Cheers...To New Beginnings: Chapter 9
Published Sep 18, 2015

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Finally I have returned lol

Hey everyone, I'd like to say thank you all for reading my story and I hope you continue to! So let's get on with the story then shall we; as it's been a while I'll give you a quick recap of the previous chapter.

So, Gabriella is having her baby shower at Adrienne's place in LA and while this is being arranged, Gabby has kept herself busy with the nursery; Virginia accompanied Rita to the prison that Mark is confined at and had a nice talk with him, Virginia also told Kaitlin that she is not going to choose between her and Rita; Adrienne and Michael had their first anniversary, and finally Garret was paid a visit by Michaela who was on a mission to reunite her aunt and uncle.

So lets find out what Garret decided to do for his thanksgiving!

Finally I have returned lol

Hey everyone, I'd like to say thank you all for reading my story and I hope you continue to! So let's get on with the story then shall we; as it's been a while I'll give you a quick recap of the previous chapter.

So, Gabriella is having her baby shower at Adrienne's place in LA and while this is being arranged, Gabby has kept herself busy with the nursery; Virginia accompanied Rita to the prison that Mark is confined at and had a nice talk with him, Virginia also told Kaitlin that she is not going to choose between her and Rita; Adrienne and Michael had their first anniversary, and finally Garret was paid a visit by Michaela who was on a mission to reunite her aunt and uncle.

So lets find out what Garret decided to do for his thanksgiving!
All around, thanksgiving preparations are taking place to ensure that the day goes smoothly. Some are cooking, others are travelling to their destinations while a few are buying a few last minute things that they forgot to buy.

This is going to be Gabriella and Malik's last thanksgiving together as a couple before the twins arrive; next year they will be a family of four, so they are sure to make the most of this day and the other festivities to come.
And speaking of babies, Gabriella has been working non-stop on the twins nursery however, with this fast pace that she's been working with the interior designer majority of the room is complete! The walls have been painted, the crib, shelving and other necessary furniture pieces are already in the room with a few accessories (and clothing).

So Gabriella got to fly to New York with a clear and happy mind knowing that the nursery will definitely be complete before her bouncing babies arrive!

In the meantime she was doing what pregnant mummies do which was attending her classes, shopping for more clothes, waiting for her baby shower that will be happening within two weeks and being the best wife that she could be for Malik.
Malik: I knew I'd find you in here! Gabriella was sitting on the rocking chair admiring her work.

Gabriella: It's my favourite room in the whole house!

Malik: It's mine too!..You really did an amazing job; were you secretly an interior designer?

Gabriella: *shaking her head* No, just a writer with amazing taste in fashion and interior design! She stretched her arms out wanting Malik to help her up.

Malik: You ready to go?

Gabriella: Yeah *she pauses* erm actually let me pee and I'll meet you in the car!

Malik: Okay. He kissed her on her luscious natural coloured lips and went to put the last bags in the car.
Their flight is at 9:45pm which means they'll be arriving in New York in the early hours of the morning; Malik thought it would be better to just leave out early in the morning but Gabriella insisted that she was fine to take an evening flight as she was too eager to get back to her first home.

As they are arriving at a time when everyone should be asleep, (though they say this city never does) Gabby's father will be picking them up at the airport as she'll be too knackered to drive and too knackered to give Malik the directions so it was a win-win!
- About 4 Hours Later -

As soon as they arrived at Gabriella's old home, she went to the guest bedroom where she and Malik will be staying while Malik and Raymond brought the bags in! After Malik said his thanks her father left them to get some rest which they got a lot of, they woke up much later in the morning and was welcomed to breakfast when they went up to the kitchen.
Gabriella: Morning guys!

Gabriel: Gabby! Her brother squealed as he ran over to his sister.

Giselle: Slow down; mind her belly Gabriel!

Gabriella: Hey little bro, I've missed you soo much! While they said their hellos Malik went to say his hello to Giselle.

Gabriel: Me too!

Gabriella: How have you been? Have you been good?

Gabriel: Uhuh! *rubbing her tummy* What are you having? Is it a boy and a girl, is it two boys or is it two girls?
Gabriella: Well I'm afraid you will have to wait and find out at the baby shower! *she pauses* Have you guys got the invitation yet? She went and sat down.

Raymond II: Yes we have *he kisses her on the cheek* so you're having it in LA?

Giselle: At Adrienne's house?

Gabriella: Uh-huh..why? Is that a problem?

Giselle: Isn't it a bit..small?

