What Happens In The Falls.... Chapter 4
Published Mar 2, 2013

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Hey guys how ya doin'? I hope you all are well and are enjoying the chapters as they gradually come along! I have been looking forward to this chapter for soo long as I took pics for this chapter ages ago but I had to get the previous chapter sorted 1st lol!

I think from now on I am going to continue to break my chapters into parts as for me personally, I feel like it breaks the story down and doesn't make it one whole looonng chapter! (Like one of my previous chapters that had like 84 pages)

And of course I'm sure you've noticed I've changed my cover! I felt like changing it so here it is, I hope you like it!

So without further ado I won't keep you waiting any longer, here it is..Chapter 4!

Hey guys how ya doin'? I hope you all are well and are enjoying the chapters as they gradually come along! I have been looking forward to this chapter for soo long as I took pics for this chapter ages ago but I had to get the previous chapter sorted 1st lol!

I think from now on I am going to continue to break my chapters into parts as for me personally, I feel like it breaks the story down and doesn't make it one whole looonng chapter! (Like one of my previous chapters that had like 84 pages)

And of course I'm sure you've noticed I've changed my cover! I felt like changing it so here it is, I hope you like it!

So without further ado I won't keep you waiting any longer, here it is..Chapter 4!
Tues 20th November 2012

It's been like 3 weeks since Haley's party and Samuel hasn't heard a word from Megan. He hasn't even had the chance to see in town as he's been busy working, doing a lot of conference calls with his employees and possible clients in Starlight Shores as he wants to get it out of the way before he returns home for thanksgiving.

His flight leaves early in the morning so Samuel had to get up a little earlier, to get there for at least an hour before its departure. And by 10:55 he was on his way on a 4 hour flight to Appaloosa Plains!
Whenever he comes back to Appaloosa, he always feels comfortable and at home. He had a great life growing up here and it's a great place to get away from the busy and bustling life of work.

This place always brings back some good memories...all until his father decided to take him away to Starlight Shores (though it was his decision to go). At first he hated his father for doing this because if he never went to the shores, he would never have been attacked and curses with this abomination. But that's life whether you like it or not! It just happens to the best of us!
Samuel always admires the house when he gets there, because it has hardly changed over the years and it looks even more beautiful this time of year with the snow on their glassed roof (that's the only thing that has changed) and the holiday lights up.

It's almost the same as when he was a young boy running around playing games at the front and back of the house.
As Samuel, along with his siblings, have their own keys to the house; he let himself in. He let his suitcase drop to the ground then sighed of relief. He looked around to see if his mother or father was coming to greet him, but no one was to be seen.

He waited a little while longer as it seemed unusual for them not to be here and while he waited, he looked at the family portrait (that he wasn't included in). There is a reason for this!

All three siblings were very close when they were youngsters, they did almost everything together. But as they grew up and were thinking about their future and what they wanted to do, plus their father trying to push them into the family business was not helping.
Near the time when they were applying for universities, Samuel's siblings were 100% certain about not wanting to be part of the business. They (well most of them) had their own dreams they wanted to follow so soon enough he (their father) accepted their decisions but still mentioned it when he could.

But after a while Samuel became unsure of what he really wanted to do. Another part of the reason why he agreed to be in the family business was because he felt sorry for his father and the other was because a part of him was intrigued on what he does. He's been to his work a couple of times when he was a child, but those years were times of being free and having fun!

After his decision, and because they were in a way going their separate ways to study and work, through jealousy and not seeing each other as often, it caused his relationship with his sister to turn sour which has been getting worse over the years whereas his relationship has still been strong to this day!
The last time they really did something as a family was at Louise's (his sisters) wedding one spring. From then on they haven't spoken since! They always arrange to come over to the parents place when the other is not there to avoid each other.

The thing is, Samuel still cares about his sister and is even willing to make up even if she is the cause of this. Jessica is the one who had a go at him before they left with some harsh words said. Now they only time he sees his sister is from pictures that have been put up on the wall.

But still, even after all this drama he was glad to be home.

"Is that my lovely son who's finally home?" A woman called out as she came from the kitchen.
"Hey mum!" His mother ran the rest of the way to give him a big hug. His father followed and watched their reunion. "Samuel it's good to see you!" His mum said. She's sees him often, but not as often as she sees her other two children. "It's good to see you too!" Samuel replied.

