The Wicked Entice-CH 37
Published Jun 20, 2015

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I added Alec's POV, but only to the beginning of the chapter. I also just wanted to thank you guys for still reading. It means a lot to me! :) Oh, and sorry for the wait. My game just keeps crashing.

XOXO Alessa


I added Alec's POV, but only to the beginning of the chapter. I also just wanted to thank you guys for still reading. It means a lot to me! :) Oh, and sorry for the wait. My game just keeps crashing.

XOXO Alessa
"She was the, the.."
"The one?" I offer.
"Hmm. That's the word. The one." Shade burps and I start to regret my grand plan of dragging him out of bed, and practically dressing him so that he could drown Meena's face away. I had thought that maybe it'd do him some good. To have a few drinks, help him forget about her for an hour or two, but he had had way too much to drink, and it was just making things worse. He had been dragging his feet as he reluctantly got in the car, and not to mention how I had to literally pull him into the bar, but now I was going to have to wrestle the bottle away from him. Way to go, Alec.
"She was, wasn't she?" Shade asks, his voice breaking again. It hurt seeing my friend like this. He had always been the strong one. Before Blythe looked at me twice, many times I had been the one with a broken heart, and he had been the one to help me fix myself again. I was trying to help him the way he'd help me: drink a lot, curse the world, and sleep it off, but this wasn't helping him. All he was doing was drinking, and sobbing.
"Meena," he sighs.
He was doing it again. Saying her name, taking a sip, and wiping off a tear. How do I help him out of this?
I patiently listen to him as he repeats that he had been an idiot. He had apparently threatened to kill her. Yeah. That was bad. I suggest it was long past time to go home. I was seriously concerned that at any second he was going to run the streets screaming her name. He ignores me and says he needs to see her so that he could explain himself.
"I'm going to sneak into her house-"
"-uh no-" I interrupt.
"-wake her up-"
"-scare her-"
"-and then she'll see how sorry I am," he grins.
"That's not a good idea," I tell him, but he ignores me again.
"She'll take me back then, right? She'll see that I'm in love with her, and she'll leave the vampire, right?"
"Shade, keep it down with the Night Child stuff. Besides, you're drunk. Meena won't listen to you while you're like this."
He sighs her name again, and I curse myself silently. Shouldn't have mentioned her. He was now pulling out his phone, getting ready to declare his love for her. I try to take it away from him, but even in his drunken state, he had better reflexes.
"Ha you missed," he laughs. "Wait. Another phone? Alec! I have two phones!"
"You're just seeing double," I explain. "Give me the phone."
"Which one?"
"Dude! I told you there's only, nevermind. Give me both."
"No," he shakes his head too quickly, and momentarily loses his balance. I catch him, and stand him back upright. He thanks me, and kisses my cheek as he tells me how much he loves me.
"I'm taken. Besides, we gotta go."
"With Meena?"
"Yeah," I lie.
He grins, and announces to the other drunken idiots that he was going to win her back. The patrons who weren't falling off their chairs, raised their glasses at him, and cheered. Shade throws a fist in the air after their support and approval, and I shake my head. He turns to me with a serious face and motions for me to get closer. I wince. He usually did this only to burp loudly into my ear.
"What is it?" I ask.
"You should drive," he whispers.
"We came in a cab," I remind him.
"You'll tell him where we're going?"
"Where are we going?"
I smile. "We're going home, buddy."
"Ezra! It's me!" I yell at the hissing vampire. It had happened again. He had almost bit me twice in just this past hour. I call out to him again, but he still wasn't listening. He had that feral smile on his face again, slowly moving in closer as if I didn't know what he was planning on doing. I knew I had to stop him.
I bring the darkness forward.
I look at my potential attacker with my demon eyes, and my vision sharpened so that I could almost see the muscles rippling under his skin, the glistening whiteness of his fangs, and even the nearly invisible scar on his neck that had made him what he was now. I had had a certain talk with my parents. While he had been a demon, my father had been able to manipulate dreams. He was able to enter someone's dream, and do with them as he pleased. He had used this on my mother once, and taken her to the beach, her favorite place so that she could escape reality for a while. This had been a rather harmless power compared to what I could do. My parents had adviced me not to go looking for whatever powers the darkness brought, but I am a demon after all and stubborn as hell. I see the vampire ready to spring at me, and I grin. My father had been able to manipulate someone's subconscious mind while they slept, but I was able to do anything I wanted to someone while they were awake. This even worked on the supernaturals. Concentration was required, and while I didn't have much time at the moment, I had been practicing on Lydia, her boyfriend, and even on unsuspecting others. Harmless practice of course. Quack like a duck. Do the chicken dance. I would need to do more to stop my vampire. I look into his bloodthirsty eyes, and with a smile, give him a mental push. He froze mid run, and I saw the horror that dawned on his eyes before he collapsed onto the floor. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and his entire body frighteningly shook once. I rush to him, horrified that I might have pushed him too hard. I had only meant to sedate him, to induce sleep, not to kill him! I couldn't even check his pulse (vampire, remember?) and looking for a sign that he was breathing was just as useless. I screamed his name, shaking his shoulder for what felt like forever, which was probably just a few seconds, until he blinked rapidly and asked what had happened. I bring him into my arms, but I don't know why I didn't tell him the truth. I trusted him, didn't I? Yet, instead I heard myself ask him what he remembered. He recalled the hunger, and had been concentrating too much on the way my blood rushed in my veins, and he knew that he was about to attack me, when he suddenly felt incredibly tired, and passed out. I blame it on his hunger, though he had never heard of a hunger so great it makes a vampire pass out. I accept his apology, but suggest he leave. The darkness scared me, but it was empowering having control over someone that had been about to cause me harm. I was still trying to shake off the thrill of it as I lay in bed. I had only induced sleep, but I knew I could've done more than that. I could've made him do pretty much whatever I wanted. Technically I had stopped him from attacking me, but what if I had made him submit to me instead? Did I really have that much power over him? Over anyone? Everyone? I could've made him feed on himself. With that chilling thought, I decide to watch TV instead. I couldn't be alone with those thoughts. I refused to dwell on what I was really capable of. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"What an insufferable little woman," I mutter once Laima is finally out of sight. Theo found my annoyance amusing and I tell him I liked him better when he didn't say anything.
