What seasons bring III
Published Feb 25, 2013

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Courtney stood in front of the mirror primping herself. It had been a few days since her last visit to the Yusomoto house. The makeover she received from Lisan and Lia, along with Yuyin's kind words gave the insecure woman a note of confidence. Although she was still shy, she began to play more with her looks and dress.

Courtney stood in front of the mirror primping herself. It had been a few days since her last visit to the Yusomoto house. The makeover she received from Lisan and Lia, along with Yuyin's kind words gave the insecure woman a note of confidence. Although she was still shy, she began to play more with her looks and dress. She looked in the mirror and adjusted her shirt. It was new and showed a little more skin than she had in the past. In fact, she began to change more of her wardrobe as the days went by. Henry also noticed the change in Courtney. But unlike Yuyin, he was not pleased. He had always made comments about her looks and thought that showing too much made her too alluring to the men around town.
Henry: Only easy women wear things like that.
He was not liking the change and wanted to stop before it got worse. Before she did begin to attract men in town.
Courtney was busy making lunch for him in the kitchen. She was humming a love song she learned from Yuyin and had not noticed that he was standing behind her.
Henry: What is that?
She nearly dropped the knife when she heard his rough voice behind her.
Courtney: What is what?
Henry: What are you singing?
Courtney: Oh nothing. Something I heard. I just can't get it out of my head.
Henry huffed at the thought.
Henry: I need to talk to you
Courtney: Yes sir.
Henry: I'm worried about you.
Courtney: Oh.
Henry: Well, the way you've been dressing lately. It's just not acceptable.
Courtney: What do you mean?
Henry: I girl like you should not be wearing things like this. That shirt is too low and too high. There are just parts of you that should not be shown.
Courtney: But I like the shirt. I think it is nice.
Henry: Any respectable woman would not be wearing something as revealing. When I met your mother she dressed like that but I had to stop that if we were going to be dating.
Courtney: Well I am not my mother.
Henry: But you are living in my house and my rules. And I say that shirt has to go.
Courtney: But I bought it. It's mine.
Henry: Look, I am just looking out for your best interest. If you want to look like some floozy off the street then do it when you live on your own. But I am not going to have this in my house.
Courtney: But dad
Henry: I am not discussing this matter anymore.
He took his lunch and walked into the living area. Courtney clinched her fist and cleaned the area before storming out the house.
Courtney left the house and went to meet Yuyin at the Art Gallery that had just opened since renovation.
Courtney: This one has always been my favorite piece. The colors the artist used. It's just the best one here to me.
They continued to walk through the gallery. Yuyin remembered coming to the gallery when he was in elementary school but was never into the pieces. At least not until he saw them through the eyes of Courtney.
Yuyin: My mother really enjoyed you coming over. You'd think I never brought a girl home before. I was thinking that maybe you could come over again.
Courtney: I would love to. I liked being there. You have such a big family. It's way different from me and Henry.
Yuyin: What is the deal with Henry? You don't really like to talk about him. Don't you have contact with your other family.
Courtney: No. I never knew my father. My mother raised me by herself and then she met Henry. He wasn't a people person and preferred just the three of us. So we moved further away from her family and I hadn't seen them since. She was part of a big family too.
Yuyin: And your mother. What was she like?
Courtney: Beautiful. She was the perfect housewife. She cooked and cleaned and doted on Henry. I never knew why. We were really close. She was my best friend.
Courtney: When she died, she left me with this locket. I've never taken it off. It was the only thing Henry let me have of hers. Everything else he sold.
Yuyin: Sorry to bring up the memories. I just never lost someone so close. I can't imagine what it's been like for you then and now.
Courtney: She asked that I take care of him in her will. He needs someone and so I've been doing everything she would. Henry's the only family I know.
Yuyin: Well now he is not the only family you know. You have the Yusomoto's.
He wrapped his arm around her.
Yuyin: You've been taking care of someone else for years. But who's going to take care of you?
Courtney: What do you mean?
Yuyin: I mean who takes care of you?
Yuyin: Well I guess I never thought about that.
She turned to look at the paintings in front of them resting her body under his arm.
Yuyin watched as she stared at the paintings. Her hat barely covering her face. He listened as she began talking more about the painting in front of them. Although he could hear her speak he became so entranced by her that he forgot where he was. He stared at her lips as she spoke. They were soft and full. And when she became excited as she spoke of the paintings in front of them, her eyes widened. She was perfect to him. Yuyin: Let me take care of you.
Courtney lost her words. She turned to look at him, but did not speak.
Courtney: What?
Yuyin: I know it hasn't been that long for us, but I want to take care of you. You are always doing everything for Henry, but you never speak about yourself. Your dreams, your wishes...let me take you away and let you live them out.
