The legend of Arash - Final Chapter
Published Apr 22, 2007

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Hi everyone and welcome to the final chapter of the Legend of Arash. This turned out to be a bit longer than I expected, so I hope you don't find it's too boring. Enjoy!

Credits: Custom content can be found in TSR, Modthesims, Parsimonious, Reflexsims, Insimenator, Stylistsims and Sapphiresims2.

Hi everyone and welcome to the final chapter of the Legend of Arash. This turned out to be a bit longer than I expected, so I hope you don't find it's too boring. Enjoy!

Credits: Custom content can be found in TSR, Modthesims, Parsimonious, Reflexsims, Insimenator, Stylistsims and Sapphiresims2.
The third chapter ended when our heroes arrived at the dungeon of Lord Theseus. They left their starship behind and used a mysterious portal that was once buried in the desert moon of Arash. This way, they would be able to take the Durgas by surprise and rescue Lady Gaia. "Before we go any further, I don't want you to forget our main priority is to save Lady Gaia. We can't afford to lose-"

"Captain, we know..." Crystal said, but the Captain wasn't listening. He was looking at something that made him hold his breath.
Three Durgas were standing in a corner, their bodies stiff and unresponsive.

"They must be recharging or something..." Gunnar said in a low voice as he saw the control panel.

"Well, they still look creepy to me!" Crystal said. "Come on, let's go!"
Even though the other Durgas were recharging, at the end of a corridor, two Durgas were undoubtedly awake. Apparently they were guarding something. Our heroes approached them in silence. The only advantage they had against the Durgas was the element of surprise. The Durgas were known throughout the galaxy as being remarkable soldiers and it would not easy to defeat them. And then, it all happened very fast. The Durgas were so shocked to see Captain Phoenix and his team in that corridor, they didn't even manage to call for backup. The fight lasted just a few seconds, but it was enough to make a lot of noise. Captain Phoenix's only hope was that it wouldn't attract the other Durgas, or else the rescue mission would be ruined. Meanwhile back at the base, the rest of the team was discussing the results of their research. After analyzing the samples gathered in Chloris, they found not the rare metal they were looking for, but small particles of bionic waste. Still, they could not see how that could possibly affect the Durgas. "Bionic waste on Chloris?" Medea was puzzled. "What do you make of it?"

"I don't know," Raiden said "we didn't detect any technology on the planet, but it appears to be an old landfill... But why are the Durgas avoiding it?"
As they suspected, Lady Gaia was behind the door the Durgas were guarding in the corridor. Lady Gaia smiled with relief when she saw Captain Phoenix. Somehow, they must have avoided the trap Lord Theseus had prepared for them. Once they deactivated the force field, Lady Gaia hugged Captain Phoenix, feeling grateful for having such good friends who were willing to risk their lives for her.

"Captain, the Durgas will be here soon!" Crystal said. She had never seen Lady Gaia or her Captain act so emotional before, and they didn't have much time.
They started running and as they were almost reaching the gate, they spotted another pack of Durgas being recharged. These units seemed to be scattered throughout the dungeon.

"Wait!" Lady Gaia said. "I want to take a look at this before we go."
"I'm sure there must be a way..." Lady Gaia muttered as she tried to reconfigure the control panel.

Captain Phoenix didn't understand why Lady Gaia was risking so much; the Durgas could be restarted at any moment and they could all be killed. He didn't dare to stop her, though. All these years had taught him to trust her decisions and ask questions later.
After she finished, they hurried towards the gate. Lady Gaia didn't know whether her plan had worked or not, but she could not risk the life of her rescue team any longer. Much to their relief, the gate opened the moment it sensed their wish to return to a safe place. Lady Gaia was impressed, she never imagined the legend was true, or that Lord Theseus had one of the gates in his own dungeon. When they stepped through the gate in Lord Theseus Dungeon, they were transported back to Arash. The instant travel had been rather uncomfortable, it felt as if they had been struck by a lightning, pushed through the void and squashed against the cold grass. It was amazing how their bodies survived the whole experience. "We arrived..." Crystal stated the obvious, but reality was hard to sink in. They spent their lives travelling in starships and now they could do it in seconds, even if with some discomfort.

