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Gisele finally reached the location indicated to her by the mysterious caller on the phone. As she arrived, she noticed she was standing in front of a big and beautiful mansion. She couldnt help but starring with envy. " Woaw, I wish I could live here, I have always wanted to live in a big house..." She walked closer to have a better look at the house, and realized that the lights were turned on.

" I wonder who lives here... Maybe the same person who called me? I should probably go ahead and ring the bell.."
As she walked around the house to locate the central door, she saw too familiar figures standing from afar.

Malika? Cherry? She screamed. " What are they doing here?" She ran towards them and as she reached, she was breathless.

They saw her coming towards them, and said: Gisele? What on earth are doing here?
"I got a phone call from someone asking me to meet here, and I don't know who the person is"; Gisele replied. Was it from either one of you guys?

" No chance, Cherry added. I got the same phone call too, but couldn't say whether it was a male or a female on the other line of the phone. When I came, Malika was already here." She looked at Malika suspiciously.

" DOn't look at me like that!", Malika said. I got a phone call too, otherwise I wouldn't have been here!


Graciously and confidently, she walked towards them. They stared at her from head to toes. As she approached the location of the 3, she said:

Meredith: I did. We need to find her. Before he does.
The quatuor sat around the pit fire in order to relieve the tension that was present; not only because they hadn't seen each other for 4 years, but also because of the tragic situation in which they separated and then met back again.

Since Kerri's disappearance, each one of them had gone about living a completely different life. Nevertheless, there had alwasy been some level of competitiveness between the 4 of them,each one always wanting to be better than the other.
You guys know that eating smoked food increases your risk of getting Stomach cancer, right? Cherry said, bragging about her medical knowledge.

Meredith: did you really have to throw out random medical facts at this point? Like you are better than us?

Happy to have triggered Meredith, Cherry said:

" Well, let's just say that as one of the best physicians in starlight shores, I felt like sharing that critical information with you guys! Don't say I never told you! She added sarcastically.

Well, I, Meredith Green, am the best female stylist Starlight shores has ever seen! And I am proud to announce to you the launching of my new collection, " Just for Men"! Of course, this is only for men, or those who have men in their lives!" She looked at Cherry as she said that, because she remembered that Cherry had got a divorce 4 years ago.

" Speaking of men, Gisele jumped in, excited; Ryan and I got engaged, and we are getting married!" She couldn't hide her joy.
What about you, malika, what have you achieved in 4 years? One of them asked.
Wow. This feels like a fierce and sharp arrow penetrating my chest and going straight to my heart. Here they are, again. Boasting about their life achievements and always making me feel bad, like I am the least among them all. I should be used to that by now, but why does it still hurt? Nothing. I have achieved nothing in 4 years. No matter how hard I try, I still don't get it, not even a chance!

The others noticed that she was crying. Feeling guilty to have started this in the first place, Cherry said, to smooth things down:

Cherry: I am so sorry, Malika, I didnt mean to hurt you.. The truth is, all of our lives are messed up at a point! Look at me for example. I have a long time patient with a deteriorating brain tumor and there is nothing I can do about it.

Gisele: Ryan hasn't called me back since he went for the war after our engagement, and it has been killing me, for 2 months now.

" What about you, Meredith? What's the mess in your life? Cherry asked.
Meredith was about to loose her saloon, the product of her life long investments and hard work. The dream she had finally realized after 4 years. Meredith had enormous debts for faulty investments, and couldn't pay them off. Her new collection, " Just for men" was the only way she could get back on top of her game, but unfortunately earlier that day at her office, she learned that her concept was rejected by the Board of Stylists; and she had to come with a brand new concept if she wanted to save her saloon. SHe had one week.

Was she going to appear fragile and weakened in front of her friends, when all her life she struggled to build and reach a position of ultimate power? She replied:

Meredith: nothing, there is no mess in my life. Everything is just perfect, and that's what it feels like to be Meredith Green!

