Chap. 7 - What About Tomorrow
Published Sep 25, 2011

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Chap. 7 - What About Tomorrow:
"The Semi-Whole Story."

Nita and Carter, finally sit down and have an actual conversation about what is actually going on. Nita's explanation brings many things to light, though still much is cast in shadow...Dun-dun-daaaaaaaa
Hope You Enjoy!

Chap. 7 - What About Tomorrow:
"The Semi-Whole Story."

Nita and Carter, finally sit down and have an actual conversation about what is actually going on. Nita's explanation brings many things to light, though still much is cast in shadow...Dun-dun-daaaaaaaa
Hope You Enjoy!
It was Friday and Doctor or ex-Doctor Carter was sitting on a rooftop bar enjoying the skyline and telling the bartender all his drunken woes. “Why do vampires fell the need to not be where you think they’d be?” “What do they have against sunlight anyway?” “Does blood even taste good?” “I’m asking a lot of questions aren’t I?” “I had a cat, once—ran away when I was six…I loved that cat. It was a nice cat. Ran away though, it was a nice cat…” And so on and so forth. —When a whisper loud shout filled his ear: “What are you doing here Demetrius?”
“Y’know.” Carter lifted his glass in explanation.
“No—I mean what are you doing in Brooklyn Heights? I haven’t seen you since med school!”
Carter had to fight through the haze to recognize and answer the man. Suddenly it all clicked into place: “Cole Donning!” The one and only—ever!” His boisterous smile was comfortingly familiar.
Carter stood and shook his friend’s hand enthusiastically, “Man, I haven’t seen you in—in—”
“Eight years it’s been.” Cole smile was ever-present.
“Too long, my friend. Too long. How’s you twin brother—Caver right?”
“Right! Right—still a writer, except now he has a wife and two kids.”
“Good for him! How about you? What are you doing these days?”
“Oh, just like you man—returned to my home-city and became a doctor. For the past four years I’ve be doing a longitudinal study on the effects of…but I digress. Anyway, how about you—do you have a lady in your life?” “Uh, no—”
“Yes.” Nita appeared beside him.
Carter gawked—“Noooo.” His current drunk state drew the one syllable word out.
But Nita’s face, posture, and smile said: Yes. Yes. YES.
“Which is it, then.” Cole smiled, bemused.
Carter forced a smile and a—“Yeah.”
“Well, Miss, it’s nice to met you—am I interrupting anything—are the two of you supposed be going someplace…”
“We are actually, reservations and everything.”
“On that note, I should probably let you go…” Carter was going to say no, but for some reason kept his mouth shut, “…nice seeing you again Carter, if you ever get the chance stop by at the science facility—I’ll give you a tour—we could use someone as skilled as you on the research team…”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” But he didn’t sound that invested.
And Cole Donning drifted off—then Nita was yanking him inside and up a spiral staircase. Once they were up she looked around—no one was here. “Where were you—you-you just left me there?! Where have you been for the last couple of days?” She shouted, but her voice was still not loud enough to beat the stereo on the floor below but Carter could hear her clearly. Carter did a double take. Then snapped: “I went back! Once I woke up—then again Thursday and again this morning: you were no where in sight!” She shook her head disbelievingly. “I looked for you everywhere—anyplace I could think of! I did! How is it my fault I couldn’t find a vampire! Isn’t that what vampires are good at? Look…” He said and she steeled herself. “I don’t know you—you dragged yourself into my life one night and told me half a story and I-I-I believed you! Now its time you told me everything…” Fine! You want the whole story?” She said; her voice carried a note of haphazardness.
“For awhile now.” Carter returned, mercilessly.
“Fine,” She repeated, “Sit. Down.”
He made his way to a chair—the fire was going.
“I first met your mother—”
“What does this have to do with my mother?”
“Just shut up a listen—” She waited; he obliged “—I met your mother one hundred and ninety-nine years ago on the new year at the old amphitheater ruins in Riverview, it’s were the ‘societas umbrarum’ holds it’s assembly every century on new years eve. She was the Queen—”
“Wait—my mother was a vampire?”
“That is how you’re able to stay a vampire fledging without being consumed by the hunger inside of you. Which is why you are not a full-fledged vampire. You are half vampire by birth.
“She was powerful; beautiful; and all loved. I met her that day and she was indeed all of those things...
