend broken bones across the land".
(They all laughted but Corwin laughed the hardest)
Matt: That's my girl. She's a ladybug-jitterbug.
Corwin: Shes-------pur--dy.
Matt: Well thank you. But you're going to have to get your own......she's taken.
(Corwin laughed)
Matt: I just LOVE seeing her having so much fun. And her dancing has gotten MUCH better.
Corwin: Are------you------having------fun(Q)
Matt: Yes I am. Thank you for having us.
Corwin: Your--------wel--come.
Brian PT: Here Jenny: Let me show you how a party animal get's down. Rhonda: Hey everyone having fun(Q)
(guests in unisen)
Jenny: How can you dance with that think on(Q)
Dr. Peter Beardley: Well I won't be doing the Limbo I can tell you that.
Dancing girl: This is a very delicious chef salad.
Rhonda: Oh thank you.
Matt: Hey look Corwin. Your Mom is dancing.
Corwin: Uh-----huh.
Matt: She must have been working on those moves all day.
Corwin: No. She-------was-------mixing----------stuff-------for---------her..........
Rhonda: Eh hem. Corwin honey. What have we said about Mommy'
Alex: Ooooh ooooooh ooooooh I know I know! No telling about the family......
Rhonda: RECIPE!!! That's right. We don't want everyone knowing about my secret recipes.
Corwin: Do------you-----and------Brian------play with-------a ball-------when you--------see him---------at the------hospital(Q)
Matt: Nope. I dont get to have that much fun.
Corwin: I------guess I'm ----------lucky.
Matt: Yup you sure are.
Lumbar: It's been a really long time. I wish they'd hurry up and come back home. I'll just sit here until they do.

They danced the night away and everyone had a HOWLING good time.
Lee: Drinks anyone(Q) Lee: Anyone want a Bloody Mary(Q) Lee: Fresh of the sword........just kidding. (from the radio)
"They did the mash"
"It caught on in a flash"
"They did the mash"
"It was a graveyard bash"
Alex: Hmmmm. Let's see. Who doesn't know about the paintings yet.
Mrs. Kate: Geez buddy. You're like a barnicle.........cuz you're stuck on me and the ONLY way to get rid of you is to scrape you off.
Diver: So testy.
Fairy: Do you need a plate(Q)
Matt: No. But thank you miss. The lady bug over there is my finace, she's getting me my food.
Fairy: Oh. OK.
Alex: It's right down here.
Hula girl: What's so "cool" about this picture(Q)
Alex: You'll see.
Waitress: I hope it's not going to take too long.......I need to go to the restroom.
Alex: Not for long.
Waitress: What(Q)
Alex: I said "It won't be long".
Waitress: Oh. OK.
Alex: Right this way ladies. BOO!

Hula girl: EEEEEK!!!
Alex: He he he he he he. Get's um every time.
Matt: So are you going to go trick-or-treating(Q)
Corwin: Yeah. My-------bro--ther-------and me-------and my-------Dad are--------going to ---------tell all the--------neighbors; "trick-----or-----treat--------smell------my-------feet---------give me--------something -------good to---------eat" (and he laughed).
Matt: Uh-oh. You're going to do that(Q)
Corwin: Yeah.
Matt: Well wash your feet before you tell people to smell them.
(Corwin laughed)
The party guests danced for hours and hours Mrs. Kate: Ooo ooo. Rhonda: You're not keeping Matt from visiting with other guests are you honey(Q)
Corwin: No.
Matt: Oh it's OK. We were having quite the conversation.
Mrs. Kate: Corwin will talk your ear off. Won't you Corwin(Q)
Corwin: (laughed) I like----- to-------- talk to---------- people.
Mrs. Kate: Thanks for having me Rhonda.
Rhonda: Oh I'm just glad you could show up. Corwin & Alex's friend got sick and he was nice enough to share the flu with his whole they couldn't make it.
Matt: Is that Miss Michelle's family by chance(Q)
Rhonda: Yeah. Even the little girls got it.
Matt: Oh no. That must be rough having all those kids all sick at once.
Rhonda: Well that's how it goes sometimes.
Mrs. Kate: Hey the bartender made plenty of Bloody Mary's. Do you want me to grab you one(Q)
Jenny: Oh no thank you. I'm driving.
Jenny: Say I noticed you made your hair into the same do as me.
Mrs. Kate: Well I figured if I was a butterfly I'd have anteni.
Jenny: Me too. If I was a real ladybug I'd have anteni. Oh where are my manners(Q) I'm Jenny.
Mrs. Kate: I'm Mrs. Kate. I'm Corwin's special education teacher.
Jenny: Well it's a pleasure to meet you.
Mrs. Kate: Same here. So are you here by yourself(Q)
Jenny: No. My fiance is the guy in the clown suite.
Mrs. Kate: Hey. He's a looker. He's cute even with lipstick.
Jenny: Hey hey. BUG off.
(they giggled)
Matt: Hey(Q)
Diver: What(Q)
Matt: What did Quazimodo say to the villiage children(Q)
Diver: I don't know. What(Q)
Matt: STOP chasing me! I already told you.........I don't have your stupid ball!
Lumbar: Goodness gracious! How long are they going to be(Q)

