Aurora High- Ep. 3: School Comes First
Published Apr 15, 2015

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After Summer's birthday bash, they went back to Aurora Heights and continued their student life. Exams is only a week away, Peony and Summer are already doing advance studying while the others are lollygagging and doing other stuff that is not school related.

Let's not forget about Sei's and Peony's bet, who will win?

After Summer's birthday bash, they went back to Aurora Heights and continued their student life. Exams is only a week away, Peony and Summer are already doing advance studying while the others are lollygagging and doing other stuff that is not school related.

Let's not forget about Sei's and Peony's bet, who will win?
"So you are telling me that this plan of yours to get Peony will work?" Kai's right eyebrow went up

"The bet is if I make her smile right? Have you forgotten who you are with? Girls automatically smile when they see me." Sei said confidently

"Are you forgetting the Peony isn't just ANY girl" Kai stated and continued dribbling the ball.

"Trust me on this one" Sei tried to dunk and eventually it went inside the hoop. "See, I know I can get her" Sei grinned.

"Whatever you say dude" Kai shrugged it off

"C'mon man!! Show some support!" Sei stole the ball from Kai

"That was a foul!" Kai wipping his sweat off using his wrist

"It's a game my dear cousin!" Sei smirked

"For Peony, it's not but a hindrance." Kai went after the ball, runs and scores

"Dang! I'm running out of ideas here. Time out!" Sei went to the bench.
"When this one fails, you have to leave her alone. You know that right? Why can't you just back up and wait for her" Kai said in a serious tone.

"This... isn't like you and Summer. Besides, I'm a man of honor I keep my word. If I lose, so be it. I'm willing to take this huge risk." Sei smirked

"I'm just telling you the highly possible outcome. But I'm supporting you all the way bro." Kai patted Sei on the back.

"There we go, that's what I wanted to hear" Sei replied "anyway I gotta go, nice game today" He stood up and left the gym.
"There you are, been looking all over for you" Sei greeted

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm trying to get away from you?" Peony rolled her eyes and continued reading her science textbook

"How sweet of you" Sei walked closer

"I was serious not sarcastic" Peony dumbfounded

Sei sat down beside Peony and just stared at her for 5 minutes.

"You...are annoying." Peony said without looking at Sei

"What I do? I'm being quiet over here. Just continue what you are doing." Sei smirked

"Your presence is annoying, the way you look at me is disgusting, the smell you carry around-- it's a jock's stench--a player." Peony trying to keep her cool.

"Your golden long silky hair that falls perfectly on your shoulders looks magically, your blue eyes that glistens is completely mystifying, your pink kissable lips that are intoxicating to look at is" Sei replied while staring at Peony

"You are completely whacked" Peony stated with no emotion or whatsoever

"You are cold girl" Sei arms slowly crawled on Peony's shoulder

"Don't even think about it" Peony gave Sei the-stay-away face

"How the hell did you see that?" Sei shocked

Peony just ignored Sei

"Is it because I kissed you that's way you hate me so much?" Sei sadly said


Sei's face lighted up

"It's because of your existence" Peony grinned and went back to her book.
"Just you wait! I will make you like me and make you smile on our date!" Sei stood up and left.

"Finally, peace and quiet." Peony whispered to herself.

As the days pass by,

"Tomorrow's exam will be online, it's part of the school's transition to be eco-friendly." Summer announced

"How you found out about it?" Rika asked

"We have the school chairman's daughter with us" Summer proudly looked at Spencer who doesn't care.

"Oh yay" Spencer sarcastically replied

"Anyway, let's start with the review" Summer smiled and looked at Peony

"So I'll cover Science and Literature and you handle Math and History?" Summer consulted Peony

"Sure, it's pretty balanced I think. I'll help the twins... and you take care of Spencer and him" Peony's mood change when she mentioned "him"

"Of course..Erika going to be needing you" Summer scratched her head
"Summerrr! Come here I don't get this part!" Sei complained

"Geez! I'm coming. Spencer you good?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll start with literature" Spencer started reading

Summer went to Sei and started helping him

"Kai.. did you read some of the notes?" Rika pouted

"Of course not!" Kai browsing through his textbook

"But how you score best next to Summer always?"

