Forgotten Redemption: Chapter 7
Published Apr 18, 2009

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Hi Everyone!
Well, this is the seventh chapter of Forgotten Redemption, a long one too. I just managed to make this an entire chapter, one more picture and it would have been two parts XD. I also have a new poll put today. It's about Forgotten Redemption and the characters. Whether its for kudeos or you just like these stories, it would be great if you could vote :). Hope you like this chapter! Read on...

Hi Everyone!
Well, this is the seventh chapter of Forgotten Redemption, a long one too. I just managed to make this an entire chapter, one more picture and it would have been two parts XD. I also have a new poll put today. It's about Forgotten Redemption and the characters. Whether its for kudeos or you just like these stories, it would be great if you could vote :). Hope you like this chapter! Read on...
Cold tears ran down my cheeks. I didn't know why. I didn't know where I was. I felt cold and numb. I wanted to collapse on my knees. I wanted to disappear. I wanted to cry, but I didn't know why I wanted to... Loud, whispy voices screamed unknown words at me in my head "No, please, stop!" I found myself yelling at them "I'm sorry, please, I'm sorry, no...!" "I warned you, but you didn't listen, you silly girl. There is a reason why things are the way they are. Are you scared of him? Does he make you want to run away in fear? Do you still want him? Can you stand to look at him anymore?!" hte noe atth acn vneer eb lvoed mtus eb lvoed ot reakb hte urcse... My eyes flung open wide. I quickly sat up trying to breath. I felt sweat on my forehead and my lungs begging for more air. I looked around in caution. No, it was just a dream...or a nightmare. Another one. I had another dream a day before I went to see the Howatths again. Only that dream was different. The dream was me walking towards the Howarth home and then I fell into one of the cracks in the cement. That dream wasn't as vivid or real as this one had been. This dream was in so many ways both chilling and strange. I felt as though there was no hope. It had strange voices, a language I didn't understand or recongise and people I didn't know either. I felt frightened by those thoughts. But I don't think mum would want me worrying so much about these dreams. I mean, they didn't even exist. She would want me to forgot about it and knwo that it would never come true. 'Dreams can tell us things, give us messages we may never understand in the present day, but they can help us in the near future...' Those words of my mum echoed in my head as I lay back down and pulled the quilt over my shoulders. I fell back into a peaceful, dreamless sleep. The next day I went over to Howarth's when Holly went out with her boyfriend. I still found it hard to believe she had a boyfriend. I mean she's had a lot of them before but her last relationship she wanted to keep going. The guy she was dating dumped her for a lawyer at his work. She was pretty upset after that. She's now dating a guy named Richard and I'm not sure what his job is, something to do with politics I think. She really want- "Hi!" I quickly looked up. I felt my eyes widen slightly. Lilly slid down the banister of the staircase. She landed perfectly when she reached the floor. I suddenly noticed she was in her plant form -that's what I called it. I noticed that when she's in that form she's a lot more playful and a lot less stressed. She was almost a free spirit.
"Uh, Lilly, how did you turn into a plant?" I asked. She smiled. "At school we were watching a tradgic romance film, I forget the name of it, and I began to cry at one part. And well I got extremely upset and poof!" - she threw her arms up in the air to emphisize - "Good thing it was dark though otherwise goodbye to their memories! My excuse was the toilet because I was crying so much. I called Paul and he came to pick me up. It was period six so I was excused to go early. Paul had a reason for my skin being green. He said I was in the drama peformance. Worst part of it though was he started flirting with the front office woman. Ewww!" I blinked a few times before I began laughing. I thought the last bit was funny, because for some reason I could see Paul doing that. Lilly giggled slightly "I guess it's funny now, but at the time it was embarressing! I should change back now" Her skin turned pale and the markings around her eyes inked through again. "You and your lame excuses." I think that was Ryan. "Oh yeah, well at least I wasn't the one flirting with Stephine!" And that was definantly Dylan. The two of them were fighting again, at least if was verbal fighting "What in the world are you talking about?!" Lilly sighed "They're at it again." "What are they argueing again?" I asked. She turned back to me "There's this thing called 'the line'. 