The party went on for hours.
Jenny: Hey honey(Q) You look a bit stiff. Would a backrub help(Q)
Matt: It might.
Jenny: How's that(Q)
Matt: A little better. Thanks.
Lumbar: Wow! Aaaaarrrr-wwoooooooo! Aurooooooooooo! Lumbar: I jsut know something is wrong.
I want Matt to come HO-O-O-O-ME!
Matt: I'll just lean up against the back of thier couch. Just a few more hours Matt......hold in there. Rhonda: Hey Jenny(Q)
Jenny: Oh hey Rhonda. Thanks again for having us.
Rhonda: You're welcome dear. Listen, I'm not telling you to leave by ANY means. But I think Matt's about done for the evening.
Jenny: Oh dear. I'll get him home then.
Rhonda: I don't mean to be rude. But.......I get the feeling you've been eyeing me all evening.
Jenny: I'm sorry. It's just. Well we went out to dinner not long ago, and this putrid green witch showed up.
Rhonda: And(Q)
Jenny: Well. I'm hoping she's just pulling a mena prank; she said she knows my Mother. And......I got the impression that my Mother had been turned into a witch.
Rhonda: Oh I see.
Jenny: But you're so nice. I know YOU can't be a witch.
Rhonda: Um......sure. Of course not. That's just silly right(Q)
Rhonad: Listen. I'll see if I can find out anything.
Jenny: I'd appreciate anything you could tell me.
Rhonda: What's your Mother's name(Q)
Jenny: Amy......Amy Classey.
Rhonda: I'll see what I can find out.
Jenny: How are you going to do that(Q)
Rhonda: I have my........SOURCES.
Jenny: I'd appreciate that. I'd rather know.......even if it turns out to be something I don't like........I'd still rather know.
Rhonda: I understand.
Jenny: Hey honey(Q)
Matt: Yeah babe(Q)
Jenny: Honey Rhonda came and told me you've been hurting.
Matt: Oh. Yeah......I have.
Jenny: Why didn't you tell me(Q)
Matt: I don't want to ruin everything for you. You were having fun.
Jenny: It's no fun if you're hurting. It's only fun if we're ALL having fun.
(Matt smiled and sighed)
Jenny: Honey(Q) Would you like to go home(Q)
Matt: Would I ever ! (Q) ! (Q) ! Everyone stayed until the wee hours of the morning. Rhonda: Now THAT was a good party.
Lee: And see. You were all worried about not being able to find your black cat costume.
Rhonda: Well.......I didn't want to wear everyday clothes.
Rhonda: I'm just glad everyone had such a nice time. Maybe we'll have everyone back next year. Lumbar: I hear the van!!!! Oh boy!!!! I hear them!!!! Their home!!!! Their home!!!!!!
Bow wow! Bark! Woof! Arf! Bork warf!!!
Oh good Jenny didn't pull your stuffing out! I didn't think she would........not REALLY.
Matt: Hi boy.
Lumbar: I was worried about you.
Matt: I missed you.
Lumbar: Um.....if the neighbors call you.......I'm REALLY sorry about the howling. But I REALLY missed YOU!
Lumbar: I love.......
BLECK YUCK!!! EWWWW!!! What is that icky tasting stuff on your face(Q)
Jenny: Oh my goodness. Did he just try licking you(Q)
Matt: Yeah & for the 1st time in his fuzzy little life.......I think he's sorry that he did try kissing me.
Lumbar: Ewww. Oh that was awfull! The toilet water is tastier than that stuff.
Jenny: Poor Lumbar. I've never seen him make a face like that before.
Lumbar: Oh squeeky. How I've missed you. Now that I know Matt is OK. Uh-oh. I'll squeak you later........Matt's going into the other room & I'm not leaving him. Sorry.....I love him more than you. Matt: Can I just clime straite in to bed(Q)
Jenny: We have to get the make-up off.
Matt: It'll wash out fo the pillowcase wont it(Q)
Jenny: Honey I'm thinking about your skin. It may cause a rash if we leave that on all if......
Matt: IF(Q) I'm PLANNING on pills tonight.
Jenny: OK. Then all the MORE reason to get it off.
Jenny: I'll get a warm cloth and wipe it all off. We'll have you in bed in a jiff.
Matt: OK.
Jenny: Hey honey(Q)
Matt: Yeah(Q)
Jenny: Why didn't you tell me you weren't feel up to staying(Q)
Matt: I don't want to loose you.
Jenny: Loose me(Q)
Matt: If I make it so you have to leave and come home early from'll get tired of being with me.
Jenny: No honey. Telling me that you're in pain and need to go home will never make me upset with you, or not want to be with. I love you. And I even love taking care of you. I want this. I'm ready to deal with every aspect of you.
Matt: I just thought you'd get tired of having to leave and.........
Jenny: I'm never going to get tired of being with you........and this is just part of being with you.
Lumbar: Yup.......she loves him almost as much as I do.
Jenny: Now that I've got my wings off and my hair up........we'll get that make-up off & get you in bed. Matt: Sounds good to me. I'm so stiff. Oi!
(Jenny got his make-up & clown suite off and got Matt drugged and into bed.)
Jenny: Poor Matt! I wish I could convince him nothing will change how I feel for him. I only wish I could make him not hurt. Not because it's a problem for ME; I just wish he didn't have to hurt. Jenny: Poor baby. Those pills have already knocked him out. He looks so peacefull. I think tonight I'll sleep in my own bed, I don't want to disturb him. At least while he's asleep he isn't hurting. Lumbar: I think when Matt hurts......I think she wants to cry and whine........for the same reason I do; she doesn't like it when he's hurting either. Jenny: Poor Matt. I had fun. He should know that his health is more important than my having fun. I'll just get changed and ready for bed, I want to be rested up incase he needs a lot of help tomorrow. Jenny: But 1st........I think I need to write in my diary. What with my Mother and worrying about Matt........I really need to get some feelings off my chest........before I burst. Matt slept in the deep sleep that comes with a lot of Rx medications. Lumbar: Yup. She's whinning and crying.......and for the same reason I do. She loves Matt & it makes her sad she can't fix it for him. I hope everyone enjoyed this special Halloween chapter of Matt & Jenny. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

