Not a Fairy Tale VII
Published Jan 23, 2016

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Pusotu-Manuiu. The second largest lands of the Manuiu Islands. Population 100,000. And for the past 9 years, it has been the home of Vance and Roxana Pago. The couple settled into one of the late Prince Vicente Pago's homes. It was the only one he owned that was still close enough to his mother, Daisy in Manu. For the past 3years Daisy has been ruling the Manuiu Islands as Queen since her father passed away Photographer: Okay everyone. It's time for the annual anniversary picture. You two are just wonderful. The camera loves you. One more shot for good luck. Thanks again.
There were a few more questions for the interview spread and afterwards, the magazine left the couple's home.
It was less than three months before the couple celebrated their 15th anniversary. After taking a number of photos for the newspaper, Vance and Roxanne went to dining area for lunch.
Vance: 15years. Time has gone by so fast. It felt like just yesterday we were engaged. And you look just as young as you did then.
Roxanne blushed: Vance. Please.
Legacy: Eww! Mom and Papa are cuddly again.
Lyric: I know. At least they won't kiss this time.
The kids laughed as they began teasing their parents.
Legacy and Lyric were born a few months after Vance and Roxanne moved to Pusotu. Their birth made history as the first twins to be born to the royal throne. Legacy was born one hour before his sister Lyric. The twins attended the private school in Pusotu. And when together they would get into a little mischief. But being heirs to the throne, they were often excused for their behavior. Legacy and Lyric were also talented in music. Although they were not as skilled as their cousin Don Pago at their age, the children showed true potential and often played at their school recitals. Being a Pago meant a lot of pressure to be perfect in front of others, so the children practiced for hours a day. Vance loved to show off his children and took advantage of every opportunity to make appearances and display his family. The family sat in the living room. Vance was going over his speech for a fundraising ball of his Uncle Ivan Pago, while Roxanne sat reading her book. She would interject his speech to help him make emphasis on certain parts. He finally sat down next to her and kissed her cheek.
Vance: I don't need an assistant. All I need is you.
Roxanne: Speaking of, Annita said the guest wing is ready for our visitor?
Vance: Oh yes.
Roxanne: What visitor?
Vance: It's a surprise.
Roxanne: Do I know them?
Vance: I'm not going to say another word. They will be here in two days.
Roxanne face began to crinkle.
Vance: Oh come now darling. I know you hate surprises, but this is something you will like.
Roxanne: For how long?
Vance: Again. Not another word.
The two days went by slowly. Roxanne paced throughout the house trying to make everything perfect for the guest or guests.
Legacy: I've never seen mom like this.
Vance: You just never paid attention. She always gets like this before guests arrive.
Legacy: Who are they?
Vance: You will see.
Legacy: Check mate.
Vance: Wha- But- Ho-
Legacy: You have to concentrate Papa.
Vance: That's what your grandfather used to tell me all the time. Another game.
Legacy: Sure.
Meanwhile, Roxanne finally stopped trotting through the house giving orders. She went back to her room and changed for the 3rd time.
Roxanne: It would be so much easier if I knew who was coming.
The doorbell rang and Roxanne stumbled to the bedroom door. She tried to look through the window on her way down the stairs but could not see anyone familiar.
She clapped for the children to meet just outside the foyer. Meanwhile Vance met the visitor at the door. She heard deep muffles from the other side and a few bellows of laughter. She took another look at the twins and ran her fingers through her hair. Soon the footsteps moved towards them. She put on a smile and straightened her skirt one last time. Vance walked into the room. She could not see who was behind him. She tried to keep her smile while still peeking behind Vance. Soon he moved to the side. Vance: Children. This is your cousin. Don Pago.
Roxanne eyes widened and her throat closed. She lost breath. Her knees began to buckle looking at him again.
Legacy and Lyric: Wow!
Lyric: Mom! Do you see who it is?
The twins walked to him.
Legacy: Are you really cousin Don Pago? The one people talk about.
Don: If they are talking great things about me then, yes. And you must be Legacy. No. Prince Legacy Pago. The biggest and bravest on his soccer team.
Legacy: You know that.
Don: Of course. Your grandmother tells me everything. Her and television.
Lyric: Do you know who I am cousin Don?
Don: Now let me see. You have beautiful brown hair, with a welcoming smile that is brighter than the sun. Roxanne?
Lyric (laughing): Nooo!
Don: Lyric! You're Lyric.
Lyric: That's right!
She held her hands out to give Don a hug.
Don: Hello Rox.
Roxanne: Hello Dontrez.
Don: You've become too formal. Please, we are family.
Roxanne: Don.
Don: Better
Vance: Shall we all sit and get comfortable.
Roxanne: I'll help Annita get the refreshments.
Don: So there I was in the middle of nowhere, just me and nature.
Legacy and Lyric: Whoa!
Roxanne: So that's where you've been all this time? Just you and nature?
