All About... Part 6
Published Oct 22, 2015

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Hello all and welcome to the sixth installment of 'All About...', the one and only place where you, our readers out there are able to get the real 411 on the cast of Cheers...To New Beginnings!

The only reason why I said the 'real' 411 is because we do not get our stories from sources, we actually sit down and have a nice talk with the cast members who have newly been introduced to the story!

Today it is kind of a family edition as I will be having a nice one-to-one chat with some of Gabriella's family members, as we've seen some of them recently in the previous chapters during the thanksgiving holiday and Gabriella's baby shower.

Hello all and welcome to the sixth installment of 'All About...', the one and only place where you, our readers out there are able to get the real 411 on the cast of Cheers...To New Beginnings!

The only reason why I said the 'real' 411 is because we do not get our stories from sources, we actually sit down and have a nice talk with the cast members who have newly been introduced to the story!

Today it is kind of a family edition as I will be having a nice one-to-one chat with some of Gabriella's family members, as we've seen some of them recently in the previous chapters during the thanksgiving holiday and Gabriella's baby shower.
IV: So without further ado, my first guest today is the proud mother of two; Mrs Giselle Woods-Evans!

Giselle: Hello! It's nice to finally be here!

IV: I'm glad that you want to be here, so are you ready to tell us about yourself?

Giselle: I sure am!

IV: Okay then let's get to it; tell us about yourself starting with your sign, your favourite music, food, and what you do for a living!

Giselle: Well I am a surgeon, I'm an Aquarius, I love porcini risotto and songwriter music and my favourite colour is grey!
IV: You're a surgeon? Gabriella mentioned that you were in the medical career, but she never told us you are a surgeon! Is it something that you always wanted to do?

Giselle: Yes it is! I've always wanted to help people and be a part of getting them better and it has been a dream come true.

IV: Was it hard juggling your career and your family life?

Giselle: Yeah, but it happens for everybody when they have a full time job and a family.

IV: That's true.

Giselle: But it wasn't too bad for me and my husband because we only had one child at the time and we had help from our family and friends! Especially my parents and his one's!
IV: And then when you had Gabriel was it easier?

Giselle: Compared to when Gabriella was born, yes it was; when we had Gabriel I was already at a point in my life where I was where I wanted to be, and I have more time to spend with my family and do what I need to do!

IV: Such as moving to LA for a couple of months to support your pregnant daughter you are an amazing mum!

Giselle: Thank you sweetheart!

IV: I hope Gabriella appreciates that!

Giselle: She does, I know she does!

IV: Are you gonna be there after she has the twins?
Giselle: For a little while but then I have to get back to my life and get back to work and spend time with my son though I call him every day!

IV: You are very family oriented and I'm sure that is one of your traits... *Giselle nodded* I also can see that you are a good person; you like to help people in your personal and professional life, you're friendly...what other traits do you have?

Giselle: I have a good sense of humour; I'm not stubborn or strict all the time, I like to have fun and enjoy myself so I'm open to joking around a bit!

IV: Well that's good...What else?

Giselle: Well I love reading and I think that's why Gabriella got into books as well; every night I would or her father would read her a story and as she grew up she continued to do so!

IV: And now she's a writer! A successful writer at that!
Giselle: Yes she is!

IV: I remember Gabriella mentioned that before she went to university you and your husband was hoping that she followed in one of yours footsteps; is this so, and as we know that she didn't, were you still supportive of her in her career?

Giselle: Oh of course we were! She was our only child at the time and even if she wasn't, I wouldn't want that kind of relationship with my daughter where she hates me and doesn't want anything to do with us!

We love her very much and though we wanted her to follow in one of our footsteps, at the end of the day it is her life and she can do whatever makes her happy! And writing makes her happy!

IV: That's very nice, and it's all thanks to you for being the bookworm!
Giselle: Well you are very much welcome!

IV: So what about Gabriel? What is his passion right now? Is he going to be a writer, an architect or a surgeon?

Giselle: I'm not sure; at the moment he's into space so I don't know just yet, we've got some years to go before he has to start thinking about what he wants to do.

IV: Yeah... So what made you and your husband decide to have another baby so many years after having Gabriella?

Giselle: Well we didn't actually decide to have another baby it just happened! But we never had a discussion about whether Gabriella was going to be the only child that we have, or if we should have another one...but we did not see why we should not have another one.
IV: So is this it? No more?

