Mt Challenge - Bank's D'Lottery
Published Aug 8, 2007

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"Hey, how the heck are ya this bright sunny day Mystery Sim?" ... "Well now, glad to hear it, glad to hear it." ... "Me, I'm just a head"n here to chat with Mr. Banks for a moment." ... "Oh, no, no he's fine, jus' that it's get'n nigh on close to time for the town's annual charity events, Mr Banks own's The Hideout, up over town there, offered to host a poker tournament." ... "How's that?" ... "Yes siree, he's the one, one and the same, doin pretty well for himself, now a day's, for the town too."

"Hey, how the heck are ya this bright sunny day Mystery Sim?" ... "Well now, glad to hear it, glad to hear it." ... "Me, I'm just a head"n here to chat with Mr. Banks for a moment." ... "Oh, no, no he's fine, jus' that it's get'n nigh on close to time for the town's annual charity events, Mr Banks own's The Hideout, up over town there, offered to host a poker tournament." ... "How's that?" ... "Yes siree, he's the one, one and the same, doin pretty well for himself, now a day's, for the town too." "Yep, yep, poor old Robin Banks had a very bad start in life, both his parents dead while he was so young like that." ... "Well ya, lets see, his father, River, he died of a nasty disease caught while unblocking the family toilet." ... "No sir I kid you not, then soon after, his mother, Miss Sandy, well she died of fright when she saw her late husbands ghost appear in the toilet, they say she was on the toilet at the time." ... "Ya it would at that wouldn't it." ... "Set a rough challenge for him." ... "Yep, yep, ya know then he was sent to live with that only "friend" of the family, Bernie Evidence, oh my but the two hated living together in Bernie's so called "home"." ... "Yes, at least he still had Suzi." ... "No, it didn't get better, not then, when Mr. Robin was in college, old Bernie up and disappeared, leaving behind no evidence of his where abouts." ... "No, we're sure, ya see, the balance of the 25,000 simoleans Robins parents had left him also disappeared that day." ... "Right, and, I spose by then Mr. Robin didn't imagine it could get any worse either." ... "It was bad, bad, all the stuff going on at home, he seemed to just give up on college, then he got caught counterfeiting and they expelled him." ... "Well, now, that's about the time Mr. Robin decided he better turn his life around. Said he didn't want to end up just as useless as Bernie Evidence had been." ... "Used his noggin he did, first he wrote a best selling novel about his life of crime, then he wrote one about crime prevention." ... "Yes siree it was wasn't it, made a lot of simoleans too I hear." ... "Well he started spending his simoleans wisely, fixed his place up real nice, seemed a lot nicer to folks round town, kinda like the chip he'd had on his shoulder was gone and he'd finally stopped blaming everyone else for the bad in his life." ... "Yes siree I do believe at some point we must all grow up and take responseibilty for ourselves no matter how unfair or hard our beginning may have been." ... "Yep, exactally what Mr Robin finally did, it was bought the same time he opened The Hideout, our friendship was getting stronger, we'd been playing chess together off and on over to the park, after a bit, he asked if me and Miss Maddie would like to come over for dinner sometime, told him we'd be delighted." ... "Oh it was a great meal. He made this wonderfull bass with squash, so good, I told him he should consider opening a fish place." ... "Well, no, no, he had other idea's." ... "It was that first night, when we were over there for dinner. He told us all about his plans for opening a small club where folks could go relax and maybe play some cards." ... "Well now, I spose I was a bit surprised, didn't know that he was that into cards, course didn't know him as well back then, now, I'm think'n the cards was the least of it." .. "See, this was a boy who didn't get to do a whole lot of relax'n grow'n up, now he wants to build a place where folks can relax." ... "Sure does." "We had many meals together after that, boy makes a mean hamburger too." ... "Right, right well, anyway where was I ... well, we talked and helped him plan, Mr. Robins life was turning around by then." ... "Two best selling novels gave him enough to build a small place." ... "No siree, no waste but he did use everything he had, he lives pretty much hand to mouth now, says he couldn't be any happier however." ... "Wants to get into science." ... "After what happened to his girl friend." ... "Yes, Miss Kitty," ... "that's right, that's right, Miss Bella said she had run into you." ... "Well now, they are getting closer." ... "Oh very much, both Miss Maddie and I think they are a good match, not enough young ladies to choose from round here these days however, so, he better not waste too much time. hahahaha." ... "No, not really, I know at one time he too had a