The Wicked Wait-CH 2
Published Mar 24, 2013

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Hi everyone! Thank you for all the comments from the first chapter, and hope you all enjoy this one as well. Thanks to all the artists for the cc. If anyone is interested in Aiden, (who isn't cause he's gorgeous!) I downloaded him here in TSR, just changed his hairstyle, facial hair , and eyebrows.
Link for sim:
Link for facial hair:

Sorry, can't remember where I got the hair, but I'm pretty sure the brows are from Serpentrogue also.
XOXO Alessa

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the comments from the first chapter, and hope you all enjoy this one as well. Thanks to all the artists for the cc. If anyone is interested in Aiden, (who isn't cause he's gorgeous!) I downloaded him here in TSR, just changed his hairstyle, facial hair , and eyebrows.
Link for sim:
Link for facial hair:

Sorry, can't remember where I got the hair, but I'm pretty sure the brows are from Serpentrogue also.
XOXO Alessa
I tried to concentrate on what the professor was saying, but my mind kept annoyingly returning to Aiden. He was just so strange, and it makes my palms sweaty whenever I picture the grin he gave me the previous night, when we had shaken hands. Stupid Aiden and his freaky male model hotness. I sigh, he's still a weirdo despite how attractive he is. I take a few notes, when the empty chair besides me slightly moves. I jolt upright, when an obivous jock sits down. He has the prettiest caramel skin I've seen, matching his eyes, and I can't help but groan internally. He's going to expect me to pass him the answers in tests or something. He clears his throat, and I don't remove my eyes from the professor. Why do guys like this think they deserve every girl's undivided attention? "Hey, you don't mind if I sit here do you? Cause everywhere else is taken," he says in an appealing voice.
"Well maybe you should have gotten here early," I suggest, and he chuckles. Damn, I was going for rude not funny.
"Then I wouldn't have sat next to you," he whispers, and when I don't answer, he says,"I'm James by the way."
"Hi James," I reply, still not looking at him.
"And you are?"
"Just trying to pay attention."
He chuckles, and apologizes. He doesn't say anything else for the next few minutes, but I can feel him staring, and I get really uncomfortable. I start scratching my nose, feeling self conscious. Do I have something on my face? Is he noticing the zit on my cheek? Oh god, did I remember to put on deodarant? Ready with a glare, I turn to him, but he smiles, revealing a dimple on one of his cheeks. That's just perfect. I can't be mean to dimples.
"Sorry to bother you again, but can I borrow your notes, just the ones I missed?"
A jock that actually studies? I pass him my notes, still surprised, and he smiles as he looks at my spiral. I have a problem with doodling on everything. He somehow manages to understand my handwriting, and after a while, returns my spiral, with a grateful smile.
The silence doesn't last long, as he interrupts me again. This time to compliment my eyes, and relieved I haven't blushed in years, I just nod a thanks.
"I'm bothering you again huh?" He asks, and I seriously tried not to sound mean as I answer. "I'm really just trying to learn something here. I heard this dude likes to give tests based on the lectures." It wasn't a lie, I need to pay attention, and avoid another grade speech from my mother.
"I'm trying to learn something here too you know. Your name," he says.
"What kind of pick up line was that? I think you would've had a better shot with the whole 'did it hurt when you fell from heaven' one," I blurt out, wondering why on earth I can't keep my thoughts to myself. He stiffles a laugh, "A very bad one appereantly, but just give it a minute to sink it, it gets better."
"How about you give me the remaining class time to 'let it sink in'?"
"Tell me your name and I will."
"Pinky promise you'll leave me alone?" I ask, and he laughs loudly this time. He apologizes to the class, that looks at us knowingly, and I whisper him my name, restraining a giggle.
He keeps his word, and doesn't say anything again, until the class ends. Getting uneasy about what might happen, I grab my things, trying to make a quick getaway, but he immediately catches up to me. He thanks me once again for the notes, and I respond,"You're welcome. See ya," and start walking away. Unfortunately, he asks me what I'm doing later, before I'm out of ear shot.
"I have another class sorry."
"Then how about tonight you meet me at my fraternity house? We're having a party, and I'd like for you to come."
Fraternity party? I shake my head right away.
"Sorry James, I'm not really a party person."
"Well we could do something else then. Whatever you want," he suggests so hopeful, that I can't help but give him a small smile. I wish I could say yes, and trust him so easily, but I can't. Ever since a horrible experience with a football player back in my freshman year in high school, I haven't dated. I had trusted him, only to find out someone had paid him to date me. Luckily, I found out before anything worse could happen, but now I'm more careful. A hook up once in a while is fine, but a relationship? I couldn't even turn to my nonexistent father for advice, and my mother would have just knocked the guy out, which I took care of on my own.
"Look James," I start rejecting his offer, but stop mid-sentence. It's funny how one minute you could be do something, and the next, you subconsciously turn, and spot the person who was staring at you. Aiden walks up to us, glaring at James now, and speaking to me.
"Hey Evie."
He turns to me with a sudden grin, that startles me. It's strange how his expressions turn friendly the second he notices someone's looking at him.
James's head snaps back and forth between the two of us. "Oh. Sorry Evie, Aiden. I didn't know you were together. Uh, thanks for the notes, and sorry man. I'll see you guys later," he says leaving, and scratching his head, in confusion. I couldn't even find my voice to explain that the weirdo next to me wasn't my boyfriend. How did he even know him? I watch him walk away, and Aiden asks me out for coffee.
"What? No."
"No," I say, taking a deep breath.
"And why not?"
"Cause I don't want to." Jeez, this guy. Why wasn't he asking Sophie?
"I'm just asking you for coffee. I want us to be somewhat friends, and you're being difficult."
What? Wasn't he being mean to me yesterday? Or had it been me who was mean?
"Please?" He asks, attempting to grab my hand, before I move it out of the way. He chuckles, and I ask why he's bothering me instead of Sophie.
"You're really honest, I like that," he says, with a smirk.
"And you're really annoying," I mutter, walking away again.
"Look, you two are the ones telling me that you and I, have to at least get along. Sophie, for some reason, wants me to have your approval. I just don't get it, but whatever,I want her, and I'll do what it takes to get her." Has he always been saying want instead of like?
