MasterXMaid - Chapter 13
Published Apr 2, 2015

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i'm so sorry for this VERY late story update.
March - the busy month for me
i still haven't recovered! i need to unwiiiiind.. ehehe

so, here's chapter 13 of MasterXMaid Rewind.

recap: last chapter, Xander came to visit Annie on her special day and he even gave her a surprise "present". What's gonna happen next to them?

i hope you enjoy this chapter!




i'm so sorry for this VERY late story update.
March - the busy month for me
i still haven't recovered! i need to unwiiiiind.. ehehe

so, here's chapter 13 of MasterXMaid Rewind.

recap: last chapter, Xander came to visit Annie on her special day and he even gave her a surprise "present". What's gonna happen next to them?

i hope you enjoy this chapter!


2 weeks has passed since Aerith’s birthday.
Everything seemed well.
It was 10 am when the first phone call of the day came. Mr. Adams answered it.

“Good day. You’ve reached the Martin’s residence. May I know who’s speaking?”

Aerith happened to pass by. She stopped and looked at Mr. Adams, wondering who he was talking to.

Suddenly, Mr. Adam’s reaction suddenly turned different. He seemed bothered, worried or scared.
He placed the phone down. He looked at Aerith.

“Mr. Adams… what…”

“The young master…”

Aerith’s eyes widened.
“He’s going home.” He added, “Master Evan died 6 days ago. His remains were already cremated the other day. And Master Alexander is already on his way home.”

Aerith was extremely shocked. Her knees felt weak.
“His father… died?” she was teary eyed.
3 in the afternoon when Alexander arrived.
He spoke no word to anyone.
He immediately proceeded to his room.
Aerith, Mr. Adams, and Lora weren’t able to do anything.
“Master, dinner is ready.” Aerith called.

“I’ll be there…”
After a few minutes, Alexander went downstairs. He ate dinner silently. After that, he proceeded back to his room. Again, no word was spoken to anyone. “I’m getting worried…” Lora said.

“I guess that’s normal. He lost a special person.” Aerith answered.

“You’re right there, Miss Laurie.” Mr. Adams added, “Perhaps the best way at this moment is just to let him be.”

Lora still couldn't erase the extreme worry she was feeling.
Another day came. The silence in the house was deafening.

“Miss Laurie, I have some “quick errands” for you to do.” Mr. Adams instructed.

“I’ll finish them as fast as I can.” She answered.

“Well then… let me tell you what to do.”
Lora knocked on the master’s door, “Good morning, sir. Breakfast is served.”

“Come in. Place the food on the table and after that, you may leave.”
She entered his room, and placed the food on his small coffee table.

He was still lying on his bed, curled up like a caterpillar.

“Sir, the food is already here. Please eat it before it gets cold or else it won’t be that delicious.” Lora tried to be cheerful.

“Please leave.”

She walked closer towards the bed, “Sir, I helped prepare this so…”

“I SAID LEAVE!” he angrily shouted.
She was so scared that she immediately went out of the room. Her knees were shaking. Her heart was beating so fast. She was almost running out of breath. She knelt down and her tears fell. She thought that because she was not Annie, she was driven away without thinking. On the other hand, Aerith just finished the “quick errands” Mr. Adams asked her to do.
She was on her way home when a familiar figure appeared.
“Aerith?” the young lady was indeed stupefied of what she saw.
Aerith tried to run away but it was of no use.
The young lady immediately caught her, “let’s talk.”
“So, you’re here all along.”

Aerith sighed, “And you caught me. Please, don’t tell anyone, Beatrice.”

The young lady, who Aerith called Beatrice, smiled at her, “I won’t. I promise. You can trust me.”
“I was indeed shocked to see my cousin wearing such garments.” Beatrice told her, “You’re working ? And as a maid?”

“Yes.” Aerith answered, “Pretty unexpected huh?”

“Yeah, but that’s cool.” Beatrice chuckled.

