Catch me - Chapter 9
Published Jun 26, 2015

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Chapter 9.

This is a loooong chapter, but when you read it, you will understand why it's so long.
Hope this will clear things up what happened between them.

Chapter 9.

This is a loooong chapter, but when you read it, you will understand why it's so long.
Hope this will clear things up what happened between them.
Iñigo arrived at the hotel whistling. He felt revived and human again after drowning his sorrow in excessive amount of alcohol. For twenty-four hours, he locked himself inside a presidential suite of the most luxurious five-start hotel and casino in Rio Vegas, owned by his Aunt Natalie Monterio Valiente and her husband, Rafael Valiente. He was so devastated when Chloe rejected him the other night. He drove his car so fast and furiously to the highest limit until he would fly. He felt so wortless and a very deficient man.

Damn it He loved her so deeply and his life was not worth living without her anymore. He couldn't accept the fact that she already loved someone else. I lost her! He blamed Eros and Chloe's father, Markos Petrakis, but most of all he blamed himself.
He was driving so fast without an exact destination. He was so full of rage and pain that he didn't know where he was heading. After three hours of driving in deathly speed, he realized that he was near Nevada already. He decided to continue driving until he arrived in Rio Vegas. He thought of looking for diversions to forget his pain and to numb his broken heart, or else he would go crazy. The Vegas nightlife was truly unrivalled. Most celebrities where there dancing, enjoying the music, celebrating life in the nightclubs and bars.

Iñigo went to VooDoo Roftop Nightclub. It was located at the top floor of the most luxurious hotel and Casino owned by is aunt Natalie and Uncle Rafael. The dance floors were spacious, they had a good DJ, the beats were pounding and their drinks were delicious. The place was crowded with young night owls and party lovers of the good life.
He went directly to the bar and ordered a drink. He was eyeing the crowd when a stunning woman approached him.

"Excuse me, sir. You are Iñigo Monteiro, right?"
Iñigo focused his eyes at the woman beside of him. Assessing her looks from head to foot. She was wearing a decent arty dress and matching stilettos.
She doesn't look like a gold digger, but she was probably in disguise. He thought.

"Yes?" He grinned at her, not liking the idea of someone recognized him. Not now, when he was gloomy and in the mood of killing someone.
"Brenda Davis. Remember me? We met at Chloe Petrakis' sixteenth birthday party." She vibrantly smiled at him.

"Oh!" He heaved a sigh, he remembered meeting her. What a small world He thought.
Brenda Davis, she was Chloe's model-actress classmate in high school. He recalled how she responded to his advances during Chloe's sixteenth birthday party. He felt guilty of using her at that time, trying to make Chloe jealous. His memories of Brenda Davis was not pleasant at all. "Yes, I remember. Are you on vacation?"
"Actually, no. I'm just having fun with my girl friends. A friend of ours was having her bridal shower and we came here afterwards."

"I see. Well, have fun." He said trying to dismiss her with a shrug. But she was not in a hurry to go and continued smiling at him. In order not to be rude, he asked her. "You still do modelling and acting, right?"
"No, not anymore." She said shyly. "That was my mother's dream. When she died, I pursued my passion in culinary arts. I now own a small catering business in Santa Barbara."

He was surprised about her shift of profession, and having a buisness in Santa Barbara, where their hotel was located.
"That's a surprise. We are contructing a new hotel in Santa Barbara, I'm sure you've heard of it. The New World Hotel, Casino and Beach Resort."

"Of course. It will be the world's most luxurious five-start hotel, right?"

He nodded. "Thank you." He looked at his watch looking so bored. "Well, nice to meeting you again Brenda. I have to go."
"Nice meeting you too sir, ah... Mr. Monteiro."

He nodded again and was about to leave when Brenda called him.

"Ah... Mr. Monteiro, if you need a food catering job for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, or any occasions, I'll be happy to serve your hotel." She said extracting a calling card for her wallet and gave it to him.
Iñigo took the calling card, and was surprised that her buisness address was located near their hotel. "So we are neighbours, huh? Okay, I'll remember that."

