Someone like you IV
Published Apr 1, 2016

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Shane: Nobuo, I think you're ready. I have trained you well. Now all you have to do is take another big jump and ask someone out. Find the right setting that you like that way you know you have something in common. Library, coffee shop.
Nobuo: The asking part will be easy but what about the date. What if she wants to kiss and...
Shane: And......
Nobuo: I'm not good at it.
Shane: Of course you will be good at it.
Nobuo: I have never kissed anyone before.
Shane: Anyone?
Nobuo: Unless you count my mother on the cheek.
Shane sat thinking for a minute. She closed her eyes and leaned closer to him.
Nobuo: What?
Shane: Kiss me.
Nobuo: What!?
Shane: Kiss me. I can't have you out there dating and don't know how to kiss. So kiss me.
Nobuo: But.
Shane: Don't worry I will be gentle
Nobuo: Out here in the open.
Shane: It's now or never Nobuo. First you have to look for the signs that she is ready. She will most likely lean in a little closer to you. She may stare into your eyes a little longer. Maybe even look from your lips to your eyes to give you the nod that it is okay to do it. And then you meet her half way. The greatest kisses leave no room for calculation, no room for logic. Be gentle but strong.
She closed her eyes again and tilted her head closer to him.
His chest raised as he took in a deep breath. He inched a little closer, but adjusted himself, and placed his hand on her back.
He took one last moment to assure himself that he could do it. Despite the cool night her lips were warm and smooth. He kissed her top lip and closed his in between hers. The feeling was unreal.
Nobuo's touch surprised her. Soon she was more involved than him. He brought her closer as they explored each others mouths. The kissed lasted far longer than any kiss she had. Nobuo: How did I do?
Shane: huh?
Nobuo: How did I do?
Shane opened her eyes.
Shane: Fine. You were fine. For a first time kisser.
Nobuo: Do you think I need to change anything.
Shane: uh, No. It was good. I think I might need some air.
Nobuo: But we are already outside.
Shane: Then let's go for a walk again.
Nobuo: Okay.
Shane needed to catch her breath. She touched her hot head and fanned herself.
Nobuo sat at the table on the coffee shop patio. He couldn't decide what he wanted to drink or do. He was excited and anxious. The kiss between him and Shane the night before gave him an entirely knew wave of confidence. He was going to ask Shane out on a real date this time. He tapped his hands on the table trying to figure out how to talk to her.
Nobuo: Just jump.
He changed his mind about the coffee and left a small tip instead. While walking to the end of the patio he spotted Shane standing near the docks. Only she was not alone. He could tell that she was with Chad. They were in a beautiful embrace, her arms wrapped around his neck, their foreheads resting on each other. His heart sunk into his stomach. What was he thinking. She would never want to be with him, she was still stuck on Chad. He tried not to stare long, and wanted to disappear. He walked with his head heavy, dragging his feet. He thought about how foolish he was to think that she would want more than to just be his friend. She had been so nice to him and he took it more than just a platonic relationship. She's happy with Chad, so he needs to move on. "Hey, watch where you're going!"
The voice seemed to come out of nowhere. He wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone spilling their drink on the floor
Nobuo: Sorry. I'm sorry.
Voice: Well you should be.
Nobuo: I'll buy you another-
Nobuo: You!
Peaches: Who?
Nobuo: I mean. I met you before.
Peaches: I don't remember you.
Nobuo: I looked a little different. A little scruffier. You were at the night club downtown. I tried to talk to you but I was a little nervous.
Peaches: Well I would definitely remember someone like you. But sorry.
Nobuo: I'm sorry about the drink. Let me buy you another one.....
Peaches: Peaches.
Nobuo: Peaches.
Peaches: It's a nickname. Patagonia is my real name.
Nobuo: Like the flower. And you look just as lovely.
Peaches began to laugh.
Peaches: You're cute. I was going to just enjoy my tea alone. Would you care to join me?
Nobuo: Only if you forgive me for wasting your first one and let me buy you a new one.
Peaches: Agreed. I'll wait for you over there.
Nobuo walked to the counter to order is drinks. He looked back over at Peaches sitting at the far table adjusting herself in her phone. She wasn't Shane but he hoped Peaches was his sign to get over her.
