Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 9 P3
Published Nov 10, 2015

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Hello guys; tis the season to be jolly... Well I hope so because it's Christmas time (for them of course) so shall we see what they've been up to during the Christmas season?

Hello guys; tis the season to be jolly... Well I hope so because it's Christmas time (for them of course) so shall we see what they've been up to during the Christmas season? Since their recent return to Miami, families and individuals all over are preparing for the Christmas celebrations; this year Gabriella and Malik will be spending Christmas with his mother, her boyfriend and his sister Angela rather than their previous plans which was to just spend the Christmas alone.

Michael, Adrienne and Daron will be spending Christmas together in Miami with a special guest (no it's not Marilyn) it's actually Michael's aunt who is like a mother to him as they are very close; his father won't be attending as their relationship has been a bit sour for some time.
This Christmas Jules, Garret and Michaela are going to spend it in Miami once again; just a quiet, relaxing day, well probably not for Garret so much as he's going to be doing all the cooking that day with just a little help from Jules.

Since Virginia went to New York to spend thanksgiving with Kaitlin, for Christmas Kaitlin is coming to Roaring Heights to spend it with her girlfriend; things have been moving quiet fast lately, and because Virginia is busy with work and is in a love bubble at the moment she has hardly seen or spoken to Rita lately; the last time she saw her was when they were in LA.

So Virginia arranged for them to meet up for lunch one day so they could properly catch up.
There was tension in the air and both of them wanted to clear it, but neither one did not know how to bring it up without upsetting the other person.

Virginia: How have you been?

Rita: Good...And you?

Virginia: I've been good! I didn't get to tell you much about New York when we were in LA, but it was lovely! It even snowed!

Rita: Okay; what did you two lovebirds do?

Virginia: Well on the Thursday we stayed in, in the morning and relaxed, then we went to the winter festival and spent majority of the afternoon there which was lovely; after going back to her apartment we got ready and had our thanksgiving dinner at this nice lounge and then she took me to one of her favourite clubs!
Rita: Well you had a good thanksgiving!

Virginia: I was so nice Rita, and then the day after she took me to this horse ranch so I could meet her horse!

Rita: She has a horse? In New York? You went horse riding?

Virginia: Yup! He's so sweet; his name is Pegasus.

Rita: Well I'm glad you had a nice time there. She didn't sound too pleased; Virginia noticed this.

Virginia: What did you do?

Rita: Nothing really, I didn't want to fester in the house all day which would make me feel even more alone, so I went to the gym for a bit and then later on I went to Garret's bar for the rest of the evening!...It's not as exciting as yours but it was good enough for me!
Virginia: I'm sorry that you were alone on thanksgiving, I really am, but even if I stayed Kaitlin would've come here and I would have been spending it with her!

Rita: Look, I'm glad that you have a girlfriend and things are working out for you and we are just friends; I get that! It's just going to take some time for me to get used to being alone during the holidays.

Virginia: ...I know you've been through a lot and your family and some of your 'friends' abandoned you, I have missed you...but Kaitlin's my girlfriend and I want to spend time with her-

Rita: So you are saying that you don't want to spend time with your best friend anymore? Is that what you are saying? ‘Cause when I was with Mark I never kicked you to the curb...

Virginia: Rita will you let me finish! Rita kept her mouth shut, sat up straight and listened.
Virginia: Kaitlin is my girlfriend so that means that it is more than likely that I will be spending certain holidays with her! I'm not saying that we cannot be friends anymore because I've already experienced that and I hated it!

Like you said it is going to take time, but these past few months you've been fine; you've been living alone and you've been okay!

Rita: I know- can we just drop it? I understand that you will be spending your holidays with your girlfriend and not me and that's fine 'cause why should you? I'm a grown woman and I have to just suck it up and deal with it…I just miss my best friend that's all.

Virginia: ...I would like you to spend Christmas with me and Kaitlin.

Rita: I'm fine. Really I am, I need to get used to being alone on Christmas!
Virginia: But you don't Rita, you are going to meet someone someday and spend these days with them, but for now this Christmas I want you to spend it with us!

Rita: Are you sure your girlfriend will be okay with it?

