Instant Crush - Chapter 5
Published Sep 5, 2013

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Chapter 5 is here!!! Yay!
Please enjoy and leave a comment and a rating Please! (>^.^<)

Chapter 5 is here!!! Yay!
Please enjoy and leave a comment and a rating Please! (>^.^<)
Regie grabbed Odette's arm and pulled her to the door.

Odette- Wait! I don't even have my shoes on!...Regie!

Regie opened the door and walked out. They both stopped and looked at the site before them. Odette inched her way behind her friend.
Odette- He's so hot.

She quietly squealed. Regie nodded and they both stared at Bill who was leaning against his car.

Regie turned around to face Odette.

Regie- Ooooooh my goodness *she whispered*

Odette- I can't...what if he waves me off..I'm..this isn't what he wants

She pointed to herself and pouted.
Bill- Regie?

Odettes eyes grew big and she pouted even more.

Odette- He sounds hot too.

Odette whispered. Regie turned around and stepped away from Odette revealing her to Bill.
Bill- Hello

He grined and looked Odette up and down.

Bill- I didn't know you were a Fairy, it?

Odette cleared her throat but still stumbled on her words.
Odette- did not say you...were...a vampire.

Odette looked to Regie, deep down Odette was scared...this was kind of bad. A vampire and fairy...not the best match, but Odette did not care... she was about to burst with happiness from talking to the one man that made her happy, actually happy.

Bill smirked and stepped closer to her, to which Odette stepped back.
Bill- I'm not going to hurt you, love.

Odette- I know...just...

She looked to Regie and Regie looked between them...

Regie- Oh...I....forgot... I need to iron my socks!...haha...silly me. Uh.... Don't you two stay out too long now.
She then ran inside the house and turned off all the lights and secretly peaked out from the curtains to watch them.

Regie- Kiss her!

She squealed and then placed a hand over her mouth.
Bill- You know she is watching, right?

Odette nodded and looked at the ground smiling like an idiot. She ran threw her head of everything she could say. Small talk would not cut it. Not with him, not with Bill.

Bill- This is a nice home you have here. Very.....homey.
He stepped closer and closer until they were a foot apart.

Bill- I understand that you have never had a boyfriend and you are nervous as of what to do in situations...but..

He took her hand and placed it to his chest.

Bill- I'm really happy that we finally met.
Odette looked up at him, She blushed and looked down at his hand. She laughed.

Odette- me too.... I want to slap myself for putting it off for so long.

Bill titled his head to the side to try to get her to look at him.

Bill- you were worried and I understand that.

Odette- I'm glad.

Bill- shall I see you tomorrow?
Odettes heart picked up and she thought she would faint from how excited and happy she was. She shook her head to snap herself out of her daze and smiled.

Odette- Yes, of course!..but... I work all day.

Bill- hmm... where do you work?

Odette- The towns newspaper.

Bill- I can take care of that, so what time shall I come pick you up?

Odette- Umm....well...can you even.. are you going to take care of my job by the way?

Bill- The CEO is a friend of the family, I can ask if a particular employee can have the day with out it affecting their pay.

*he winked*

Odette- oh

Bill- so tomorrow then, love?

Odette- Yes! of course!

Bill smiled and pulled her in for a hug, their noses were inches apart. Odette inwardly rolled her eyes and decided to close the gap but before she could...
Una- Hello heloo...I am hoooome!

Odette stepped back from Bill, but Bill kept his hold on Odette and took a step close to her, both of them turning to Odettes extremely happy friend Una.

Una- Odette, tonight was the best night of my life! You, Regie, and Collete need to put on your pjs and get some food together because I have so much to tell you about my date with Cas!
Una was too happy to even notice the kind of embrace Odette was in with her mystery man. Una walked past them and before she could turn the knob to the door she spun back around and stared at Bill.

Una- Hi...

Bill- Nice to meet you!

Bill smiled brightly and loosened his hold around Odette, he looked back at her and kissed her cheek.

Bill- Tomorrow.
Bill bowed to Una and backed away from the girls with a silly grin on his face, until he reached his car.

Odette waved as he drove off and smiled at the direction he drove off in until his car lights disappeared. She then snapped back to her friend and glared daggers at her.

Una- Did...I interrupt something?

Una nervously laughed and slowly crept over to her friend to give her a hug as an apology.

Una- Una is sorry Dot.

Dot laughed and hugged her friend back. They both walked into the house.
It was around 3 am in the morning when the girls had decided to go to bed...well...really Regie decided to go to bed and the rest carried on.

Una- noon he will be here?

Odette- *yawn* yea...

