Lost and Found- VI
Published Sep 25, 2013

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Hey Everyone,

It has been almost a year since I last wrote about this story. And after some inspiration and a little push from a reader (Thanks GeRBELL), I decided to begin again.
Thanks for reading the continuation of Lost and Found.

Hey Everyone,

It has been almost a year since I last wrote about this story. And after some inspiration and a little push from a reader (Thanks GeRBELL), I decided to begin again.
Thanks for reading the continuation of Lost and Found.
Loni: Oh goodness mommy! This is where we used to live?!
The little girl looked out the car window in amazement. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. The palm trees, the buildings, the beach far in the distance.
Nellie: Yes it is
Loni: Why on earth did we leave? I like it here.
Nellie: You've only been here for a few minutes.
Loni: I still love it. It's gorgeous.
The little girl pressed her hands against the window to look closer.
It had been over three years since Nellie left Starlight Hills with her toddler daughter in tow. She had gone back home after living in the town for just a few years. There she had met a up and coming magician named Nicholas Stonewell a.k.a Nik Stone and his friend, an elderly lady named Ms. Carol. Ms. Carol had cared for the young lady and her daughter who were left with no one when her ex decided he no longer wanted to be a part of their lives.
Now she was returning back to the place she called home years ago.
They parked in front of the house. Nellie took another look at the address she had written down on the paper. She couldn't believe how big the home was.
Loni: This isn't the house in the pictures mommy.
Nellie: No it isn't Loni.
Loni: Then where are we?
Nellie: Well we have to get out and see.
Both of them got out of the car. Nellie held on tight to her daughter's hand nervous as they crossed the street and onto the sidewalk.
Up the steps and to the door. She rang the doorbell. There was silence for a minute. Loni took another look around. It was bigger than any house she had gone to. She also looked around at neighborhood. Everything looked so clean and tidy. She still couldn't believe she was finally here after listening to her mother talk about this place since she could remember. Or the times Loni would take her mother's photo album and look through pictures of when they lived in the town.
Just then she heard someone coming closer to the door.
The door opened up and there was a grey haired older woman with a huge smile standing in front of them. At first she peered at them both but only took a second for her face to begin beaming with joy.
Ms. Carol: Nellie Fotter! If you don't come here and give me a hug!
Nellie gladly held the woman in a long embrace. Ms. Carol had almost begun to cry as she hugged her old friend. Loni watched as the two women rocked from side to side.
Ms. Carol: It's been too long.
She turned to the little girl who was a little shy and held on to her mother's pants.
Ms. Carol: And this must be little Lonetta. Well you're not little anymore.
Loni: No ma'am.
Carol: Well don't just stand there. Come in, come in. The fall nights get kind of cool and I'm not going to stand out here all night.
She held her hand out of them, and they both followed her inside the house.
Nellie followed Ms. Carol into the home and was given a small tour of the main floor. It was neat, clean, and so modern. Completely different taste from the home she had shared with Ms. Carol. Although her home was just as neat and tidy, it still had nostalgic furniture from decades of living in it.
Carol: I was getting ready to make some tea so come over to the kitchen.
All three of them sat at the table after Ms. Carol filled three cups of tea. She put a little extra honey in Loni's to make it sweeter.