Virginia: Course she will!

Rita: Well how could I say no when I've been moaning about being alone! She smiles.

Virginia: Well that's settled; you are going to spend Christmas with us! Though Rita did not necessarily want to spend the day with Kaitlin she was going to suck it up because at the end of the day she just wants to hang out with her BFF.
Gabriella has also not been doing her friendship duties very well as she's been in baby mode ever since; though she spent the whole day with her closest friends and family at her baby shower, she didn't have a chance to really talk with Adrienne and find out about her first thanksgiving with Michael!

So as Adrienne will be in town for the rest of December and will be back in February, Gabriella used this opportunity to get all the juicy gossip and invited her over for dinner.
Adrienne: You are so lucky to have your mother here; majority of the time I'm ordering take out or just having cereal 'cause I hardly cook when I'm at home!

Gabriella: You're terrible, so who cooks when you are staying at Michael's?

Adrienne: He mostly cooks; I cook sometimes, but he cooks more than I do or we go out to eat!

Gabriella: Okay, so who cooked on thanksgiving?

Adrienne: Michael. I helped with a few things here and there but I was spending time with Daron most of the day...until Marilyn came.

Gabriella: Noo! Really?
Malik: Yeah he told me when I chatted with him the other day!

Gabriella: And you couldn't even tell me?

Malik: *serving the dinner* It slipped my mind, I'm sorry.

Gabriella: It's you spent thanksgiving with his ex?

Adrienne: Yup! And I bet you're wondering how that went?

Gabriella: Of course!

Adrienne: It was horrible!

Gabriella: What happened?
Adrienne: It was so awkward Gab's, I couldn't wait for her to leave!

Malik: It didn't sound that bad when Michael told me!

Adrienne: ...How would you feel if Gabby's ex joined you on thanksgiving Malik?

Malik: ..Okay I see your point!

Adrienne: Thank you! And he didn't even tell me about it prior to the day; he sprung it up on me on the day...I know it's his house and all, but it would've been nice to be given a warning!

Giselle: But why is she spending thanksgiving with you guys? 'Cause of the boy?

Adrienne: Yeah.

Giselle: Sweetheart, I get that she wants to spend time and get to know her son, but she does not need to be doing that during holidays like that; there are many days in between for that!
Adrienne: Thank you!

Gabriella: But does she see him other days and not only on certain occasions?

Adrienne: Yeah she does! So I don't understand, but all I know is that I refuse to spend Christmas with her as well; she can drop his gift off and say hello and merry Christmas and that's it, but she is not spending the day with us!

Gabriella: And does Michael know this?

Adrienne: Of course! He knew how upset I was about her joining us on thanksgiving and he said he felt bad about not telling me sooner; he promised me that she won't be spending Christmas with us so...

Giselle: Well hopefully he keeps his promise!

Malik: He will!

Giselle: I hope so!
They soon changed the subject and chatted about other things that were on their mind; Gabriella even spoke about how much she is going to miss her mother when she goes back to New York on Wednesday, just four days before Christmas.

Angela, Caroline and her boyfriend Javed are all going to be staying at their house from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day (3 days) and then they will be returning to Los Angeles the following day; these three days are going to be quite interesting for Gabriella and Malik!
23rd December 2021

While Gabriella and Malik spent the morning/afternoon buying some last minute presents and supplies for the holiday, Caroline and the rest of the family were preparing for their stay at the Evans-Austen household; after returning home Gabriella had a nap while Malik lounged in front of the TV and watched the sports channel.

Later on Gabriella came downstairs and joined him; she wanted to talk to him about something.
Malik: Hey baby; nice nap?

Gabriella: Umm kinda.

Malik: Bad dream?

Gabriella: Sorta...I was pregnant and we were having twins but we didn't have enough space for them...we were all squashed up in one room...

Malik: What do you mean we didn't have space for them? We have a whole leap of space for 'em!

Gabriella: I know but it got me wondering...this house is perfect for them; they have their nursery...but what about when we go to LA? Where are they going to be staying? They won't have a room there?

Malik: They can sleep with us!
Gabriella: Babe, they cannot sleep with us all the time!

