Catch me - Chapter 14
Published Feb 26, 2016

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Chapter 14!
So sorry for the long wait guys, hope this chapter will make up for it :)

Chapter 14!
So sorry for the long wait guys, hope this chapter will make up for it :)
Chloe woke up at dawn. Something heavy pressed her back on the mattress, suffocating her. She opened her eyes slowly and realized that Iñigo's body was on top of her. His cheek pressed on her and was holding her tight. Feeling the heat from his body against her made her body trembled and her heart beat faster.

She recalled the kisses they shared last night, the slow, soft and sweet kisses that turned hot, passionate and wild that left her wanting for more.
When they get back at the hotel the kissing continued, and gratified their burning desire for each other was so strong that it took too much patience and self-control for them to stop.

"You are so beautiful Chole, so gorgeous and perfect. I missed having you in my arms baby doll." He kissed her again thoroughly with intense passion.

"Oh... I missed hearing you call me that."
"I'm glad." He smiled and rained kisses all over her face. "I love you so much my baby doll and I won't ever let you go now and forever."

She hugged him to tightly and whispered softly. "I love you too, tiger."

"What did you say?"
"I said I love you."

"Oh God, I thought I would never hear you say that again." He ran his hands up and down her body, caressing her length sensuously. "I love you more. I have to pinch myself to believe that you are here in my arms for real."

She hummed softly and ran her fingers into his hair.

She ran her fingers lightly to his hair, trying not to wake him. His breathing was soft and steady. He looked like a half-man half-boy, sleeping peacefully, looking so young, tameable and well-behaved.

Iñigo was not just a good looking man, he was beautiful and breathtakingly attractive. Aside from his tall, lean muscular body, he was weel-rounded and totally a red-blooded man. He was strong, independent and confident. He was also very intelligent, had a good sense of humor, so tender and protective. She didn't wonder why until now how come she couldn't get over him.

Burning passion.
Intense carnal craving.
Mind blowing kisses.
Obsessive and addictive love.
Those were the least that Chloe could describe her relationship with Iñigo when they were young. Now, that they were back together, she couldn't help having second thoughts. Yes, she was a bit scared to have Iñigo back in her life.

She was sure, if her parents knew about this, they would be mad again, especially her father, who was always against her relationship with Iñigo. She didn't want to have the same arguments with her father again.
Iñigo stirred and pulled her closer.
"What are you thinking?" He asked sleepily and kissed her.

She just smiled and tunnelled her fingers into his hair. She evaded answering his question.
He sighed heavly. His forearms were at the side of her head, supported his weight as he kissed her on the shoulder. "What is it?"

"Nothing." She averted her eyes immediately and touched his cheek.

"Baby doll, if there is something bothering you, just tell me. I don't want you to worry about anything."
"It's just that, everything seems so fast... so overwhelming... I...I can't handle this... I mean... oh, I don't know how to explain this."

He hugged her so gently and took her in his arms. "Okay, I get it. We'll take everything so slow. Is that what you want baby doll?" He said running his hand through her hair.

"Y...yes.." I guess. She thought.

"Where is she?" Iñigo woke up again, alone in bed. He felt very disappointed not finding Chloe beside him. He anticipated to be with her some more before they had to get up. He looked at the clock, it was eight in the morning. Oh God. He groaned.

He whent to check the bathroom, but she was not there. He went downstairs, and she was not there. He gritted his teeth and tried to supress his temper.

She left him without waking him up, or even leaving a note.
He didn't like it. He felt like she didn't care.
He went back upstairs, stomping his feet heavily on the stairs. He went to his bedroom and hurriedly took a bath. He needed to talk to Chloe, ask her for an explanation.

Why did she leave him alone in bed? What happened? Did what happen last night not mean anything to her? For God's sake, I love her, she loves me. What's the problem?

Last night was so special, they were back together. They should do things together, like waking up together, have breakfast, walk to the offices hand in hand, with hugs and kisses in every step till they would part ways. That is what a boyfriend and girlfriend would do, just like they were before.
He groaned and couldn't believe what just happened. Too many questions bogged his mind.

Don't tell me, she regretted what happened between us?
Dont tell me, she's back to her Aussie boyfriend? Damn!