Gabriella: Mum it doesn't need to be some huge extravaganza! It’s just my baby shower; were only inviting our close friends and family!

Giselle: And you are sure that your 'close friends and family' will all fit in that house?

Gabriella: Mum the party will be taking place in the garden; she also has an upstairs terrace, it'll be fine!
Raymond II: Oh don't mind her sweetie, she's just upset that you're not having the party here!

Giselle: No I'm not, though there is a lot of space here inside and out!

Gabriella: Yes in the thick and heavy snow! I wanted to do it somewhere where it will be warmer! Mum I'm not going to change my mind.

Giselle: Okay, okay.

Malik: So what time are the rest getting here?

Raymond II: Soon! Their flight comes in at 9:50 *looking at his watch* so it'll be a full house before you know it!

So they had their breakfast while they caught up on things and then went their separate ways to get ready for the arrival of the rest of their family.
About an hour later Gabby and Malik went through the same thing once again when her grandfather and his girlfriend, her aunt and her family made it to the house. It is going to be an interesting day in the Evans household and I'm sure it will be the same for those down in Miami! - Michael's House -

Though he could afford to hire a chef for the day Michael wanted to cook instead for his household; it is Daron's second thanksgiving (though he didn't celebrate it with him last year) and his and Adrienne's first real one with just the two of them, so Michael wanted to make it special!

Adrienne: It smells delicious in here; do you need any help?

Michael: I've got everything under control for now, but thanks for the offer. He gave Adrienne a quick peck on the lips.

Adrienne: You don't think I can cook do you?

Michael: Can you?

Adrienne: Not..very well, but I can cook!
Michael: Ade baby?

Adrienne: Yeah.

Michael: I've got everything under control, maybe later you can help me make the salad?

Adrienne: The salad? How enticing!

Michael: What if I toss your salad instead?

Adrienne: Now that sounds very enticing! They began to passionately kiss until Michael managed to pull himself away and get back to the food.

Michael: Hey have a look at the table and tell me what you think! It's not much but it's something! She walked towards the dining room.

Adrienne: Wow...well you've been busy; what a nice setup; I'm impressed! *studying the table* But why are there four plate settings?
- Rita -

As Rita will be spending the day on her lonesome she didn't want to spend the whole day at home, so she decided to go to the gym and get a workout in and hopefully it will take her mind off things..temporarily.

After her workout she took a shower and went to the diner to have something to eat; she was in her fat burning zone so it was okay! Later on she was going to spend the evening at Garrets bar and intoxicate herself until she couldn't feel the pain of being alone no more.
- Michael's Place -

Michael: There are four plates set out because....taste this and tell me if it needs something!

Adrienne: Don't try to change the subject 'cause you'll be the one who won't be getting anything if you don't answer my question!

Michael: It's for Marilyn okay!...Since things have been going okay with her and Daron-

Adrienne: And you!

Michael: I thought it would be nice to invite her for thanksgiving as it is a family holiday and she should spend it with her-

Adrienne: We are not her family Michael..I hate to sound mean but the only family that she has in this household is Daron and that's it!
Michael: Ade.

Adrienne: No Michael don't Ade me! You know it is true; this was supposed to be our first real thanksgiving with just you, me and Daron!

Michael: I know..but I can't un-invite her now!

Adrienne: You should've told me about this ages ago!

Michael: This is my house remember?

Adrienne: Yes..I do remember, 'cause I left my beautiful house in Los Angeles to come down to Miami and spend it with you and Daron, not you're baby mother! She left the kitchen and the next thing he heard was the front door slam shut.
- New York (Kaitlin's Place) -

While there was something brewing in Michael's kitchen and I'm not talking about the food, but all the way in New York, Virginia and Kaitlin were enjoying their afternoon at the festival just outside the city. Since arriving in New York Virginia is regretting leaving Rita and coming here much less as she's been enjoying her time with Kaitlin.

Kaitlin has a whole day planned out for the both of them; after the festival they're going to go back to the apartment to warm up and get some rest before going back out to have their thanksgiving dinner and drinks at 'The Prosper Room', then they are going to take a cab down to Kaitlin's favourite club 'The Grind' where they will be dancing 'til the early hours of the morning!
- Evans Household -

The whole family were socialising, drinking and snacking in the living area except for Tiara as she was on the computer in the study and Gabriel and Kiara were playing in his room as they waited for dinner to be served; the hot topic for today was obviously about the upcoming arrival of the twins!

