What Happens In The Falls.... Chapter 5
Published May 5, 2013

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Welcome to the long awaited, chapter 5 of What Happens In The Falls...

As usual it will be split into 2 parts (3 if needed) but I don't think it'll be more than 2 parts for this chapter!

So quick recap if it's been a while since you read the last chapter; basically Megan went to France with Kurtis for their anniversary where things went terribly wrong that caused her to fly back to Moonlight Falls! And let's begin!

Welcome to the long awaited, chapter 5 of What Happens In The Falls...

As usual it will be split into 2 parts (3 if needed) but I don't think it'll be more than 2 parts for this chapter!

So quick recap if it's been a while since you read the last chapter; basically Megan went to France with Kurtis for their anniversary where things went terribly wrong that caused her to fly back to Moonlight Falls! And let's begin!
As soon as she made it to Moonlight Falls Megan was in a rush! She stepped down on that peddle once she was familiar with the area, all the way to her house where she brought Snowie inside and put food out before she dashed back out, hopped into the car and continued speeding down the road.

This was something she felt that should have happened ages ago when she was so silly ignoring what her heart wanted. But she learned from her mistakes (though it took another man to make her realise this) and was ready to follow her heart and see where it takes her.
She parked the car badly and left the engine running as she dashed up the pathway leading up to Samuel's house. Her heart was racing. Not just because she has been on the move non-stop since she's been here, but because she was about to spill her heart out to the one person who has been waiting to hear it from the get-go! When she reached by the steps, she then gave herself the chance to catch her breath as she didn't want to be gasping for air all over him while she declares her love for him.

"Should I go back? Maybe he's not even here!...Oh my gosh I can't believe I'm actually doing this! I've got to do this...forget about what I know of him, it's just a part of him that that I will have to learn to love like those characters from them films!" She gave herself some encouragement. She took one step at a time and went to ring the doorbell.

But no one answered. She wondered for a moment but wiped that out of her mind. But as she waited longer and longer she had enough and pushed the door open and quietly closed it back!
She snuck in as she walked through to the end of the entrance and looked to see if she could hear any footsteps coming her way. But there wasn't. Just as she decided to make her turn, Samuel came from the kitchen and was very surprised to see her. She ran towards and jumped up for him to catch her where he held on tight.

"I caught a scent of you but I thought my senses were playing up! When did you come back?" Samuel was so puzzled but happy at the same time! He missed her from the time he left her apartment; he wanted to go back and not take no for an answer. But he said he would respect her wishes and leave her alone.

"Just now! Not too long ago! She said; continuing to hold onto him. I dropped Snowie off and made my way here! She explained. I missed you soo much!"
"Uh..I missed you too but, you wanted me to give you space! He reminded. Are you okay? Is everything alright? He was beginning to worry so he put her down so he could get a better look at her. Did he do something to you?"
"No!..It's nothing like that!..."
"Then why all of this affection suddenly?" He asked her. He didn't mind, but he wanted an explanation. "Because I recently realised how badly I am ruining my chances at being truly happy..with the one person! Samuel felt relieved to finally hear those three words! He caressed her cheeks as she continued to speak. That night..when I saw you...I didn't forget why I came! It was because I wanted to tell you that I loved you!

But because of what I saw..what I didn't expect to see..I wasn't sure if I could handle that! But Kurtis said something to me that made me really think, and here I am today!"
Samuel pulled her in which brought their faces quite close. "Well thank you Kurtis! He said; Megan smiled with a cheeky grin. You know I have been waiting for this day since that kiss at the beach! I really wanted you to come with me!"
"Well next time I'll be right beside you cause I'm not planning on leaving you any time soon!" Megan assured him.

"Well that's good to hear! Cause I have another business trip at the end of April in Lucky Palms for a couple of days! Maybe a week!" He winked at her. "Sounds..interesting!"
"Yeah!" And he pulled her in even more by her waist which also brought her face much closer, where he then gave her a long, embracing kiss!
Their kiss brought back memories from when Samuel kissed her the first time at the beach, the awkward second time at her place on his unexpected visit, to the third time at the beach before his departure to Sunlit Tides! And each time they just get better and better for her!

But this time it was because it had a meaning to the both of them. This time there was no denial, no guilt, just pure passion and love.
Tinker came back from Tristan's and wasn't expecting to come home and see them two making out by the bar! She froze and blinked her eyes a couple of times as she wasn't sure if she was dreaming; but they were still there, making out like nobody's business each time she opened her eyes.

