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Submit to TSR

Read more on how to use the TSR v6 submission system in this forum thread. And start to submit by going to the submission page (please login before clicking the link).

Status update

Subscribers have now been credited 7 days to make up for the glitches and missing features that may still be experienced in v6. Other updates: If you are a submitter with creations published on TSR, you can now change the category for it if needed: find one of your creations, click "More info" and then "Edit category". Edit the current category, or add a new one if needed. We have also changed the free content today!

TSR 6 updates

Phew! We've had some hectic days here updating the site and fixing missing features. I'm happy to inform you that most of what was malfunctioning or missing is now corrected.

To name a few of the popular requests that we have fixed are:

- You can now view 75 items per page by selecting Detailed XL from the sort dropdown. This selection is remembered when you browse subcategories or pages in a category (for example sets). When you select a new item category from the top menu you will have to make this selection again.
- The profile pages now list all latest creations the way it used to, seperated into categories and links to view a specific category for that artist.
- There are now highly visible links to view all or view only free items on all download pages. The link to view all free content for Sims 1 or Sims 2 is now also available from the frontpage. You can then select a category and continue to only view free items there.
- The weekly updates page has returned and is linked to from the index page.
- Categories are now back in the artist toplists.
- You can now view all items that belong to a set without getting them in a popup.
- You can now download your own items again.
- You can now search by lot numbers.
+ A myriad of other small bugfixes and features.

Some things that we are aware of and working on are:

- Highlighting the categories such as adult, young adult, teen, underwear etc in the clothing categories.
- Categorizing all objects and lots and anything else that is not yet categorized.
- Making it possible for artists to categorize their creations themselves if their creations is either not categorized or placed in the wrong category.
- Improving the search to be more accurate and include more search fields such as creator, creatorid etc.
- The new and vastly improved submission system, hopefully going live asap.

We will all take a break over the weekend and continue to work on the above during next week. In the meantime, enjoy the new site and happy holidays to you all!

/The TSR team

Submissions Suspended.

We have temporarily suspended submissions to the site. This is to allow us to move over to a new and greatly improved submission system which incorporates the new category feature, as part of our Version 6 upgrade. Submissions will open up again before the weekend. We may change the 3 day hold to allow items to be published as soon as we have checked them, to enable us to publish new content quickly. A news post will be made when submissions have reopened. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it will be worth it in the long run!

TSR Version 6 Launches!

After much work, the latest release of The Sims Resource is now up and running, although we may have some teething problems as we open up more servers. We hope that you'll like the new features and some major improvements to the site in general.

New features include:
- Categories, which make navigating to specific download types quick and easy, by rolling through the option in the download tab.
- When viewing Sets you can now see the items included from a convenient dropdown.
- Featured Artists now have Mini Sites, so be sure to visit your favorites to see their Blog, check out upcoming releases and maybe even add their news to your own RSS feeds!
- Improved Index Page design with collapsible Archives.
- Both Sims 1 and Sims 2 content are now accessible from the same site (no longer separated).
- Other back-end features will greatly improve the use of the site, such as increased server capacity and compression.
- Greatly improved Submission System which incorporates the new Category features.

We hope that you enjoy browsing and using the new site! If you find any bugs or experience any problems with the functionality of the site, please report them here. Please be patient with us as we deal with the technical issues that are bound to crop up during the coming days.

TSR welcomes ChazDesigns!

We are happy to announce ChazDesigns as our next Featured Artist. Be sure to check out his portfolio and please give him a warm welcome in his guestbook!

TSR welcomes MissyZ!

We are proud to announce MissyZ as our latest Featured Artist. She's well known for her TSRAA alliance initiative, but she's nonetheless one of the most skilled architects around! Please give her a warm welcome in her guestbook.

Friday Updates

Due to the relatively small amounts of submissions we now receive for The Sims 1 we have set the database to automatically publish any submitted content on a Friday. This means that there will only be one update per week. Files are still submitted as per the submission guidelines.

Halloween Competition Winners.

Halloween, and time to announce the winners of our Haunted House Competition! We had a fairly good response to this one with 53 submissions and as usual, the quality is high! Spooky homes were the order of the day, and although, sadly, we had a couple of invalid entries due to missing custom content or blatant breaches of the rules, we have narrowed it down to 5 fantastic Lots for you to drop into your game and share with your Sims. The winning Lots will be free for a while so be sure to grab them today.

So, the winners of the Haunted House Submissions are:

1st - Haunted Pyewicket Cottage by galilea who wins a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
2nd - Shadow Hill by Vanilla Sim who wins a 1 Year Subscription to TSR
3rd - The HAUNT by greeksim who wins a 6 Month Subscription to TSR
4th - Deadwood Hill by hatshepsut who wins a 2 Month Subscription to TSR

Congratulations to them for winning, and thanks to all of the creators who took part!

