Mail Order Romance
Published May 6, 2015

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Meet Kuval and Aasha Patel. One of the many families of Oasis Valley. Kuval and Aasha had been married for almost 5 years but acted as if they were still on their honeymoon. They had been together longer than most couples they knew only because their love started out as a simple friendship.

Meet Kuval and Aasha Patel. One of the many families of Oasis Valley. Kuval and Aasha had been married for almost 5 years but acted as if they were still on their honeymoon. They had been together longer than most couples they knew only because their love started out as a simple friendship. Aasha was mild-mannered. She loved family, her garden, and the finer things. She is a second generation Indian born in the states and she came from a well upbringing. As the only child her parents treated her like a princess. Although she never acted like most spoiled kids she was just reluctant take no for an answer and persistent when getting what she wanted. kuval, on the other hand, was hot tempered, ambitious, and competitive. Although his parents are from India as well, Kuval grew up in the UK. He was the eldest boy to his parents. The two met while he was attending the same college for a year of study abroad. They instantly connected as friends and promised to keep in touch. Over the next 2 years they did and when she was finally finished with school she came to visit him. It was during the visit that he proposed and she accepted. While Kuval made a good living and provider for his family as partner at his accounting firm, Aasha used her eye for culture and beauty and became one of the top art dealers in the city. Kuval often accompanied her when she hosted her big shows but art was never his thing. Her best client was Ram Patel, Kuval's younger brother. While Kuval was away at college, his family moved back to India and raised the rest of his siblings there, including Ram. Ram would send his paintings to Aasha to be sold. Seeing his brother's artwork meant a lot to Kuval. It always felt like a piece of home. Kuval and Ram were close being the only boys to his parents. And after they passed away, Kuval found himself wanting to be closer to his family. Aasha: So what are you saying Kuval? You want to go visit for a while.
Kuval: No I was thinking of something better. Ram has been wanting to move, to get out and what better than to live here in the states.
Aasha: But he can't just get up and move here.
Kuval: I know. A student visa is only temporarily and Ram has never been a college kid.
Aasha: So what else is there? A work visa?
Kuval: I don't know. I'll think of something.
Kuval sat at the table finishing his breakfast. He wasn't sure exactly what he was going to do or how he was going to send for his brother. Visiting was easy but after talking to Ram in the past months he knew that it would be better to have Ram with him. Rain: Good morning Jeff.
Jeff: Good morning Rain. How was last night?
Rain: Terrible. I had to work until 10 and had a paper due before midnight.
Jeff: So not a good anniversary?
Rain: Let's just say I just I'm happy my boyfriend is in Italy. Otherwise I would be the worst girlfriend known to man.
Rain Bowmen sat at her computer desk in her dorm room. She went over her accounts and was working on her bills for the semester.
Rain: Still short.
She placed her face in her hands. She tried several times to hold back the tears but for the last few months she was barely making enough money to cover the essentials.
Rain was working her way through college. She was a student by day and was an intern at the Oasis hospital. Rain was a natural nurturer. She loved taking care of people and so it was evident that she would eventually want to be a nurse. But working as a intern was not paying the bills. Rain also worked at a cleaning agency to make ends meat. But with school tuition increasing, Rain was finding it harder to pay for rent, classes, and live. She also did temporary work here and there and at times pawning most of her items pay bills. Her favorite place to work was on Monday nights when she was assigned to clean the art gallery. She loved looking at the new pieces that arrived. And Aasha was always there preparing inventory and making the final changes. The two women often chatted for a few minutes before going back to their work. This morning was not the same as the others. She was called in to come back to the gallery as it was preparing for another Art Expo. Today the gallery was pushing not only Ram Patel's finest works but also what it considered to be the up and coming in the art world. Rain stood in awe as she looked at the new painting on the wall. Rain: So beautiful. Another great one Mr. Ram Patel.
Ram Patel was her favorite artist at the gallery. She waited each month for one of his pieces to arrive and like clockwork they were up and ready for viewing. She didn't hear Aasha enter the room and continued staring at the painting.
Aasha: You like it.
Rain: Sorry. I didn't mean to get so close. It's one of his again. Ram is one of my favorites.
It looks like he is going through another one of his stages in life. This time his colors are so dark. Even something as happy as music seems darkened and heavy.
Aasha: I never knew were a fan.
Rain: I appreciate the finer things even if I can't afford it.
Aasha: You know I don't meet that many people that appreciate the work quite like I do. When do you have a break? Maybe we can go grab a bite and talk more.
Rain was curious as to why Aasha wanted to talk to her about art. But a when you are a poor college student, free meal is a free meal.
Aasha enjoyed talking to Rain about the different paintings and decor in the gallery.
Aasha: You know I could use someone like you working for me. Why are you going into nursing? You have a good eye for art.
Rain: I've always liked taking care of people. I've been doing it all my life. My grandparents raised me so I feel it is only right that I do for others.
Aasha: That is so wonderful that you do that.
Aasha: So are you still with......with......
Rain: Danny? Yes. Just last week was our one year anniversary.
Aasha: How is that going?
Rain: He'll be gone all this semester to Italy. We said we would take a break while he was away so I don't even know if it counts.
Aasha: And school?
Rain: All A's.
Aasha: That's great!
Rain: Yeah. But I'm starting to need longer hours to work. Tuition increasing and I need to stay afloat.
Aasha: I remember you talking about that the last time we spoke.
Aasha: Rain. Knowing you and some of your woes that you have been going through I figured you can help me and I can help you.
Rain: mmh hmm.
Aasha: Well how would you like to meet Ram Patel.
Rain: Well sure. But I don't get how this is going to help you and me.
Aasha: Well Ram is my brother in law and we have been trying to get him to live here in the states. We've thought about thousands of ways to get him but none are permanent solutions. And then we thought about one.
