The Wicked Entice-CH 35
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Here's the next one! Let me know what you think!

XOXO Alessa


Here's the next one! Let me know what you think!

XOXO Alessa
"You're back?" James looks awfully guilty. This is how he decides to welcome me when he hasn't seen his son's face in weeks?
"You already delivered the other wolf?" He's asking me now as I sniff the air, and eye him sideways.
"What have you been up to, James? I know even you're not stupid enough to be making any more potions for any more spells."
"I wasn't, I'm not, I was-"
My laughter interrupts him, and before I can take a step towards him, he takes one back. "Relax, James. I was only going to tell you that I have no intention on going Christmas shopping. I've never been one much for the holidays. How much will you hate me if we only pretend to give each other gifts?"
"Whatever you want, Verin. It's fine."
"I'll get better at this, James, at being somewhat human. I promise. Theo will help of course, like he has a choice. He says 'hi' by the way, and that he can't wait for me to try your delicious eggnog. Such a sweet kid."
He nods, and excuses himself, while I groan at his back. "I'm only kidding, James! Theo doesn't say much these days!" There was no point in him crying his eyes out for the son that wouldn't even mutter a few thoughts anymore, and his crying was really starting to get on my nerves.

Are you still mad at me Theo? It's breaking my heart.
"All done wrapping gifts! Finally!" Lydia throws herself on the sofa. She was now again saying how even though she loved the job we had gotten only a few weeks ago to buy presents, she couldn't handle the staying up all night part. I had been running on a vampire schedule so the bartender job didn't bother me at all.
"That reminds me, I have to go in tonight so don't wait up," I tell her as I change the channel on the tv.
"You got it. Oh, and don't think I didn't see your little helper. He was doing all the presents."
"Well, who knew a vampire would be so good at gift wrapping?"
"That means you asked him, right?" She raises her brows up and down.
"Nope. I told you I'm taking this slow."
"You can't say that when you already slept with him, and when you tried to steal his soul."
I hit her in the face with a pillow.
"Ow! Alright, queen of darkness! I get it! I just think it would be really awesome if you'd invite him."
"You're not even going to be there anyway. You're going with your family, and then to Benny's right?"
"Yeah, but I was going to drop by anyway. Just ask him, Meena!" She throws me back the pillow.
"I guess you're right. Ezra being there would be pretty adorable," I agree, and she squeals.
"Ah! You totally love him!"
"I do not!"
"Yeah, you do! Just ask him already!"
"Fine! I'll ask Ezra to come join me and my family for Christmas," I say, freaking out like I had for the past few days about what a vampire would want as a gift.
"Yay! And maybe you don't love him yet, but you will," she says with certainty.
"You two ijits are hiding something from me, and I want to know what it is," Blythe says, and when Alec and I don't answer she adds, "Now!" I shrug, but Alec quickly comes up with the excuse that she was only going to ruin her Christmas surprise.
"You're lying," Blythe starts to scowl, but it falters before she full on grins. "So, what did you get me?"
"She's going to kill me," Alec says when Blythe has left to do whatever she does.
"Yup, and then she'll tell me to bury you," I nod.
"This is your fault, Shade!"
"What the hell?"
"If it wasn't for me trying my hardest to not tell her about your Meena demon problem, I wouldn't have forgotten to get her something!"
The mention of Meena no longer bothered me as much as it used to. I guess sleeping with a demon would do that to you. Still, I'd rather not have my stomach drop at the mention of her name.
"I can get her shoes, right? She wears them." Oh, poor kid.
"Yeah, she's been known to do that from time to time," I answer.
"Well, what did you get her then?" He didn't take too kindly to my sarcasm.
"You're not stealing my awesome gift idea."
"Dude! Trade me!"
"Trade you for what, you idiot? You haven't even bought her anything," I remind him.
"I'll buy it from you!"
"Double or nothing," I start to say, but the tv that had been on, suddenly turned off before switching back on again. That had been happening with all the electronics recently, but my sister and my buddy with his jaw dropped had never believed me.
"I told you I wasn't going crazy," I tell him.
"Maia?" He calls out, and I smack him in the head. "Ow!"
"How can you even joke about that?" I ask him, and he hits me back.
"I wasn't joking! What if it's really her? What if she's trying to get your attention or to tell you something?"
"I'm not going to believe Maia stayed behind because of me."
With that, the tv turns back off, and Alec wails like a ghost while wiggling his fingers in front of me.
"If that's really her, she's going to kill you for that," I scare him, and he apologizes loudly.
When I couldn't ignore her anymore, I motion for her to follow me to my room while I tell Lydia I was going to get ready for work. "What do you want now?" I ask Maia the not-so-friendly ghost, and she tells me to watch my mouth. "You're the one who keeps haunting me!" I remind her, and she rolls her eyes.
"Demon, you're one of the few in this city that can actually see me, and besides, I like bothering you."
"Awesome. What do you want?" I repeat.
She glares at me for a second before answering. "I've been turning on and off appliances at Shade's-"
"-I thought I told you to stay away from him!"