Karma: So, are you looking forward to the big day?

Gabriella: Yeah..just twelve weeks and three days left and these babies will be outta here!..I hope!

Karma: You never know, they might be ready a few days before or a few days after!

Gabriella: As you will be my midwife I am telling you now, if they are not ready to come out by their due date just be ready to induce me 'cause I don't think I could do it any longer than I need to!
Malik: You'll be fine babe. He gently caressed her shoulder trying to calm her down.

Gabriella: Yeah that's easy for you to say, you are not the one who is carrying two babies in one go!

Raymond Sr: You know it can be quite hard for the man too!

Karma & Gabriella: How?

Raymond Sr: Look, I understand what women go through when they are carrying a child, but for us men we are also going through things with you though they are not as painful and gruesome as women's.

Gabriella: Such as grandpa?

Raymond Sr: Well for one we become worrywarts! We are concerned for your health and the babies’ health and that is stressful enough! Secondly we have to prepare ourselves on becoming parents such as bringing home the bacon, ensuring that our life and the things around us is stable when the baby comes home.
And the main thing..well it was for me, when your grandmother was giving birth to your mother was not knowing, but praying that the both of them make it and survive! Malik nodded in agreement.

Gabriella: *looking at Malik* Is that how you feel?

Malik: I do..well not the money thing, just the health side of things. And now thanks to Grandpa Raymond the thought of losing all of you has been added to my list of worries!

Raymond Sr: Sorry.

Karma: It happens to all of us though, we all worry because we just don't know what will happen until the moment when your water breaks! It's up to you and God that determines the rest of the journey!...Just try not to worry about all of that and enjoy what is happening now 'cause whether the outcome is good or bad in the end, this is what you are going to remember!

Gabriella: You're right auntie Karma, and it should start now so let's change the subject and talk about something else.
Jonathan: Have you two thought about any names?

Malik: We have, but we're still deciding.

Giselle: *walking into the living area* Oh those were the times!..Your father was coming up with these crazy names until one day towards the end he won the jackpot!

Gabriella: Who? Gabriel's name?

Raymond II: Gabriella!..It's a beautiful name!

Gabriella: *blushing* Aww, I thought mum chose the name!

Giselle: Nope, I can't take the credit for your name because that was the best one he thought of!

Jonathan: So who named Gabriel?

Raymond II: Giselle; so then we had Gabriella and Gabriel!
The dinner was soon to be served in the Evans household so they kept the conversation going until then. But for Jules' household the turkey was just about to be served.... *the doorbell rings*

- Jules' Place (Miami) -

Michaela: Let me get it auntie! She shot right up out of her seat and went to get the door; she just hoped it was her special guest!
- 20 Minutes Prior -

Garret had spent a lot of time thinking about whether to go home today or not and eventually he decided not to attend the festivities and work at the bar instead. Every hour that came closer to five o'clock, Garret felt more and more guilty and was sure to make it up to Michaela.

Rita: Hey Garret, I didn't know you were working today!

Garret: Yeah, it's been pretty busy today!

Rita: I'm sure! What's a person to do but go to a bar and drown their sorrows in alcohol when they're alone on a day like this?

Garret: You're not spending the day with Virginia?
Rita: Nah..she has plans! She's in New York with her girlfriend!

Garret: Ah.

Rita: Yeah..but I'm cool with it, I..I just didn't think I would feel so alone you know what I mean! Like I know you and Jules are having problems but at least you have somebody.

Garret: Yeah...

Rita: So then why are you here and not at home with your fiancée and family? You can't punish yourself and Jules forever; you have to make an effort if you want to work things out!

Garret: That's true; I can't live at Michael's house forever..I built a home with Jules, I chose to have her in my life and soon I will be vowing to love her unconditionally, through the good times and the bad, but how can that happen if I don't at least take the first step?
Rita: So why are you still here?

Garret: Dinner starts at five *looking at his watch* do you think I can make it on time?

Rita: It doesn't matter what time you get there; being there is what counts! Actions speak louder than words my friend! She gulped down the rest of her drink. Garret called one of his employees over to ask him to take over, when he was on the other side of the bar he kissed Rita on the cheek and thanked her before leaving.

Rita: You're welcome!
- Present Hour (5pm) -

Michaela: Uncle Garret you made it! She gave him a very welcoming hug.

Garret: I did indeed! He took a few steps into his home where he looked to the left and saw the family sitting at the table, he then looked back at Michaela while taking off his coat. Does your aunt know I was coming?

