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A lot will be going on in this one! There will be so much dialogue (sorry) but Meena will finally be clued in on what's been going on. This means that we're in the last chapters, and that we're getting to the end of her story, so thank you all for the lovely comments, and for all the support with every chapter. :)

XOXO Alessa


A lot will be going on in this one! There will be so much dialogue (sorry) but Meena will finally be clued in on what's been going on. This means that we're in the last chapters, and that we're getting to the end of her story, so thank you all for the lovely comments, and for all the support with every chapter. :)

XOXO Alessa
"You?" Shade asks Dominic. "How do I know you?"
Dominic only shrugs, and in a frustrated tone says, "I have one of those faces. We've never officially met before."
Dominic glares at him, and Shade glares right back. When he sees this, Dominic raises a brow, seeming amused. "Who did you say you were?"
"I didn't," Shade reminds him.
I'm on the verge of chewing the inside of my cheek when Dominic starts laughing.
"Out of plain amusement, I'll let this go. For now. But when we meet again, for your sake, your attitude better change."
"Are you asking me out on a date?"
Dominic doesn't bother answering, and waves him off.
This time the "calm down" signal that I was giving Shade worked and Dominic smiled.
"I'd like a word with you Meena. Alone."
I look to Shade, he shakes his head and says "nope."
As if I was asking.
"Give me a minute," I tell him, and he reluctantly mutters. "Fine. I'll be right over there."
"Too close," Dominic waves him off again. "Go away."
This time, Shade clenches his jaw and I have to verbally tell him to calm down, and give us some space.
"He's very protective of you," Dominic comments as Shade sulks a few feet from us.
"Its just the way he is," I explain, and Dominic smiles.
"You're so...innocent. It doesn't matter, really. I didn't come here to talk about him. I didn't exactly expect to find you two together-"
"-how do you know him?"
"Let's talk about you. How have you been?"
"Good. Now, let's talk about you. How do you always know where to find me? How do you know Shade?" Something about having Shade close by made the fear I had felt earlier, erase. Dominic only seemed to find Shade's proximity annoying.
"Will you forget about the boy? I came here to talk about you. To ask you how you've been since the last time we spoke."
His eyes flashed angrily, but I asked him again how he always knew where to find me.
"I like to keep an eye on you," he replies through gritted teeth. I decide to push my luck and ask him why. "Because you're of interest to me."
"You're following me?"
"No. I just thought we were friends. Friends can meet up with friends, can't they?"
"Well, yeah but you're-"
"-then why are you giving me such a hard time? I've only been trying to get in touch with you after all this time. Don't you miss your old friend?"
"From what I remember, you were always giving me trouble."
"What else do you remember?" He grins.
"I remember you always being there." Especially when my parents wanted him gone.
He leans in to me, nodding, encouraging me to continue. I look into his dark eyes and frown. "I remember you having a different eye color."
"All this is just coming to you now?" He chuckles. "Why now?"
"I don't know."
"think about it. Why now?"
"You don't mean because you kissed me."
"All this because of one little kiss. What would happen, I wonder, if I invited you to join me in bed?"
My jaw drops. His wink right after didn't help me regain facial control. He had completely blindsided me.
What was I asking him? What I had meant to ask him?
Shade's hands on my shoulders, shaking me, snapped me away. I push him off and ask him where Dominic had gone.
"He just left. He kissed you on the cheek, said goodbye, and you just kept looking at him with that blank expression. Who the hell was that guy?"
"Who was he? What did he want with you?" When he sees that I'm still shaken up, he asks if I'm okay.
"Yeah. He just-I don't know. I blanked out. He kissed me?" I touch the cold spot on my cheek, and Shade asks me again to tell him how I know Dominic.
I tell him about my so-called childhood friend, and how he had always been influencing me to do something. I reminded him of how The Mother had said that someone had erased those memories. I knew it was The Shadow Man who was responsible for that, and I had been getting clearer pictures of who that was. Dominic was aware of this because it was because of him that I was remembering. I reluctantly tell Shade that it was because of a kiss, as stupid as that sounds, it was Dominic's kiss that was making me remember. Shade wasn't happy with my reply, but didn't say anything more on it. Instead of waiting for him to break the awkward silence, I ask him how he thought he had known him.
"I don't know. I can't remember. He just looks, feels, familiar."
Before my foot-in-mouth disease makes me suggest that a kiss from Dominic might help him remember too, Shade asks if I've yet to mention all this to my parents. I tell him what I've been telling Lydia. "I don't want to worry them. They freaked out the last time I asked them about The Shadow Man. I'm not just going to go mention Dominic to them, or to anyone. He's-he's something else."
"Yeah. I felt that too. What does he want with you?"
"I dunno. He's been in my life since forever. I had been hoping I could use him to-" there's that disease again "-to find out who's in Theo's body. For some reason Dominic wants me around, and you and I both agree he's not a demon, right?"
"Yeah. So both Not-Theo and this Dominic thing want you. What makes you so special?"
I start laughing before he says that that had come out too harsh.
"I just meant," he says, "that they want you for something. Maybe just besides the obvious. I mean, you know I think you're beautiful Meena, but there's so many more women who come with less problems."
"Oh wow."
"Seriously. You have that demon-inside-Theo and Maurice the vampire elder teaming up. Which means, you shouldn't trust Ezra-"
"-here we go again."
"Will you stop being so damn stubborn and listen? You asked for my help. Now, start with your parents. More importantly, your dad."