"And I thought I told you to stop telling me what to do!"
"Just tell me what the hell you want! You know Shade senses you, and you keep tormenting him. How do you think it makes him feel that he can't see you when he clearly knows you're there?"
"He doesn't want to admit that it's me!" She yells.
"Well, sorry, not sorry, but I'm not giving him whatever message you want him to get. You know how he feels about me."
"Yeah, he doesn't even like saying your name. You clearly disgust him," she smirks, and choosing to ignore her, I say, "I haven't talked to him, or seen him since-"
"-since you slept with him, and tried to suck out his soul, I know. I got that part, and for the past few weeks, you've been too busy trying to start a relationship with the vampire. I got that part too-"
"-then why are you still here?"
"I'm here because you're an idiot. You can't call on Abaddon!"
"I told you! If I don't, Shade is going to die!"
"So? He'll end up with me," she shrugs, and I scoff.
"Okay! Fine! I don't want him to die, but calling on Abaddon isn't something you should even be thinking of doing. You can't stop someone from dying! it's like The Mother said-"
"-you told her?" I yell.
"I haven't even gone to her! She's always hated me, and besides, that old bat can't even figure out what you are. What would she know about Abaddon? I'm just repeating what those in the spirit world are saying: Don't go looking for Death."
"I wouldn't even know where to start," I mutter. "Now will you leave me and Shade alone?"
"Now that he hates you and you're miserable? Maybe."
I scowl, and she smiles. "You know something, demon? I liked you better before you found out what you were. You have such an attitude problem now."
"And I liked you better before you died. You are even more annoying now." She still hadn't mentioned how it was that a hunter ended up drowning, and I had too much on my mind to figure out that mystery.
"See what I mean about your attitude? Honestly, I just wanted to make sure Shade kicked you to the curb before you could hurt him again. He deserves someone better than you. Someone that can actually love him, and won't accidently steal his soul. I wanted to make sure you were out of his life, and now that it seems like you have no plan on rekindling your love," she makes air quotes around the word love, "I can tell you what Verin has been up to."
"So, you haven't seen her at all?" Shade asks me as I tell my grandson to leave him alone.
"But I just want to know what he got me for Christmas!" Jace pouts.
"I'm not telling you, little dude," Shade says, and glances curiously at Zillah, who hadn't taken her eyes off of him. My granddaughter couldn't read his mind anymore either, so even without him knowing this, Shade didn't have to worry about her spilling his secrets. Whatever he had brought them, would be a surprise.
Finally, my grandchildren leave me alone with Shade, and I ask him why he was suddenly so curious about Maia. He answers that he thinks she's been haunting him.
"I'd tell you if I had seen her. Are you sure it's her? I'll take a look if you want," I offer, but he shakes his head.
"I know it's her."
"Then, she'd know to come to me if she had anything to tell you."
"I guess you're right," he sighs, and I ask him to tell me what's really wrong.
"You can't read my mind anymore, can you?"
I can only blink at him.
"Since when? Why hadn't you told me? How did this happen?" He asks me.
"-what does it mean that you can't see inside my head anymore? Can Zillah still see?"
I sadly shake my head. "No. We can't see your future anymore either."
"It's just gone?" He runs his hands through his hair as he always does when he's upset. I nod as Zilla lingers by the doorway. I urge her to leave us alone, and with a sorry look at Shade, she leaves.
"When did this happen? Why?" Shade asks, unaware that Zillah had come and gone.
"I don't know why, but it happened around the time that you started mentioning Meena."
"What? What does this have to do with her?"
"I don't know, son. I've been trying to figure it out, but nothing makes sense. Perhaps, when you fell in love with her, it triggered something-"
"-huh?" He was no longer listening. "You can't see hers either, right?"
"No, but it's different. Yours was once there..." I let my voice trail off. I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to tell him that his death would come soon. I had suspected it was due to him having been bit by two supernaturals, but that would've meant he was dying slowly, and his death was to be sudden.
I had seen it.
I saw it every time I looked into his face.
Death was coming for him.
Since she claimed she was too tired, and refused to say anything else, I left. I promised Jace I'd drop by for Christmas, and told The Mother I had more to ask her. How could she have kept so much from me? What the hell did it mean that my future was gone? Was I going to drop dead? Nah. She'd tell me that much, wouldn't she? So, what was so bad that she was making excuses to avoid the subject? I could always go to another seer, try to find another one, but if it was something truly bad, I'd rather hear if from her. Not that it could be something really horrible, right?
What did she even mean that she had been locked out of my head when I started falling for Meena? Meena didn't even know what she was back then. She couldn't have done anything. Well, maybe not knowingly. I shake my head. If she would've wanted to hurt me, she'd have done it by now. She was a demon, and if she didn't want to get her hands dirty, she could easily get someone to do it. She had a vampire who would gladly do as he was told.