Aasha: My husband and I are looking for someone to marry Ram.
Rain: Come again?
Aasha: If he marries, he can get a green card and live here permanently.
Rain: Isn't that kind of stuff illegal.
Aasha: Well that depends. People marry for different reasons Rain. Love, money. Let's just say this is a traditional Indian arranged marriage and I would like for you to be his bride.
Rain: Why me?
Aasha: Why not? You are smart, always nice to me and my husband, hardworking. You love art and he is an artist. The perfect fit.
Rain: I don't know Aasha. I mean I really would like to help you but marriage is a big commitment. I always saw myself marrying because I found someone I want to spend my life with. Not for scam or money. Besides I heard that people can go to jail for doing things like this.
Aasha: Well there are a few formalities. You have to pass a test and some legal work but that won't be much. I'm telling Rain. This will be great for everyone.
Rain: This sounds just too easy. And usually that means there is more to it than just marrying a stranger.
Aasha: I understand. But I can tell you are at least thinking about it. Take some time and let me know if this is something you really don't want to do. Here is my number and maybe if you can think about it a little more you will change your mind.
Aasha paid the bill and left the table for a meeting.
Rain stared at the card.
Cleo: So just like that. You marry his brother and they are going to pay your tuition and give you money?
Rain: I know. Silly right?
Cleo: It sounds a bit dangerous but I am more adventurous than you. Do you know what he looks like?
Rain: She showed me a small picture of him at their wedding. He was in high school, chubby with braces.
Cleo: Ew!
Cleo: Well if you ask me I think you should think about it. You have been stressing over money for the past year now and you've been working two jobs just to put you through school. This can ease a lot of pain and strain on you.
Rain: I just don't know about marrying a stranger I don't know him, I don't love him.
Cleo: Are they expecting you to live together?
Rain: No. We just need to look like we are married.
Rain looked at her watch. It was almost time for her next shift.
Rain: I have to go. I got a side job as a waitress at one of the bars.
Cleo: Work, work, work. Work and school. Work and school. I liked it better when you weren't as responsible. Maybe you should marry him. Then you will have more time to just enjoy life.
Rain: Whatever. With more money comes more problems and there will probably be a lot more with this. Everything just seems too good to be true.
Cleo: Name one thing that is stopping you?
Rain: It's illegal, going to jail if we get caught, I have a boyfriend,
Cleo: I said name one.
Rain: I simply can't do it. And I can't believe you are telling me to do it. Aren't you going to law school?
Cleo: Yes but right now I am your friend. And as your friend I know that money has been your biggest burden. You are always trying to figure out between rent and eating and now you can barely afford either. And here is someone with an answer to your biggest problems. You don't even have to be married to him long. And by the time Danny comes back everything will be back to normal. Rain: I just don't know Cleo. There is just something not right about all this.
Cleo: Well I would say have them put everything in writing before you agree to anything. And I mean everything. You want to make sure you are set for as long as they promise.
Rain: Spoken like a true lawyer. Well I'm off. Bye girl.
Rain stood in the mirror of the bathroom she was cleaning. Her face looked weary as she gazed at her reflection. She was only 20 yet she felt like she was almost 50. At 4am she was wrapping up her day at one job and had a few hours to take a nap before heading to her 8am class then the hospital in the afternoon. She gripped the sides of the sink. She looked back again at her reflection, wiped her face and smiled. Everything that is meant to be will be. Aasha sat humming to herself in her garden. It was her peaceful place. it was where she came up with her best ideas. For the last few years her and Kuval were trying to have a family but could not. So in the meantime, her plants were her babies.
Rain: Aasha?
Aasha smiled when she heard the familiar voice and saw Rain standing in front of her.
Aasha: So you have agreed?
Rain: How do you know that?
Aasha: Because if the answer was no you would not have made a trip all the way on the other side of town.
Rain: Well I think there should be some things we get straight before I can say a yes or no. And I thought meeting the both of you in person to see what can be negotiated would be best.
Aasha: Oh I truly agree. This is just like the arranged marriages my grandmother would tell me about when she was a girl. The different families would talk about the dowries and what would happen all the way up to the reception. And sometimes afterwards like where would the newlyweds live.
Rain: I do have to say that I still have a bit of hesitation marrying someone I have never seen before. What if he gets here and changes his mind about me?
Aasha: He trusts my judgement. I've never failed him with his artwork and he knows I have great taste in beauty inside and out.
Rain began to blush.
Rain: Thanks.
Aasha: Have you talked to Danny about all of this?
Rain: I figured by the time he gets back all this will be over and we could go back to our own lives. What he doesn't know won't hurt him right?
Aasha didn't respond. Instead she led Rain into the house to talk to both her and Kuval.
Kuval: I have to admit that when my wife first came to me with this idea I was a bit taken back. I am usually the one between us that take risks and think of some outlandish ways to problem solve. I'm really just surprised that you agreed to help us. We are forever in your debt.
Aasha: That is why we have constructed this agreement between the both of us. We will cover you each week that you are married. After you have passed the legal testing and everything we will pay for your tuition in full. It is just that simple on our end. The rest will be up to you and Ram. You will have to spend some time to get to know each other to past the test.
Rain: How does he feel about all of this? Does he know what's going on?
Aasha: Well not exactly. To Ram this is a traditional arranged marriage with an American twist. He will live here with us and you can live in your own place. We will tell him everything once he gets here. We just want to make things comfortable for everyone.
Rain went over the paperwork again.
Rain: Well here goes nothing.
For nights Rain could not sleep. She was nervous and couldn't believe what she agreed to. Kuval had already begun sending her money and for the first time she felt better not having to worry about paying her bills. It did feel a bit sleazy to take the money, but she knew she needed it. The meeting day:

