Crazily Inlove ch 4
Published Dec 28, 2011

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˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙ Thank you Very much to the creator of my CC's, clothes,lots and sims˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙
And sorry to my readers T.T due to some circumstances I had to reformat my PC and (my brain gone haywire) I totally forgot to back up, so all of my files and so was the chapters were erased. I’m really sorry and please do continue on supporting and reading my story :D

Please forgive some of the changes that I made xD I can’t find some of the cc’s T.T (very sad about it)

˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙ Thank you Very much to the creator of my CC's, clothes,lots and sims˙•٠●•●♥ ♥●•●٠•˙
And sorry to my readers T.T due to some circumstances I had to reformat my PC and (my brain gone haywire) I totally forgot to back up, so all of my files and so was the chapters were erased. I’m really sorry and please do continue on supporting and reading my story :D

Please forgive some of the changes that I made xD I can’t find some of the cc’s T.T (very sad about it)
"Kyaaaaa" "RYU" "KIANO" "KIRA" "YANO"
“Isn’t it cool Mimi?” Mara Drew asks. “Yea.” Mimi answered but her eyes were fixed on “That’s Kira.” “Huh?” “The one whose singing is Kira, but the band’s lead singer is Yano. I don’t know but lately Kira has been doing his part.” “Clearly his doing a great job on it, he is more suited to be the vocalist.” Mimi said firmly. From the gleam in her eyes one could tell that Mimi was captured by Kira’s charm. *chatter*
“The gig yesterday was great.” “Kira is so cool.” “Did Yano and Kira switch place?” “Yano was hot.”
Yuri sighed “Girls…are they here to flirt?” she thought. She shifted restlessly on her chair and listened to the conversations going around her. “I might learn something from it.” She said. “Did you know that someone confessed to Kira and the girls at 2-1 had her done for, they shaved her head.” A girl in front said. Yuri stiffened trying to hold her laughter she finds it amusing that a girl could go crazy for a boy. “Did you fix your nose?” “No” “Don’t lie it’s obvious.” “Well...Last month your eyes are swelling because you had a surgery right?” “Are you saying I had a panda eyes?” “And you’re saying that my nose is of a pig!” She was about to burst out of laughter “Did you guys seen Mimi?” one of the girls asks. “Why, aren’t you with her all the time?” “Yea, but I’m kind of worried. You know, yesterday we watch the gig together and she waited for Kira.” The girl went on. “Eh, so Mimi is interested in Kira too huh, so did they talked?” the girl nodded. “The worst part is, I think the 2-1 girls saw that and they might be after her now.” The last part caught Yuri’s attention. “Where did you last saw Mimi?” Yuri asks. “In the court yard. Yuri raced around the corner of the courtyard to where the girl said she last saw Mimi. Her intuition says that something bad happened to her sister. “Mimi!” Yuri called out. Listening intently, Yuri thought she heard a muffled grunt, somewhere near the arc. She dashed off in that direction. “Looking for someone?” A voice asked in the dark. Footsteps approached. Then an unfamiliar face came out of the shadows. “I’m not really trying to create the atmosphere here.” She said. “I’m just trying to cut down on the girls who are not worthy enough to touch our Kira! Now that I mention it, I really hate girls that stand out, you and your blond hair!” The girl said pissed. “Stop blabbering and tell me where Mimi is!” Yuri ordered. The girl smirk and step back. There Mimi lay in a heap on the stone floor. “Mimi!” Yuri cried, running to her side. As Yuri lifted her sister by the shoulders, Mimi groaned again. “It hurts,” She mumbled in a woozy voice. “I…normally don’t hurt girls, but I won’t forgive anyone who hurt my sister.” Yuri said intensely. Yuri took a threatening step toward the girl. “Do you think you can hurt me?” The girl laughed grimly. She gestured with her hands and the three boys came out of the shadow. Yuri’s steady hazel brown eyes met her desperate charcoal black eyes. “Maybe you can intimidate weaklings by numbers,” Yuri said “But you can’t scare me. That’s just feed my appetite, now I’ll have enough guys to release my stress on.” Yuri took another step closer to them. Suddenly one of the boys throws a punch on Yuri, but she dodge it and the boy was thrown off guard and she hit him hardly on the stomach. Yuri leaped toward the other boy, grabbing his wrist, kicking his knee and throws him towards the wall. The third boy tried to tackle Yuri from behind but failed, and he was pinned on the floor. The girl who’s shivering with fear turned and tries to run out. “Hey, where do you think you’re going, I told you didn’t I, I won’t forgive anyone who hurts my sister.” Yuri said grimly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry please I was only ordered to do it. Please Mimi I’m sorry.” The girl pleaded. “Yuri sighed. “Tell whoever ordered you that if she touches Mimi one more time I won’t let her off the hook!.” “Th-thank you.” The girl said as she ran away. “You let her go?” Mimi asks with a disappointed face. “She said she’s sorry and seems like she’s sincere.” Yuri answered. “You forgive her just like that?” Yuri nodded. “Grandpa said we should never hate, it only brings bad luck.” Yuri said smiling. “You and your simple way of thinking!” Mimi said as she stammered off. “But say aren’t I cool as your sister?” Yuri asks teasingly. “Whatever.” Mimi said with a smile on her face. “You failed, what do you mean you failed? There was four of you!” “Im sorry Chiyuki, the other transferee helped her.” The girl said still shivering. “She was scary and she told me if you touch Mimi, she won’t let you off the hook!” She added. Gritting her teeth, Chiyuki asks “You mean the blond girl?” “Yes, she’s very strong!” The boys chorused. “Seems like there’s a new interesting toy for me.” As Yuri enters the classroom a chalkboard eraser fell on her head. Yuri seemed surprise but she continued walking toward her table. And there on top she saw garbages.
