Catch me - Chapter 12
Published Sep 6, 2015

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Chapter 12.

I'm sorry for the long wait, please enjoy :)

Chapter 12.

I'm sorry for the long wait, please enjoy :)
"Do you like it? This is our model standard room. We just finished decorationg it this morning."

"Wow, I really have great timing coming here." Martin said assessing the furniture and fixtures inside the room. He put his bag on the bed. "I like it, very comfortable. Thank you."

"Sorry, I can't let you stay in the penthouse. It belongs to Iñigo and there's no room available there. Besides, I'm going to transfer here tomorrow, after you leave."
"Why not transfer now? You can have the bed and I'll sleep in the couch. I'm not comfortable knowing that you are in the same penthouse as your ex. If I have known, I wouldn't allow that kind of arrangement. You are inviting trouble love." He gave her a disapproving look.

"I am not weak, I can handle him. I'm not a lovesick teenager anymore. And I already told you. I don't have a choice, there was no other available room at the time, except for the bunkhouse. I don't want to sleep with all the men."

Martin groaned. "I understand, you don't have to explain it all over again."
"I just want you to trust me. I don't want you to think that I'm entertaning the thought of reconciling with Iñigo. I'm over him."

Martin went near Chloe who was sitting in the soffa. He sat down beside her and took her hand. "I know how you feel, seeing him after all these years. The pain and bitterness were back as if everything just happened yesterday."
"Yes. Actually, we talked a few days ago and was able to clear som issues. He told me the truth. He was threatened by Eros and my father." Chloe started telling him about what happened, although not in detail but to the point of matter was there expecially about the note and Iñigo confession.

"So that's the story. I don't know what to say to my father and Eros when we will meet next week. Every time they call, I make up alibis and excuses to cut their calls. I'm still mad at them. They hurt me so badly because of their protectiveness and of course, they also hurt Iñigo."
"That was tragic! How could they do that to you?" He sighed heavily.

"I don't know. That's why I have to go back to New York next week, to ask for an explanation. I just want to cover all the necessary work here before I'll leave."

"Yes. You should hear them love, so you can understand why they did that. I'm sure they were just doing what they thought was best for you at that time."

"Maybe, I don't know... but what they did was so harsh."

He nodded and asked. "Monteiro was a coward. He allowed himself to be threatened. I thought that man had no fear, he looked so tough and rough."
"Dad threatened Iñigo terribly and even invovled his family with his threats, especially his father Lucas Monteiro. Dad claimed that he knew a lot about the Monteiro's hocus pocus in business and that he could send Mr. Monteiro in prison in just a call."

"That's frightening."

"Iñigo was still nineteen at that time and he couldn't handle such threats. Imagine him being haunted by that."
Martin stared at her. She was defending her ex. He thought.

"But at least, he should have told you about it. Instead of hurting you that way. He was still cruel Chloe. Heartless and merciless."

She was silent for a while. Martin was right, Iñigo was cruel, heartless and merciless. She should hate him, despise him.
But she couldn't understand herself. Lately, her heart softened every time she saw Iñigo. He already sincerely apologized several times. She believed that he really regretted what he did.

Awhile ago, at the lobby, she saw the jealousy in his eyes when he saw Martin. And yet, she wanted to comfort him and reassure him that everything was okay. She knew she shouldn't be thinking about him, it was so strange. She have a boyfriend now.
"Love, always remember that I love you. I'm here for you. Because of that love, I'm willing to do anything for your happiness." He took her in his arm.

"Thank you. I love you too, Martin."

He shook his head and clasped her hand. "But you love him more."
Chloe pulled her hand, stood up and shouted. "NO!"

"Your lips may deny the truth love, but your eyes never lie." He faced her.

"You are wrong, I hate him."
"You hate him because you cannot stop loving him."

"No, please let's not discuss this, it's not true. It's you that I love. You are acting so wierd being jealous of him."

"You are right. I'm jealous. In fact, very jealous because you never look at me the same way you looked at him awhile ago."
"What? Martin, don't put meaning in my eyes. I haven't been sleeping well since I got here because of this project. My eyes are bloodyshot from to much staring at my computer."

He put his hands on her shoulders, then cupped her chin. "He was looking at you the same way you were looking at him. He still loves you."

"No... stop saying that."
He smiled and moved a away a little. "If you've only had seen his face when he realized who I was, he looked like a mad man, ready to murder me."