Don: No, no. When I left Manu, I decided to go back to what I liked to do. I realized I had my priorities all messed up. I gave up music for a while and decided to give back. First, I enlisted in the military again. I was there for 4 years. I traveled, restoring villages and bringing food to impoverished places. After serving, I decided to continue and worked across the globe rebuilding villages from disasters.
Lyric: But how did you do that without people finding out?
Don: The military doesn't care what your title is. You are all soldiers. But after I left, I took on a new name, new identity. I didn't want people think I was doing it on behalf of my family. It was something I wanted to do. A year ago I started back with first love, my music. I wrote a couple of jazz pieces but under a different name again.
Legacy: I don't get why you didn't want people to know that it was you.
Lyric: Because.....he wanted to do it on his own.
Roxanne: So what brings you here? I mean it's been..
Don: 9 years. Well I've kept in contact with Daisy this entire time.
Vance: And she knows that the twins will be playing at our anniversary party. So she suggested I contact Don to help teach them how to play.
Roxanne: But they play fine.
Vance: And I want them to play better. It's going to be their first time in front of hundreds of people. This is a great opportunity.
Lyric: Did Papa say hundreds?
Legacy: Yep.
Lyric: Oh no. I always get nervous in front of people.
Vance: And that is exactly why Don will be here to teach you how to play like the professionals.
Roxanne could not hide the concern on her face.
Don: Is everything alright Roxanne? You're biting the side of your lip again.
Roxanne: Fine. Everything is fine.
She excused herself to go check on the dinner in the kitchen.
After dinner, Vance and Don walked throughout the estate.
Don: You haven't changed a bit.
Vance: I know. But the children keep me on my feet.
Don: Sorry I wasn't there to celebrate their birth.
Vance: It's okay. Mom told me you were busy overseas.
Don: So are you sure about this? I've never taught anyone how to play. Music just came to me.
Vance: Of course.
Vance: I want the best for my kids. And they need to be perfect for the show. It was mother's idea anyway. I thought about other people that could tutor them but none came to mind that would be better for them.
Don: And Roxanne is okay with this? She looked shocked to see me.
Vance: Don't worry about Roxanne. It will only be a couple of months and then you can go back to do what you like.
Roxanne woke up extra early the following morning. She could barely sleep. She was too upset with Vance to talk to him that night. Besides, he was already fast asleep and did not bring up the topic. How could he not talk to her about having Don here? And why did Don agree to come? She was determined to look on the bright side and not dwell on his visit any longer.
The children smelled breakfast and quickly ran down to the kitchen. They greeted their mother as they entered.
Roxanne: Good morning.
Legacy: Have you seen Don?
Roxanne: No. He is probably still asleep.
She fixed their plate and brought it to the counter where they sat.
Just as the twins were finishing their meal, Don walked in yawning and scratching his hair.
Don: Hello. Everything smells so good.
Legacy and Lyric: Good morning.
Don: Do you two always talk at the same time?
They looked at each other and giggled.
Legacy: Cool tattoos.
Don: I got them when I served in the military. Warrior markings.
He began to explain the meaning in each one.
Legacy: Papa doesn't have tattoos like that.
Don: Well as a Prince he isn't allowed to serve in the military like I did. But he does learn how to rule. And that is really important.
Legacy: I want to be in the military.
Roxanne: Legacy. You are heir to the throne and it is your duty to rule your land.
Legacy: Duty, duty.
Don: Cute kid.
Roxanne: He sounds like you.
After the children ate they went back upstairs to clean up for the day. It was silent after they were gone. Roxanne continued eating her breakfast. She kept her eyes on her plate, stabbing each piece on it.
Don: Roxanne.
Roxanne: Look at the time. I need to get ready as well.
She walked away so quickly she did not put her plate away.
Moments later Vance walked in the kitchen.
Vance: Ah! Breakfast.
He picked up Roxanne's plate and began eating it.
Vance: So what do you plan to do today?
Don: Not sure. I haven't been in Pusotu in so long. I might go visit Uncle.
Vance: Great. I have business to take care of but I shouldn't be gone long. We can take the cars and drive around.
After breakfast, Roxanne took a long jog. Her mind was filled with so many thoughts she hadn't realized how long she was running. With Don in the house it was the only time she could be alone. But jogging did little to get her mind away. She was still upset. After visiting his Uncle, Don returned to the Pago home. He went to the back. He remembered running around the land when he was a young boy. Vicente would bring him to Pusotu when visiting his brother and he would play with all his cousins in the back of the mansion. Vance hated Pusotu's weather and so he never came along. The island had changed since he was a young boy. He missed that time. Roxanne stood silently watching him from the back patio. She was trying to get the urge to say something. To at least give him a better welcome than the day before. Just as she was about to speak, his cellphone went off. She went back inside the house. After a few days, Don began teaching the children. At first he would separate them, and give each personal lessons. Then he had them play together.