"Thank you." She answered before she left.

Dammit! the memories of five years ago where coming back to him.
Five Years Ago...

Iñigo Miller Monteiro stood in front of his bedroom's full length mirror. He was wearing a three-piece Armani tuxedo with a pair of Testoni Italian leather shoes and a Rolex watch on his wrist. His long brown hair was combed messy on his head emphasizing his striking chiseled facial features; strong jaw, well-sculpted nose, thin lips and eyes in a shade of blue-gray.
He clasped his hands together and rubbed them forcefully, a mannerism he couldn't avoid whenever he was anxious or nervous.

I can't do this. He thought, rocking his feet back and forth.

A knock alerted him from his reverie, made him forget temporarily his uneasiness.

"Come in." He shouted.
The door was opened slowly by his mother, Samantha Miller Monteiro. Despite being in her forties, she was still very slender and beautiful. Her blue figure-hugging shimmering gown and gold stilettos made her look ten years younger.

"Iñigo... You look so handsome!" His mother embraced him right away then fixed his bowtie.
"All mothers say that to their sons."

"Not me. Hmm... I'm sure all the girls in the party will be very envious of Chloe tonight." She smiled studying his appearance.

She was so proud of him. At nineteen, Iñigo was extremely good-looking, tall with broad shoulders. His overall appearance was very appealing.
A side from his looks, he was very well educated, a Harvard Engineering student and highly intelligent. He portrayed confidence and motivation. He was also very adventurous, a thrill seeker and just like his father, so obsessed with fast cars.

"I don't feel like going to her party." Iñigo said and sat down on his bed.
"Why? Are you sick?" His mother touched his forehead then his neck.

"No, I'm not sick."

"Then, what's wrong? Tonight's party is very important for Chloe, it's her sixteenth birthday. You have to be there. She's your girlfriend."
"I know mom, you don't have to remind me all the time."

"Then, why? Did you quarrel?"


"You can tell me. I'm your mother."
He grinned at her then shook his head. "I can't."

His mom sighed. "Well, whatever it is just set it aside for the moment. Come on, we have to go now. We don't want to be late. Your dad and your sisters are already waiting downstairs."
Iñigo nodded and stood up. He took his phone from the bedside table and pressed the home button. Then he saw the fifteen missed calls from Chloe. ---------

The Monteiro family was already inside the limousine going to the Petrakis New York Mansion. They were invited to attend the sixteenth birthday celebration of Chloe Petrakis, daughter of Markos and Nina Petrakis.

The Petrakis and Monteiros were good friends. The families both came from Brazil and migrated to New York. They were involved in the same businesses. Instead of competing, they transacted business together and even merged some of their companies. They were monopolized the supply of various consumer goods in the United States. Each family was tagged as one of the world's richest billionaires in Forbes magazine.
Iñigo's father, Lucas Monteiro was caressing his wife's arm and kissing her cheek. "You look so beautiful honey and hmmmm.. is that a new perfume?" He sniffed her neck.

"Yes. We will launch this next week together with the new clothing designs. The perfume is called 'Seduction'. So darling, are you seduced?" Samantha teased her husband.

"Very. You know you never fail my love."
She giggled and said. "You look so dashing and gorgeous as always."

"You know kids, your mom is so honest, that's why I love her so much." He said to heir children, Jasmin, Leia Rose and Iñigo.

"Ha-ha! You never changed, still very conceited." Samantha laughed.
"And you never change either, still so hot and sexy.." Lucas gave his wife an intense look.

"Well, my daily exercise really helps a lot and of course, good diet."
"Talking of diet, I noticed Chloe getting bigger every time I see her." Jasmin, Iñigo's younger sister, who was sitting beside her mom butted in.

Leia Rose, Jasmin's eighteen-year old twin laughed. "Yup, I wonder if she would fit in her gown now, it was made a month ago."
"Girl's please be nice to Chloe. She's your brother's girlfriend." Samantha looked at her son, who was sitting silently across her husband, playing on his phone.