"Fine." I told him how my dad had sold his soul to save his sister, and how he had ended up as one of The Wicked. He was sent to fill his quota, but ended up meeting my mom, and love conquers all and all of that good stuff. James had tried to pull my mother away from him, but in doing so, pushed her towards him, and that's why he still hated my father. "Besides him being a witch and my dad with his whole demon thing, I mean."
"I obviously gave them a lot of trouble, and me seeing dead people was the least of their concerns. The main one being Dominic. The Shadow Man, I know now, was the one keeping me 'good'. I need to find him. I need to ask why he was protecting me. I think he erased my memory to keep me safe from whatever Dominic was planning."
"And yet you continue to talk to him as if he really is your old friend," Shade shakes his head.
"I know, but he does something to me when he's around. It's like he understands me, and a part of me, the darkness in me, wants to please him. I don't want to make him..well, disappointed."
"You need help building that shrine for him?"
"I know how it sounds. It scares me how easily I will be able to just do whatever he wants but-"
"-but what?"
"I just want to know what he wants." It wasn't exactly a lie, but I couldn't meet his eyes when I said it.
He decides to let it go. He says he understands I don't want to involve my parents, but that we needed more on Dominic. I had already told him none of the supernaturals knew anyone by that name. "Oh! We could ask James. He knows what I am, and he hates me-"
"-we're not asking him anything. When I met him, he was scared, but it was like he expected something from me too. Maybe he just knew that I was a hunter, and that when I'd learn of what you were..but he knows witches don't have anything to fear from hunters, so what was he scared of? Look, if we show up on his doorstep together, if he doesn't know that his son isn't his son anymore-I don't want him to hurt you."
"Thanks, but I can handle myself."
"Right. With your 'darkness'. How did you even figure out what you could do anyway?"
"Uhhh. Well, that was cause of Not-Theo."
"Explain." I could tell he really wanted to call me an idiot just then.
"When I started getting suspicious that he wasn't being himself exactly, I wanted to keep him close, but I knew I had to gain his trust. I also knew that he knew what I was, so I figured I'd use that and pretend I had no clue with what I was doing with the whole half-breed thing, and I convinced him that I was lost and needed his help. The more he tried to show me on how to control myself, the more I realized to just do the opposite of what he was saying. He'd tell me to control my anger, and in actually accepting it, I used it to my advantage. Before yesterday he had no idea I could do more than just change my eye color."
Shade was grinning. "That's-you're pretty incredible."
I feel the heat rising to my cheeks, and shamelessly change the conversation. "So..why did you let Ezra go?"
"Huh?" He leans back against the wall.
"You know what I'm talking about. Maurice told me that a hunter never lets a newborn go. Especially not one without his maker. So why did you?"
"I was asking about Maia."
"She had been missing. When I found out that Ezra was the last vampire she had come in contact with, I tracked him down. He was a wreck. He was going on about how Maia and this witch were responsible. They were the reason he couldn't find his maker."
"Wait. What? What witch?"
"I never found out who the guy was. I just learned that he had made Ezra's maker, Emma, make Ezra. No one really seems to know anything about the witch or what he wanted Ezra made for."
"Maia? She didn't know either? According to Ezra, she was with the witch."
"It's not like I was speaking to her at the time." His tone was final but before I could open my mouth, he asks me how Ezra was doing with Maurice.
"I thought it was a good thing at first. He's been a vampire many centuries now? But after seeing him with Not-Theo, I can't exactly trust him."
"No kidding. He's a vampire." I give him a warning look, and he raises his hands. "Alright. Sorry. Just saying that if Maurice is BFFs with the demon, that's not a good thing. Maurice knows everything about everything. He could've already told him and/or is planning on telling Ezra about our little get together."
I groan into my hands. All this was giving me a headache. Shade rubs my arm and tells me it'll be okay. I look up at him, and quickly force my eyes on anything but his.
"I'm not worried about him telling Ezra. Yeah, meeting up with my ex who happens to be a vampire hunter looks bad, but- where was I going with this?"
"You were in denial on how you aren't worried about the vampire, but you should be. You should be-"
"-hey. How did Ezra know about the witch? Why didn't he ever find him himself?"
"He said the witch was really careful about showing his face. They never met. What are you getting at? How did he know he was a witch?"
"Yeah. If this witch or whatever had-what was her name? Emma? If he had a vampire in his control, if he had her keeping secrets from her newborn, wouldn't that make him more likely a demon? Not a witch."
"He obviously didn't possess her or he'd have made Ezra actually do something other than just existing. What did he want him for? What did he want Emma for? To make Ezra? To make others?" As he pondered over this, he kept talking to himself, and his brow furrowed.
I had missed that? His thinking face? What in the-
"-Right? You even said that it was like they were targeting me."
"Uh huh. Why you? What makes you so special?"
"Ha. Seriously, what if the witch was actually Not-Theo?"
"But wouldn't that mean-you know, it makes sense. He had Emma," I say. "What did Ezra say happened to her?"
"He blamed the witch and Maia for-" he almost punches the wall besides him. "He has Maia! All this time, he was the reason-"
"-Shade, stop!"
I grab his hand back and tell him that no one has Maia.
"We need to go to your place."
"Uh-okay? I guess that'll clear my head?"
"Jeez dude. I'm trying to tell you that Maia has been haunting your apartment."
* * * * * * *
What are you so happy about? Maurice is going to tell Ezra. You don't have him wrapped around your finger like you thought you did.

