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Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again for all the readings, rates, comments and support in all forms!

Note to self: Do not sit and read unless you really are ready for it, because it is getting more intense!

I made more screenshots, but the narrations are shorter.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again for all the readings, rates, comments and support in all forms!

Note to self: Do not sit and read unless you really are ready for it, because it is getting more intense!

I made more screenshots, but the narrations are shorter.
The knocks on the door got louder and louder. The Bridesmaids were terrified as they had no idea what hat could be.

Could someone have followed us? Worse: could that be the police?
As the knocks on the door intensified, the Bridesmaid quickly recognized the voice of the unexpected guest as a familiar one:

" Holy Cow! Cherry, it's your boyfriend! What in the world is he doing here?! And how did he even get here!

Cherry: I have no idea! But my best guess is... He followed us! Geez, what am I going to do!
"Cherry, open the door! I know you are here!" Chad shouted.

The Bridesmaids remained silent, hoping he would get discouraged and leave.

But he didn't.

" I am not leaving here until I find out what is going on, Cherry! You might not want to have anything to do with me, but I still care about you and I am not going to stop! The Police in Starlight Shores is looking for you all over, and right now I could be their only lead if I wanted to. I will be in room 63. When you are ready." " Oh my goodness.. What are we going to do?"
Cherry asked her friends.

- There's no way we are telling him anything, it's too dangerous! What if the Police followed him? And even if they didn't, we can't get him involved in this!

Finally, the Bridesmaids came to the common agreement of not getting Chad involved, hoping he would give up.
Though she tried to sleep that night, Cherry couldn't get him out of her mind. She knew she had told him horrible things that afternoon, that she didn't want him anymore and was fine without him, but she lied. And realizing that he drove all the way from Starlight Shores just to make sure she was okay, re-opened her eyes to something she seemed to have forgotten. " You will never let this go, will you..?" She mumbled, making one step closer towards him as he opened the door of his hotel room after she had knocked. " You didn't say you loved me, but you didn't say you don't. And as long as I will see that light in your eyes, I will not let you go." " Then take me and make me your own." She ordered.

She couldn't resist no more, despite everything she tried. He had broken every rule she had, she had never seen such love. And him too, was aroused by the
way she looked at him deeply in the eyes, and there was no other option.
The scene demanded for it. She jumped on his neck and kissed him passionately. The feeling she had the first time she kissed him surged once again and make her entire body tremble, starting with her lips. They needed to be accommodated for what was coming next. She pushed him on the sofa, and he just loved the way she would take control. Passing his right hand around her neck, he drew her face closer to him and made her " his own". Seemingly the sofa wasn't enough, and so the relied on their last option for the optimal comfort. Leaning forward and on top of her, he kept kissing her with all his heart, and one thing let to another.

It was a magical night, and for once she completely forgot all her troubles and incertitudes.
The next morning as Cherry woke up next to her lover, she noticed something unusual: A chilled bottle of champaign and a cocktail glass resting on the coffee table.
" What are we celebrating?" She asked, with a smile on her face, after having the greatest night of her life.

- I am celebrating you, being here with me, right now.. He replied flirty

- Well, didn't know I was so special..

They both had a sip of the champaign, then Chad finally popped the question: " What is going on with you guys? We didn't do much talking last night, so I want to know. You are all over the news, they say you all broke someone out of jail and are involved in some kidnapping...
Before he could finish asking his question, Cherry had already turned her back and started walking away. Not because she didn't want to say a thing, but because she didn't want him involve in this. Knowing Chad, she knew that he would want to help them out, and that would make him an accomplice. And she couldn't see him jeopardizing his career as she was doing with hers. " Let me worry about myself, he said. I can't let you go through this alone. Not you, not your friends. Whatever you are in, I want to be in it with you."

( I have never seen such love, she thought to herself. I love him so much... And so she told him the entire story, from when it all started to now.)
" Guys, Chad is in. He's going to help us find Kerri. Cherry said as she returned to her room that morning..

- You're out of your mind! Meredith yelled. We can't possibly have someone else involved in this, it's too dangerous!

- This is non arguable, Mere. I can't do this without him. I need him, and I want him there. Besides, he won't let this go, anyways.
" She's right. Malika intervened. Besides, we might need a man's hand in there in case things get ugly.

- Alright, fine. Meredith sighed. But we better stick to the plan!

- Agreed! Now let's wake up Gisele, we don't want to be late.

They quickly prepared themselves and drove as fast as they could to the Fashion show's venue, where they hoped to see Johnson and get him to tell them where he was hiding their best friend.

Gisele: I can't believe they have these icecreams here in Bridgeport too... She said, looking at the Icecream truck that had just parked behing Malika.

Malika: Gisele, this is no time to be distracted!

Cherry chuckled.

