Sudden End - Chapter 7
Published Sep 26, 2013

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Chapter 7 is here! ♡
Massive, massive thanks to everyone who's reading my stories and for all the awesome comments!

This chapter consist of many "talk-scenes" sorry if you don't like that, but I just had to :D ! It is a longer chapter than the others, but some shots are pretty short, so don't worry xD

Oh and btw. I'm definitly going to write a fantasy story later and I'll probably add a little horror to it :)

Aye, sorry for a long introtext again, but hey, I have to keep you up-to-date xD!

Have fun lovely simmers!

HUGE HUGS TO ALL THE AMAZING CC-creators, you're amazing! ♡ XO

Chapter 7 is here! ♡
Massive, massive thanks to everyone who's reading my stories and for all the awesome comments!

This chapter consist of many "talk-scenes" sorry if you don't like that, but I just had to :D ! It is a longer chapter than the others, but some shots are pretty short, so don't worry xD

Oh and btw. I'm definitly going to write a fantasy story later and I'll probably add a little horror to it :)

Aye, sorry for a long introtext again, but hey, I have to keep you up-to-date xD!

Have fun lovely simmers!

HUGE HUGS TO ALL THE AMAZING CC-creators, you're amazing! ♡ XO
"Ugh.." Drew sighed "I think Sylvie hates me.."

"Hmm.. Nah, you're wrong." Lance said to him, "I remember how happy she was that you were back, but I think it's just overwhelming to her that she was told that you've loved her since forever and now.. you suddenly said you love her."
"I think it's just my fault how she's acting now.." Elwin said who was sitting at the other bench. "Maybe she isn't ready for another relationshop.. or there must be something else bothering her."

Nika interrupted him. "I don't think she has changed because of you. She still sees you as a good friend, but you might be right about that there's something else.. You know what day it's today right?

Anyways, Elwin, Des wants you to help her out."

"You think so..? You're right about today.. Alright I will go." Elwin stood up and walked to the room where Desira was.
"Today... is the day.." Nika slowly started. "That her parents died in that car accident fifteen years ago. Right at Christmas Eve and the day before Sylvie's birthday."

"Well, we should have fun today and that's exactly why we are going to the underground swimmingpool!" Lance said with a too cheerful voice.

Nika sighed "Well you know she might get sad too. She always played in the water with her mother. If it didn't snow this hard today, I would have taken her to the shopping center."
"C'mon Nika try to be more cheerful! Am I right Drew? If we want Sylvie to be happy, we need to be happy too! Hey hey, I've an idea for tonight's christmas dinner. We'll get some sleds and go to the best restaurant ever! I will be santa claus!"

"Lance, what a great idea!" Drew said, probably sarcastic. "You should search for reindeers so they can pull our sleds!"

"Lance stop, your idea is fun but probably not possible."

"Not possible?" Lance said with a sad voice and pouted.

"Oke, maybe, but first go grab your stuff, we are heading to the pool! I will go to Sylvie."
"I love you." I gasped. Everytime I thought back about yesterday, I saw him again, standing infront of me and saying these three little words which made my heart jump from happiness.

Yet.. I didn't know what I had to do. Why would he.. love me..
Who am I kidding! It was a long day yesterday. Yea.. that's it. I sighed, or was it real? Then he definitely must hate me now..


"Sill! Are you there and can I come in?" I heard Nika's voice from the door and said "Yes, you can come in."
I didn't have to say it again, since she stormed in the room and immediately started talking.

"Vi vi vi vi vi vi!"

"Wooooow, calm down Nika!"

"I caaan't! Drew said he loved you? How did you react!? He's really upset now."
"I didn't know how I had to react! So I ran away. It was just too weird that he said that. I think it was just a long day. He wouldn't.. .. .. or w-would he.. I don't know. I'm horrible to him. He doesn't deserve me. I.. I like him, but.. I don't know.."

I was only repeating the words I don't know, but.. I really didn't know. My heart feels numb and the only thing I could think about the last days was.. were.. my parents.

Tears were almost streaming down, but I could hold them back and whispered "I don't know.. How he can love someone so hurt like me."
"Sylvie Rose! You better listen to me now." Nika started with an intimidating voice, but quickly changed into a sweet one. "You are the one who's not thinking clearly. Drew really loves you. Give him a chance! He's being upset now, because he thinks you hate him now.

Nika suddenly stepped forward and hugged me tight.
I smiled while tears started to gather in my eyes. "Nika.. But.."

"No buts! You are sweet, careful and caring. You have your past, everyone has, but you need to let it behind you."

The tears started to flow down as Nika continued, "I know Sylvie.. That today's going to be hard, but just as Lance said, we have to try to make it a nice day. Your parents would be sad if they saw that you aren't having fun and being hurt like this."