"Just luck!" Kai grinned and tried to cheer his sister

"I wish I'm THAT lucky, a little worried about college and all."
"I don't see a reason for you to worry about college Rika, you're like a musical genius plus your parents are influential.. same goes for everyone here. That why I don't see the point of trying our best" Spencer said naturally and staring blankly at her notes, uncaring.

"She does have a point." Kai agreed

"Not that I'm bragging but we study at Aurora High, it's a very prestigious school, I highly doubt colleges and universities would reject a student coming from our school. Spencer continued

"But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try our best." Peony added

"We are basically using our parents money not our own. Plus, I wanna make a name for my own. I don't wanna be famous just cause my parents are! I will make my own legacy." Summer said passionately

"Well that's your choice. I'm just letting you guys know the facts." Spencer replied

"That's what happens when the genius and the wise clash." Kai smiling

"Look who's talking, I know you have your own secret weapon Mr. Photographic Memory." Spencer grinning at Kai

Kai just smiled back.
"Sucks for all of us, Kai is just looking at his notes while we all have to memorize." Sei complaining

"Well like Spencer said, we all have our weapon, I know you have secret Mathematics talent" Summer smiled

"If only all the subjects have computations sure I'll be very happy to beat you in class." Sei teased

Summer smirked

"Let's just continue reading" Summer advised.

"So the 9 circles of Hell according to Dante's Inferno is Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery.." Spencer read out loud.

"Don't forget take note of the punishments on each circle.. it's more complicated than it seems." Summer being all knowing

"Okay Miss Smarty Pants.." Spencer sarcastically replied

After 1 hour of studying Literature
"Ugh. We're now covering History right? So.. much.. memorizing!" Rika sulking

"That wouldn't happen if you started memorizing earlier" Summer making a point

"Well.. I didn't feel like it." Rika replied bluntly

"That's your problem, choose your battles. You can't be complaining about everything" Summer sounded serious.

"Are you referring to school or something else?" Rika tried to sound cheerful but sounded more like a growl.

"Guys, let's just focus on the exam." Peony softly reminded them.

1 hour passed and they finished History.
"Tell your best friend to watch her sharp tongue and not mix personal stuff with school stuff" Kai warned

"Will do" Spencer replied emotionless.

"She talks to my sister like that again, I don't know what I can do." Kai looked at Spencer sharply.

"I'll talk to her don't worry" Spencer tried to calm Kai down.

"She's too feisty. That's the reason why.. I didn't wanna have a relationship with her to be honest." Kai whispered.

"That's Summer. It's either take it or leave it."

Kai just stared at Spencer's innocent lavender eyes.

"I'm done with studying. Information overload. I'll leave my exam results to the Gods." Rika stood up and grabbed her sleeping bag.

"She's right, we need a goodnight sleep for tomorrow" Peony followed

"You guys can go get ready,. I'll do some fast scanning" Summer started to grab another textbook

"I'm with Rika on this. Sorry Summer." Spencer bluntly replied and started to grab her sleeping bag.

Sei went to Summer

"I'll be reading with you for a bit" Sei grabbed a book too

"Goodluck bro, I'm hitting the sacks" Kai took his sleeping bag

After one hour Sei and Summer joined the others.


"This is it guys, goodluck!" Summer cheered

"Please be quiet and read the rules on the board" The teacher sharply looked at Summer
"Only two bathroom breaks which will be 5 minutes each. Exceed that times and it's automatically cheating. Lunch break will be 30 minutes, of course exceed that time as will be cheating too." The teacher strictly said

"After 5 hours the computer will shut down whether you are finished or not, so please manage you time wisely and don't spend to much time on an item. I bid you all goodluck, you may begin" The teacher continued.
The gang started the answer their exam. It was easy as pie for Summer and Peony, while the rest struggled.