Like I care what you want.
"Ouch. When did you become so hostile?"
I guess that's what happens when a demon inhabits your body.
"Well, you'd be an expert in that department, wouldn't you?"
I forgot how funny you were.
"Did you forget Bree as well?" I ask, not missing a chance to poke fun at him. I feel him retreat to the back of our mind. He was just going to sulk again.
I'm just saving my breath until this master plan of yours blows up in your, well my, face.
"What are you talking about? My plan is perfect. I'm working with the biggest idiots I could've come across."
I think she feels the same about you.
"Laima? No. She trusts me. Well not exactly, but she trusts me not to say a word to Abaddon, and I trust her to do the same. Once she finishes up her end of the bargain, I'll get rid of her the way Abaddon plans to."
You think He'll just let the two of you get away with this? Especially when you plan on getting Meena before He does, and what will Laima do when she finds out what you're planning? That you're going to do to her, to Laima, exactly what you said that Abaddon plans on doing to her?
"She won't do anything because she can't do anything. It's the same reason I have these heart to heart moments with you. Who will you tell anyway? What can you do? Nothing."
He actually felt more sorry for her than for himself. Was he serious?
Get out of my head!
"I just don't understand you, Theo. You're so...good. It makes me nauseous."
Good. What the hell do you think sharing a body with something like you makes me feel like?
"I really don't care."
I can't wait until you get what's coming to you.
"Why do I have to repeat myself with you? I'm going to win, Theo. Laima will get rid of Abaddon for me, and get rid of Shade by the time I get rid of her."
You have it all figured out then. Quick question: When did you find out you were in love with Meena?
I actually stop mid step, not knowing whether to laugh at how absurd he was being or to cry because I was sharing a body with someone so stupid.
You are in love with her! Why else do you waste so much time on her?
"Oh, Theo. Haven't you been listening? Let me fill you in. Abaddon never loved Laima. He wanted a partner and she happened to be the most convenient at the time, but she grew to be a disappointment. She took too much pity on anyone with a sob story, especially if they started on about being in love. She forgives too easily. Look at Aiden and Evie. Abaddon only left them alone because of their child. Little Meena."
He was listening intently and I smile. Now he would see how my plan wouldn't fail.
Will you just get on with it?
"Only because you asked so nicely. So Abaddon saw the potential in Meena. In a demon raised in the human world. He'd influence her, make her see His way, and then He'd make her immortal. He wants her by His side."
Are you still talking about Abaddon or about you now?
"Don't you see? I never loved Meena. I never will. Just like Abaddon never and will never love Laima. It's a matter of power." He was thinking of how Laima was betraying Abaddon, and about how Meena would do the same to me.
That's now what I meant. Meena's not Laima. Besides, the one you should be worried about is your little spy.
"Well then, why don't we pay the vampire a visit?"
School was starting in a little more than a week, but I wasn't spending as much time with Ezra because I was afraid that I might have to do more than just mentally force him to sleep. He wasn't able to regain control over his hunger neither his human memories, and ever since he almost fed from me, and I had feared I'd kill him, I knew there was a pretty big chance that we'd have a repeat of that night. I didn't want to hurt him, but I sure as hell valued my own safety. So it took me by surprise to see him waiting for me after I had finished my shift at the club. We both knew we were dangerous to one another (though I still hadn't told him about the darkness) and had agreed to take it slow once again. Why had he suddenly changed his mind?
"Maurice convinced me it was better for us to speak in person. He scared Olivia into giving him the employee work schedule," he explains. I scoff and remind him we had agreed to distance ourselves for now.
"I know, but I'm well fed," he replies with a grin. When I don't answer, he says that he had missed me.
"I missed you too, but it's not like we don't talk every day. We just can't-"
"-Is that enough for you? Just to talk over the phone?"
"Why are you getting mad? I'm trying to explain why it's not a good-"
"-but I fed. More than enough. I promise you that I won't-"
"-you've said that before," I remind him.
"And I always mean it," he whispers. "I haven't seen you in so long. I missed you."
It didn't take much to give into those puppy dog eyes that had no business being on a vampire's face. "Okay. Somewhere public then," I sigh.
It didn't get more public than being in a club with both vampire and human eyes on us. The club we were in happened to be one of Maurice's tourist attractions, something he was experimenting with lately. The club was appropriately called Morte. It opened at midnight, and closed just before dawn. He had admitted to me that now was one of the greatest times to be a vampire. Human woman of all ages were obsessed with his species (thank you Twilight) and Maurice was taking advantage of this obsession. He had made a very stereotypical vampire club that kicked humans out to (very dramatically) shut it's doors just before sunrise. The tourists ate this place up, and vampires...well, as long as they didn't feed on the property, were more than welcome. Maurice didn't make himself responsible for what happened to the willing humans who desperately wanted to meet an Edward Cullen of their own. I hadn't been inside Morte before, and now as I sat in a victorian couch, I vowed never to come again. The place was dark, but in all the right places. There were some who were obviously humans pretending to be vampires only to get laid, and those were in more danger than the dumber ones who were looking for sparkly vampires. The real Night Children peered from the dark corners, and the humans got a thrill of seeing the glowing eyes suddenly appearing under strategically placed lights. Then, the "perpetually bored" and "anti-social" vampires would retreat into the shadows, and wait for there meal to approach. I couldn't be more uneasy by everything I observed and being below a huge screen flashing spooky music videos wasn't helping. I decided to wait for Ezra to stop speaking to the manager, and to grace me with his presence, before I expressed my distaste for it all. He said Maurice liked the things the way they were, and I rolled my eyes as we walked past the cemetery gates. Where else would a place called Morte be located near?