Shane knocked on Nobuo's apartment door. Days had passed since they last talked. She was busy at work and assumed he was engulfed in his book. Nobuo: Shane.
Shane: Hey.
Without being asked she walked in to the apartment.
Shane: I haven't seen you. I started to get worried.
Nobuo: Oh. I've just been busy.
Shane: Well I have some great news.
She unfolded the paper she was holding and handed it to Nobuo.
Shane: You're looking at a SimU student!
Nobuo: Shane! This is great.
Shane: I owe it all to you. I wanted to tell you first.
Nobuo: But how? Me?
Shane: You inspired me to stop talking about it and do something. I keep telling you to take the leap yet I refused to jump myself. So I applied and got accepted.
Nobuo: This is great news.
Shane: We have to celebrate. Dinner on me.
Voice: A-hem.
Peaches: Hi.
Nobuo: Shane this is Peaches. Peaches this is my neighbor Shane.
Shane (to herself): Neighbor?
Peaches: Well you don't look like you're here to borrow sugar.
Nobuo: She just got accepted to SimU.
Peaches: Oh. That nice.
Nobuo: Peaches and I met at the coffee shop.
Peaches: He's so cute. He literally knocked me off my feet.
Shane: Oh. That's great.
Nobuo: We were on our way out but with your good news.
Shane: Oh...Oh no! No worries. I'm so sorry. I was so excited.
Nobuo: Are you sure? This is great news for you, we should celebrate.
Shane: We can do it some other time. You two have fun. I don't want to spoil your plans.
Peaches: Yes. well we did have plans.
Shane: Right. And it would be rude of me to intrude.
Nobuo: Shane....
She realized her voice was cracking as she spoke.
Shane: I'm fine. There is just so much going on. You have fun. I have something to do. Something burning in my kitchen I think.
Nobuo: Burning?
Shane: I have to go. See you later.
Dia: So you didn't tell him?
Shane: No. I couldn't.
Dia: Why didn't you just tell him that you broke up with Chad and you wanted to be with him?
Shane: Because his date was there. Peaches.
The sound of her name left a bad taste in Shane's mouth.
Dia: Peaches?
Shane: What should I have done?
Dia: You should have dragged her out by her peachy face, closed the door and pour your heart out to Nobuo. That's what you want to do in the first place.
Shane: It's not that easy. I taught him how to ask someone out. And now I want to take back everything I did so he can just be with me.
Dia: You made him into the perfect man for someone else.
Dia: So what are you going to do now?
Shane: There is nothing I can do. I was too late.
Dia: You got it bad girl. Good luck.
Shane waited in the corner of the Perk coffee shop. It had been a while since Nobuo and Shane spent time together. With her beginning classes and he in his new relationship, they were not able to find good time to just sit and talk as they have before.
She sat sipping her drink. She was a little earlier than usual but was anxious to see him in so long. She heard his voice and looked in his direction.
Peaches: OMG. I can't believe you're a writer. What kind?
Nobuo: I don't know what genre it is right now. I'm just writing it.
Peaches: I'm not much of a reader. I prefer the real thing.
Nobuo: Maybe you can read mine if you like. You have lots of books at your place.
Peaches: I'll think about it. I'm more of a movie watcher than a book reader. But they make great decorations in my apartment. Makes me look smart. I buy them from the thrift store.
Nobuo: Oh.
Nobuo: So it's been a month. You like movies, eating out, dancing, and extreme sports. Right?
Peaches: You are good.
Nobuo: Is there anything else I need to know. What about your family? You don't really talk about them.
Peaches: That's too personal. We should just stick to knowing each other.
Nobuo: Okay.
It was silent for a while as they listened to the music.
Shane pushed herself against the back of the chair. She hoped they wouldn't see her sitting there. It was embarrassing. Not only did he forget about her but he was on a date with Peaches. She tried not to move and bring attention to herself. Peaches: So how many people have you been with?
Nobuo: Like what?
Peaches: You know.
Nobuo: none.
Peaches: Really. Well I think we should change that.
Shane scoffed at Peaches immature way of flirting.
Shane: How easy can you be?
A few more moments of conversation passed and soon they left the coffee shop, leaving Shane to by herself again.