I sobbed and silently listened to Nika's words. How did she always know what to say? If I didn't have her by my side, I would be lost. She was right. Why was I so negative?

For mom and dad, I should be happy.

"Sylvie, you know it, I'm here for you and always will be." She released me from her arms and smiled. "I'm here.. and the rest of course too."
She walked up to the closet while saying "Oke Sylvie, but we need to get ready! You did bring your swimming stuff with you right?"

I rubbed my eyes and watched her while she was looking in the closet. I sighed. "Drew.." I whispered to myself.
"Hey Elwin?"
"What is it Lance?"
"Why do women always take such a long time to get ready?"
"Well, they do the usal stuff to look attractive; The hair, makeup, clothes, every little detail and oh, don't forget the odors stuff."
"If they do that everyday they waste so much time.. Hey El, do you help Desira with it?"
"I do, sometimes. Most of the time she doesn't care about brushing her hair or doing her make up."

"Ugh!! stop talking about it, you guys are sounding like two girls babbling around."
Drew said with an irritated voice, but the two just continued. They talked in whispering voices, but not too quiet so Drew still could hear them.

"Ehh! wants wrong with him" Lance said.
"He's in a bad mood hm."
"You're right Elwin. Should we cheer him up?"
"We should go to the bedroom and snuggle with each other."
"Oh Ellie, you are having dirty thoughts!"
"Tsk, you two better look out when we get at the pool." Drew said while glaring at the two.

"Oh my oh my! Ellie, he's going to punish us!"

"Lanny you will protect me right? Drew honey, you look tired. Shall I give you a massage?" Elwin said.

"I'm getting sick of you two.. Desira, just in time! Say something to them."
Elwin stood up and embraced Desira. When he let go she said "Aw, Drew. They are just joking with you. I'm sure everything will be fine, so cheer up. You're a big boy."

Drew smiled. Her words kind of cheered him up. "Thanks Des. I hope so."
We walked through the door and went to the others who were at the other side, probably waiting for us. "Sylvie, just stay calm okey?" Nika said reassuring. "I will.. try. Thank you Nika."

When we came closer Drew and Lance stood up and Desira and Elwin were waving at us.

"Wow!" I said "Desira has really grown."

"Hihi you're right, she's at her 7th month now? Heeeey everyone, we're ready so let's go!!"

Everyone cheered, but I saw that Drew was indeed looking upset. Immediately I felt sorry and thought how stubborn I was acting.
Everyone walked to the elevators, except for me. I kept standing where I was and stopped Drew. "Drew.. Can I talk to you?"

I heard Lance asking what I was doing, but Nika pushed him into the elevator and went down with Desira and Elwin. "I.. Drew.. I want to clear things up.. if that's alright?" Suddenly I felt nervous. I was alone again with him, but I kept smiling. "Of course.. Sylvie."

"I'm going to jump on you Lance!"

"No way, you won't make it."

Nika jumped and indeed she didn't make it. "I will get you next time!" She said as she tried to let Lance fall off from the lounge seat. "Hey hey, stop it!" But he fell off.
"You're unbelievable!" Lance said and he splashed her with water. "Too bad Desira can't get in the water."

Nika sighed "Yea indeed, but there will be many opportunities when she can. I can't wait till her little girl gets on the world!"
"Wait, it's going to be a girl!?"
"Lance, you didn't know? Hahaha."
"I didn't.. Anyways, what was Sylvie doing? Did she decide to talk with Drew?"

"Yup." Nika splashed water to Lance and he laughed. "Sylvie was confused about some things. I've been talking to her the whole time and yea, she decided to make things up with Drew, though I don't know what she's going to do."

"I see.. Nika, I guess you did good enough."

"Maybe.. Hey Drew!"

"Eey Nika. Sylvie is waiting for you back there, she wants to talk to you alone."

Nika looked up at him and answered "Ah oke.."

She got out of the pool and pushed Drew in the water. "Hahahaha!"

"I will get you later Nika!"

I heaved a deep sigh of relief. I still wasn't sure about what just had happened.. I rubbed my arms. This wasn't a dream.. Was it? I pinched myself but that hurts! I stared at Drew back as I heard him talking to Nika.


... I tried not to laugh. Nika came out of the pool and pushed Drew into it. Somehow I knew she would have done that. I better be careful when I get there.
Nika walked by with a huge smile on her face and ran to me, almost slipping because of the wet surface of the ground. "Nika! Be careful." "Yes, yes Sylvie, hey hey now you better tell me what happened. Oh your smile shows enough."

