The Drifter - Part 7
Published Apr 12, 2010

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Welcome to Part 7.
This Part is quite a long one, so you might want to get comfy with a coffee or cuppa tea before starting. :) I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to everyone who read, rated & commented on part 6. It was wonderful to see it on the front page.

Thank you to Cazarupt and Sinhhala for their wonderful lots; The Sealuxe and Sunrise Avenue 22. Thank you also to the other artists for their cc creations.

Welcome to Part 7.
This Part is quite a long one, so you might want to get comfy with a coffee or cuppa tea before starting. :) I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to everyone who read, rated & commented on part 6. It was wonderful to see it on the front page.

Thank you to Cazarupt and Sinhhala for their wonderful lots; The Sealuxe and Sunrise Avenue 22. Thank you also to the other artists for their cc creations.
Finishing up his morning coffee Will descends the stairs to the lower level of his yacht. Turning the computer on it makes it's usual beeps and technical sounds and then the desktop appears on the monitor.
He sighs. 'Now, the task of finding that phone number' he mutters to himself.
After sifting through numerous emails from his mother, Will finally locates the phone number he'd been searching for. Nerves start to surface as he dials in the digits on the key pad.
It rings for a while and he almost decides to hang up, but then a sweet young voice answers, his sister.
"Hello, this is the Seymour residence."
"Hello?" Susannah says again into the phone. Who could be calling this early in the morning, she wonders.
"Suzy.." says a young deep voice on the other end. She immediately recognizes the friendly mature tone of this voice, her brother.
"Will? Oh my god! Is it really you?"
"Yeah Suzy, it's me. Your big brother" Will says sheepishly but with a smile.
"Will! What are you doing...I'm mean, what have you been up you to be calling at this hour..." Susannah cannot contain her excitement. She covers the mouth piece of the phone and yells out to her mother upstairs, "MUUUM! WILL'S ON THE PHONE!"
Running down the stairs Barbara Seymour tries to catch her breath. "Will! My darling, how are you?"
"Hey mum, yeah good. How are you?"
"Oh Will it's so good to hear your voice. Susannah and I are doing well" Barbara replies, ecstatic to finally hear from her son.
"It's good to hear your voice too mum. Listen..I.." Will pauses for a moment thinking is it even possible to apologize for not seeing them over the past 7 1/2 years. "Mum, I'm sorry..." but his mother quickly interrupts him.
"Will honey, it's alright. I understand. Let's not do this over the phone, hey?" She turns to Susannah and says into the phone, "So your coming to visit then?" Susannah's eyes light up and she lets out a little squeal of excitement.
"I thought I'd take a trip down to Greenland Bay for the day...unless you have other plans?"
"I was going to swing by the hospital but that's fine I'll just tell them something's come up, it was nothing urgent, besides I'd love to see my long lost son" Barbara says cheekily.
Will laughs,"Okay great."
"Have you got the directions darling?" Barbara asks.
"Yeah, I found them on one of your many emails."
"Wonderful, I'll see you soon then darling."
Will says goodbye and he hears an engaged tone as his mother hangs up.
Will presses the end button to officially hang up the call. He can't help but feel the guilt rise up from his stomach, which forms a lump in his throat. His mother said that she understood, but could she really understand though?
His intentions when he left home were to search for his father but after finding no trace of him he just couldn't bare to return home again. The memories of his father would be all throughout the house.
How could he deal with that? He couldn't, he wasn't ready.
"Oh mum, do you think Will is going to come home for good?" Susannah asks her mother.
"I don't know honey. He has been away a long time and it's going to be difficult for him. Lets wait and see" Barbara replies trying to hide the uncertainty in her voice.
As her mother walks off Susannah toys with her long brown hair pondering the thought that her only brother might return home for good. She has missed him so much that her heart has ached.
They were literally joined at the hip when they were kids and they did everything together. After the second year that Will didn't return home Susannah tried to face the truth and live life without him.
4 hours later in Greenland Bay.

