Cheers...To New Beginnings:Chapter 10 P2
Published Jan 2, 2016

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Hey guys; it's the moment we've (I’ve) been waiting for ever since we all found out that she's pregnant! Are you ready to meet the little Mr and Miss?

Hey guys; it's the moment we've (I’ve) been waiting for ever since we all found out that she's pregnant! Are you ready to meet the little Mr and Miss? On their way to the hospital they called everyone closest to them, letting them know it was time; Gabriella's water broke around 8pm and had a long labour which lasted thirteen hours, the contractions were very painful, but it was nice having everyone that was important to them in the room.

Giselle, Caroline, Karma and of course Malik were there every step of the way trying to distract Gabby from her discomfort.
Thirteen hours later which was about nine the next morning, Gabriella was fully dilated and ready to push; she was quite exhausted at this point as she should be, but she was also anxious because in just a few moments she was about to meet either her son or daughter for the first time! Twenty minutes later she finally gave birth to her very tearful baby boy; he weighed six pounds and four ounces. Malik was in love; this was the moment he has been waiting for, to be able to hold his child; Gabriella was given a few moments to relax until she felt the urge to push once again... And minutes later Gabriella gave birth to her baby girl who weighed six pounds exactly! Everyone was quite emotional in the room, but not as emotional as Gabby was, because she was relieved and free from being pregnant!

Malik: Well done baby, you did good! He kissed Gabriella on her sweaty forehead while holding his son.

Giselle: *wiping Gabriella's face* Well done sweetheart; I'm so proud of you!

Gabriella: Thank you mummy.

Karma: Congratulations once again Gab's; you did really well! I didn't know you had it in you!

Gabriella: Nine months is a long time to be carrying two babies; it was time for them to come out!
Once the excitement died down and the babies were sleeping, the whole gang came into the room with their gifts and balloons to say hello to the new additions of the family, though they did not stay long as Gabriella was knackered.

Adrienne: So have you two decided on names? Gabriella and Malik looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

Gabriella: Our little girl's name is Thea Renee Evans-Austen...

Malik: And our future footballer's name is Tye Raymond Evans-Austen!

Giselle: Oh named her after your grandmother!

Gabriella: And Malik's mum!

Caroline: Your birth nice; it's a lovely way to remember her!
Malik: I'm glad you're okay with it mums!

Caroline: Of course...why wouldn't I be!

Giselle: Oh your father and your grandfather will be so happy to hear their names when they come!

Gabriella: They're coming?

Giselle: Yeah...your grandfather will be flying in today, but because your brother has school they won't be coming until the weekend.

Gabriella: That's okay I guess; we can FaceTime them later on!
Karma: Hey if you guys need me I'm still here okay?

Gabriella: Thanks auntie!

Karma: It's no problem; get some rest! She went and shut the door carefully behind her.

Gabriella: *yawning* I'm just gonna rest my head for a bit, okay?

Malik: Course. I'll be here, watching my son and daughter sleep away!

Gabriella: I love you.

Malik: I love you too baby!
Gabriella was able to sleep for a couple of hours before the twins woke up and were hungry; Karma came back to give her support with the breastfeeding, even though she took some classes; the knowledge was there, but it was totally different as this time she was doing it with a real baby!

It will take some getting used to, but when it came to feeding Thea for the first time, Gabriella was a natural; she knew just what to do.

Malik: So when will we be able to take them home?

Karma: Well hopefully tomorrow; you'll need your postnatal check and a few other tests just to make sure everything’s okay, especially for Thea and two decided to have Tye circumcised right?

Gabriella & Malik: Yeah.

Karma: Well would you want that to be done before or after you leave the hospital?
Gabriella: Before would be nice! So will I have to stay an extra day for that then?

Karma: Well if the tests comes clear and he's alright then we're good to go, so should I arrange it just in case?

Gabriella: Yes please.

Karma: Okey dokey then; I'm on the case!

Gabriella: I can't wait to get home. *sighs*

Malik: Me too. Should we FaceTime your pops?

Gabriella: When I've fed Thea; I don't need my father seeing all of this!

Malik: *shaking his head* It's a natural thing!

Gabriella: I know, but I'm not comfortable doing this in front of my father thanks!
Gabriella: Oh...did you get the gift?

Malik: Gift. What gift?

Gabriella: The gift for my mum, it's her birthday tomorrow remember!

Malik: Yeah it's at home!