crush on Crystal Ball, seems a lot of the fellas round here do, but I think he and Miss Kitty will end up together." ... "For one thing, they can't seem to keep there hands off one another whenever they are together, hahahaha." ... "Yes that's right, Crystal is engaged to Uncle Chovie, we'll be having a big wedding round here soon, maybe three or four, well, that is, if they don't just up and elope, lot of folks seem to do that." ... "Not sure why, guess it's just easier than planning a wedding." ... "Naw, don't really think they'd elope, had us over for brunch ta other day, and they aren't even talk'n marriage yet, folks have been hinting at them, hahahaha, this is a small town, that's kinda how it goes I guess, got everybody into your business most of the time." ... "Well, but then ya also got em there when and if you ever need them, for anything." ... "This town stood by Robin and now look at him, he has learned how to help himself be a better person." ... "In this town, it matters not what may have come before, you have the opportunity to face your challenges and turn your life around, and in the process, you will find some amazing friends, ask anyone in town, they will tell you the same." ... "The folks round here will give you a chance, and if you take it, and learn from it, you will learn to give back, and you will learn the true reason some of us would live no where else." ... "Yep, hahaha then you become one of us." ... "Well now, I guess Miss Bella and Jack were two of the first to start expecting better out of Mr Robin, they had known him a while, they all went to college together, well, kinda." ... "Right, right, she introduced him to Miss Kitty, folks had thought for a while there might be something else going on, but Miss Bella and Robin have never been more than friends. She said after she introduced them that she saw sparks fly and would only have to sit back and watch what happened next." ... "One never knows." "Mr. Robin spent so much time gardening, that the garden club asked him to join." ... "The entire town appreciates all the work he has put into his place, it is beautiful." ... "Then I guess you could say Mother and I started the Banks D'Lottery war. hahaha." ... "Well, it was like hmmm, I'd call it more a battle of the gardens. Not really anything just some fun between neighbors." ... "Sure, "Mr Robin had mentioned he didn't know too much about his neighbor, but was real impressed with how he had turned that place round while he'd been off ta college." ... "His neighbor, Mr Alvin D'Lottery, well now, there's another story." ... "Well as much as I know I guess. One things for sure, Mr Robin got it right when he said there have been a lot of changes next door." ... "Come, walk over with us." ... "Sure, sure. "Mr D'Lottery created his own bad luck for a bit there as well." ... "The way I hear tell, he was abandoned by his family after he commited some crimes." ... "Nope, nope, no one ever said just exactally what those crimes were." ... "Mr Alvin moved to Mt Challenge for a fresh start. He was living on the poverty line so he bought the abandoned huts next to Mr Banks. He had no job, and little prospects." ... "Could have, could have, but he did have one thing going for him, he had a lot of creativity, a family trait of the D'Lottery's the way I heard it. He also had a big desire to earn simoleans and get off the poverty line." ... "Well, when we first met him, he had kinda a one track mind, earn money." ... "He did pretty well, like I say, hard work pays big dividends round chere." ... "Hahaha no I'm not trying to entice you to move here, I'm sure you care just as much about your own town, but I do so enjoy your visits, hope you always stop by sooner or later." ... "Right, anyway, "Mr Alvin had no simoleans, so he knew he would have to survive off his land in the beginning." ... "He did right well, produced a good harvest right off, worked hard to discover what he needed to know to yield the most produce." ... "He did indeed, yes siree he did indeed, had so much produce he opened that little produce stand over town there." ... "Well, you be sure and stop in there one day, worth the trip, best veggies round chere." ... "How's that?" ... "Right, right, well let me see, Mr. Alvin slowly got himself off the poverty line, however, he was very lonely." ... "Spending all his time painting or gardening or the like hadn't led to much of a social life." ... "Yes siree, we tried and tried, lots a folks round here tried, and he was always a nice enough fella, he was just very focused on making simoleans so he was always kinda, hi, bye and back to work." ... "You got that right, one of the reasons so many of us tried so hard to get him to join in more with the town." ... "Well, he explained it all to me one day, I understood better after that, yet I helped him understand that going it alone wasn't always the best way either. He admitted he was lonely." ... "You know I did, told him right