I only smiled and took Nika's hands. "I'm not sure what I should tell you! Well.. Drew and I were both horrible. We only stared at each other when you guys left. I just didn't know how I had to start and he probably waited for me to say something. I really could slap myself that I didn't think this thoroughly."
I'm not kidding, it started horrible. We stared at each other without saying a thing and suddenly we bursted out of laughter at the same time! I didn't know how I had to describe that.
"Sylvie that just sounds like you and him. Silly kids."
"What!!" I tickled Nika, but.. it had no effect. "Sylvie, you want my to tickle you? Anyways, go on. I want to know exactly what happened."
"Oh yes! Well.. We didn't say a thing at first.." I slowly started, I better not tell her about the laughing part, otherwise she's right about me and him being silly.

"After a while, just when I wanted to say something Drew hugged me tight and didn't let me go. I tried pushing him away and said I wanted to talk seriously, but he kept holding me and whispered that he wanted to talk like this."
"Drew! Can you let go now?"
"No.. can we talk like this."
My heart softened and I couldn't say no to his whispers. I felt his grip tighten. I placed my hand on his arm and saw that he was looking at it. "Oke.. Well Drew, I'm sorry, I ran away after what you've said. I just.. It just came out of nothing and I wasn't .. I wasn't feeling good. No. I wasn't being good."
I took a little step backwards. He didn't stop me, so I continued.
"Drew, you've been so sweet and nice to me the past few months. I'm sorry for how terrible I'm acting towards you. I never meant to hurt you or make you upset. I definitely didn't want to. My mind is somewhere else and my heart is mocking with me, so yea I've only returned all your nice gestures with sorries and smiles.. Do you.. Do you even allow me to be like that to you? Oh man.. I just feel now how stupid I've been.."

I looked up at Drew. He was only staring at me without any emotion in his face. Was I even saying useful things, or was I spitting out weird stuff?
"Thank you."

Eh? Why did he thank me? I looked at him with question marks written all over my face. "What are you thanking me for..?"

He just smiled at me. It made me feel at ease, but I really wondered why he thanked me.
"Sylvie.. I understand how you feel. It's okay. I didn't want to bother you too much, but it seems I did and I can't leave you alone."
He paused for a moment and stared at me. "Sylvie.." He lift his hand up and again, he touched my cheek and rubbed it gently. I shivered. It didn't feel like this last time, but that's probably because I immediately ran away.

"Sylvie.. I'm think I'm the one who's plainly stupid. Whenever I see you I'm totally lost. I feel joy, happiness, desire and sadness.
The feelings I get when you're near me, it makes me a total idiot. Hopefully you haven't noticed that.. Anyways, now I want to tell you something. Something I always wanted to say, even before I had left for Bridgeport.
I love you.
My rising feelings for you will never stop, they can't be stopped. It grows and grows and I really feel like taking you away from everything together with me, but err.. That doesn't sound appropriate.
However, what I know and what I want is, that I want to stay at your side."

The silence fell and we only stared at each other. His words were flying around my head. How could I.. answer. My heart was beating fast as if I was listening to someone playing the drums. Everything was twirling around in my head. Drew..
"I'm sorry if I'm pushing you too much." He took his hand away from me and stared to the ground for a moment. I wanted to scream no and tell everything what I had in mind, but my mouth couldn't open.
Silence was surrounding us again as we hold our gazes to each other. I sighed, a bit too loud and put my hand before my mouth. Drew let out a small smirk. "I don't know what's wrong with me, but.. I've always wanted to confess to you. It doesn't make sense how I'm acting now.. It's just.. I'm just selfish. I'm the one who must say sorry, not you."
He was sorry? No. He didn't do anything wrong. I wanted to tell him so much now, but I'm still at a loss of words. My heart was aching from beating so fast and I started to shiver. Tears streamed down my eyes. I did try to hold them, but too bad that didn't work. Why was I crying so much today? So pathetic..
"Sylvie.." He whispered with an anxious voice.

Then, I pushed myself against him and wrapped my arms around him.. I hid my face in his shoulder and felt an overwhelming warmth going through me. He gave a yelp at the moment I threw myself at him, but soon he putted his arms around me. He gently rubbed my head and whispered "Sorry." That's where I finally could let go all my words.
"Drew... You shouldn't be the one who must say sorry. I am the one who should." I smirked "I've never looked farther than friendship. I shouldn't stay sad at what happened such a long time ago. I'm stupid that I didn't notice so many things. I'm stupid.. That I let you go away so easily.
You were always the first one who came to me when I had a hard time. You would say that everything would be alright. It hurts and hurts when I think back when you moved away, but luckily at that time I still had the others. You've always been an amazing friend. Too amazing to be true..
Now.. I'm just.. it's just that everything you said blows me away. I've shared and learned countless of emotions with you, but now I'm losing my mind. Eventhough it's only one emotion now.. Love. Pretty pathetic huh?"