"You are exaggerating."

"I wish I was. But I am so bothered too. Seeing you and him together, it hurts. I'm afraid that when I leave tomorrow, you will go back to him, and the love that we have built up together will just crumble to the ground."
"No, that won't happen. I treasure our love. I love you, Martin. Just trust me."

"I trust you Chloe. But your heart... I don't know if I could trust your heart. Your brain says that you love me, but your heart says differently. It hurts so much, but I have to say this... you still ache for him and he obviously aches for you. The tension between both of you was so overpowering that anyone couldn't help noticing."
Chloe went towards Martin and hugged him. "But I want to be with you, I love being with you. I belong to you now, and I'm here to stay."

He ran his hand to her back caressing it gently. History tends to repeat itself He reflected.
A knock on the door broke their embrace. She went to open the door.

"Luis. What is it?"

"Sorry to disturb you miss, but someone is waiting for you at the penthouse."


"A miss Brenda Davis."

After two hours, Chloe went back to Martin's room. She was already dressed for dinner. Her skin-tone dress emphasized her body. The dress was very conservation in the front, long sleeves and round neck, but the back was so bare.

Martin whistled when she opened his door. "You look so gorgeous and smokin' hot love."
"Thanks. You're not ready yet?" She said while glancing at his half naked body, clad only with a towel around his hips.

"Sorry, I fell asleep. I was so tired after the fourteen-hour travel."

"It's okay, just hurry up. We don't want them waiting."
"Do you really think this is a good idea, dining with your ex tonight?" Martin said after he went out of the bathroom, already dressed in blue jeans and white long sleeves shirt.

"Martin, we're dining with Brenda too."

"I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon. I would have prefered to have you all by myself tonight. It's time maybe we moved our relationship to the next level love."
She immediately moved away from him. "I'm sorry. Brenda was so persistent. I told her that you've just arrived and we need to spend time together, but still she wouldn't take no for an answer. She will be catering the opening of the hotel this summer and she wanted us to taste test some of the food that she will be cooking."

"I have a bad impressing of her, she does not seem nice."

"No, she was my classmate in high school and oftentimes she was misunderstood because of her bold personality, but she was actually a good friend. She came from a broken family. He dad abandoned her and her mom when she was barely ten years old. Brenda was a scholar in our school, she was so smart. During her spare time, she worked as a model and an actress."
"I'm still not impressed." He smirked at her.

"I hardly recognized her when she went to see me at the penthouse. She looked different in her chef uniform, simpler and prettier. She just opened the food catering business six months ago here, and she was so thankful of Iñigo for trusting her to cater the hotel."

Martin grinned at her. "She's a novice and she will be catering the world's most luxurious hotel? Unbelievable, unless she has a magic ingredient in her food or... she is Monteiro's lover."
Chloe's head jerked up. It ocurred to her too, why Brenda would be catering the hotel.

They have world class chefs, even famous celebrity chefs who already mastered the art of cooking. Brenda was surely an amateur chef. She said she just graduated culinary arts a year ago, therefor she was not very experienced yet.
Martin could be right. Branda and Iñigo were lovers... Luis did mention that Iñigo was dating a model-actress. He could be referring to Brenda.

She felt like a dagger pierced her heart, and twisted repeatedly. It hurt her imagining Iñigo and Brenda together. Flashbacks of what happened five years ago during her sixteenth birthday haunted her. Iñigo and Brenda were dancing sensously to the soft music, flirting with each other, laughing, dancing and touching.
Suddenly jealously overwhelmed her.

The Brenda that Chloe met at the rooftop was very different from the Brenda she saw at the penthouse two hours ago. She looked like a centrefold model in her designer skin-tight red dress and freshly made makeup. Her gold stilettos emphasized her flawless long legs. It made her look sexy, stunning and gorgeous.

"Hi Chloe. Wow, nice dress." Brenda complimented and hugged Chloe.
"Thanks." Chloe hugged her back and looked at Martin. "Anyway, I want you to meet Martin Lambert, my boyfriend. Martin this is my high school classmate, Brenda Davis."

"Hi Martin, nice meeting you. You can call me Brenda." Brenda smiled brightly and shook his hand.
"Hello Miss Davis." Martin greeted her and ignored her suggestion of calling her by her first name. He clasped her hand and exerted pressure. He made sure that she would know that he didn't welcome her sudden dinner invitation.