Will glances down at the piece of paper on the passenger seat which he scribbled the address on. He takes a left onto Rolling Hills Rd, looking for letterbox number 14. Coming to the end he see's a large modern home surrounded by a small lake and sure enough the letterbox reads, number 14.
Susannah hears the rumbling of what sounds like an old truck pulling into the driveway. She rushes up off the couch, not caring if she is going to miss the ending of her favorite TV show, and races over to the front door.
Looking through the glass door she see's a handsome young man who is the spitting image of her father. Her heart sinks and tears start to well up in her eyes.
Opening the front door she feels the warm summer air wash over her and Will just stands there, smiling at her.
Unable to contain her excitement again she breaks into a run towards him.
"Will!" she squeals giving him a huge hug. "I'm so glad to see you!"
Unsure as to what sort of greeting he might receive Will smiles and gives his sister a hug, squeezing her tight. "Hey sis. It's good to see you too."
They pull back from their hug and Will is amazed at the woman he is seeing before him. Could this really be his sister? He has lost so many years, how will he ever get them back.
"Look at you! Wow...are you at driving age at yet?" hel playfully jokes.
"Oh stop it! I'm 21, of course I'm driving!" Susannah smiles and takes in his manly features. She doesn't remember him being so muscular the last time she saw him, but then that was so long ago.
Interrupted by a refined older woman's voice, they turn around to see their mother, Barbara Seymour, walking towards them. "William?"
"Hi mum" Will says smiling.
"Oh my.." Barbara is speechless as she stares up at her son. Wrapping her arms around him, tears start to run down her cheeks.
"You haven't aged a bit mum" Will swoons.
"Oh Will, really" Barbara says rolling her eyes. "Just like you father, full of compliments."
"Come, come, lets go inside" Barbara ushers Will inside while Susannah skips excitedly ahead.
"So what have you been doing with yourself for the past 5 yrs?"
"Ah, actually it's been 7 1/2, mum."
"I know honey, I just didn't want to state the obvious."
"Well as you know from my return emails I've basically been traveling along the coast. It's actually been quite an amazing experience."
"Oh you must tell us over lunch" Barbara replies enthusiastically.
"Will, my darling, we are so glad to have you back in our lives. You have been dearly missed. You know that don't you?"
"Yes I do. I'm sorry, I should have come to visit sooner. I won't be going anywhere this time, I'm here to stay...well not here in Greenland Bay, but in your lives."
Barbara laughs and gives her son another hug. She can't believe how handsome he has become, he really does look just like his father, her husband, Howard Seymour.
Susannah serves a light lunch of Autumn salad at the dinning table. They listen intently to Will telling them about his fishing tales and other adventures a seaman encounters.
Clearing away their empty plates, Susannah suggests they take a swim.
Barbara politely declines but goes upstairs after deciding to change into something more comfortable.
Susannah and Will wait on the couch for their mother to return.
Susannah grabs the remote and points it at the TV, which flicks on and suddenly blares out at them. Turning the volume down she lets out a small sigh.
"You have missed so much, Will. So many birthdays, my graduation, my 21st...hello?!"
"I know Suzy and I'm sorry for that. I wish I could rewind time and be there for you, to have enjoyed those things with you."
"How could you have left us Will, for so long?" Susannah asks in anger. "We needed you...I needed you."
Will looks at the anguish on his younger sister's face. She is obviously very hurt and he doesn't blame her if these angry feelings are going to resurface today.
"After setting sail on the Simpific Ocean and not finding any trace of dads fishing boat I just couldn't return home. Honestly though, I think it was best that I stayed away...I mean look at me" Will hold his hands up in frustration. "I look exactly like him!" Everyday Will is reminded of his father, by the person who stares back at him in the mirror. "It would have been to hurtful for you both to have me around."
"So that's why? You thought that it would be too hurtful for us?" Susannah's voice is strained.
"And, I wasn't ready to face any of the memories of dad that our old house contained" Will admits.
"I never stopped searching for him, Suzy. I knew he had to be out there somewhere. It just doesn't make sense. He was a fisherman all his life, he was the strongest swimmer many people knew, how could he have just disappeared like that?"
Susanna sits in silence, now regretting her little out burst at her only brother.
How could she have thought that Will didn't care? Of course he did, she just didn't realize how much he was hurting as well.
"Okay, lets go!" Barbara says cheerfully. She can see that Susannah is upset and senses that there has been a heated conversation between them. "Come on you two lets catch some of those wonderful rays!"
Susannah breaks into a smile, unable to resist the positive energy her mother gives off.
Barbara has had no choice but to remain strong throughout all of this. What sort of mother would she be if she had became an emotional wreck. Her children were the most important thing to her in the world and she had to remain strong for them.
Night time was the hardest for her though, sleeping in bed alone.
Never to feel the warmth of her husbands body against hers.
Never to taste his sweet kisses before bed.
Her husband died at sea and was never to return, she had accepted the loss of the love of her life long ago, but at least she still had her memories.
Will and his mother, Barbara, relax on the lounge chairs by the pool while Susannah takes a late afternoon swim. They sit in silence for a few minutes watching Susannah splash and swim around in the pool. Birds fly up above in the dusky sky possibly heading back to their nests for the night.
"This place is great mum" Will pipes up.
"It's not too shabby" she jokes. "After your father's funeral, Susannah and I decided to move into something a little smaller. With just the two of us we didn't need such a large beach loft to live in." She turns to look at him through her sunglasses. "We did stay at the old house for a little while though, hoping that you might return someday."
Will feels a twinge of pain in his chest knowing that he has betrayed the ones he loved most and left them in a time of need.
"Your fathers fishing business was snapped up very quickly. I did think of holding onto it, but once you took off on The Sealuxe...well, I had a feeling that you would be gone for a while."
"Mum, I'm so sorry. Really, I.." Will pauses, unable to think of the right words to apologize.
"Will, my darling. Susannah and I are just so glad that you are here with us today" Barbara says smiling warmly up at her son.
Heading back inside Barbara serves fresh coffee's before Will leaves to return back to Sunset Valley.
"It's a long drive darling, you really should drink something to keep you alert" she stresses.
"When will you be visiting next, Will?" Susanna asks, eager to see her brother again.
"I will be visiting again soon, Suzy" Will says taking a sip.
Susannah's face lights up with a big smile.
Dusk has set in as they walk Will out to his car. Stars have started to appear in the blackening sky and there is a slight chill in the air.
"Did you seriously buy this car, Will?" Susannah asks moving in to hug him goodbye.
"Hey, it runs perfectly, well after a bit of handy-work it does" Will replies in defensive of his pickup. "I see your driving the new Audi A5."
"Yep! I used my inheritance money that dad left us. Maybe you should use a little and get a new car?"
"The pick-up's fine. It gets me where I need to go"
"You haven't even touched that money, have you?" Susannah asks nosily. Will is saved from answering this question by his mobile phone ringing.
Will excuses himself to take the phone call and Barbara and Susannah talk amongst themselves.
"Will, hey, it's Eliza."
"Oh, hey. I'm just over friend, in Greenland Bay. If you wanted to enter the yacht then there's a spare key under the rock behind the letterbox" he says quietly into the phone.
"Sure, um, okay. Isn't Greenland Bay like 3 to 4 hours away?" she says, curious.
"Listen, I'll tell you all about it when I get back. How did your meeting go today, with your boss?"
"Yeah, I got the promotion and..." Will cuts her off.
"..that's great, I want to hear all about it when I get back. And yes, to answer you question Greenland Bay is 4 hours away. I'm leaving now though, so..." Will pauses for a second.
"I love you and I can't wait to see you when I get home." There is a long pause and he can almost hear her smiling over the phone.
"I love you too Will" she says. "See you when you get here and drive safe!"
"I will, bye" he hangs up the phone.
Seeing his family today has brought something new out in Will and he never wants to lose another moment in his life again.
Giving his sister and mother one last hug goodbye, he jumps in the pickup and reverses out. They watch him drive off down the road. Will takes a glance in the reversion mirror, winding his window down he gives them a final wave goodbye. Barbara and Susannah watch until the rear lights of the pickup fade into the distance.
Susannah moves in closer to her mother and Barbara puts a reassuring arm around her, giving her a little squeeze.
"It was so good to see him, wasn't it mum?"
"Yes honey, it was. He looks so well."
She knows that Will is trying very hard and he was only a teenager when his father disappeared. For a child to lose a parent is devastating. If their father had died in a car accident then at least they would have been able to see him briefly but when there is no clue or sign of what happened it makes it all the more tragic.
Sunset Valley, aboard The Sealuxe.