Michaela: Erm not necessarily!

Garret: Perfect. *he exhales* Where is she?

Michaela: In the kitchen getting ready to bring in the turkey!

Garret: Gobble, gobble! Michaela giggles as she shook her head and made her way back to the dining table; Garret went the other way towards the kitchen.
Garret: Do you need any help with that? Jules spun around at the first sound of his voice.

Jules: Garret!..What are you doing here?

Garret: Am I not welcome? Do you wish for me to leave because it's no problem I understand!

Jules: No, no of course you are welcome..I just didn't think you would be here!

Garret: I know I've been distant..and stubborn, but when Michaela paid me a visit and an interesting chat I had with Rita this evening, she helped me to realise where I should be and that is with my family!

Jules: ... *picking up the carving knife* Would you like to carve the turkey? She asked with a small smile on her face.

Garret: I'd love to!
So at least most of our couples, residents and their family are enjoying the thanksgiving festivities, there's a lot to be thankful for; life, love, family, accomplishments and much more. Today they all will share what they are most thankful for, but tomorrow is another day where there will be more things to be thankful for whether they see it or not!

As the evening sky turned to midnight blue some were sound asleep pondering and dreaming away after a long and eventful day of filling their stomachs and sharing their stories and having a laugh until the next gathering!
- In The Morning (Kaitlin's Apartment) -

Kaitlin: Morning sleepy head!

Virginia: *rubbing her eyes* Morning!

Kaitlin: Sleep well?

Virginia: I did actually!

Kaitlin: Good!..I made us breakfast, you hungry?

Virginia: Well I haven't eaten in like..hours so yeah!

Kaitlin: Cool, come on then; I made us a nice cup of coffee too!

Virginia: Lovely. She crawled out of bed and gave out a huge yawn as she stretched and followed Kaitlin to the kitchen.
Kaitlin: So are you ready to meet Pegasus?

Virginia: I'm excited to meet him but I'm nervous about the horse riding part; I've never ridden a horse before!

Kaitlin: It'll be okay 'cause I'll be there to make sure everything is alright! I'm an expert remember! Plus Pegasus is a very nice and calm horse so nothing should go wrong!

Virginia: Has he ever ridden anyone other than you before?

Kaitlin: He has! I enter him in some competitions from time to time and if I can't do the event with him then I get someone to do it for me!

Virginia: Oh cool! How many events has he won?
Kaitlin: Quite a few! She bragged! We train very heard for those competitions so it is very likely that we will win every event!

Virginia: I see! She smiled with a little giggle.

They had their breakfast and got ready for their long drive up to the horse ranch, where it will be fun and games for the both of them; Virginia was still anxious about it all, I think when she has got it over and done with she will feel much better.
- An Hour Later (At the Stables) -

Kaitlin: *parking up* So this is it! This is where my baby eats, sleeps and trains, and when we're ready for a competition we take a quick trip to the equestrian center that I showed you on the way here and win ourselves a trophy!

Virginia: *getting out of the car* Cool!

Kaitlin: I know right! And today is your lucky day as you get to see how wonderful Pegasus is!

Virginia: What, you are taking part in a competition today?

Kaitlin: No, you are to learn how to ride a horse and then see me and Pegasus in all our glory!

Virginia: Great! But she was not convinced.

Kaitlin: You'll be fine I promise! As they entered the stables the smell of hay and horse manure did nothing to Kaitlin as she was used to it, but did something for poor Virginia as she was experiencing this for the first time!
Virginia: Is this part of the experience? *fanning the smell away with her hand*

Kaitlin: What, the smell? Virginia nodded. Well you can't have one thing without the other, everyone has to release their bowels from time to time, but it doesn't smell that bad; trust me I've smelled worse! This is the time they clean up the stables anyway so maybe next time I'll bring you here a bit later!

Virginia: I think that is a great idea!

Kaitlin: Cool!..So, I'd like you to meet the one and only, Pegasus! Virginia stood beside Kaitlin and greeted her horse. He was very big, pretty and quite friendly as he sniffed her hand when she moved her arm away from her side; Virginia was also able to stroke him; Kaitlin then gave her a few carrots to feed Pegasus.
Virginia: *feeding Pegasus* He is so sweet!

Kaitlin: See I told you there is nothing to worry about! He's a great horse, aren't ya sweetheart! She rubbed his neck. So are you ready to take a ride?

Virginia: But we are just getting to know each other!