"Iñigo's not answering her phone calls anymore." Leia Rose shrugged her shoulders.
"Really?" Samantha looked at her son worriedly, but Iñigo pretended not to hear them.

"Chloe called me about six or seven times today, asking me where he was." Jasmin added.

"And what did you tell her?"
"Well, I was not home, I told her to call him instead."

Samantha sighed. "Iñigo, what happened? Did you quarrel with Chloe?"
"Mom, I already told you. We didn't." Iñigo answered, looking bored.

"Then what's the problem? Why aren't you answering her calls? Today is her birthday and you are giving her a bad time?"

Iñigo rubbed his hands together and shifted in his seat.
"Whatever problem you have with your girlfriend, fix it son. Be a man. It won't make you a lesser man if you tell her what you feel." Lucas advised his son.

"Yes, dad. I'll do that." Iñigo answered. Be a man, tell her the truth.

Chloe was in her room fitting her gown once again for her sixteenth birthday party that evening. She was panicking because her gown wouldn't fit her. It was already adjusted twice and yet it wouldn't fit. She started sweating profusely now and her freshly made make up was slightly smudged.
"This still to tight, it wouldn't zip up. Can you loosen this some more?" Chloe said feeling so agitated.

"Dear, I already adjusted it twice, there's no more allowance." Marian, the couturier said.

"You mean I can't wear this gown tonight?"

Marian sighed. "Well, we can't zip it up, and there's not enough time. It would take about an hour or two to revise the back."
"Oh mom, what am I going to wear now?"

Nina Peres Petrakis, Chloe's mother looked so disappointed that the very expensive and beautiful pearl and diamond sequined pink grown wouldn't fit on her daughter anymore.

"You have no choice Chloe, you have to wear another gown."
"I love this gown and I'm sure that Iñigo will love this one me too."

"The party will start in a few minutes. Choose another gown Chloe, so the makeup artist can retouch your face."
Chloe looked so sad but still obeyed her mother. She openede her wardrobe and chose the only gown that would fit her, a light blue ball gown with puff sleeves, ruffles, lace and satin ribbons. She used it when she played Cinderella last year at her school. There was no zip at the back only adjustable strings. Chloe's dad, Markos Petrakis also known as Finn Martins, was frowning when he saw his daughter descending the carpeted marble stairway of their mansion the evening.

"Baby, what happened to Chloe's gown? I thought it was pink?" Finn asked his wife, raising his eyebrows.

"It wouldn't fit her anymore. The couturier did her best to adjust the gown, but there's not enough time." Nina wispered to her husband.
"I think our baby is getting bigger."

"Yes, that's what I thought too. It must be part of growing up, hormonal imbalance perhaps?"

"Probably, but we have to do something about it, sweetheart. Help her stay fit and healthy."
"Yes, anything for our daughter."

"Come here." Finn said while pulling his wife closer towards his body.

"My goodness Finn... Not here." Nina wispered, eyeing their guests.
"What? You have a dirty mind, baby. I just want a little hug and a little kiss. I haven't seen you in four days and I missed you terribly."

"Don't fool me darling. We know where that little hug and little kiss ends."

He whispered something in her ear and she giggled. "You are unbelievable, Mr Petrakis."

"I'm so glad you are here. Why aren't you answering my calls?" Chloe said the moment she was alone with Iñigo.

"I was busy."

"With what?"
"With my projects." Iñigo blurted without looking at her.

"You used to call or text me, no matter how busy you were. Even when you had your exams you always found time for me." She nagged at him.

"It's different now. Our subjects are getting harder and harder every semester. You know how important it is for me to concentrate on my studies, it's not easy to pass a subject in Harvard." He reasoned out on her.
"So, you mean you don't have much time for me anymore."

Iñigo sighed. "It's not that. We'll talk later, okay? There is something I want to tell you."

"What is it?" Chloe started to get nervous. "Is it about us?"
Iñigo rolled his eyes, looking irritated. "We will talk later, okay?"

