Gardener's Dream - Chapter 35
Published Nov 28, 2010

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It's hard to see the truth when your eyes are closed...

It's hard to see the truth when your eyes are closed... Dill sighed. It had been couple months since his mother had died but still he was grieving. Cherry had been very important to Dill, after all she had been his mother but she had also been the only sim around him to understand Dill's love for his career of a private investigator. Cherry herself had always been so devoted to her own career and she had been particularly happy about the choice of Dill's career. According to her words, Dill's grandfather and father had been working as police.

But now Cherry was gone and Dill had no-one.
Of course Dill had someone but for some reason he didn't quite consider Dasheen as someone. To Dill Dasheen was simply a silly little sister who would go jogging in her swimsuit without shoes. Sure, he loved her dearly as she was his sister, but still, she was Dasheen. Usually it was Dasheen who took care of the massive, wilting garden of the Gardens but occasionally Dill would do his share of the gardening. He enjoyed it while it did make his hands all muddy, but still those vegetables tasted good and they would have made even the biggest carnivore drool. And as for Dill who was a vegetarian just like Cartier... To Dill fresh vegetables were like blood to vampires. Dill had been working on his big case even while mourning for his mother's death but now he had realized he couldn't get any further without visiting Champs les Sims. So without any notice he booked the trip and left a note on the kitchen table for Dasheen. "Hey sis, don't worry, your aliens didn't catch me but I have to travel to Champs les Sims for couple days for work...And who knows if I can find some love in that lovely honeymoon destination as well? Yeah I know you're snorting atm at your hopelessly romantic big brother but don't forget to wash your hands once in every 20 minutes, twice before and after eating... Take care, Dill" Ah, la belle France... Dill breathed in the fresh country air and listened to the birds chirping. Everything was so quaint and cozy and so... romantic...

Unfortunately Dill wasn't there for romance but for work.
The first thing to do was to walk to the local caf to hear some of the local gossip. Dill was looking for a young woman, red-haired and pretty but unfortunately he had lost the smudgy picture on the boat so he had only his memory to rely on. Hopefully the locals could help him and once again Dill thanked his creator for having been born in Galaad where sims spoke fluent Simlish and French mixed up together. Or at least Dill and Dasheen did, most of their friends only spoke the strange mix traditional to the island. Cherry and Cartier had spent hours teaching them both the languages instead of just half of the both... After having sat at the caf for hours still hadn't found out anything else than the mere fact that the ratatouille was delicious. And eating the fifth plateful gave him a good reason to be still sitting there... Bloated and tired Dill headed to the nectary where he had decided to stay as he had heard from his mother that it was a lovely place.

And while Dill didn't know it, each of the four generations of the Gardens had stayed at the nectary, in that very same bed.
On the morning Dill headed to the nearest house and knocked on the door.

- 'Ow can I 'elp you monsieur?
- Bonjour mademoiselle... I am here investigating a theft case on Galaad but it is apparent that the sim I am looking for lives here at least at the moment...
- Een our 'ouse?!
- Non, non... May I come in and maybe you could help me to find that sim?
- Bien sr
Soon Dill found out that the house was occupied by three young women, all singles and very attractive. Dill was very happy to join them for breakfast, for all that he was still quite full of the ratatouille he had eaten the previous day.

- So you are a private eenvestigatoor? Doez eet pay well?
- I 'ave always loved those trench-coats...
- Do you like la France?

Dill smiled. This business trip wasn't so bad after all.
But unfortunately Dill wasn't getting any further with the case. As lovely and giggly and husband-seeking as those three French ladies were, they knew absolutely nothing about this sim Dill was looking for so with a heavy heart Dill had to bid farewell to them and move on to the next house... And from that house to the next one. It seemed like no-one knew anything about this kleptomaniac red-haired beauty and even if they did, they weren't opening their mouths about it. But Dill did hear a lot about this season of soccer and about the government and even about how the snails are becoming smaller and smaller each year. Confused and frustrated Dill drove to the village market. It was the evening of the second day of his three-day-visit and still he hadn't found out anything at all. How was this possible? Back in home he never missed the clues but here in Champs les Sims he was still at the starting point.

