The Flip Side Chapter 2
Published May 14, 2012

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Hey guys, sorry for the long wait, I have been sooooo busy lately. I am really sorry for dropping off the map, but I'm back.

If you haven't read the intro and the first chapter I would go back and read them or you will probably be confused.

I hope you enjoy and thank you to all the CC makers who helped make this story possible.

Hey guys, sorry for the long wait, I have been sooooo busy lately. I am really sorry for dropping off the map, but I'm back.

If you haven't read the intro and the first chapter I would go back and read them or you will probably be confused.

I hope you enjoy and thank you to all the CC makers who helped make this story possible.
It’s been a week of torture, pure torture. Every time I think I have it down pat I mess up something. I hate being in this fat suit, I hate being looked down on. I hate everything. Kylie won’t even talk to me because every time I open my mouth it seems like the only things i can say are negative. She sighs and walks away.
The only time I talk during work is either to the customers or answering one of Liam’s variety of questions. Sam hasn’t talked to me since the first night, not that he has had to. I stick with the fact that he saw me crying, and thinks I am some kind of over sensitive creep. Kylie tells me that he probably doesn’t want to have a conversation with a grumpy female.
I have gotten down to the last pair of pants that the company gave me to wear and I seem to never have time to wash my clothes. Trying to stay away from the fact that the money the company has provided me sits unused in my work account I try to think of any other options. I made the mistake of telling Kylie about the money because on my day off, Friday, she comes in during her lunch break and tells me to get ready because we are going shopping. I don’t want to be seen in that fat suit at work let alone in the actual public. I tell her that over my dead body am I going to put that thing on. Gives me that look mothers give children when they are disappointed. With a loud and extremely drawn out sigh I put on the fat suit. The town seems full of whispers today, this is the way I have been feeling all week. Every whisper is about me, every glance up is at me. The universe has shifted and now everybody is staring at me. I hate walking down the street with Kylie, who has been modeling since she was born. She also had time to change out of her scrubs and into some flattering outfit. “What stores look good?” she says glancing around halfheartedly. She seems unaware of the stares.
“Maybe Forever 21 or Mango?” Her eyes light up, she loves shopping as much as I love writing. That’s why I always take her clothes, they always have such great taste in them.
I hear something from behind me. I turn around and see Liam and Sam. God can my life get any worse? Is all I can think.
“Hey Demi and friend.” Liam says eying up Kylie. He holds out his hand, she gives it a look most people give rats. Liam ignores it, “You never told me you had such a beautiful friend.” He winks.
“You never told me you had such an idiotic co-worker.” Kylie says to me. She hates being treated like meat.
“What are you doing here? Who is at the store?” I ask, ignoring both of them. Instead I stare at Sam who is gazing off in the direction of the street where cars wiz by. I wish I was in the street right now and not here, I get the feeling he does as well.
“The weekenders took our shifts. Cool right? So me and Sam decided to go get some grub. Join us?” this question is obviously directed at Kylie more than me, the whale.
Another disgusted look from Kylie and a glance from Sam at me, if another second goes by in the awkward silence my head is going to implode. “I have to get back to work.” Kylie says suddenly, pretending to glance at her non existent watch. “Text me, kay?” She says to me. Again with the awkward silence. “Well I got to get going as well.” I say and begin to walk away. I close my eyes and try to imagine a happy place. The only thing I can think of is hell.
“Wait!” This time it is not Liam that speaks, but Sam. I realize this is the first I have heard from his voice all week. I turn to face him. “Despite popular belief that question was directed to you as well. At least, I think it was.”
“I would be intruding.” I tell him, blushing. I just want to be left alone. Do I have enough money to get a cab home? What would the driver think if I got in? What would everyone else think as well?
“Seriously Demi, come on. They just opened a new diner over on Park, if you try to get out of this we will drag you by your feet.” This comes from Liam. He seems overly ambitious, he glances back at his friend and I can see what is going on. I have keen senses, something you need when you are a writer. Some things aren’t said, just implied. Sam may not know what his friend is doing, he may have just re-invited me along because he felt bad for me, but Liam has other ideas.
We walk down the street, Liam and Sam are talking about getting a pet for their house. Liam wants something manly: a husky or a golden retriever, that isn’t in the housing agreement with the landlord. After arguing for an amazing amount of time Liam finally says, “Let's just get a goddamn bird. Least then we can teach it to talk or something.”