Meredith: let's go through the plan again: we need to split up: the 3 of you will go towards the models lodge and try to see if Kerri is somewhere overthere, while I look for Johnson's office and see if I can get any clue of where he could be hiding her.

Malika: sounds like a plan. Let's move!
" Geez, this place is huge!" Cherry commented, as they entered the Models lodge. That's where they all starve themselves to look pretty... " And it works! Malika added. Look at all these fancy clothes.. It's exactly like on TV!" " Gisele, over here! We don't want to be noticed, and we have to stick together!" At that moment, a well dressed woman, seemingly irritated and on the edge started shouting:

" Vienna!! What the heck are you waiting for to get ready? Maybe you expect me to put your clothes on for you!!

She must have been the fashion show manager.
" Uh oh.. miss Curling has switched to her bad mood already. You three better start getting ready, before she picks on you too!" The beautiful model advised the 3, as she remained well composed and apparently not affected by the Manager's mood swing " And you three overthere! (The manager yelled, looking in the Bridesmaids direction). Maybe we should reschedule this Fashion Show for next Christmas, when " YOU ARE READY!"

She really was up in arms about it. Afterall, it was the greatest summer fashion show in Bridgeport, and she couldn't afford to make a mistake.
Gisele: " Oh no M'am, we are not...

Before Gisele could even continue saying " We are not here for the fashion show" ( because that is for sure what she was about to say) Malika interrupted:

Malika: don't say that... You are going to blow our cover, and we can't afford that!

Gisele: but we are not models, we are just here to find Kerri and...

Malika: and we will do all it takes to find her! We need to fit in and gain some more time, and this seems to be the only option!"

And this is how the Bridesmaids experience turned into something completely...

"Welcome on stage the Lady In Red!"

It was Malika, dressed up as a Bridgeport goddess in a tantalizing red dress...
She was then followed by Cherry who incarnated a famous Bridgeport Rockstar, as she rocked a red chess pants and a one sided fitting top. Then, Malika rocked a teasing Black catsuit that seemed to be just fitted for her... While Cherry walked on the podium as a nerdy ranched girl from Appaloosa Plains... " Now give it up for the Blue Butterfly!"

Gisele was dressed up as a majestic blue butterfly, and she perfectly represented, from head to toes..

Though the fashion show was nothing like what the girls had expected, they kind of enjoyed the cheering of the crowd, regardless. Now a round of applause for our Royalty Round!!

Malika was dressed up as a Medieval princess...
... While Cherry and Gisele were dressed up as Indian princesses.

" Ouch!" Cherry yelled, as she stumbled and almost fell with her sari.
While the other Bridesmaids were doing their best to keep the fashion show running unsuspectingly, Meredith kept looking around and searching through Johnson's office. She was searching for an address, a car key, a map, a wallet, etc. Anything that could possibly direct her to where Johnson could be hiding Kerri. She knew she was close, she just had to find out: how close...

Suddenly, her little treasure hunt was interrupted as someone stepped in the room. Meredith broke out
in a cold sweat as the voice resounded:
He clapped his hands and squeezed a smile at the corner of his mouth:

" Meredith Meredith meredith... Always this sneaky. Don't you know that you need permission to invade people privacy? WIll you ever learn to mind your own business, my love?
She cleared her throat. She was scared at what he could do to her, but yet kept herself together.

" You kidnapped my friend, so this is my business. Just tell me where you are hiding her, and I will let you go.."
" You will let me go? he laughed. Is that a threat that I hear, Meredith greene? And what exactly do you have that I would be scared of? Because as far as I remember, I took everything from you! Hahaha " She has me. Chad stepped in the room, looking at Johnson with a threatening eyes. And you heard her. Just tell her where you are hiding her friend." " I see that you brought help, Meredith! I hope you told your little boyfriend what I do to people who attempt to step on my toes! First I am going to deal with him, and next I will teach you a lesson, you stupid blonde!" " Don't you dare speaking to a lady like that in my presence! If you have no manners, then I am going to teach you some! And so Chad jumped on Jonhson's face, ready to give him the beating of his life. He held him by the neck, tackled him and Johnson fell on the floor. He then grabbed him and pulled, turning him around in a circular motion to make him dizzy. Against Chad, Johnson didn't stand a chance.

Chad: tell us where you are hiding her, now!

Johnson: Fine, I will telly you, please don't hurt me man! 13 Collins drive, it's the only house on the street!
Chad: is she hurt? She better not be..

Johnson: no man, she's fine, man! I just gave her some pills to sleep, that's it!
As soon as she got the address, Meredith called the rest of the crew and drove to the indicated location. She ran as fast as she could, both anxious and apprehensive about seeing her best friend again, after a brutal and tourmenting separation. As she stepped inside of the abandoned house, she was deeply saddened by the disheartening condition of her then best friend. She mumbled her name, her words not being able to come anymore: "Kerri" she said, in a guilty voice. There she was, lying on a miserably dirty sofa, trying to get some rest maybe.