“What are you doing here anyway? I thought you’re in Hidden Springs.”

“I do travel once in a while to get away from all the business stress my mom puts on me. And our townhouse here in Bridgeport makes a good relaxing haven somehow. Anyway, it’s been a while since you ran away.”
“Yes. How are things back home?”

“After you ran away, tensions arose. You’re family, especially your dad, faced tons of controversies. The Johnson family is a huge name in Hidden Springs, remember that. Your dad immediately sent out people to search for you around Hidden Springs but they were all of no luck. And so, the heiress was never found.”


“Really! But at this time, I haven’t heard of any ruckus going on within your family. Everything seems normal without you there. But mind you, Aerith, even though we are already experiencing silence, that doesn’t mean your dad is already not doing anything about you.”

“I know dad… Perhaps, I’m going to play hide and seek forever, huh?” Aerith sighed.

“I can sense that he’s still secretly searching for you; doing everything silently so that you’ll come out of your hiding place, naïve. Why don’t you just go back to Hidden Springs? I can’t imagine you being a maid forever.” Beatrice said.
“I’m happy here, Beatrice.” Aerith answered straightly, “this happiness will die if I go back.”

Beatrice smiled, “I’m glad to hear that you’re happy. I want you to be happy. But please do take care of yourself.” She stood up.

“I won’t be long Aerith. I have to do some little business even while on vacation. And besides, hanging out with me may not be safe for you, if you know what I mean.” Beatrice said, “So, I guess I’ll be off now.”

Aerith smiled, “My household is also waiting for me. Bye, Beatrice. Take care!” She ran off.

“Bye Aerith." Beatrice looked at her cousin with eyes filled with worry. “Take care…always…”
“LORA WHAT HAPPENED?” Aerith met Lora by the front door. She was crying a bucket of tears. Aerith embraced her and tried to comfort her.

“I was just trying to cheer him up.” Lora’s voice was very wobbly.

“You mean ,the master?” Aerith asked, “What did you do?”

Lora narrated what happened.
“He might be a little bit pissed by what you did. Remember what Mr. Adams told us: we should let him be. He needs time to compose himself. He needs to do it alone.”

“Shouldn’t we be comforting him?”

“He’s still locked up. We can’t force ourselves to enter his wounded state. Unless he opens up…” Aerith said, “We have to wait.”

“I was just trying to do what you do to cheer him up.” Lora said.

Aerith was shocked upon hearing what Lora said.

“I want to be close to him at a time like this. Annie, you became closer to him because you were able to cross the boundaries he set and successfully enter his heart.”

Aerith’s eyes widened, “Wait… Lora… I…”

“I clearly remember before how you went out of your boundaries in order to comfort him. You were able to do it perfectly. And you became closer to the master. I want to do that. This is the best time, but what did I do wrong?” she broke down and cried.
“Lora…” Aerith didn’t know what to say.

“Annie, am I that unlikable for him to drive me away like this? I’ve been trying to be a step closer to him but he’s becoming farther as I took each step.”
“Annie was brave enough to take a step and you weren’t. If you’re trying to step closer, you must face whatever consequences he might throw.” Mr. Adams suddenly stepped in. “And also, she did it on the right time. This is not the right time yet. If you are that desperate, you must wait.”

“Mr. Adams…” Aerith murmured.

“I don’t get it… why isn’t this the right time? Why is it that MY time isn’t the right time?” she ran off.

“I’m so disappointed with such immaturity, Miss Gustoff.” Mr. Adams said.
“Lora… may I come in?” There was no answer. Aerith, still, entered.

“I’m sorry if…”

“No. You didn’t do anything.” Lora, whose face was still hidden, spoke. “I just don’t understand why he opens up to you and not to me.”

“I’m also not sure… but I guess I never gave up.”

“Don’t give up. I told myself once that I’m going to tame him. I want to tame him, so I did my best; swallowed all his stubbornness. I am in this state because I didn’t give up. He can be scary but if you won’t allow yourself to be scared, then you can overcome it.”