Malik: Why not?

Gabriella: So when they are 5, 6, 7 you will be happy to have them in your bed still? And it's not even that, there's not much space for them to play, there's not space for cots, and there's no space for their clothes!

Malik: So we change one of the rooms into a nursery! We can change the office!

Gabriella: And where is Monica going to work? I like that room as an office, I can't let you change that and besides I would want their room to be close to ours!

Malik: Well that can't happen as my mum uses that garden all the time and if she moves her things downstairs it will take up the whole garden! We would have to get rid of the hot tub!
Gabriella: That's why I'm saying we need to look for a place of our own! So it'll be just me, you and the babies living under that one roof...can we look for a place...Please?

Malik knew she was right; the apartment was not big enough for seven people to live there, he had to be smart about this and looking for a place of their own would be the smartest decision to make!

Malik: Not now...after you've had the twins and we've settled in then we can look for a house okay?

Gabriella: Thank you; I love you!

Malik: Love you too!
So soon Gabriella and Malik will be house hunting in Los Angeles for their small family to live in which Gabriella is looking forward to, but for now there are many things that need to be dealt with before that time comes and one of them is to get through the Christmas holidays with Malik's mother and sister!

24th December (Christmas Eve)

It was day one with the family and things were going okay so far; Caroline was helping Gabriella in the kitchen by doing almost everything as she (and Malik) wanted her to be stress free, and while that was going on Angela was spending her time in the living room enjoying the beverages as she watched TV; Malik and Javed were in Malik's kind of man room playing some table tennis to kill the time.
In The Evening

Most of the food for tomorrow was prepped; the turkey was seasoned and ready to go into the oven and Caroline even had time to cook a nice Christmas Eve meal for the family; they had a small prayer and then began to eat.

Caroline: Thank you again for letting us stay for a few days, its lovely spending Christmas with your loved ones!

Gabriella: It's no problem, we just thought it would be nice to spend it with you guys as we spent Thanksgiving with my side of the family!

Malik: And next year we are planning on just spending the holidays with the twins!

Caroline: Oh that's nice...I can remember Angela's first Christmas very well!
Angela: Well I can't!

Caroline: Well you were just a baby then; she was only two months old!

Gabriella: Wow!

Caroline: Yeah...your father was around's the best memory that I have when he was around, but it could never be better than the day that you were born!

Angela: Yeah, yeah; can we talk about something else now?

Caroline: ...I guess! The room was quiet; nobody could think of a different topic.
Gabriella: So Angela, how's work going?

Angela: It’s okay; same old, same old.

Malik: Still wanting to become a director?

Angela: Yes! That's why I've stuck with this job; I'm learning all about it through my job! I am even studying and doing research which I know is very surprising for you guys!

Gabriella: Good for you Ang!

Malik: Yeah! It is quite surprising but I'm proud of you!

Angela: Thanks bro.

Caroline: I have never been so proud!

Angela: Yeah because I was a slob who stayed in the house all day and partied all night; there was no reason to be proud of that!
Caroline: Don't start tonight please? It's Christmas Eve!

Javed: So what do we have planned for later?

Gabriella: Oh nothing much; I'll be going to bed soon 'cause I'm knackered and my back is aching me-

Malik: You're not gonna try and stay awake for midnight babe?

Gabriella: I will be exactly eight months pregnant on Sunday and you think I am going to stay up until midnight?

Angela: I would take that as a no Malik!

Malik: Thank you Angela!

Gabriella: You can stay up, that's fine by me but that won't be happening with me!
Caroline: That's okay luv; you can hang out with me, Javed and your sister!

Angela: I'll be going somewhere tonight! So...

Caroline: Where?

Angela: Somewhere where you don't need to know! I am a big girl now mum; not your two month old daughter! Angela took her plate and glass to the kitchen and went up to her room.

Caroline: Well okay can still spend it with me and Javed!

Malik: Thanks for the offer.

Caroline: But?

Malik: But what?

Caroline: It sounded like you were going to say something else!
Malik: No…I will just be making sure that my wife and the mother of my unborn twins are comfortable and happy before I come down and join you!

Caroline: Well of course, that's fine sweetheart!