His mother kept on squeezing him to death (though she couldn't) as he looked in his father's direction which encouraged him to speak. "Okay Sharon let the boy breath!"
"I'm sorry if I'm so happy to see my son!" His father ignored her and stepped forward to give him a quick hug. "It's good to see you son! You are looking well!" He complimented.

"Thank you father and it's good to see you too!"
"So how's life been in..what is the place called?" His father asked. "It is called Moonlight Falls and life has been pretty good!"
"So life in Starlight Shores was not up to your standards then?"
"It was great while it lasted but..I needed a change!" Samuel hasn't told his parents about what happened to him.
"Oh..long time no see!" A voice sounding like it was coming from a young man. And it was! It was his brother Riley dashing down the stairs to greet his older sibling. "You're telling me!" Samuel replied and they gave each other a nice welcoming, brotherly hug.

"Mum an' pops didn't say you were coming!
"Well I'm quite surprised to hear that!" Samuel and Riley turned to look at their mother for an explanation. "I wanted it to be a surprise! That's all I ask for!" She answered, but with worry in her voice. Samuel didn't bother to ask but when he turned away she gave Riley a look to say "Don't say a word!"

But another word needn't be said because all was eventually revealed.
"Why is there so much commotion going on dow... It was Louise. When she stopped mid-sentence she stopped on that same step. "I think it's my queue to leave!" Said Riley as he knew this would happen. "I will leave this for you!" Joseph (their father) whispered to his wife as he wasn't a part of this.

Samuel looked at his mother and Louise continued to come downstairs in silence.
When she came and made a sort of semi-circle, all she could do was give Samuel the evil eye. All Samuel could say was "Hi!" Being Louise with so much hate, she didn't reply. "So mother, this is what you were up to!" Said Samuel. "Surprise!" Sharon replied but didn't sound convincing.

"Surprise! That's all you can say! You tricked me! How could you!" Louise began. "She tricked me too!" Said Samuel. "I don't give a damn about you! I haven't seen you in years so excuse me if I'm not showing any sympathy to you!"
"That's your doing, not me!"
"Oh yeah right, so I'm the one that made you go to Starlight Shores and not come back to see your family!"
"I did come back! Samuel corrected. I came back many times but you never said one word to me, so I thought why I should even bother!"

"Yeah, yeah whatever, when I came back for thanksgiving..and for Christmas! You were nowhere to be seen! Just a quick phone call to mum, many calls to dad, and thousands and thousands of calls to Riley! But none for me!"

Samuel then remembered, he didn't come back home for like a year because of what he was going through and didn't want to put them in danger, but he couldn't explain that to her.
"Even after those mean things you said to me Louise I gave you some time to calm down, settle at Uni before I called you! But many times you said you were busy and couldn't talk or you just didn't answer the phone!" Louise didn't reply. Because this was also true. "How could you do this mum! I won't stay in this house if he's here!" And Louise's husband (Kristopher who came behind Louise quietly) gently put his arm around her.

"Louise, your brother came here on a four hour flight thousands of miles away! I am not sending him to a hotel!"
"And we are not coming out of that room!
"You mean my room!" Samuel spoke. "We are not sleeping on a couch as we have our daughters here if you've forgotten!" Louise reminded.

"If it's fine with you Samuel, is it..
"Okay to sleep on the couch! It's okay mum!"
"I was actually going to say sleep on the bunk bed we got with Riley! Since your father took Riley's old room and made it into an office, we have no spare room!" His mother explained. "That's fine too! As long as I get something nice and comfortable to sleep on!" Sharon went and kissed him on his forehead. "I'll show you where it is!" Kristopher offered to show him. "Thank you Kristopher!" Sharon thanked.
Jessica didn't need to worry about being in the same house as Samuel as he mostly kept to himself (when he wasn't hanging out with Riley) outside and about in town or in the woods in the early hours of the morning.

This is his favourite spot on the outskirts of town. He always makes an effort to come here when he's back home, especially recently due to some changes in his life. He used to come here as a little boy with his father on their fishing trips. There were others, but this spot was his favourite!
Wednesday morning the whole family (excluding Samuel) went to the park nearby to the winter festival. Louise, her husband Kristopher and their twin girls were somewhere playing in the snow, while Sharon sat down with Joseph as she had something to eat.

