Mail Order Romance IV
Published Feb 21, 2016

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Part 4

Part 4 Months after Raman and Rain married, the newlywed couple were growing closer together. Of course both knew that their arranged marriage would only last a few months. At least until Raman received his green card to live in the states by passed the immigration tests. Both played the part of a loving couple in front of friends, coworkers, and others. But after everyone was gone Rain would go back to her apartment across town and Ram would go back to his work. Only it seemed that Ram was no longer pretending to care deeply for Rain. She was constantly in his thoughts and often he found it hard to concentrate on his art.
His latest painting was finished. He stood staring at his work for what seemed like ages. He gazed at the face and traced her form with his fingers making sure to not touch the canvas. He took a deep breath.
Meanwhile Aasha and Kuval were preparing for the arrival of their first child. They had remodeled their extra bedroom to make room for the newest Patel. Aasha was growing nervous as her due date neared. They had tried many times before to have a child and now their wishes were finally coming true. Kuval doted on Aasha even more than usual. He was attentive to her needs and made sure she was comfortable when she sat down next to him.
Aasha: If you keep this up I will want to stay pregnant.
Kuval: Well you did say you wanted a lot of children.
Aasha: Let's work with this one first.
Kuval was also worried. But not about the new baby. He worried about his little brother and his growing feelings for Rain. It was Kuval and Aasha's idea to marry him to Rain in order for the two brothers to be closer together. But Kuval did not think the marriage would be nothing more than a business transaction. And that everyone would keep things as such. Raman visited Aasha's Art Gallery. It was where majority of his paintings hung. Although she had sold many of them over the years, there were still more that were displayed and not for sale. Raman walked the gallery looking at all the works from other artists, his peers. He was looking for inspiration. Looking for something to motivate him to begin his next pieces. He was recognized by a few visitors and fans. He thanked them for their compliments as a small crowd gathered around him.
Fan: Where do you find your inspiration to make these paintings. I feel like each session is like telling a story of your life. Of your moods.
Raman: Simple. They are my journals. Whatever I am going through I use the paintings to tell it. My ups my downs, everything. It is a good stress relief as well.
Fan: Are we going to get a taste of your latest work.
Raman was about to answer when he looked across to the side of the room. It was Rain.
He watched her as she stood in front of one painting. It was one of his. He watched her smile as she continued to view it. And she had a small discussion with one of the guests when they both stood next to the painting. Raman wondered what she was thinking.
Rain had not realized that she was being watched. She came by the gallery not knowing that Raman was also there. She continued her way through the building.
Raman continued to watch her forgetting about the conversation that had started.
Fan: Excuse me.
Raman snapped back and looked at the crowd.
Fan: What is your inspiration this time?
Raman: lust, infatuation, love
It was a long week.
Raman and Rain sat in the office of their immigration officer. Lucinda Wells had stepped out briefly and just returned with a small stack of papers.
Lucinda: Thanks for meeting me.
Rain: I was a little alarmed when you called us in before our final meeting. I thought we were done with visits and meetings and just waiting for his card to arrive.
Lucinda: We are. There is just something that we overlooked with conducting our review.
Lucinda sat down and began looking at her computer.
Raman: Well what did we forget to do?
Lucinda stopped typing and looked at them. We forgot to check on residency.

