The goddess and her lover (2)
Published Sep 17, 2009

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Yay! It took some time but here's the next chapter. I forgot to mention the setting is during the 1880's in Greece and when the Philippines was still a colony of Spain. I couldnt find appropriate clothes (custom content) for the characters in so i dressed them european during that era. (does anyone know where to download a maria clara?)
Hope you'll like this one as well.

Yay! It took some time but here's the next chapter. I forgot to mention the setting is during the 1880's in Greece and when the Philippines was still a colony of Spain. I couldnt find appropriate clothes (custom content) for the characters in so i dressed them european during that era. (does anyone know where to download a maria clara?)
Hope you'll like this one as well.
Parthenope panted as she landed on her favorite spot. "Oh Jose.."she whispered as she recalled how Jose proposed to her ago. She turned to the glowing fireflies around her. She always loved this spot, especially the fireflies. Parthenope was different from her sisters. While her sisters preferred to stay in their island luring sailors to their deaths or playing in flowery meadows, Parthenope prefered to explore outside the island and make friends. She'd visit with Circe in her island, hang out with the amazons and occasionally be her once playmate and bestfriend, Persephone's(1) special guest and companion in the underworld. Other times she'd love to blend and make friends among the mortals. One of those mortals is the Aetolian princess,Marpessa. She met her in her constant visits to her father, Achelous since she'd always pass Aetolia.