"Ugh! Fine! And you're buying." I yell, giving in. He was nice to look at anyways, just as long as he didn't open his mouth. I'll just tell Sophie later that he creeps me out.
"I guess you'll want your brownie too?" He asks, which somehow just sounds like he's stating a fact.
"Yup," I answer, leading to the java hut.
Exiting the ladies room, I find him already at a table. He watches me as I walk up to him, but I'm more curious as to how he managed to find somewhere to sit so fast. This place was always busy, and it looked like he had already ordered. He better have gotten me my brownie, I'm already cranky and am in desperate need of chocolate. I hadn't slept very well all night, and ofcourse, he had to comment on it. I tried to hide a scowl, with a fake smile, as I join him.
"You look tired, couldn't sleep?"
"How come?"
"I dunno. I just felt like...umh nevermind." I shouldn't have said anything, he looks far too interested.
"Felt like what? You felt something?" He asks, leaning in.
"Well, yeah. I felt watched. Like something was in the room with me and Sophie, just watching." It was pretty scary, and it was the truth, but I wished he would've just laughed and said I was being crazy, that would have made me feel better. Instead, he gets animated with his words, completly fascinated. "You felt the ghost? I mean this thing, that watched you?"
I didn't mean to laugh, but he mas making me nervous. "I don't really believe in anything paranormal. No easter bunny either or leprachaun after me lucky charms."
He doesn't even smile, still intigued. "So you don't believe in monsters then? What does scare you?"
It wasn't really what he asked, because I'm sure he was just teasing me in that weird way of his, but it was the way he said it, that made me feel cold.
"You just upgraded to creepy."
"I scare you?" He asks, sounding pleased with himself, but frowns when I explain that's not what I meant.
"Scary is being home alone hearing someone rattle the doorknob, trying to break in. Creepy is like that time my pet snake was waiting for me in under the covers."
"So I'm the snake in your bed?"
I grin, and watch his mouth drop, as he contemplates what I just said. He thinks it over for a while, and I just stare, worrying he might just get up and leave.
"I've been called worse," he finally replies, with the first genuine expression I've see on him. It's a cross between worry and confusion. His name is called, and he gets up for our order. I frown at his back, remembering I hadn't mentioned I only drink mochas.
Realizing I've been staring at him, I look down. He was just really nice to look at, despite his strangeness, or maybe I just find that appealing, and had never noticed that before? I look behind me, since I was facing the wall, only to find James was there with some of his friends. He was the only who paid any attention to me, the rest were arm wrestling, but he was leaning forward, and I know he had been watching me with Aiden. He shows off his cute dimple as he smiles, and I hadn't even known I was smiling in return, until Aiden asks, "You like him?"
"Huh?" I ask turning away from James, who was now frowning. Aiden sighs, and hands me a brownie and mocha. Too eager for the chocolate under the fluffy cloud of whipped cream, I take several sips, forgetting what had tugged at my mind seconds ago.
"So now that you're full of sugar, can I ask you a question?"
I nod, taking a bite of the brownie, and he asks what sort of guys does Sophie usually go for.
"The wrong ones. She deserves better. She goes for the same football player types, cause she wants to have at least that in common with someone."
"So who should she be with?" He asks, taking a sip of his energy drink. I go over my mental check list of my perfect guy, as I answer him. "He has to have a sense of humor, or it's not going to work. He should be able to laugh at himself, but know when he should be serious, too. Honesty is important of course, and he has to be my friend, someone I can depend on. Someone I can be so comfortable with that I don't feel the need to talk whenever there's a silence. He has to like music, preferably know how to play the guitar, cause I've been dying to learn. Umm..someone strong, but gentle, oh and he can't complain about watching my favorite movies for the tenth time."
I take another bite, trying to hide how mortified I am for having just said that out loud. He thinks it over, then asks, "Is that who you think you deserve or who she deserves?"
"Both of us I guess, but really, who believes they deserve a jerk?"
"I don't think you deserve one," he says, causing me to choke on my brownie, and having to recollect myself with the mocha. I take another bite, once I stop coughing, and he laughs.
"Like I said you deserve someone good, Evie."
"So does Sophie," I tell him, but he shrugs, giving me the strange impression that he doesn't agree with that. Wouldn't he be calling himself somewhat bad though?
He changes the conversation, and we have a pleasently nice chat for the next several minutes, where I find he actually does have a sense of humor, and isn't insulted easily. As my next class hour nears, he helps me out of my chair, which doesn't surprise me as much as him helping me put on my backpack. Instead of swooning like a normal girl, I'm back on guard, wondering if this is the real him that's showing or if's just an act, so I roll my eyes, just to play it safe. He chuckles, but stops, just as I look back at James. I give him a small smile, as he nods, mouthing "what's up?" I see Aiden turn his head to James, before placing an arm around me, spinning me around, and walking out the door. Too startled to react differently, I let him lead me to my class nearby, without even saying a word. "See you later Evie, I had fun," he says, before I yell out, "Uh..what the hell was that?"
He turns back slowly, "what?"
"That whole arm around me thing? Cause I'm confused, I thought you were dating my friend, not me."
"Sorry. I didn't realize you didn't like being touched."
I actually scoff. "No, I don't. What I do have a problem with is you thinking you could just do that, we're not exactly buddy-buddies, which might give you an excuse. You think Sophie wants your arm around me, walking me to class?"
"I'm not interested in you Evie, this is all about Sophie," he says, smirking, "you can rest easy."
I gape at him as he walks away, before giving me a contemplating look back.
Humiliation washes over me, as he crosses the courtyard. Well that's a blow to my self-esteem, but it's nothing a mocha can't fix. I take a final sip, and stop by the trash, before coming to a sudden halt. The tug on my mind from earlier, tugged again, and I realized I had never told Aiden I only drink mochas. Yet, he ordered it, just as I like it, and the brownie? He was the one who had mentioned it before I even brought it up. That was more personal, and more disturbing, than him knowing my class schedule. With one final glance at him before heading inside, I find that he had stopped, and was now watching me. His eyes then darted to the mocha in my hand, and he looked somewhat impressed with me. I'm not sure I want to know the reason why.