All of the submissions can be downloaded from the TS2 Residential Lots Database now. More competitions coming soon!

TSR welcomes Sunair!

We are very happy to announce the well known Sunair as our latest Featured Artist. She has been submitting regularly to TSR now for a while and I'm sure we all look forward to see more from her! Give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes Reavoye!

We are happy to announce Reavoye as our latest Featured Artist. Please give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes MsBarrows!

We are happy to announce MsBarrows as our next Featured Artist. Check out her latest creations and be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

New on TSR - Modular Stairs

Thanks to Cyclonesue, TSR can now bring our subscribers (to start with) modular stairs for their Sims. Check the first set out here. Also make sure to read the special "Installation Instruction" on how to install the stairs. Credit also to Brasstex (MTS2) for pioneering the method for modular stairs.

TSR welcomes Mutske!

We are pleased to welcome Mutske as our new Featured Artist. She is a long time submitter of high quality here at TSR and we hope you will give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

Cheats & Strategy Updates

Our TS2 Cheats and TS2 Strategy pages have been updated to include new information from Nightlife. Loads of new cheats were added to assist movie makers, but can also enhance gameplay if you like to make life easier on yourself! Check them out today. There are several pages of Strategy Guides, just follow the links on the left from here.

TSR welcomes SolanderCGN!

We are happy to announce SolanderCGN as our next Featured Artist. I'm sure you're all as excited as we are to see his coming creations here at TSR. Be sure to give him a warm welcome in his guestbook!

TSR welcomes JewelRolls!

We are happy to announce JewelRolls as our next Featured Artist. Check out her latest skins and be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR welcomes Milla M!

We are proud to welcome Milla M as our next Featured Artist. You probably have many of her creations already and noe you can look forward to many more! Be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

Nightlife shipped in North America!

North Americans will be excited to know that Nightlife was shipped today! Read the press release here.

People on the forumshave beenreporting that some stores started selling the game today. If you have been out hunting for it and haven't had much luck, hang in there... it will definitely be there within the next day or two! Pre-orders were also shipped today, so be on the lookout for the deliveryguy (or gal)soon!

TSR Newsletter 3 is on it's way - Configure your spam-blockers

Issue 3 of the TSR Newsletter is currently being sent out to our members who have selected to accept the Newsletter in their preferences (as of 2 days ago). Please note though, that if you use a spam-blocker for your e-mail account, you need to add The Sims Resource to your allowed senders list. If your spam-blocker allows it, set it up to accept all e-mails from If you need to enter the full e-mail address, please add - and while you are there also add and as well.

Where are the new submissions?

We are doing some changes to the Sims 1 submissions system, that's why we haven't had any new downloads the last week. We have a pile of new items in the pipeline though, and they will soon be published.

Technical Difficulties

Update: All download problems should have been solved now. We are very sorry for all the inconveniance these problems have caused you.
There seems to be a problem with downloads right now! The techies have been notified and they will be able to look into the problem when it is morning over in Europe.

We are sorry about the inconvenience and your patience is appreciated! Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon!

TSR welcomes iZazu!

We are happy to welcome iZazu as our latest Featured Artist. Many of you already know her excellent work as an architect, but please give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

Submissions through FTP accepted again

The FTP server where you can upload submission files larger than 7 MB (the limit for HTTP upload) is now back up. However, you need to re-apply for this: follow the link from the submissions start page. Please note that you only need FTP if you have files that you can't upload using the normal HTTP upload (browsing for the file on you computer).

Hardware upgrades

The problems we are experiencing with the site is due to our ongoing hardware upgrades. We hope to have a stable environment for you all as soon as possible (if not already). In the meantime, all subscribers have been given one extra day to make up for the problems we've had so far today. Once everything is in place the site should be faster in all aspects, something to look forward to!

Upcoming changes to site

We are working on version 5.2 of TSR and this release will include the following (not mentioning everything, only the major changes):

- A new database structure that will allow for categories. All downloads will be categorized over a period of time into categories such as object types, clothing types, gender, age etc.

- New hardware upgrades. To make sure the environment remain stable we will/are installing new hardware to create a more stable site then ever before.

- Final beta and release of the new Wizard. The new version installs like a program on your computer and can be used off-site to create download queues, view all your installed content and more. If you haven't already you should (if you are a subscriber) try out the current beta version.

- Tryout version of the Wizard. We will make it possible to try the Wizard on a selected number of items for non-subscribers, so you can decide for yourself whether or not it is worth the cost.

Those are the major changes, there are many more fixes/additions bing made to areas such as the submission system, login, downloads etc. If you have suggestions for changes you'd like to see, feel free to send them to us through the feedback form.

TSR Previews Nightlife & Consoles

Steve has recently been to both EA UK and EA Redwood Shores to get some hands on time with both Nightlife and the Console, Handheld and Mobile versions of Sims 2.
To get his opinion on these, and for some new information and exclusive screens, check out the Nightlife preview, and the Console, Handheld & Mobile previews today!