"Is it true Marpessa?"panted Parthenope as she gracefully landed near her friend.
"Is it true that Apollo abducted you but you refused him and chose a mortal lover instead? I dont understand..why? And who's your mortal lover?"
"His name is Idas.."replied Marpessa as she blushed.
" He defeated my dad in a chariot race and finally freed me from my dad! On our way I was abducted by Apollo but he came after us. He even dared to fight Apollo for me!"she continued to gush.
"Why not Apollo?''persisted Parthenope.
"I dont want Apollo! He may not be faithful to me when I grow old.."reasoned Marpessa when Parthenope hyped in.
"But he could have made you immortal! You could have been a goddess in Olympus right now."
"You can have Apollo if you want, but not me...I love Idas.." Marpessa said gently yet firmly.
Parthenope laughed and was embarassed somehow. She did have a huge crush on Apollo eversince she laid eyes on him when the sirens were invited in Mt. Olympus to compete agaisnt the muses. She's too embarrassed to show herself to Apollo since the sirens lost the competiton. To make matters worse, the muses even plucked some of their feathers and made crowns out of them to mock them of their loss. "Anyway, best wished Marpessa. Good luck with your new life with Idas.I'll miss you. I wont see you as often here." said Parthenope as she gave her friend a warm hug.
Marpessa chuckled and turned to the fireflies near the bank.
"Whenever you miss me just turn to the fireflies and think of them as me,Someday Parthenope, I hope you'll be as lucky as I am, that you'll find that man whom you will love and who will love you.Then you'll understand why I made my choice."
"To give up even immortality for the one whom you love." echoed in Parthenope's as she slumped in the ground.
" that's why..?"she thougth as she turned to the fireflies that suddenly fleeted away. Then the bushes moved and a voice called fo her name.
Parthenope stood and was startled. She knew that voice anywhere.
"J-Jose..? How did you find me?" she whispered.
Jose was tired and panting but he kept his cool.
"This was where I first saw..and you seemed to love this place so I decided to go here..." he replied.
"Parthenope.." Jose started as he started to declare his love for her and as Parthenope listened but she didn't dare to look at him.
"We cannot be...he's a mortal.." she recited in her head as she continued to Jose's speech.
"... Do you remember what I said back then when i was painting you?I may be a mortal, but I can love like no god can.i will be faithful and i will search the ends of the world for you..I think we can find a way to make this work..all I need is your answer..Do you love me as I love you?"
Parthenope closed her eyes. She dindt know how to reply.
The silence between the two was defeaning.
Jose hung his head.
"I..Ill take my leave then.."he said softly
Parthenope then retracted her wings and turned around to see Jose.
"I..." she stammered."Wait..."
The all of a sudden she flung herself to Jose as the startled Jose caught her in his arms.
'No..don't leave..." she told him.
"Jose...I love you too! And maybe we can make this work..we just have to figure this out..I cant bear it if I let you go like this.."she declared to him.
Jose noded his head and embraced Parthenope tightly.
As the two kissed passionately, Parthenope couldnt help but think to herself.
'Marpessa, now I do understand why you made your choice...'
A few days after that fateful night, the couple decided to move to Jose's homeland in the Philippines. It was probably safer there since they can be away from Parthenope's sisters, brother and father who might meddle in their affair. As soon as they arrived in the Philippines, the couple settled in a coconut house in Laguna. Parthenope loved their home since it had a great view of the majestic Mt. Makiling. That house belonged to Jose's grandfather, a Spanish don who married a lovely filipina (who was rumored to be a babaylan (2) from the Visayan province). As Parthenope danced with her husband one afternoon, she recalled how The couple lived blissfully for 2 years. Parthenope enjoyed her married life and couldn't ask for more. Although she missed Greece once in a while, she preferred to be with her true love. For the past two years she enjoyed on adjusting with her mortal life and learning her husband's culture while Jose learned more about PArthenope's life as a siren. She told Jose about her adventures, of Marpessa and the fireflies, of Persephone, the amazons and warned him about her brother, Achelos, a river god in their island who was named after their father, the great river-god of Greece, Achelous. While her husband was at work, she busied herself in doing chores, painting, playing the piano, and even sewing. She had her personal tutor who taught her two new languages, tagalog and spanish. As a siren, she was a fast learner and became fluent in no time. She would miss her sisters back in their island, but Jose's mother and sisters who'd frequently visit the couple made up for the loss. Parthenope loved her mortal life with Jose and thought it was too good to be true. As she danced and kiss her husband, she can't just remove the feeling that her happiness might not last. One early morning, the couple and Jose's family decided to have a picnic at the foot of the Mt. Makiling. After lunch, as the other family members played fun and games, the couple decided to take a stroll near a river. In the middle of their stroll, Jose's uncle needed help and called for Jose.
"Uncel needs me."he sighed as Parthenope laughed.
"What trouble did he get into this time. Go to him, I'll take a rest here. It's breezy here."she replied as she turned to the river.
Parthenope turned to the river to check her reflection, she was worried that the breeze might had done something to her hair. As she checked herself she heard a vioce call for her name.
"That cant be.."she exclaimed as in a blink of an eye she swore she saw her brother's face.
"Come home..." boomed the voice as Parthenope in fright, slipped into the river.
Parthenope fell into the river and felt a strong force pulling her down.
"No..Achelos! I wont...Jose! Jose! help me..." she screamed as she flailed her arms in despair.
Jose just finished helping his uncle yards away when he heard Parthenope's call.
He turned to the river and saw Parthenope in the water.
Jose rushed to the river to try and help his beloved. As he neared his heart beated wildly as he saw Parthenope sinking into the waters.
Jose carelessly trudged into the waters. What happened? did Parthenope drown? And did she just call a name? Achelos...her brother?
"It cant can he be here? this is Philippine soil.."he thought to himself. He swam and swam at the small river, but Parthenope was nowhere to be found. It couldn't have happened, the river was too shallow and there was no wave that could have carried her.
He swam and scanned the river until his legs gave up.
He stood by the river, drenched and worried about his wife.
"Achelos..I should have been more careful.."he whispered as he thought if he would ever see his wife again. Without her, nothing mattered to Jose anymore.
Only death...only death...were his thoughts as he sigthed the river. He took a deep breath and prepared to jump when a thick mist crept the area and frigthened him.
As the mist cleared, Jose was astonished to see a beautiful lady materializing. She had light olive skin, long shining black hair, and twinkling blue eyes.
"Why do you wish of death? As if death will bring your lover back. Why must you waste your life for her?" she asked him.
Jose blinked then he pinched himself if he was dreaming.
"Who-who are you..?" he blurted.
"Oh, how rude of me, I am none other than the maiden of this mountain."she simply replied as she lay in the ground.
Jose took a deep breath and calmed down. He remembered his grandmother's stories when he was young. His grandmother told him that a beautiful "diwata" (3) existed in the mountain of Makiling. She was called Maria Makiling.
"There's no hope for you. I know Achelos, he was once my suitor. He wont give his sister up. Give up, you're still young I'm sure you can find yourself a more suitable wife. She's a goddess, you're a mere mortal. You can never be together."the diwata told him plainly.
Jose was stunned at what the diwata told him. He shook his head.
"Never!"he said defiantly. "There has to be a way to get her back, Achelos must have come here somehow, I will find that way ang get my wife back because I love her.." He closed his eyes and remembered his promise to his wife before.
"I live her and I will search the ends of the earth for her. You may not understand what love is, so please don't bother I'll find my own way." he declared.
The diwata closed her eyes as she recalled an image.of a handsome sheperd.
"Love.."she managed to blurt of and whisper to herself.
"So you truly love her..even if you find a way..Achelos will never let you have her.."
The diwata stood and handed him acouple of items. A jewel, a jar of honey, a high quality tobacco and a cup of cane-wine juice.
"These will be of immense help to you."she told him.
"When you reach Anthemosa, the island of the sirens, Achelos will test you, if you need any help,rub the jewel and one of my friends will be summoned to help you. After a task, offer one of those items to my friend."she instructed as Jose noded his head.
"How do you know what Achelos will do..?and why... are you helping me.."he asked.
"Achelos was one of my persistent suitors. I know him very well" she laughed as she recalled all her other worldly suitors from around the world who tried to woo her. Then she paused and sighed. From all of her suitors she had fallen in love with a mortal, a handsome yet intelligent sheperd boy who lived near Mt. Makiling.
"I loved a mortal not so long ago...but it didn't work..."she told Jose then shook her head.
"But maybe yours we must not waste any time..."she said as a dandelion materialized in her hand.
"We have our ways of travelling, I shall take you to Anthemosa, my friends might be able to help you but only your love, if it is strong enough can save her.."
She blew off the dandelion and Jose felt magic around him.
"Maria thank you..."
Jose didn't expect that the goddess of the mountain would have come to his aid. Perhaps she must have admired his courage and envied the love he has for Parthenope.
"Parthenope, I almost lost you once I' wont lose you again,,,," he managed to whisper as green light luminated so brightly aroud him then he blacked out.