"So it is true." Lady Gaia said referring to the legend. "And we're alive because of it."

"We should go home now."Captain Phoenix said, he was more anxious to return to the base than he was willing to admit.
It did not took long for Lord Theseus to discover that Lady Gaia was not in her cell anymore. But how did that happen? There were no signs of any ship orbiting the planet. How did she got out? The Durgas must have done something wrong, that was the only explanation. "You fools, I warned you I wouln't tolerate any mistake this time!" Lord Theseus growled, not even facing the Durgas. "You leave me no choice... prepare a ship. I'm taking you to Chloris!"

When the Durgas heard this, they were terrified. "Please Lord Theseus, not Chloris... "
Back at the base in Arash, the rebels were reunited again. Only two days had passed, but they were all exhausted. At some point, they had thought they had lost Lady Gaia forever. "Milady, I'm so happy to see you again!" Medea hugged Lady Gaia, never wanting to let go. "I... I couldn't find the strength to protect you! I'm so sorry!"

"Come on, Medea" Gunnar said laughing. "The way you're squeezing Lady Gaia to death just shows you're stronger than any Durga I know."
After a few more hugs, Lady Gaia spoke. She seemed to have regained her composure and looked more serious. She kept thinking about the Durgas that were left behind.

"My friends, although I am eternally grateful for what you have done for me, I'm afraid this is not over yet. I will ask you to join me in the conference room in a few minutes." She said solemnly, leaving everyone confused.
Back in the dungeon, something was happening to the Durgas. The main system that controlled them all was shutting down. Lady Gaia had managed to change the configuration and now all the Durgas were free! Lord Theseus was so immersed in his own thoughts, as he tried to come up with a way to get his revenge, he didn't even notice the change in the Durgas.

"I'll make them pay, I'll destroy them all!" He hissed.
But it didn't take long to sense something was out of place. The Durgas were no longer pleading for forgiveness. In fact, they sounded cheerful, which was something he had never heard before. He was almost afraid to face them. And when he did... The Durgas closed in on him, they were no longer under his control! How did that happen?

"Ah... no need to be afraid, milord." One of the Durgas whispered. "We're not murderers as you are... but this cell looks empty without you inside, wouldn't you agree?"
In Arash, Lady Gaia was explaining everything the Durga had told her when she was in her cell.

"... so I strongly believe they're also victims of Lord Theseus. Not to mention they can be powerful allies if we manage to save them." She concluded. They all stood silent, trying to find an idea that could help the Durgas.
"Milady, we found in the samples we brought from Chloris some residues of bionic waste, although there's not much left. We think it is an old landfill" Raiden said. "But I can't see any relation to the Durgas..." "An old landfill?" Gunnar asked surprised. "Why would anyone use a planet just to dump bionic waste?"

"Oh no..." Medea said hesitantly. " I don't think it's a landfill, Gunnar. I think it's the Durgas' graveyard. That's why they avoid it. They're terrified of the idea of Lord Theseus destroying them, as he obviously did in the past."
Sadness filled the room. Now that they knew the Durgas were once human, it was more difficult to be objective. They were still discussing the best way to save them, when Lord Baal appeared on screen.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you all, but I think you will be pleased to hear the news" Lord Baal said. "You'll be pleased to know the Durgas have managed to break free and Lord Theseus was held captive in his own dungeon. They said you helped them escape, milady."
"They escaped with *my* help?" Lady Gaia asked surprised. She thought she couldn't help them when she left the dungeon.

He smiled at her. "Some of them are still passing through the gate of Arash. It seems they're thankful and they want to talk to you. One has asked permission to speak to you personally tonight, before they return to their homes."
Of course, Lady Gaia agreed immediately. Everyone was ecstatic, they could hardly believe what was happening. The Durgas were free and Lord Theseus had been defeated once and for all! "I can't believe I stayed behind..." Aella said after the meeting, feeling slightly disappointed. "I mean, I didn't get to do anything"

"Well, one thing is for certain, we'll never get to fight the bad guys again any time soon..." Crystal said, feeling a bit sad with the thought that she was not going to see Gunnar every day.
"But we'll be able to see each other every day, won't we?" Gunnar asked, blushing a bit. It was almost like he knew what Crystal was thinking. "I mean, if you want, of course..."