...Her hair was crimson, like blood, and her eyes were ice...
And she was interested in my sister and me because we were newly turned. We became close; but my sister—she had changed when she turned, she was cruel and vicious and she despised everyone but me, but only because she refused to hate someone who looked exactly like her. No more than thirty years ago your mother told me about a human, one she loved very much. It was a yearlong tryst, and there was much gossip about it: she was our QUEEN, senseless over a MORTAL. From what she told me she loved your father very much. And as a consequence of that love—”
“Nah-na! They had sex—then nine months later: out popped the half-bred me.”
“You say it so vulgarly—”
“That’s what happened!”
“Alright, then, like I said before you have to do me a favor for me to do you one—you must make me mortal again, so you can drink my—”
He could tell where this was going, “—I’m not drinking ANYONE’S blood!”
“You will drink mine!” She warned, “You’re mother is gone—dead, maybe; we need another strong vampire to lead us—you are her direct descendent; you are our only option!” “How do you know I’ll be worth anything as a vampire—I could be powerless!?”
“No—as you are now you are almost more powerful than me, I can hardly ‘mind control’ you at this point.”
“Really?” He said.
“And there is no one else you can shove this responsibility onto?”
She looked at him, “Would you let us drag another innocent into this?”
“No, I wouldn’t—so it’s up to me?”
“Yes.” “Then I’ll make you mortal again. And we’ll see how things go from there.”
She nodded.
“But first—I’m going to sleep.”
And from that morning on things went fast. If he was going to make her mortal again, and because the custom combination of drugs that he’d ordered online (the syringe filled with said composition) was officially lost to them—and because he’d hadn’t bothered to write the combination down—Carter needed access to equipment, expensive equipment. And one person came to mind.
“All you have to do is sign a couple of papers—and the keys to the best bio-chem. lab within thirty klicks is yours. Though the facility is closed on Sundays…hey when are you going to tell me what you’re researching?”
He laughed, “I’ll hold you to it.”
And for the next couple of days—weeks—Carter could be found in that lab… He gathered any and all information on anything related to his subject. He made messes and rarely had time to notice their existence. He was the first one to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave. And every Sunday was spent at the library. Then back again, for six—short, to him at least—days. Until one day in the middle of October he-he found it. That day he called Nita to meet him at the back door of the lab and wait for him there.
As the days and weeks passed it became more and more evident that Carter was stuck on autopilot and wasn’t going manual until he was forced to it. So, Nita spent her days watching the news in the hotel lobby and her nights—her nights doing her own research.
But during the first few days, Nita had been content to sit and wait for Carter to come to her with success, surely if he can do it once over night he wouldn’t need much more than that to repeat the event.
“No—no. Last time I used an acid, the pH level might’ve killed you. And anyway a base is much better…” He went on, “and there was too little of…” and, “too much of…” then, “I’m almost there. Just give me another day…” She had faded in and out of the conversation due to a severe case of boredom and lack of interest. But she snapped to attention as he yawned loudly, adorably, and mumbled: “I’m going to go to sleep.” She didn’t make a habit of watching mortals sleep—she didn’t find it fascinating—nor did she miss the occurrence. She only wanted to alleviate her boredom and she quickly realized this was NOT the way to do it. So the first night she went out, she headed to the consignment store: Carter needed clothes, the rest had burned up like his house and she felt like she owed him— —then again she was using his credit card he’d carelessly left on the counter in the bathroom. But, nevertheless, she bought him clothes, and left them folded neatly atop the dresser, though he mostly ignored the growing pile. After her wasn’t-there-in-the-first-place guilt had gone away she’d taken to the TV in the lobby. And one night after watching a news anchor announce a series of attacks around the city that left the victim senseless and scarred on the wrist or neck, she did the one thing she hadn’t done in a long while: Hunted. And while Carter was spending days and nights and weeks in the lab, she was spending them hunting down her ever-elusive sister—except for Sundays; Sundays she gladly spent with Carter at the library, hunting down books. For weeks, the two were stuck in the mundane rut of routine: both searching. Then that day in October came and Carter found himself punching in the digits of Nita’s disposable phone— “Carter…” Nita’s voice contained a rare undertone of hope. “Meet me out back—” He decided to get all the important stuff out first before she hung up. And hang up she did; as soon as the syllable “ack” was out of his mouth. Despite the eagerness in her voice it took her awhile, but she came. “Drink it.”