Gabriella: I wonder if we should try our luck and give it to her if we get home tomorrow, or to give it to her here...I feel bad, she should be doing something nice for her birthday!

Malik: Well maybe it would be nice to give it to her while she's here rather than taking the chance and waiting tomorrow 'cause if we do go home tomorrow we still don't know what time it will happen!

Gabriella: Can you get it for me then please?
Malik: Sure, I'll pass by in the morning and get it!

Gabriella: Thank you.

The twins fell back asleep when her grandfather arrived with Jenna and Giselle tagging along; Gabriella FaceTimed her father and her brother to introduce them to the twins and they were quite pleased with the names they have chosen.

Raymond, Giselle and Jenna stayed and entertained Gabriella, Malik and the twins when they woke up for about an hour and a half before they made tracks and left Gabby to feed her babies once again before she went to the bathroom and got ready to sleep.
The next morning the babies and Gabriella were checked out and thankfully everything was fine, (they even did a number two) so Karma and the doctors were happy about that. Then later on as Tye was all clear for his circumcision they had that done in the room.

Soon everyone was ready to go home; the doctors did what they had to do and Gabriella signed the discharge papers and by four o'clock Giselle and Karma were helping them for their journey home.
Gabriella & Malik's family and friends gave them a couple of weeks to settle in before coming over to pay the twins a visit; Aaliyah and Trey were the first ones to visit. - Thursday 10th March 2022 -

*Malik entering the living room with beverages for Aaliyah & Trey*

Malik: Here you go! He handed the cup of tea to Aaliyah.

Aaliyah: Oh thank you darling.

Malik: No problem; here you go bro.

Trey: Cheers; so how's parenting treating you?

Malik: It's amazing...well other than the sleepless nights, the crying...the's amazing!

Aaliyah: And how's my girl coping?

Malik: She's coping, I think she's just getting a bit stir crazy in here!

Aaliyah: I hope you're not leaving all the work for Gabby!
Malik: Of course not; we work as a team! But I think she really needs to get out of the house, even if it's for ten minutes!

Aaliyah: Does she want to go out or is she hiding?

Malik: I think it's more to do with not wanting to leave them; they’re her babies!

Trey: But she's got to catch a break at some point; why don't she pop out for a bit while they're sleeping?

Malik: She's just not ready...I honestly don't think I am ready to leave them just yet!

Aaliyah: So how come you're not going stir crazy?

*Enters Gabriella*

Gabriella: Who's not stir crazy?
Aaliyah: Hey girl! She popped out of her seat and gave Gabby a hug. I've missed you girl!

Gabriella: I've missed you too! I've missed all of you! Being in this house 24/7 is just too much!

Aaliyah: Then why don't you go out? That's why I was asking Malik here why he is so calm?

Gabriella: Because he has been my rock through this and he's been a great dad so far, but he's also calm because he's the one who pops out occasionally when I want something!

Aaliyah: Well I think next time you should be the one to pop out because from what I'm hearing, your life depends on it!
What are the twins doing now, I'm sure they're sleeping 'cause you're down here right?

Gabriella: Right.

Aaliyah: Right! So go and put something clean on 'cause you are coming with me! I'm going to save you today!

Gabriella: I'm not sure about this Leeyah.

Aaliyah: I'm not taking no for an answer; you said Malik has been a great dad so he will be fine, and he has uncle Trey to help him out! So go upstairs, freshen up and let's go!

Gabriella: Okay, okay! And Gabriella left the living room in defeat as she made her way up to her room.
- 20 Minutes Later -

*Getting into the Car*

Gabriella: I can't believe you're making me do this!

Aaliyah: You'll soon thank me!

Gabriella: I miss them already.

Aaliyah: I know you do, but you also have to make time for yourself Gabs! I know this is the hardest part and I know they're only a few weeks old, but I have never seen you like this; not even when you were pregnant...are you sure this is only about leaving them?

Gabriella: What else could it be about?
Aaliyah: Oh I don't know, maybe you're not ready for the public eye to see you yet, so you're pulling a Kim Kardashian and staying inside until you're at your desired size!

Gabriella: I'm not bothered with babies are only 22 days old, 22...I get that I need some fresh air, but I just want to be with my babies!

Aaliyah: I understand...I just don't like seeing you like you wanna go back home?