"Oh my gosh you guys!..What's going on here?" Tinker asked sounding so excited with her high-pitched voice as she flew over towards them. "Uhh.. Megan began to blush; Samuel just smiled. ..well.. Megan looked down for his hand to hold and then back up at Tinker. ..we're together!"

For the amount of time Tinker has known her, she has not seen a bigger smile on her face that she was seeing now. Tinker felt so emotional she needed to give Megan a hug.
She squeezed her soo tight that she forgot about her supernatural strength and that Megan was a human and released her. "I'm sorry! I've been so used to hugging a vampire that I don't worry about my strength!" She apologised. "That's okay! Just remember for next time!" She pointed out. "Will do!..I'm just so happy that you two are finally together 8 months later!"

"You've counted the months?" Megan's smile wiped off her face; she couldn't believe Tinker would know that! She didn't even remember herself! But this made her realise how long it has taken her to be with Samuel. "You'd be surprised on what I can remember!..But it might not be exact!" Tinker added.
"Finally!..This is where I was meant to be! Under the stars, dancing with the man I love! *she sighs* For once in my life I feel at peace; everything is calm, everything is right and nothing can change this!" Megan thought to herself. She was tranquil, yes she was happy with Kurtis, but deep down for how long they could have lasted, it wasn't meant to be!

She didn't have any resentment towards him though he embarrassed her in front of a whole group of people. She is grateful that she had the chance to know him as he helped her to cope and realise the truth about her love for Samuel. He also helped her to come out of her shell and be more open to new things!

Yeah she still has her moments when she'll be shy, but around the people she feels comfortable around (especially Samuel) they will see her true colours surface!
The stars are so beautiful tonight!" She said to Samuel. "They always are beautiful, just like you!" And he kissed her cheek. "Ahh..ain't you sweet! She gushed. And as cold as it is I feel like I can dance all night with you!" She added as he twirled her round to face him. "And why is that? You're not secretly a werewolf are you?" He joked. "Course not! I didn't know they existed remember!" She reminded him.

"Yeah but that could just mean you're a great actress! He pointed out. He spun her back around again. I would know if you were one anyway!" He told her. "How?"
Well I could tell by your scent, your eyes, but mostly because we wolves have like a..a sixth sense! When in a pack we also have a telepathic mind, so if something's up..
"You'll automatically know!"
"Exactly! As much of a curse that I feel like it is, it can sometimes be a blessing too!"

"Yeah like your unbelievable amount of strength! I'm sure your happy about that!" She turned her head to see his expression. " some cases!"
"And what cases could that be?" She wasn't expecting there to be any. "Well..I could do without the struggles..when..being intimate with a woman! For something like this he felt embarrassed to say but he couldn't lie to her. Cause I would've ripped your clothes off that day when you told me you loved me!" He explained.
His clean white sheets has not yet been touched by a woman! You see, if Samuel hadn't met Megan that night at the lounge, then I'm sure they wouldn't be so pure now! But because that didn't happen, Samuel has basically been celibate (before and after his brief altercation in Sunlit Tides) ever since.

"So you're saying that you won't ever touch me?" This was sad for her to hear. "I'm touching you now!"
"You know what I mean!"
"I don't want to hurt you Megan!"
"You won't! I know you won't!..I'm sure you've been with women since you became a werewolf!"
"Yeah..but they were sadistic women who loved the pain! Women that I didn't care about!"
"..I trust you Samuel!..I trust you, so you should trust in yourself!" She persevered.

She kissed him lightly on the lips then moved herself away and said "Let's go to your place!" And continued to make her way to his car. Samuel remained where he was until she was about halfway near the car and followed behind with his hands in his pockets.
After parking up in his usual spot in front of his house, she was already out of the car and on the other side with her arm reached out for him to hold. He turned off the ignition, came out of the car and locked it and held her hand where they walked together up the steps.

She stopped by the door and kissed him so passionately as she rustled her hands through his hair which began to get him turned on! He forced himself to let go so he could open the door; when they got in she hardly gave him the chance to close it! They continued kissing passionately, taking off each other's clothes as they made their way to the stairs. He didn't want to stop! Not even for a few seconds to walk or run up the stairs so he picked her up and carried her to his room!
After all that stripping they were now just in their underwear, trying to make it to the bed. They continued making out where he picked her up once again but this time so she could wrap her legs around his waist. She didn't know what had gotten into her in the last few minutes that made her feel so lustful; maybe it was the fact when he put into context that he wouldn't be getting..passionate with her anytime soon! Finally they made it and continued on the bed where they soon ended up lying down side by side with his arm gently touching her back. Things were going fast and Samuel wanted to take a breather to ask if she was sure she wanted to go through with it. "I'm sure!...You have the control, you just need to tell yourself that!" And she stretched her head forward to kiss him which then began to get more intimate. "Shall we continue this under the sheets?"

