Not a Fairy Tale VI
Published Dec 30, 2015

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Vance's trip was taking longer than expected. What would have been a two week tour turned into a month long excursion. Rumors were surfacing that the Prince was prolonging the trip to spend more time with his long time mistress. Although the Royal family tried to show photos of him actually doing business on behalf of the throne, it did little to stop the rumors. Meanwhile, Roxanne was not bothered by the rumors. Mostly because she no longer cared as much as she did in their first year of marriage. She no longer slept in distress and was finally feeling peace with herself as the new Princess in the Pago family. It also helped that most of her nights were spent with Vance's cousin and her first love, Dontrez Pago. He would enter her room at night. They would bed until the late hours and he would return to his guest quarters before the sun rose the next day.
And the affection did not stop in the bedroom. There were hidden places around the estate that the King built to get away from his own wife. It was where the King went to unwine, and some say to have met his courtesans.
These were perfect places for the secret lovers.
Only a trusted few knew about the romance between Roxanne and Don. Her assistant was her closest friend and confident and wanted to help the two of them. She helped the lovers meet and played lookout in case Daisy or someone else from the family were near.
It was hard to keep things a secret. She was married and he was a relative.
Being with Roxanne inspired Don more to play. He started on the violin a few years ago and was invited to play for the Manuiu Orchestra. In the meantime he was Daisy's personal entertainment. She would summon him to play when she needed inspiration or to show off to guests that came to visit. Roxanne:You called for me mother Daisy?
Daisy: Yes I have dear. I wanted to talk.
Roxanne: Yes.
Daisy: I realized since Vance has been gone I see less of you. We don't speak as much as we used to. I don't know if it is me or if you have found a new hobby. You know, something that has kept your mind away.
Roxanne: No. I've just tried doing other things.
Daisy: I see. Well, I just received a call from my son. He will be back in another week.
Roxanne: Great.
Daisy: That's what I thought. It will be great to have him back after this long month without him. Then you and him can start on a family. Give me the throne an heir.
Roxanne: We were thinking about waiting a little longer.
Daisy: Well why wait? You aren't getting any younger child. When I was your age I was already pregnant. Rumors are a funny thing. You can't believe them all but there are those that have some truth to them.
Roxanne: I don't understand.
Daisy: I know you have not been welcoming my son to bed in the past years. But you must. It is your duty as his wife to give him children. No matter what you feel or how many other women he beds for fun, it is your responsibility.
Daisy: So when he comes back home you are going to welcome him with open arms. Get rid of whatever hobby that is distracting you and give me a grandchild.
Roxanne wanted to cry. She had never felt so much pressure.
Daisy: Oh. Don't get emotional dear. There is no need for that.
Roxanne: I am not.
Daisy: Good.
Daisy: Now if you don't mind. I would like to spend a few more moments alone listening to Don play his new song. It is a lovely piece.
Roxanne wiped her face and walked out of the room.
Daisy: Oh and for the next few days I will need you to escort me to my garden lunches and tea events. A few fundraising events should get your mind into what a princess should really be doing with her spare time.

Don's eyes followed her as she left the room but he remained with Daisy. He was curious what she said that made Roxanne upset.
After her last conversation with Daisy, Roxanne made sure that she went to every event with the Crown Princess. The media adored seeing both Princesses at events and showcasing their wonderful mother-daughter relationship.
When hosting events at the palace, Daisy would often use Dontrez to play for her. This way she knew he was not fawning over a new lady in the town. She was able to keep him in her sight and not hearing about his many escapades in the news. But Don gladly entertained at her parties. He knew that he would be able to see Roxanne. Roxanne and Don would meet in secluded areas just outside of the palace. Each time he would assure her that what they were doing was not wrong. He cared deeply about Roxanne and was not going to lose her again. When Roxanne was not around to accompany her, Daisy looked to her brother in law, Ivan Pago to escort her to places. He was Vicente's elder brother and was appointed High Chief of the Pusotu Village. The people of the land were known for being great craftmen and excellent in combat.
Ivan: So how are you holding up?
Daisy: Busy as always. Keeping up with Don has been dreadful. The tabloids are always talking about his many affairs with women but I have yet to find who they are. Maybe you can influence him to visit you for a while.