Odette then passed out.
Collete- Hehe she's going to have such an exciting

Una- I hope so... * yawn*

The two girls then passed out as well.
*ding dong* It was around noon and the girls were still past out on the living room floor. Una heard the door bell and snapped up, propping herself up against the couch.

She rubbed her eyes and listened out for the door bell again to make sure it was not her just waking up from a dream.
Una pushed her self up and slowly walked over to the door way, though before she opened the boor she stopped dead in her track.

Una- Od....ODETTE!

Una turned to see her two friends Odette and Collete still asleep on the floor.
Una- ODETTE!!!

Collete- uugghh.... stop yelling.
Una- wake her up!

Una had panic in her eyes as she waved to Collete.

Una- Right now!.... Right...NOW

Collete rubbed her eyes and yawned.

Collete- Odette...
Collete- Odette, get up!

Collete shook Dot awake and Odette yawned looking at Collete and then at Una who still stood only a few feet away from the front door.

Una- He's here!

Una squealed and clasped her hands over her mouth.
Odette sunk back onto the floor, being as close to the ground as she could, nervous as ever.

Odette-.....OH!...what time is it?!!?

she whispered harshly to Collete. Collete Yawned again and pulled her phone from the end table.

Collete- It's 1:45

Odette wanted to beat herself up... HE must have been waiting for and hour...or more!
Odette- Tell...him...Tell him I am in the shower ...uh...hold him off...entertain him! ARG!!

Odette Rushed up the steps and into her room.

Una nervously laughed and waved through the Door to Bill. She stood there with Collete thinking of what they should do.

Collete- Let him in...

Una- WHAT?! I am in my pjs!

Collete- It's raining outside...look how dark it is!!

Una-... Fine...just...lets go get dressed.
Both girls waved to Bill and Rushed up the steps to their own rooms.
Bill stood outside their Door for what seemed a good two hours. At first he thought Odette had forgot about him coming to see her but he quickly shook his head,... no she wouldn't forget.

Bill propped himself up against the door, waiting for the girls to come back. He smiled to himself as he remembered this mornings events.
Bill slept uncomfortably that night on his alter.. he wished Odette was with that he didn't feel so lonely. Though he didn't mind as much as he use to. Now that they had met they were closer than ever to being together and that helped with falling asleep.
7 am

He Had set his alarm early for that morning so that he could have enough time to get ready and pick up flowers for Odette.

Though as he stood in front of his mirror he scolded himself...

Bill- I knew I shouldn't have died my hair blonde..

Thankfully since he had a lot of time on his hands he decided to dye his hair back to black.
10 am

Bill smiled to himself in the mirror, he had changed his clothes and now he was ready to leave the house.

Thomas- Well...well...well.... I thought girls were the only ones that put a lot of time into how they will look for their first date.

Bill laughed and spun around to his twin..

Bill- This isn't just any first date.

Thomas- I know..... doesn't mean I can't make fun of you for it.
Thomas then became seriously.

Thomas- I'm Happy for you... I really am.
Bill- I know

Thomas- Just... be Careful... she's a

Bill- I wouldn't hurt her.

Bill growled and Thomas placed a hand on Bills shoulder.

Thomas- I know you wouldn't intentionally hurt her...just... be careful is all I am saying.

Bill nodded and headed out the door. He knows his brother is just looking out for him, but he was mad for his brother to even think Bill could ever hurt Odette.... ODETTE!... No.

Bill marched out to his car...taking note that it was dark and cloudy. He cursed to himself, hoping he could make it to her house before it started to pour.
Back to hour has past and Regie has come home from work.

Regie was smiling like a fool after having spent time with Thomas.When she reached her door she noticed that Bill was standing besides it.
Regie- Bill why are you out here?

Bill- Welll... I the girls saw me..but they ran up stairs.

Regie rolled her eyes and opened the door, allowing Bill inside. He stood in the hallway until Regie ushered him to sit down while she figured out what was going on.
Regie sat down on the couch across from Bill.

Regie- So... Odette is getting ready and apparently the two other girls you saw, Una and Collete, did not want to let you know... they are to lazy to change our of their pjs.

Regie glared at the kitchen door way where Una now sat and ate her lunch... fully clothed now after having Regie yell at her.
Bill laughed and leaned back in the couch.

Bill- It's perfectly fine..... is...
Odette coming down though.

Regie- Yes.. of course! she is just getting ready.. she is really nervous..... I shouldn't have said that..... did you dye your hair?
Bill- Yes...
Bill left it at that.
Regie- Um... there is something I want to ask you about your brother.

Bill raised and eye brow and leaned back over.

Bill- What about my brother?

Regie- Just..uh.. he mentioned that He is...