Finally these sheets weren't so pure anymore!
After their amazing night under those white sheets, they stayed in bed the whole day (other than when Samuel made her breakfast in bed) talking about anything and everything that came to mind. They even made plans for him to take her out to the highlands to where he mostly goes hunting! (Or fishing when the lowlands are are biting!) She thought this would be adventurous and exciting, that's why she agreed to go! They planned to go on Sunday evening which was the night of the full moon so they could watch the stars. Everything was going according to plan until Samuel wasn't at Megan's house the time he agreed to pick her up. 15 minutes later she was concerned something was up so she took her phone out from her jacket pocket and called him.

She had his number on speed dial so the phone was already ringing. It took only a few rings before he answered the phone. "Hey, is everything alright? You know you were supposed to pick me up right?"
"Yeah..uhh..sorry about that." He apologised. But he didn't sound himself therefore Megan asked "Are you okay? Did something happen?"
"Yeah I'm fine!..Can we reschedule this another time?" He asked. "Yeah I guess. She sounded like she was let down and Samuel heard this in her voice.

Soon after this disappointing statement they ended the call. "Something's up!" She immediately thought and picked up her keys from the coffee table and made her way to his house.
BTW this is her new addition to the Hensley family and his name is Jasper! He was another stray who came to her house (that looked just like Snowie) so I had to keep him!

He was actually an elderly so I brought his age back to adult.
As usual she parked behind his Range Rover and rang the doorbell. Tinker fluttered to the door and opened it for her to let her in. "He's outside!" She told her and Megan made her way out back through the kitchen.

If he was outside, she knew where he would be so she stopped near the steps and looked to see if she could see him from there in which she could! He was standing there by the pond doing nothing. She watched him for a short moment before going to speak to him.
"I knew you'd come!"
"Cause I was worried!" She told him. "I know..I could hear it in your voice!"
"So take me out of my misery then and tell me what's wrong! It then became silent. All they could hear was the sound of the trees rustling and the water flowing as the evening breeze pushed it along making ripples. I will stand here all night if I have to!" Megan declared. And Samuel knew she would, but wouldn't last long.

"I wanted tonight to be perfect! I wanted us to watch the stars under the full moon which meant that I would be in my werewolf form!" He finally came clean, (sort of) but she still did not know what the problem was so she asked "So what's the problem?"
"The problem is you've only seen me that way twice! One when I scared you and the other when you sympathetically complimented me!"

Megan was now seeing the problem and wanted to assure him that what she meant was from the kindness of her heart and that she loves him either way!
"If I lied about what I said then I wouldn't be here right now! I would probably still be in Bridgeport cause I would probably be so terrified to see you! She placed the palm of her hand on the side of his face. I admit it's strange, but it's because it's unnatural! But deep down I can see the Samuel I know and love!...Plus the only difference I see is the abnormal amount of hair you grow in 2 seconds!" Samuel smiled at that comment. It was probably his first smile for the day!

"Rain check?" He quickly asked while placing his arms just on her shoulder blade. "Rain check! Under the next full moon!" She added as she put her other hand on his other cheek. "I promise!"
Samuel leaned in so his forehead could touch hers and gaze into her pretty light blue eyes. "I love you!" He said. "I love you too!" And they subconsciously locked lips and made out under the beautiful full moon, where they stayed for a couple more hours to watch the stars. 2 Weeks Later

Everything has been the same as usual; spending her time with Samuel, working at the bookstore or out at the park with Snowie and Jasper. Everything was perfect in her life..perfect until the day when she passed her calendar and saw how late her period is! She couldn't remember if she had the one before she went to the previous month to see if she did but she didn't.

Now realising that she only missed one she never gave it too much thought as she couldn't be pregnant when her and Samuel have only been together for a short amount of time!
Though her mind was made up, she couldn't deny that she hasn't noticed some changes to her body these past few weeks! She felt like she gained a few pounds (though that could have been from the comfort eating) even though she was quite active when she was with Kurtis and she could see it adding onto her hips and stomach!