"I just wish we could all do something together as a family!" Said Sharon. "We are! Joseph quickly answered. We are going to be having thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!" He reminded. "Yeah I know but, it won't be like the old times when we were ALL talking to each other!...I bet if we didn't even tell him or if we didn't have pictures of the twins on the wall he wouldn't of had a clue! He hasn't even met them yet!" She complained. "Look it is down to the two of them; actually it is down to Louise because she is the one who is quite aggressive in all of this!"
"Louise is not aggressive! She just has a strong..a strong..well I don't know but she isn't aggressive!" Sharon tried to defend.

"And you doing this has not helped." Joseph added. "What do you mean? If I never did this then it would continue to be this way until the day we die and me personally I want them to be together, with no arguing while on my death bed! Sharon was getting very personal. They will miss important parts of each other's lives!" She continued.
"Samuel already has! The birth of his nieces! Their christening, everything!...I'm surprised he came to their wedding, thanks to me cause if I didn't say something he would have missed that too!"

Louise fell pregnant with twins & about 2 years ago after her marriage to Kristopher, Louise was around the house quite often as she always required help from her mother in which she was happy to give. She was lucky, she had everyone there, even Riley came back home from Bridgeport to see the birth of his nieces!
And 2 years later here they are, as healthy and beautiful as ever like their mother, playing in the snow together. It was such a hassle as there were two of them and one of her as Kristopher was working. But eventually with time and help from a well involved grandmother, things have been much easier and better. Even through the 'terrible two's'! In the evening, Riley and Samuel skipped another quiet family dinner and went to a local bar in town. They haven't really had the chance to actually talk and catch up so this was a good time as tomorrow is probably going to be stressful. And Samuel's returning back home to the Falls the day after. "So how's it been man, with the whole werewolf thing? Is the Falls working out for ya? Found a nice werewolf girlfriend yet? Riley sniggered. And yes Riley is the only one in the family who knows about his deep dark secret because Samuel knew he couldn't hide anything from his brother. "No, I have not found a nice werewolf girlfriend!...But I have met someone recently!" Said Samuel before taking a bite of his food. It wasn't too packed here tonight but they still kept their voices low while talking.

"What! And you couldn't even tell me!" He pretended to act shocked and disappointed but really he was messing about. "Calm down brother, there's no need to get all upset cause there is nothing going on between us anyway!"
"Ahh..why not? Did she get one look at you and ran away?" He joked. "Ha, ha, ha! But the jokes on you cause she doesn't even know what I am!" Now Riley was shocked. "You serious?"
"Dead serious. Not everyone there knows about mine and all the others there! Just like how you didn't know there are vampires in your city!"
"And ever since I have watched my back!" He said looking sincere before picking up his fork to eat.

"So are you gonna tell her?"
"....I don't know. I want to tell her..but..I can't. It's complicated."
"What, cause of your special abilities such as your unbelievable strength, sense of sight and smell or your freakishly hairy body?" He laughed. "No. Samuel shook his head. It is because of the laws that they follow there, and the main one is like..your forbidden to say or some crap like that!..But it's not just the laws why I'm not telling her; she was with someone previously, but now she wants time alone. And I have to respect that!"
"Dude! Why don't you ditch this girl and find someone else! That's what you always do as you the type who doesn't like waiting!" Riley suggested; because this behaviour was strange to him as he knows Samuel as a ladies' man, not a one woman kind of guy!

"Maybe coming to terms of what I am and getting to a tranquil, controllable state has given me patience along the way!" Samuel answered. Then Riley had to ask "Who are you and what have you done to my brother? My goodness! He shook his head but looked at his brother and he could see something different about him. Bro?"
"...You love her don't you?"
"What can I say man she's incredible!"
" tend to be attracted to most women more when they're unavailable!"

But Megan was available, but she's just not ready to get back out there in the dating scene. He talked about Megan for a while until he realised he hadn't even asked Riley about what he's been up to.
Shortly after their meal and a few drinks, they went upstairs to play a little game of shuffleboard where Samuel then asked his little brother about what's been happening in his life.

"So enough about me though I must admit I am lovin' this attention (he boasted), but what about you bro, what's been happening to you in Bridgeport? Have you met someone special?" He used the same questions but in a different context. "Well actually..." He teased. "You've met someone?"