With that thought, I step harder on the gas.
"Why must I repeat myself with you? If you're not going to tell me anything about who Verin is, then get the hell out. I'm busy," I tell Maia who was making herself right at home on my favorite chair. She scowls at my choice of clothes, and I start undressing in front of her just to get her to leave, but that only makes her comment on how I'm gaining weight. "Is that a little vampire baby growing inside of you? Wait. Technically he doesn't have blood in his system, so can he even-"
"-will you get out?!" I scream, and she laughs.
Lydia knocks on my door, and asks if I'm okay. I tell her I was only yelling at an annoying dead person that wanted to see me naked, and she leaves with an "eww."
"Oh you freakin wish," Maia says, as I put on my jacket.
"Well, that's what you're doing since you never said anything else about Verin."
"Fine. I'll tell you just because you could use the extra minutes picking out something else to wear. Why are you wearing that purple wig and lipstick again? Where do you really work, Meena?"
I ignore this, not wanting to explain my uniform. She points to another jacket as if I'm really going to let the ghost of my ex's ex give me a makeover.
"Whatever. Look like an idiot, then," she sighs. "Anyway, Verin is a demon that's actually doing his job of collecting souls." I freeze in the middle of fixing my wig, but she continues like it's nothing to talk about souls. "So far, he's only been collecting women, and not just human women. He likes to take his time, and make them fall in love with him before he hands them over. He's so cocky too. He likes taking his time to make them fall in love with him before he hands them over. He likes proving that he can make anyone do whatever he wants, and there's something about him liking challenges." She smiles at something she obviously didn't share, and I stare at her with my mouth hanging open. "Maia! How is it that you're just telling me all this?"
"I don't have to tell you anything. I just wanted you to know that there's a lot of different types of demons out there. Just because you don't know what you're doing, doesn't mean that they're all as clueless as you are."
"Why are you telling me this now? No. Who's Verin? Where can I find-"
"-look, I want you to know what demons are capable of. In the few months Verin has been inhabiting a body, he's already gotten two werewolves, a Night Child, and even a Light Child. There's also a witch named Ellie that he-"
"-a female witch? How is that possible?"
"Don't know, don't care. Apparently, this fascinated Verin though. Anyway, he tried getting a hunter too but after she died, for some reason she stayed behind. He's currently working on getting a mermaid's one. Like I said, this demon likes challenges. Imagine the ones that are lazy?"
I was horrified. I asked her to tell me where I could find this monster that took enjoyment and pride over doing something so horrible. Instead, she ignores me, and tells me that she was also telling me this so I could stay away from Shade.
"We're back to him again? Really?"
"Yes. If you give on to what you need to understand that you'll end up like Verin. He takes souls and delivers them to Abaddon."
"That's why you don't want me to go looking for him."
"Duh. I know you want to save Shade, but you can't. You can't call on Abaddon. I'm not telling you this because I want Shade to come over to the spirit world, and be with me forever blah blah blah. The last thing I want is for him to be hurt. I'm saying that if you call on Abaddon, He's going to take Shade. Who isn't going to take an interest in the hunter a demon so desperately wants to save?"
"So what am I supposed to do? Just let him die?"
"You're a demon. All you were ever meant to do was to deliver souls to Death, to Abaddon. Stop trying to save souls. Stop trying to be something you're never going to be."
Luckily, she didn't see me wince. She was gone before she had the pleasure of doing that.