Kait: I still can't believe our Nobuo is out on a date.
Jack: Well he is a grown man.
Kait: I know what he is. It's just that I rarely see him now. And I've never met this Peaches girl of his. What mother would name her child Peaches?
Jack: I doubt that is her real name.
Jack: Earth to Shane. Are you there?
Shane: huh? Yea. I just was concentrating on my cards. Gin!
Jack: That would be great if we were playing Gin, but we are not.
Shane: Oh. That's right.
Jack: Is everything alright? You seem somewhere else.
Shane: No nothing.
Kait: I know that look. Looks like you're upset at someone. And if I'm right I would say it was Nobuo
Shane: How did you-
Kait: Call it women's intuition. Or that I have a really good ear and heard you talking on your phone.
Jack: Kait!
Kait: I can't help myself. I have really good ears.
Shane: He missed our date.
Kait: Date?
Shane: We were supposed to go out for coffee but I guess he forgot. No big deal.
Kait: Are you sure honey? It looks like you may be a little more than what you are saying.
Shane: I'm fine. Really. It's nothing. He's dating and I'm happy for him. That's what's important.
Kait: Mm hmm
Nobuo: Sorry I'm late.
Jack: Speak of the devil. It's been a long time No.
Nobuo: Yeah. I went for coffee and a movies with Peaches.
Kait: Oh where?
Nobu: Just the shop down the street.
Kait began redealing the cards to everyone.
Kait: So when are we going to meet her. Apple...
Nobuo: Peaches. I don't know. She doesn't like home cooked meals. She likes to get out and have a lot of found. Movies, dancing, extreme sports.
Kait: But you don't really do any of that.
Nobuo: I know. But there is always time to learn. Try something knew. I have to step out of my comfort zone. I owe it all to Shane. I would never have taken the leap without her encouraging me. Right Shane?
Shane: I guess.
Nobuo: Anyway, Peaches is really pretty. She going to college so her parents pay for everything. She's helping get in tune with a side of myself i never knew existed.
Shane: It's getting late. I hope you don't mind if I call it a night. I have to get ready for class in the morning.
Nobuo began to speak but Shane was already out of her chair and walking to her apartment. She didn't look at him as she passed. Her look was cold.
Nobuo whispered to Kait: Did I say something wrong.
Kait: Tell me Nobuo, did you have something else to do today. Someone to meet. For.....let's say coffee.
It took a moment but Nobuo slowly realized his mistake.
Nobuo: Oh no. I forgot about our date. Did she say anything?
Jack: No. But she didn't have to. You stood her up my boy.
Nobuo: I should go say something.
Kait: Well not now. You need to let her blow off some steam first.
Nobuo: No. I know Shane.
Kait: And I know women that are angry. Believe me, it is better to let her breath first. Otherwise she will say something she can later regret.
Nobuo sat back down and continued to play. Only he kept thinking about Shane and how upset she must be at him.
Shane was washing dishes when there was a knock on the door. She tried to see through the window but the image was hidden between the bushes.
Shane: Just a minute.
The front door opened instead of waiting for her to answer.
Shane: You couldn't wait.
Nobuo: Sorry. I saw it was unlocked.
Shane: What is it Nobu?
Nobuo: I wanted to say I'm sorry.
Shane: For?
Nobuo: I forgot our date the other day.
Shane: No problem. It wasn't a date.
Nobuo: Oh. But I promised we'd hang out and forgot.
Shane: It's nothing. Things happen. People forget.
Nobuo: You are taking this well.
Shane: Well, it's in the past. Is that it?
He looked at her once more. She her arms crossed and her words were short. Ms. Kait had warned him last night about the signs.
Nobuo: No. Come on?
Shane: What? Where are we going?
Nobuo: You'll see. You'll like it.
Nobuo: Okay. Smile big.
When Shane put on a fake smile, Nobuo grabbed her side and gave her waist a soft pinch. Shane let out a big laugh.
Shane: Okay, okay!
Shane: Why are we here again?
Nobuo: Like I said, I felt bad about standing you up.
Shane: You didn't stand me up. I almost forgot myself. It's not like I was sitting around waiting for you.