“Perhaps I really was scared…” Lora said, “I’m sorry… I was so immature back there.”

Aerith smiled, “It’s okay…”

“I love him and I’ll do my best to win him.” Lora stood up. “I love him.”

“Now that’s the spirit!” Aerith cheerfully said. She embraced her. She may look happy for Lora but somehow, she felt different, a bit uncomfortable, upon hearing what Lora said.
It’s almost evening. “Master? I’m going to get your past meal.” Aerith called.

“Come in.”

She was surprised to see that the food wasn’t consumed, even a little. Alexander was sitting quietly.

“You should have eaten a little, sir…”

“I don’t have an appetite.”

“I understand…” Aerith spoke, “But I hope you won’t starve yourself.”
“At this point in time, after being left by people I cherish, I should be immune already, but I don’t know why, somehow, it still hurts.”

She went near him, “Please release all of that grief.”

He stood up, “Release… you say…”

She was very worried of him. The master seemed numb and lifeless. She felt like crying. She ran towards him, and embraced him. Finally, he broke down.
“Annie, why is it that I’m always being left?” he softly said. His voice was shaking and Aerith can feel that her shoulders were dampened by tears.

“I… I won’t leave you, master…” she spoke.

He didn’t make any reply; just the hush of his shedding of tears.

“I definitely won’t leave you.”
“Can we stay like this for a while?” he asked. He held her tighter. She, on the other hand, wasn’t bothered for she has always been comfortable with him.

“You know, dad seemed happy that moment before he died. He seemed contented, but still, it hurts thinking that he’s already gone. After he died, I’ve been trying my best to remember that dad died happy and contented. He has lived his life. That’s what counts. I know my dad is happy now, and I should be happy for him. I must smile. But, it’s quite hard.”

“I’ll help you.” Aerith answered.

“Can you do it?” he asked.

“Here you go again! Come on! Trust in me.” She patted his back.

She can hear him slightly chuckle. And with that, she felt better.
“Mr. Adams, here’s the meal he didn’t eat.” Aerith said.

“You’ve been out for a while.” Mr. Adams said.

Aerith flushed, “you think?”

“Lora and I talked a while ago and she apologized for what she did this morning.”

“I see…” Aerith said, “Speaking of Lora, where is she? She’s supposed to be here.”

“I asked her to go to the City Hall for some urgent important matter. She’ll be back not too soon.”
“I’m back!” Lora said.

“Just as I told you.” Mr. Adams told Aerith.

“Did he eat it?” Lora asked.

“No, but I do hope he’ll eat dinner this time.”
3 days passed.
The master’s state seemed better than past days. And with such, the entire household had somehow gotten in better state as well.

Lora was busy weeding out weeds on the lawn outside when the master came. She immediately stood up.

“Good day, master Alexander.”

“Lora, I’d like to have a word with you.”

Lora gulped.
Aerith happened to pass by. She was about to go to the pool area to clean the pool when she saw such scene. So, thinking that it won’t harm, she started eavesdropping. She crawled her way towards the gate and hid herself.

“That morning when you served breakfast… I was rude to you. I apologize.”

Lora was indeed surprised. Her heart was beating very fast.

“Sir… I… I…” Lora was stuttering.
“A…A… ACHOO!” Aerith suddenly sneezed. She stared at her hands. “Crabsticks!” she murmured.

“Who’s there?” Lora and Alexander chorused.

Aerith hurriedly crawled out her way out of the area, but it was of no use. She was immediately found by Alexander and Lora.
“Eavesdropping?” Alexander interrogated.

Aerith immediately stood up, “What eavesdropping? I was checking the tiles if they’re dirty! And yes they are! Dusty and dirty! I even sneezed.”

Lora chuckled, “Need help?”

“NAH!” Aerith said, “Whatever you two are doing, that “doing” where you think I’m eavesdropping, continue.”