Courtney laughed at his words. She wasn't sure if he was serious or just being silly.
Courtney: So you want to be my superhero and just wisk me off my feet?
Yuyin: No, but I at least want you to be able to do things you want to do. Make a future for yourself. You can't do that staying at home with Henry. I want to make you happy and to see you smile everyday.
This time it was her that stared at him. His words were so sincere as she listened to him. There was silence between them. But they didn't have to speak to know what either of them were thinking. She could feel his heart beating faster next to hers. He was nervous, almost scared to move as they stared at each other longer. He stared again at her lips and moved slowly closer to her. He had wanted to touch them for a long time but he treated her so fragile. She matched his move with her own and soon they were only inches apart from each other. He placed his lips on hers, softly and slowly. She welcomed his kiss and leaned closer pressing her lips a bit harder to his. It was her first kiss, so she followed his lead.
She could feel the tingles move down her back and her chest began to move faster as she could not control her breathing. But she enjoyed the kissing, all of it.
In the Spring the couple were enjoying the cooler days and nights. At night, they would meet at the Spring events and dance the night away. Although there were plenty of people around, to the couple, it was only them. In his arms it was so easy for Courtney to just melt away and think of life beyond Henry. She finally began to open up to Yuyin more. She talked about what she wanted and her dreams
Courtney: I always wanted to be a vet. I love pets and ever since I was a little girl I used to take care of the strays in the neighborhood.
When she spoke, he listened tentatively, and supported her thoughts and feelings.
But back home, things were different for Courtney. She was constantly arguing with Henry who was becoming more suspicious of why she was hanging out more.
He didn't like any of the changes that was happening around him. He noticed her small wardrobe changes and now she was wearing her hair differently and wearing make up.
Every night was the same thing for her. He belittled her and made her feel like she was nothing. She had never disappointed him before and now it seemed like everything she was doing was wrong.
She knew never to talk back, and so most of the time she stood there with her head held down and listened, waiting for his ranting and raving to end.
Henry: I just don't get it Courtney. All this change is not good for you and not good for this house. I didn't raise you like this and I don't like it.
Courtney was growing resentment in the house. She knew to obey her mother wishes but the longer she spent with Yuyin, the more she yearned for freedom beyond Henry.
Yuyin asked Courtney to meet him at a different location this time. He said he had a surprise for her and it was going to be special. She rode her bike to the address he left for her. It was a small but quaint looking home. She could see the beach shore from the steps as she walked up to the doorway. The home was empty as she entered in.
Yuyin walked in from behind, nearly startling her.
Yuyin: You like
Courtney: What is it?
Yuyin: Well from the looks of it I'd say it looks like a house.
Courtney: I know that, but who's house is this.
Yuyin: Mine. Or at least mine when I am not in school. You inspired me to find some direction in my life and I first wanted to start with a foundation. So with the money I saved I put down on a house.
He gave her a tour of the place and where he saw things.
Yuyin: I want you to help me make this a home. Decorate it, add a little bit of yourself to it.
Courtney: But why me? I don't know anything about decorating.
Yuyin: Well if time allows I'd like for it to someday be something for us. And it is always good to have a part of you next to me. Even when we are a part.
Courtney agreed to help decorate the home and within a weeks they were able to completely renovate the home to their liking.
Once finished, the two had a more private place to meet and hang out with each other. Being out of his parents house meant less people to disturb them and more alone time. He gave Courtney a key to use when she too just wanted to get up and get away from Henry.
Yuyin: I really appreciate you helping me with this.
Courtney: I think I am more thankful. It gave me something to do. Plus I liked spending time with you.
Yuyin: I do have to admit, these past weeks with you by my side, helping me make the small decisions have really been great. I don't think I would have finished in time.
Courtney could tell he was getting nervous the more he began to ramble on about the house.
Courtney: Yuyin? What's wrong?
Yuyin took a deep breath. He was trying to gather his words but kept fumbling. His nervousness was making her even more nervous.
Yuyin: I lied to you.
Courtney face changed.
Yuyin: I told you I wanted to take care of you and....and getting this house was one of the ways I wanted to do that. I want this to be our home. I want you move in with me.
Courtney was shocked.
Courtney: No.
Yuyin: No? But
Courtney: I can't. I can't do that to Henry. I told my mother I would take care of him and moving in with you.... I just can't.
Yuyin: But you don't even like it there. He is always putting you down and talking to you like you're his slave. You are better than that Courtney.