He even forgot asking her if she broke up with him last night. He did not like the idea of Chloe with the Aussie guy. He was instantly filled with jealously.

He cursed himself again.
He went directly to Chloe's office and found one of her assistants very busy unpacking vases and paintings.

"Good morning, Mr. Monteiro." Butch greeted him.

"Good morning. Where's Chloe?" Iñigo asked politely, trying so hard to stay calm.
"OH! You didn't know?" Butch stood up and faced him.

"Know what?" He frowned. His heart pounded so hard.
"She left, for New York, two hours ago."

Iñigo's eyes widened. He couldn't explain what he felt. Abandoned. Deserted. Rejected.
Damn it!
Iñigo asked Butch for Chloe's phone number, and called her right away as he got back to their place.
She was not answering his call. He gritted his teeth angrily and started calling her again. It took him four times before she answered her phone.


"Chloe, this is Iñigo. Where are you?"
"'m sorry. I'm here at the airport, I...I'm taking the commercial flight to New York."

"Oh baby, why?" Iñigo groaned, trying to control him temper. He wanted an explanation as to why she left him without waking him up or leaving a note. He was mas because of what she did.

"I can't explain right now. I'll call you as soon as I arrive in New York. Okay?"
Not okay. He thought.

"Wait for me there. We will go to New York together. I'll just call our pilot to refuel the plane." Iñigo replied.
" don't do that. I'm inside the plane already and I'm going to turn of my phone now. I'll explain later."

He inhaled deeply and sighed. "Okay." He said disappointedly. "Call me as soon as you get there. Take care baby doll. I love you."

"Yeah, me too."
"I said I love you."

"Yeah, I heard you, I said I love you too."

"I just wanted to hear you say it." He admitted to her.

Chloe arrived in their New York mansion after eight hours of travel. Her mom greeted her excitedly.

"Chloe, I'm so glad to see you. We miss you so much. We will have a special dinner tonight. I'll tell Eros to join us."
"Yes mom. I'd love that." She smiled adoringly to her mother. She couldn't hate her mom, she had a feeling that her mom was innocent of what her father and Eros did.

Of course tonight's dinner would be special. She was planning to confront her father and Eros about what really happened five years ago. She would make sure to squeeze the truth out of their mouth.
Chloe went to her room to prepare for dinner. She opened her phone was Iñigo's six missed calls.

She pressed Iñigo's number and he answered immediately.
"Hi. How's your trip?"

"Fine, a bit tiring and boring. I miss you."

"I miss you more baby, you don't know how much." He almost whispered.

"You left me without saying a word. Why?"
"I'm sorry. Please forgive me, tiger... It was a very impulsive decision, I was not thinking straight. I just need to clear things up with my father and Eros to have peace in my mind."

"You should have told me baby. I'm part of your life now, and I wanted to be with you, to defend and comfort you."

"I know, I realized that now. But Iñigo, I want to settle this with them, alone. I love you and I don't want to involve you, not now."
He fell silent for a few seconds, feeling hurt, then he replied. "Okay, I understand. When are you coming back here?"

I don't know. Maybe the next day. It really depends. I have some work to do here too."

"Seems like I don't have a choice but to wait for you here."
"No, just wait for me. I'll be back as soon as I settle things here."

"Okay, I love you so much my baby."

"I love you too, tiger."

After dinner, the Petrakis family gathered out in the yard.
Eros and his father kept asking Chloe about her interior designs for the Hotel. They were so interested in everything that she did, places she went and visited.

"Actually, no. I wasn't able to visit some interesting places there. I was so busy."
"Oh, I thought your artist boyfriend came and visited you?" Eros suddenly butted in.

"What? How did you know that?"

Eros bit his lip and his eyes widened. "Somebody told me, I think... Iñigo mentioned it."

"No, I mean Luis."


"Eh..yeah. Luis."

"Really huh? Tell me the truth Eros.
Did dad and mom know that you set me up to stay in Iñigo's penthouse?"
"What?" Chloe's father, Markos Petrakis exclaimed.

"Did I hear it right? You lived in the same penthouse with Iñigo?" Her mom asked.
"Yes mom, we lived in the penthouse together but in different rooms."