Gabriella: ...Well we're already out! Aaliyah looked at her and smiled, then continued the journey to the nearest café so she wasn't too far from her babies.
- Back At Gabby & Malik's Place -

Malik and Trey were in the nursery as they heard one of the twins crying through the monitor; once Tye had settled, Malik gave him to Uncle Trey for him to hold.

Trey: I can't believe I am holding a baby...I just thank God it's not my baby that I'm carrying!

Malik: Don't you want to have kids?

Trey: Let's just say that you won't be seeing me holding my child in my hands any time soon!

Malik: So you don't think that, that could be something on the cards in yours and...Freya?

Trey: Sharlotte!

Malik: That's it, I always get the names mixed up! But how's it going man?
Trey: It's aight!

Malik: Do you see a future with her or is it too early to tell?

Trey: Well we've been seeing each other for like three months now, so sorta...I enjoy her company-

Malik: Do you call each other boyfriend and girlfriend?

Trey: ...

Malik: I'll take that as a no then; have you two not talked about it?

Trey: We've had a few chats here and there about some things, but we haven't had the talk.

Malik: Well I think it that will be making an appearance soon, so you better start thinking about what you're gonna say! And Malik was right!

Trey: At first I did not know how you and Michael could do this, but I think I see why! He said as he rocked baby Tye back to sleep.
Malik: *taking back his son* Thanks man.

Trey: Have you heard from Michael lately?

Malik: *whispering* Yeah...

Trey: So you know about him thinking about asking Adrienne to move to Miami permanently?

Malik: What?

Trey: So you haven't heard that part yet!

Malik: Adrienne has her career in LA, I know she loves him but...damn, I think he might settle down before you! Has he spoken to Ade' about it?

Trey: Nah I don't think so.

Malik: Well I know one person who would be happy about that!
- Later On In The Evening -

After the babies were fed, burped and cleaned Gabriella and Malik had some time to themselves; Malik thought it was a good time to share some news.

Malik: So how was your afternoon out with Aaliyah?

Gabriella: It was definitely needed! I never realised how much I missed just being outside; it was so refreshing…how was it without me? Did Trey help you? Did he wash his hands before touching my babies?

Malik: It was fine, yes he did help me and yes he did wash his hands before touching our babies!

Gabriella: I'm just asking!
Malik: I know baby.

Gabriella: So how's Trey? How's it going with Sharlotte? I need to call her you know.

Malik: Yeah he's fine, they're fine...but I think he's got some thinking to do!

Gabriella: Why? What did Sharlotte say?

Malik: Nothing, it's just they've almost been seeing each other for three months and they haven't had a talk about their relationship!

Gabriella: Oh. I thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend from ages ago!

Malik: Why? Did Sharlotte say something?

Gabriella: Nope, it's just my opinion! Huh...well they are sweet together; I hope they want the same thing!

Malik: Yeah...soerrr...Michael.

Gabriella: What about Michael? What did he do?
Malik: Well nothing yet...he's going to ask Adrienne to-

Gabriella: To marry him? Oh my gosh, this is so exciting...and also too soon! You have to tell him to hold off!

Malik: Babe hold your breaks, he's not been talking about proposing...he's been talking about asking her to move to Miami...permanently!

Gabriella: Permanently?

Malik: Yeah; you think she'll say yes?

Gabriella: I don't know! She loves LA so much and her career is there, though I'm not saying people don't have parties here! *grabbing her phone*

Malik: What are you doing?
Gabriella: I'm going to warn my girl! I don't want her to ruin this!

Malik: I knew you would love this; having your BFF in the same city!

Gabriella: It's not even that, I want her to be happy and make sure that she takes everything into consideration. Urgh she's not answering!
Adrienne was not answering because she was in the middle of something with Michael!

Adrienne: I feel bad not answering her calls! What if she needs something?

Michael: She has Malik!

Adrienne: I know but-

Michael: She'll be fine Ade' you can give her a call tomorrow, but tonight it's time for me and you to have some alone time. Adrienne sighed and put her phone on silent; Michael raised his glass.

Adrienne: What are we toasting to?

Michael: Us!

Adrienne: To us! They gently tapped each other’s glass together then had a sip of their wine.
Michael: Have you thought about the future at all?

Adrienne: Like what?

Michael: Us, our careers, living together.

Adrienne: We're already in a way living together!

Michael: I know...but I was thinking about something more permanent.

Adrienne: Oh.

Michael: I love you, there's no one in this world that I want to be with other than you...I know we're taking things slow because of your problems with commitment and-

Adrienne: Why would you think I have problems with commitment?
Michael: I can just see it...but we've been doing well, and I was thinking about us living together in a more...