I didn't miss that she never answered when I asked her where exactly, or who exactly, Verin was.
"All done with your shopping?" Olivia, my boss, asks me as I join her in front of the bar.
"Yours is already wrapped," I assure her and she laughs. "Of course if I was getting paid more, it'd be a better gift. Hint. Hint."
"I was just going to talk to you about that actually," she says, and I grin.
"You want me to stay forever, don't you?"
"Yeah. I know you were only looking for the holidays, like Lydia was, but you have no idea what a weight off my shoulders it's been having you around lately. You're good with the supernaturals."
She had been more relieved than surprised when she caught me threatening a Night Child that his donor didn't looks so willing, and that I knew for a fact the hunters wouldn't like to be disturbed for something that should've already been known was against the rules. The Night Child didn't belong to any clan, he had been passing through, and when he had flashed his fangs, I warned him my blood could easily kill him. He took off after that.
"So, what do you say? Stay? I don't want to hire some poor normal person and hope that they don't anger one of the supernaturals. Carrie can't be our bouncer every night."
Eavesdropping as always, Carrie the werewolf yells that I better stay. When we had met, she had said she admired that I stood up for myself. I admired how easily she could throw someone out the door despite her small frame. Both vaguely knew what I was, and while Olivia was a descendant of witches, they had both accepted me right away. Word was going around that I was just another outcast, like most supernaturals, and was just looking for somewhere to fit in. It didn't hurt that I was friends with wolves, and was somewhat dating a vampire that was like the adopted son to one of the oldest vampires in town. Speaking of, Maurice entered at that moment and Olivia did a double take as she usually did when he showed up. I knew exactly how she felt. It was always weird seeing a vampire outside before the sun completely set. It took so much training to even open your eyes before sundown, but Maurice was really freakin old. "Hey," I call out, and Olivia gasps at my casual greeting, but the Night Child simply tipped an invisible hat out to me. Still, Olivia looked over at Carrie for help, like she stood a chance. "I don't snap you in half only because Ezra has taken a liking to you," Maurice informs me as I wipe the counter down.
"You know you have too," I tease, and he smiles.
"Maybe a tiny bit, little girl. How's this place treating you? You know you can always work in one of my establishments."
"Thank you, but I'm good here. Olivia and Carrie are awesome. I'm even getting a raise!"
"Are you now?" He asks, but looks over at Olivia, who nods too quickly. "Good. I know you'll be happy with your new pay. Won't she?" Olivia hasn't stopped nodding, and now I've started feeling like I'm in good terms with the Vampire Mafia.
"How's Ezra's training going?" I ask him, mostly to take his gaze away from Olivia who was darting her eyes to me for help. She wasn't used to having the big guys in her little up and coming night club.
"Not well. He hasn't even been able to hear me shouting into his ear as he sleeps," he answers.
"Thanks for trying though. It means a lot to him, you know. That you care?"
"I was once where he was."
"A really, really long time ago," I tease again, and he gives a small smile.
"For your sake, you better hope to never break Ezra's heart. I don't like you too much to keep you alive."
My eyes widen at his threat, and he chuckles. "I'm only teasing, little girl. You've gotten under my skin as well." At that, I laugh too.
The sun had just set by the time I saw the city limits. Not wanting to go home and deal with the possibility that Maia could be haunting me, deal with Blythe demanding that I tell her what Alec bought her, and Alec begging me to help him with his Christmas shopping, I stop by a club that was just opening. No chance of there being supernaturals this early. I just wanted one night of normalcy. To lose myself in loud music, down a few drinks, and not have to think about anything.
I down the first drink, and the bartender asks if I want another. I rub my eyes and say, "yeah".
"Bad day?"
"Bad couple of weeks."
"You want to talk about it?"
"No," I grab my glass and walk away. It was a jerk move, but I just wanted to be left alone. Was that too much to ask?
Apparently It was. Some girl sat besides me, and asked what was wrong.
"You look like you need some company," she smiles. She was cute. She had big brown eyes, and her hair was a similar shade of red that Meena's was when he had first been together. I stayed looking at her too long, and she blushed. "I guess I'll leave you alone then."
"Wait, I'm sorry," I walk after her. "That was rude."
"It's alright. You seem like you're having a pretty bad night. I'm Hazel by the way," she extends her hand, and I take it.
"I'm Shade," I say, bracing for her to say my name. I knew I couldn't get one night off.
"Sorry, what? I kinda blanked out."
"I was just saying that you have a nice name."
"You don't have to flatter me you know," she smiles, eyeing me up and down.
I smirk, and without a second thought, I ask, "So, your place or mine?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ezra waved to Carrie, who claimed she had never had a vampire distaste, before he throws me his unnaturally sweet smile. I call him over as I serve a couple their drinks, and tell Olivia that I'm taking my break. She looks over at Ezra and back at me with a knowing wink. It was strange how everyone seemed to approve of my dating him.
"Maurice said you were being snarky with him today," he tells me as he greets me with his usual hug. Yeah, we were taking everything extremely slow.
"I'm just trying to help him with his sense of humor," I pout, and he places his hands on either side of my face, literally rubbing my frown away with this thumbs. I grin up at him, and decide it was now of a good time as any to ask him about Christmas.
"So, your parents, and your little brother?" He asks, and I bite the inside of my cheek nervously.
"It's stupid, I know. I told Lydia that you would probably rather do anything else than spend Christmas with the parents of the girl you're not even officially dating-"
"-not dating huh?" He smiles. "I was waiting for you to say something. Did you want me to ask your parents for permission first?"
"What? Definitely not!"
"Okay, I'll do that then. Next week, on Christmas, I'll ask your parents permission to date you."
"Who even does that?"
"But Maurice will be so proud," he grins.