Chloe nodded and suddenly smiled. "Iñigo."

"What?" He said impatiently.
"Ah... you forgot to greet me. It's my birthday, remember?"

"How can I ever forget that Chloe, of course it's your birthday, that's why we are here, right?" He laughed sarcastically. "Happy birthday."

"Thanks. Ah... we can sit at the same table during dinner."
"No thanks. I'll sit with my family."

"But mom said..."

"I said no."

"Well, okay... if that's what you want."

"I'll see you later. As I said, we need to talk."
Chloe was so uneasy the whole evening. What is it that Iñigo wanted to talk about? She thought. He was acting so weird. He used to be so sweet to her. For almost two years that they have been toghether, they've been so happy and so in love. But now, he was acting like a stranger to her. She was not enjoying the party. Her father danced with her as well as her male cousins and friends, but not Iñigo. Once she saw him dancing with Brenda, her model-actress classmate. They were talking, laughing and dancing sensously to the slow music. She was instatly filled with jealously. She tried so hard to fight back her tears from falling down her cheeks. The worst part was, all throughout the night, she noticed him evading her. When the quests started to go home, Iñigo finally talked to Chloe. They went to a gazebo at the back garden.

"Why are you avoiding me Iñigo?"

"I'm not avoiding you."

"You are! You never even danced with me. I'm sure everyone was wondering why. They probably thought that we had quarelled or even broken up!"
"Is that what you want?"

"What I want?"

"Break up?"

"Of course not. I said, people might think that we broke up because you never asked me for a dance, and instead, you danced with...Brenda."

He sighed looking bored. "So you mean, I can't dance with anyone because I have a girlfriend, right?"
"No, that's not what I meant... but, I'm jealous. I don't like you dancing with Brenda... you should be dancing with me, coz I'm you girlfriend."

"Oh really? HA! That's the problem Chloe, you want to chain me by your side. For almost two years that we have been toghether, you often get jealous, so demanding, and alway doubting my actions. You don't trust me."

"How can you say that? I always trust you, Iñigo."
"No, no you don't. You keep on checking on me, and calling me inappropriate times. It's very irritating."

"I'm sorry... it's just that I get worried when you won't call me. You used to call me all the time... and sometimes, in inappropriate times for me too, but I never complained because I love you and I love every minute talking to you. I thought you feel the same way...."

"That was before you changed. You are not the same person that I used to love. I'm sorry to say this, but I'm really fed up with your childishness, you have become so clingy! Sometimes, I couldn't even breath when I'm with you. You are strangling me with your possessiveness. I have a life too, my studies, school activities, family and friends. I can't focus al my time on you entirely. You are even acting life a wife! And sometimes like my mother!"

"I want freedom Chloe.... freedom from you..."

"What do you mean?"

"I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU." Iñigo said, emphazing each word.
That night, Chloe's world fell apart. She went back inside the mansion, shook hands and kissed some of the quests goodbye. Thanking them for coming to her birthday party. Her parents and brother, Eros hugged her.

"Nice party sis. Everybody was having much fun." Eros said smiling at her.
"Yes, everyone was having fun." She smiled back at her brother.

"Well, goodnight sis. Always remember that I love you and I'll always take care of you. Happy Birthday." Eros hugged her once more and kissed her cheek.

"Thank's Eros."
She slowly went up the stairs and waved some of their guests goodbye. Then finally, she arrived in her room. The tears she was holding back finally fell down her cheeks. She cried so hard in bed that night, until her tears ran dry. She was so hurt that she wanted to die. She tried to erase the pain by taking a shower, still in her gown, but the pain was so deep, and kept on escalating. The she started crying again and again... until she passed out.

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#1seksyhstefhJul 15, 2015

\:\( he was pretty mean to her... I can't believe that her dad and brother made him break up with her on her 16th birthday.. Can't wait to read more!!!\:wub\:

#2H2oGrlAug 17, 2015

Amazing you rely have a gift. Great story! \;\)

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