I hesitate. Did Ezra really just mention him? I turn to the annoyed vampire, uselessly hoping he couldn't hear my heart. "Why are you bringing him up?"
He shrugs, and we continue walking side by side, but not entirely in silence. He could hear my heart freaking out. He could definitely hear it.
"He was hunting," Ezra suddenly says. "He didn't see me but I saw him hunting down one of my own."
"I'm sure he had a reason to."
"Of course you're taking his side," he scoffs.
"I'm not. I just know him, and he wouldn't just-"
"-forget it. It's my fault. I shouldn't have brought him up."
"Why did you?"
"Because you're...never mind. I haven't seen you in days, nights, and I'd rather not talk about the hunter."
"-drop it."
I blink back. He had never used such a harsh tone with me before. It shouldn't be a surprise when he was losing control over everything else.
Instead of the snarky remark I had ready on my tongue, I continue walking, and on cue, he apologizes. "I don't want to argue with you," he pulls me into his embrace.
"Neither do I. Are you okay?"
"I'll get better. I promise."
"Okay," I reply uncertaintly.
"Just okay? Can I have a kiss at least?"
A smile forces itself on my face, and I nod. "Just one quick then. I don't want to tempt the uncontrollable vampire."
He chuckles, warning me that it wasn't wise to tease him when my throat was so close to his mouth, and before I can even look at him questioningly, he plants his cold lips on mine.
I had planned on getting out of town so that I wouldn't see her again, but that meant never seeing her again. No, I'm not okay. I'm not okay being without her. I had wanted to get her out of my mind, and to get back every moment I had with her because it was eating me up alive. I couldn't stop seeing her with the vampire. It's why they had been of much interest lately. I almost hoped they'd slip up so that I'd be left to deal with them, but so far, none had been the one I wanted my hands on. It was her vampire. How wrong did that sound? Not as bad as it felt, that's for sure. So, I was looking for him. Asking, without asking, about him. He was a newborn. He might make a slip. He might hurt her, and I'd hurt him before he did.
As I drive past them, I almost slam on the brakes. My hands actually wanted to turn the wheel and clip Ezra, but that would've hurt Meena because she was...I couldn't even think about what I had just seen. It made my heart ache so badly. It made me feel like I was dying. She was holding him. Kissing him. Smiling up at him, when even in my dreams, she had been crying every time she looked up at me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Too quick," Ezra complains as I lift my head to the car that had just sped by us. Had that been...
"Hey," Ezra snaps his fingers in front of my face. "Where did you go just now?"
"I thought I..." I look after the car that had just made a sharp turn.
"Okay, I get it. We're supposed to be taking this slow."
"Right," I smile back. "I should get going home."
"Yeah, I'm supposed to get back to Morte. You want me to take you home?"
"I'll just take a cab," I say, and before another kiss, he hails one down.
Vampire speed always surprised me, and Ezra disappearing, made me look around myself, trying to see if I could sharpen my vision quickly enough to see him go. That's when I saw them. The pair of men that were walking through the cemetery. They were still yards away, but what made me quickly get in the cab was the smell of one of them. I had familiarized myself with it, even went as far as to train myself to acknowledge it in public, surrounded by other distractions. I had to make sure I was never surprised by him. I still didn't have a clue what Not-Theo was up to, but I would never have expected him to be taking a stroll under the moonlight with Maurice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
With demon senses, you actually have to be paying attention to pick everything up. I hadn't noticed Meena had been about to enter a cab until Maurice pointed at her with an "oops."
"You knew," I grit my teeth, and he chuckles.
"Ezra was there too. I was just curious about demons. How aware of their surroundings are they? It's all very interesting."
Before I could clench a fist, he had fled away, still laughing. It was only when Theo winced that I saw the blood on the palms of my hands.
You mean MY hands.
I couldn't believe it. What were they doing together? What the hell were Not Theo and Maurice doing together? How long have they known each other? Did Ezra know about this? Why wouldn't he tell me? Ezra didn't know Not-Theo. Or did he? Did he know what he was? Did Maurice? What could they be doing together?
My paranoia was through the roof when there was a knock on the balcony door, but my stupid hopeful heart told my impressionable brain that it was Shade. He was here, and he was going to make everything better. I rush to the door, but it wasn't Shade entering. It was Not-Theo. I took a step back, and he raised his hands in front of himself, asking me to listen.
"What are you doing here?" I had meant it to come out strong and demanding, and I sounded as scared and as confused as I really was.
"I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" He sounded truly concerned, but I knew better by now than to believe him. I ask him again what he was doing at my house, my voice less pathetic now, and he says that I took off so fast that he hadn't had a chance to explain himself. I try to act dumb and ask him what he's talking about, but he says we both know what it's about. "You saw me with the elder vampire. It's not what you think. Let me explain, Meena."
"It's late, and it doesn't really matter. You don't have to explain anything to me." I was alone with this thing, whatever he was, and he was blocking the exit.
He says he doesn't want me to jump to any conclusions as I try not to glance at the door. I couldn't show weakness in front of him. He mentions Ezra, and I swallow loudly. He wants to know why I hadn't told him about my new boyfriend. I was going to say that it was because it was none of his business, but I only shrug. He wants to know if it was because I thought he was going to get mad. As if I need anyone's permission to do anything.