After letting herself in with the key that Will told her was hidden under the rock near the letterbox, Eliza gets comfy on the couch in front of the TV while waiting for Will.
Trying not to look at her watch every 5 minutes she decides to get up and take a bath. Half an hour passes and Eliza has almost become a prune. She changes into some fresh clothes and lets the bath water out.
Walking out into the living area downstairs, she see's Will's computer.
"Hmmm...this should make the time go a bit quicker."
She takes a seat at the computer desk and starts browsing her favorite celebrity websites.
Needing a break from staring at the computer screen Eliza heads up stairs to the kitchen to cook dinner. She flicks on the TV in the lounge for some back ground noise.
Turning the steaks over in the frying pan she takes a quick glance up at the kitchen clock. "Not long now" she sighs.
Just as she plonks done on the couch she hears a loud rumbling out the front of the yacht.
Hearing footsteps she grabs the remote and turns the TV off. Will comes into view at the top of the stairs. She gets up as he walks in through the sliding door.
They both instantly embrace in an intimate hug.
"Hey beautiful" he says.
"Hey yourself" Eliza replies melting in his arms. She gives him a big hug and he lifts her up off the ground squeezing her tight. He wasn't expecting to see her tonight but now that she is here he is glad.
Will gives Eliza a single kiss on the lips. She closes her eyes and saviors his sweet taste.
"You've cooked?" he asks.
"Yes, cheese steaks. You must be hungry from that long drive?"
"Yeah I am actually, lets dig in."
Enjoying their dinner Eliza tells Will about her day at work and what happened with her promotion.
"CEO of Two Peas Corporate Towers, well done! That's going to spread around town quick" Will says smiling. He couldn't be more happier for Eliza. "That's such an achievement. It takes great ambition to do that, it's very admiring."
"Well, I've always been driven," Eliza starts to explain. "And never settled for anything less. It's not just about winning though but achieving in life and I have my father to thank for that" Eliza's finishes proudly.
Clearing away the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher Eliza puts the leftovers in the fridge.
"Why don't we have some wine and watch the stars on the fly deck?" Will suggests.
"Love too" Eliza replies.
"I'll meet you up there, I'll just grab a few things first."
Placing down a folder on the coffee table, Will grabs the red wine bottle and half fills two glasses.
"So, what's this?" Eliza asks scooting along to make room for Will to sit down.
"It's a photo album, of my family" Will says flatly.
Eliza immediately creates a picture in her head of a very cute Will, only 10 years of age playing footy with his siblings and having young girls chasing after him at school.
Sitting down next to Eliza, Will takes a long sip of wine from his glass.
Where does he start? How does he even begin to explain to Eliza about his father.
Sensing that he has something on his mind Eliza places her hand on his leg.
"Will, are you alright?"
Eliza's question was all it took for Will to let go and finally tell someone about his fathers disappearance. He watches her facial expressions as he tells her of the sorrow and heartache that his family went through after never discovering his body.
He tells her of the sleepless nights that started in the first year he set sail on his fathers yacht and after searching for so long, never once discovering any remains of the boat that his father sailed out on.
Eliza can feel tears in her eyes and tries to control them so they don't overflow. She can see the pain on Will's face as he explained about his father to her.
"I'm so sorry, Will. I..I don't know what to say. It must have been so hard for you and your family."
Will picks up the photo album and opens it up in front of Eliza.
"So, that's where you were today? Seeing the rest of your family?"
"Yes, my mother and younger sister. I'm sorry. I didn't want to lie to you but I also didn't want to explain over the phone either."
"Of course, I understand" Eliza gives Will a smile and she turns the first blank page of the photo album to reveal the first set of photographs.
They sip their wine continuously throughout the night, browsing at the photo's in the album. Will talks openly about each one as if they weren't a distant memory but one that only happened yesterday. Their glasses soon empty and they move in closer to cuddle under the stars. Eliza places her arm around Will to comfort him, feeling a little sad about the story he has just shared with her tonight. She moves in to kiss him and he welcome's her affection. Peering through the shrubs, Thornton Wolf shivers as a cold wind blows off the ocean. Staring up at the yacht, anger and possibly regret rise up into his chest.
"They won't last long" he mutters to himself. "This guy is just a drifter for heavens sake. A nobody...a loser."
A mosquito buzzes around his ear, raising his hand to swat it away he collides with the bushes he is hiding in and they make a loud rustling sound.
He walks off in a huff, back up the road to where he parked his car.
"She will be mine," he thinks driving home. "I will get her back no matter what it takes." Putting his foot down he speeds off into the darkness.