After dinner Malik cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher while Caroline and Javed got comfortable in the living room and Gabriella was upstairs in the bathroom getting ready for bed; Malik met her in the bedroom soon after.

Gabriella: Everything's cleaned up?

Malik: Yup! How about a nice massage?

Gabriella: Aww...aren’t you sweet! Gabriella sat down at the other end of the bed and waited for Malik to work his magic on her back and shoulders.
Gabriella: You're not going back downstairs are you?

Malik: ...

Gabriella; I knew it!

Malik: If you and Angela was going to be down there then I would stay, but I'm not going to hang with them while they get all lovey dovey!

Gabriella: Honestly.

Malik: Well would you?

Gabriella: Not necessarily; so what are you going to tell them in the morning?

Malik: That I fell asleep! Gabriella shook her head.
- An Hour Later -

Caroline and Javed were still in the living room enjoying a nice glass of wine with the TV turned off, chatting away.

Caroline: So I guess Malik won't be coming down then.

Javed: Nah…maybe he fell asleep!

Caroline: Or he just didn't want to spend the evening with us!

Javed: We're here for three days luv, we've got enough time to hang out.

Caroline: I know...I just want to spend time with my son before he's too busy to catch up with his mum!
Javed: You're his manager luv, he couldn't keep you out of his life if he tried!

Caroline: So that's the only time I will be able to spend time with my son? When we're talking about business?

Javed: Where is all of this coming from?

Caroline: He's been slowly creeping away from me...and when the babies are born-

Javed: You're acting as if he's never gonna see you again! You are his mother and the grandmother to his babies; you are his manager...he loves you and would never shut you out and you know this!

Caroline: I do...I'm just overreacting don't mind me!

Javed: You're a mother who feels like he's losing his son...I'm sure that's natural for any mother who has a child leaving the nest and starting their loan lives! You are an amazing mum and I know you'll be an amazing grandmother to your grandchildren when they are born, so there's nothing to worry about!
Caroline: You know I'm a lucky girl! I have amazing kids, an amazing life and an amazing guy that I don't know what I would do without sometimes!

Javed: I hope that guy is me!

Caroline: Of course it is...there's no other man...just you! She placed her hand on-top of his.

Javed: Well that's good to know because...every day that I spend with you I continue to fall more and more in love with you!

Caroline: Oh Javed...I love you too! They began to embrace which they then passionately kissed one another until Javed stopped, got up from the chair, pulled her up and she followed him up to the guest bedroom and enjoyed the rest of their night!
25th December 2021 (Christmas Day!)

Christmas morning was such a delight for the residents and guests of Roaring Heights as the day started of quite well.

Michael, Adrienne, Daron and Michael's aunt were already up opening the presents in the living room which Daron was loving; Garret, Jules and Michaela spent their morning having their Christmas breakfast, though they had to get washed before opening presents which would then lead to the many phone calls to send their Christmas greetings and thanks to their families abroad.
Virginia was enjoying her Christmas morning with her special someone as they exchanged gifts in bed before they went and had their breakfast to start off the day; Malik and his mother spent their morning making breakfast for the family which she very much enjoyed, while Javed, Angela and Gabriella were trying to get the strength to get out of bed.

After their Christmas breakfast they made their way into the living area to exchange gifts which lasted at least forty-five minutes thanks to the socialising, face timing
and laughter in between!
After the gift-giving ceremony they all went their separate ways to freshen up and welcome the rest of the day.

Gabriella and Angela was in the kitchen helping Caroline until she did not require any more help, while Malik and Javed were in the living room watching some old games on the sports channel.

Javed: It smells good in there!

Malik: Uhuh!

Javed: Your mother and your wife are very good cooks!

Malik: I know.

Javed: I only know how to cook a few things it's terrible; how about you?

Malik: My mum taught me a few things. Malik was more interested in watching the sports news than conversing with Javed.
Javed: We learn a lot from our parents don't we? And we tend to carry these things on throughout our lives and teach our children the same thing!

Malik: Are you planning on having children with my mum?

Javed: No of course not; we're not planning to do any of that...I was saying hypothetically people in general who have kids tend to teach their kids in a similar way how they were taught!