Riley seemed like the type to settle down with someone but, he has a side that sort of lets loose and lives life living up to his brothers expectations! "Actually no jokes aside I have!"
"Wow!..Good for you! Tell me more then!"

And Riley went on and on about her. He mentioned that her name is Benni; how they met in Appaloosa plains this summer and how they have been seeing each other ever since! And now she is planning on moving to Bridgeport with him after Christmas.
Thursday 22nd November. Thanksgiving!

The reason for all the fuss of having everybody here has arrived. Things have seemed to have started well with no problems, no arguments just yet.

Sharon made breakfast; her special homemade cherry pancakes that the family can't get enough of, then they got ready to go for another family outing to the winter festival (where Samuel stayed in again) and surprisingly Louise did also. So no one was in the house except Samuel, Louise and the chef their parents hired for today's festivities!

Louise and Samuel mainly kept to themselves; Louise took a swim in the indoor pool while Samuel was in the living area at the bar playing around mixing drinks. Recently after their brief but memorable reunion, she has reflected on her behaviour towards him and how it all began.
After a refreshingly warm shower and putting on fresh clothing she went downstairs to the living area to see what he was up to. She could hear groaning noises, bottle popping and glasses clinking from the bar behind the wall.

Louise tip-toed as she came closer and hid on the side of the wall. She waited a few seconds before she walked casually round the corner to see what it was he was doing. As she revealed herself she caught Samuel getting frustrated, mixing a drink. He tried to flip the bottle but it smashed on the ground letting the drink spill everywhere.
All morning he has been trying to do this but to Louise things didn't seem like it was going well with whatever it was he was doing. Samuel heard her come in and knew she was standing there, but was too busy to pay her any mind.

"So it's you who's making groaning noises! Is the superstar struggling? Louise said as she walked over to stand by the bar stool. Samuel ignored and continued what he was doing. I'm kidding!..Gosh!...Tough crowd to please!" She commented.

"You leaving would please me!" Samuel said as he poured his newly created drink...but quickly spat it out. "I would love to believe me...but I want you!" Samuel wiped his mouth and couldn't believe he heard those words come from her mouth. "Talk?"
"Yeah..Why is that so hard to believe?" Louise felt he was being sarcastic.
"Because you haven't spoken to me in..years!"
"Yeah well...." Samuel couldn't take her seriously but he let her talk to see if she really wanted to talk, or is just being Louise. "Alright then. But you have to try my drinks." Samuel requested. "Do I have to?" She moaned. "That's the deal!" Louise was a little scared to try his drinks; she could also walk away from this, but she wanted to at least try and make things right between them.

"After your..unexpected arrival, and the way how I acted...I felt like I need to sit down and reflect on my behaviour; not just the other day but from years back! Years that we have missed out on each other's lives!" From this comment, Samuel realised she was serious.

"You missed my graduation, our engagement party; I'm surprised you came to the wedding though I know mum was involved. You even missed the happiest moments in my life when myself and Kristopher announced to the family that we were expecting twins!" She paused for a moment then continued.
"I remember when me, you and Riley were as thick as thieves before we all went our separate ways. I always think about that whenever there's something you've missed and that's why I get even angrier the more things you're not there for!"
"Yeah but that's not my fault Louise, you're the cause of all this!" Samuel added. "Yeah but it didn't mean that you shouldn't have kept coming!" Samuel once again did not respond. He poured his drink into a glass and placed it in front of Louise. She grabbed the glass and took a sip. She shrugged her shoulders and gave him a 'so-so' look.

"I felt like you needed time to cool off! Because those things you said to me may not be something that I should take a lot of offense to, but me personally it did!...I couldn't believe the things you said to me when you know yourself they weren't true!"
"Like what?" Louise asked. She remembered what she said but wanted to know what really hurt his feelings.

"As if you don't know! Louise shrugged her shoulders. Well I could never forget when you said I am a father stealer and pleaser, how I'm so full of myself as I act like I am better than you! And the last thing you said to me that day was how much you hated me and wished I wasn't even born! He paused to catch a breath. I don't understand how you could say those things when just a day before we were all happy and talking!"
"BECAUSE I WAS UPSET! She raised her voice. ...And jealous. She admitted. You and dad had your kind of relationship fishing all day and going to work with him; and me and him, we had ours! I was daddy's little girl!...But when you succumbed to the pressure of him trying to get us to be a part of the family business..after you said you wasn't interested..I was no longer daddy's girl; it was all about his golden child!" Everything was coming out in the open and Samuel was beginning to understand where all this anger came from.

