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First Update for May!

I know this is pretty short notice, I have the walls set to released tomorrow and the lot on Sunday. Like most of you guys, I've had problems getting on the site, so it took some days to finally get the sets uploaded. Here's some pics, hope you guys enjoy!


April Updates!

Here's a few updates for April. Just the robes for now, they're from the Kitchen & Bath Stuff Pack. You have to have the stuff pack for them to show up in your game. I'll probably end up with another update near the end of the month. I'm working on some residential lots and I have some more wall siding downloads to go along with them.

Also, I've updated my old wall files to include collection files. So if any of you guys like to keep your stuff organized with collection folders you can download those now.

I hope you all enjoy. Thank you all for downloading and commenting on my creations. I'm having trouble keeping up with the comments so I haven't been commenting back but I really do appreciate all the kind words and support!

Happy Simming! -Priscilla


Some Updates for March!

First off, I completely overlooked adding a blog entry of my last uploads at the beginning of the month. Since I like to have an entry for all my uploads with pics I'll include some pics at the end of this post.

Now for the current updates. I know a while back I said I probably wouldn't recolor anymore clothing but Cali95677 sent a very sweet message and requested some PJs for elders. It was a simple enough request but since most of the elder clothing that maxis offers isn't that great looking I decided to use an adult outfit. So I chose the adult pajama outfit from Glamour Life and recat it for adults and elders. I also decided to do some solid matching recolors of the male outfit and recat that to include elders too. I did solids for the males because some of the prints just didn't look right. Anyway, here's a pic below.

His & Her GL Pajamas for Adults and Elders

I'm also working on the robe outfits from Kitchen & Bath for children, teens, and adults/elders. So keep an eye out for those. I'll probably have them up starting at the beginning of April. I'm flying back home next week and will be gone for two weeks so I won't be able to finish them until I get back.

And last but never least here are some pics of my previous uploads. Remember the items below have already been published. So if you haven't downloaded them and would like to, check my downloads.

I recolored this door frame mainly because I used the columns in the Newport Cove lot and I wanted to have it on the site incase anyone needed to reupload it the future. 

Maxis-Daniel The Lionheart Door Frame

Soft Yellow Wall Set

Newport Cove 01Newport Cove 2


End of February Updates!

Here's some updates for you guys. I hope you enjoy them.

Remember, as always, the jewelry comes in two versions; Base Game and Bon Voyage.

Here's another lot for you guys. It has a very large courtyard in the middle of the lot with a pool and lots of flora. There's a home business above the garage. The master bedroom is large with a sitting area and a very big bathroom with a walk-in closet. There is lots of extras: clubhouse, billard/lounge area, hobby room, sunroom/reading room.  

Valentine's Day Update!

Hi guys! I know I haven't updated like I normally do and I'm sorry about that. I haven't been in much of a creative mood lately and I haven't played the game in some time. I do have some things I'm working on so instead of the normal monthly blog update I'll update as I upload the work.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I wanted to upload a jewelry set for your beautiful sim ladies. Remember there are two versions: Base Game and Bon Voyage. Here's a preview:

January Updates!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season! This month I don't have as many updates as I normally do. I haven't had much time to work on any sims projects. I'm having some medical issues that still haven't been resolved so the game and creating has been put to the side a little more than I had hoped.


First up are two sets of clothing. I think these may be my last outfits. I'm really not motivated anymore when working on clothing but if something pops up that I feel I just have to recolor I will. No promises though. This is a Base Game mesh. I've made them for Boys and Girls and now they're not only in Everyday but also in Outwear. Remember for them to appear in Outwear you have to have Seasons installed.

This next set is a Seasons mesh. I made this for Adults and Elders. They appear in Outerwear only. A little side note, if you have University all of my Adult recolors will appear for Young Adults also.

Below are two jewelry sets. Each set has two versions: one for Base Game and the other for Bon Voyage. This months sets are named for my two nieces Caitlyn and Gabrielle. They are sisters and are as different as two can be. Caitlyn is a 10 year-old girly-girl and a ball of energy. Gabrielle, called Gabbi by everyone, is an 8 year-old tomboy, shy and timid. Gabbi is also my God-daughter.

This next set is my first object recolor upload. I recolored these garage doors to go with some lots I've been working on. These are recolors of Windkeeper's Flat Garage Doors and require that mesh for them to appear in game.

It's been a long time since I've uploaded walls. This set I also made to go with some of my lot projects. I will upload the wall sets as I upload the lots I used them on. These will also include collection files for those of you who like using them.

Two more lots for your sims to call home. Here is Aubrey and Georgetown Cove. *Remember to Please download the lot file as a .zip file using the Green Arrow button!*

I hope you guys enjoy what I have for this month. Hopefully, I can start working on some new stuff for next month. Take Care! -Priscilla

Amberleigh Condo Updated!

I just updated my Amberleigh Condo. I never received any complaints but as I was playing the lot I noticed a few objects interfering with gameplay. I played it before I uploaded it but only for a few sim days, and since it was my first time playing an apartment lot I didn't notice all the issues. Here's a little preview with pics so you can see what the changes are. Sorry for the inconvenience!