"Just cause he's not from this century doesn't mean you have to act that way too."
"I might not have done that when I was human, but I am what I am now. You're taking a vampire home to meet your parents. I'm going to have a lot of sucking up to do."
"Ha. Sucking up. Vampire pun," I grin, and he pulls me into him, flashing his fangs teasingly.
"Okay, sorry. You don't have to go you know," I say.
"Do you want me to be there?"
"I understand if you don't want to. I-"
"-Do you want me to be there or not?" He repeats.
"The chance to see you building a snowman, opening gifts, and dodging my father's glare? Hell yeah."
"Then I'll be there."
"Uh, who the heck is that?" Blythe asks, as I walk out of my bedroom.
"Hazel, I think."
She motions for me to continue.
"What more do you want?" I ask her, as I head into the bathroom to wash up.
"Details of course," Alec calls out from the living room where he was probably finishing up my cereal.
Later, after I kiss Hazel goodbye at the door, and dishonestly promise to call her, Alec claps and asks if I'm back.
"And what the hell do you mean by that, you pig?" Blythe asks him.
"Nothing babe. Guy talk."
"Player, you were a virgin until I decided to change that," she reminds him, and I high five her as she passes by me to their room. Alec mouths "liar" behind her back, and I laugh at him as I join him on the couch.
"It'll be bad for your health if you finished my Cocoa Puffs, and by that I mean I'm going to hit you."
"Whatever. Look at you. I'm doing you a favor."
"So, you're back to your normal self then?" He repeats as we play on the xbox.
"She's moving on. I'm just doing the same thing."
"Woah, what? I wasn't even asking about Meena. Wait, how do you know that she's seeing someone already? Have you been spying on her? That's pretty creepy."
"No. I told you that after I went over to her house-"
"-after you slept together, yeah-"
"-after I went over to her house, well that was that."
"So you got it out of your system. Slept with her again, and now you're good, right?"
"It wasn't like that. I didn't expect for it to happen, it just did, and afterwards, I freaked out. I just left her knowing doesn't matter anymore. She's with Ezra now, but it doesn't look that serious. Still, I'm doing what I need to do to move on too."
He gapes at me. I can feel it without having to take my eyes off of the screen.
"She's dating Ezra the Night Child?"
"Yeah. I guess I forgot to mention that."
"And he's still alive or whatever vampires do why?"
"I'm not going to kill him just because she's spending her time with him. I thought about it, but she's.... and like I said, it's not serious, and... I don't want to talk about this anymore."
"Alright," he says, and after a second of studying me, he turns back to the game.
I don't know why I was doing it. Actually, I knew exactly why. Just to see the red, puffy eyes on James, knowing that he was suffering out of his own doing. Theo had nothing to comment again, and even though he had been quiet since I turned Bree over to Abaddon, I knew he was there.
I had held on to him, instead of handing him over too.
Just because.
"Merry Christmas," I tell James who couldn't control his tears as I stood in front of the sad little tree that had always been Theo's responsibility to decorate. James runs out of the living room, and I call out that he's being rude. He didn't want me to be upset on Christmas, did he?
"Well, Merry Christmas to us, Theo," I laugh, even more so when only his silence answers me.
"Meena, what's wrong?" My dad asks during our Christmas dinner.
"Nothing. Why?" I answer as I stuff turkey in my mouth.
"You look a little strange."
"Wow. Thanks, dad. Ending the year right."
"You always look weird to me," Danny says, and my mom concentrates awfully hard on her plate.
"That's not what I meant," my dad smiles.
"I'm fine," I assure him, and in a smaller voice, "just expecting Ezra to show up."
At that, my dad drops his fork, and my brother starts laughing.
"You weren't joking about him?" My dad asks in disbelief, and my mom tells him to be a dear and get the pie out of the oven.
"You knew about this, didn't you?" He accuses her, and she winces.
"Yes, but you told them they could bring a guest. Danny chose not to, and Meena-"
"-I meant a girl friend, and especially not-"
"-switching teams now, big sis?" Danny winks, and I immaturely show him the half masticated food in my mouth. He does the same, and my mom scolds us both.
"I thought you had told him," I say once my dad storms into the kitchen.
"No, young lady. That's your job," my mom says.
"Yeah, young lady," Danny was still laughing, and I tell him to shut up.
"This isn't going to go well." I sigh, and my mom nods.
"Oooh mystery guest," Danny comments.
"Will you please stop being your annoying self when Ezra comes?" I ask him, and my dad comes back in asking how it was that I had been serious about him coming over. Luckily, I was saved by the doorbell, and almost trip on the rug during my escape.
Okay, so I already knew that Ezra was gorgeous and that it had nothing to do with him being a vampire. By now I had met many who weren't easy on the eyes. When it came to Ezra, as lame as this was going to sound, he really looked like Christmas morning. It completely took my breath away as I opened the front door, and found him standing there with a perfect smile on his face. His pale skin, dark hair, and piercing eyes were heart-stopping, especially with the snow falling gently around him. Or maybe it was just because I spent so much time reading paranormal romance stories, and having a handsome vampire that didn't want to kill me, show up at my house with presents on Christmas, made me want to squeal. I threw myself around him, heard my family approaching us, and as much as I dreaded what was to come, I invited Ezra inside. He apologizes for being late, and for the sun not wanting to set, and I make a mental note to try to remember that his schedule depended on the damn sun going away.
"I forgot about that," I admit, and he says that's it's fine, and that it takes some time to get used to the idea.
"I mean, you really thought I wouldn't show?" He sounds a little hurt, but I don't have time to answer as my family joins us. Danny was still munching on a turkey leg, my mom gave a small smile, and my dad's forehead vein almost burst.
"Hi loving father of mine," I say, "this is Ezra."
"I need a word with you," he says through clenched teeth, and I take a deep breath. My mom quickly goes to Ezra, shakes his hand, and blushes. I had obviously been reading her old romance books. Danny waves the turkey leg at him, and asks if he had a present for him too. I give Ezra a sympathy smile as my dad does all but drags me into the kitchen, as if that would make our conversation private.