After 4 hours and 30 minutes..

Peony raised her hand and told the teacher that she was done. She was then instructed to sit and wait for the computer to shut off. After Peony, Summer followed then Kai, Rika, Spencer and Sei.

They all went the locker area to discuss the exam.

"Wow! Peony you finished fast. It's my first time to see someone to finish before Summer" Spencer congratulated Peony

Peony smiled softly "thanks!"

"I forgot the date the French revolution OMG! and I forgot a couple of stuff as well." Rika just laughed it off

"It's 1789!" Kai hastily replied

"I don't have Photographic memory to remember all that, but all in all I think I did well." Rika discussed

Sei and Summer having a mini conversation of their own.
"You did well Peony! I wonder what bonus you get, you should tell us as soon as they inform you" Rika smiled

"I'm so excited for it!" Peony confident of her exam

"Hey Summer how about you? Rika asked

"I just had to double check my math computations twice" Summer tried to smile, but deep down she was upset that someone was better than her.

"There's a first time for everything my dear best friend" Spencer cheering up Summer her way.

Summer just went to her locker and pretended not to hear what Spencer just said.

"We should celebrate Peony!" Rika grabbing on Peony's arm

"I'd rather celebrate after my date with Sei!" Peony suggested

"Oh ya! Today is date too right? We schedule it on the weekend then" Rika excited and not giving a care about anything

"Don't speak too soon Peony, you don't know you might be celebrating with me! Sei teased

"Now, I just can't wait for the results of your date! Kai blurted

"I'm betting on Peony, you up for it Kai?" Spencer pushing on Kai

"I'm all out for my bro, it's a bet!" Kai smirked

"Hey you guys! I wanna join the bet too!" Rika pouting "But ya, I'll be rooting for Peony!" Rika added cheerfully.

"Summer has to join the bet too! Hey, Summer who you betting on?" Spencer asked

"I'm for Sei" Summer quietly replied and started grabbing some textbooks to bring home.
"So it's 2 on Peony and 2 on Sei! Pretty fair!" Rika said

"What's will the winners get?" Kai asked

"We should discuss that later when we get home" Spencer said

"Guys. it's a bet on a bet! You don't have to make a fuss over it, besides you all should know better.. I'm winning" Peony calmly said

Rika and Kai just laughed

"I'm still betting" Kai said teased

"Hey Summer, you going on ahead? Sei segued

Summer just ignored Sei
Moments later at Aurora High Dorm Backyard

"A hot air balloon? Seriously Sei?" Peony shocked

"Well that's not the reaction I'm looking for but I guess that works too" Sei smirked
"Do you even know how to fly this thing?" Peony being inquisitive "I don't wanna die yet I have goals to achieve"

"Just trust me on this" Sei convinced

"You better know how to fly this. I'm serious Sei" Peony frowned

"Just get in"
"Are you scared?" Sei asked

"I'm more afraid your beside me"

"I won't touch you again, I promise"

Peony just rolled her eyes.

"Hold on we're going up" Sei smiled like a little kid

Peony didn't see that coming

"Here take this" Sei ordered

Peony harshly grabbed the binoculars.

"Do you see the falls from here?" Sei asked

"It's pretty.." I calmly blurted and it's so pretty that it makes me wanna smile... But I should control myself, I must win this bet. I really didn't expect this from him.

"Just like you." Sei commented

I knew he was going to say that but..

"Are we?!.." Completely shocked where we are going..

Minutes later.

"And we are here" He grinned

I'm still completely at awe. I felt his is hand around my waist and pulled away.. but failed.
"EW! LET GO OF ME!" What is he freakin' up to? He better put me down

"C'mon I'm trying to be romantic here!" He said

"JUST. PUT. ME. DOWN!" I ordered

And eventually he did.
"I can walk, I'm not a baby" I protested, I hate it when he tries to touch me.. It's like he's taking all my personal space!