December Updates!

It's that time again. This month there's a whole bunch going on. December is always a very busy time of year in my household, as I'm sure it is in yours also. For me, it is not only time to celebrate Christmas and New Year's but also time to celebrate some personal holidays. This month marks my 10 year wedding anniversary on Dec 5 to my wonderful, loving, and insanely funny husband. I really believe I lucked out big time when I met him...and, not to toot my own horn, but he lucked out big time when he met me too. LOL Then on December 18 I finally turn the big 3-0. Boy, how does time fly! On another note, not only do I have some great stuff going on this month but I also have some not so good stuff happening. Over the last four months I've had some medical issues and have had numerous doctor appointments. Hopefully, this month it will finally be resolved. I have another appointment on the 5th (yes, my wedding anniversary) I should find out then if they plan surgery or not and if so, when. I'll keep you guys updated.
Okay, enough about me. I changed my upload days to Monday and Friday. No reason in particular, it just worked out better for the amount of uploads I have this month. First up...I have two residential lots. They do have custom content and they will be free. Many thanks go to Illiana for explaining the rules for FA content and having the patience to help me with all my other questions. Also, there is one thing I'd really, really like for you guys to do when downloading my lots. Please download the file as a ZIP file using the green arrow. All my lots are fully tested in game...yes, I actually play them...pretty fun stuff there. And I individually test each lot install...not so much fun there. Needed to be done though. All lot files are clean. The lot file includes the lot only, no custom content. All the custom content is included separately in the zip for easy install. You shouldn't have any problems using the maxis installer when installing the lot if you so choose. Hopefully, this will make things easier for you guys. Here are the two lots for the month. Durham will be available for upload at the beginning of the month... ...and Charleston Place will be available near the end. Now for some clothing. The mesh for the outfit below was made by Cocomama at MTS2. She was very kind to give me permission to recolor her mesh and allow me to upload them here at TSR. So, when you head over there to download the mesh check out her other work and leave her a nice comment. These are catergorized as outerwear so you will need Seasons for them to show ingame. Next is one of the adorable children's outfit from the Free Time EP. They can be found in both everyday and formal. I really love this teen outfit from Apartment Life. I know there's several recolors already of this outfit but I hope that doesn't stop you from downloading mine as well. And the last outfit for the month is from the Nightlife EP, for adults. The jewelry collection for this month is in honor of my niece Bethanie. She's 9 years old and a total wild-child. She's very blunt and sometimes a little too mature for her age. She can be a little much for everyone sometimes but we all love her. She is also the younger sister of Hannah, my niece who died from Leukemia this summer. Bethanie is holding up very well and misses her sister a whole lot!
Wow, that sure is a lot, huh? Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy all my work this month. Happy Holidays!! ~Priscilla

November Updates!

I'm posting updates a little earlier than planned but I'm not expecting to have too many other opportunties over the next week to do it. I'm also completely bored out of my mind right now. So here we go... First, I want everyone to know that every Wednesday and Sunday I will have something up for download. I selected those days because they seem to have the least amount of uploads from other artist and so it might help me get a chance at one of the coveted featured slots on the front page. I've been very lucky to have had two sets featured so far; SS Child Sundress and Unisex SS Sweater sets. I know last month I said I wouldn't be using the regular patterns anymore but I had a little change of heart and decided to do one more set. I promise this will be the last one. Now for the new patterns. Ten only this time. This first set was a request from JLOtero (Jenna). I'm not much for request but I will take suggestions and this outfit I had planned to recolor anyway. So it all worked out in the end. This next set I decided to do because, like most of you have already noticed, there aren't many options for elders out there. That and I really couldn't pass up this very cute outfit from the Apartment Life EP. Then last but never least another jewelry set. Like all previous sets, one only requires the base game and the other requires Bon Voyage. This set is named for my niece Mary Rose. She's 21, on first impression very shy and quiet but after some time she'll talk your ears off. She is also the mother to a very cute and mischievous 21 month old little boy named Selden. On a side note of things to come... I've been working on building some lots but I won't upload any until probably December. I really want to play them to test them and I haven't had the chance yet. I don't want you guys to think I'm abandoning clothes though. I have a decent little list with about ten more outfits I have planned to recolor for all ages. Also more jewelry to come, maybe even some for the guys. I think that's about it guys and gals. Don't forget if you like what you see leave a comment or drop a line in my guestbook. Later...

October Updates!

First on the list is a new lot I've been tinkering with over the last week. It's a condominium so it requires Apartment Life. It's my first lot upload so be gentle! I had a lot of fun working on it so I might try a few more later on. Next are some outfits. The toddler outfits are for Seasons and they are unisex. I know some may not look so great on a little boy but I wanted to include them all as unisex. You can use SimPE or Wardrobe Wrangler to re-categorize them if you like. Also, I want to let everyone know these will be the last outfits using these textures and patterns. I have some new patterns I will be working with for future uploads. At least that's the plan! Last is a jewelry collection set. It will include two seperate sets. One for base game and one for Bon Voyage. This is in honor of my eldest niece Ashley. She's 21, a total sweetheart with a bubbly personality and one of my closest friends.

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