Ms. Carol: Just the way I used to make it for you, Sweetie
The little girl enjoyed the taste and the smell of it jolted a small memory in her head.
Nellie: So how have you been? I came as soon as I heard.
Ms. Carol: Goodness! You too? I had one minor fall and the whole world stops. I'm fine. This old biddy isn't going away anytime soon.
Nellie: But still. I week in the hospital is a pretty long time for just a fall.
Carol: Well the doctor's wanted to make sure I was fine that's all. And then with all the recovery that they said I needed Nicholas decided it would be best to move me here....with him. I just think he wants to keep me close to him.
Carol: I agreed. But told him that it doesn't make me his maid. I'm a lover, not a cleaning lady.
Nellie laughed at her friend.
Nellie: You haven't changed a bit.
Carol: And what about you? How's life back home.
Nellie: Well it hasn't been easy. I went back home, lived with my parents for a year. Took over the family business, running the restaurants. But then, things got bad. Businesses were not doing as well. We had to close one of the restaurants a few months ago.
Carol: I'm sorry to hear that baby. So what have you been doing since?
Nellie: Well, we still have the diner. But it has been pretty rough. The town isn't as prosperous as it used to be. But we are still there. Still living and still making it.
She gave a reassuring smile to Ms. Carol to lighten the mood and Carol returned her smile.
Ms. Carol: Everything is going to be fine, Sug. Just wait and see.
Nellie: And where is Nick? I've been seeing him from time to time on tv.
Carol: Oh that boy! He been intent on making sure I am alright. I tell him to pay more attention to settling down. Since you left he's just been so busy. Now he spends half his time performing around the world and the other between Starlight Hills and Sim Vegas.
Carol: But fame hasn't spoiled him. He's still the same old Nick. When he was traveling he would call me every week to check on me. Send me money, like I needed it. I told him I would put it in a savings account for when he got married. I didn't want my men thinking I had a secret sugar daddy. Carol: I thought at least the two of you kept in touch.
Nellie: I did for the first year. But then I think we both just became so busy with life, we forgot to keep track.
Carol: Well I know he will just be so excited to see the both of you.
Loni: Is he just as nice as mommy said? I heard he called me Ladybug.
Carol: Is he nice? Well he is just the sweetest person you would meet. And yes, he nicknamed you Ladybug. You know, I may still have a few pictures of you and him in my photo album.
Loni: I've seen a lot them from mommy's.
Carol: Oh?
Loni: Yep. She has lots of pictures of all of us together. I look at them all the time.
Carol: Well tell me Loni. What does a five year old like to do?
Loni: I like to read. I can read 3 books a day without help. And I like to swim. At home I have a pet turtle, a frog, and a hamster. I had a gold fish I won at the fair but it died. We had a funeral and I got to flush the toilet.
Ms. Carol laughed as she listened to the little girl.
Carol: Well you have an adventurous life!
Loni: Yep. Mom says I can start school soon so I can't wait! No more home schooling with Grandma.
The three of them continued to talk for most of the evening. Ms. Carol had sliced them a piece of pie to go with their tea. It was another familiar taste to Loni. She could barely remember being that she was so small but she thought about sitting in front of the table with Ms. Carol humming a song in her head.
Nellie: So where is Nick? I heard he was on tour in Europe.
Nick: Nope, cut it short when I got the news of Ms. Carol. Hey everyone!
His voice nearly startled the women who sat at the table.
Carol: I think you take this magic stuff too seriously. Always disappearing and reappearing out of thin air.