Courtney: He needs me Yuyin. And no matter what, he is my family. You don't turn your back on family. You should know that.
Yuyin: I do. But I don't like what you're going through in that house. You need so much more than behind those doors and I want to do it for you.
Courtney: I just can't Yuyin. And you don't understand.
Yuyin looked down into his lap.
Yuyin: I care about you Courtney. And I care about what happens to you. I've never felt this way for anyone before. I just... I just....I
Before he could say anything else, Courtney got her things and began to walk out the door. He ran after her calling her name.
Before she could get to the steps he grabbed her arm.
Courtney: Look, you don't understand and I don't expect you to understand. I know Henry is mean and surly but he is all I have and I am all he has. I can't just get up and leave him alone. I promised my mom I wouldn't do that to him. I can't do that to him.
Yuyin: I'm not asking you to. But don't you think it's hard on me. I just want to be with you, and not just for a moment here and there.
Yuyin: I'm sorry I upset you.
Courtney placed her hand on the side of his face.
Courtney: No I'm sorry. I just need some time Yuyin.
She kissed him on his cheek and headed for home.
Meanwhile Henry was back at the house. He was pacing back and forth in the living grumbling to himself.
Henry: In my own house.
He heard the keys unlock the front door and he hurried and sat in front of the television, turning channels.
Courtney said her good evening to him and he nodded at her greeting.
She walked in her room and noticed that things were not as she left them earlier that day. That in fact, it looked like someone had rummaged through her things. Then in the corner of her room, on her end table she noticed the picture of her and Yuyin sitting out. She knew she did not leave it there. In fact she kept the picture tucked away in her night stand so that Henry would not find it.
Courtney: Henry!
She walked back into the living room where he was sitting now with everything turned off.
Henry: Is there something you want to tell me...
Courtney: You went into my room
Henry: Wrong, I went in the room that is connected to the house that I own.
Courtney: You went through my things.
Henry: You bet I did.
Henry: I wanted to know what was going on. Why you'd been staying out late, leaving out so much. Did you think I was stupid.
Courtney: I never said you were.
Henry: You've been sitting here lying to me this whole time Courtney. And for what? Some dumb guy? You've deceived me and brought shame to this house. We don't go around acting like this.
Courtney: Wrong! You don't do that. There is nothing wrong with Yuyin, there has never been anything wrong with him.
Henry: They just want to use you and leave you. That's what he's going to do. How can you be so stupid. You're just like your mother. I had to straighten her out and I guess I will have to do the same for you.
The words stuck a nerve with Courtney.
Courtney: How dare you mention my mother! She loved you, and she did nothing but take care of you. And that's what I've been doing. Replacing myself with her. I've cooked, cleaned, and for what? To hear you grumble and groan for the past 10 years. If anyone has been holding me back it's you. The choices I didn't make, couldn't make, were all for you. You did that to mom and I am not going to have you do it to me. You are not even my father!
Henry raised his hand and slapped Courtney. It was the first time he had raised his hand to her. She nearly spun around to his strike.
Henry: You ungrateful child. I've done nothing but care for you since your mother died. If it wasn't for me you would be no where. When you mother died no one came to mourn. No one cared. You had no one. I put food in the refrigerator, I clothed you. I did that for your mother, so don't give me that!
Her face was still hurting as he spoke to her, gritting his teeth as he spoke.
Henry: If you think for just one second you are just going to get up and leave then do so. But when this guy leaves you, because he's gotten what he wants from you, you can't come back here. That means you leave here with nothing.
Do you want that? DO YOU?
Courtney was scared. The tears rolled down her face.
Courtney: No.
Henry: Then you will end this.
Courtney: WHAT?
Henry: You heard me. You will end this. This man, this boy, is tearing this house apart. And I will not have you going about town like some woman in heat. I don't approve of him and how he is taking your attention away from us. You WILL END THIS!
Henry slammed the door to his bedroom as he left the room. Courtney stood there, scared.
Was Henry right. Surely Yuyin cared a lot about her. She needed to know it, she wanted to know it.

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#1enid30Feb 26, 2013

ugh that hendry irritates me xD.

#2estefinageorgeFeb 26, 2013

so intense. love it! \:rah\:\:wub\:

#3Bo0GeRBELLFeb 26, 2013

Courtney LEAVE!!! \:mad\: That will not be the last time he puts his hands on you if you stay! Great chapter! \:rah\:

#4fruitopiaVIPMar 1, 2013

Courtney better get a backbone, and stop giving into Henry. She should not let her mother's wishes regarding Henry run her life.

#5jadababy2003VIPMar 2, 2013

I agree. She should move out! She is smart, pretty and intelligent. I sure hope she does not listen to his words!!

#6bobstpapstMar 3, 2013

Wow what an emotional writing stile you have. And your pictures are gorgeous too. I love cross stories and so you've got me hooked! \:\)

Keep up writing! \:\)
xoxo, Kerstin

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