Giselle: I know I look young for my age even with the grey hairs but, honey we are fine with two!

IV: *chuckling* Okay Mrs Woods, two it is! So when you found out that Gabriella was pregnant, how did you feel?

Giselle: I was like..."At last!" She has been waiting for this for a while now so I'm glad that it's finally happening for her!

IV: When you first found out about Malik and when you first met him, what were your thoughts?

Giselle: He seemed like a nice man, I was concerned because of his career choice and the type of man that he was since Gabriella had a bad experience with a gentleman in the same career. But Malik was nice, he was sweet and really seemed like he loved my daughter...I just hoped that things would work out between the two of them and here they are; married and expecting!
IV: Well thank you for being here and giving us some of your time; I'm sure we will be seeing more of you as Gabriella still has some weeks before she is due and congrats on being a grandmother!

Giselle: Thank you darling!
IV: My next guest is not currently a family member but he is very close to one who has special significance to Malik; it's Caroline Austen's partner Javed Meir! Hi Javed!

Javed: Hello.

IV: How are you? How are you feeling?

Javed: Nervous, but excited!

IV: Well there's nothing to worry about, it's just an opportunity for the readers out there to get know you as we're probably going to be seeing a lot of you I hope!

Javed: We'll see!

IV: Okay, so why don't you start by telling us about your sign, your career though we already know, your favourite food, colour and music and then we can take it from there!
Javed: Okay so I'm a Leo and as you all know I'm an Acrobat; I enjoy listening to classical music, my favourite colour is grey and I love Stu Surprise!

IV: Why Stu surprise?

Javed: Because you can put anything in it and it'll be a surprise for your taste buds when it's done!

IV: *smirking* Okay...and why is grey your favourite colour? Gabriella's mum chose that as her favourite colour as well!

Javed: Really? I don't know...maybe 'cause it suits me! I'm kidding.

IV: Well I'm sure it does suit you, but tell us why you wanted to become an Acrobat.

Javed: I enjoyed going to the circus when I was a kid anduh...I was always amazed with how limber the acrobats could be; when I got home I would pretend that I was part of the circus and would have my own show! I went to gymnastics regularly and began to pursue a career in acrobatics!
IV: Interesting! So what traits do you have that supported you in your career?

Javed: Well I don't know if all of them helped me in my career but I know one thing did for sure and that is my ambitious side of me! I can be very ambitious when I'm ready!

IV: I'm sure you are 'cause you must be pretty amazing to even have Malik recommend you to one of his friends, even when your relationship was quite new!

Javed: And I was pretty surprised to get that phone call too! And he hasn't even seen any of my work and he still asked me to do it, which is what shocked me the most!

IV: Well it's a start to a very nice friendship; would you say that, that is one of your traits?

Javed: I would! I am a very friendly person and I am great at making new friends-

IV: So is it because you are dating Malik's mother that it's taking time for your magic to work?
Javed: For sure! And I understand completely; it's hard seeing your mother with another person other than your father, or just seeing your mother in a relationship with someone in general!

IV: So it will naturally take time for him to be comfortable and get used to your company?

Javed: Yeah.

IV: Okay, so tell us about your other traits!

Javed: Well I love the outdoors, I am a bookworm-

IV: Really? Just like Gabriella!

Javed: Yup! We've had a few chats here and there about our obsession.

IV: Oh that's nice; so tell us about the outdoorsy side of you!
Javed: I just enjoy the outdoors! I enjoy going to the park, the beach, fishing, riding the waves!

IV: Anything to do with the great outdoors!

Javed: Exactly!

IV: Cool! So now there are two more traits that you haven't told us about so what are they?

Javed: I can be quite flirty and I am also a hopeless romantic!

IV: do you see a future with Caroline?

Javed: I do! She is an amazing and extraordinary woman!

IV: How long have you two been seeing each other for?
Javed: We've been seeing each other since February, but officially started seeing each other in March so it's been about ten months I think!

IV: Wow! I didn't think it's been that long; do you love her?

Javed: I do!

IV: Have you told her this?

Javed: I have!

IV: Aww...well good luck with everything and I'm sure we are all looking forward to seeing how things go between you and Caroline; maybe an engagement! But thank you for coming and we hope to see more of you in the series!