Adrienne: *putting her glass down on the floor* Living together in a more what? You want us to live together permanently?

Michael: Well yeah!

Adrienne: Michael, I agree we have been doing well and I do love you very much-

Michael: But what? It's not something for you to decide now, it's just for discussion!

Adrienne: Well to me it felt as if you were going to ask me to move in with you here!

Michael: But what's the problem? Okay, I know about your problems with commitment, but what else? Michael knew the other thing that was holding his hopes back, but he wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth and he was prepared to fight for what he wanted.
Adrienne: Michael you know why…my career!

Michael: But you have done your job from here before, why can't you do it here permanently?

Adrienne: ...That was really hard for me; I had to be calling almost every day to make sure everything was under control!

Michael: So then why don't you hire someone to take your place in LA while you work here in Miami?

Adrienne: Or why don't you move back to LA and live with me?

Michael: Your house is nice, but I don't think it'll be big enough for the three of us! Besides I can't do that!

Adrienne: Why not?
Michael: Are you forgetting that I have a son and his mother lives here in Miami? Adrienne went quiet. Like what's the harm in living here? You love it here!

Adrienne: Because my career is my baby alright! There was a brief silence.

Michael: But I'm not asking you to end your career! I'm just asking you to expand your career here...look, like I said I don't care for a yes or no answer right now because I really want to give you the time to think about this!

Adrienne: It's just so soon and a lot that you are asking from me! LA has been my home for so long; I redone that house and turned it into my home, I met some amazing people who are still in my life and has been my biggest supporters...I started my career there!

Michael: I understand; it was hard for me to move too! I have most of my family there in LA, but it had to be done; I wanted it to be done!
Adrienne: And why did you move to Miami?

Michael: Well one of the reasons was because of my career; I came down here often to make my music, it just helped me to focus and I wanted to work with my producer that I'm with now and it was too much flying back and forth!

Adrienne: So what was the other reason?

Michael: Because I loved it here!

Adrienne: I see...can I ask you something?...If it was the other way round; everything for my job was only in LA because that's what I chose and I was the one asking you to move to LA, would you?
Michael: ...It's complicated with me because I have a child involved...if me and Marilyn still weren't on talking terms and she didn’t want to have anything to do with Daron, then I would in a heartbeat!

Adrienne: So you can see where I'm coming from in a way, my business is my baby and your son is yours…and how will this work anyway when you have been travelling a lot recently?...We've only been together for a year and how many months; I honestly don't see myself with anyone else either, but for me this is happening too quickly!

Michael: So basically this is a no?
Adrienne: So basically I am not putting down your offer, I just need some time to think about this okay?

Michael: So if we were together for like a year and a half to two years and I came with this proposition, what would you say?

Adrienne: It would be the same in a way because I can't just go and leave my job, move here and then work something out for my employees in LA, I would want to find someone before I move, I want to be able to get to know them so I can feel that I can trust this job in their hands! You know what I mean?

Michael: I do...okay, so when things have settled, when my travelling has gone down to a minimum and you have started to look for someone for your position in LA-

Adrienne: If and when I'm ready!

Michael: ...Okay; just give me the word and I'm ready!
Adrienne: *moving closer to Michael to sit on his lap* Thank you for being patient with me!

Michael: It's no problem *they kiss* I love you.

Adrienne: I love you too.

Michael: Can I ask you one thing though?

Adrienne: Sure!

Michael: If your job was based in LA and there wasn't a position here, would you really choose your career over us?
- Rita's Place -

*Same evening*

Ever since the new year had started, Rita's life has continuously been going good; she has moved up a bit in her career, her and Mark have spoken a few times since she visited so they are still on good terms. Rita and Virginia are still on good terms and she is also slaying this independence and confidence thing so much these past few months!
Rita never imagined her life like this, she thought she would be married by now in the life of luxury with at least one child and another on the way, but right now it is better than ever and she has grown to accept what happened and understand that it happened for a very good reason!

And because she was feeling so good about herself, she was now getting ready to leave out and get her party on with a few of her friends from work...

Rita: One minute please! As she was on her way out, she grabbed her bag and her keys from her dressing table and went to see who was at the door. She looked through the glass... And this is where I'm going to end this chapter...another unexpected person at the door! I wonder who it could be! I guess you have to wait until Chapter 11 comes out to a screen near you!

Bye guys!

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