"You want to start explaining this?" My dad struggles to whisper.
"Not really. No."
He widens his eyes and I groan. "Fine. Ezra wanted to ask you for your permission to date me."
"He wants to do what?"
"He's old school. Just kidding, but he really does want to ask you okay?"
"No! Not okay. He's a vampire! I thought you were joking about him."
"Dad, I know what he is, and since you know what he is, you might want to start texting me instead because he can hear everything you're saying."
I look over at Ezra who was helping my mom set the presents under the tree, and grin. That was absolutely adorable, and of course he catches me staring, and returns the smile. My dad had seen the exchange and sighs.
"Honey, let me you just ask you one question."
"Why do you insist on dating guys that can kill you?"
I hadn't been expecting that so I couldn't do much but shrug.
"The last one...and now, this one is a vampire? What are you doing? What are you trying to do?"
"I'm not even a vampire, and I could hear you," my mom joins us.
"Did you know she was serious when she had told us about her new vampire friend?" He asks her, and she answers that Ezra wasn't dating me yet.
"He wants to ask you for permission. Isn't that sweet?"
"No it's not, Evie. Am I the only one worried that he's going to kill her?"
"I'd never hurt her," Ezra is suddenly besides me. I had warned him to keep his movements somewhat humanish, and for good reason. My dad looked as if he was praying for a stake to magically appear in his hands.
Ezra apologizes, and reminds him that my blood could easily kill him, and that I was just as strong as he was. Which was nowhere near true. He also mentioned that he only drank from willing donors, and no more than he needed. My mom winced, my dad's eyes almost burst out of their sockets, and I cringed uncontrollably at how horrible this was going.
"I just want a chance to date your daughter. She's been the first one I've connected with since being turned into what I am. She's helped me accept what I've become, and I swear I would never hurt her."
"Why can't you bring home a normal guy?" My dad blurts out. My mom gasps, and Danny hops into the counter to enjoy the show with his meal.
"Look at me, dad," I tell him. "I'm not normal."
"You can say that again," Danny comments in between bites.
It was mostly during the holidays that I wondered about my mom, and my biological father. Where would I be celebrating Christmas at? With my mom? With my biological dad or Blythe's? Or would I still end up here at The Mother's house, surrounded by her family? Not to mention, The Mother's deceased grandmother that was lurking around somewhere, seen by almost everyone here except by the hunters.
The grownups drank some eggnog as Jace played a Christmas song on the piano that he had been practicing to play just for us. Strangely, Zillah was in my arms. She had refused to be put down or to be handed over to someone else. It was nerve wrecking holding her. Was she just trying to see into my head? Thinking that being in my arms would help her? Even her mother couldn't pry her off of me. Alec commented on how cute I looked with a baby and while Blythe laughed, The Mother sadly smiled. I wonder what my mom's reaction would've been like? Would she be scared I'd drop the little girl, or try to drop a not-so-subtle hint about how I never made her a grandma? If she had still been alive, had been here, maybe she'd be looking at me like the rest of the women were. I know for sure that I'd ask her to tell me where the spirit of the grandmother was at at the moment. It had always bothered me that I couldn't see them like she could, like The Mother's family, and like Meena.
Zillah looks up at me curiously and a little freaked out, and unsure of what to say to a toddler, I ask, "what's up?" She smiles, and places her tiny arms around me. I look to The Mother, who seemed more uncomfortable than I felt at Zillah's sudden affection to me.
I start to ask her if Maia was around, and she shakes her head as she starts clapping when Jace bows before jumping out of the piano stool. He asks me if I liked his song, so I couldn't ask The Mother about Maia again. I could've asked my mom if she had been here. Would I have even known Maia if my mom had still been alive? Would I have even been a hunter? Probably. Blythe and I had ran into a vampire when we had been kids, and we would've been in serious trouble if Alec and his dad hadn't been hunting for it already. My grandma had already known The Mother anyway, so we were probably bound to have ended up here. I look towards my sister, and my best friend together, and smile. She was no doubt trying to keep his mind off of the presents. He was worse than the kids, and far more impatient. She'd have a hard time if they'd ever decide to have kids of their own. I had warned them I wouldn't babysit, but that had been a lie. What other family would those kids have? The Mother's yeah, but no living relatives. No grandmothers or grandfathers. Maybe even no cousins if my future was really erased. I frown at that, and Zillah places a hand on my cheek. She laughs at the feel of the stubble there, and I wish that had been enough to shake my troubled thought away, but that wouldn't be until I talked to The Mother. I needed to know what she knew. How could my life just disappear? I especially needed to know what any of it had to do with Meena. That I had met her? Met a demon? And, what? It couldn't be because I was a hunter. That'd be stupid. We were meant to hunt all supernaturals, and besides, Blythe and Alec had met her too. Yeah, they didn't feel the way I feel about her, but that couldn't be it. It had to be more than just what I feel, felt, for her. Maybe it had to do with who my real father was. My mother had said he was surrounded by darkness, which to the detective in me, didn't sound so good. If he had been something supernatural, that would explain why I was so drawn to them. Would that also explain why getting bit by two of them hadn't affected me? Maybe if he had been some pretty big hot stuff. I roll my eyes. Whatever he had been, he wasn't here. He hadn't shown up to even try to meet me, so I was obviously not important enough. Well, he could just stay away. The same way I was going to stay away from Meena. I'm a hunter. She, a supernatural, but what if he had been one too? What was I really? "Shade?" The Mother seemed to have been calling me for a while now. Blythe and Alec shared the same worried look.