"I know we're not dating, Meena, but I'd be lying if I said that it didn't bother me. I was waiting for you to be ready to give us a chance, and I find out you're dating a vampire."
"You're right. I should've told you. Sorry." Better play it his way for now.
"Then why didn't you?" He takes a step towards me, and I quickly ask him why he didn't call instead of dropping by so late.
"Would you have answered?"
"Yes," I lie, and he knows it. His eyes flash angrily. "Maybe not. I was scared of hurting your feelings, Theo." I hated saying Theo's name. I hated seeing his face without there being a trace of the one I could've loved. Not-Theo studies me and I look away, feigning embarrassment. "I just, you helped me so much coming to terms with what I am. You've been so patient with me, and never even held it against me that I'm a demon, so how could I look into your eyes and tell you that I met someone? That I betrayed you again?" I bite my lip, and try to look as sorry as I could.
"You could've just told me. You've hurt me before. What's once more, right?"
Oh no he didn't. Was he seriously trying to make me feel guilty when he was the one who had been meeting Maurice in secret? When he had done who knows what to the Theo I...oh no. My eyes were tearing up and it wasn't just a show for the thing, the demon, in front of me. That's what he was after all. A demon in Theo's body. How could I have been so stupid? How hadn't I accepted this earlier? I'm so sorry, Theo.
"I'm sorry," the demon says. "I shouldn't have just barged in here. I was just worried about you.." I see his mouth continue to move, Theo's mouth, but while it was the same voice, it wasn't Theo speaking. I couldn't stop from searching for him in those stolen eyes that stared back at me. Was he still in there? Could he see me looking for him? Could he see how sorry I was that I hadn't noticed he hadn't been himself? I'm going to get that demon out, Theo. I promise you, I'm going to get that damn demon out. "..why I was talking to that elder vampire. Maurice, right? I was just worried about what kind of man, vampire, Ezra was. I didn't know that Maurice was his caretaker or whatever." I let him continue but I couldn't look at him anymore. I was beyond angry at myself, and at the demon, and horrified that if I let myself give into what I am, I could be just like him. Literally taking a life. Jumping into a body, taking what's not mine. That had been Theo's body! His life! He was innocent in all this! If anyone deserved to come out unharmed, and untouched, it was him. I had to help him. I owed him at least that much. This demon trying to trick me was going to pay back for what he had done. The more he talked, the more he lied about having asked around about Ezra out of concern for my safety, the more angrier I got. I told him to leave. He ignored me and told me not to be upset. He was jealous and he had wanted to see who was the one who had swept me off my feet this time, but if I was really happy, he'd try to be happy for me. He wouldn't shut up. He wouldn't stop lying! He wouldn't stop looking at me with those caramel eyes that weren't his! He wouldn't stop trying to trick me! It was involuntary the way the darkness came forward. It wasn't what I had meant to do. I didn't want to show him what I could do, not yet, but it was so exhilarating to glare him down, and see him cower under me. He froze as I prepared to mentally tap into his head, but before I could even will him to do anything, he shook his head in horror and disbelief. He whispered my name before he fled out, almost crashing into the glass door. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I held my granddaughter, trying to comfort her after the bad dream. Zillah cries out, and I tremble as well. "I know. I saw it too," I choke out. I didn't have to peek into her mind to know that she had seen Shade leaving us. Death was coming for him, and I wailed along with my granddaughter, feeling as helpless as the toddler in my arms.
I watched as he raced down the fire escape, and even dropping his keys twice as he hurried to his car. My own hands were shaking, but the anger had seemed to have left with him. I hug myself, and rub my arms. Had I really just done that? Had I really used the darkness against another demon? How was that possible? It wasn't supposed to work on demons. It was only supposed to work on those with souls. Did that mean that Theo was still in there?
It was late, but I rushed to my phone on the counter, scrolling through the contact list. What was I supposed to say? Should I be calling at this time anyway? Would The Mother even help? I mean, could she help against a demon? Maia was right when she had said that The Mother hadn't been able to figure out what I was. Could she really help with this? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Don't do this again! Shade!" Blythe yells as I slam my bedroom door in her face. "He was getting better wasn't he?" She asks Alec. Without waiting for his reply, I turn on the stereo and drown out their voices. I clenched and unclenched my hands as I paced around the room, trying not to think about what I had just seen. I couldn't allow myself to go through it again. I already knew they were together. They were bound to be hugging and kissing and...I clutch the back of my neck and curse. He had to die. The vampire had to go. There was no other way around this.
"I'm going to drag him out of whatever coffin he sleeps in, hold him under the sun, and watch him turn to dust in my fingers. Then, I'm going to...answer my phone apparently," I say as it rings. "It better not be some cute picture of a dog, Alec," I call out, but when I check who it is, I almost sink to the floor. I didn't do anything so dramatic, but with Meena calling, it made me feel dizzy and weak. Okay, so it wasn't exactly a call from her, just a text, but it was a text from her. She wanted to know if I was still awake. Forget playing it cool, I quickly answer that I am. What did she need? What had happened? She wasn't too fast to reply, and I chewed on my nails nervously. Did she text me by mistake? I had answered too fast. I should've waited. She finally responds that she understood if I didn't want to talk to her, but she needed my help. How could I not want to talk to her? I had been doing nothing but dreaming about her, thinking about her...and I slap myself on the cheek. "Ow." Damn dude. Answer her! I ask her if she wanted to meet me now.
Desperate much?
She said it was urgent but that it could wait until the next day. Or technically today. She wanted to meet.