Raman and Rain both looked at each other.
Rain: Residency? I live here in the states.
Lucinda: No. After a little research we have found that you both have two addresses. While Raman lives with his family, you Rain, still own an apartment on the other side of town.
Rain and Raman looked at each other again.
Raman: There is nothing wrong with someone owning another home.
Lucinda: No. But there is something wrong when a newlywed couple doesn't live together.
Raman: No she lives with me and my family. That is traditional. The apartment is just another place for her to stay when she needs to get away.
Rain: We talked about maybe moving there but we couldn't decide so we keep it.
Rain didn't like lying so she kept her eyes on Raman instead of Lucinda
Lucinda: Well in order for us to finalize things we will need to put your paper on hold for at least 60 days.
Ram and Rain: What?
Rain: But, what about all that we've done. We've been married for months now. Isn't that enough.
Ram could sense the irritation in her voice. It almost sounded as if he was a burden to her.
Ram: What my wife is trying to say is that it is disheartening to know that everything we have done to prove our love for each other and bringing all this into our marriage has now null due to a technicality.
Lucinda: Well I am sorry you feel that way but rules are rules We will meet again in 60days. Until then, there will be pop visits to the Patel home.
Lucinda left the office to go finish their paperwork.
Rain: What do we do? They want us to live together now?
Ram: It will be fine.
Rain: How do you know?
Ram: I know.
Kuval: So you have to stay here. All the paperwork shows this as his residency.
Aasha: You can sublease your apartment. That way you don't have to give it up completely.
Rain: I just don't know. I thought we were done with everything.
Ram: It's going to be fine.
Aasha: We'll move your things over and you can stay here.
Rain: I can't intrude.
Aasha: You are not. They've done this kind of living arrangement for centuries. The bride lives with the husband's family. This will be so great!
Aasha tried to sound positive but she knew that the topic was worrying Rain.
Kuval: It's settled. We can start tomorrow.
Rain: Tomorrow?
Ram: The sooner the better. For paperwork.
Aasha: Right.
Rain sat sulking in her seat.
It was late before Rain finally arrived back to her new home with the Patels. Aasha was the first to meet her at the door.
Aasha: I was beginning to get worried.
Rain: It's took me a while to pack everything. I still have more to do but I brought the necessities. The rest are in the car.
Aasha: Well I'll have the men go get it.
Rain: Is it bad that I am a little uncertain about this move.
Aasha: Nonsense. Everything will be alright.
Rain: Well Danny will be done studying abroad soon and I still haven't told him about all... all this. I feel terrible lying to him but I know he won't understand.
Aasha: Don't worry Rain. Everything will be over before he gets back. You will be back in your apartment and Raman will be a legal citizen.
Aasha led Rain to the guest room at the end of the hall, while Kuval and Raman took her belongings from her car. It wasn't long before she was fast asleep in the bed. The Patel's lived in a different side of town, different from the big city lights and outside noise. It was peaceful tucked in the covers. Raman tapped on her room door.
Raman (whisper): Rain......
She didn't answer. He opened the door slightly to peek inside her room. He saw the innocense on her face as she laid in bed. He wondered what she was dreaming about. He began to step closer to get a better look of her. The light from the table lap kissed her forehead. He took another step but was interrupted by the creek in the floor. He slowly retreated into the hallway trying not to wake her.
He knew how worried she was about living with them, so he tried to keep her occupied by taking her on a weekend trip to Aurora Springs. They traveled by boat to make the trip longer and so he could spend more time with her and just enjoy the surroundings. He filled their day with site seeing and shopping. While there, the two visited a number of visitor spots including one of the biggest Art Galleries in the the state. He paid more attention to her than the exhibits making sure to keep a smile on her face. At night they joined the rest of the tourists and hung out at the local pubs and night clubs.
Raman: See, aren't you happy you came with me.
Rainn: Okay. You were right. Maybe I just needed this distraction to get me out of my funk. I know I haven't been the best house guest.
Raman: You deserve this. I just want you to not be sad.
After the weekend Rainn's mood began to change for the better. One night she stayed up late to watch a new movie on the television. She sat quietly clinching the pillow. The movie was getting intense and her eyes never left the screen. Raman: Hey!
She jumped throwing the pillow to the side. Her breathing was fast.
Raman: Sorry to scare you. I thought you might want some company. I popped some corn.
She scooted to the side to allow him room to sit next to her.
They continued to watch the movie. With each sudden surprise Rain dug her nails in the couch.
Raman: Scared?
Rainn: No, I've seen movies like this all the time.
She covered her eyes as the killer entered the room.
Raman: Sure.
Rainn: I'm not.
There was a scream and she jumped into Raman's arms. She held on tightly to his waist and hid her face on his shoulder. The sudden reaction caught him off guard and he dropped the bowl of popcorn.
When the movie began to calm she released her grip. She looked up at him, his hands still holding her.
Raman: Okay?
Rainn: uh...yep.
Raman: Good.
He looked down at her mouth.
Raman: Good.
He moved slightly closer towards her.
Rainn: The movies is over and I better to sleep.
Raman: Maybe we can do something tomorrow. I wanted to go to the docks. Would you like to join me?
Rainn: I think I have some time in my schedule. I don't go to work until late tomorrow.
Raman: Great.
The next day, they had brunch along the bay and watched as people passed by.
Rainn: I always liked people watching. I know it's a bit creepy but I always make up stories about what they are doing, where they are going. Like my own soap opera.
Raman: What do you think people would say if they saw us?
Rainn: I don't know.
Raman: I think they would admire at how much of a cute couple we are. Problem wonder how long we are married and how many kids we will have.
Rain laughed.
Rain: So much detail. Tell me, how many kids would we have.
Raman: Four. One for each arm. All girls.
Rain: Girls?
Raman: As pretty as their mother.
Rainn laughed again but the look on his face made her think he was not joking.