Once we get to the diner and find a seat outside they get to talk about something else. I feel like that awkward add on at the lunch table. Only sitting there because you have no one else to sit with. That is a good way to describe my middle school years, only talking because I had to. Only going to school because I wanted to make something with my life, not taking my own life because I couldn’t leave my mom with the guilt.
Liam turns to me, “I’m getting a beer, want a drink?”
“It isn’t even 1:30, how can you drink now?”
“Oh come on, don’t tell me you haven’t had a beer at 11 in the morning. We all do it.”
“I try to keep my drinking to a minimum.”
“Suit yourself. Want anything else?”
He walks away slowly, glances back and winks at Sam as if I can't see. Sam turns to me, “Are you enjoying work?”
Wow, that’s a great way to begin. I want to reach across the table and slap him. This obviously wasn’t what his best friend had coached him in. It seems like he hasn’t talked to a girl in years, probably hasn’t. That’s terrible, I think. How could I think such a thing? He is probably just nervous.
“When I’m not being tormented by customers, yes. I really like baking in the back. Use to do it all the time with my friend Kylie, the one you saw before. I would bake and she would try them, and I’m rambling.” My face goes bright red.
“You get used to the comments, the glances. I mean how cliché does it get, a fat dude working at a bakery.” He stops and retraces his steps, “Not that I got fat eating that crap all the time. I have self control it’s just that-“
It’s like watching a puppy drown. I stop him by saying, “I wasn’t thinking that.”
He smiles wearily and looks at the table. He pretends to see something fascinating. “Sorry, I do that a lot.”
Awkward silence follows. I curse myself for not asking for alcohol, I’m going to need something strong if this whole afternoon turns out like our last conversation. After nearly thirty seconds I look back up at him. “So,” I say. He looks up at me. His eyes are piercing, it sends shivers down my spine. “What’s your family like?” He relaxes a little and begins, “My mom died when I was twelve and my dad remarried when I was nineteen. My step mom is, well,” he tries to look for the right word to use, “She isn’t exactly the most understanding person. Doesn’t really like me, dad’s totally oblivious to it though. My younger sister just graduated from college, she is trying to work with inner city kids, I give her a week until she moves back home. She doesn’t like being ignored.” He laughs at a memory.
“I have two younger step sisters, Marie and Ester, one is a senior in high school and the other is a freshman. Marie is a cheerleader, Ester is a loner. Makes for an interesting family. You?”
Damn it, I shouldn’t have asked about family. Damn it, now I have to tell him. I guess I could lie, but I really don’t want to lie any more than I have. I try to formulate a response that makes sense. My life isn’t as clear cut as an evil step mother and dysfunctional sisters. “My family tree is a little bit more…”
“Interesting?” he tries to fill in.
“Complex.” I take a deep breath. “My mom got pregnant when she was eighteen with my oldest sister and had to drop out of college and get a job because her parents disowned her and the father was a dead beat. Me and my brother are practically twins. Then I have a younger sister, artist, and a younger brother who plays for the Sunset Valley Llamas.”
“No way. They have to be the best team in the country. I would switch teams, but I don’t believe in flip flopping when one team is amazing.” He smiles so widely. “That makes you a celebrity by association.” “Who is a celebrity?” Liam is back holding a tray of assorted drinks. He hands me my water and Sam his coke. He sits back down and sips on his Bud Light.
“Demi’s brother is a Llama. Cool right?”
“Nice, I want free tickets to a game.” He winks.
“Liam!” Sam says angrily.
“Oh shut up Sam, you were thinking the same thing. For years that’s all we talked about remember, back in high school. Always wanted to play on a real field.” Liam turns to me, “Hope its okay, I ordered some food. Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, that kind of stuff. What we usually get.”
“Oh shut up Sam, you were thinking the same thing. For years that’s all we talked about remember, back in high school. Always wanted to play on a real field.” Liam turns to me, “Hope its okay, I ordered some food. Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, that kind of stuff. What we usually get.”
“I’ll eat anything.”
“So will Sam.” Liam jokes. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and I pretend to not notice the steam pouring from Sam’s ears. I hear Liam talking quietly as I walk away, “See dude, this is your chance to get back in the game. She is, like, the prettiest fat girl I have ever seen.”
“Probably has a boyfriend.” Sam picks up Liam’s beer and takes a long swig. He wipes his top lip.
“No way man, I mean she is pretty, but do you really think any guy is going to go out with her when she obviously could care less about her health? The key word in my phrase was FAT.”
When I come back from the bathroom I sit in silence. I only talk when I have to. I am really nothing to them? Just a toy to get him back in the game. Sam inhales more than half of the food we ordered. I eat little, I feel sick to my stomach again. Liam and Sam talk about more guy stuff.
When I say I need to go home and take my dogs for a walk Sam offers to come with me. “Don’t worry about it.” I tell him.