Ivan: I will try for you Princess.
Ivan and Roxanne attended the Princess's garden party that she held in the beginning of summer. Everyone sat at the table and enjoyed their tea, small cakes, and canapes. Only those with titles attended the party and conversed about politics, world news, and of course, Prince Vance. Roxanne sat without speaking. She was always bored during these parties. Only a few acknowledged her, while others sat at the opposite end gossiping about the Prince and what he was doing now that he had still not arrived back. Mostly the women that did not sit at the main table were talking and giggling.
Roxanne tried to cover her mouth to hide her yawn.
One of the butlers came out to the patio.
Butler: Dontrez Pago will be joining you today.
The other attendants at the table looked puzzled.
Daisy: Don has never came to my garden parties.
Meanwhile, Roxanne was trying not to seem excited as she waited for him to walk through the doorway.
Don had the staff bring a chair and place it next to Roxanne.
Don: Hello everyone. Sorry I am late.
Daisy: I didn't know you were coming.
Don: Well, I had an opening in my schedule and decided to join you and Uncle. Hello Roxanne.
Roxanne: Don.
Daisy looked between the both of them but continued with her conversations with the other dignitaries. Don would secretly brush his hand against Roxanne throughout the meal. She blushed each time and eyed him to stop. The table roared with laughter after one of the guests made a funny remark. Just as everyone was laughing, Don leaned over to Roxanne.
Don: I love you.
She choked on the sandwich putting everyone's attention on her.
Ivan: Are you okay Roxanne?
Roxanne: Yes Uncle. Yes. I'm fine.
When the lunch was over, Daisy walked her guests to the remainder of the grounds to view the array of flowers that were blooming. She asked Roxanne to stay behind and make sure the area was cleared. As she watched everyone walk the gardens she could only think about how her life was before she was married.
Don: What are you thinking?
She jumped when she realized it was him. He stood next to her. The sides of their hands touched.
Roxanne: I just want to get out.
Don: Is that what you really want?
Roxanne: Yes. I just want to leave and be the girl I was years ago. Before all this.
Don: I can make it happen.
Roxanne: That's not funny Don.
Don: And I am not playing.
Roxanne: I need to go. Mother will be waiting.
Don grabbed her arm and pulled her in between two of the bushes.
Don: Meet me tonight.
Roxanne: I can't. I have to go Don.
Don: Please. I want to be with you tonight.
Roxanne: If I say yes will you let me go.
Don smiled and released his grip. But not before giving her a quick kiss.
Late in the night Don snuck through the palace to Roxanne's wing.
Don: Do I make you happy Roxanne?
Roxanne: I'm always happy when I'm with you. It seems to be the only time I have been.
Don: I want to always make you happy.
Don tried to talk again. But his lips were covered with her kisses.
Roxanne: You do.
Don: But I want more don't you.
Roxanne: Let's not talk right now.
She kissed him again and he took her to her room.
It was late in the night before the two of them finally fell asleep. They were so exhausted from their love that they did not realize the day was shortly approaching. There was a frantic knock on the door. It was her assistant.
Assistant: Miss, miss.
She could barely hear the muffling from the other side of the locked door.
Assistant: Miss, miss. The Prince. He has returned home.
Roxanne was so deep in her sleep she thought she was dreaming. Her assistant knocked harder on the door.
Assistant: Miss, Miss! The Prince is back. He's here.
This time Roxanne heard the words more clearly.
She jumped up from the bed. She looked outside her bedroom window that faced the front of the palace. The family car was being unloaded.
Roxanne: Oh my goodness!
She turned Don to wake him but he wouldn't budge. Instead he kept mumbling in response.
She could hear Vance greeting the help outside her room. Her assistant called to him and began speaking loudly.
Vance: And there she is. My lovely wife.
He held his arms out for Roxanne.
Roxanne: Vance. You've come home.
Vance: Yes. I wanted to surprise you and mother so I made sure no one said anything.
Roxanne: Well you did surprise me.
Vance: I've missed you so much. It was so hard being away from you and mother.
Roxanne: I missed you too. It's been weeks since you were last home. I thought you may have forgotten your way back.