As she saw Kerri, Meredith's heart skipped a beat. racing thoughts and questions came to her head that instant, coupled with unwanted emotions she so hardly tried to hide. Most importantly, she was relieved her friend was alive and whole.
" Meredith..!" Kerri replied, lifting herself from the sofa which had been her bed for the past horrible years of her life. She was only lightly asleep. Besides, who could sleep deeply in such a miserable state?

Her face was covered with wet mud as if she didn't have much time to freshen up. Or it could also have been the lack of water supply in that house that had been her home.
Meredith looked at her friend from head to toe, and all she could think of was how sorry she was. For everything she had done. She never thought that their re-reunion would be as painful as it presently was to her. As much as she tried to express her desolation and regrets at that moment, not a single word came out of her mouth, and there was an unbroken silence between the two girls who used to be best friends. But soon, that silence was interrupted by the steps on the grass: it was the other bridesmaids, coming to the rescue.

" This way!" Gisele shouted.
As she entered the abandoned house where Kerri had been hidden for years, an electrifying feeling of excitement travelled her entire body. Kerri was here, in front of her, after 4 years of " being missing"! She hugged her friend with all her heart! She had missed her breath, her touches, their laughter, everything about her, and it felt good to be back!

' Why are you all dressed up in these beautiful costumes!" Kerri inquired, curious.

The bridesmaids laughed, and then chorused: " It's a long long story!"
While everybody else was celebrating the return of Kerri, Malika noticed that Meredith had stepped away from the group, as if she didn't belong anymore. Within minutes, you could hear the police sirenes making noise from outside: they had arrived. The Bridesmaids all ran outside. This time, there was no more escape, they had to tell the Police the entire story if they wanted to survive! The sun was rising, and the people of Bridgeport got alarmed as they heard the police was nearby in the area:

Officer Rodney: Ladies, you are all under arrest for breaking Meredith Greene out of jail, and for being accomplices in the kidnapping of Kerri Cementi!

From the beginning of that kidnapping case, Officer Rodney had been looking forward saying those words, and now that he was getting that satisfaction, nothing was going to stand in his way!
But Kerri Cementi's intention was not to stand in his way: instead, she stood up for her friends. As the Police officer walked towards them in order to handcuff them, she said:

" You guys gave everything up to save my life, your careers, your lives,... Now it's my turn to save yours."
" Remember on my wedding day 4 years ago, when we made that pact to always be there for each other, no matter what... I didn't really understand the meaning of that until... this horrible thing happened to me, but now it seems like you guys understood it better than me...All these years I was alone, hopeless, and though I tried to escape several times, I failed. And you guys came to my rescue when I needed you the most, you jeopardized your freedom for me, and... I am not even sure I deserve it. You all are my best friends in the whole world, and The least I could do is return the favour. Officer, forget it. I am not pressing any charges. You can close the case now. " But what about Meredith Greene! The officer retaliated, angry. She was the one behind all of this, you can't possibly let her go!"

As Kerri looked deep into Meredith's eyes. all she could see was sorrow and desolation. She knew how she felt, and she knew it was especially hard for her to say it. Meredith then broke the awkward silence that had settled right after the officer spoke.

Meredith: let me go, I deserve everything that they are accusing me of.I am the one who took you away from all of us, I deserve to be punished. I would never forgive myself for that, never. Let me go to jail and pay for my mistake.
Kerri knew it was the guilt talking. She looked at her with comforting and merciful eyes, and she said:

" You don't have to pay for anything, Mere. All this years taught me a lesson too. I wasn't a perfect friend to you, I was self centered and inconsiderate, and you had all your reasons to resent me. I know deep in your heart you didn't mean to hurt me, and I don't blame you for what happened. Now please, accept to be free with me, with all of us, I don't think we can handle being apart again. We've suffered enough, I have suffered enough, and I don't want you to go. Officer, let her go. She's free.

Moved by Kerri's words, all Meredith could do was break down and cry with a relieved heart.
" I am so sorry, kerri.

- And I forgive you, Meredith."


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#1sofudgeaswellJul 26, 2012

yay a happy ending!!! I love it!!!

#2fofoguitJul 26, 2012

Loved it! I appreciate the length you put in these chapters. Makes me a happy camper c: 5 STARS definitely!

#3wasabichiJul 27, 2012

it has been a long ride
but amidst that, never was i bored...
thanks for sharing such beautiful story keisha!
as always, you deserve 5stars and more... \;\)

#4Bby-LJul 27, 2012

Love it..5 stars!! \:wub\:

#5fruitopiaVIPJul 28, 2012

This was a very good story.

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