"Of course I want to!" Crystal was excited, but tried hard not to giggle like a silly girl.
The night had finally come and their guest of honour was going to arrive at any minute. They were all anxious to talk to a Durga for the first time, when all they did in the past was fight them. If anyone had told them 48 hours ago they would be having a Durga as a guest at the base, they would have thought that person was insane. Much to everyone's surprise, they didn't see any Durga stepping out the elevator. The man that approached them, however, seemed to recognise Lady Gaia. "Lady Gaia, I come to say we are eternally grateful for everything you and your team did for us." He said politely. "I am Pry, once one of the Durgas. I hope you can still recognise me." "You... you talked to me when I was in my cell, didn't you?" Lady Gaia asked. "But you are human again... how can this be?" "Well, I suppose this came as a surprise for us too," he laughed. "I guess that gate was more special than all of us expected." "You see, when we started to travel throught the portal, something happened. It was almost as if the portal was searching our deepest desires." Pry said. "We began to change, our bodies were no longer made of metal..." "And before we knew it, we got our human bodies back. It was like a miracle!" Pry said. "Lord Baal came to us and explained what had happened. That's why he contacted you this evening. We couldn't leave this planet without saying goodbye first." "I'm so glad you came Pry." Lady Gaia said. "I hope you and all your friends find hapiness at last."

"Thank you, milady" Pry said. "We will not forget everything you've done for us."
As the night went on, Medea seemed to notice how intimate Crystal and Gunnar had become since they came back from their mission.

"Well, they finally sorted it out!" Medea said, but only Aella had heard her; the couple was to focused on each other to hear what everyone was saying.
Everyone continued to enjoy the night. Captain Phoenix was telling his team a strange legend about a planet called Earth where people were as wonderful as they were terrible. Lady Gaia stepped away, she was feeling very tired, but happy all the same. The next day the whole galaxy would hear the good news and they would celebrate this day for a long time. The future generations would eventually forget the portal of Arash, that was the way of things in the Universe. But she hoped some in the end would still remember the legend, as long as their hearts desired it. - The end -

Well, this is it! I hope you enjoyed my last story. I'm going back to play the regular game and leave the storytelling section as a writer, but I will definitely keep reading your amazing stories :) I want to thank everyone that encouraged me to write, I really appreciate your support! - Ana

Credits: Custom content can be found in TSR (look out for Alyosha's profile!), Modthesims, Parsimonious, Reflexsims, Insimenator, Stylistsims and Sapphiresims2.

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#47Apr 27, 2007

Good story and well written. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing. \:rah\:

#48scarlet_whiteApr 27, 2007

Amazing and beautiful, what surprised me the most is that all the research they were doing as "the key to stop the durgas" was actually quite useless, this is a combination between sci-fi fantasy and magical fantasy where anything can happen, I praise your hard work and the amazing story you wrote, hope that if you ever recharge your creative batteries you can keep writing something else, something amazing as well

#49Lailey01Apr 29, 2007

That was a b s o l u t e l y FANTASTIC! 5.0 I \:wub\: all that Sci-Fi Stuff!

#50May 10, 2007

That was a wonderful story, estatica! Five stars for all the chapters from me \:\) I like how you used the gate in your story! You brought everything together nicely! Good job

#51dianovaJun 28, 2007

\:\( sad you won't be writing anymore. It was a very good ending for the story! =^_^= enjoy your game!!!

#52OpheliaNivalJan 12, 2008

It's definetly one of the best stories I have seen here on TSR and if you ever choose to write again I'd love to see it! The ending was really good and was worthy of the previous chapters! It's just so sad to see it's over... Thank you for showing that there are fewer limits to this game than what I thought before.

#53hlspoetApr 1, 2008

No, you shouldn't stop writing and creating stories, you're so good at it. Well anyway, thank you for writing this wonderful tale.

#54juhhmiJun 11, 2008

Very nice story! I liked the space theme! \:D

#55eviOct 18, 2008

What a fantastic story!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#56fabrizioammolloMar 7, 2009

Great conclusion.

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