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#1megabug7Mar 24, 2013

Yes! I"m the first comment! Amazing Amazing Amazing AlessaFaye like always!!!! \:rah\:Can't wait for the next chapter. Love your work! I'm working on my stories as well as you trying to get the next chapter out. But great work! And btw did u get my private message that I sent you?

#2SimmerForeverMar 24, 2013

I love this! AMAZING WORK! As always this is well thought-out, and the story is enjoyably fabulous.

#3estefinageorgeMar 25, 2013

hmmmmmm... can't wait for the next chapter \:rah\:

#4taj39759VIPMar 25, 2013

loving each chapter. can't wait for the next one

#5^Cupcake^Mar 25, 2013

Excellent chapter!I really like this new guy, James -he's soooo cute \:wub\:- but Aiden freaks me out.Specially at the end when Evie realizes that Aiden knows way too much personal info about her.It makes me wonder "What's wrong with this guy?"
Btw, love this chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

#6thedragon234123Mar 26, 2013

LOVE IT \:\) \:D

#7fruitopiaVIPMar 28, 2013

James is hot, but Aiden creeps me out. Great chapter

#8martoeleApr 3, 2013

Great chapter! Like the others I prefer James as well but there has to be some intrigue to make it interesting! Nicely done! \:\)

#9Katherine1091VIPAug 16, 2013

Great Chapter \:wub\:

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