Nobuo: Well I should not have done that. You've been a good person to me and it's not like me.
Nobuo made Shane do several other poses for the camera.
Shane: And what is this for?
Nobuo: Do I need a reason?
They walked to the dock. He pointed out the Pekin ducks swimming in the water.
Nobuo: They come here to mate and have babies. This is the only place in town where you can find them.
Shane: They are pretty.
Nobuo: I come and visit them. It's amazing that in only a few moments they find their mate for life and that's it.
Shane: How do they now?
Nobuo: How does anyone know?
Nobuo stood and snapped a few more pictures. He looked over to her. There was a joy in her eyes he never noticed. He turned his attention to her and began taking more pictures.
Shane: No!
Nobuo: You look wonderful. This light is great for you.
Shane: You should be taking picture of Peaches.
Nobuo: She's more of the selfie girl. She has thousands of pictures of herself on her Instachat.
Shane: How do you feel about her?
Nobuo:'s been an interesting month. She's everything I'm not. She loves going out and doing the extreme of everything. I think she can bring me out a little more than I'm used to.
Shane: I'm happy for you.
Nobuo: Thanks.
Shane sat on the bench going over her material for classes.
Nobuo: What is this I see? Are you studying?
Shane: Shut up. I have an exam in a few days and I'm trying to get a head start. What's with the get up.
Nobuo: It's the night of the meteor showers. It only happens one is every 20 years. I'm going to Lake Springs to see it.
Shane: Why drive an hour just to look at the sky?
Nobuo: Because it is better out there. No lights to mess up the view. I have know the perfect spot too.
Shane: Well good luck.
Nobuo began to gather his things but sat back down.
Nobuo: Come with me.
Shane: Are you serious? Why not ask Peaches to go?
Nobuo: Nature and stars are not really her things. Plus she has bad allergies.
Shane: So I'm the leftover.
Nobuo: Come on. It's only for a night. You'll like it.
Shane: I've never camped before.
Nobuo: It's not camping. Just a sleepover outdoors.
Shane: it's camping.
With a little more convincing, Shane agreed to join Nobuo to Lake Springs.
Shane: I can't believe how beautiful it is out here.
Nobuo led her along the path, pass the lake. He was the perfect nature guide, pointing out little critters and plants.
Nobuo: So little known fact, I was a boy scout for 7 years of my life.
Shane: Seriously?
Nobuo: Scouts honor.
Nobuo: So how did you like your first meteor shower?
Shane: It was nice. Who knew this stuff isn't just for the geeks.
Nobuo: Funny.
Shane: Peaches sure missed out.
Nobuo: Yea. Well she's probably hanging out or clubbing. I like silence at times and she loves the big city.
Shane: Maybe you should try to compromise on what she likes to do with a little bit of what you like to do.
Shane: Instead of taking her out dancing, plan a nice night for the two of you at your apartment to dance.
Nobuo: Would be great if I could dance.
Shane: Everyone can at least slow dance?
Nobuo: Not me. I usually just move from side to side or flare my arms crazy when we go clubbing. She doesn't really notice.
Shane: I can teach you....if you want.
Nobuo walked to her.
Shane: Okay. So you want to make sure you are close but not on top of her. You have to embrace her, let her know you are interested in being next to her.
After listening to Shane's instructions he was able to get the first part dancing. She took her phone out of her pocket and began playing a slow melody.
He continued to sway to the music and once he felt more comfortable he began moving more in a circle.
Nobuo: How am I doing?
Shane: Good.
Nobuo: Can I hold you a little closer?
The music changed again. It was Shane's favorite song. She placed both her hands on his shoulder and rested her head against him. He followed her motions and settled his arms over her waist. He enjoyed how she felt in his embrace. The music stopped but they kept dancing a few moments later.
Nobuo: Thank you.
Shane: Anytime.
Neither of them moved. Nobuo still had one hand holding her waist.
Nobuo: Shane.
Their eyes connected. She looked down at his mouth that was now only a few inches from her own.
Shane: Have a good night.
Nobuo: Shane.
Shane: Thanks for the night under the stars. We'd better get some sleep.
Nobuo: Right. See you in the morning.

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#1FluffyHoodApr 20, 2016

That end made me mad XD

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