To Love A Soldier
Published Apr 11, 2007

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This is my first story, so I hope you all will enjoy it. It is a work of fiction, although a lot of it is based on my own personal experiences during the time that the man I love was deployed overseas recently. (all the names are made up) It's a long story, but I felt in order to tell it properly, I couldn't cut it short. I would greatly appreciate any comments since this is my first submission.

Now it's time to meet Jessica and Thomas Combs......this is their story.

This is my first story, so I hope you all will enjoy it. It is a work of fiction, although a lot of it is based on my own personal experiences during the time that the man I love was deployed overseas recently. (all the names are made up) It's a long story, but I felt in order to tell it properly, I couldn't cut it short. I would greatly appreciate any comments since this is my first submission.

Now it's time to meet Jessica and Thomas Combs......this is their story.
Jessica and Thomas have been sweethearts since they first met at age twelve when they were assigned to be lab partners together in biology class. Jessica hated to touch the dead frogs but since their grade depended on a successful dissection, Thomas always came to her rescue and did all the "dirty work." Whenever the teacher wasn't looking, Thomas would make the necessary cuts on the smelly dead frog, while Jessica cringed and pretended to be horrified. She actually enjoyed being the "damsel in distress" with Thomas; and he fell into the role of the "knight in shining armor" willingly. The two were inseparable all through school until they graduated and then went off to college together. Now they had finished college and were newly married. Thomas graduated with a degree in military science and Jessica majored in design. They loved to sit and reminisce about all the great times they had in college....all the parties....the nights out with friends....and of course all the dreams of their future together.