Brenda gave Martin an intense look. Her smile suddenly faded and replaced with a scorn. Ouch! She grittedher teeth, trying to hide her contempt. Her fingers hurt with the pressure he exerted. What is wrong with this guy? She thought.
"This is beautiful, did you decorate all of these?" Chloe assessed the ambience. The different colors of roses, the aromatic candles, lanterns, the table setting and everything.

"Yes. You like it?" Brenda answered.

"Of course. I love it. It's so romantic."
"Are you sure you didn't prepare romantic dinner for two, Miss Davis?" Martin snapped at Brenda.

Brenda laughed flirtatiously and faced Martin squarely, raising an eyebrow at him. "Of course not Mr Lambert. But I admit it, I'm a very romantic person. Aren't you?"

Martin grinned at her suspiciously. "I'm not convinced."
Brenda shrugged her shoulder and excused herself. She was calling someone.

Chloe noticed the tension between them. "Martin, what are you doing?" She whispered at him.

"Did you not notice the ambience? Everything... this is not an ordinary dinner, this is set for romance." He whispered back at Chloe. "I smell something fishy. She's planning something."

"Didn't you heard what she said, she's a romantic person. Don't put any meaning to this, okay? Let's just enjoy the night and the food she prepared."
"Where are you?" Brenda asked Iñigo on the phone.

"I'm here in Santa Barbara Cottage hospital. We have an emergency. A worker got his arm injurd with a hand saw. I can't leave until the doctor says that his condition is stable." Iñigo answered.

"Oh my goodness, that's horrible. I hope he'll be okay."
"Yes. I'll make sure that he'll be given the best medical care."

"Anyway, we are already here. The dinner, remember?" She whispered on the phone.

"Yes,yes... just continue with the dinner. I'll be there in about an hour."
"Okay. We will wait for you." Brenda said and hung up the phone.

They started dinner without Iñigo. Brenda told Chloe and Martin about the incident. She also informed them that Iñigo would arrive in an hour.

Chloe looked at her watch. It was nine thirty in the evening already. Two hours since they started dinner. She was starting to get anxious where Iñigo was. Her instinct told her that something was wrong. She looked at Brenda who was chattering about the death of her mother, and was about to cry now.It would be so awkward if she would interrupt her to ask where Iñigo was. And what would Martin think? That she was worrying about her ex. It would confirm his suspicion that she hadn't moved on yet.
"You mean that you worked as a model and an actress for a living?" Martin asked Brenda.

"Of course. My dad left us. I had to work so we would have food on our talbe. I was fortunate that I passed the schoolarship in our school."

"Why didn't you pursue being an actress?"
"It's not really my passion. I was forced to do modelling and acting because of the money. But I am really a domesticated person. I love cooking, baking and decorationg events. That's why I enrolled in a culinary school, and again under a scholarship program."

"You must be smart." Martin answered, nodding his head. He was impressed.

"Thank you."
"These foods you prepared are all very delicious. I can't believe that you cooked all of this. Absolutely amazing." He said.

Brenda smiled, feeling happy at last, Martin Lambert was impressed by her cooking skills. She looked at her watch and was shocked that it was already ten o'clock.

Time flew so quickly and Iñigo hadn't arrived yet. She suddenly stood up and excused herself.
"Iñigo?" Where are you." Brenda asked immediately, the moment Iñigo answered the phone.

"I'm here in the middle of the road... I have a....." Iñigo answered. The signal was so scratchy that she barely understood what he meant.

"What? You have an accident?" Brenda shouted, that made Chloe and Martin look at her in alarm.
"I said, I have a.... the car is.... I can't move.... this bloody...." Iñigo said, his voice was not audible, because of slow signal.

"What? I heard you, you have an accident? And? The car is wreck?" Brenda said in panic. "Why can't you move? Are you trapped inside the car? What do you mean bloody?

Are you bleeding?"
"Brenda, what happened? Oh my God! Is he okay? His bleeding to death?" Chloe was beside Brenda now, also in a panic. "We have to help him. Where is his exact location, ask him. I'll call Engr. Valdez now, we need an ambulance."

Just hang on Iñigo, just hang on. I'm coming. Oh God, please don't let him die, I will do anything.... just please, don't let him die. Chloe prayed silently.

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