Vance laughed: I know. I was sure you would have found another Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet.
Roxanne: Don't be silly.
Vance began walking to her room.
Roxanne: Where are you going?
Vance: Well, I have been gone for a month now. I thought that maybe we know.
Roxanne: It's so early in the morning.
Vance: But I thought you missed me. I want to spend some alone time with my wife.
He tried to move to the door again but Roxanne blocked his path and gave him a big hug.
Roxanne: No! My room is such a mess. Why don't I walk you to your room instead.
Vance: Well that is more like it. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I am beginning to believe it.
Don stood on the other side of the door. He could hear them talking in the sitting area just outside her room. It took a lot of strength for him not to run out of the door and grab Roxanne for himself. Angered by the change in fate, he punched the wall. Once Prince Vance Pago was back home, everything carried on as if he had never left. The couple continued to show their strong union. Mother Daisy took advantage of every opportunity to send them both on visits through Manuiu. She knew the media would be around and the two of them would be showcased to the locals. Roxanne continued with her duties as the princess bride. She went along with her husband on his trips around the island and to other neighboring islands. She wore a big smile on her face and remained happy in front of the cameras. But the moment she was alone, the smile left. She hadn't seen Don in weeks. Since Vance was home, Don made sure to stay far from her. They were never in the same room alone together. Mother Daisy packed their schedule from morning to evening.
To get away Roxanne took a long walk on the estate.
Vance: I've been looking all over for you. You have to stop running away. Mother is beginning to worry.
Roxanne: Sorry. I just needed some fresh air.
Vance: I know it's been much since I returned. I think at times that is why I stayed as long as I did. For the first time in a while I was able to get a break. But I knew my duty to the family and to you.
Vance: That's why I have been thinking more of my duty to you.
Roxanne: What do you mean?
Vance: I've decided to move out. I decided we should move out.
Roxanne: What?
Vance: It's time. We've been living here in the palace for 5 years now. I think we need some us time. This way we can work on a family without the pressure of mother and everyone here.
Roxanne: But
Vance: I already found the perfect home. It's time Roxanne. We won't be able to stop the news from talking about us but we can at least find more time for us. To be the family you always wanted. Say yes.....
Kevin: come on Don, let's get out of here. You've been playing on that piano for almost an hour.
Don: People are enjoying themselves. I'm not ready to go yet. Just meet me at the Lobos in a few.
Kevin: Come on Don.
Don: Seriously, I'm fine. I'll meet you all later.
Don sat the bar and motioned for the bartender to refill his glass.
Bartender: Haven't you had enough.
Don: If you plan on getting tips I would suggest you let me worry about too much. I'm fine. I can count to 100 with my eyes closed.
The bartender gave him another drink and went to tend to the other patrons.
Lizzie: Don Pago right?
Don: Yeah.
Lizzie: I'm a big fan. I've gone to like hundreds of your performances.
Don: Really. A fan. You don't look like someone that listens to the classics.
Lizzie: Come talk to me and I will let you know a lot more about me.
Don: Why don't we get out of here instead.
Lizzie: Sure.
In the morning Princess Daisy, Vance, and Roxanne sat at the breakfast table. It was nearly 10am and she was growing tired of waiting for Don to join them for breakfast.
Daisy: I sent Amy up to get him. Surely he should have been up by now.
Don: You called for me Auntie.
Daisy: There you are. Where have you been?
Don: Sorry, I was....occupied.
Daisy: Well come come. Vance has some urgent news for the family.
Lizzie: Mind if I join.
Don: Oh. This is my
Lizzie: Lizzie
Don: She stayed over last night.
Roxanne could not hold her look of disgust at the woman standing next to Don.
Daisy: How long has she been your friend? I've never seen her before.
Don: About 8 hours ago. We're really close (he laughed)
Daisy and Roxanne rolled their eyes.
Lizzie sat next to Roxanne across from Don.
Don: So what's the news?
Vance: Well I thought this would be more suitable for family conversation.
Don: Nonsense. What's up.
Vance: Well I plan to leave the palace.
Don looked at Roxanne who was staring at her plate.
Don: For another tour?
Vance: No. We are moving.