Jessica and Thomas now had their own home on the beach and were looking forward to all the wonderful times they would have together. Both wanted a big family since neither of them had any brothers or sisters. They often wondered if maybe that's why they had always been so drawn to each other...maybe they both had always been a little lonely being an only child. One thing they knew for sure was that they were meant to spend their lives Thomas frequently said, "We're soul mates....we can't survive without each other."
Jessica and Thomas were enjoying the long days of summer in their new beach house. They would often go down to the water front and play catch and just enjoy being together. Thomas said, "Jess, you catch like a girl! You need to concentrate and keep your eye on the ball." "I'm trying!" replied Jessica, and then they both laughed like school children. "Im going to teach you a lesson you girly-girl!" said Thomas as he ran toward Jessica and began tickling her. "Stop! Stop! I'm going to make you pay for this! You're going to have to cook your own dinner tonight" Jessica said as she laughed so hard that she had tears coming from her eyes. As the sun began to go down, Thomas was grilling some hotdogs for the two of them. "Ok, girly, I'm cooking my own dinner you better not complain if you ruin your diet! Personally, I don't think you need to lose any weight in the first place. You're beautiful and perfect just the way you are! I am the luckiest man in the world to be married to the most beautiful and sexy woman on earth! And we're going to have lots of beautiful babies!" Jessica said, "Well only if they look like YOU!" Thomas replied, "Oh please! If they looked like me, we'd have to drown them at birth!" Jessica laughed, "You're so full of it! You're the most handsome man in the world. How about if they had my mouth and your eyes?" "Well, I'd rather them have your eyes, and definitely your mouth! But I think they need to have MY sports ability!" Laughing, Jessica said, "Hey I'm not that bad!" "Oh ARE that bad," snickered Thomas. As they sat on their deck after the sun set and they finished their dinner, the two talked about their future. Thomas said, "I think now that I'm out of boot camp, I should go back to school and earn another degree. The military will pay for it and I'd love to study engineering. Plus, it would mean a nice raise for us once I finish." Jessica said, "I think that's a great idea. We have nothing but time on our side. I've been thinking about when we should get pregnant. Since I'm not working right now, maybe it would be a good time to go ahead and start thinking about starting a family. I can't wait to have a baby with you." The next morning when Thomas went out to get the newspaper, the front headlines were very disturbing..."America is at WAR!" Thomas got a sinking feeling in his stomach and went on to read the news story. The United States had been attacked by terrorists and the President was declaring war on The Desert. The story went on to say that the military was preparing to deploy 150,000 troops to the desert right away. Several thoughts were running through Thomas's mind. "What would Jess say?" "What are my chances that I will have to go over there?" "How is this going to affect us?" "God, I don't want to leave her yet....we just got married! We have so many plans!" Later that day, some of his questions were answered. His commanding officer came to the house and delivered Thomas's deployment orders personally. He was told that he would have to leave in one week. Thomas knew that he needed to tell Jess and get his affairs in order. "How would she react? It wasn't going to be pretty." Thomas began thinking about what would happen to their beautiful perfect life. He would be gone for over a year and there was the possibility that he wouldn't make it home at all. Jessica was his soul would they survive without each other? What would happen to her if he didn't make it home? Suddenly, it felt as if the world was closing on him and he wondered how on earth he would tell Jess that he had to leave her. "I've got to tell her. She's going to be devastated. But she married a soldier...we both knew that this could be a possibility...we just didn't think it would be so soon." Thomas found Jessica coming out of the bathroom and grabbed her up in a big hug. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Jessica replied, "Only about half as much as I love you! What has gotten into you?" "Oh nothing. I'm just sometimes overwhelmed with my love for you and I have to tell you. I'm the luckiest man in the world." Jessica smile and said, "Honey, I'm the lucky one. What did I ever do to deserve you?" Thomas laughed and said, "I don't must have been a terrible person in another life!" Jessica smacked him and said, "No way! I must have been a saint to have someone as wonderful as you love me!" Thomas said, "Ok, let's just agree that we're BOTH lucky to have each other and leave it at that." "Agreed!" replied Jessica. Thomas decided to tell Jessica that night before they went to bed. He didn't want to delay because he wanted to be able to cherish every single moment he had left with her. He explained the situation and told her that he would be leaving in a week. Thomas said, "Honey, I'm so sorry, but I have no choice....and I'll be ok...I will come home to you....I promise. I have trained for this and am well prepared and there is nothing in this world that could keep me from being with you for the rest of my life." Jessica cried, but she knew that he had to go. "Will you be able to stay in touch with me? Do you know what area you will be going to yet? Will it be dangerous?" Thomas tried his best to answer all her questions, but the fact is, he didn't have all the answers yet. All he knew for sure was that he loved this woman with all his heart and he just had to come back to her and live out that fairytale life they had talked about so many times. They had so many hopes and dreams for the future....this would simply be a delay...all of it would still happen. For now, they needed to enjoy the time they had left with each other and try to make the most of it. "I love you so much Jess." "I love you too baby." The next morning, they went down to their favorite spot on the beach where they sat and talked for a long time. Thomas tried to reassure Jessica that everything would be ok, but it was hard when he didn't even know that for sure himself. He fought to hold back the tears at the thought of leaving Jess for over a year. It was almost too much to comprehend. It felt as though his heart was breaking and knowing that these might be the last few days they spend together ever, was filling him with intense dread. But he had a duty to his country and there was no way to get out of this. He had to go. "Just can do whatever you want while I'm gone....get a job...pursue a hobby....I just don't want you to sit around the house and worry for a year...that will drive you crazy." Jessica said, "I know...but your duty is to fight for your country...and MY duty is to support you in that in any way I can." "What are you doing handsome man?" "Well I decided that I had better get my butt back in shape before I leave because I've been living the good life lately