She then decided to get back into shape and spend a few days per week at the gym. As active as Samuel is, he changed his schedule and went at the same time as she did. On Sunday evening they met up at the gym and did their own separate workouts.
About an hour later they were on the treadmill side by side running at two extremely different paces. Megan was feeling good and pumped up, looking forward to completing her set miles! She was almost there until she began to feel queasy and immediately stopped the treadmill. "Are you alright?" Samuel asked as he came off to comfort her.

Megan then had the need to throw up but her reflexes stopped her from letting it out on the floor. She ran to the ladies room in full speed before she couldn't hold it no more. Samuel shortly followed after wiping the dripping sweat off his face.
She pushed the ladies toilet door with so much force; if someone was behind she'd probably have broken their nose! But she didn't care, she continued running until she was in a cubicle and letting it all out. *vomiting* was all Samuel could hear by the door. He wanted to be like superman and run in and save the day, was a ladies room and I'm sure the women wouldn't want to have a man invading in their privacy (though those who were in there scurried out earlier when they heard Megan throwing up).

She stopped at one point so Samuel thought she was finished and yelled "Are you alright?" But Megan couldn't respond, and she was back at it again.
Megan was relieved when it was over; she flushed the toilet and went to a sink to wash her face. She had her rag in her back pocket still so she used that to dry her face and come out of the toilets.

When she saw Samuel, he had his arms open for a hug so she went for it but kept her face away from his as she didn't want him to smell her breath (though he probably did already). "I'm not well!" She said. "I didn't notice! He mocked. How about we call it a night and I'll take you home?"
"That sounds good!" He told her to go to his car as he picked up their things and dropped her home and decided to bring her car back in the morning.
As soon as they arrived, Megan headed straight to her room to put her nightclothes on and go to bed. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep and think about the possibilities of her being pregnant. But how?

She was like this for a few days throwing up constantly and going back to sleep. Samuel was there the whole time looking after her, trying to keep her hydrated and fed. She was drinking when she was up for a couple of minutes, but she had no appetite. One night Samuel never felt too tired so he relaxed on the bed beside her.

He was a bit bored so he looked around her room as he remained in the same spot looking at her pictures on the wall to her things on her chest of drawers where he noticed a picture frame with a person that didn't look like Megan. It was a picture of Kurtis posing in front of a statue.
He quietly came off the bed, trying not to disturb Megan from her sleep and stood close enough to get an even better look. He did not know the reason for their split, but he didn't understand why she had a picture of him displayed in her room.

Samuel didn't take to Kurtis when he met him, mostly because he was with Megan. But generally he seemed like a nice guy that was making her happy! It was something to ask about but after her health is restored and is in a better mood.
Now Samuel wasn't sure if she had her appetite back or not but he made breakfast anyway. He cooked something simple with fresh fruits that should hopefully kick-start her craving for food!

She woke up that morning to what smelled like home-made pancakes and fruits which made her stomach growl, which then gave her the motivation to get up and find out what's going on behind that door. When she stood up, she moved cautiously out of the room in fear that her tummy might act up again.

"How do you know that I'm gonna eat?" She asked as she remained near the bathroom door just in case. "Morning! I didn't, but I thought today you needed to eat something as you haven't for days! Just try a little and see how it goes!" He poured some of the strawberry sauce onto the plate and placed a crepe on top with a bit of cream and brought it over to the table.
Megan sat down the same time as Samuel, looking down at her delicious food contemplating if she should go for it or not. Samuel watched her; he hadn't even touched his food yet as he was so engrossed in watching her.

She picked up her fork and broke a small piece of the crepe and brought it towards her mouth dreading it each time it came closer to her mouth until she quickly chucked it in. She chewed it to small pieces tasting the different flavours.

"It's as good as it looks!" She complimented as she took another small piece of the crepe. "Thank you!" And he then began to eat his own breakfast that probably won't be as warm.
"So uh.. *she puts food in mouth* ..when I'm all washed and ready..I'm gonna go to the hospital!"
"What! Why? I thought you were feeling better! I thought it was just a stomach bug or something!" Samuel panicked. "Well not the hospital part, just the doctors surgery!..I just want to get some advice on what can help me feel better! Nothing serious! She assured him.

"How about I go to the chemist and ask them rather than bothering those doctors, so you can rest!" He suggested. "Because I made an appointment that can't be cancelled! She lied. Plus I need a little fresh air anyway!" She left her fork on the plate with the leftover crepe and went to get ready.
Samuel knew she was lying about cancelling her appointment, which made him wonder why she was so eager to go! He decided to go with her, so he washed up the dirty dishes and played with the dogs until Megan was ready to go. Megan wasn't too impressed about Samuel coming with her, but she went with it and let him drop her there. When Megan's name was called, she left Samuel in the waiting room still pondering about the reason of this visit.