"I am sorry you felt that way and I am truly sorry I lied to you, but technically I didn't because at that time I was in a point in my life where I was like "Should I, shouldn't I?..You knew what you wanted to do, I didn't! Plus I felt bad because out of the three of us nobody wanted to be a part of..his legacy!

You were interested in your horses, Riley was only about 14 and he was so certain about being a musician, but what about me! I was going to be the son he was disappointed in. So maybe I was pleasing him to make him feel appreciated in some ways! But I never..NEVER felt like I was better than you! Never!...Yeah I did brag a few times but it wasn't to make it seem like I am..better!"
They would have talked all day if they weren't disturbed from the family's return home, so they discontinued their conversation until next time. Louise began to walk off but Samuel gently tapped her on her arm which made her flinch as it wasn't expected. "Hey, did you really hate me that much?" Louise cleared her throat. "Course not! I could never hat you, it was the heat of the moment that's're my little brother! She smiled. Samuel made a quiet laugh and continued experimenting. Oh and by the way, that last one was pretty good!" She then went to greet everyone.

In The Evening
The food was ready, everybody was well rested after their eventful morning and was dressed and ready to sit down together and have their thanksgiving dinner.

It was quiet to start off with, but after Joseph began with the "I'm thankful for.." line, things started to pick up. "So Louise, how's the equestrian career going for you?" The table went quiet and most mouths were open catching flies. Sharon had to look up from her food to see if that really came out of Samuel's mouth.

"It's good! I haven't gone back to work just yet, but I've been practicing and whatever so I'll be going back to work soon!" Louise replied sounding so calm and collected. "I'm sorry but did I miss something? Sharon asked. Samuel then explained.

After hearing that they actually talked, Sharon was ecstatic and made a toast. Throughout the rest of the meal and their time in the living room, Sharon had a smile on her face that no one not even her husband has seen for a long time! This was a good ending to a lovely day.
Friday 23rd November
Though he was supposed to go back to Moonlight Falls first thing this morning, he decided to catch a later flight to spend a couple of more hours with his family he has hardly seen these last few days. In the afternoon to evening they went to the park (again!) as a family outing, Samuel played with his nieces for the first time; he met Riley's girlfriend and even had a snowball fight.
Earlier he played a small (or a long game) of chess with his father while they spoke a little about business and how proud he is of him about making things right with Louise. He made sure to tell him that it was actually her who came to him; he also told him about what she said to him about their father/daughter relationship but asked him not to say he told his father about it. Overall his return back home was lovely as per usual and definitely memorable. His and Louise's relationship is slowly on track for recover as they still have more to talk about and catch up on; his mother is happy that her plan worked cause now Samuel is going to come back for Christmas along with Louise and her family, so now they have to get a move on with expanding the house. (Or change Joseph's office back to a bedroom which he won't do!) Monday 24th December (The night before Christmas)

As Megan had no one to exchange gifts with this Christmas (as she declined Haley's offer to join her), she had no worries about staying up till 12 to open one present, so she went to bed and shortly fell asleep. And it wasn't long before she began to dream.
As her dream began it focused on a picture of her that she has on her bedroom wall. It remained this way for a while, it was as if she was reminiscing, then when they had enough they walked over to the mirror. This old woman with the same hairstyle Megan used to have, dressed in a long oldies style nightgown and slippers, looked at herself and gently stroked her face when noticing the wrinkles. She seemed like she thought this was a joke mirror or something as she looked her hand which also had wrinkles on it. She felt like she was twenty something but looked 60; a thought came to her and she went and grabbed the picture off the wall and went back to stand in front of the mirror and compared features.

When it actually programmed in her head that she was the same person in this picture, he grasp on the frame became loose and dropped on the floor. She refused to believe it so she ran around the house looking for something which could prove that this was not her. She went back into her room where she noticed something was different.
She looked around as she tried to put her finger on it until she looked towards her dressing table. The rare butterfly Samuel gave her months back was gone! That butterfly must have died years ago! She then gasped. "Samuel!" Not thinking about what she was wearing she ran out of the house, but stopped when she saw something unusual on the ground.