I ignore him and turn to Carrerau who was waiting patiently for her new order. It hurt Theo to have Bree's body so close, without her actually being in there. "Sweetheart, lose the eyes," I tell her and feel Theo retreat to the back of our shared head.

Oh come on. I thought you wanted her to look more like the old Bree. I'm not doing it to be mean. I laugh and the idiot in front of me smiles. "And you're sure they went back to his place?" I ask, and she nods.
"His car. He drove."
"Good. I wish I could've seen Abaddon's reaction."
"My human could take a picture next time."
"Didn't I tell you stop trying to think?" She looks down and I sigh. "Carrerau, I'm good to you, aren't I? I've helped you crossed over to this side, I've given you a good, strong body, a werewolf's body, and you're next in line to become the pack leader. Who else can you say has treated you this good?" There's that stupid smile from her again. "All I need in return, just for the moment, is for you to tell your human to keep an eye on Meena. Abaddon wants her. When we get the half-breed, we get Him. Then, we will replace Him." I caress her cheek, and she giggles.
"It'll be just me and you?"
"Of course. I promise."
* * * * * * *
The apartment was empty. No ghost and no hunters either. Shade still couldn't believe that Alec was right. "Why is she still here? Because of me?"
"It's not your fault. It's on her for staying behind."
"But still, does she visit you a lot?"
"She likes to drop by when I'm making an idiot out of myself."
He smiles sadly. "That sounds like her. I thought she had changed somehow."
"I hoped she would, but nope. She's still as Maia as ever. I can't believe she's not here. Lately she's been rubbing it in my face that you hate me."
"I never hated you," he says, grabbing my hands in his. I look at the way they look clasped together, and shut my eyes. "I'm sorry," he says. I can feel my heart beat in my hands, he had to feel it too. He had to know the effect he had, he still has, on me. I wanted to remove myself from his grasp but only because I wanted to do the holding. I wanted to pull him in, kiss him, and forget everything. I wanted him to make me cry out his name. I shake him off, and push myself away from him. His chest under my hands feels incredibly good. I have to step back. "We have to talk to Maia, and I know she usually hangs around here. Since she's taking her sweet time in showing up, we'll have to draw her out."
He sighs and turns away. "How do we do that?"
"Talk to me about her. A story or just what made her laugh. Or mad. What was she really like?"
"You know what made her mad," he says, snapping his eyes back to me, and closing the distance between us.
"Okay. W-What else?" Where the hell was she? I couldn't spend another second with Shade. I was ready to jump out of my skin, no pun intended.
"So how are we going to do this then?"
"I just told you. Tell me something about her."
"I meant what are we going to do about us? I can't even touch you now?"
"I don't think it's a good idea," I say and he asks why not. As if it wasn't obvious, but this smug jerk wanted me to say it. He wanted to hear that I still wanted him more than I've wanted anyone before. "Because I'm with Ezra."
"I regret hurting Theo too, and I don't ever want to hurt anyone else like I did him, I just-" he runs his hands through his hair.
"How about we..try to be friends?"
"Friends?" He chuckles. "You want to be my friend? You missed me, admit it."
"You know I did," I mutter, and he grins that Shade grin that made his whole face light up.
"Cool. I missed you too, and if we're going to be friends, we're going to need to establish some rules and boundaries."
"Uh oh. What rules did you have in mind?"
"For starters, try to keep your clothes on when you're around me. It'll be a challenge, but I think you can handle it."
"You're an idiot." I laugh.
"Yeah, and no more laughing at my jokes."
"That won't be a problem. You're not funny."
"Shut up. I'm hilarious."
I start to laugh, and he wiggles a finger at me.
"See? Don't do that. Don't laugh all cute and girly."
"I am a girl! Everything I do is girly! As for the cuteness, well that can't be helped. I have a rule too. You can't smile at me like that."
"Like what?" He was on the verge of laughing, and at his attempt at holding it, he was giving me that crooked smile.
"Like that." He's grinning now, and I tell him not to smile like that either. "Like I'm you're favorite person in the world," I explain.
"But you are."
"See! You can't say stuff like that either!"
He laughs. "Okay! So I don't smile, or look at you. Got it. This is going to be very interesting."
"Why?" Uh oh.
"Because you didn't say anything about not touching you."
"Seriously?" Maia appears besides me and I yelp.
"I wasn't-" Shade starts saying and Maia was going off on how I had used her death to lure her ex back into my arms.
"Will you two shut up?" I yell, and Maia scowls while Shade takes no time in figuring out we weren't alone anymore.
"She's not happy," I tell him. "Like she ever is."
"Where is she?"
"To your left."
"Hey Maia," he turns to her. Actually, he was looking a few inches away from where she really was, but she stepped in front of him so that he was looking directly at her.
"Hi Shade," she grins. "You look good."
"She says hi, and that you look good."
"That's going to get really annoying," she tells me.
"Feel free to talk to him yourself then."
"She's fighting with you already?" Shade laughs, and she grins again.
"No one's ever gotten me like he has. Does he miss me? Don't ask him, just tell me."
I nod, and though Shade wants to know what she's saying now, I tell him to be patient.
"Don't tell him what to do!" Maia yells.
"I'm trying to help!" I yell back.
I spend the next ten minutes being her mouth and telling Shade everything she wanted him to know. It consisted of how much she missed him, and how she was sorry for not appreciating him when she should have. "And tell him to stay away from you. He deserves better."
"Be nice or I'll banish you Casper."
Shade says he wants to ask her something. "It's about how you died. I talked to the mermaids. Who led you to them?"
She wouldn't have answered if it was just me, but she was smiling at him, at how concerned he still was about her. "It was Verin."
"You never told me who he was exactly," I remind her after repeating the name to Shade.
"I freaked out, okay?" She says. "When Shade was choosing you over me, I was angry. He was replacing me. He was moving on. We were always going back to each other, no matter who came along, but it was different with you. So, I met Verin. He was giving me what I wanted from Shade, and I took that as him loving me." She stops as I fill in Shade to what she was saying. Shade tries to reach out to her, but when it hits him that he won't be able to do that again, his hand drops. Maia had reached her hand to meet his, but he couldn't feel her touch. My eyes were tearing up. As much as we disliked each other, I couldn't help but feel bad for her.
"But I was falling in love with him. I just couldn't understand why he was still hanging around with that vampire. Emma."
"He was the witch Ezra was looking for?" I ask, and she nods.
"He lied to Emma. She was a newborn herself and didn't know how to spot a real witch. He lied to me. He told me he would help me keep Shade away from you." She grimaces as I raise my brows and repeat what she said. Shade was silent. I ask her why Verin would help her, and she asks if I told Shade what she had told me about Verin. "That he delivers souls to Abaddon? He had Emma, a mermaid, a Light Child, a werewolf named Bailey and another one named Bree."