Malik: So a young man like you doesn't want to have any kids?

Javed: It works for some more than others...I just don't want kids!

Malik: So if my mum one day changed her mind and wanted to adopt another child...

Javed: Well I think that is something that me and your mother will have to talk about if and when the time comes! He looked away from Malik and faced the TV; Malik continued to look at him briefly before doing the same.
Javed: I know you love your mother very much and you two are quite close, and I know that me and you are not best buddies but, could you promise me something?

Malik: What?

Javed: Your mother has been feeling as if you are...slowly creeping away to start your life without her, and I know that this is not the case...but could you promise me that with whatever happens in the future that you don't keep your mother out?

Malik: Where is this coming from? Mum is always in my life and she's been in my life more since Gabriella came into my life...we can hardly get rid of her and sometimes that's not a bad thing!

Javed: She just feels that-

Malik: If she is feeling this way, then why don't she come to me!
Javed: Maybe's she's not ready yet; she only told me this last night when she was waiting for you to come down. Malik sat up to rest his shoulders so he could place his chin on his hands.

Malik: Sorry about that I fell asleep.

Javed: You keep telling yourself that...just promise me you'll do what I asked!

Malik: I don't need to promise you anything because I know that my mother and my sister and Gabriella's family will never be ignored; they will forever be in our life! Malik remained in the same position as Javed arose from his seat.

Javed: All I can do is hope...I'm gonna see if they need any help. Malik leaned back into the chair and looked towards the TV though he did not pay it no mind.
As the day went on our 'jolly' residents were trying to enjoy the day as much as they could whether it was with their new toys, cooking or relaxing as they waited for the scrumptious Christmas dinner to be served and a few hours later their wait was over!

Families, friends and companions all over were getting ready to tuck into that beautifully seasoned turkey (for those who are not vegetarians) that spent hours roasting in the oven. Most of them started off with a prayer whereas other tucked right in and began helping themselves to the delicious food!
More topics to talk about, more jokes that filled the rooms with laughter as they filled their stomachs.

- Michael's Place -

Aunt: You did a very good job helping me out in the kitchen; the food tastes delicious!
Adrienne: Aww thank you Ms Anthony!

Aunt: Your welcome luv; she's a keeper Michael...don't do anything to mess up what you two have!

Michael: I won't, I promise! He winked at Adrienne who got a bit red in her cheeks as she gently nudged him.

Aunt: She can cook, she's wonderful with Daron, she is a successful business woman who won't be mooching off you...she loves when are you going to ask this girl to marry you? Adrienne and Michael looked at each other.
- Roberts/Jones Household -

Michaela: This has been the best Christmas since living in America! And thank you for letting Buck spend the rest of Christmas with us!

Garret: It's no problem.

Jules: Well I'm glad that you feel this way, it has been quite a year but we got through it!

Michaela: And to top it off you two'll be getting married in a week!

Jules: I's exciting!

Garret: It is indeed!
- Virginia's Place -

Rita: I know you two wanted to spend this Christmas alone, so I just want to say thank you again for inviting me!

Virginia: It’s okay Rita isn't it Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: Sure! She got up from her seat to pour more wine into her glass.
- Evans-Austen Household -

Gabriella: This has been nice!

Caroline: It has, hasn't it? I got to spend time with those who mean the world to me on another special holiday! *sniffling*

Malik: Okay mum, you don't need to cry!

Caroline: What? I'm happy!

Angela: Over-emotional is the word you’re looking for!

Caroline: Thank you Angela...I know I'm over-emotional, that's who I am!
Javed: You shouldn't be afraid to show your emotions!

Angela: I'm not saying that you shouldn't, I'm just saying that's mum!

Malik: That's mum indeed! Imagine how she's going to be when Gab's gives birth!

Angela: Good luck to you!

Gabriella: It will be an emotional day for a lot of us! Even you Ang!

Malik: Auntie Ang you mean!

Angela: I can't believe I am going to be an auntie though...

Malik: You better believe it!
And this is where I am going to end Chapter 9: Part 3 but I hope you enjoyed it and Chapter 10 will be out soon!

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