“Poor Yuri she’s being bullied.” “Serves her right for acting almighty.” “She might be scared now.”
“I thought this would never happen, just when I thought this school is getting boring.” She muttered. Then a wide smile appears on Yuri’s face. “Mimi, Mimi did you see? I was bullied!” She exclaimed. “Can you believe that? I’m being bullied! Classmates I’m being bullied!” She said again over excitedly. “ “Unbelievable.” Mimi muttered. “I’m being bullied!” “I heard, I’m not deaf!” Mimi half yelled.
“OMG, I think her screw are too loose.” “Is she that happy being bullied?” “She’s really stupid.”
“Report what you’ve seen, I bet she’s scared now.” Chiyuki said feeling pleased. “She was very happy about it Chiyuki, she said just when she thought this school was boring…” The boy hadn’t finished what he had to say because of the roaring laugh of someone. “Cut it out Gin!” Chiyuki ordered. “I’m sorry my dear cousin but…hmph…I just can’t stop!” He laughed. “Aww, my stomach hurts.” “That girl is really testing my patience. Gin I want you to finish her for me. Let’s see if she can handle this!” *munch munch*(eating hamburgers) *stomach grumbling*
“Can you see me right over there grandpa? I missed you so much and I’m really sorry I’ve been breaking my promises. But say, the curse you told me is not true right? My stomach quite hurts. But it’s nothing compared to the pain I feel inside. I’m living my life like just what you said but I’d rather that you brought me with yo- Aww!”
“Eh, seems like something fell from this tree. Well I hope it’s not you who’s throwing things grandpa.” Yuri said chuckling. “You talk to trees huh, very interesting.” “Eh? Who are you?” Yuri asks. “I’m Gin, Yuri right, now shall we start?” he grabbed her from behind, locking her arms tightly. Yuri struggled to get away but her stomach pain is making her lose her strength. But she won’t let that bring her down she kick Gin a few times and it finally let go of her. So they were right you’re strong and capable to fight, seem like you know the basics too. You only hit vital parts eh?” The boy said.”So what?” Yuri hissed as she throws a punch at him but he dodges it. “My speed has decreased and I can’t keep this any longer I should end this soon or this is gonna be bad.” Yuri thought. She throws a punch again followed by a kick. “Hah!” She exclaimed as she finally got him. But this seems to make Gin pissed. “I really hate being hit especially by a girl.” Gin muttered angrily. Yuri for the first time felt threatened knowing her body is not on its best right now but she held her ground. “Should I teach you whose stronger?” he asks. And in a blink of an eye she punch Yuri over and over again hitting the most vital part. Yuri tried to fight back she landed one or two punch but was not powerful enough to knock Gin down. She examined Gin as she look for his weak spot but seems like Gin beat her to it, he saw how Yuri tries to cover her stomach most of the time, and finally he saw an opening he punch Yuri directly in the stomach that causes Yuri to fall on her feet. “You see who the boss is?” he asks. “Tch, I’ll get you next time!” *chatter*
“Did you hear that the new transferee, the blond one fought with Gin.” “There she is!” She’s cool.” “Nut’s is the right words!” “Whoa, she’s still okay after fighting.”
“Man, why do I always have to forget my wallet at most crucial time!” “I’ll buy you one.” “Eh? The man on the bus stop, I see you study here?” “And I see you fight here?” He answered sarcastically. “I didn’t know you were smart.” Yuri said. “I’d like to say the same thing.” Yano smiles “Anyway I’ll buy you an Ice cream if you go to the infirmary.” he offered.”No way, they’ll put stingy meds on me!” Yuri protested. “So you won’t go?” Yano asks. “Nope.” “Alright see you around.” Yano said as he turned around. “Wait- Pistachio.” Yano smiled after hearing Yuri gave in. *chatter*
“She’s still eating in that situation?” “She’s still pretty.”
“What are those?” Mimi asks. “The school nurse gave me a snack after being treated.” Yuri answered happily. “Not those, I mean what happened to you?” “Oh, some guy beat me up.” Yuri smiles.
“Is Kurosaki Yuri here?”
“Whoa, Gin is here, she’s done for.” “So cool”
“What are you doing here? I told you I’ll beat you up next time!” Yuri exclaimed. He caresses her face as he says “I hope it won’t leave a scar.” “Are you insulting me? I’m not that thin skinned!” Yuri said furiously. He chuckles. “Here,” he handed a box. “But it seems like someone beat me.” He added. His voice was soft, very different from the time when they were fighting each other an hour ago. “What’s this, band-aids? Are you rubbing salt on my wounds?” She asks angrily. “Will you go out with me?”