'The line' is the boundry line that seperates Dykan's group, or as they call themeselves "The Gang", from the rest of the school. Everyone at school is affraid of them because they have a reputation for being mean and nasty to anyone who gets in their way. But anyway, at lunchtime, Ryan was going to his locker and he crossed 'the line'. Stephine was near his locker for no apparent reason. She started flirting with him. The Gang noticed he crossed 'the line'. And they also saw the flirting as the other way 'round, Ryan flirting with Stephine. Seeing that as his excuse, they confronted him and Steph ran away. Of course Dylan and Ryan went into a fight and Ryan came out victorious. Now, I guess you could say they are-" There was a sudden cracking sound. it sounded like the cracking of wood. I immeditaly got concerned. Lilly and I both turned towards the living room. "Great, now your breaking the floor! What's next, the ceiling?!" I heard Ryan shout. I slowly walked in. I looked down and saw a small crack in the floorboard nearest Dylan's foot. "Don't you even start!" he yelled back "Well at least I can control myself. And at least no one neglected me when I turn into my -" He stopped mid sentenced when he noticed me. I felt speechless. I didn't knwo what to say "I, um..." Ryan's expression crumpled into pain. I smiled nervously trying my best to reasurre him. "Ugh, I'm outta here!" The whole house shook as Dylan slammed the door. "Dylan?" I felt the concern reach my face. I walked over to the sliding door opening it and walking outside. He collapsed next to Lilly on the sofa "I nearly said it." he manage to get out. Lilly tried ot smile but it never came "Yeah, nearly. But you didn't. If you did, I don't know what would have happened." He fell silent. He couldn't get over the fact he nearly said it. If he had said Maledictioforma then it would have been over. "I think she can change him." He was snapped out of his thoughts. He looked back to Lilly "Huh?" "Samantha, I think she can change Dylan to become a better person. i think she can help him to control his anger and give him a second chance." "I don't think so," he said "Dylan is impossible as it is." Lilly smiled "No, I think she can do it. She's given me hope. She's given me hope that...there might be a chance that he'll forgive me. She's given me a hope that deep down he still loves me as his sister." He felt a smile coming across his face. She helped him too. Everytime he was around her he felt different. He didn't feel pressured or cursed. he felt carefree and normal. She helped him to feel normal when he knew deep down he could never be. He ignored those thoughts that told him that he could never be normal. She had helped him too "She's an angel..." he mummered more to himself. Lilly heard him and looked at him bewildered "What did you just say?!" "Damn that bird boy..." I heard Dylan muttered under his breath. I slowly approached him "Dylan, are you-" "What?!" he said frustraited. He turned around. I gasped when I saw his cheek "Dylan, your hurt." He sighed heavily and the skin regrew over the scratch mark. His angry expression fell to an expressionless face "Had it since I got home...Thanks" He faintly smirked. "But, why are you so concerned about me?" he asked after a few seconds. I felt the concern still on my face. After a moment I responded to his question "Because your one of my friends, and friends always look out for each other. I get very concerned when a friend is hurt and when ou get hurt, I really want to help in any way I-" I stopped mid sentenced. From the corner of my eye I caught something from behind Dylan's shoulder. "What? What are you staring at?" he asked as he turned in the direction of my gaze. Immediatly he ran towards the laying figure on the beach. "Lilly, Ryan, Paul! Quickly!" I shouted as I ran towards the figure. I heard the door open behind me "What is it?!" I heard lilly call out. "Is there somethign wrong?!" Ryan asked. When I reached the figure I gasped. Is that a... ...mermaid? I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times. I wasn't imagining things. I was really seeing things. That was a mermaid. Could she be a Howarth? Paul arrived saying "Stand back..." We all shuffled to one side while he went on the other. He squatted down next her. His eyes widened "Is that a rash on her face?" He slowly turned her over. I felt my eyes widen at the site. Sploches of red cover her face arms shoulders and stomach. Paul looked shocked "Selen..." She must be a Howarth. From the corner of my eye Lilly looked very worried. "Is she okay?" Lilly slowly asked. He reached out and touched her rash covered skin. "Her skin feels dry, that's not the best sign. Her skin is usually moist when she's a mermaid. It's definatly a rash though. She should be okay as long as we keep her wet somehow." "We better get her inside." Ryan suggested. Paul nodded "Yeah, before anyone else see's her." A FEW MOMENTS LATER...
"There, she should be okay." Paul said with a small smile. "Don't you think we should have moved her to the bathtub?" Lilly asked. Paul shook his head "I think the reason she beached to shore was because the water was hurting and irritating the rashes. If we put her in the bath it would only hurt her more. She can last without water for about an hour. Well, it's a good thing she left some of her clothes here last time she came to stay. We'll let her have some privacy so she can changed when she reverts to human."