Kaitlin: Okay then, how about I get him prepped while you two get to know each other, I'll take him for a spin first and then we can give you a few lessons after.

Virginia: Okay.

Kaitlin: *walking off to get her saddle* Great! And they did just that; Virginia watched them run around the track like true sprinting professionals, and then after giving Pegasus a small break Kaitlin showed of her skills on the jumping course.

Virginia was very proud of her girlfriend; she's a natural and was glad that she came to New York to see this side of her.
So after showing off their skills and giving Pegasus another break it was now time for what Virginia has been dreading about.

Kaitlin: Don't be afraid, you'll be fine; I'll be right beside you! Okay?

Virginia: *sighing* Okay. Kaitlin gave her instructions on how to mount the horse and showed her how to position herself, what to hold on to and where to put her feet. Once that was all covered they began to trot around the track very slowly.

Kaitlin: How do you feel?

Virginia: Pretty good actually! I feel pretty far from the ground but I'm okay for now.

Kaitlin: *with a smirk on her face* That's good.
In the end Virginia enjoyed her day at the training ground with no accidents (as that was part of the reason for her fear) and left the place happy with a sense of accomplishment.

When they got back to Kaitlin's place they ordered pizza and stayed in for the rest of the evening and watched movies until their tiredness got the best of them, meanwhile in New York Malik was packing their bags while Gabriella relaxed on the bed, rubbing her belly and watching Malik walk up and down.
Gabriella: I'm glad we came here, 'cause I don't know when we'll get the chance to do this again!

Malik: What do you mean?

Gabriella: Well our life is going to be much busier as we will be thinking about two other people rather than working around us two's lives!

Malik: Yeah but I'm sure we'll be able to make it down here sometime next year if we plan to!

Gabriella: I know!

Malik: 'Cause you sounded like we aren't going to be able to travel for a couple of years because of the twins!

Gabriella: Nah! I'm just saying it's not going to be easy with them; before we could be like okay let's go to blah, blah, blah for the weekend without any worries!
Malik: It'll be fine; all it means is that we have to be more prepared and organised with our time!

Gabriella: Yeah...I can't wait to meet them; we can go Disneyland, or take trips to the zoo!

Malik: The world is their oyster!

Gabriella: Yup!

Malik: Besides, we'll be having help anyway!

Gabriella: You think that I am going to let the nanny look after my babies all by herself when I'll be needing help to take care of the both of them?

Malik: Well by that time you should hopefully be comfortable with them and if they can we can get my mum or your mum to help out! I'm sure they'd be happy to!
Gabriella: It's not about me trusting them, it's just that I will definitely be asking someone to help them because she is not looking after my babies on her own!

Malik: Okay mummy, okay! He went over to her and gave her a kiss.

Gabriella: Just making sure you're clear about that!..I guess we'll have to be interviewing nannies soon!

Malik: Let's just focus on the things that we have to get over and done with first and then we can do that after! Okay?...I don't need you stressing over something else now!

Gabriella: You are such a worry wart you know that?

Malik: Is that a bad thing?
Gabriella: It's not, it's sweet but sometimes it's really annoying! Malik shook his head and went and continued packing.

Malik: Well I'm afraid I'm not gonna stop; not until you've given birth to them and everyone is alright, and then I might relax a bit!

Gabriella: Yippie for me! She exaggerated. ...I wonder how thanksgiving was for Jules and them; I wonder if Garret came!

Malik: I don't know, when I last spoke to him he said he'll be working at the bar...plans might have changed!

Gabriella: It would be nice to hear that he went 'cause it shows that he's at least trying!

Malik: But what about Jules? She's just there waiting!
Gabriella: Not necessarily, she feels guilty about what she done, so she's giving him space to forgive; she can't rush things though I am surprised that they talk from time to time!

She told me how awkward it was that day at Daron's birthday party when they spoke; he wanted to leave but she tried to keep him there longer and made conversation with him! So you can't say that she isn't trying!

Malik: Well I didn't know that.

Gabriella: Well now you do!..It's just an awkward time for the both of them.

Malik: Yeah…
And I think things might get a bit more awkward now...or maybe not!

So this is where part 1 has come to an end; I hope you enjoyed it and part two will be out soon as you've been away from it for so long. Seeya soon!

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#1daniluvsims22Oct 1, 2015

On to the next part! Glad Garret decided to attend the Thanksgiving dinner at Jules'! Seems like everyone is having a great time except for Rita and Ade hope it gets better for them.

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