and have gotten soft." Jessica checked out her handsome husband and said, "Well I think you look pretty darn sexy!" Thomas laughed, "Thanks honey, but sexy aint gonna cut it over in the desert!" "So what do you think? Do I look stronger now?" Jessica laughed and said, "Well honey, I don't know if that 15 minute workout made much difference, but I think you are one handsome man!" "You always know just what to say baby" and then Thomas leaned over and took Jessica in his arms for a long and passionate kiss. "How about we go ahead and try for that baby we talked about?" said Jessica. "Right now?" said Thomas. Jessica replied, "Yes right now.....why not? You're leaving in less than a week and will be gone for over a year. I want to have a piece of you to keep with me until you get home." Thomas said, "Yeah, but I won't be here to help you through the'll be all alone." "I won't be all alone...I'll have the baby to keep me company and we'll talk often and when the baby comes, you should be able to come home for the birth." Aterward, Jessica thought to herself..."If Thomas doesn't make it home....the baby will live on and be a legacy to his father's life and I will always have a piece of him." Thomas was thinking the same thing, but neither would speak the words out loud. Thomas and Jessica were trying their best to go on as if the impending departure was lightyears away. They tried to enjoy every minute together by doing all the things they loved during the day and holding onto each other tightly every night. But both of them knew that their time together was nearing an end. At dinner, Thomas took Jessica by the hand and said, "Let's dance!" She went along willingly and they danced together slowly in the middle of the restaraunt and didn't care who watched them or what anybody said. Thomas leaned in and kissed Jess and told her, "We'll get through this baby...I promise." Jessica clung to him so tightly and laid her head on his shoulder so that he wouldn't see the tears welling up in her eyes. She needed to be strong right now.....for him....for the baby that they would have. Thomas was also crying but didn't want Jess to they both hid their tears from each other and fought to be strong. "It's time for me to leave sweetheart. Please don't worry about me....I'll be fine. Just remember, I love you with all my heart and no matter what happens.....I will always love you." Jessica could barely talk through her tears, "I know honey....I love you too and I know you'll be just have to have to come home to me....I'm counting on it." "My taxi is waiting to take me to the airport. I'll be meeting up with the other guys there. Baby, I will call you as soon as I get there and will let you know how you can reach me, ok?" Jessica said, "Ok honey.....just please be safe. I love you." Jessica stood there and watched Thomas's taxi drive away and she couldn't help but thinking, "Is this the last time I will ever see him alive?" When the taxi was out of sight, she dropped to her knees and broke down as if her heart had just been ripped from her chest. "How will I function without you Thomas?" The thought of never seeing him again made her feel like she couldn't she would literally die right there in the middle of the road. She prayed, "Please God....please I am begging you...keep him safe. I need him in my life. I don't think I can go on without him. His child will need him too. Please don't take him away from us." Jessica sat there and cried and prayed and pleaded for a long time until she finally wore herself out. She picked herself up off the street, wiped her tears away, and vowed that she would go on and be strong for Thomas. He needed her now and for him....she'd have to pull herself together. The first thing she did when she got back into the house was to throw up. She was definitely pregnant! "I suppose there's one good thing about going through this pregnancy without Thomas, he won't have to see me get fat" thought Jessica. Although she did realize that he would have loved to have been here to talk to the baby and rub her belly and he probably wouldn't even care if she got fat. He was such a wonderful man. She took a nice hot bath and began to plan for the next year alone. It was going to be difficult...she and Thomas had not been separated for any length of time since they were twelve years old. It felt as if a part of her had been torn away. But she needed to be stronger than she ever had.....and she vowed that she would be the perfect military wife and support her husband while he was away. FInally, about a week after Thomas left, he was able to contact her via email. She was SO excited! He told her that he would be stationed in the Al Akbar Province and was staying at a large base there. He once again told her not to worry and that he would also set up his instant messenger so that they would be able to talk in real time soon. Meanwhile, in the Al Akbar Province, just west of Begherdad, the military had already set up several bases and were beginning to try and get control of the area. At his new home for the next year, Thomas was getting his unit organized and preparing for the their time in the desert. "Guys, we are here for the next 15 months and it's going to be tough. But as long as we work together as a team and cover each other, we'll all get home alive. If you remember only one thing....remember this....COMPLACENCY KILLS!" Thomas and his unit were sharing a bunkhouse with a group of Marines and they spent some time getting aquainted over dinner in the mess hall. Thomas was feeling optimistic that maybe it wouldn't be so bad. The guys were great and they made friends easily. Back at home, Jessica began preparing for the baby by reading everything she could get her hands on. She was really excited about the baby and tried to keep Thomas updated with how things were going and sending him pictures of her expanding abdomen. One day, a soldier named Miranda from the Army, came by and introduced herself. She told her all about the family resource group and invited her to come over any time. Miranda told her that it was a great place to find support during this difficult time while her husband was deployed overseas. Jessica was thankful to get the information and hugged Miranda before she left. Jessica tried to occupy her time by planting a garden on the side of the house. This spot would get the morning sun and she felt that it would be a good location. In the evening, she put the finishing touches on the new nursery for the baby. Her back was killing her after working in the garden and then rearranging furniture in the nursery. She was sure that if Thomas were home, he would be upset at how she had over exerted herself today. But there were things that had to be done and she was the only one home to do them. Just as Jessica was feeling so tired and wondering how she would manage it all, the phone rang and it was Thomas! "Hi sweetheart! God I miss you so bad!" Thomas replied, "I miss you too have no idea." "Jessica said, "So how are things over there? Is everyone doing ok?" "Yeah, we're fine. The biggest problem seems to be everyone missing home and we really miss the good food! The food here is terrible and it seems that there is sand in everything," replied Thomas.