"Anything you want my moon and stars," is what I wanted to text, but thinking better of it, I ask her when and where she wanted to meet up. She thanks me and gives the time and place. I tried to think of something witty, or less pathetic than "ok laters then, bye" but everything else was just making make me sound like a giddy school girl. I giggle, actually giggle, and throw myself onto my bed.
"Oh my god. What am I going to wear?"
Theo didn't share my enthusiasm but I was in too much of a good mood to not want to share my excitement with him. "I went over there ready to convince her into thinking I had been concerned over her safety, and a bit jealous, but I saw it in her eyes. The doubt. I thought she was on to us! Buddy, and the way you were trying to call out to her, to make her see that you were still there, looking back at, oh man. You have to warn me when you're going to do that. I almost started laughing. Do you want her to suspect us?"
Go to hell.
"But then she started to get all teary eyed, feeling bad for me, and when she just lost control of herself and just snapped," I snap my fingers for emphasis.
MY fingers.
"And I knew what she was doing! She was giving in, and she did! Did you see her eyes? Did you feel that power?"
"You felt it didn't you? She wanted us to leave, and it only affected us because of you and your lousy soul, but that wasn't even half of her strength that we felt. She didn't even get a chance to command us, Theo! If I'd have gotten rid of you, I'd never would've felt it. Good thing I kept you, huh? I tricked her, didn't I? She thought she had really willed me into leaving, and how about all that near miss with the door? And the fumbling with my keys? Ah, I'm incredible. She's incredible. Able to command anyone with a soul? Imagine the possibilities, buddy. What won't I be able to do with her by my side?" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Words couldn't even begin to describe how beautiful she was. I had thought that it was possible to forget her and move on. I was clearly an idiot. I would never be able to get over this girl. She was just getting out of a cab, as I had been walking up to the bar, and I had no choice but to stop and watch her for a moment. I couldn't stop grinning. My whole face felt like it was going to split. I didn't even care about looking like a creep as I gazed at the beautiful, dark haired girl. I tried to wave at her, but can only cringe as I had completely forgotten how to wave. It had come out as an awkward hand gesture like a pre-magic show trick warm up, and I was just grateful she hadn't seen me yet.
I could've gazed at her forever. At her long, dark hair flying all around her, looking like some crazy angel, or at her full bottom lip that stuck out as she pouted. I hadn't been looking at her no where near long enough, but she lifted her eyes, and stared right back at me, causing something to loosen in my chest. My heart had already been beating too fast, but now my feet couldn't feel the ground. If they had been running as fast as my heart, I'd be holding her in my arms by now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I don't think I'll ever stop losing my breath whenever I'd catch him looking back at me. The flutter in my chest had dropped into my stomach, and I froze. I wasn't supposed to meet him outside the bar. I was supposed to meet him inside! I had planned it all day! I was supposed to get here early, storm up to the bar, chug down some liquid courage, but not too much because I didn't want to make a bigger fool out of myself. Damn the slow taxi driver. Damn the wind for smearing my hair on my lip gloss, and damn Shade for getting here early, and for looking at me with those gray eyes and...nope. Don't do this, Meena. I wasn't going to need more to set my loins aflame, so I had to stop. Ugh. I needed a drink. I had been counting on that drink to be in my hand so that I had a distraction, so that I would pay attention to it, and not to those gray eyes. Damn it! I wasn't supposed to meet him outside!
"Hey." Smooth, Shade. There was so much that I wanted to say to her, but I was already out of breath. I wanted to tell her that I was sorry, and that I missed her. She says "hi Shade" and that was it. My brain stopped working. If I'd attempt to talk, I was only going to trip on my words, everything would come out wrong. My head was already spinning, and I couldn't stop looking at her. She gives me a guarded smile when I say she looks good, but it was still a smile. I was responsible for that smile and it felt good.
"I'm glad you called," I admit, and her blue eyes open wide in alarm.
"Because I thought about calling you too. I always came close to calling you, but I never did."
"Because of how I treated you. I'm sorry."
"You're sorry?" She sucks in a shaky breath, and shakes her head in confusion.
"I freaked out. I thought that all this time you had-"
"-hold on. If we're going to do this, I'm gonna need a drink."
Even after ordering, she wouldn't stop looking at her hands. I felt like it took forever for her to look at me, but it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. "You're going to ruin this place for me," I tell her, and she snaps her eyes up to me.
"Oh. I thought you liked this place. It's free from the...I guess I should've chosen-"
"-that's not what I mean. Every time I come here, you're going to have to be here too. Its not going to be the same if I show up, and you're not around. Just forget about your life. You're going to have to live here from now on. I'm sorry." I offer a smile, and she turns away but cracks one too.
Damn him and his lame jokes. Damn the waitress and bartender for taking too long with the damn drinks. How am I going to get through this? He was way too close to me, I could smell his cologne, and oh boy. Damn pheromones. Why did he have to wear my favorite shirt on him? Why hadn't he worn sunglasses to hide those eyes? Why couldn't he just look away when he'd catch me looking at me? Why wasn't he being a jerk so that I could be happy we weren't together anymore? Nope. This guy was something else. He was dangerously sexy with a killer smile, lame jokes, and...stop it, Meena.
"What's with the service amirite?"
"Really, Meena?" He chuckles, and I automatically bite my bottom lip at the sound of my name coming from his mouth. "We're really making small talk? You don't have to treat me like I'm Joe Nobody."
"What am I supposed to ask you then?" My voice breathy. "How's the hunting going?"
"If you're feeling nosy, yeah. Go for it." He throws that crooked smile my way. It was way too much. Be still my heart. He's just a guy. The only guy you ever made love to, but just a guy. No big deal. Yet I could feel his gaze on me as if he could see right under my clothes, and I was still staring at his mouth. That mouth that had once been mine. Our eyes meet, and in his, I see he's thinking the same.