Suddenly Dill heard a sweet, soft voice that sent a tingling feeling down his spine.
- Monsieur Jardin?
- Garden... How can I help you?
- My name eez Dommithilde and I 'ave 'eard that you are looking for a thief...
- Yes! Do you know something about it?
- Non, I just wanted to 'ave a reazon to come talk to you... You are the most 'andsome sim I 'ave ever seen..
Dill blushed. This red-haired lady was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen... She was so clean!

- Well, umm... Thanks I guess... Unfortunately my trip here seems to be quite pointless...
- 'Ow so?
- I came here looking for that thief but so far I have found out absolutely nothing...
- You came to Champs les Sims looking for a thief?

There was a strange, unreadable look on Dommithilde's pretty face.
- Yes, is there something wrong with that?
- Oh, pas du tout... But normally sims come 'ere looking for love and romance...
- Well, umm...
- Oooh, now I understand! You are married already...
- No no no... I'm single, although you must be taken already... Such pretty ladies don't stay single for long.
- Are you flirting with me, Monsieur Garden?
- Dill... Would you mind if I was?
The next day Dill went straight to Dommithilde's house. He was so happy, no girl had ever been interested in the neurotic workaholic Dill Garden who lived in a bunker. And here he was, courting the most gorgeous red-haired young French lady in the beautiful Champs les Sims. - So Dommithilde... You already know I'm a private investigator but what do you do for living? Your hands are so clean that I doubt you work at the nectary...
- Eh... I work een buziness... Eemporting and exporting things, very boring. Eet would be nice to do something important like you do. When I waz a little girl on my father's farm, I always dreamed about being a 'ero....
- Really? That's amazing... I can't wait till I get this case solved, it has gotten my hands so dirty, literally. I have to wash my hands three times every single time at the toilet.
- Oh, so that eez why eet took you so long, I thought your stomach waz upset... But I agree, mess eez bad. Very bad, I absolutely 'ate mess!
Dill was fascinated by the beauty and cleanliness of this gorgeous red-haired French lady. She was everything he had wanted, clean, pretty and they both were very sharp-eyed, always ready to spot the fingerprints on the walls.

Dommithilde was just as fascinated about Dill. For all that the guy was neurotic and obviously a workaholic, he was so sweet, such an hopeless romantic, which was good for her. If Dill only knew what kind of import and export business she was engaged in...
Dill and Dommithilde had spent the entire day together, looking for the mysterious thief but they had found nothing, to Dommithilde's delight. The couple had had great time with each other, for all that the day had been wasted in such pointless search.

- Dommithilde, I...
- What eez eet, Dill?
- I know this might seem rushed, but we are such a perfect match...
- Dill, what are you doing? Do not do anything stupid...
- Dommithilde, will you marry me?
- What? Oh no... The ring, eet eez very beautiful...
- It was my mother's... Will you accept it?
- So sparkling... No... I can not.
- But... Why not?
- We do not know each other well enough, we met yesterday! I can not marry a sim I 'ave known for one day!
- But I love you Dommithilde.

Dill stood up and grabbed Dommithilde, kissing her passionately, dropping the velvet case(he would clean the ring later) and showing the silly French girl just how much he wanted and loved her.

Dommithilde was confused but enjoyed the kiss nevertheless.
- I love you Dommithilde... Why won't you marry me?
- We do not know each other well enough... I do not even know eef you snore when you sleep!
- I have to go back home tonight... I don't want to lose you...
- Oh... I love you Dill, I do not want to loze you either...