Her mother, Nina Peres Petrakis heaved a sigh. "Oh thank goodness, I thought you were sleeping in the same bed."

"Are you?" Eros asked her.

"What?" Chloe shrugged her shoulders. "You are changing the point of our discussion here. You set me up Eros. Why did you do that. You knew I hated him because of what happened five years ago."

"Answere her Eros, why did you do that?" Their father snapped at his son.
"Well, it's time for both of them to be friends again, to bury the past and move on. I did it for the business, dad. Chloe and Iñigo will be seeing each other more often, now that she's joined the business with us. Besides, she already have a boyfriend."

"Are you friends now?" Markos asked his daughter.
"Yes, in fact, we reminisced about what happened five years ago. I discovered that you and Eros played a vital role in our break up." Chloe said calmly, trying to hold back her anger.

Markos Petrakis' eyes widened. Eros frowned and her mother got suddenly upset.
"What? What are you talking about Chloe?" Her mother asked.

"Mom, did you know that dad threatened Iñigo to break up with me? And that they instructed Iñigo to do it during my sixteenth birthday? Eros even gave Iñigo a list of not so kind adjectives to use against me!"

"Oh heavens. Chloe calm down." He mother said.
"No! I can't calm down. You are my family, and you were doing this to me. My own father and brother. I thought you all loved me." Chloe couldn't hold in her anger any more and stood up.
"How could you!"

"You don't understand princess. We did it for you, for what was best for you at the time." Markos said.

"What was best for me?! I suffered so terribly and my life became miserable because of what happened then. You ruined my life!" Chloe cried and pointed a finger at her father.
"Don't point a finger on me, young lady!
Why? Do you think your life is ruined now? You finished your Bachelor's degree in a very prestigious school. Your peers admire you, many women envied you because of your awards, achivements in school and other civic organizations. And you say I ruined you life?"

Tears pooled in Markos' eyes.
"I just did what any father should do for his child. I saw you destroying your life because of your obsessive and addictive love with Iñigo. You worshipped him so much. Your life revolved around him. You were to young, still fourteen and yet you did everything for him. You neglected your family, your studies, you friends and even yourself. You put him above everything else. It hurted so much, losing my little girl to a young man. Instead of studying, you preferred to hang out with Iñigo. You never joined us in our family outings every Sunday, even in going to church, because you preferred to be with Iñigo and his family. Your mother and I felt so broken when we learned about it, we were so worried."
"Then you should at least talk to me about it." Chloe was crying so hard now. But she still reasoned, not fully convinced of her dad's explanation.

"You know, we did, several times, but you wouldn't listen." Her mother was the one who replied to her.

"You know all about this mom?"
She nodded guiltily and started to cry too. "I'm sorry Chloe."

"And why of all times, on my birthday? You were so harsh." Chloe faced her dad again.

"I'm sorry child, we were so desperate at that time. Please Chloe, forgive me... us." Her father pled. "We did just what we thought what best for you."
"Is it true dad? Is it true that you threatened Iñigo?"

It took Markos a minute before he answered his daughter.

"Yes, all empty threats and I didn't mean anything, just wanted to scare him. I'm sorry. But it was with his father's permission. Lucas and Samantha were so bothered too. They were afraid that Iñigo wouldn't finish his studies also, to think that he would take over the Monteiros' business." Markos went nearer to his daughter and touched her arm. "My princess, please, I apologize."
"Oh dad." Chloe cried and embraced her dad. "I'm sorry too. I realize that I was so wrong to fall so much in love with Iñigo that I forgot loving myself and my family."

"Yes, you should learn to love yourself first Chloe, before loving someone." Nina said.
"I'm sorry mom."

"Shh. It's okay honey." Her mother came and hugged them both kissing Chloe in her hair.
"So. Everything is settled already, right? Let's open that vintage champagne dad, let's celebrate." Eros said.

Chloe removed her arms around her dad and mom and moved closer to Eros. Her hands on her hips and one eyebrown raised.
"Not with you, big brother! How could you write such a stupid note to Iñigo, telling him to say those vile words to me?"

"Ugh...ohh..." Eros sighed.

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#1TeenStyleGirlAug 12, 2016

This is so beautiful, so well-written and there's so much emotion...I love it. Great job! \:\)

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