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Future of this profile

I am working on a TON of recolors and retextures. I recently download Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets pc game and will be tranfering some of the textures to the sims game. So look forward to that!!! All these textures are old (like from early 2000) but I'm literally going in and revamping it'll take a while. I'm not doing all, just the ones I feel like are awesome and can add something to the game. But trust me its still gonna be a lot. Right now I'm going through everything, so just sit tight. If you have any idea lemme know! <3 byyyeee

New walls coming soon

I have much more time for creating now and am excited to be adding more custom walls for the Sims 4.

Many of my walls have custom crown molding created by me to enhance their beauty.

I hope you enjoy my creations. As always I ask that you do not clone them, modify them, or upload them to any other sites claiming them as your own.


Content Creators, AKA- CC


 I am Marianne. I am from Canada. I LOVE the Sims game and have played since it first came out many years ago.

I am incredibly appreciative of all the work that the CC's do. I always try to say thank you to every person I download content from.

If I didn't say thank you, please note that it wasn't intentional and I am very thankful!! 

Thanks again!! <3 <3 <3 



what a blessing surprise to log in TSR today and see this huge milestone ♥ more than 250.000.000 downloads of our creations!!!  *wow*
Without your love, your appreciation, your lovely comments and support this milestone would never be possible to achieve!
We feel so blessed for having you near us :)
Please feel deeply embraced and feel also our sincere love!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for enjoying SIMcredible!

Much love in your way ...always ♥

Creation submissions

Hi guys! 


This is my first blog post with updates. From time to time I will be letting you know about changes in my creations. This week's update is about how often you can expect the new houses / community lots as well as some graphic changes. 


For first - THANK YOU  for 20k downloads. I would never expect that someone will like my lots that much when I started to create housing for sims back in the time when Sims 1 was popular. It means a lot for me, and actually encourages me to create more for you. The Sims 4 is such a great platform to create, and doing it for others give me a lot of joy and fun. 

Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I will be uploading 1 lot a week for a while. Until August/September I have a lot of travelling and personal things to do I cannot put more time into creating. Also some of the creations are also ready for a download after a week of me submitting it to the review team. This week I won't be able do nothing new as I travel abroad. Expect the new (modern) house lot by the end of next week or a little bit later (all depends when it's going to be approved for publishing). 

Lastly I uploaded a brand new banner and avatar to my profile to live up the appearance of my page. I hope you like it :).


That's it for now, and have a great week,

Caroll91 xx


Hello Everyone, Greetings From South Africa

I have decided to go on a 90 day no beard shave challenge.


Who's in?

King Wave Better Luck Next Time

Account recovered

wow... I finally have access to my account! 

a while ago I deleted the email I had connected to this account and then I forgot my password to TSR. So I had no way of resetting my password! 

Remade my email and now I have access, am really happy

Hope to be creating some new things again. Ugh, I'm so happy!! 

My First Post In March

Its a privilege to have my first post live on, ive tried some other sites but it didnt work and am better now mp3 it worked here.

If you have not noticed, you can  download Hate Them mp3 

Nasty c ft Young Thug mp3 download

Yelawolf – Mtn Dew Mouth Freestyle mp3 download

My stage name is Ellee Pandahouse

My stage name is Ellee Pandahouse. I was born August 31, 1981 in the United States of America. My mother died from smoking cigarettes when I was almost 20. My grandfather died when I was a year old. My grandmother died from bladder cancer when I was almost 31. I will not reveal my real name to you. Ever since I was 20 years old, I've had thoughts of getting married and having children and pets of my own in a cozy home. I am a college student who plans on becoming a voice actress, a model, a fashion designer, an author, and a lead singer of my own pop band called Drunk American Ninjas. If I become one of those celebrities that registered as self-employed, I will not get into illegal narcotics, ever. I grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits, ducks, geese and chickens. I'm not a vegetarian like one of my female cousins is. Hopefully I won't be. I sometimes go to a bar and drink alcohol except whiskey. I smoke whatever brand of cigarettes I can afford.I have some tragic news. My real older brother in real life is dead. He died January 12 this year. He had coronary artery disease. I don't remember how he had been diagnosed with from besides stress and high blood pressure. His wife told me that he had already been cremated. I went to his service at The Legion in Smethport, Pennsylvania, the town that I went to school at for 7th grade after getting out of Coudersport Elementary School that I went to for third through 6th grade after getting out of LL Smith School in Roulette, Pennsylvania which is now the human services of Potter County. I went to Cameron County High School for 8th grade and graduated from it at almost age 21. I'm going to miss my brother so much. He's in heaven with my mother and grandparents now.

Its been years...!

It's been years and here we are still loving The Sims Resource, its's CCs and Artists... :D I am thinking about creating another story line using Sims 4.. 

Modern Laundry Part 4, March 10th

Hi y'all,

Modern Laundry Part 4, is scheduled for publication on March 10, 2019. This Sims 3 set includes 10 new objects for the laundry, which are a workstation for the stackable washer and dryer, rolled bath towels, laundry detergent, oxi 28 stain product, rolling basket, a pile of clothes (for the rolling basket), spray stain remover, spray bottles with caddy, a trio of vintage containers and a trio of vintage containers that are recolorable.

I had a lot of fun creating the set and I hope you enjoy it! An updated/revised Modern Laundry collection folder ( is available for download at MediaFire, here.