" I thought so", Malika whispered.
Though the night was tensed, the morning didn't come any easier for the Bridesmaids.

It was 5 AM.

Gisele rushed outside to make sure she didn't miss the post man dropping letters in the Letter box.

" Still nothing', she realized, as she looked inside the Letter Box and didnt see any letter from Ryan. Normally he would call or email her within 2 days of arrival to his deployment site with his unit. Also, she knew the Army would have contacted her is anything bad happened. This time around, nothing seemed to make sense at all into Gisele's head.
Nevertheless as she looked down, she noticed a stack of letters lying on the grass next to the Letter Box. She picked them up, and realized there was 4 letters, one for each one of them. Their names were written in BOLD and Red.

The sight of these letters made her blood run cold: she screamed as loud as she could, and woke up the entire household.
"Oh my..." Meredith exclaimed, still in her sleep. I am already regretting letting these girls moving back in here.

Despite her complaints, she knew it was necessary for all of them to live under one roof, in order to figure out what had happened to Kerri.
"Can't I just have one good night sleep in this freaking house? It seems like too much to ask! I was better of living alone in my apartment." "Oh no, this is actually the only good night sleep I get since I have been working on Mr Stiles case! These pillows are so velvety..." she said, rolling over and over on her bed and enjoying the soft touch of the pillows and bed sheets. They all walked downstairs and met Gisele fidgety in the living room. She was fidgeting. They noticed the stack of letters placed on the living room table.

What is this? They asked.
" A letter for each one of us, I don;t know who they are from, I didn't open them, I was so scared..."

Meredith, the most courageous opened one of the letters. They all looked at her, waiting for her to reveal the origin of the letters.
" They are from the Police," Meredih said. They want us to go to the Police station to answer some questions about Kerri's disappearance. " Oh my gosh, they already consider us as suspects! Guys, I am so scared, I don't think I can do this... Meredith saw that everybody else was freaking out. She re-assured them.

Meredith: guys, there is nothing to worry about, I know exactly what we are going to do. We all know who did this to her, that idiot of Dante! He was never willing to let her go, even after she broke up with him and decided to marry Marcus. All we have to do this afternoon is prove to the police that he is the one who kidnapped her! And it won;t be that difficult since everyone here in Starlight Shores know how verbally abusive he is!

Cherry replied: even if we have to prove that to the police, it takes more than just a testimony from us 4, the police will need much more than that to convict him!

Meredith: then, we need to CREATE evidence! Like a threatening letter from his to Kerri, that would work!

It didn't take much time for the others to react and reject that crazy idea of Meredih, starting from Malika:

Malika: this is completely out of the question! You want us to fabricate evidence to inculpate somebody? This is lying to the police! What if we get caught? I am not ready to have any problems with the police!

Gisele: Malika is right, this is too risky. What if we get caught?
Nothing is going to happen, if we stay together! Remember, we are doing this for Kerri. If Dante goes to jail, the Police will make him confess and he will know where he is hiding her.

I trust that Kerri would have done the same thing for us, we are her friends, she needs our help, she is counting on us! So are we in or out?
Gisele was scared, as usual; but she remembered it was for her friend, Kerri.

Gisele: okay, I am in.
It's for Kerri, so I am in.

" What about you, Malika?" Meredith asked.
Count me out! I am not lying to the Police, I am not fabricating evidence, I am not getting in trouble with the cops!

On that note she left the living room, and the others kept starring at her, not knowing what to do.
The other 3 headed to the dinning room to have breakfast; and also in an attempt to find out how to convince Malika to join.

Gisele: what are we going to do? we cannot do this without her, the Police will never believe us!
Cherry: that was quite an over-reaction from her. There has to be a way we can get her to do this. Let me go to talk to her. Meredith: I hope you get through, Cherry. I hope you do.