"Well honey, I can't talk long because there are other guys here waiting to use the phone. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and miss you and that I'm fine." Jessica said, "I'm just so happy to hear your voice. I miss you and love you too."
Speaking with Thomas had been wonderful and it lifted her spirits for a little while. But then when she went back to finish up in the nursery, the overwhelming sadness hit her again. "I wish he was here to experience this with me......I'm having our first baby and he can't even be just doesn't seem fair." She would often go back and forth between joy and sadness and pride at what her husband was doing and despair over missing him so much. It was a roller coaster of emotions and the pregancy hormones probably weren't helping much either. Thomas hung up the phone with Jessica to allow the other guys to have a chance to use the phone and he walked outside in a hurry. He was broken hearted over not being home with Jess and he needed some private time to himself. It began to rain and he found a quiet spot behind the vehicles where he could be alone with his pain. He screamed and yelled in the rain to release the agony over missing Jess. Hearing her voice made him miss her even more. He was thankful for the sound of thunder and rain to mask his cries. After this crying spell, Thomas tried to clear his face some before going back inside. He was Sgt Combs....the platoon leader.....he couldn't let his guys see him in a moment of weakness. He wondered if any of the other guys were having difficulty right now after speaking to their loved ones. As the weeks and months went by, Jessica was getting very big as her pregnancy progressed. She'd talk to Thomas on messenger frequently. But there were times when he'd be gone on a mission and wouldn't be able to get on the computer for several days or sometimes even weeks at a time. It was during those times that Jessica fought the hardest to control her anxieties about him being over there. One day, Thomas called and told her the news that their convoy had been hit by an IED. He was ok, but one of the guys in his unit, Jeremy, didn't make it. Jeremy happened to be in the lead humvee when the explosion went off and it took a direct hit. Thomas was really shaken up and felt guilty that he couldn't have done something to save his friend. "After we were hit, we all got out of the humvee because it was on fire. Carillo was on fire, but we managed to get him out.....he's hurt pretty bad, but I think he's going to make it. Jeremy wasn't so lucky." Jessica said, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you and the other guys. I'm sure you did everything's war.....and it's terrible." Thomas said, "I know, but I just kept thinking....what if it had been me? What if I left you alone and never got to see my child?" Jessica said, "Baby try not to think about that. You're ok and you will come home to us. I love you so much." "I love you too sweetheart....I've got to go now." After she hung up, Jessica broke down and cried. Cried for the life that had been lost....cried for joy that it wasn't Thomas...and cried because of the overwhelming fear that it could happen to him at any time. She had never been so scared in all her life. She decided to look in the paper to see if there was any more news of the attack on the U.S. convoy, but there was no mention of it yet. Thomas had told her that the military often shut down communications when there was a casualty to give them time to notify the family. Thomas always tried to contact her immediately before they shut down coms so that he could reassure her that he was ok. In the desert, the guys had to go over to Central Command and meet with some of the commanding officers to give them an update on the progress and to strategize on their next mission. It was an impressive building there in the middle of the desert. When the guys got back to base, they felt a renewed sense of motivation to get the job done. Thomas got one of the marines, Joseph, to spar with him to try and improve his agility and quickness. He knew that if he came face to face with one of the bad guys, he had to be ready. He worried about the upcoming mission. He needed to be in tip top physical condition when he went out on patrol again in the morning. This mission would be a tough one. They would be going into a very volatile area and anything could happen. After training all day, it was time for a couple of beers. Private First Class Kevin Ryan always managed to get his hands on beer. No one was quite sure how he did it......but he they didn't ask too many questions. Thomas enjoyed the taste of the warm beer even though at home, he would have hated it. Things were different here....he ate and drank things he wouldn't normally like. Back at home, Jessica was having trouble sleeping. She didn't know if it was because she was so big and uncomfortable, or if it was because of her constant worry over Thomas being in a war zone. Either way, she knew she had to try and get some rest so that she could have a healthy baby. The next morning, she got up early and wrote her daily letter to Thomas telling him about how big she was getting and how it wouldn't be long now before the baby came. Being pregnant with Thomas's child brought her comfort during this scary time. But she also worried how she would raise a child all alone if Thomas didn't come home. At least she would always have a part of him no matter what happened. Thomas did his best to stay in touch with Jessica. Because of the nine hour time difference, he would often have to stay up late to catch her online. He told her that he would be leaving for a mission and would not be able to contact her for a couple of days and he also told her not to worry. Even though he loved talking to Jessica, he always missed her even more after they spoke. This was the hardest thing either of them had ever been through. It was sheer torture being away from the woman he loved. Thomas pulled himself together so he could get the guys ready for the early morning mission. They checked their weapons and made sure everything was in order. The next morning, Thomas's unit had to leave for the important mission. They were being air lifted into the target