She took a few steps back and looked down at what she saw. "Oh no." She quietly said.
It was a dog bone shaped tombstone which read:

Snowie Hensley,
Dearly loved, dearly missed.

Snowie was dead and she was all alone in the same house all these years! She then thought about Samuel. If she wasn't with him then who was if there was anybody? And did he look the same? Or is he even still alive? She continued to run to Samuel's house. I don't know how she thought she could run all the way to his place with her old self, so she hailed a nearby taxi which took her the rest of the way there.
The taxi hadn't even stopped and she had the door open ready to dash up the driveway to Samuel's house. She didn't even pay the cab fare! But because she was old and was in a rush (as she was also running the fastest the driver has seen any old person run) it must be serious so the driver let her off and drove off.

Just before she reached the door, she saw the same Range Rover in the exact same colour outside the house. This gave her hope as she climbed up those steps and rang that doorbell just one, then used that time to catch her breath before he opened the door.
When she heard the handle turn she sat up and put on a smile because she was so happy he was still around. But how was she so certain at this point that it was him? When the door opened, her smile swept off her face. It was a lady that looked about her age (maybe a bit younger) but wrinkle free with her hair done up and dressed quite formal.

"I can't believe it!" She said out loud not realising the woman was still standing at the door. "You can't believe what? The woman looked at her as if she was mad. And she, in her nightgown and slippers wasn't helping. Are you okay? Have you wandered away from the care home?" She asked in a polite manner. She thought she was senile. "Oh sorry it's just I knew this man who used to live her but he's gone now!"
"Well I don't know how old you are but my husband has been living here for many years! You might know him, Samuel Black!"

Her smile came back but quickly disappeared. That's him!...Husband you said?"
"Yes!" The woman replied with a proud smile and moved aside a bit and turned her head to look inside. Megan followed her gaze and saw Samuel with the exact hairstyle but all greyed out by the Christmas tree with two children, a boy and a girl standing in front of him.

Megan watched Samuel as he interacted with the children and wished she was in this woman's position.
Megan was heartbroken. She lost her chance at being happy and having children and grandchildren with the one and only person she loved but was so shy and stupid she couldn't admit this to herself! This woman is living her life, the life that she wanted but took too long to make it her own.

The woman moved back to block her view as she felt like she was now invading in their privacy. "I am sorry but..I have to go now. Merry Christmas!" She closed the door in her face and that's where she quickly woke up.
She woke up and at up quickly and smiled when she saw Snowie lying there watching her. She leaned over and gave her a big squeeze then jumped off her bed to look at herself in the mirror. She was so glad to see her fresh, wrinkle-free skin and her long brown hair, in her top and bottoms (and not a granny gown). She looked over at her dressing table to find the butterfly still there.

Now there was one more thing she had to do to make things right. She dressed into something more appropriate to wear outside, picked up her car keys and made her way to Samuel's She wasn't too aware of the time, but she knew it had to be at least 6/7 in the morning because on her way, there was hardly anyone in sight.
Megan parked the car just at the driveways entrance and walked up, past Samuel's Range Rover and went up the steps to ring the doorbell. After ringing it she peeped through the windows but couldn't see much. She waited another few seconds but still no answer.

She did not want to leave it and lose her chance at being happy; she wanted to put it into action before its too late! As determined as she was she decided to out back.
She went down the 3 steps, turned right and went around the house. As she passed a small garden patch on the side of the house she looked around to see if she could notice anybody, but no luck. She continued to walk towards the pond (as she knew he loves that pond) as he's like a fishing fanatic going out and about to different fishing spots.

She heard slight movements but wasn't sure if she was just hearing the leaves rustle in the wind or if someone was there. For a split second she thought about which way to go, to the left and walk around the bushes or cut through the small path in the middle.

"Ahhhh!" Megan screamed at the top of her voice.
Megan froze and kept on screaming. She wanted to cover her face but couldn't help but still look. She then wanted to run but her feet wouldn't move because of the shock and fascination she had at this moment. But what did she see? What made her like this? I guess you'll have to find out in the next chapter! But I'm sure you have an idea in your head but it might not be what you think!

Post you thoughts and let me know what you think she saw behind the bushes.

I hope you enjoyed the 4th chapter of this story and I hope you look forward to part 2! See ya!

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