Thanks for downloading my creations, I really appreciate it, and Happy Simming!

Carolyn a.k.a. Cashcraft


mooie broek

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 Hey All, will be available shortly Hogwarts at the races. but if you can't wait to see how it looks inside, waiting on your channel Shark Sim ( there you can see how it was built and more review :)



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New upcoming house for Sims 4

We are traveling to Dubai. Featuring a open concept plan with large rooms, a pool, a private study, 4 large bedrooms, lavish bathrooms, private terraces. The home is finished with marble flooring and stucco walls. Your Sims will love this Dubai inspired home I have created. Will soon be available here on TSR




 Started 19/02/2019 

I'm back!

Oh my gosh I finally have access to my account! 

Basically a while ago I deleted the email I had connected to this account and then I forgot my password to TSR. So I had no way of resetting my password! 

Remade my email and now I have access, whoooooo! 

Hope to be creating some new things again. Ugh, I'm so happy!! 



My PC crash last week and all of my creations I finished are gone. I am really sad about ii and I had a lot of work to do , to  create new once. It will take time to continue  and recreate all of my lost itms again. So please be patient. I will continue with new creations as fast as I can!

Any Amapiano Lovers?

Is There Any Way We can add Custom Amapiano Songs?


Kabza De Small Fan



Ariana Grande - 7 Rings




Working on a new TS3 house.

New house TS3

My best AC

Download for free at:


NOTE: USE cheats:
Type: testingcheats true
and then type:

Find it in: Paintings. Scroll down 'Inspirational Mouse Poster' recolor.

My 900+ Sims 2 Creations

Creator Name: ProwlerTylo/PTylo/Lyrea

The meshes I used for the majority of my Sims 2 creations have long since disappeared from the internet. Even with places to request these items, some of them have simply faded into non-existance. I did update some of my Sims 2 items through the years, but the enormity of the situation should not be lost on many. After speaking with a member of the TSR staff, I made the decision to have my Sims 2 items removed.

Between broken mesh links, missing meshes, and some items that have become broken for one reason or another (which I cannot fully explain), it has become increasingly difficult to support my Sims 2 items. I know that, with their removal, it might leave some people in a bind. It can be difficult when our favorite cc is suddenly gone and no where to be found. My Sims 2 items are still available in my Sims File Share Folder:

Other than the files being stored at SimsFileShare, I no longer have the work files, backups, or Sims 2 installed. If there are issues, I will always try to help get the item working, but I am limited in what I can do. So, I can only offer limited support regarding my Sims 2 items. I am sorry for any inconvience this might cause.



Looking for a creater.

I am wanting someone to create the anime sailor moon cc, like the hair and everything. please help me out!

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Last Day In January

How Did January Treat You?


Amanda Black Thandwa Ndim

My first post

Am really glad to write on this blog exactly the way i do on my own blog For SA Ent.

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Why Did January Run SO Fast

I dont know if anyone else noticed?

Middle Child By J COle

New Name, New Status, New Content!


I am formerly Eves_4216, but am now going by Kireina Sims. It is a new year, I have a new status and a new name! I will still be making K-Pop fanwear, but I will also be starting a new collection focused more on regular clothing, lingerie and other things that I enjoy personally! I am so excited to be bringing a new look to this page! 

Thank you so much to everyone involved in making me a Select Artist! I am so honored!! 

My First Post

Hi everyone? i'm King Monada Motho Kadi Bag from South Africa

I Hope To enjoy my time here

Country kitchen

Hello, in my Country kitchen, published on January 11, there was a small error, where had to be the file of the top cabinets, was the Barstool, I solved the error, if you want to download it again you can do it in the following link

I am very sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused, and I am very grateful to the people who warned me of the error. 



The Fox Ville

La Fox Ville


N E W L I P S !

 DOWNLOAD on my Blog:


Hey! I often make cc myself ... But I also upload cc that is not so popular but it deserves it! I do not want to be hated. If there is broken cc you can of course say it under the cc photo itself. But first I will test if it is not broken !! I hope you will have a lot of fun on this profile😋

Happy Holidays

Wishing All Of You A Wonderful Christmas Celebration




HAPPY HOLIDAYS  wish all of your a peaceful and happy CHRISTMAS and a great 2019, hope all of your wishes come true. Hugs matomibotaki

Latest News!^^ Happy Holidays^^

Hello friends !
I want to wish everyone happy holidays, and a very happy 2019.
At the moment I have too many clothes (and more) to highlight,
so I paused the lots, but I'll come back.
I follow my inspiration ^^
Kisses and for support thanks!

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Future of this profile New walls coming soon Content Creators, AKA- CC milestone Creation submissions Hello Everyone, Greetings From... Account recovered My First Post In March My stage name is Ellee Pandahouse Its been years...! Modern Laundry Part 4, March 10th broek Tips to choose the best heavy... Hogwarts Buy Tactical Gear DOWNLOAD LATEST MUSICS, READ... New upcoming house for Sims 4 Started I'm back! PC CRASH Any Amapiano Lovers? Ariana Grande - 7 Rings Hello! Hello! My best AC My 900+ Sims 2 Creations Looking for a creater. Leather camera case store Last Day In January My first post Why Did January Run SO Fast New Name, New Status, New Content! My First Post Country kitchen The Fox Ville N E W L I P S ! Welcome Happy Holidays HAPPY HOLIDAYS Latest News!^^ Happy Holidays^^
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