TSR Celebrates 6 Years!

During the weekend of August 19th to 21st, TSR will be celebrating its 6th Birthday! To celebrate we will be setting almost 20,000 files to free and will have tons of prizes to give away in our Survey Prize Draw. TSR Staff and Featured Artists will be in the Chat Room during the weekend too. More details can be found here.

TSR welcomes Fairysunlight!

We are happy to announce Fairysunlight as our latest Featured Artist. Be sure to check out her latest creations and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook.

Glitch in publishing system

You may have noticed that no new items were published yesterday. This problem was due to a problem on one of our servers. All items scheduled for publishing yesterday have been published today. We are very sorry for any inconveniance this may have caused!

TSR welcomes Lola!

We are proud to announce Lola as our next Featured Artist! Go check out her portfolio and be sure to welcome her in her guestbook!

TSR Sims 1 Content Changes

We are working on some substantial changes to Sims 1 content here at TSR. If you are thinking about subscribing to TSR purely for Sims 1 content, we advise that you hold off until further notice.

Sims 2 Content Manager released!

Having trouble with custom content? Perhaps The Sims 2 Content Manager can help! The Sims 2 Content Manager is a simple tool that allows you to view modified content added to your game. You can then enable, disable or delete the content from this tool, and have this reflected in The Sims 2 game and its expansion packs. The Sims 2 Content Manager Tool can also be used to determine where you found pieces of content on The Sims 2 Exchange. You must have The Sims 2 installed to use this tool.

Go grab yourself a copy today by going to The Sims 2 Official Website or go directly here!

New challenges brewing in the forums!

The object of these challenges is to have each 3-member team build a house room-by-room. Teams are assigned randomly, and communicate in the forums. For each round, the size of the lot and house are pre-determined, as are the number of steps required to finish the house and a specific time frame. The challenge ends with the house fully furnished, with maxis items only, and landscaped with front and back yards.

When the time is up the threads are closed, and a poll is posted for every to vote on the creations. Then a new round is announced, and the fun will start again.

These challenges are designed for both versions of the game, Sims 1 here and Sims 2 here. We hope to see you there!

TSR welcomes Waverly!

This is long overdue, but we are happy to announce Waverly as our next Featured Artist. Everyone check out her latest creations and give her a warm welcome in her guestbook!

TSR Newsletter Issue #1

The first TSR Newsletter is being delivered to all members (who have their preferences set to allow them) during today. It's a slow process, with mails being sent in alphabetical mail address order, starting with A. Please keep an eye on your inbox and have a read. It includes news, game tips, stats, featured content, an interview and a free prize draw. If you have a spam filter, you may need to allow mail from Comments and suggestion here please!

Glasses renamed to Accessories

Per request, the category Glasses has now been renamed Accessories. So if you're looking for those glasses for your Sims, look no further than under Accessories.

Changes to TSR's content publishing process.

We have made some changes to our methods of publishing content here at TSR in a way that we hope to greatly improve the service we provide for both downloaders and creators.

You can read the full details in the forums here. Feel free to comment.

TSR welcomes Simaddict99!

We are happy to announce Simaddict99 as our next Featured Artist. Be sure to give her a warm welcome in her guestbook and check out her latest creations!

Landmark Competition Winners

After some delay we are happy to announce the winners of the recent Community Lot competition. The objective was to create a famous landmark within the game. We had several submissions for TS2 but only a handful of submissions for TS1 (5 different creators in fact), so we decided to add extra prizes to the competition making them all winners! Some very nice recreations were submitted and shared for your Sims to have some interesting places to go visit downtown. So, on to the good stuff...

Winners of the Sims 2 Submissions are:

1st - Sydney Opera House by Chcknmn297 who wins a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
2nd - Larnach Castle by luvs10s who wins a 1 Year Subscription to TSR
3rd - Fallingwater Community Centre by MissyZ who wins a 6 Month Subscription to TSR
4th - Hampton Court Palace by Samharr01 who wins a 2 Month Subscription to TSR
5th - Mausoleum at Halicarassus by Whitefolks who wins a 1 Month Subscription to TSR

Winners of the Sims 1 Submissions are:

1st - Hampton Court Palace by 17mars who wins a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
2nd - The Erechtheion by Mr2capone who wins a 1 Year Subscription to TSR
3rd - Jamestown Frontier Village by terri1nd who wins a 6 Month Subscription to TSR
4th - The Marlborough Maze at Blenheim by JohannaC who wins a 2 Month Subscription to TSR
5th - Waitangi Marae by Bratcat who wins a 1 Month Subscription to TSR

Congratulations to them for winning, and thanks to all of the creators who took part!

All of the creations can be downloaded from the TS2 Community Lots Database and the TS1 Unleashed Lots Database now. More competitions coming soon!

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