Javed: Thank you very much!
IV: I am now here with Gabriella's favourite grandfather Mr Raymond Woods; how are you today?

Raymond: I am very well thank you for asking!

IV: You're welcome! Are you ready to answer some questions?

Raymond: That's why I'm here!

IV: Great, so the reason why I have you today is so our readers can get to know you better so we can kind of understand where you're coming from in the show, so why don't you tell us about your likes and dislikes in food, music, what your star sign is and tell us about your career!
Raymond: Well I am a retired Architect, I'm a Leo, I enjoy listening to western music, I love my steak and my favourite colour is white!

IV: Why white?

Raymond: I don't know; mostly because it's like a blank canvas and you can get all your creative juices flowing and create something that you can be proud of.

IV: I see; so tell us why you wanted to become an Architect.

Raymond: I wanted to become an Architect because I loved making things with wooden blocks when I was a child and I wanted this hobby to turn into a reality which it did; I even started my own business which my son runs right now!
IV: Was that your decision to have your son take over or did he want to follow in your footsteps?

Raymond: It's a bit of both...I knew that when I was ready to retire I wouldn't want to just hire anyone; I wanted someone who I know I can trust to run my business and I of course wanted it to be my son!

But I didn't pressure him into it; I let him do what he wanted to do, but he was aware that this was something that I wanted him to do when I could not and he did!

IV: Well that is nice; so I guess his son Gabriel will be the next one in line then?

Raymond: I guess so seeing that Gabriella has her life put together!

IV: So you did think about your granddaughter running the business after your son?
Raymond: I'm not bothered with the gender business; as long as I know that they can do the job then that is all that matters; though it is not likely that she will take over the company, she has got an interest in real estate and I think she got that from me and her father!

IV: Why would you say that?

Raymond: Well she has taken an interest a few times in architecture as she also designed her own house in Los Angeles that she sold years ago; she likes doing up houses and she does it very well!

IV: She does tell me about your traits Raymond; tell me what traits make you the man who you are today!
Raymond: I have a good sense of humour, I am handy, charismatic, a dog person and family oriented!

IV: So you like to have a good laugh from time to time; Caroline is the same, have you two had a few laughs together?

Raymond: We have! She is a lovely woman to talk to!

IV: So you were very welcoming when she and her daughter became part of the family then?

Raymond: We all were! Caroline and Angela are very lovely people and we couldn't be happier to call them family!

IV: That's nice!

Raymond: Well I am family oriented, family is very important to me!
IV: Just like Caroline!

Raymond: And Giselle, and her sister Karma! Though it isn't one of my sons’ traits, he is family oriented as well; he loves his family and is always there to help!

IV: Well that's nice; I'm sure he learned from the best!

Raymond: *smiling* Thank you, though I can't take all the credit; his mother was an amazing mother!

IV: Aww, so you also said that you're handy and charismatic; were you involved in the buildings that you designed?

Raymond: Sometimes yeah! I enjoyed the building part just as much as the designing side of it; I enjoyed being there in the moment as I watched it come to life working with those brilliant men AND a few women!

IV: So you are a brilliant handyman at work, are you a brilliant handyman at home?
Raymond: Of course! My skills will never die; I fix things at my house, Raymond's house, Karma's house, I even used to fix things up around Gabby's house when she was permanently based in LA; I even helped to repair a few things in Gabriella's ex-fiancé's house when they were together!

IV: Really?

Raymond: Yup! He was a nice man I liked him!

IV: So were you disappointed when their relationship came to an end?

Raymond: I was, but it happens and we have to move on!

IV: Indeed! So I'm sure that your charismatic trait helped you along in your career?
Raymond: It did; I know how to talk to people very well!

IV: And I can see that! And did you use your charismatic skills up Jenna?

Raymond: I might have! *he laughs*

IV: Well she seems like a lovely woman, do you see a future with her?

Raymond: Well we have been together for just over a year now and things are going well; I don't know if marriage is what our relationship will lead to, but if it does then so be it because she is an amazing woman.

IV: More amazing than Raymond's mother?

Raymond: Oh nobody could top her; she was in a league of her own! She was extraordinary! When she passed away I did not know what I was going to do without took a few years for me to get back in the game but, she will always be in my heart no matter what!
IV: Well I am sorry for your loss, she sounded like a great woman.

Raymond: Thank you.