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#6b0mbomDec 29, 2011

Poor Yuri, that guy is so not a gentleman. another bril chapter\:wub\:

#7bhebe710Dec 30, 2011

@Xhaii: the uniform are from lalahh's blog BOF Uniforms( but were not shared publicly, you have to give her your email then she
would send you the files. Ahm.. pm mo ko if di mo mhanap or if
nagmamadali ka and what specific hair? I dl from diff sites eh and most of them are retextured so ibang site ung mesh xD @Majuchan: haha! I'm glad na binabasa mo p rin story ko hehe. Ou maliban sa sims yung ibang gamit di ko na maalala san nang galing lol! @Everyone else: Ty for your comments^^ hope you will support the next chapters too

#8v5ginaDec 31, 2011

Can't wait for the next chapter \:rah\:

#9aery47Dec 31, 2011

i love your sims they all look animeish and i love the story too.

#10wasabichiJan 1, 2012

i love this story so much!
to Gin, SRLSY?!! \:mad\:
to Yuri, \;\)
to the author, you're GREAT \:rah\:

#11fabrizioammolloJan 2, 2012

Yuri is well-meaning and she is tring to protect her sister Mimi, even if it's adamant that this won't be mutual. It's impressive how she could be so smart and so unwary at the same time! \;\)

#12MangioJan 4, 2012

Yuri is so super brave \:wub\: I love how she protects her sister at all costs... I wonder why Gin would ask her out? Chiyuki is really mean and demanding :/ Such a great continuation, congrats on the feature \:rah\:

#13sweetwilightApr 16, 2012

Thank youuu! \:D

#14rhafiny13Oct 20, 2012

how can u have this awesome hair >

#15Anna2000minJan 17, 2013

She is so pretty ^^

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