Odette- Hello..
Regie and Bill jumped from the couches and Regie quickly rushed into the kitchen to sit with Una.

Bill bowed as Odette slowly walked closer to him and once again they stood in front of each other speechless. Bill looked Odette up and down.

Bill- You look beautiful
Odette blushed and looked down at her hands.

Odette- So do you..

Odette mentally face palmed herself.

Odette-.. I... I mean you look handsome.
Bill Laughed.
Odette looked back up at Bill, pushing herself to have a little more courage.

Odette- So.. where are we going?

Bill- Well..before we head out there is just one thing I want to do first.

He stepped closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her close to him.

Odette- Bill...
Bill- Hopefully we don't get interrupted this time..

Odette smiled and closed the gap between them.
Una stared at the kitchen door way and tried to listen as to what they were saying to each other, Regie was doing the same as well.

Una- What are they doing, I can't hear anything .... are they kissing?!

Una whispered, trying hard to not yell in excitement. Regie shrugged and looked equally frustrated that she could burst with excitement.
Regie- I don't know... I hope he kissed her though... they almost did before you interrupted them yesterday!

Una- I said I was sorry!

They then both snapped there head to look at the couple before them.
Odette- Um... we're leaving so.. bye!

Bill- Yes, Have a good evening. Bill then bowed and him and Odette left the house hand in hand.
Regie and Una then scrambled out of their chairs and stood in front of each other...

Regie- AAAHHH!!

Una- I KNOW!!!

They jumped up and down and stared at each other with stupid smiles on their face. They were both extremely happy for Odette.
Odette- Are you coming in?!

Odette waved her hands back and forth in the ocean water before finally coming out to meet Bill who was sitting on the sand watching her.

Bill- Vampires don't like getting wet.

Odette- So you are like a cat then... don't like water and you have fangs and claws.
Odette smiled and laid her head on his chest. Bill looked at her with shocked eyes and his mouth a gape.

Bill- did you compare me to a Cat.

Odette giggle and traced his Chest tattoo that peeked up from his shirt.
Odette- So... how old are you really?

Bill smirked and ran his hand through
Odettes hair.

Bill- Guess.

Odette pouted.

Odette- 100 years.

Bill scoffed and shook his head.
Odette- 500 years?

Bill gave her a "really?" look and shook his head.

Odette- fine... 1000 years?

Bill shook his head.
Odette-....... 1500 years?

Bill smiled and pulled her in for a kiss.
Bill- Lets see.... how about you add all those numbers together and ...........add another.. 678 years to it.

Odette scrunched up her face as she tried to add all the numbers in her head.

Odette- That's... a long time....

Bill- yea
Odette- Does anything even surprise you anymore?

Bill- Of course!.... The world keeps changing! People, Trends, music,...everything. Of course there were time where I would take.... century long naps.

Odettes eye grew big and contemplated how he could take century long naps.

Bill- It's not that hard... *chuckle* I'm dead after all.

Odette smiled along with him, an crawled on top of him.

Bill- So bold are we?

Odette kissed him and didn't want to let go.
One hour later

Odette and Bill sat together as they waited for the sun to go up. Odette had fallen asleep while Bill watched the ocean and felt the warmth of the sun hit the back of his neck.

Bill- Odette..

Odette shift and slowly opened her eyes. She wasn't expecting for it to be so bright with she woke up and grunted in disapproval.
Bill- So what shall we do now?

Odette-...Uh...but...we just spent the whole have work to get done.

Bill- hmm... then.. I guess you are taking me home?

Odette giggle and pulled him in for a hug.

Odette- I love you...
Bill smiled and hugged her tighter. Even though he was happy he couldn't help the feeling that with them getting closer and closer, something horrible was on the horizon. Though he shook that feeling away and ..

Bill- I love you more than anything, my Odette
Odette- Alright.... lets go. I have to work on an article so I hope you don't mind sitting around doing nothing.

Bill- My whole life before you was sitting around doing nothing... I think I will survive the board-em.

Odette laugh and Bill took her hand as they walked to his car.
As they headed to Odettes home, little did Bill know his feeling of dread was real and there was something horrible on the horizon...

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#1mariacoraSep 6, 2013

aww awesome chapter ! I felt happiness while I read the romance events between odette and bill but when this strange women show up \:mad\: .. ghrr who is this goat women \:o ! what she wants .. can't wait to know ..

#2NisukiSep 6, 2013

This was an amazing chapter! Huray for Odetteheartbill! \:wub\: I'm really curious about the last woman too O__O

#3SdsimpSep 7, 2013

Reading this story, you can actually feel like you're there. Great work!!

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