"Sorry. What?"
"If you could pass the presents now?"
"Oh, sure. Jace, wanna be my little elf?"
He laughs, rushes to the tree, and I struggle with Zillah, and the worried glances I was getting from everyone.
We had never been the type to wait until the morning for presents, and having already opened them, my mom suggested we get to our snowman competition as per tradition. I had purposely forgotten to mention that fun fact to Ezra for fear that he'd bolt out of there, but he had seemed too happy to start. Since it had always been boys against girls, he was stuck making one with my father and brother.
"I'd never thought I'd see that," my mom smiles, but I couldn't stop anxiously looking at them every few seconds.
"Can you please make dad stop looking as if he wants to stab him with the carrot?"
She laughs, and tells me not to worry so much. "He looks as if he's having fun. Ezra I mean."
"Right. He's gonna look at me any second now, and say that I'm so not worth all this."
"Yeah you are," Danny says, now behind us.
I had been about to accuse him of cheating by trying to take a peek at our masterpiece, but I hadn't been expecting him of all people to say something so sweet.
"Just cause the last guy was too stupid to see it, doesn't mean that Ezra is an idiot too," he says, heading back to the boys' snowman. He gave my dad a much needed drink, and I grin.
"Danny can be so cute sometimes," I tell my mom.
She was just agreeing when the Danny I knew threw a snowball at the back of Ezra's head. He could've easily dodged it , but Ezra waited for the hit and automatically threw a snowball that he had had prepared in his already cold hands. This started the yearly snowball fight between the boys and declaring ourselves the winners, my mom and I headed inside. Big mistake. She started asking how I was doing, and by that she meant she was worried again. "Meena, you're so eager to fall in love. Don't roll your eyes at me. I like Ezra. He's a vampire, but a surpringly sweet one. I'd have no problem with you dating him if he was human, but be careful. I don't want to see you get hurt again. What you went through after the hunter...I don't want to see you fall apart like that again."
"You don't have to worry about that, I promise. I'm taking things super slow this time. No more rushing into anything. Besides, I trust Ezra. He understands what it's like for me."
"Just make sure you understand the difference between love and lust."
"-It's of course normal in the early stages of a relationship, but it can't be just about that. As exciting and as fun as falling for someone is, the best part comes next. After you've been fully exposed, after knowing each other's worst secrets, after you've seen each other at your worst, and still stay despite knowing everything about that person. That's what it's about."
"You're such a mom."
"And you're such a brat," she says with a smile. "Honestly, love isn't something you usually just fall into. You have to work on it, build it. When I found out what your father was, I knew it was dangerous and that my future with him would be no where near what I'd always imagine it to be, but I was willing to stay with him no matter what. I accepted he was more than just what he was, and accepted his faults and quirks like he did with mine. We never made each other feel uncomfortable or ashamed or sorry for what we were like. It's about making you feel brave and secure and taking a leap of faith to trust someone who doesn't owe you anything. You understand?"
Oh, I understood, and it hurt. A lot. Shade never loved me. He had told me this, hadn't he? Why hadn't I accepted that before? When we had been forced to see what we really were, we couldn't do it. He had had more trouble accepting what I was than I did.
"I'm just so confused mom. How am I supposed to know if I'm in love when it happens?"
"Well, you won't be asking me will you?"
"So you see things in slow motion? That's pretty awesome," Danny tells Ezra as they come inside and shake the snow off. My dad looked like he could melt the giant pile of snow on the right side of his head just by seeing the way his family accepted Ezra. He heads straight to the fridge for a stronger drink, and my mom tells me she was going to set him up in front of his favorite show. He was being so stubborn, but I understood he was being a parent. My mom was actually the weird one for allowing her daughter to date a vampire so easily. I smile at her as she frowns at Danny testing Ezra's reflexes which consisted of him throwing things at the vampire's head. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Zillah had pretended to be surprised with every gift she had opened. Well, with everyone's but Shade's. She hugged the doll and book he had given her, and then hugged him as well. When he had asked what was with her, I told him that because Zillah couldn't seen into his head, it was quiet and peaceful in his arms. I didn't tell him the real reason, but I promised myself that I'd tell him soon. Just not today. It was his last Christmas with us, and I wanted him to be happy for as long as he could.
By the time I started yawning, my mom had already gone to bed, and my dad was still glaring at Ezra as he played with Danny on the new playstation. The vamp turned to me with a smile and asked if i was tired so that he would go home, and let me get some sleep. I tell him I wasn't planning on staying at my parents', and before my dad's nostrils could flare up, I kiss him goodbye, and thank him for the gifts. I ruffle Danny's hair, and he shakes me off as he complains to Ezra that they hadn't finished the game yet.
Ezra followed me home, into my room, and I once again apologize for the strange evening.
"I had fun, I told you," he says with his killer smile.
"Seriously. I told you that I didn't have any living family when I had been alive. It was nice feeling like I was part of yours, even if just for a while."
I grin, and stop myself from audibly disapproving about how his creator had chosen him because he had been family-less, and friend-less in a new city. It had just been convenient for her to ruin his life. To take it from him actually.
"So, it wasn't too strange then?"
"No. Your dad will just have to get used to having me around," he chuckles, and I throw my arms around him. I loved that he saw a future with me despite what I was, and what he was.
"You okay?" He asks, now with worry.
I stay just as I am, in his embrace, and bring his cold lips towards mine. His cool breath sends a shiver down my skin, and still, I melt when his eyes hold mine.
"I'm starting to think I will be," I murmur before our lips meet.