Dill hugged Dommithilde tight. What was the problem with her? Generations of Gardens had rushed into engagements and marriages, they all had worked it out, why shouldn't Dill and Dommithilde as well?
- I can not promize to marry you now Dill... Pleaze understand...
- Now?
- Oui... I am not saying I will never marry you, Dill but not yet... Pas encore, mon chri...
- So it's a maybe?!

Dill's hopes got up so quickly that he almost dropped down on his knees again but luckily he caught himself in time.

- Oui, eet eez a maybe...
- But I can't leave you here Dommithilde, my beloved love...
- I will miss you very much too Dill, mon amour... Very much
- You wouldn't have to if...
- Non, Dill, non... I will not marry you yet
- I wasn't suggesting that but...
- ... please come to Galaad with me...
- Oh Dill...
- No, listen. That way we both can get to know each other better and someday you might even want to say yes to my proposal and accept the ring that once belonged to my mother...
- Where would I live?
- What's wrong with living with me? Oh... And my crazy sister, so you'll have your chaperon there...
- I suppose... Oui, yes, I will come with you!

Dill hugged Dommithilde tight. His trip had been worth the money for all that he hadn't found the thief.

Or at least that's what he thought...

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#4martoeleNov 28, 2010

Oh, oh.... \;\)  There's going to be some fireworks if he finds out about her. Luckily she will not marry him right away. Love is blind but marriage is a good healer!!!! \:D
Congratulations on having your story featured! \:cool\:

#5spitzmagicNov 29, 2010

Congratuslations (((Senja))) good for Dill, I see he managed just fine...wonderful chapter...what will Dasheen think...\:D

#6fredbrennyNov 29, 2010

\:D Dill, son of a gun! Love makes him blind... oh well... I hope his little- D-named friend is a stayer and like April says... a white house... yes... that would be perfect! \:D Dasheen going to be chaperoning? \:eek\:  I wonder how she will like her new-to-be-sister-in-law...Congrats on the feature Senja!!!! \:rah\:

#7fabrizioammolloDec 2, 2010

Apparently the little thief steal Dil's heart... Congrats on being featured!

#8IllandryaDec 5, 2010

Sorry for being so behind, Senja! I have caught up today and while I am sad to see the end of the third generation of Gardens, this fourth generation is shaping up to be quite entertaining! I'm not sure who is the crazier, Dash or Dill, but between the two of them life should never be dull \:D It will certainly be interesting to see Dill's reaction when he realises the redhead of his dreams could very well be the redhead of his case! But then thieves are no strangers to the Garden family.

#9RatRaceRobDec 7, 2010

I wonder if Dill will ever realize the truth of his intended bride... it certainly does not run in the family, what with Broccoli never figuring out the truth of his clever brother Broad Bean ((I still miss that dude \:cool\: ))... LOL, lots of fun, in the Garden tradition, and of course love the shot of Dash sprinting shoeless around Galaad in her bikini at night... the male citizens might be hoping she'll do that more in the daytime so they can, ah, say hello...  \;\) \:D

#10MangioDec 15, 2010

Congrats on having it featured \:rah\: I feel Dommithilde might just be the thief... she's got Dill right under her spell. \:D Such an entertaining chapter, it's always a lovely read \:wub\: Off to read some more \;\) 

#11Jennifer_RDec 15, 2010

Wonderful chapter Senja! Your writing is so quirky and funny, I just love it. Some of the things you throw in there really make me chuckle! \;\) Dill, honestly, proposing to the first red-haired young lady you meet. \:P He sure is a hopeless romantic. But then there is such a thing a love at first sight. Let'd hope that Dommithilde also thinks the same..soon! \:\)

#12MocarthMar 8, 2011

They are an impetuous lot when it comes to romance. And like his grandfather Dill can't see the truth right in front of him... this could be interesting.....

#13fruitopiaVIPApr 4, 2012

Annie/Aerith's cousin in town, I think that everyone will know that she is the missing heiress real soon.

Annie/Aerith is feeling a little jealous of Lora's feeling for Alexander.

Hope that you get better real soon. \:\)

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