Kuval stood in the window. He had been pacing back and forth.
Kuval: She isn't here yet. What if she got lost. What if she changed her mind. Are you sure she is coming?
Aasha: Honey, come sit down. Sit baby.
Kuval: How are you so calm at a time like this. They are meeting for the first time. It took forever to get Ram here and now that they are about to meet and this marriage is going to happen I am just so nervous.
Aasha: More nervous than your own wedding day?
Kuval: No. I guess I'm more worried than anything.
Aasha: Everything will be fine. I know it.
Aasha placed her hand in his and used the other to caress the side of his face.
Kuval laughed: It's amazing how the smallest gesture you make can heal my biggest worry.
Aasha: And that is why you love me.
The door bell rang and Kuval sprang to his feet.
Kuval: She's here.
Aasha: Calm down Kuval. Go get Ram. He's still sleeping in the back room. I'll answer the door.
Kuval stumbled over himself and he went to the room to wake up Ram.
Rain: Meanwhile Rain was on the opposite side just as nervous.
Aasha greeted Rain and brought her into the family room where they were sitting.
Aasha: How have you been? It's been a few weeks since we had a chance to talk last. You no longer work for the agency and I've missed our weekly check ups and chats.
Rain: I've been fine. Just a little consumed with exams. Plus I needed some space and time. I kept going back and forth to make sure this is something I wanted to do.
Aasha: Is this something you still want to do?
Rain: I'm here!
Aasha: Right.
Both women went quiet as they could hear the footsteps get closer to the room. Rain held her breath. Her nerves began to take over and she could hear her own heart beating louder than anything else in the room. She tried to keep a smile as the figure walked closer into the room.
Rain: Goodness. What have I done?
Aasha: Rain Bowmen, I would like you to meet Raman Patel. Artist and your future husband. Ram, Rain.
Ram: Hello Rain
With a big grin, Ram Patel greeted his future bride.
He stood with his hands in his pockets trying to hide his shaking hands.
Ram: It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
Rain tried to stand but she needed to stop her legs from trembling. So instead she sat on the couch, afraid that if she moved she would just fall over on herself. She finally exhaled.
Rain (to herself): Here goes nothing .

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#1Roberta99May 6, 2015

Awesome! I really like this story. Ram's character seems very interesting and there is already an obvious connection between Ram and Rain. I'm interested to see what will happen with Danny and Rain, and Ram in the middle of it all, so please keep writing this story! \:\)

#2daniluvsims22May 6, 2015

Gosh Ram is handsome!!! I just love Rain smile on the last screenshot. I would smile just like that if I was marrying someone like that lol! Can't wait for the next chapter! \:\)

#3JennC32May 6, 2015

Wow, you're doing this with 4!, I just realized that. I haven't done a story with mine yet, my graphics don't look nearly as good in my screenshots as they did in 3. Yours look really amazing. I need to upgrade my pc. Love your story. Rain is very pretty.

#4oldmember_lucianna88May 8, 2015

I liked this story and will be interested to see what happens next

#5AlessaFayeMay 12, 2015

I get a little too excited when I see that you have new stories out \:\)
Another great start. I love Rain already.

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