What are friends for?! chp. 3
Published Sep 21, 2013

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I see you guys enjoyed the cliffhanger on the last chapter, I thought you might. Well, this is going to be a pretty long chapter. I would have split it into two parts, but I decided that I wouldn't so
-mischa :)

I see you guys enjoyed the cliffhanger on the last chapter, I thought you might. Well, this is going to be a pretty long chapter. I would have split it into two parts, but I decided that I wouldn't so
-mischa :)

I was in shock and had nothing to say on the matter. I just couldn't believe that this man just kissed me like that. My very first kiss on my very first date and I just stood there like a statue.

Kyle: Molly, are you okay?

I looked at him with a shocked expression and I didn't know how I felt at the moment.
Instead of being happy that he kissed me, I got defensive.

Molly: Why would you do that? I just met you last night and its barely been 24 hours since we known each other. You thought because the date was going so well that you could just kiss me.

Kyle: Wow Molly, I'm sorry. I thought that we were having a moment and so I went for it.

Molly: W-well...we weren't having a moment and just because you thought that we were doesn't mean that you should. I'm going home, good-bye Kyle.
Wow, I never thought she would react that way towards me kissing her. I've never had that reaction before when I kissed a girl on the first date. Usually they like when I do that, mostly because it shows that I'm interested in them. I guess that I was wrong about Molly, but this is just a set back. I'll try to apologize tomorrow or maybe the next day. Lacey's p.o.v

Lacey: 'You held me down, but I got up. Get ready cause I've had enough. I seen it all, I seen it now. I got the eye of the tiger, the fire...You're gonna hear me roar.' Hey Molly, when did you get here?

Molly: A few minutes ago, no big deal.

Lacey: So, wanna tell me how your date went?

Molly: No, not really.
I moved over the love-seat, so that I could get a better look at Molly.

Lacey: Come on, spill it. I wanna hear all about it.

Molly: Everything about the date was going so well. We met up at this little cafe called, 'The Java Hut,' we should definitely go some time and we talked for a couple of hours about ourselves. We even took a first date photo and I'll show the picture later. Then we decided to go the movies and she this movie called 'Balloonist I've Loved' that was pretty good. But then once the movie was over and it was time to say our good-byes, he kissed me. I didn't know what to do, so I got defensive and left. I even said before the kiss that we should do this again sometime, do you believe that?
I took in everything that she said and processed what I was going to say to her.

Lacey: Well first, no I can't believe those words even became a thought to you. Second, I understand that you had a great time on your date besides that kiss. All in all, I think you went a little overboard with the whole defensive thing. It was just a kiss, what's the big deal.
Molly's p.o.v

Molly: Lacey, I don't think that you would understand what that kiss meant to me. I just wasn't expecting something like that on a first date. Especially because it was my first and I just wanted it to mean something with someone that I trusted.
Molly: You just won't understand, I'm going to bed.

Lacey: Molly....Molly..

I can't believe she's this upset over a kiss, but then she has a point. A first is something that should be special with someone that you trust. My first kiss, oh right, I don't remember my first kiss because I got wasted as soon as I turned 21. I decided to sleep off the feelings that I had towards that kiss and wait til tomorrow to figure out what to do about it. The next day.....

Kyle's p.o.v

I woke up this morning still not fully understanding what happened the last night. I thought everything was going well, but I guess that I was wrong. Still puzzled, I needed to get up and run it off.
I mean come on it was just a kiss. I didn't think the kiss was that bad. It was actually the best kiss I ever had and maybe if I tell her that she might lighten up, I don't know. Maybe if I call and apologize, then everything will be forgotten and we cane move on from this. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do when finished with my run. Molly's p.o.v

I got up this morning with heavy shoulders. All I could think about was last night and I needed to get my mind off of it. Could I have been in the wrong? I don't know what to do.
Poor girl, just sitting there without a clue in the world on what to do. I don't even know what to say to her. Maybe if I fix up some breakfast, she might loosen up a little.