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#7omik79Apr 19, 2010

Uhohs!! Trouble is a foot!! LOL as they say!  Awesome chapter \:\) It was easy to read!  Im ready for the next!! Yay\:\) awesomeawesome

#8Blackest_digital_artistApr 21, 2010

I didn't know you were writing. I never browse any stories before. I guess I have missed a lot. Anyway, well done Jennifer. \:wub\:

#9MangioApr 22, 2010

no!!!! why, damn you Thorton. im glad he got the courage to visit his family \:wub\:

#10topaz27Apr 23, 2010

Love it, great chapter Jen, by the way the pool area looks gorgeous in your shots \:cool\: fantastic story \:rah\: \:wub\:

#11PenelopeTApr 27, 2010

Awesome chapter, Jen! \:rah\: Things are really heating up. 5.0 as always! \:wub\:

#12mogan44Jun 4, 2010

Great chapter, nice to have a little background info on Will.  Thanks for sharing!

#13mirandachristineVIPJun 25, 2010

I love this story! Lol it's such a coinicidence but I live on 14 Rolling Hills! Lol. Just thought that I should say that. :3

#14RatRaceRobAug 17, 2010

Meeting Will's mother and sister was great, this chapter adds a lot to his character ... Very well done! \:D

#15maxi kingJan 6, 2011

\:oThornton is a sick man!I hope he will not spoil it for the two!\:\(

#16Kayla_MarieJan 13, 2011

another awesome chapter. i love whats happening with Thornton Wolff.\:rah\:

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