Meredith said that because she knew Malika very well. In fact, they all did. She was very difficult to convince, especially when she had made up her mind.
Cherry left the dining table and headed to Malika's room. May I come in? She asked, opening the door. Malika was sitting on her sofa, starring outside.

Malika: If they sent you here to try to convince me to agree to that stupid idea, it's lost cause already andd you know it. I am not doing this.
Cherry sat on the sofa next to Malika's. Out of the 4, Cherry was notorious for her interpersonal skills. She knew how to talk to people, let them open up, and get them to do things. It was probably some thing she had learned in medical school.

Cherry: I am not trying to convince you to do anything you don't want to, all I want is to understand why. You are the most positive and loyall person I know, and you would do anything to help your friends whenever they are in need. So why did you say no, all Meredith suggested was...

She didn't even let Cherry finished, she just blew her top.
It's always about Meredith! It's always about what "she thinks" is best for all of us! Who does she think she is to expect us to just comply to whatever she says? Like she has it all, she knows everything, and we are just supposed to follow? No questions asked? I am sorry, I am not a follower of " Meredith Green", I do what I think is best! And now she wants us to lie to the cops? I don't ever want to have to deal with the cops again! Hold on a second, Cherry said. I know you don't like Meredith and it's fine, but this time your problem is not with her, your problem is with the idea of dealing with the cops.

Cherry had read in between the lines, and had an idea of what was going on. She continued.

" You said you don't want to have to deal with them again, what does that imply? Tell me Malika, what happened?"
Malika was disarmed. She felt like she needed to open up:

I have a police record. pretty bad one. Few years back, a friend of mine stole a car and we went for a ride, but I had no idea it was a stolen car. For some reasons the police started following us, and my friend ran out of the car, leaving me there alone. I didn't know what was going on, I was scared and I kept driving, so fast that I didn't see that child crossing the road! It was dark and I was so scared! I was given 2 years for that, but I was released after one year for good behavior. Up to now I am on probation, and I have only 1 more month to go before I am free!

Now you understand why it is out of the equation for me to get in trouble with the cops, Cherry. I just can't.
Cherry was very moved by that revelation, especially because she had no idea that Malika had gone through so much in all the years they had been apart.

Cherry: I am so sorry, Malika, I didn't know. We can't ask you to do something that will jeopardize your life to this extent. I understand if you say no to this, and whatever your decision is, I give you my word that we will respect it.

Cherry left the room, as Malika needed some time alone.
She grabbed her guitar and started strumming some strings. it always relaxed her. She couldn't get her mind of the dilemma she had to face. She wanted to help her friends to put Dante behind the bars and have a chance to get a confession from him. She wanted to be a loyal friend to Kerri, like she had always been. But at the same time she was so close to getting a clean police record and to be free for all, to erase that mistake she made few years ago; which was a huge stain in the perfect picture of the future she was desperately trying to build for her as am aspiring Singer. She didn't want to gamble with that chance either.

The guitar she was playing was her first guitar, and Kerri had offered it to her for one of her past birthdays. Since then, she had cherished that guitar like herself.

She had a tough decision to make.
She walked downstairs. The other girls were waiting for her in the living room, ready to go to the Police station for their testimonies. As they saw Malika walking down the stairs they all stood up. What was she going to do?

Was she going to line up with her friends to build a big and condemning lie for just a small chance to find one of their own? Or was she going to look out for herself first for once; and clean her reputation for a chance to start her life afresh and new; given that she was so close?

To be continued.

Thanks for reading.

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#1fruitopiaVIPApr 21, 2012

I hope that Malika does what is right for her and Keri.

#2xLyennerdVIPApr 23, 2012

Aw you became a much better story wrighter, well done! I like the story line, keep on going this way! ;-)

#3rollover51Apr 28, 2012

Wow, this is deep! I feel so sorry for Malika! It seems like she has all the hardest choices to make!

Great story! Keep going, I love the mystery in it! I wonder if the Police will catch them though. This is quite a risk...

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