--to be continued

Hope you liked this part, the next page has some mythology trivia that was used in this chapter. Oh..and if there are any Filipino simmers reading this, can you guess which local myhtological creature loves tobacco? ; ) Hope you'll look forward for the next story, will Jose be ble to bring his wife back?
(1) the sirens were once naiads and handmaidens of Persephone but when Persephone was abducted by Hades, Demeter punished them and gave them wings/bird bodies to help search for Persephone.
(2) a babaylan is a filipino magician/ shaman like Talim from the soul calibur series!!!
(3) a diwata is a goddess or a fairy, I used Rizal's version of Maria Makiling in this story.

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#7KatieKingVIPSep 19, 2009

such a great story, i love how everything is intertwined and can't wait for the next chapter/chapters!\:wub\:

#8RosaleenaSep 19, 2009

just beautiful.

#9SandraRSep 19, 2009

I love this chapter as much as the first one!! Good job!!

#10cutess45Sep 20, 2009

wow philiphines is here !

#11ticticc13Sep 20, 2009

Intriguing! First, I am quite surprised to find TSR stories with Filipino terminologies and made the best of it. Some, I haven't even heard of. [ie Babaylan] Finding Filipino-temed CC's esp. for this setting is very, very hard to find sadly. The story is well written and have good pacing. The only thing I noticed is the skill bar on one of your background Sim's head while playing with the piano. Nothing biggy. Other than that, great job. I hope to see more from you. I'm Filipina too btw. \;\)

#12Little Cloud Sep 21, 2009

\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:!!! Can't wait for part two!!!

#13drewsolteszSep 22, 2009

Nicely done and well written, great job!

#14xlbspxSep 22, 2009

Very well done. Shots are lovely as well as a great story!

#15Nusha7Oct 21, 2009

You done amazing work! Love this story!\:rah\:

#16mike_beijo@live.coJun 3, 2012

\:wub\:estovo guau vacan

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