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#10leifofdelOct 31, 2008

Awesome I loved Lumbar in this chapter. It is so cute how he loves Matt so much. I was thinking that awful pickpocket was going to break into there house while they were gone. Glad that did not happen.

#11LillyKPOct 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeen, This was a good chapter. The party was great and I felt sorry for Lumbar even though I know it's best for him to stay home.

#12denishaclayNov 1, 2008

Omg this was a good I love the backgrounds..kudos

#13squeakersNov 2, 2008

\:rah\: \:rah\: OMG!!!I love it and really can't wait to read more, you make the characters seem so real, and I can see the hours of work you put into the backrounds, the cotumes are breathtaking, Lumbar is darling, and the whole story is engaging, I can't wait for more, keep it coming, your one heck of a story teller!!!!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\: \:rah\:

#14lisa9999Nov 2, 2008

5.0 Great,fantastic,loved the party the writting, loved it all!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#15BBKZNov 6, 2008

Gosh! I'm so late with reading, commenting! Silly me!... This was the best part ever! I was laughing (fantastic party), I wanted to cry (poor dog, poor Jenny, poor Matt). Your story is like real movie with real people. There are no words to say how much I love your story \:D And you're getting better and better! Keep up great work, my dear \:D Hugs, Barb

#16charrayNov 7, 2008

Great job on this chapter \:rah\: \:rah\:

#17maxi kingFeb 25, 2009

\:wub\:lovely part!Poor Matt!\:wub\:

#18KvetoslavaApr 1, 2009


#19lekunzeMar 9, 2019


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