IV: You're welcome, so I hope nothing but the best for you and Jenna and everything else that is going on, and I'm sure we hope to see more of you in the series soon!

Raymond: Thank you very much and I hope your wishes come true!
IV: Well I am now here with the other handsome Raymond; it's Mr Raymond Woods-Evans! Hello sir!

Raymond Jr: Hello Miss; you can call me Raymond!

IV: Okay Raymond, how are you feeling today?

Raymond Jr: Pretty good!

IV: Ready to reveal all?

Raymond Jr: Sure!

IV: Okay, well here we go; as you know I just spoke to your father and we had brief chat about you-
Raymond: Really?

IV: was nothing bad so don't worry; we'll get to it in a moment, but first if you don't mind, could you tell me what your sign is, what you do for a living though we know, what your favourite genre of music is, favourite colour and food!

Raymond Jr: Well as you all know I am an architect, my favourite colour is spice brown, I love listening to soul music, my favourite meal is Aloo Masala Curry which is also my wife's favourite and I'm an Aquarius!

IV: Very nice! So you are an architect just like your father; he told us that he did not push you in following his footsteps...was this the case or did you feel the opposite?

Raymond Jr: No; throughout the years when I was a kid he would say things like "Someday this company might be yours!" and in my senior year of high school he had a serious chat with me and told me how he would like me to run his company and blah, blah, blah, but he wasn't going to pressure me into doing it!
So throughout that year I thought about what I wanted to do with myself; I loved cooking because of my mum, and I thought about being a chef though I was still thinking about running my father’s company, so when I went to university I studied both culinary arts and business at the same time!

IV: Wow, very smart! So what happened with becoming a chef? Did you get your degree?

Raymond Jr: I did; I achieved both degrees; I became a chef for about ten years until I was ready for a change and went back to university to study an architecture!

IV: So you are now a qualified chef, a qualified business man and a qualified Architect! Well done!

Raymond Jr: Thank you! And within that time of studying to become an architect I was working with my father so that was a great opportunity for me as well!
IV: So before all of these degrees, did you originally have an interest in Architecture?

Raymond Jr: I did! My father used to take me to some of his jobs and I would be messing about with some of his software making a house, I would be drawing houses or I would be trying to make houses with my Lego!

IV: The Lego that got your father into becoming an Architect!

Raymond Jr: Yeah.

IV: Okay, so tell me about your traits; tell me the traits that got you your three degrees and made you the man that you have become!

Raymond Jr: I am exactly like my father except that I am a natural cook and a perfectionist!
IV: So that means you are charismatic?

Raymond Jr: Uhuh.

IV: What else?

Raymond Jr: I'm handy and I am a dog person!

IV: Ah!...So you also have no need in calling the repairman to fix your dishwasher then?

Raymond Jr: Not at all!

IV: Well Giselle must be very happy to have you, but how comes your father comes around and fixes things for you or was that before you got your skills?
Raymond Jr: Before...and during! Sometimes I need help doing certain things so I would call him or when he's in town I would get him to come over and help out!

IV: Some father and son bonding!

Raymond Jr: Yeah.

IV: So we have spoken about your education and career, let's talk about family!

Raymond Jr: Okay.

IV: So my first question is where and when did you meet Giselle?

Raymond Jr: I met Giselle at University when I was studying Business and Culinary Arts and she was studying to become a Doctor!
IV: So you two knew each other from a very young age! When did you two officially become a couple?

Raymond Jr: Well after Giselle graduated we started seeing each other; we were just friends at first as we were quite busy with our studies, but as things died down for us; you know not a lot of studying, we soon became a couple, we got married and later on had our first child!

IV: With you and your wife's busy lifestyle did you think you were going to have a child and after having Gabriella did you ever think that you would have another one?

Raymond Jr: Not at the time when we had Gabriella, I thought we would have a child later on in life, but to answer your other question we had not discussed having another child as it never came up; but I am glad that I we had Gabriel, but I think that is it for me and Giselle.
IV: So how long have you two been married for?

Raymond Jr: We have been married for 34 beautiful years!

IV: That is a long time and it is very rare nowadays to meet couples that have been married for a long period of time, so kudos to you and your beautiful wife!

Raymond: Thank you very much; we took our vows seriously when we said them in front of God and our family and I feel that, the love that we have for each other and the vows that we made is what helped our marriage to last this long!