“Come on,” he responds smiling. “I’ll drive you. It’ll be much quicker.”
“Thanks for the offer but I would rather walk. Don’t want to neglect my health.”
I am not sure what my problem is. I always do this snarky comment thing to let people know that I am mad at them. It is really stupid and immature but I cant stop myself. My mouth is working much faster than my brain. When I hear what I have said I stand up horrified. Liam is giving a wide eyed stare to Sam, who is also dumbstruck. I begin down the street, my face turning red. I don’t know what it is that makes me slow down. I want to say it is the extra 30 pounds that the fat suit is adding to my body weight, but I really think it is Sam, who is calling my name. I want to verbally abuse him. I hate being embarrassed. Right now the only person I feel equal enough to yell at is him.
“That is what your upset about? I thought you were upset that he called you fat.”
“Your right,” I say angrily, “You should be the one who is upset, your best friend just demoted you so much that the only girl you think you could possibly get is me. Let me tell you, you don’t want me.”
“Look,” I say to him. “I need to go home. Have a good weekend.”
But he wont leave me alone. I try and walk home but realize very quickly that he is following me. Every time I turn around to yell at him he keeps looking in the opposite direction, as if he isn’t really following me home. “Might as well walk next to me.” I say over my shoulder after ten minutes of walking like this.
“I thought you said your house was close.”
“It is. We only have to walk another 20 minutes to make it there.”
He groans, I feel kind of bad for him. If I struggle to keep my legs walking with an extra 30 pounds on my bones what is it like for him? It must be hell. I can see the sweat forming at his hair line and the red coming out in his cheeks. He is trying to muffle the huffing coming from his throat. I try to mimic that noise so he feels better. “I’m not that upset about what Liam said. At least, not anymore. I’ve had worse experiences than just a rebounder. If you really need that you should probably find somebody who you don’t have to see all the time.”
“I don’t really need a person to rebound with. Liam thinks I need to get a girlfriend or something to finally get over my quarter life crisis.”
We walk for a while and talk about nothing in particular. When I ask him about his high school he stops talking for a minute. “I was the quarter back. One of the most popular guys in school. I had everything.”
“It’s high school, you cant have everything.”
“Well I did, I had friends. My girlfriend was captin of the cheerleading squad. People would look at me enviously as I walked by, because I was me and they couldn’t be me. I use to make fun of this one kid. Called him Piggy because he looked like that boy from Lord of the Fly. Now I look at myself and realize that I am fatter than he ever was. If he was Piggy what would I be?”
“You’re too hard on yourself.” I say stopping in front of my house. “Wanna come in and have a drink?”
He nods and follows me into the house. I pray it is clean, and it is decent enough for guests. Neither Kylie nor me are particularly inept to cleaning. The only thing I really feel the need to do is the dishes. My two puppies Bella and Fog come skidding to a stop at my feet. I push them away from the door with my feet and turn to Sam, “You okay with dogs?”
He nods nervously and steps into the house. “You go sit in the den, I’ll go get some drinks. Do you want something to eat?”
I can’t imagine he does after eating all that food at the diner but my mother always taught me to ask if the guest wants food and drinks. “I’m not hungry.” He tells me.
“Well make yourself at home.” I tell him and go off to make the drinks. I come back a few minutes later with a vanilla cream coffee with cinnamon mixed in for Sam, something I’ve seen him drink before. While I get a hot chocolate, me and caffeine don’t mix well.
I walk in and hand him his drink. We start to talk when Kylie comes bursting through the door. “Not gonna believe who I saw at the hospital today. Gavin Carcopolous of all people. I almost had a heart attack-“ she trails off at the sight of Sam. “We have a guest.” I tell her smiling tensely, not because she interrupted us, but because this is the second time today I thought of Gavin. “Sam this is my roommate Kylie.” Sam says hi and Kylie nods back at him. He leaves quite soon after that, only staying to finish his coffee. I change then come back downstairs and see Kylie sitting at the kitchen table. “What are you doing? This has wrong written all over it.”
“I don’t like him. HE isn’t my type.” I say turning up my nose. I pick up an empty bowl of soup from her spot. She gives me a strange look.
“Not your type?” she says making a circle with her hands. I understand what she is implying and I want to pretend it isn’t true. How shallow could I be that I would let somebody’s weight determine if I date them or not. Then again she is right, this is wrong. I cant lead him on, I cant pretend that I am not lying to him. “You know what I mean.” I tell her.
“I know what you mean, but do you?”

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omg! thats a great story! i keep reading it!

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I can't wait for the next chapter!\:D

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