"How do you suppose she got the rash?" Lilly asked concerned. Paul shrugged "Who knows?" "So, Selen is another Howarth?" I asked. Ryan turned to me "Yeah, she's our aunt and Paul sister. We haven't seen her since..." Ryan went into thought then after a moment said "Actually," - turned his gaze towards Lilly - "when was the last time we saw her?" "I think it was when it was Paul's birthday." Paul's face lit up "Yeah, I remember! Man, that was good party, dancing and everythign.But that was five months ago." Lilly looked worried again "Five months, that is a long time. Now, she has this rash. What if it's the Magician's doing? "What if he told her to do something and because she didn't do it he made her sick? You know, a sick curse if there is such a thing." The Magician could do that? If it was him, what was it he told her to do? Did he do this to any of the other Howarths? Those sort of questions ran in my head. I decided to not ask about what Lilly had just said and what she meant thinking it might bring back bad memories for everyone. "You know, for once, I think she might be right." Dylan said. Paul turned his attention to Dylan, a serious expression on his face. For some reason, that sort of look didn't suit Paul at all "If she's right then we have to find a witch doctor." "A witch doctor?" I asked curiously. I haven't heard of them before. Paul turned to me "The Magician isn't the only magical being in this world. There's witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcereress' and witch doctors. Witch doctors are decendants of witches but chose to follow the way of nature. They make medicines, contact with nature and help protect the wilderness from harm. Unlike the other magical beings, they try to help people who are under a spell or curse. That's why they make medicines and cures. Unfortunatly, the witch doctor that lives around here doesn't have a cure for our curse. It's all in that book I gave you a week ago." As hard as most would find to believe it seemed to make sense. I mean, if you have a magician and a cursed family then there must be other people and things out there that are mythical. My thoughts changed back onto the current situation with Selen "I'll do my best to help Selen in anyway I can. I promise." "Your too kind, Sam" Ryan said with a smile. "I really appreicate your concern..." We all turned our heads to the source of the voice. "Selen!" Lilly exclaimed. She looked so happy like she won the lottery or something. "Lilly, long time no see." Lilly rushed up to her and hugged her. I felt surprised to see she hadn't changed "Lilly, you didn't change!" They broke away from their hug and came to back to the rest of us "Oh, I didn't tell you? I don't change when I hug someone else who is cursed!" Lilly said with a smile. Selen came over to me. She smiled warmly at me "Really, thank for your concern. I guess you knwo who I am, Selen. And I suppose your Samantha?" "The one and only" Ryan then spoke up. I felt myself blush at that. "It's, eh, nice to meet you," I quickly said. She turned to Paul "I can't believe how long it's been. Five months I think, or six..." "Five months, my birthday if you'll recall." "That's right your thrity four now aren't you?" Huh? Paul was thrity four? He looked like he was in his twenties, is aging a part of the curse to? I decided to ask "Um, excuse me-" "I see something..." Paul looked into the eyes of Selen. He must be getting a vision "I see, you and Samantha...walking in the markets, and you're ordering no drink, and Samantha is asking for some water...." Selen looked thoughtful "Hmm, is that right? Well lets see it he's right; because I was just about to ask Samantha if she wanted to go somewhere." I felt nervous all of a sudden but quickly responded "Oh, I, um, sure!"
I showed her to a bar-cafe Lucy took me to three days ago. They had really good tea. But the only problem is I forgot the name of the place. At least I remembered where it was and what it looked like.
"I'll have a water" I told the bartender as he walked past. "Right, mon. And you?" he asked Selen. He had a Jemacan accent, I think. She shook her head "Nothing, thank you." He walked off. Selen began to laugh "He got it right! Paul always gets it right!" I giggled. He was right, again. After our laughter had died down I asked her "So, if you're a mermaid, then does that mean that if your skin comes into contact with water your'll transform?" She nodded "That's right. Any water that get splashed on me I turn into a mermaid. I cna tell you now, it isn't easy when you have to take a shower or bath. And I can't go to the pool which I gues is a real shame because I use to love swimming with two feet. And as for the rash" -her expression changed to something much more serious -" well, the Magician forced me to to spill oil off an oil tanker. I said wouldn't do it. As a result, I have this rash everytime I turn into a mermaid. I'm here for two reasons. One, because I need to get to a witch doctor and two, I'm sure you can guess it." She smiled. I didn't know what the last reason could be so I just shook my head. She frowned "You don't know? Lily didn't tell you?" I shook my head again "Tell me what?" "It's her birthday in a five days, September 16th." "Really?!" Perhaps that was a bit too loud, but I was really shocked and surprised. Why didn't Lily tell me it was her birthday? Maybe she was going to tell me but we got destracted when Dylan and Ryan were fighting. I'd have to buy her a present. But wait, that means it's Dylan birthday to, after all they are twins. I'd have to find him something as well. "Tell me, are Ryan and Dylan still