IV: Well I hope that both of your love for each other and your marriage will last for eternity; thank you for your time Raymond!

Raymond Jr: It is no problem at all.
IV: I am here today with our last guest for today which is Giselle's sister and Gabriella's aunt, Mrs Karma Evans!

Karma: Hello, hello!

IV: And how are you today?

Karma: I am very good thank you!

IV: So are you ready to tell myself and the readers out there about you?

Karma: Ready like Freddie!

IV: Well okay then; tell us about your career, your sign, favourite food, colour and genre of music.
Karma: I am a Gemini, I'm a Midwife and the Chief of Staff in my ward, I love listening to anything really, but I have to say I love my R&B music and my favourite meal is Aloo Masala Curry!

IV: The Chief of Staff! Wow; so as you are a midwife and your niece is having twins, has Mrs Evans-Austen asked you to deliver them?

Karma: Actually she has!

IV: Really? And what did you say?

Karma: I said yes of course!

IV: Aww how sweet; so when are you going to be flying down to Roaring Heights then?
Karma: I am going to come down the week before her due date because you never know she might go into labour before or after her due date.

IV: That's true; so you and Giselle will be staying with them during that time?

Karma: Yes we will be; I haven't lived with my sister for a long time; well the last time was before me, my husband and our kids moved to LA permanently because we were all there for Christmas to see Gabriella as we hadn't seen her in a while!

IV: you were living in New York previously?

Karma: Yes!

IV: Why and how did you come to the decision to move to Los Angeles?
Karma: It was our- second time visiting there and we absolutely loved the place; we had so much fun, so on our second trip we were joking around at first but then it became a joke no more when we began looking for a house!

IV: LA is a great place to live; Raymond's father is also living in Los Angeles now isn't he?

Karma: Yes he is! He is currently living by the sea in his houseboat!

IV: Mr Woods is living in a houseboat?

Karma: Yup! You're probably thinking about a small, raggedy-an houseboat but his one is really nice; he designed it himself!
IV: Of course he did; so he loves to sail the 7 seas?

Karma: He does!

IV: Well good for him, I'm glad that he is enjoying his retirement; so now Ms Karma, let’s get back to talking about you!

Karma: With pleasure!

IV: Tell us your five traits!

Karma: Gladly; I am a good, friendly, nurturing person who is also family oriented and over-emotional!

IV: That's a nice set of traits; Caroline is over-emotional also, so what do you get over-emotional about?
Karma: Many things! I get over-emotional about my kids, my husband, and my job when I'm delivering a baby- many things!

IV: So with these traits, did you think that you would be a perfect midwife; you are friendly, you are a good person and you are nurturing! Qualities any mother would want to deliver their baby!

Karma: Well I love helping people and I love babies; it was quite an experience when I gave birth to my first child, and the women at the hospital were so lovely and they kept me calm when I was acting the complete opposite at times!

I was intrigued and wondered what it was like to be on the other side of the room in their position; at that time I wanted a career change as what I was previously doing wasn't something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

IV: What did you do?
Karma: I was basically doing a 9-5 job behind the desk Monday to Friday; nothing special!

IV: I see, so has becoming a midwife been the best career change for you?

Karma: It definitely has! Though no one can be mightier than God, I do feel like I am a part of his work when I'm delivering a baby!

IV: Well I'm glad that you are loving your current job though I am not surprised because of your traits; all of you are so kind and loving and I can see that family is everything for you guys!
Karma: It is! It's the way how we were brought up; though me and Giselle and Raymond were born in a- financially stable upbringing, we were taught how to love, appreciate and be grateful for things in life and no matter what, family is the most important thing; your family will always be your support system!

IV: That is very true; family is everything! So will there be any more children for you?

Karma: Sweetheart I am 50 years old now, though I live an active lifestyle I am done with having any more kids!

IV: So if one day you found out that you were pregnant, would you keep it?

Karma: Of course! But that's not gonna happen as Jonathan had the procedure done!

IV: I see, so Karma...thank you very much for being here and enlightening us; I hope nothing but the best for you and your family and I look forward to seeing your next appearance in the series!
Karma: Thank you very much!

IV: And that is all the guests that we have today, I hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing people so stay tuned for Part 7 where we will be talking to a few more cast members in the series! Thank you for reading!

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