Rainn: Raman.
Then he began to laugh.
Raman: Funny right.
Rainn: Yeah...right.
They continued to walk along the bay watching the boats come to shore.
Rain: I love the water. So peaceful, so free flowing, so calming. I would love to live next to water when I retire.
Raman: Why not now?
Rainn: Nope. I have plans for the rest of my life. I'm going to finish school, become a pediatrician, and then retire by the water.
Raman: Wait.
Raman stopped next to an old ferry.
Raman: Let's take a picture.
He stood behind her to make sure she was in the shot.
Raman: Ready.
An older couple passing by offered to take another photo of them together.
Lady: Beautiful couple. How long have you been married?
Rainn: Not long
Lady: Kids?
Raman let out a small laugh.
For the days that followed Raman kept working aggressively on his next pieces. He stayed in the studio in the corner room of the house. The only time he came out was when Rainn knocked on his door or brought him something to eat. He forbid anyone to look at them before he was finished. He kept looking at one of his canvasses unsatisfied with the final outcome.
Raman: Not good enough.
Kuval: And the wonder boy has graced us with an appearance.
Raman entered the kitchen and kissed Aasha on the cheek while she finished preparing breakfast.
Raman: Good morning brother.
Kuval: It seems like we haven't seen you in months.
Raman: It's only been a week. I get that way when I'm in the zone.
Kuval: So how is this next one going to be?
Raman: It's a mixture. A little inspiration from my travel across the world. Family, loyalty, love.
Kuval: Love?
Raman: Yes, brother. (he winked)
Kuval: Raman, I think we need to talk about after you get your citizenship
Raman: We can but right now I need to go see Rainn at work. Spend some quality time with my wife.
Kuval tried to speak again, but Raman had already left the table to said his goodbyes.
Kuval rubbed his forehead.
Kuval: I don't like where this is heading. He is falling hard and she can't wait to get out of here.
Aasha: Maybe things will change. Maybe she likes him too.
Kuval: I hope so.
Raman was finally finished with his newest project and in time for his latest viewing at the gallery. As his special guest, Raman sent Rainn to buy a new dress for the occasion.
Raman: You helped me so much it is only fitting that I honor you at this reception.
Rainn was busy shopping for the perfect dress at the mall, she didn't notice her cell phone going off. It wasn't until she went to a children's store did she realized she missed a few calls. It was Danny.
Rainn: Danny! Hi. I haven't heard from you in so long baby. What? I can't understand what you are saying.
She moved to a quieter part in the store
Danny: Is there something you need to tell me Rainn?
Rainn: What? No.
Danny: Just because I'm far away doesn't mean I'm stupid or out of the loop. If you want to see other people I'd expect you to be honest and upfront with me. You said you could handle a long distance relationship.
Rainn: Where is all this coming from?
Danny: Fran. She saw you. She saw you with some guy.
Rainn: What? When?
Danny: Should it matter. She said you looked very cozy with him. Are you seeing someone else Rainn?
Rainn: Danny, it's not like that.
Danny: Then what is it Rainn. Tell me there is no one else and that this is just a misunderstanding. Tell me she didn't see you.
Rainn couldn't speak. She knew if she said something it would be another lie and she didn't want to lie.
Danny: Goodbye Rainn.
She tried calling him back all the way back to the Patel home. She sat on the couch trying to wipe the tears as they fell down her cheeks. But there were too many and she soon just gave up trying. She didn't know how long she was crying. Her cellphone rang again, this time it was Raman.
"See you tonight."
Tonight. She almost forgot about his reception.
But while thinking of Raman she grew angry. If it wasn't for him she would not be in the situation. She would be happy with Danny. And now he was refusing to talk to her. She slammed her phone on the chair next to her.
Edward: I have to say Raman, these pieces are great. I'd like to know where all the change came from.
Raman: She will be here. It's because of her that I am here today.
Edward: Well great job, son. My partner and I will be in touch.
Raman shook their hands and continued to walk the venue. He kept looking at his watch. An hour passed and she was still not there. He tried to text her again.
Rainn entered in the doors shortly. The entire gala was filled with Raman's work.
Woman: It's you!
Rainn: Excuse me.
Woman: You're the one in the painting.
Rainn: What painting?
The women led her to the other side of the room. She was speechless as she saw her likeness on the two canvases in front of her. She looked at the labels next to them. "Wife"
Woman: You're his wife right. They one he has been talking about.
Rainn could feel the anger develop in the pit of her stomach. She tried to calm the storm of emotions that she was keeping inside.
Raman: Yes she is.
The women giggled and walked away whispering.
Raman: You like it?
Rainn: What is this?
Raman: I told you, you were my special guest. I dedicated this whole project to you.
Rainn: Wife?
Raman: But you are?
Rainn: I can't beleive you. You put my face up here and labeled me the wife.
Raman: I thought you would like it. These are not for sale. They mean to much to me.
Rainn: Then why are they up here?
Raman: For you.
Rainn: So what? Now I'm some project for you.
Raman: What?
Rain walked away.
Raman: Rain? What are you doing? I did this for you. I wanted you to like it.
Rainn: Well I don't. I don't like you posting my picture everywhere calling me your wife.
Raman: But you are....
Rainn: Well I don't want to be.
Raman: Why are you acting like this? Are you trying to pick an argument with me?
Rainn: I should have never came here. I should have never did this. I'm going home.
Raman: But what about tonight?
Rainn: Didn't you hear me Raman? I'm going home.
Raman stepped in front of her.
Raman: Please, don't leave upset. I'm sorry. I'll have them take it down if that's what you want.
Rainn didn't know what she wanted. She only knew she didn't want to be there. She was angry and didn't know why. She pushed him from in front of her. Before reaching the door she took a final look at the room. Raman's back faced her. She couldn't tell what he was doing but could see his head hung low. She began to feel bad for how she acted. Just as she was going to go back and apologize, she changed her mind and left.

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#1socajadeVIPFeb 29, 2016

Way to add a cliff hanger, hope the next installment is out soon!

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