then and there that I'd heard of a nice lady." ... "I didn't think that I knew her well enough yet to try fixing them up, but I have a friend on the Garden Commity, told him he should talk to her when she came to judge his yard." ... "Oh sure he did, can't wait too long round chere, like I said not a lot of unattached females here bouts." ... "I'd say he'd earned his way up to middle class by then," ... "How's that?" ... "Oh, round about 100,000 simoleans would be bout middle class here." ... "Hahahaha, no, not us, we are not rich by any means, we don't need a lot, retirement pay and our little garden and we're fine. Living is very nice in Mt Challenge especially when your to the point of making your own challenges." ... "Yes yes, I was say'n, well Mr Alvin heard all about Miss Ivana Garten the very next day." ... "Well now, another story that had some tragedy thrown in I fear." ... "Not sure why, maybe cause they see thst round here folks end up very happy, not that we don't have some sad times, folks do die, some move away, heard a group of young men over ta The Hideout just the other night, talk'n bout how they should all just up and move away together, and that Bernie Evidence he just dissappeared." ... "Your right, Misty Cupp, she got eaten by a plant." ... "Anyway, where was I, so the story goes, when Miss Ivanna's Mother had passed, she inherited her old fashioned farm house, as well as some very snooty ladies. Miss Ivanna didn't see that she was putting aside her desire to have a family. Spending all her time on her Mothers house and garden Miss Ivana lost herself." ... "It is sad, her main focus had become to make all those uppity old ladies green with envy." ... "Yes, she did, but it kinda back fired on her too. One of the reasons she came to Mt Challenge." ... "Well see now, no one's sure just exactally what happened, Miss Ivana was spending far too much time gardening, and the way I heard tell, she kinda turned into a plant person one day." ... "Well, ya, ya, I know, another one of those odd things you hear abpot round here. Odd but true." ... "Well, apparently there was a kinda cloud of green smoke like, and then presto chango, from sim, to plant sim, Miss Ivana was as much plant as sim." ... "Serious, still that way today, oh sure they are working on a cure over to The Feelgood Medical Center, and they did find that cure for Miss Kitty, so there is hope." ... "Oh they do amazing things over there." ... "Well shortly after that, Miss Ivana produced a spore, Rose." ... "I guess it was right around then that she met Mr Alvin." ... "I believe they liked each other right away, both had a love of gardening, and her being a plant sim didn't faze him at all." ... "No siree not one bit, said he would like to get to know her cure or no cure." ... "Producing Rose helped some with Miss Ivana's being so lonely, and meeting Mr Alvin helped even more, but then her Momma started haunting her and Miss Ivana is concerned for Rose." ... "Mr Alvin is trying to get her to just move in with him and rebury her Momma up top a the hill over there, in the cemetary." ... "Yep, yep, right, well now, looks as if Mr Alvins not ta home right now, yards look'n right nice this year, right nice." ... "Well, any way, that's how four tragic stories came together in Mt Challenge and all found they still have hope, and very probably they have all found love." ... "Yes siree, I do too, but then who doesn't like a happy ending, but then again, their stories aren't ending yet, they have really only just begun over, so I guess we can call it a happy middle, hahahaha." ... "Yes, yes, right there Miss Maddie, It was real nice chatt'n with ya Mystery Sim, you stop by and visit us just anytime ya hear now, us or just about any one else in town, we are a chatty bunch, hahahaha. I best hurry and catch up with Miss Maddie, we have lots on our plates right now, lots and lots, big plans big plans. Well, see ya round Mystery Sim, you have a most spectacular day now won't ya." ... "Bye, bye for now."

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#1MsSpidersMomAug 9, 2007

Hi Mystery Sims, hope you enjoyed another brief moment in Mt Challenge, I would love to thank all of you for reading my stories and let you know that your comments mean so much to me. \:wub\:

#2PucinaAug 9, 2007

Great story. Liked spendin time this way..

#3atangkiAug 9, 2007

Very nice. Please do continue writing. I'll be looking forward to the next part. \:D

#4KismynameAug 14, 2007

I just love listening to Sonnys stories! \:D

#5spacemouseAug 14, 2007

Very nice story. Thanks for sharing. \:\)

#6Melody CuriousAug 14, 2007

Oh Sonny, I'd been wondering where you'd been hiding! Well, at least now I know and glad to see you all back in our lives. You all keep healthy now and be sure to check in with us!

#7SongChild99Aug 20, 2007

I missed these soo much!!\:rah\:

#8civetinjaSep 17, 2007

Thanks ! \:\)

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