area so that they could set up and take the enemy by surprise. It was going to be a dangerous mission, but the guys were well prepared. Once on the ground, they set out on patrol into an extremely dangerous area. They saw something on the road that they suspected might be another IED, so they got out of the humvee and checked things out. Just then, a sniper started shooting at them. Thomas could hear the bullets whizzing by his head. Then a grenade launcher hit right in the middle of the guys and fire spread all around them. It was a chaotic scene. Bullets and fire spread all around them. Thomas wondered if they'd get out of there alive. As Thomas's unit was under attack, Jessica gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who would be named Daniel. While Jessica was enjoying their new son, she had no idea the grave danger that her husband was in. Being a mother came natural for Jessica. She adored her new son. She just wished that Thomas were here to see the baby. She had the baby prematurely, so he was not able to make it home for the birth. It would still be several more months before he could come home. Jessica emailed Thomas to let him know that their little bundle of joy had decided to come early. She knew that Thomas would be thrilled to have a new son. Thomas's unit managed to regain control of the situation and take the bad guys into custody. Once their mission was accomplished, it was time to head back to base. His adrenalin was still pumping and he stopped a moment to think about what could have happened. What if he had been killed....what if he never saw Jess again.....never met his son? By the time the unit got back to base, it had gotten late. While all the guys were putting away their weapons, Thomas reflected on the day. They had lost another soldier...Manning was dead.....hit by a sniper bullet. He got on the computer and saw that Jessica was online. He told her that their tour was coming to an end and that they would be heading home soon. "I can't wait to see my son," Thomas said. "I can't wait for you to see him too. He's getting so big and I don't want you to miss another minute of his life." " know what? Your daddy is coming home tonight! He's so excited to see you. I want you to be a good boy when he gets here..ok?" Just then Jessica heard a card door slam outside and she ran to the front door and saw her handsome soldier standing on the sidewalk. She ran and jumped into his arms. "Oh my're're actually home!" Thomas said, "Yes darling, I am home and I'm not ever going to leave you again." Thomas looked up to heaven and thanked God that he was able to make it home to his family. "'re a sight for sore eyes! God you're even more beautiful than I remembered." To be able to finally look into each other's eyes was a dream come true. The past 15 months were behind them now and they could begin to live the life they had dreamed about. That first kiss was as wonderful as their very first kiss they shared when they were 12 years old. "I'm ready to meet my son. Where is he?" Jessica smiled and said, "He's in the house sweetheart. I told him that you were coming home tonight." "Here is your son Thomas......Daniel, say hello to your dad." "He's beautiful Jess," Thomas said as he saw his son for the first time. "Oh I've missed so much of his life will I ever make it up?" Thomas was overcome with emotion at the sight of his son. Jessica said, "Honey, you're here now...that's what is important. You'll have the rest of your life to get to know your son." "Would you like to hold him?" Thomas replied, "Yes I would...very much." "Here Daniel, go see your daddy." "Let me have a good look at you boy. What a handsome guy you are." "Everything is perfect now. I love you Daniel." Daniel gave his daddy a wet slobbery kiss on the cheek. Even though he has never met his dad, Jessica made sure that he saw lots of pictures of him and she talked about him to Daniel all the time. She wanted to make sure that he knew his dad no matter what happened over there. "Here, let me take him and give him his bath and put him to bed so we can spend some time together. I already let him stay up late since you were coming home, but he's going to get cranky if he doesn't go to bed soon." "No, let me do it....I want to bathe him and put him to bed. I've missed doing that." Thomas took Daniel into the bathroom to bathe him while Jessica watched lovingly. Here was the big tough soldier being so gentle with her young son. The scene brought tears to her eyes. After Daniel was bathed, Thomas put him in the bed and gave him a kiss and said, "Goodnight little soldier....I'll see you in the morning." "Now it's time for me to spend some time with my beatiful wife." Jessica sat on Thomas's lap and they began the process of getting reaquainted with each other. "I love you so much Jess and I missed you more than I can even say." Jessica said, "I missed you too baby.....please don't ever leave me again." "I won't," replied Thomas.

Thomas survived the war and was finally back home with his family. Now it was time to begin their lives and make all their dreams come true.

Jessica thought to herself, "To love a soldier can be the hardest thing you've ever done...but also the most wonderful experience of your life."


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#83Lord_CyrusApr 19, 2007

That story was fantastic, it was gripping and the military base in the desert was brilliant! \:rah\: im off to read the second part!

#84simal10Jun 2, 2007

nice story

#85FilttrerJun 2, 2007

SORRY, but I HATE love stories \:wacko\:

#86somebody1994Jun 26, 2007

soooooo good i luuuuv it!!!!!\:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

AMAZING!!!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#87muge91Aug 6, 2007

nice story I like it

#88Oct 13, 2007

\:wub\: Awww... what a beautiful story! I'm so glad it ended well.\:wub\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

#89bwoogieDec 12, 2007

great story robin! i enjoyed it and am ready for part 2!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

#90Deedee09 Mar 14, 2008

so sad *CRYS* \:wub\:

#91qasertMay 2, 2008


#92taokeatingApr 16, 2010

great story, better looking sims

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