He just scratched his head.

"Let's just proceed" He said seriously and led the way. I wont lie. he's actually good looking when he is serious.
OMG. It's gorgeous.. I have no words for this place.... A camping date, unique and simple yet it leaves a mark. He is better than I thought.

I can hear him blabber but I'm just so caught off guard about this place.. Other than that.. It's right beside Aurora Height's Falls..

A for effort. Wonder how he got this set up though.
"Hey are you listening to me?" He grumpily asked

"Of course not" I replied


"There is no way. I'm sleeping inside there with you!"

"I just said that I'm sleeping outside the tent" He calmly replied

That's unexpected.
"Oh there are peonies over here!" Made me miss my mommy! She loves peonies so much

"I just said I got that planted here just for you. I guess you really weren't listening" He sounded sad, I felt sorry.

"I'm sorry"

"It's alright" He sweetly smiled, it makes me wanna smile.. it's adorable. BUT no! I'm not losing this bet, besides I want him to leave me alone. "Let's sit by the campfire" he said
"Soo.. now what? Camping is boring" I lied

"Camping is NOT boring! My dad and I used to go camping when I was younger, and that's how we were able to have a strong bond, he taught me how to build a tent, fish and cook. It was fun plus I love campfires, the smores and the stories..brings back memories!" He explained like it was all happening, He really is passionate about this.

"Okay, okay I got your point. Just really unusual for a date" I lied its perfect of course I don't wanna get his hopes up.

"It's perfect! It's quiet, it's relaxing, away from the noisy bustling city, a real way to get to know someone" he passionately said while smiling.

"Why you so eager to get me? I'm not all that" I said, I have been curious about it.

"Yeah you're not all that but all of it, you are one of a kind, something hard to find nowadays" He softly replied, I can tell he is sincere about it.

"I'm not into relationships, I told you."


"Guys are the same, they like you now, later on they will want someone new. The only reason you want me so much because you can't have me. Its human nature, you want something you know you can never have" Truth must be told

He just smirked

"You may be right.. may be wrong too" He looked deep into my eyes, which is the most weirdest feeling ever.. it's like he is looking at my soul

"You are so beautiful"

I found my face blushing. I never heard him say it the sincere.
"I know, you're the one for me. It's destiny." Still looking deep into my eyes.

My face is moving on its own.. face muscles don't smile, at least just for tonight.

"What? you can see the future now?" I joked

"Yes, she's right in front of me." He did that half smile again, oh my gosh! FACE MUSCLES, PLEASE COOPERATE WITH ME, DO NOT SMILE!!

"Anyway." I looked away from his stare. "You believe so much in this destiny.. I don't believe in such thing, you make your own destiny! We are the captain of our souls, didn't you read Invictus? " Changing the topic will calm my insides.
"Exactly, that's why I'm making my destiny happen." He answers so darn good. Why? "Besides, how my mom and dad came together was destiny.. it's the most beautiful love story I heard. Well next is the the twins' parents' love story" He added

"Uhm.. so you just want a nice love story of your own?" I was dumbfounded. What a guy, this guy. A romantic jock, now that's something.

"No. I wanna be with the right person too.." He frowned, maybe he did realize that all he wanted was a love story of his own. It does make sense, maybe he wants someone he can be proud of, like his parents?

"Since you are so caught up with your parents' love story then, tell me about it."

"My pleasure. So it all started 18 years ago.."

To be continued.

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#1PrettysgiApr 16, 2015

Oh Kai... I wish he didn't think like that about Summer, they'd make such a cute couple :/ I like Peony though, it's nice to see her real thoughts about Sei hehe I personally wish him to make her smile and win the bet! Good job, can't wait to read more ♥

#2krystalchhakchuakApr 18, 2015

Great chapter! can't wait for more \:wub\: I'm beginning to like Rika hehehe...but I do hope that Summer and Kai can work it out.Anyways, it's a really great story, have a nice day!

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