"As in Theo's?" I ask, but Shade was asking her if he had wanted her too.
"Why did you stay behind?"
"I wanted to make sure you were going to be okay without me. You were always okay without me. I was the one who needed you. You just mean more to me than anyone else, and I can't just-I want to stay." She starts sobbing as I tell Shade what she said.
"Maia, you don't belong here anymore," he says. You can't stay because of me, no matter how much I want you to. You deserve to find out what's out there. You deserve to be happy."
"But I still love him," she tells me. "It hurts how much I love him."
"I know," I say. "Believe me, I know. But he's right. You know that."
She smiles, and actually apologizes to me. Seeing my jaw drop, Shade asks what she's saying. When I answer, he asks me if I'm sure that really is Maia.
"Tell him I died wearing the red underwear. He'll know which ones."
"Tell him I wish I would've let him rip them off of me when he was begging to."
"Yeah, that's Maia alright."
"Will you just tell-"
"-no. Let's get back to Verin. You said he had Bree? But Bree's still here. I mean, she's fighting amongst her pack trying to become leader," I say and she tells me to stop being so stupid and to think about it. "That's not Bree, is it? Not anymore? And not Theo's Bree."
"She was never Theo's Bree. She's always been Verin's. She never even met Theo. None of us ever did."
"What are you-" I clasp my mouth. "Verin's the demon in Theo's body?"
* * * * * * *
Meena started sobbing. I held her in my arms, and she kept repeating that Verin was the one possessing Theo. I promise her we're going to get him out, but she was having another silent talk with Maia.
"What?" She cried out. "It's my fault! Shade! It's my fault!"
"Maia can you just stop talking for-"
"-It's my fault!" Meena cries out. "Since Halloween! I had a bad feeling all that night, but-Verin was let in because of me. I hurt Theo, and he was hurting, and Verin saw this and-it's all my fault!"
I pull her in tighter, trying to reassure that we were going to help Theo. I was just as much to blame. A few months ago I had thought that The Wicked were a bad scary story, but now I was in love with one, and responsible for another one possessing her ex boyfriend. Meena was still crying but no longer as loud. She was listening to more of Maia's bad news. She choked out a "what?" and pushed herself from me. "What did she say now?"
"You're lying," she says to the empty space besides me.
"What is she saying?"
"You're lying!" She screams, and her eyes were longer her own.
* * * * * * *
What do you think? Should we go to Shade's and watch him and Ezra fight for Meena's love?
Leave me the hell alone.
Or should we join in? It's about time I go at it with my brother.
Or you could just call Abaddon and have him take care of all of you.
You'd like that, wouldn't you? What makes you think he'll let you go unscratched?
* * * * * * *
Maia steps back. "I'm telling you what Verin said. They're brothers! Shade and Verin are brothers!"
"You're lying! He's lying!" I yell again.
"Why would I be lying to you about this?"
"Why wouldn't you tell me this before? How can I trust anything you say?"
"I love him, Meena. I would never lie about something like this. And why would Verin lie to me if I was already dying?"
"Because that's what he does! That's why he's here! To lie, to take idiots like you who believe-" Shade's hand wraps around mine, and I look at him, ashamed that he's seeing me lose control like this, and absolutely sure by the way that he's looking at me, that he couldn't be anything like Verin. Or like me.
He grabs my other hand, and slowly pulls me into him. I shut my eyes and concentrate on his arms around me. Breathe in...and out. Breathe in...and out.
"What did she tell you?"
I turn to Maia, but she was already gone.
I assure him I'm fine as I look anxiously out the window. Maurice is probably telling Ezra where I am right now. Shade wanted to know what Maia had said, but I wasn't telling him anything. Maia was lying. If she wasn't, then Verin was. He had done so much already in Theo's body. Theo. Where was he? With Abaddon? Still trapped like a hostage in his own body? Was he aware of everything that's been going on? Was he fighting? Did he just give up?
Shade wipes a tear from my cheek. "What is it?"
"We have to help Theo."
He mentions The Mother and I laugh dryly. "She doesn't even know what I am. She won't know how to help." He agrees instead of defending her as I expected him to.
"She told me that she couldn't see my future anymore. Something about not being able to see it since I started mentioning you."
"You think I'm-"
"-no. I trust you. I know you have nothing to do with it, but she wouldn't tell me anything else. I keep telling myself it can't be too serious. She wouldn't keep me in the dark if it was something I should be really worried about right?"
"She told me too," I say meekly.
"And you didn't think to tell me?"
"We both agreed it would be pointless."
"Pointless? What else have you been keeping from me?"
"I've been trying to find someone who can help. Until recently, I thought Dominic might be the one. I don't even remember why I had hoped he'd help, but the thing is, I don't know how to stop this."
"Stop what?"
"The Mother said she-" My phone starts ringing. Shade grabs it from the pool table before I could, and tells me to keep talking.
"Okay. She said that before your future disappeared, she had seen a glimpse of something...I think she should be the one to tell you."
My phone starts ringing again, and Shade turns it off this time. "What did she see?"
"I can't-I don't want to be the one to-"
"-don't you think you've kept this from me long enough? Just tell me what I am! Why am I not dead by now?"
"Dead? How did-"
"-I've been bitten by two different supernaturals. Why am I still here? What did she tell you that I am, and why won't either of you tell me? What's going to happen to me?"
"I don't-she never said anything about that."
"Then what aren't you telling me?"
"She said that-wait. Someone's coming."
"How do you-never mind. Are you getting rid of him or am I?"
"I'm not going to stay."
"You're not going to leave. We're not done talking."
"I can do whatever the hell I want. I want to leave, I'm going to leave. I'll call you later." I take my phone back, and head towards a very angry vampire.
* * * * * * *
I watch her go, still in disbelief that she was going to leave with that thing, but more oddly turned on by how she put me in my place.
"He's going to attack," she warns me, but holds her ground.
"Not in my house." I say before the doors fly open and I catch a flash of the vampire charging at me.
* * * * * * *
Theo and I were grinning but for different reasons. We were standing across the street from Shade's building, watching as Meena exited, dropping everyone that came within her sight. Her eyes were black, and we could see from the windows that those in the lobby seemed to be sleeping as well. She only had to look at them to make them drop at her feet. Seeing my surprise that she had been keeping more of her powers from me, made Theo smile, but what made me burst out laughing was when she mentioned to someone behind her that the coast was clear for them to follow. She was turning out beautifully.
Shade appeared, carrying an unconscious Ezra over his shoulder. I listened in as Shade complained that she was cheating. "I could've easily knocked him out too," he says, and she tells him to hurry up before everyone starts waking up and sees them stuffing a body into the back of the trunk.
"And don't just shove him in there," she adds.
"I won't. You know I can be very gentle." He winks and she turns away before smiling.