“This’ll work?”
He shrugged dependably, “I did my best—it HAS to work.”
So she drank. She dropped the glass; she held her stomach— —“Carter.” was all she managed before she collapsed to the ground.
“Nita!” He yelled. “Are you alright?” He bent down to check her pulse.
SHE IS NOT DEAD. The sentence seamed to rattle around in Carter’s head until he was dizzy.
He stood up warily and grabbed his phone—
There are two experiences every doctor has to go through. Doesn’t matter if you just stopped a forty-three year-old man about to get married in a week from dieing of cardiac arrest. Doesn’t matter if you just completed a surgery that will stop a patient from being forced into early retirement because he broke his collarbone. It doesn’t matter— it’s an experience every doctor must go through:
Whether or not it was an eighty-year-old who knew it was his time. Or the thirty-year-old who grew up aware of his minutes ticking away. But for Demetrius Carter it was the parents of a seven-year-old (who was still raving from the effects of the painkillers he was prescribed for his minor concussion).
“Mr. and Mrs. Roth?”
Maybe it was his tone of voice because the came out into the hall without him even asking.
“Yes, Doctor?” Mrs. Roth replied smiling softly.
“Um.” Carter swallowed, “You see these blots?” Carter had raised the results of a CAT scan.
“Son’s got a big brain, doesn’t he?” Mr. Roth said proudly.
“No doubt.” Carter tried to return the smile.
“What is this about?” Mr. Roth continued.
“Sir,” Carter cleared his throat, and proceeded to tell the couple that their son had an incurable, and fatal disease. And he hated every word that came out of his mouth. “I-I-I’m sorry…”
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Mr. Roth didn’t sound amused, “My son’s perfectly healthy! I mean, yeah, he fell from a tree—got a concussion: that’s just was kids do! But-no—no, I refuse to believe he-he has—no!”
Mrs. Roth had begun to cry, and the sound ripped out Resident Carter’s heart out of his chest and tore it to shreds—he wanted so much to take what he said back, but he knew that this was for the best. Mrs. Roth’s voice trampled his current thoughts: “You don’t get to stand there and tell me my baby is dieing—” And shudder passed through her body “—you do NOT.” And she disappeared behind the door; her husband glumly followed.
“I’ll give you a moment.” Carter said to the closed door. And the second, the second is not being able to save someone’s life—not knowing what went wrong or how to fix it. Not being able to do the thing you devoted your life to—saving people’s lives, or a vampire’s life in this case. True the woman had thrown trouble and hell into his life in less than one night, and maybe his life would be better off without her, but Demetrius Carter realized he could never go back: that normalcy was officially a dream—and it was about time he woke up.
He made his decision then and there: she wasn’t going to die.
“…What’s you emergency?”
“Oh—my friend, she’s passed out—she’s not dead, were behind the science facility…”
It took them awhile—but seconds felt like hours to Carter then, but they eventually came running over and took her away. In his angst he reached the hospital just after just after the ambulance did, so her followed her in… She did not wake up on the first day, or on the second. But the steady, slow, persistent beep of the heart monitor gave him hope the she will remain alive and that his impromptu concoction did exactly what it was made for. It was hard for him to tell the days apart, by now. Then a spark of yellow caught his eye—and Cole Donning sat heavily in the chair beside him. “I heard you were here—and that she was, uh—”
“Yeah…” He still didn’t take his eyes off Nita.
“What went wrong—what…?” The always-loquacious man suddenly lacked his usual articulateness.
“I-I-I wish I knew.”
“…When are you going to tell me what you’re researching?”
“It was for her—”