Don: Moving? Where?
Vance: I will be taking over my father's estate back in Pusotu.
Don: Uncle Ivan's territory.
Vance: I will still come to visit. We won't be that far away. Just a few hours by boat.
Don: But...
Vance: We need to start a family. I know it's been stressful for Roxanne so I want what's best for her.
Don: And what do you want Roxanne?
Roxanne: I think the move will a good thing for us.
Don: Really?
She looked over to Lizzie.
Roxanne: it will be better for everyone.
After breakfast, Daisy and Vance left to make more appearances.
Meanwhile, Roxanne took a walk onto the patio. She was upset at herself for showing emotions towards Don and his new girl. She was upset at herself for caring that he would bring someone into the house. She wondered what they were doing and then quickly shut the thoughts from her mine.
Don: I've been looking for you.
Roxanne: Really, I'm surprised you are not lounging with that woman.
Don: Oh come on Rox. Why are you acting like this?
Roxanne: I'm busy. Your guest might still be waiting. You don't want to keep her alone. And I would suggest you check her pockets before she leaves the palace.
Don sat on the bench right next to her. She scooted over to the end.
Don: You think it's been easy for me watching the two of you. What am I supposed to do? I've been waking up for days alone and yet he gets to spend those nights with you. What did you want me to do Roxanne?
Roxanne: Nothing Don.
Don: Look. It was you who stopped seeing me. Once Vance came back it was like you forgot about the last few weeks. What was it. Was I something for you to pass the time away.
Roxanne: You know that is not true.
Don: Then why is it that I can't spend time alone with you anymore. Now that the prince is here you act like you and I never....that we
Roxanne: I'm trying to forget what happened between us Don.
Don: Forget. But what said I make you happy.
Roxanne: You did Don. But my husband is home and I've been running around with you like a high school kid with no obligations. That isn't fair to him.
Don: You weren't supposed to be his in the first place.
Roxanne: I'm sorry. But my feelings are all messed up. But I am the princess I do have a duty to the people.
Don: Duty, duty, duty...that's all I ever hear. I'm sick of that word.
They heard footsteps coming towards them and Don quickly got up to leave.
Don: Meet me tomorrow.
Roxanne: I can't
Don: Please Roxanne.
Before the butler reached the patio to talk to Roxanne, Don was already inside.
Roxanne couldn't help it. She knew it was wrong but she still met Don as he requested in the quarters the following day.
Roxanne: I can't be here long.
Don: It won't take long. I'm just glad you came. It means a lot to me.
Don: You said I make you happy. And I know you love me.
Roxanne: I do..but
Don: But that should mean something to you. These past weeks with you all I could do is want to be with you. I never should have left to go to Tonga. That's when I lost you. But I don't want to do it again. Marry me.
Roxanne: Marry you?
Don: Divorce him and marry me.
Roxanne: Divorce- Are you listening to yourself? I can't do that. Do you know what it will bring to the family. I divorce Vance and what it will do. The humiliation. They won't let it go. Then I marry you, the cousin. Even more of a scandal.
Don: You love me and I love you. I know it won't be easy but it's what we want. Isn't it?
Roxanne removed her hand from between his.
Roxanne: I wish my life wasn't so complicated. And that this would be so easy to do. But I made a commitment to my husband, my family, and the people of Manuiu. I married Vance. And no matter what I am his. I can't change that and I won't change that.
Don: So you are just going to have me on the side?
Roxanne: No Don. I can't do that. It's not me. I've been stupid to think that I wasn't hurting anyone by being with you. I can't do THIS anymore.
Don's heart fell to his stomach. He closed his eyes.
Don: Well better go.
Roxanne: Don
Don: No! Your family will need you. And the people, they need a princess.
Roxanne: Don
He kissed her on the cheek.
Don: I wish you all the best.
She turned back to him but he moved away.
Don: Goodbye Roxanne.
He didn't want her to see him cry. But she wouldn't move.
His voice scared her and she left the room.
He fell to the couch with his head inside his hands. It was over. He lost her for good.

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#1Bo0GeRBELLJan 2, 2016

SO good! Thank you for continuing the story. I swear, this is better than shows on TV. \:rah\:

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