I think it's time to tell Laima that plans need to be sped up.
Aww, what's wrong, big guy? Can't handle Shade on your own? I don't blame you. With Meena by his side, you won't be able to touch him. Look at what she's done to Ezra because she doesn't want to hurt him. What won't she do to someone she actually wants to hurt? Say, someone like you?
Won't hurt Ezra, huh? Then maybe it's time to possess the vampire.
You're going to do what?
Don't get you're hopes up Theo. I won't leave you. I'll just have someone else take over the vampire's body. We enjoy possessing the Night Children anyway. They offer their dormant soul, along with the blood aka life source of the victims they fed from. It's a nice little bonus.
Demon blood is poison to them.
Duh. The demon can hop right out but why would we before the poison takes effect?
But you were feeding Emma your blood.
Yes, but I'm special. I have you with me. Besides, letting a vampire feed from you, and poisoning their blood from the inside, are two different things. So who do you think I should have take over Ezra?
Oh, nice try. Hmm. Look at that. Meena's commanding Shade to not drop Ezra. She really does care about him. I say it's time to possess the hunter.
Possess Shade? Are you serious? You're never going to-
I didn't say anything about Shade. I'm talking about the vampire in the trunk. Besides the fact that it was funny having him turned into one of the things he most hated, the things that took his fiancée, I thought it would be interesting to see a once ruthless hunter turned into a bigger monster. It's about time the ex hunter realizes who he once was, don't you think?
* * * * * * *
"Carefully! Dammit Shade." He has dropped Ezra on my bedroom floor.
"Oops. I miscalculated. I thought I was closer," he shrugs. "This is your fault, you know. You kept me away from your bed for too long."
"Riiight. Will you just stop kicking him?"
"I'm not kicking him. I'm making him comfortable."
"I'm seeing you kick him! Whatever. Just leave."
"We're not done talking."
"I don't know how much longer Ezra will stay out, and if he sees you here-"
"-what's he going to do? Hiss at me? I take care of things like this on an almost daily basis. Not the dropping on bedroom floors bit, but you know what I mean. And what if he comes after you, Nyquil?"
"You did not just call me that," I stifle a laugh and start pushing him out my room.
Lydia was coming out of her own bedroom when she sees Shade complain that gravity was out of control and that that was the only reason he was leaning against me.
" I want to know what's going on?" She asks. Shade was still putting his entire weight on me, and I was struggling to stand him upright.
"Nope and he's just leaving." I explain. "But you might want to get out of the apartment for a few hours. Ezra is unconscious in my room."
"You made the vampire sleep again. Okay. I'll be at Benny's. See you guys later, and Meena...stay out of Trouble."
Shade waves a bye at her, but turned to me with a knowing smirk.
"She's clearly used to my shenanigans," I tell him. "Anyway, time for you to leave."
"I'm not leaving you with that thing."
"I'm not worried about me. I can handle him. But if he sees you-I'm scared he's going to hurt you."
He starts smirking again, and I remind him that I was choosing to give him a choice to leave, but that I could easily make him go away.
"You wouldn't."
"Oh, I would."
"Make me leave then."
"You know I can. You just saw what I did back there."
"Then it shouldn't be a problem for you. Just do it."
"Alright. You asked for it." I close my eyes and bring the darkness forward. This was going to be fun. I can't wait to rub it in your face. Shade starts tapping his foot dramatically. I reach out and give him a mental push. Leave. Go home. Don't try to come back until I call you and tell you it's okay. I smile, expecting him to start walking, but he was still tapping his foot. "Anytime would be great, but I thought you were worried about a vampire attack."
"I-how-I'm-why are you still here?" I don't wait for a response, I grab his head in my hands, and try again. I have him this time I smile, until he starts laughing.
"Come on, stop playing. I thought you wanted me to leave."
"I do. It should be working." What the hell was going on? I never even had to touch a person to get them to do as I wanted. This was supposed to work on everyone, even on the supernaturals. Well, almost on all of them.
I drop my hands and step back.
"What's going on?" he asks. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Shade, what are you?"
* * * * * * *
I reach out for her just as my feet are pulled out from under me. I hear her scream out Ezra's name as I start dropping to the floor, and the blur of the vampire flashes to her side. I wince, preparing for the inevitable kiss between the floorboards and my head, but Meena is suddenly behind me, breaking my fall. Her eyes were black again, glaring down at the vampire that was hissing. "What the-" I manage to say before Ezra is once again unconscious. I was wondering what kind of lasting effect playing with his mind could have on him, when my savior lets me fall. As I land on my elbows, I ask her to please give me a heads up next time. She was still looking at Ezra, and hadn't heard me talk.
"He was- he didn't even hesitate," she says, her eyes wide. "He would've killed you."