“Wait—you tested it on humans!”
Carter looked away.
Cole Donning noticed and he relented, “Never mind, Demetrius, I guess we all have our weaknesses…” Cole took a skeptical glance at the form in the bed.
The rest of the conversation was long and unusually awkward—for both of them. And Carter was grudgingly glad once his old friend had left. Well into October, one night, as Carter was just about to nod off into sleep she slid out of bed and stood. “Nita!” He cried and embraced her lightly. She still looked weak. “I couldn’t live with myself if I killed you.” Carter explained.
She only nodded and managed, “You have to drink my blood—now.” It wasn’t an order, it was a plea—the heart monitor was emanating a single ringing sound. “Do it now before they come…”
“So, you’re-you’re mortal—human.”
“Yes.” She almost sounded happy, “but you must hurry.” She offered up her arm. He glanced at it then, reluctantly—
“Now!” she snapped. His teeth broke her skin; blood came—
Once it touched his tongue he felt strange, then hungry—he felt it trickling down his throat and needed more.
“Carter…” She moaned. And the word meant something to him but he didn’t care. “Demetrius!” She griped. And the one word contained so much he stopped, took a step back and wiped his mouth.
She dropped herself onto her bed.
“I’m sorry.” Carter knew what came over him, but for some reason he’d thought he’d be strong enough to resist it.
“Don’t be, Demetrius…” She drew her knees to her chest. “Go to the hotel. Look in the drawer—what ever happens next I want you to know that you have a sister—”
“I have a what—but you said—” He shouted.
“I know what I said, but you must go now. If the object you find is not yours, then it is hers. And if it’s hers than you must give it to her, please! Demetrius, go!”
And for the second time he actually, willingly listened to her.
“Please.” Nita mumbled to the ceiling when Carter was gone, “Please let it be him…”
“I guess, your knight in shining armor finally came through for you.” Her voice was laced with sarcasm, and Nita didn’t stir. Anita left her to recuperate. One whispered word escaped his mouth: “Whoa.” It was the last week of October, when Nita signed herself out of the hospital.
She knew it wasn’t luck, or coincidence that had brought her here, even more so when two red eyes appeared from the shadows.
“Hello, sister.” Anita purred.
“It’s been awhile.”
“Maybe,” She almost sounded annoyed, “by human standards—maybe…”
Anita was there to end the cat-and-mouse game that had gone on for way to long and Nita—Nita was there to confront the one person who had ever posed a threat to those she loved.
“A blue-eyed brunette now, hmm? Last time we saw each other you were…” she paused as if she had to think, “blonde with brown eyes—you even had a job,” she scoffed, “ a fiancé too—” she laughed “—before he met his unfortunate demise.”
“Shut up.” Nita shook. “Let’s get this over with.”
“I can smell him all around you—your new PET—when will you learn not to fall in love with mortals, dear sister.” Though it was not an affectionate term.
“He’s a good man.” Nita needlessly defended.
“They all are, dear—”
“Leave us alone!”
“I heard the queen had a daughter—”
“What are you going to do, Anita?” Her eyes grew wide in fear.
“You shouldn’t worry so much, dear sister, mortal lives are too short—”
And I’ll leave you with a new end-page and hanging off a cliff.

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I think I know who his sister is, but a great read.

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