fighting?" Selem asked knocking me out of train of thought. I nodded sadly "Yes." "Do they do it everytime they see each other?" she then asked. "Not all the time," I said "Lilly told me that they don't fight like they use to. Apparently it's eased off more then they use to." "That's good, because everytime they would see each other it would be awful. I wonder why they've eased off?" "There you go, mon" "Thank you" He walked off again. From the corner of my eye he went towards a customer who was complaining about the drink she just got. I focused back on Selen "I'm really sorry to be asking you these questions," she said nervously. "No, it's okay. It's only natural for an aunt to know what's going on with here nieces and nephews." She looked down at her lap sadly "I worry about Lilly so much... "I worry because I don't know what will happen to her next. And I sometimes blame myself for my sister-in-law leaving her children, Lilly and Dylan. For me, the curse is leaving those you love so you won't hurt anymore, but that only hurts you so much more. My sister-in-law felt so sad, depressed and alone when the curse was in flected on her family. She wasn't born of my parents so she wasn't cursed, only Howarths are. But the children with Howarth blood in them are cursed. My brother, her husband and Lilly's father, he died five years before the curse was brought upon the Howarth's. So, you could see that without her husband by her side she suffered without him when the curse came. Everyone blamed it on Dylan wehn they found out from the Magician. We all hate him. I still care about him, but I still can't help but feel that hatured towards him for everythign he has caused..."...I was speechless. I knew Dylan wasn't liked by most people and I think lilly may have told me this before, but I never knew his whole family could hate him for one mistake. A big mistake that was only a child's curiousity. "Sometimes," I said finally finding the right words to say "people forget that it wasn't their fault that something happen. My mother told me this lesson when I was a child. It's not your fault and it's not Dylan's fault that his mother became the way she did. In life people make their own choice. Dylan's mother decided to something I think any mother would regret, leaving her child. But at the time she couldn't see clearly what she was doing. Just know that it wasn't anyones fault that she left. Dylan never intentional wanted his family to become cursed, he was just a child with curiousity. It would only be his fault if he got his family cursed on purpose. But he didn't. He never meant it." Selen looked both shocked and sad at the same time. Oh, I did it again. I said something wrong. "I, um, I so sorry, if I-" "No it's okay, it's fine!" Selen said with a brief smile "It's just...I'm not use to talking about such serious stuff. And I'm also not use getting advice. But I...thank you. Really, thank you so much. Your too kind to someone like me." "What? Oh, no I try my best to help..." I smiled at her. She smiled back. Wait, what's the time? looked at the clock haning on the wall in the bar. Oh no, Holly would be home in an hour "I,eh...I'm sorry but I have to go. My aunt will be home in an hour and I have to be there when she arrives." Selen's face fell "Oh, okay. Your aunt is lucky to have a niece like you. And it was great to meet you to today." "Same here" I said standing up with a smile. She stood up to. She brought me into a gentle hug. I hugged back "Thank you, so much" she mummered. I pulled back still smiling "I'll see you tommorow if your staying here" "Yes, I am. Well, I guess I should let you go. I'll tell the others you left for your aunt. Bye" I really like meeting Selen, she was a nice and good person. I could tell she really cared about what happened to her family. And in a family that is cursed that is exactly what they needed.
(Another chapter of Forgotten Redemption finished. I'm gonna be said when I have to finish this story :(. Oh well, in the mean time I'm having a lot of fun doing them. So, don't forget about the poll and if you have time I'd love to hear what you have to say about this chapter. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Keep siming and cratting ;)) -Warrayfinson P.S A very short preview of the next chapter on the next page! ------>
I felt something brush past me but I couldn't see it. Just then the door slammed open. I gasped and looked away. I dared another glance.

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#20MotoDApr 20, 2009

super cool , this is a great series!\:D

#21JillebethVIPApr 20, 2009

I am really enjoying this story and look forward to more.  You do a great job.

#22Aurora_UApr 21, 2009

Amazing! I really love Selen, she's so beautiful \:wub\:

#23eliexielApr 21, 2009

great chapter!!!!!!!!!

#24NadakioApr 22, 2009

Amazing story ;]

#25fabrizioammolloApr 23, 2009

Excellent job, I can't wait for more...

#26justvexApr 26, 2009

\:wub\: Amazing chapter. \:rah\:

#27cep1247Apr 28, 2009

Another great chapter! thanks for sharing!\:\)

#28WandaJBowenApr 30, 2009

Amazing story!\:wub\:  Loved it!\:wub\:

#29Howling_ReaperAug 12, 2009

Can't help but to compare this to Fruits Basket (Furuba) anime/manga, 'couse it's so much alike. But I love it. \:D

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