"Can you please not look at me like that?" I blurt out. Great. Talking without thinking again.
"Believe me, I've tried." He clears his throat as the waitress finally arrives, but holds my gaze. I manage to break away to perform a vanishing act on the drink nearest me. He chuckles, and offers me his. I smile, embarrassed now, and refuse. Calm down.
"So about why I called you?"
"You're that eager to leave?" He asks, gulping down his own drink.
"Uh.." Yes. He was making me very nervous.
"Fine. What's this about then?" His voice was harsh.
"Wait. Did you think I lied? That I called you to talk about-"
"-about what? About us?" He scoffs. "What's so important that I need to be here?"
I try to hide how much that hurt by motioning for the waitress again, and as I do, I feel his eyes studying me. What was he looking for?
"I called you," I start, trying to keep my cool, "because I need your help with Theo."
"Theo?" He laughs forcibly. "You know, I thought you were dating Ezra now. I was just getting used to the idea of you dating that thing, and I was seriously reconsidering not killing it because for some reason you want to be with it, but now you bring up another guy? What the hell are you wasting my time for?" If the table hadn't been bolted to the floor, he would've probably flipped it over with the way he stood. I follow suit, ignoring the looks we were getting, and get in his face.
"You know what, Shade?"
"What, Meena?" He challenges.
"You know damn well what I am, right? Obviously, since It's the reason we're not together. Now, you know I've never answered to you before, so what the hell makes you think I'm going to start doing it now?" He raises a brow, but I manage to lower my voice instead of losing control again. "I called you because I need your help. You're the only one I trust despite what we've been through, and despite your threats. This is about Theo. He needs our help, and I don't know where to start. This isn't about some ex boyfriend, and this isn't about who I'm dating now. If you don't want to help, then point out someone who can so you won't be forced to spend another second with me." I take a deep breath, and exhale loudly as I wait for him to say something.
"Are you like this with the vampire?"
"Are you kidding me?"
"Please tell me you don't let him feed from you."
"You can't be serious. I just basically told you to mind your own business and you still have the nerve to-"
"-be concerned?"
"You're so annoying," I mutter and he smiles. "No, Shade, he doesn't, okay? My blood is poison to the Night Children."
"Good," he grins but when his eyes narrow, I brace for him to start yelling. "Meena, look at me. How the hell did you figure that out?"
"I sort of forced Ezra into biting me," I wince.
"You did what? What the hell is wrong with you?" He grabs my hand, and drags me to an empty corner, away from wondering eyes. "How can you be so stupid? Damn it, Meena!"
"I, uh" I look down at his hand clutching mine, and up into his eyes. My whole body was warm and tingly just by the way he was looking back down at me.
He releases me, and clears his throat as I step back. "I, uh, I know Lydia told you about my demon rebellion phase. It was then, okay? Besides, I can handle myself."
"What do you mean you can handle yourself? What else did you do?"
"It's not what you think. I'm not giving into the darkness. Not really, anyway." Was this even okay? To be talking to him about this? "I'm not hurting anyone," I quickly add.
"Yeah," he sighs. "I believe you."
"You do? Why did you change your mind about me?"
He looks away before he answers. "Honestly, you scared the hell out of me. I thought you had been messing with me for some reason. I thought that all this time...but it didn't make sense. When I saw what you could do, and how you left with Ezra, I cared more about your safety and about how you were doing than if you were hurting anyone. That's the scariest of it all, and I, never mind. What about Theo?"
"What happened to him?"
"-you were never planning on calling me, were you? Until this Theo thing came up?"
"Well, no. You told me to stay away, and that's what I've been doing."
"And I'm sorry about that. I'd never, damn. We keep getting sidetracked. What about Theo? Wait, I need to ask you something about Ezra first."
"Uh oh."
"There's a wolf who I've had-"
"-please don't tell me you've been following Ezra."
"I'm trying to respect your decision to be with him. The only way to make sure you're not in any danger is to keep an eye on him. So yeah, I'm having him followed and-"
"-why would-"
"-because you're with him!" He clenches his jaw. "Because of what he is, and because of what you are, and because I don't trust him. This is my way of making sure you're safe. What if he's-"
"-now you see yourself as my protector?" I ask him sadly. "He's a newborn, and I know that means he's not going to be himself for a while, but I can handle this. You can spy on him all you want, but it's going to be my choice to be with him or not."
"Fine," he mutters. Before I can thank the hunter for understanding, he says he's still going to keep doing what he's doing.
"Whatever then. Waste your time," I sigh. "I guess I shouldn't ask what wolf it is? Or why he's helping you spy on a vampire?"
"She's doing it as a favor."
"Yeah, and I don't know need a vampire knowing I'm checking up on him. If he has nothing to hide, you won't tell him about this right?"
"Right. I trust him."
"Why? Nah. Forget it."
"Fine. So why does the she wolf owe you a favor?"
"Why does it matter?"
"It doesn't," I reply, and he smiles.
"Just curious then?" There was that sly smile again. "If you really have to know, just ask."
"I really don't care."
"Alright. The wolf and I...dated."
"What. A. Hypocrite." I say, sitting down.
"How am I a hypocrite?" He takes the seat besides me. Again, too close.
"Because of how you feel about Ezra, and yet you were dating a wolf."
"Wolves are alive," he explains.
"They turn into giant wolves!"
"But they still have a pulse! When you touch them, there's warmth, there's blood in their veins. How can you even be around something dead, let alone touch or-" he pauses. "I didn't meet you here so we could talk about him."
"Neither did I, and yet you keep bringing him up."
"Then leave him."
"I'm not doing this again. Can we move past this?"
"For now."
"Shade, I'm not giving you a hard time over whoever you're dating, so how about you do the same?"
"I'm not dating anyone," he looks away.
"But I thought-"I stop before I tell him that Maia's ghost had been giving me a day to day update on who he had in bed. That liar. Of course she'd want me to think he was doing better without me.
"Why didn't you just stay with Will? He still has a pulse at least, and he heals just as quickly."
"You're not hurting Ezra. Can you stop with the anti-vampire stuff for a second?"