Don: Being twins, you are some times in sync with each other. So your music can be as well.
He sat listening to them. He could hear when one note was off from another. They were not the greatest players but as children they were exceptional for their age.
Their practices were shorter with Don than their other teachers. Afterwards the three played in their recreation room.
Don: So how do I play again?
Legacy went on to describe the game.
Don: this one!
He was excited by his pick.
Don: Slow and steady wins the race.
Legacy took a quick look and yanked the block from the tower.
Don: Show off
Everyone laughed.
Don: So I will teach you how to play and you will teach me how to be a kid again. Deal?
Legacy and Lyric: Deal.
Don: Excellent Lyric. You are so good at this.
Lyric: Really.
Don: I wouldn't lie. You sound beautiful.
The kinds words from Don made her want to play more and better. She closed her eyes and imagined the sound just as he told her.
As Lyric continued to play, he sat at the piano and joined her. The more he played the more she mimicked him, making inflections in her melody to match his.
Don: Exactly Lyric.
She smiled with each compliment.
Roxanne could hear them from her room. The music was singing to her, asking her to come closer. She walked to the piano watching Don play. His eyes were closed but he never missed a note. She touched the side of the piano and felt the vibrations of the beat. She closed her eyes as well. When the music stopped she opened her eyes and he was staring at her.
Don: You like it?
Roxanne: It's nice.
Don: I was my latest one. It's for you
Roxanne: What?
Don:The song is called "It's for you".
She inhaled hard and turned to Lyric.
Roxanne: Very well done Lyric.
She quickly left the two of them to their lessons.
It was very rare that the house was empty. The kids joined their father on a visit to see Daisy. The help was busy getting the rest of the house prepared. She decided now was the time to confront Don. By now it had been over a week and she barely spoke a few words to him when they were alone.
She stood outside the door. She brought her hand to the door and quickly withdrew it back. After a few more seconds, she knocked on the door but no one answered. She knocked harder and this time the door opened slightly.
Roxanne: Hello? Don? It's me Rox...Roxanne. I wanted to talk to you. Don?
She walked further in the room. The room had been cleaned by the maid. She looked around but there was no sign of him. She began to walk away but a photo album on the bed caught her attention.
She couldn't help it. She opened it and went through the pages of pictures.
There were plenty of photos of Dontrez as a little boy. There were also newspaper clippings of him and the royal family. As she got towards the back book, she stopped at one of the pages. They were all of her. Just as she was about to close the book, she saw more news clippings. She looked over the sheets. Some of them were the announcements of her wedding and the last page was an article on the children's first birthday. The door shut and she sprang up from the bed dropping the book to the floor. Some of the pages fell out across the floor.
Roxanne: .I was looking for you.
Don: Well, you found me.
Roxanne: I didn't mean to....I mean I didn't....
Don knelt down to help her pick up the book and the pages.
Roxanne: Sorry. I don't know what I was doing.
He stepped between her the door.
Don: What did you come for?
Roxanne: What?
Don: You obviously came to tell me something what?
Roxanne: I....I wanted to....say thank you for your help with the children. They are playing better in the last days than they have been a year with their old teacher.
Don: You're welcome. You have raised two wonderful kids.
Roxanne: Thank you.
Don: Is there anything else?
Roxanne: No.
Don: Are you sure?
Roxanne wanted to say something. She wanted to know why he was here after all this time. Why he never called and why he never said anything to her in years. She was hurting and didn't like the feeling. He was getting to her and she didn't expect to still have feelings after 9 years. Instead she just stood there looking at him. Looking at his beautiful eyes that could melt wax with a quick glance. There was a small glisten of water that ran from this chest to the towel that was wrapped around his waist.
Don: Are you sure?
Roxanne: Yes.
As she walked out the room she hoped that he would not call her name. No matter how long it has been since she last saw him, she was always putty in his hands. She fumbled at the door handle trying to get her fingers to stop trembling. Once she was out of the room she took a deep breath and retreated to her room again.
The following week, Don held several small parties to have the children play in front of an audience. He felt the more experience they had playing in front of strangers the better. It was also good exposure to have more people talk about how well they played. He convince Vance to not invite the press but instead make it more intimate with family and close friends. After the week long of performing in front of their parents' and guests Don decided to treat them to a night under the stars.