Lacey: Good morning

Molly: .....more like afternoon

Lacey: Right, how about some lunch?

Molly: ....whatever

Lacey: I'll make your favorite, hotdogs, right?

Molly: I guess
Lacey: Here ya go, this should make you feel a little bit better.

Molly: Thanks Lacey. I'm just confused because I've never been in this position before. I need your help on what I should do about this.

Lacey: Well for starters, you could eat the food I just gave you and then we can talk.

Molly: Okay.
So, Lacey and I sat here eating hotdogs and discussing how I should of have handled the situation better and that I should apologize.

Lacey: I mean, you guys were both kinda of in the wrong.

Molly: How?

Lacey: He kissed which completely caught you off guard and then you chewed his head off the way you reacted to it. Personally, I would have enjoyed such a kiss from a guy like because I know about dating, but you don't.

Molly: Thanks for the confidence

Lacey: I'm just laying it like it is, okay.

Molly: Sure, whatever.
Besides talking about how my date went, Lacey and I continued to talk about randoms things and telling jokes to one another before she came with something to do. Lacey: We should go for a run today.

Molly: Not to be mean or anything, but I've never seen you run not even in gym classes which you skipped constantly.

Lacey: That teacher was dumb and stupid to think that I would ever do physical activities. But we're both changing and adjusting to new things, so I thought it would be a good idea to start working out. So, will you join me or not?
After thinking about what she was asking, I thought it would be a great idea to run off my feelings and get a clear head before trying to call Kyle.

Molly: Yeah, I think a run would be a nice idea. I get to clear my head and think, so yeah a run sounds great.

Lacey: Then get dressed because we leave in ten minutes.

Molly: Cool
After getting dressed, Lacey came out in here workout gear.

Lacey: Well, I'm ready to get this over with. So, let's go run before I change my mind.

Molly: This was your idea you know.

Lacey: Yeah, whatever

Molly: I'm promise you that you're gonna feel better afterwards.

Lacey: Only in my dreams
Lacey and I didn't know how far we were going to run, but I was starting to feel better already. This was actually pretty nice.

Molly: Let's go Lace!!

Lacey: I'm coming okay, just go on I'm right behind you. 'Not really'
Kyle's p.o.v

This was a great, running til you can't run no more in the blazing sun with no since in where you're going. 'I'm getting closer to the Butterfly exhibit, maybe I should ask her to meet me here. This would be a nice place to talk and move past yesterday.'
Oh my god, how can she keep going? I feel like we've been running for hours and she's still ahead of me. Maybe going out for a run was a bad idea. She's like the damn energizer bunny, just keep going and going and going.

Lacey: Hey...Molly...can...we...stop?

Molly: Come on Lace, just another mile or so. You're doing good so far, let's keep it up.

Lacey: I....don't....think....I can.

Molly: Okay, we'll stop up here.
After catching my breath for a while, I took out my phone to see if she would answer my text.

Kyle: "Hey Molly, this is Kyle and I say that because I don't know if you kept my number or not. I was wondering if we could talk for a bit and if you want to, I'll be at the Butterfly Exhibit waiting for you. If you don't show, then I know that you don't want to have anything to do with me. So, see ya or not."

Well, now I can sit here and wait for her to either show up or not. I hope she does though because I'm actually interested in this girl.
Molly: Okay Lace, we can rest here for a bit. Then we need to continue our run for another block and then we can go home.

Lacey: Yeah.....okay, your phone's ringing?

Molly: Huh, oh it seems to be a text from Kyle.

Lacey: What does it say?

Molly: It says, "Hey Molly, this is Kyle and I say that because I don't know if you kept my number or not. I was wondering if we could talk for a bit and if you want to, I'll be at the Butterfly Exhibit waiting for you. If you don't show, then I know that you don't want to have anything to do with me. So, see ya or not."

Lacey: So, are you? It doesn't look like we're that far from the exhibit, just up ahead.