As the minutes went by, receiving and answering many questions, Samuel was getting impatient. When Megan told her doctor about her queasiness, the doctor then asked her specific questions as if she already had a conclusion on what her problem is.

They doctor soon asked if it is possible that she is pregnant but Megan quickly said no, but she agreed to take a pregnancy test anyway, just to confirm.
After the woman completed the tests Megan was left alone in the room, nervously waiting for the results. "How could I be pregnant?" She asked herself. Me and Samuel have only been..well you know, since about 2 weeks ago! And we've been using protection!..Except for that first time!

*door opens*

"Hi Miss Hensley I'm sorry about the wait!" She kindly apologised. "That's okay! *she inhales then exhales* So..what are the results? Though she felt confident about what the results would be, nerves and curiosity came over her as she anxiously waited.

"Are you sure you have been using protection EACH time you have been sexually active?" This now made her worry, maybe it was that one time! But so soon to be making me feel like this already! "Uh..well I'm not a hundred percent sure can this be possible? Me partner have only been together for two weeks!"
"Two weeks?" The doctor repeated. "Yeah!"
"Well according to these results, you are 8 weeks pregnant!"
Megan was in a daze, she wasn't really concentrating on what the doctor was saying. When she left the room Samuel called out saying "How did it go?" but she continued walking straight past him and out of the surgery.

She continued walking without stopping straight across the road to the park; luckily the roads weren't busy!
It was a bit dark outside as if rain was soon coming, plus the fact that it's spring still and the days are a bit shorter, trying to break out of it.

Samuel followed and when he came out of the building, he looked to see where she went but quickly caught her scent again and found her sitting down on a bench. He sighed cause he knew Megan was acting suspicious about wanting to come here and whatever the problem is, he knew it wasn't good.

He watched her for a minute or two before going to find out what the doctor said.
"Sorry I followed you. I just needed some air!" She could sense that he was close and she stood up for no reason as if it was a reaction to him being there. "What did the doctor say?" *she starts to sniffle* "I uhh....I'm pregnant! She turned to face him. And..Kurtis is the father! She felt a tear forming so she quickly wiped it. I'm so sorry!"

She stood there wiping away each tear that came as she watched Samuel's reaction to the news. "Come here." He said with so much compassion in his voice, she was reluctant but did anyway. When she was a few inches away from him he wiped the remaining tears she left on her face and held her hand.
"There's no need to cry Megan! It's not the end of the world!" He was so calm. "Yeah but I'm pregnant with someone else's child and why would you still want to be with me?" She went hysterical. "I want to be with you because I love you and I know you never planned this! This was before you and I got together!..So we can just take this a step at a time and see where it goes!"

"We? She thought. I'm the one who is 8 weeks pregnant and throwing up all the time and he says we!" But that wasn't important. What was important was whether she was going to tell Kurtis about it!
Samuel brought her into a hug and gently swayed side-to-side. "Do you think I should tell Kurtis about this?"
"I don't see any harm in not telling him! He's all the way wherever he is! We can just keep it between us for now!" But Megan knew she would feel guilty about this though he had a point.

Kurtis was far away either in Bridgeport or away on his trip somewhere in the world, so she had time to decide (well not too much time) whether to tell him or not and find out why Samuel was so okay with this.

But that's what she thought!
Someone has been driving around in a black, shiny expensive car the same evening as if they were searching for something, or someone. (And there's nobody in the neighbourhood that drives a Jaguar. Not even Samuel! The person drove around town until they stopped and got out of the car revealing at least their gender at 'Gypsy's Landing' park where Moonlight Falls' one and only known location of the gypsy's wagon is.

He went in and eventually came out looking like he got what he wanted and back in his car, off to his next destination.
On Monday evening, Megan came home from spending some time with Samuel to then find her lights on in her house, when she knew she left with them being off. She was going to call Samuel just in case there was an intruder, but by now they probably would have left. She thought.

She opened the door as quietly as possible and went in... *gasp*

And this is where I end the 1st part of 'What Happens in The Falls...' until next time! I hope you enjoyed this chapter and part 2 will be out as soon as I can!

If you can/want to leave a comment but not joined with TSR then you can leave me a message on my Tumblr page which is called Sweet.P.Sour!

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