I smiled at my own words. I definitely didn't know what I was talking about eh?

"Sylvie, thank you for your words." Did he just thank me again? I don't get it..
He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. With his hands he took my head and said "Sylvie, your words, saying you have appreciated a lot in the past, your confusing, about everything. It's just how you are. You're just like this. You didn't change at all, maybe a bit more mature, but every other thing.. You are still the same careful Bubble, but now I definitely have decided that I can't go on without you." He paused for a moment. He put his hand behind my head and moved it up so I was looking straight into his eyes. With his other hand he pulled me even closer. "Drew what are you..!"
But he didn't let me finish as he sushed me and looked with a gorgeous smile. He kissed my forehead, gentle and soft. Then he kissed me nose the exact same way..
"HURAAAAY. They finally kissed!" Nika exclaimed.

"Heyhey! Let me finish, you are interrupting! Anyways.. Yea you're right.. After he pecked a kiss on my nose, he stared at me for a moment and locked my gaze. I couldn't look anywhere else, but his eyes.. Then he closed his eyes and kissed me."

"Nika.." I sighed. "Hey hey, I can interrupt you just as much as I want to sweetie! Anyways, you didn't run again right?"

"Nonono, I didn't! It was amazing.. I didn't feel like this before. The whole time when he was embracing me I felt safe and all the painful memories disappeared. I want to stay in his arms for enternity.. UH what am I saying!"

"What you're saying is pure love and silly behaviour!" I threw myself at Nika and hugged her tight. "Stop saying silly!" "Hey Sylvie, your name actually has silly in it." "NIKA!" I hugged her tighter. It felt good that I was able to tell her everything.

"Anyways Nika.. after the kiss we just smiled at each other and he said he had a surprise for me tonight, after dinner."

"A surprise? What's that going to be.."
"I've no idea Nika.. I've no idea.. He just said that and lead me to the elevators. I kept asking him, but he didn't say a word."

"Weird, but reaaally interesting. Maybe he's going to ask you to marry him!"
"Aw sweetie, I'm just kidding, but I really wonder about that surprise.." She said, took my hand and walked to the pool.

Nika's stupid idea was clinged in my head. No.. She was just joking..

Nika let go my hand and she walked further to the side of the pool. Suddenly Lance came and pushed her into the pool. "GOT YA!" he said and Drew poutingly said "Aw, but I wanted to push her into it!"

I really enjoyed my time here and couldn't wait till it was time for dinner!
Oh wow.
*wipes sweat from my forehead*

So chapter 7 is done! Did you like it? I hope you did. Don't forget to leave a comment and rate. ^o^ Because hey! The story is going to last for 2 more chapters. Yes, you read that clearly. Just 2 chapters to go!

I'm TOTALLY IN LOVE, with my upcoming story.. Sorry that I said that, but I'm actually a huge fantasy and mystery fan. Oh and don't forget the horror!

Since I'm so thrilled about it.. I .. yea.. Well just go to the next page. There's a surprise for you.
If you occasionally look at the screenshot-section you might have seen the three ladies..

I introduce you to some important characters for the story, but I'm sorry~ I'm not going to tell anything now. Well only that the one, who's sleeping on that man's shoulder will be the most important one.

... ...

Ok. I will stop now. Stay tuned for the next chapters and maybe other sneak peaks! ♡

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#1megumiRikazukieSep 26, 2013

kya~ \:wub\: at last, sudden end~ my fav story ever~ ^-^ and Lance is so cute~ >.< same goes to Drew~ and you're gonna write a fantasy+horror story, and I'm feeling the excitement already~ can't wait to see your new story and the upcoming chapts~

#2MarijaJSep 26, 2013

OHMIGAWDDDDDDDD THEY'RE TOGETHER T_____T I wonder what that surprise is, and I love this sneak peak at the end. \:wub\: I'm in love with Nika's character I'd love to have a friend like her. Anyways, AMAZING truly AMAZING chapter and can't wait till the chapter 8! *O*
Drew & Lance hotties for life! \:D

#3martoeleSep 27, 2013

Oh gee... what a sweet behaviour have people when they're in love... Really you hit the nail on the head with that romantic behaviour! \:wub\:

#4smileface101Sep 28, 2013

Aw \:\( I'm sad that this story is going to be over soon but I can't wait for the next one \:D Your sims look absolutely amazing \:rah\:

#5Katherine1091VIPSep 30, 2013

Ahhhhh \:D \:D \:D What a really really great chapter!!!!!! I fell in love with drew \:D haha He's so cute and hot ! \:wub\: I want to read more \:D
I'm really excited what's coming up next \:\)

#6Rafaela_Batista1Oct 2, 2013

e no yourube que tem que procurar???

#7linasalemOct 2, 2013


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