Molly: Sure, let's go.
The exhibit just happen to be a block away from where we stood. Lacey told me to go ahead so that she could catch her breath some more. I think I can see Kyle from here, yep that's him. Now to get this over with and apologize for my mistake. I've been sitting here for the last half and hour just waiting for her to reply to my text. I didn't know whether she was on her way or she was ignoring me, but I couldn't just give up hope on Molly. I know she'll be here soon, I just know it.

Molly: Hello Kyle
Kyle: Molly! Look I'm sor...

Molly: Look before you say anything more, I need to speak first. I should be the one to say sorry because I lashed out at you. I shouldn't have done that to you. The kiss was a really sweet it's just that it was my first and I felt... well I don't know what I felt. We just met and all, so I guess I got kinda of defensive.

Kyle: I see what you're trying to say. It was like I stole your first kiss without asking and I'm sorry. Maybe I should have asked first before I did that.

Molly: Pretty much

Kyle: I'll accept your apology if you accept mine.

Molly: Deal

Both: hahahaha
We talked a little bit more and it was quite nice getting what I had to say to Kyle off my chest. It good because he understood where I was coming from and was okay with it.

Kyle: So, how about on Saturday we go to the beach?

Molly: Sure, sounds like fun.

Kyle: Alright, I'll call you Saturday

Molly: Okay

Both: Bye
It was finally Saturday, we met at Smuggler's Cove and it was hot. We ended up jumping right in the water without switching into our swim suits. I was having the time of my life just hanging out with Kyle. We ended up getting a tan together while resting in each others arms. Which was quite nice just being this close to him. I mean he had the body of a god and the way his arm was around me felt good. I hoped that this day would never end. Lacey ended up joining us, but stayed on other the side of the beach hoping to get herself a good tan. I didn't think that she would need one, but she was gonna do what she wanted. I was having so much fun that I forgot to tell Kyle that I would leaving tomorrow. It was going to be hard to tell because I was just getting used to being in his arms.

Kyle: Hey, what are you thinking about?

Molly: I thinking about how much I'm gonna miss you?

Kyle: What are you talking about?

Molly: Tomorrow Lacey and I are leaving to head off to college so we can start our careers.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming out of her mouth. How could she be leaving at a time like this. I thought that things were going well and this could the beginning of a real relationship. I've never had one before and I thought would be Molly would be perfect for that.

Kyle: What do you mean you're leaving?

Molly: Like I just said, Lacey and I are leaving for school tomorrow. What's the deal?

Kyle: I mean I thought that everything was going well between us. I just didn't think you would just up and leave.
Molly: It's not like I just made the decision to leave, Lacey and I have been planning this for a long time. I can't just up and change the date to attend school.

Kyle: Well, why can't you?

Molly: Because I want to leave tomorrow and further my education, why do you have problem with that? This is my decision not yours and we've only been dating for a few days not a year. I think I'm capable to do things my way without your permission.
Kyle: I'm sorry if I'm upsetting you, but this is the first time that I've been able to be myself around a girl. I never had to put up a front when I'm around even if its been only a few days.

Molly: Well, you don't have a right to be upset. It's not like I'll be gone forever and I'll be back during break. You never know, by the time I get back you might already found someone else.

Kyle: You're right, you'll never know what might happen during your time at school.

Molly: So, what do we do here?

Kyle: I guess we say goodbye or til next time
Molly: I rather say until next time, how about you?

Kyle: That sounds good, til next time Molly.
Yeah til next time

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#1NisukiSep 22, 2013

THAT END, WHY! Just WHY D: Molly's so cocky in this chapter! Love Lacey, hahaha. She's like me LOL. Anyways, can't wait to see what's coming next. \:wub\:

#2MarijaJSep 22, 2013

Molly reacted bad, but it's good that they're together, and now she had to ruin everything with her leaving. I feel sorry for Kyle, I hope he'll wait for her to come back. \:\(
And yes, I hoped that they would kiss when they said goodbye haha, she's one tough girl. \:D
Beautiful, waiting for the next chapter. \:wub\:

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