"Hey, I'm okay. You stopped him."
"But he's not okay! He's-I've been so stupid. I keep making excuses for him every time he loses control, but Shade, he was going to hurt you. He didn't just-his eyes were on your throat. What if I wouldn't have been here? What if you bumped into him and he tries to do this again? What has he done when there hasn't been anyone to stop him? Shade, what am I doing dating a vampire? I've gone Bella Swann!"
I tell her she's' going to be okay, that I'm okay, but that she has a point. We were going to have to do something about Ezra. He was out of control, and I had let him go once, but I wasn't making that mistake again.
"I wanted us to work," she was saying, and for a second I think she's talking about us but she was looking at Ezra. "I really thought we were supposed to be together because I had this, idea, that he's what I deserved. He was struggling with who he was, but so was I. He's a monster, and I am too."
"You're not," I tell her, but she shakes me off.
"I know what I am. What are we going to do about Ezra?"
"Can you keep him down until Alec and Blythe get here?"
"Yeah-what are you going to do to him?"
"Something I should've done a long time ago."
* * * * * * *
"Maurice was the one who had first become aware of a new hunter in town that was specifically going after vampires. Something about his fiancée. Typical stuff, you know? So anyway, it was brought to his attention that I was interested in Ezra too. We met, talked, and agreed to turn the hunter into the thing he most hated. The elder knew right away what I was, but he agreed because he claimed he was bored. He's smart though, and suggested I had my new plaything, Emma, make the hunter. Maurice knew that if anyone found out about the newborn's past, they'd go to him for answers. The wolves would be very interested in the vampire hunter turned vampire, and the vampires would be wary of Maurice, and he'd lose their trust for being the maker. That was bad for business, so he suggested Emma, and I agreed. I had her doing as I wanted, and she'd have Ezra doing as she wanted. I'd have them both, and I'd have the elder. Through him, and through Ezra, I'd know everything Meena was doing, and who she was doing it with. I did just ask you asked."
Abaddon motions for me to continue.
"Maurice is old. His views are different from the modern vampires who hide their true nature from humans in fear that they'll be discovered. Maurice says it was easier, more exciting in the old days. Feed from whoever, whenever, and wherever. Humans feared them, not the other way around. Still, its become more convenient for him that everyone forgets the old ways. It gives him more room to do as he pleases without being discovered. Disappearances and the rise of the vampire species won't be pinned on him. Especially not when he enforces the new way. Yet, he says he was still bored. That that was the reason he wanted Ezra to be made. I think it was really because Ezra reminded him of his long deceased son. After Maurice was turned, his boy became a hunter. He tried to avenge his daddy's death, and Maurice regrets not having turned him before he lost him forever. My question to you is this: would you have me call the elder to rescue his newly adopted son from those who mean him harm? Or just let history repeat itself?"
"Go ahead," Abaddon says. "But do tell him to leave the hunters unscratched. I have plans for them, and they have Shade to thank for that. I don't appreciate the way he spoke to me. And as his way of making it up to me, I'm going to need those hunter friends of his." * * * * * * *
"Blythe says they're being followed." Shade grips the steering wheel. "Why did I listen to her? I should've gone with them."
"I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault. I don't plan on letting you out of my sight. I'm just saying I should've done something. Gone with them, drag you along-no I couldn't-" He sighs. "They're being followed."
"I don't understand why you're freaking out. Isn't this what you guys always do, and you always turn out okay? Why are you so worried now? Is there something you're not telling me?"
"No, I just have a bad feeling. You know what? You're right. They'll be okay. We should hurry. James should be alone by now."
The front door would've slammed in our faces if Shade hadn't pushed James back inside. He was beyond angry at seeing me, but more shocked at seeing the hunter by my side. My mother's ex protested as he was being shoved into his own living room, and I lock the door as Shade explains we just wanted to talk about his son. I had already listened and looked for any sign of Theo, Verin, but we didn't want any surprises. "What are you doing with her? If you know what she is, why are you still with her?" James eyes shifted from Shade to me. "Or didn't he know?"
"As fascinating as I am, we're not here to talk about me. This is about Theo. Do you know what I mean?" Shade steps protectively in front of me.
"Why are you asking me about my son?"
"You know why."
"Yet you show up with her?" James points a finger at me. "You're a hunter! Do your damn job! Or have you forgotten what that is?"
Shade makes to punch him, but I grab his arm, watching James reaction to my darkening eyes.
"We're a bit short on time, and as you can see, we're all up to speed on what I am," I tell him, but he has looked away.