"It's not an anti-vampire thing. Just him. Specifically."
I sigh, and he groans. "Fine. Sorry. It's better that you're not with Will either. His whole pack has been really out of it lately."
"What do you mean?"
"One of the wolves has been trying to become pack leader and that's throwing them all off. THe wolves can't have two leaders. They'll take sides and they'll either move on to other packs because of the disorder and fighting, or they'll stay because they like that the chaos will give them a chance to become a leader instead," he explains. "It's better that you're not involved with all that."
"I thought they had a motto on loyalty and respect. What wolf wanted to ruin that among the pack?"
"Her name's Bree. She's always been outspoken and tends to step out of line, but I've heard this is too much, even for her."
"Yeah. You know her?"
"She was dating Theo, but the last time I asked him about her, he said they were over because she hadn't been herself lately. I'm pretty sure he's the reason for that."
After ordering another round, I finally tell Shade why I had called him in the first place. I told him about Not-Theo and what I thought he was. I tell him about how I had seen him with Maurice, and that even though the demon had told me that he had been with the elder vampire to ask him about Ezra, I didn't buy it. Shade was clearly aggravated with just the mention of Ezra, but he listened patiently, widening his eyes in the appropriate parts of the story. I reminded him that I trusted him before I told him about the darkness. I told him what I could do, how it worked on supernaturals, and somehow on a demon too. After everything was said, he only asked if I was okay. I couldn't hide my shock. That's what he wanted to know? "I'm fine. It's Theo that I'm worried about. You really think he could be in there?"
"You're sure that your parents said your that really what you're calling it?"
"Shade," I sigh.
"Alright. Just asking. Your darkness then. You sure they said it shouldn't work on your own kind?"
"Their old friend told them. Serena, I think? She was like The Mother, or something. She passed away a few years ago though so we can't really ask her."
"Then why would it affect the demon? Theo has to be inside. Unless he's just a witch Meena. Maybe he lied to you, or just never told you."
"The witches know when one of their own of their own. I told you that they know James, his dad, is one, but they said Theo wasn't. Shade, I've been thinking..."
"You don't even know what I was thinking!"
"Yeah I do."
"But what if I could take Theo out of his body, and-"
"-plant it somewhere else? No. Hell no. We're getting that thing out, no offense."
"None taken, hunter. Fine. What's your brilliant plan?"
"That's a good question, but I need to pee." He stands and I start to laugh until he turns back. "Hey, you're not going anywhere are you?" He looked so adorably vulnerable that I smile at the side of him that few got to see.
"I promise you that I won't even breathe until you're by my side again."
He looks a little embarrassed, and with a grin, tells me stop being so dramatic. I watch him go while attempting to keep my hand from fanning my face. Shade leaving put one of my favorite features of him in perfect sight.
Oh no.
It was that voice.
It was the voice I had been hoping to hear again, but now that I had, I couldn't even look up at its owner. What had ever made me believe that he would want to help Shade? Because I suspected he wanted something from me? Idiot. What if he was one of The Wicked too? What if he was exactly like the demon in Theo's body? Why would he help? He repeats my name, and I swallow loudly. I wipe my clammy hands on my dress as I turn to him.
"Hi Dominic."
"The vampire says that Meena is still at the bar," I tell Abaddon after hanging up on Maurice.
"Good. Is she alone?"
"That'll be all then, Verin. As always, I'll call you when you're needed."
"She's been calling you, hasn't she?"
"She has. I think I've kept her waiting long enough," he smiles.
"What do you think she wants?"
"Should that really be any of your concern?"
"Of course not. I'm sorry," I say as I walk Him to the door, trying to not even clench my jaw.
"Don't worry your pretty little head over it, Verin. Oh, and do say goodbye to Theo for me. Remind him to be a good boy," he laughs, and I try with all my strength not to crush his head on the door.
Don't start, Theo. I'm not in the mood
I was just wondering why you told Maurice not to mention Shade and Meena's meeting to Ezra. Are you worried that me knowing will ruin this master plan of yours?
Don't make me laugh. I just want to know where the elder's loyalty rests. He knows better than to betray me, but he does have a soft spot for the newborn. I think he sees a bit of his deceased son in Ezra.
Then why didn't you tell Abaddon that Shade was at the bar with Meena?
Because it'll be funny when both father and son are near the one they want.
If Laima finds out you could've prevented them from talking to each other so soon, you're gonna be in a lot of trouble.
Oh, please. Laima knows Him. I know Him. We both know what He'll do when He sees Shade. It'll be funny, Theo. I promise.
Dominic had apparently known I was here, and even where I was sitting. He approached me as if I had been expecting him to show. Honestly, I guess I have been. I plaster on the most genuine smile I could muster as he takes Shade's seat. He tells me how good it was bumping into me again, nothing about how he knew where I was, when he looks down at the glass that was half full in front of him. His smile drops as he asks who I'm with.
"You're not even going to tell me where you came from?" I ask with a nervous chuckle. "I mean, you just showed up out of nowhere."
"Who are you here with?" He repeats. "I hoped you'd be alone."
"You just keep showing up-"
"-when you've been calling me? Hoping to talk to me?"
"How did you-"
"Who are you with? Don't make me ask you again. I don't like repeating myself, and I've done just that three times already."
My old lover, as Maurice liked to call him, was already walking back to me, and throwing daggers at the back of Dominic's head. I give Shade what I hoped was a "calm down" look. If only I had been a telepathic. As soon as the hunter reached us, he rested his hands on the table and in a low voice says, "you're in my seat." Dominic had been studying me and had already known someone was coming so it didn't take me by surprise to see his already annoyed reaction towards Shade. There was nothing but aggravation in his face as he stood. What did take me by surprise was Shade's widening eyes as Dominic faced him. Dominic meanwhile was too entirely annoyed at the sight of him. I glance back and forth at the two of them, and feel my jaw drop as Shade, still looking at him asks, "you?"