Nellie jumped out of her chair nearly toppling it over as she moved it back from the table. She ran to him and hugged him tight nearly knocking him off balance. She squeezed his body under hers. Nick: Whoa! What a welcome. Even my fans grip isn't this strong.
Nellie: Oh sorry! I'm just so happy to see you.
Nick still held on to her.
Nick: Me too. It's been too long.
She closed her eyes as they hugged. Trying to fight back more tears that she had hidden when she hugged Ms. Carol. But now she seemed so overwhelmed with emotion she had to let a few tears go.
When they finally let go, he wiped the side of her face where the tears fell.
Nick: Are you okay?
Nellie: I'm fine. It's just been so long since I've seen everyone.
Nick held her hand.
Nick: It's sad that we waited this long to finally make time to visit one another.
Ms. Carol: Mmmh hmm!
They both looked over at Ms. Carol.
Nick: We have so much to catch up on. How long are you going to be here?
Nellie: Just a week. Before school starts back. I brought someone else that has wanted to meet you. She's also a big fan.
Nick: Oh?
Nellie gestured over to the table where Loni was sitting.
The little girl slowly walked over to her mother. She kept her eyes on him as he watched her move closer to him. She tried to remember him, but he was still a stranger. He was nothing like the pictures she had of him. His hair was shorter and he had a beard. She kept her eyes on him. It was the first time she was this close to a celebrity. And then he smiled at her.
Nick: Hello Ladybug.
The sound of his voice brought another memory. She could remember him holding her, lifting her in the air and her laughing at him. She quickly reached up to hug him and he returned her embrace.
Nick: You have your mother's grip.
Loni: It's you!
Nick: I should hope so. Otherwise, I am wearing someone else's underwear.
Loni laughed at him.
Nick: Hey, I have something small in my pocket for you.
And with a wink of his eye, Nick pulled out a big wrapped box.
Loni: Wow! That could not fit in your pocket!
Nick laughed. She hugged him again and skipped over to her mother.
Loni: Can I open it?
Nellie nodded and Ms. Carol took the little girl to the other room to open her gift.
Nellie hugged her Nick again.
Nellie: I can't believe we're here.
Nick: I know. I've really missed you. The both of you.
Nellie: We can't let time do this.
Nick: Exactly.
Nick could hear her speaking to him but he couldn't help but stare at her. She was just a beautiful as the last day he saw her three years ago. His Nellie was back. And this time he was not going to let her go as he had done before.
Nellie: Hello? Earth to Nick!
Nick: What?
Nellie: I said I would be back in the morning to check up on Ms. Carol. I have a reservation at one of the hotels.
Nick: I can't believe you! If you think I'm going to let you stay in a hotel when I have all this, you can think again. There is plenty of room for the both of you. I even bought a few toys for Ladybug. There is no discussion. You two are staying here.
After a small tour of the rest of the house Nick and Nellie settled inside the living room area to sit and talk more. There he listened to Nellie talk about life back home and what she had been up to the past three years while gone.
Taking over the family business and its troubles, her going back to school and finishing her degree. How Loni has been the last three years and how precocious the 5 year old was.
Nellie: Oh goodness. I've been going on and on about me. What about you? What's it like being the new Mr. Entertainment.
Nick: Well I wouldn't say all that.
Nellie: Oh come on. I've been seeing you in the magazines and on tv. You're a big man now.
Nick: I'm far from it. I'm just a workaholic. I need something to occupy my time or else I just realize I have all this and no one to spend it with.
Nellie: And what about Ms. Carol?
Nick: Her getting hurt was the only way she agreed to stay. She's been here for almost a few weeks. I stopped working so that I could watch her but she says I'm getting on her nerves.
They both laughed.
Nellie: Well that is Ms. Carol.
Nick: She's something else. She's recovered well and the doctor's are giving her 6 more weeks until they believe she can go without outpatient care.
Nick: I'm just glad you're here. Having the two of you here makes things so whole for us. It's like my family is back again.
Nellie: I feel the same way. It's amazing how time flies by but the moment I came back, it feels like a never left.
He reached for her.
Nellie smiled back at him as they held each others hand. Although he did change he was still the same warm Nick she had loved so long her ago. And although they were not at the home she remembered, being there felt like home.
Nick: Man, I've really missed you Nellie.

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#1Bo0GeRBELLSep 25, 2013

LOVED IT! \:rah\: This is an AWESOME birthday present! I'm so happy that you came back to this story, thank you! Oh my, I always thought Nick was cute but now he's smokin'! \:wub\:

#2fruitopiaVIPSep 26, 2013

Wow, what's funny about this I was thinking about this story the other day. Great to see it back.

#3NisukiSep 26, 2013

Weird, I didn't think I would know the story so I only took a quick look.. but.. I KNOW THE STORY! Maybe because I've read it in the past on another account O_O? I LOVE IT. \:wub\: and ohohoh, Nick is freakin hot. You better tell me that you won't make this the last chapter!

#4babygirl15526Sep 27, 2013

SQUEAL!!! I am so glad that you updated this story. Finally they will be able to get together. And Nick really has grown and is one heck of a man *fans self*. Can't wait for the next chapter.

#5janyangoSep 28, 2013

I love this story! You are a very talented storyteller!

#6blackrose538Nov 13, 2013

I just read the first parts of this story and I really gotten to like it.
But I'm a little confused... I though Nellie's daughter was Mary?

Anyway, I will keep reading on and see where this ends :-)

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