"I tried so hard," he says, the energy just going out of him. "I keep trying, and I keep failing. I failed your mom, I obviously failed y-Theo. It's my fault my son is trapped with that thing."
"So you knew?" Shade shakes his head. "And you haven't done anything about it? You haven't tried to help him?"
"What am I supposed to do? He knows everything! He probably already knows you two are here! Why did you come? I can't help Theo! I can't do anything. Every time I do, I make a bigger mess of things. I keep failing everyone I care about, including you. Just look at you, Meena. Look at what He's making you become."
"Verin hasn't made me do anything. He's been trying to keep me in control but-what did you say about me? That you care? When have you tried to help me?"
He chuckles forcibly. "When? Tell me about the time you met Theo. How did it happen? What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw him?"
"Why are you asking her that? What did you do?" Shade asks, but James holds out a hand for him to stop.
"Let her answer. What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw Theo? How did looking at him make you feel?"
I play back that day in my head. I had hopped off the bar stool, and walked up the group of guys playing pool. Theo had his back to me, but as soon as he turned, I looked into those caramel eyes, James eyes, and "I felt like I've always known him. I trusted him right away. He made me feel safe. You did that?"
"Of course not. I never wanted you anywhere near my son. From the moment I saw you with him, I knew who you were. You look exactly like Evie, except for those damn eyes. Aiden's eyes. His poison running through your veins. I knew I had to get you away from my son, and what better way than by contacting one of your own to lure you away?"
Shade looks just as shocked as I feel. "You conjured up a demon to possess your son?"
"No! I called on someone to keep her away from him!" James yells. "I thought she'd connect with the demon and leave my son alone! When you introduced yourself to me, I thought that finally you had answered me. You had answered my call. But Verin wasn't after you, he was after Theo! He told me he had thought it would be funny to harm the one I had been trying to protect!" He starts sobbing and I look to Shade for something to say.
"All this started because Meena's mother chose Aiden over you?"
"I couldn't protect Evie from that demon! I couldn't make her see what he was, but I had to try. I had to make sure she was safe, that her child was safe. That the little girl that looked so much like her mother, who I still loved, wouldn't have anything in common with her father besides those eyes."
Shade looks back at me and I sink into the couch.
"The witches had shunned me even before I took the shadowed form. They didn't approve of my speeding up Theo's birth. I had been at a bad place and I just wanted my son. his mother's death was a surprise and an accident, but from the first time I held him, when I heard his cry, he eased that pain. I loved him since I learned of his existence, and although at that moment I could understand that Aiden could love his child as much as I loved my own, I had to make sure you wouldn't be like he was."
"So you tricked her into thinking you were her friend?" Shade asks, and James shakes his head at me.
"I was there every time you were afraid. Every time you cried out, I was there to make sure you were safe. I wouldn't leave your side until I saw you smile again. I helped you with the spirits, and showed you that you had nothing to fear from them. I broke so many rules to help you, to guide you into being good, and to make you understand that you could never give into that darkness inside of you. I protected you, I helped raise you, and I loved you like you were my own child-"
"-stop. Don't you even dare."
"It's all true. I know it's hard to believe that now, but why would I have stayed under that demon's roof, if it wasn't because I cared about you and your mother? I even helped you reject Abaddon when He-"
"-Abaddon?" I stand. Shade asks who that is, and I suck in air through my teeth. "Dominic?"
"How do you know that name? How can you remember Him? I made sure every memory of Him was-"
"-He's been here! He kissed me, and I remembered, and-oh my god. He's the same person. He's Death. He's been here this whole time! He's been with me-He has Verin collecting-He's-"
James clutched his mouth, and I couldn't stop muttering that Dominic is Abaddon is Death. Shade approaches me slowly, his gray eyes wary, and while looking into those eyes always distracted me from whatever happened to seem important at the moment, they weren't doing much but making it harder to breathe. The Mother had said she had seen his death. That was why his future had erased. He wouldn't have one. Because he had met me, and Abaddon had been after me since I had been born. But The Mother hadn't seen Shade's death.
If Maia was right, if Verin hadn't lied to her, Shade was a demon.
The Mother hadn't seen Shade's death.
She had seen him with Death.
And Shade had recognized Him.
I had brought Death directly to Shade, and He was coming for us both.