“Oh Annie!” Lora smiled sweetly, “I’m done with my task. Let me help you.”
“Miss Laurie, aren’t you supposed to be cleaning the pool?” Mr. Adams suddenly bumped in.

“Uhh… yeah! Yeah! The pool! The pool as well…” Aerith chuckled as she slowly walked backwards.

Alexander was obviously suppressing his laughter.
“And Miss Gustoff, I have some curtains for you to wash.” Mr. Adams added.

“Yes sir.” Lora answered. She shifted her gaze to Alexander, “Master… thank you.”

Alexander replied with a smile and this made Lora’s heart skip. She gladly replied with a smile and hurriedly went inside.
“Hey! Eavesdropper!” he called.

“Are you talking to me, sir?” Aerith asked.

“Unless you expect me to be talking to the pool, then no.” he told her.

“Haha. Very funny…” she sarcastically said.

“Look who’s talking in a disrespectful manner to her master.”

“Okay let me rephrase it. Haha. Very funny, MASTER.” she smiled, “I’m glad to see you well today.”

“How sure are you that I’m well?”

“You’re bullying me thus you’re ever better!” she seemed very sure.
“It still hurts.” He said, “But I’m trying to cope.”

“And I’ll always be here to help.” She smiled.

“Yeah… just stay being stupid so that I’ll be happy and better as each day passes.”

“You know sir, now that I think about it; I think you’re better in insulting than joking. Stick to insults. You’re good at it. And joking? Don’t even think about it.” She told him.

“Now look who’s the bully!” he said.

She laughed. Later on, he was carried away. He also laughed. Aerith was very glad to see him laugh heartily for the first time after the incident.
“I’ll go get the chlorine formula.” She said.

“Don’t expect me to be staying here.”

“I don’t and you better not!” she ran away.

He looked at her run away. “Thank you for being there and always putting a smile on your face. I’ll be fully okay soon…” he softly said.
Later that evening…

“ANNIE! He apologized and also… HE SMILED AT ME! I SUDDENLY FEEL HOPE! OH MY!!!” Lora twirled around.

“Well… that’s great to hear.” Annie said with a sweet smile.

“But that was mean of you to sneeze.” Lora complained. “But still… KYAAAAAAAAAAH!” Lora squealed as she ran towards Aerith and embraced her tightly. “It still led to that moment when he smiled sweetly at me!!!”
“I know my sneezing moment will ruin the conversation but for some odd reasons… I’m glad… that I sneezed.” Aerith thought. She flushed. “Am I really…”

“Annie, you okay?”

“Never better!” Aerith chuckled.

“Great.” Lora smiled, “Aaaah! Alexander. Alexander. Alexander! The master of my heart.”

“And in addition… why do I suddenly want to get out of this room?” Aerith thought. “I’m definitely not like this before! Oh no… crabsticks.”
to be continued...


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#1katwoman3Apr 3, 2015

Heheh, crabsticks! I think she's in love with Alexander! \;\) I do so love this story.

#2behemoth_blueApr 7, 2015

Yay, Chi, finally the next chapter of this story.
OK, I know this might sound awful, but I have no sympathy for Lora. I mean, here she was, trying to be like Aerith, but she basically tried to take advantage of the fact that Alexander was hurting and was vulnerable to get into his heart. That's just low.
In the beginning I even sympathized with her, but some of the things she has said and done have made me turn against her.
But as always, Mr. Adams \:rah\: The voice of reason.

"Dusty and dirty", yes, Aerith, of course you sneezed because of you were checking the tiles. \;\)
"You’re bullying me thus you’re ever better!”" LOL
And those final 'crabsticks'! Indeed, Aerith, who knows why you are glad you sneezed. \:wub\: \:D
Waiting for the next one, Chi!

#3xLyennerdVIPJun 10, 2015

I love the fact Alexander is finally letting his guard down towards Aerith. It's just sad to see Lora's hopes are so high while we all know Alexander likes Aerith.. in some kind of way \:o

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