Don: You mean you have never done this before?
Lyric: Nope.
Don: Your father and I used to always camp outside in the back of the palace. Your grandfather helped make our tent and everything.
Legacy: What was he like? Grandpa Vicente.
Don was shocked. He went on to talk about his Uncle Vicente and the children hung on to every word. He was surprised about how much they did not know about him.
Legacy: Wow!
Don: Yep. He was great.
As Don and Legacy bit into their marshmallow, the hot food burned their mouths. They began waving their hands in front of their mouth to cool off. Lyric burst in laughter watching them.
Roxanne: So here you all are?
Lyric: Look mommy. I'm making marshmallows with a real fire.
Roxanne: I see.
Legacy: come sit down with us.
Lyric: Yes.
Roxanne: Well, I'm waiting on your father. We're going to dinner.
Lyric: Please. Just for a little while.
Don scooted over to make room for Roxanne. She hesitated but eventually caved in to spend time with her children.
Roxanne: This reminds me of the camp outs at the palace.
Legacy: Don told us. Can we have more of them?
Roxanne: I guess. Let's ask Papa when he comes home.
Don continued with the traditions from when he was little and shared ghost stories with the twins. He told the children of the great warriors that helped save the land when it was under attack.
Don: And that's why it is our duty to make sure we protect our land and family from those that want to bring harm to us.
Legacy: And that's why I'm going to join the military.
Roxanne gave Legacy a firm look.
Roxanne continued to play with Don and the kids through the night. She hadn't realized how late it was getting until Legacy began to yawn. She looked at her watch and realized that nearly two hours had gone by.
Don: What time were you leaving?
Roxanne: 7. I guess he's running late.
A little while longer, Annita came outside.
Annita: Madam. Sir called. He is going to be really late tonight and will need to cancel your dinner with him.
Roxanne, disappointed, tried to hold back her emotions in front of the children. Instead she smiled and nodded to her assistant.
Roxanne: Did he say how long or when he would be home?
Annita: I believe he planned to stay late and would be home in the morning.
Roxanne: The morning.
Annita: Will you need anything madam?
Roxanne: No. That is all. Thank you.
Annita: Very well. I'll be inside if you need me.
Don: Are you okay?
Roxanne: I'm fine.
Don: I know you Rox. What's wrong?
Roxanne looked in the direction of the kids.
Roxanne: I'm okay.
Don stared at Roxanne.
Roxanne: What?
Don (whispered): I take it this is not the first time he's cancelled on you.
Roxanne (whispered): It's none of your business but no this is not the first time.
Roxanne was getting more upset. It was one thing for him to miss their dinner date but now it was in front of Don. She was mostly embarrassed.
Roxanne: It's getting late for me. I'm feeling a bit tired.
As it was getting late, they laid on the grass and looked out on the stars.
Lyric: They say the stars are great kings from the past.
Legacy: That's Lion King.
Lyric: So, they still say it. What do you think Don?
Don was not paying attention. He was busy thinking about Roxanne. Was coming back the right thing to do. He knew tried to convince himself that his feelings stopped the moment he left Manu.
By the next morning Roxanne stood at the dock. She waited for Vance to return. She stared into her reflection. What happened to her over the years? 15 years and she was just as lost in her emotions as their wedding day. He stood watching her for a moment.
Roxanne: How long have you been standing there?
Don: My cologne?
Roxanne: Your cologne.
Don: So, do you want to talk now?
Roxanne: I said I was fine Don.
Don: I know what you said. But how do you feel?
Roxanne looked down shaking her head.
Roxanne: It's nothing. This is not anything new. So he stayed late. He comes home. He always does. And I wait for always.
Don: I don't like seeing you like this Rox.
Roxanne: Then don't Don.
Don: Don't do that?
Roxanne: Do what?
Don: Treat me like I'm one of your assistants and when you get upset you dismiss me. We were friends once. And I don't like seeing you upset. Let me take you somewhere.
Roxanne: No. My schedule is booked tomorrow and I don't know if it would be a good idea.
Don: Of course it will. Trust me.
Roxanne: I'll have to see. Maybe I have a small opening.
Don took her hand. It was the first time they touched since in years. The feeling was warm. It was familiar. He gave a small reassuring smile. She tried not to give in but could not help but to laugh.
Roxanne: Stop doing that to me.
Don: I just want to show you something. It's my favorite spot on the island. Tomorrow?
She knew she should not give in. That once she said yes, there would be no turning back. She was a faithful wife and mother and future queen of Manuiu. But Don was no ordinary person. No matter how she felt she was always drawn to his ways.
Roxanne: We'll see.

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#1Bo0GeRBELLJan 24, 2016

Awesome episode! I'm waiting for Don to realize/confess that he's talking to HIS twins, not his cousins!

I'm sure Vance has other children on the island he can turn into the next heir to the throne.

#2simmer1203Mar 16, 2017

pleaseeeeeeee finish this

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