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#1taj39759VIPJul 16, 2015

YES!! i haven't read it yet I was just so excited to finally see this up!!

#2katwoman3Jul 16, 2015

Whoa, I didn't see James as the Shadow Man coming, that was a nice surprise! So Shade is a demon after all, eh? Kinda fits with his name. \:D Excellent story, can't wait for the next chapter! (Apologies for not commenting lately, it's been busy here...but I have been keeping up!)

#3freerealmsJul 17, 2015

SO MUCH JUST HAPPENED AND THIS CHAPTER JUST MADE EVERYTHING THAT I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND AS MUCH BEFORE TOTALLY CLEAR! Meena you might as well just let all of the secrets out and tell Shade that my beloved Verin is his brother. I personally am in love with both of the brothers but I guess I'm pulled into their charm. THEN Meena take Shade and just run like there is no tomorrow! Join a circus for a while! Just keep moving and don't trust anyone but each other cause as far as you know those other people could be demons being controled by Verin (love ya) or even worse Abaddon (love you too).

I just have to get this next part out of my system but if you've been reading all of my comments you'd know this is coming: MAIA YOU ARE DEAD! WHY IS IT EVEN WHEN YOUR DEAD YOU STILL MESSIN WITH MY BABY BOO LOVE TIME! I mean if Verin hadn't already killed you I would've gotten myself a chainsaw and gone all American Horror Stories on your butt! Better yet I'm gettin ghost busters on you!!! I don't care if you still loved him! He don't baby boo love you! I LAUGHED AT THE PART WHEN YOU REACHED YOUR HAND OUT TO HIM! You can no longer interfere so scram! Go be dead somewhere else! Know what! I'm just happy that your dead! ~Happy dance~

I have mixed feelings about Ezra's death (that's if he died cause I don't think it's clear). I was almost team Ezra but now that Shades back in the picture (PLEASE!) I really hope they killed Ezra. It be a bonus if they killed the old geezer vampire too! He the reason Ezra came up in Shade's house thinking he can take down a hunter/demon! Boy you must be crazy.

I always love reading your stories and I hope it never ends! I don't want it to end! I want Shade and Meena to be together in the end but I don't wanna lose Verin! Don't end it! \:\( ~cries~

#4WintersmithVIPJul 17, 2015

I KNEW IT! Shade's a demon! I can't wait to see where this is going and a bit sad because it's almost done.
This chapter made so much clear and I really enjoined it. Yes, there was much dialogue, but I didn't care, they were excellent. It made me forgot for a while I sit in this crappy wheelchair (broke my ankle). So, thanks again!

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