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#1taj39759VIPJun 24, 2015

Really? No fair. I had been waiting for this moment FOREVER! "You're killing me Smalls".
I can't take it anymore!!!!! Another great chapter BTW.

#2WintersmithVIPJun 24, 2015

I wish this was a book so I could go on reading! Now we have to wait for the next chapter and I'm dying to find out what is going to happen.
This chapter was really good, the way you discribed how foolishly people can be when they are in love (why we do that to ourselfs, haha!), hilarious! And I have the feeling that Abaddon exactly knows what Verin's up to and just play along.
Thanks for another awesome chapter!

#3freerealmsJun 24, 2015

FINALLY! Dad and his son meet. I like Vien's plan it is funny so far. In my opinion the one's that should come out of all this isn't Theo (cuz I personally like that is body has been taken over by a demon it makes him hot) it should be SHADE AND MEENA TOGETHER FOREVER! So what if he threw some threats on her life and she tried to some souls they are perfect together!! Ezra need to get out the picture he doesn't make Meena's heart fill with butterflies like Shade does!

Psssst! Shade buddy... I wouldn't mind taking Ezra out for you on the low... As long as you and Meena name your daughter after me I be ok with no pay. \;\)

#4JennC32Jun 25, 2015

GIRL! I hate ciff-hangers!!! I want to read more now. LOL I hope you are ready with the next chapter soon. Great moment, well written all the way through. \:\)

#5loryram2Jun 29, 2015

I'm speechless... (O_O)

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