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#1JennC32Apr 25, 2015

I still want Shade and Meena together, but I'm thinking she and Ezra are a cute fit now too. I have a feeling I know where this is going...I'm probably wrong though. Great job girlie, this reminds me more of a tv drama than a literary story...I can't wait for the next episode!!! lol

#2jumpgirl_64Apr 25, 2015

Your wicked series is like seasons! Basically, The Wicked stories to me are like a TV show! Though I'm not a fan of Meena hooking up with Ezra, mainly because I want her with Shade. This gets even more interesting per chapter! Great work! \:rah\:

#3krystalchhakchuakApr 26, 2015

Great! I've been reading this story since forever! But...I was too shy to say how I feel about this story but now I finally have the guts anyways great story I hope you have a wonderful day! \:wub\: Kris

#4WintersmithVIPApr 26, 2015

Why do I get the feeling that this was just a little break before hell breaks loose? This chapter was almost... normal. Nothing major happened, just fun around christmas and I loved it. The screenshots of Shade and Zillah, aaawwww, so cute (and sad)! Do I like Ezra? Yeah, I do, but I still hope for a happy ending, if you know what I mean. And Alec! Forgetting a christmas gift for his girlfriend! (I'm wondering what he bought in the end.)It makes me laugh so hard to think what Blythe would do when she finds out.
I'm so looking forward for the next chapter!

#5loryram2Apr 29, 2015

I am loving Ezra so much....*sigh*

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